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Super Robot Wars RPG - mIRC Chat

Post by Aldotsk » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:37 am

Hi folks, I am looking for members who are into Super Robot Wars series and would like to join a roleplay using mIRC chat with alias system.

Apparently, there was an old SRW RPG in mIRC long time ago known as Super Robot Saga RPG ran by Raziel and Chrissy, but afterwards some other people tried to revive this SRW program and it never happened.

I'd like to be the person who could revive this project, and I am also looking for GMs who had experiences in roleplaying at mIRC, and also who are usually on to do intermission events to members as well.

Series are planned out, but they can be changed with people suggesting what series to be in there. But to have that series to remain in the RP game, it needs to have at least enough characters (protagonists and antagonists) to work it out.

As for my plan of this campaign, I wanted to start the story from Divine Crusaders, (but after One Year War) through the Alpha 3's Ze Balmarian empire.

If you have been in mIRC roleplaying, and are into Gundams you can try joining part of that as well. But I am seriously looking for people to start this campaign... so please volunteer if you could!


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Post by Aldotsk » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:21 pm

Hey there guys. This is Aldotsk here again as a bump~. I know there are some Gundam and Super Robot and SRW fans out there, and I wanted to see if there are people who would be interested in roleplaying through mIRC chat because I want to actually base all of the series of Real Robots and Super Robots to gather to fight against enemies from various series, and OG series as well.

The series will comprise from SRW 2 - 4 with additional series and additional stories (And Alpha series and OG will be comprised too).

I am looking for those who are really into this and would like to join.

The first season saga will be this:
Year of 45 N.E. (Neo Era), wars around the Earth were happening around the Solar System and the great war cause was during the One Year War. After the great One Year War, the factions have separated into numerous divisions, as Federation has created new factions known as Titans and Blue Cosmos, and royal empire on Eurasia have divided itself into Britannia Empire and Romefeller Foundation. From the secret society known as OZ has put an allegiance with Britannia to fight against the Asian border alliance. Therefore, Japan surrendered during the war and they were known to be called as Elevens. However, with an agreement from EoTI faction led by Dr. Bian Zoldark, the far out discrimination between Britannia and Elevens were lightened up to gain it's name back.

Year of 46 N.E., The EoTI has discovered a gateway to another world where a gigantic machine with a mysterious man known as Shu Shirakawa appears into the scene. He describes that another world leads to a full of magic and advanced machines. As for other discoveries, ancient machines were found in the ground. However, a week later the two machines disappeared without a trace. As for a small part of continent on the south western border of Africa, a gigantic spiral tower was found and they were carrying machines known as Ganmen.

Year of 47 N.E. , Three Meteors fell from the sky, causing a slight impact on the surface of the Earth. This meteor was known to have a strange metalloid that the scientists have never seen. The meteor was known to be called as Meteor 3. The EoTI analyzed this meteor to create a newer generation of robot known as newer personal trooper. As for the other meteor, it fell into South Atalia which was a gigantic alien looking ship. They decided to call it SDF-1 , and named the city around it as Macross City. Third Meteor was dropped from the sky toward Tokyo, Japan. Where Shisioh Guy was severely injured from crashing into the meteor while flying into the space. A strange Lion appears along with a Police Car, where they seem to be a special type of robot to create newer AI robots. This faction was created to save humanity from dangerous cause: Gutsy Geiord Guard.

Year of 48 N.E., With another war demanded by Earth Federation and Titans, they decided to battle against a new colonial faction known as ZAFT filled with different generation race known as Coordinators. During this time, the remaining Zeon factions have decided to put hands with ZAFT to fight against the Titans and Blue Cosmos. With a plan by Bask and Jamitov, they have decided to send out a dangerous poison system known as G3 onto a colony and throw a nuclear missile toward Junius 7. Such a tragedy occured, the event was known as Bloody Valentine, and also this year was called as "Year of Devastation"

Year of 50 N.E., Two years have passed since the wars between the Earth and Space stopped for a moment. Faction to go against Titans and other warfare has risen. A man named Quattro Bajina has stepped forward to create a new force known as AEUG to stop violence that distrupts the peace between "two worlds". As for many blood sheds occured with various casualties, GGG has tried to compensate a lot of money to reconstruct the cities back into it's shape.

Year of 51 N.E., EoTI has succeeded in launching the first unit known as Lion. Thanks to the Meteor 3's alloyment and Granzon's gravity system, the unit was introduced with actual speed type flight personal trooper unit. Meanwhile, Hiryu Battlecruiser and Excelion Battlecruiser gets underattacked by unknown alien units and advanced technology robot units with the identities known as Aerogaters. After this announcement, the Federation has decided to call out for ATX Team and SRX Team. Project Black-Hole was a failure, causing test pilot Raidese F. Branstein to be severely injured. Because of the cause, Huckebein's first model was canceled. Mark II and Grungust 2nd Model were released to show the promise of the safety of Personal Trooper mass production units. SRX Project units R-1 and R-2 and R-3 were created, but yet shown promise to send out 100%. Signs of Angels have resonated since 15 years ago. NERV makes a first movement to prepare for an invasion. Britannia and NERV agrees to hold out against an armageddon.

Year of April 52 N.E., Operation Meteor Occurs. Orb's Newest Gundam models were sent to Heliopolis with the new cruiser based on old White Base model: Archangel. ZAFT plans for it's movement to steal the Gundams. In Tokyo, Angel signals have resonated. EI Alien units resonated. EoTI disbanded, with Dr Bian Zoldark disappearing with Shu Shirakawa. Various rebellions against Britannian army has occured. The 33rd Gundam Fight Tournament occurs.

Story starts at April, 52 NE.
Series that will be added are:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam 8th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Mobile Suit Gundam V
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Macross : Do you Remember Love?
Macross Plus
Cyber Troopers: Virtual On - Operation Moon Gate
King of Braves: Gao Gai Gar
Brave Fighter: Da Garn
Aim For the Top! : Gunbuster
Tengen Toppa: Gurren Lagann (First Half)
Getter Robo
Getter Robo G
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Daitarn 3
Combattler V

SRW Originals : Only few will be accepted.

((Series will be added / removed depending on character volunteerwise))

Gundam 00 wont be added in this one. Yet.

Your original character won't be accepted. Sorry. Not for a while.

If you are interested, this is the sign up sheet. If it's approved, I'll be sending you a PM to join the mIRC channel based on the server.

1. No God modding: This means a lot to Suzaku, Kira, Lelouch users. Don't mindcontrol, No Ultimate Coordinator BS, and No "Live On Geass". You will have to get hit sometimes.
2. Don't be a jerk
3. Don't control other characters played by other players around unless you guys have planned things out and told GM about it.
4. If you want to claim a villain, you'll have to work things out with GM to send that villain when to join the missions.
5. Missions will be held only on a special day. Remember that.
6. Intermissions are anytime. Be sure to talk with your party members.
7. Some characters won't be in the story right away either it's because you are a villain first and become a convinceable character or even you are a character that appear at later part of the story. So be sure to make a right decision of choosing that character if possible. For example: If Suzaku is an enemy, he can't join as an ally at the first start. Neither is Lelouch if he's an enemy at first.
8. Please choose characters in a right series to be used in a right scenario. For example: If Kira has to fight with Athrun, and you want to bring like Kouji from Mazinger Z in there... then we'll have to work something out. If it's space fight, how is Kouji there and such.
9. To have anything arranged with a specific event, talk things out with GMs. They will approve and disapprove on some situations.
10. You can claim at least 3 characters, (could be more but...). But you can only choose one character at the first time you join. Becareful of what you choose. We don't reserve characters out for you. We judge if you fit to be that character. Sometimes, you could lose that character as you "claim" it, either because we think that person is a better person to use that character, or even if you just shout out saying "I want Amuro! and that's final!" annoying us about it. If you said it once to us, we'll have it in consideration. you can choose 2nd and 3rd character as 2 weeks passed by.

*If you reserved last two characters, and someone else beat you to it with last two reservations, that person will be claiming it.
For Example:
1. Amuro Ray
2. Shishio Guy
3. Shu Shirakawa

Ok Amuro Ray is your first. and if someone else chose Shishio Guy the first on the list and posted late, he'll be claiming it because he wanted that character first. If you wrote Shishio Guy on the third and someone wrote the name on 2nd and posted late, that person will claim it since it's 2nd prioritize on the list. However if you posted Amuro Ray on the 1st and the other person did as well, but you posted 10 seconds earlier than the other person did, you will claim that character. Be in mind about that.

Please put the reasons too. We want to hear your reasonings of claiming such characters. That way, it gives us understanding to make you a better choice to own that character. The whole prioritize could be voided and change the claim rights as long as you show us. No reasoning such as this: "Because I like that character" or "This character is cool" or even "This character is God. He can dodge anything!" or even "COURAGE IS MY POWAAAA". That lowers your prioritize points and we might have to reconsider to let you not use that character.

You won't start with the best unit first time in hand. So please don't expect yourself to pilot Wing Zero, SRX, G Gundam or even Freedom Gundam, and even have Goldion Hammer.

Name (of IRC Nick):
Characters You will be Using: (The other two will be in reminder of reservation)
Reasons of why you wanted the characters:
When is your best Available Time for Missions/Intermissions?

Good luck and enjoy!


ROSTER at the Moment:
mediocrity (From SRWG)
1. Seabook Arno
2. Beecha Oleg
3. Not decided yet.

1. Bright Noah
2. Kamille Bidan
3. Kai Shiden

1. Shinji Ikari
2. Suzaku Kururugi


need few more players to get this working... please join! =O

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Re: Super Robot Wars RPG - mIRC Chat

Post by longn4 » Mon May 10, 2010 8:19 am

I'm up for it.

question can we create original characters for series?

I wanna create a Flint pilot for the crossbone vanguard

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