Mithos Era

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Mithos Era

Post by Shinninggundam » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:52 pm

This is my new forum called Mithos Era, it takes the feel of gundam and a bit of SiFi planet stuff and molds it all togeather.



Feb. 3rd - The Earth and Martian colonies have fallen in a desperate state of repair.

Feb. 27th - Earth and mars begin the evacuation of mars and earth after a freak electrical storm hits. 500 colony ships flee the Solar system and to a new one.


Oct. 1st - The colonies find the new world three times the size of earth, which became know as Copernicus. The Ships colonize it on Oct. 12th and begin a new. Oct. 20th The First of two major towns are completed and the construction of major cities begin.


Mar. 5th - After four long years, Copernicus has 5 major towns as well as 2 major cites. Each location has been spread out and the planet is beginning to look like earth.

Sep. 26th - A fued has broken out between the Martian humans and the Earth Humans. A fued about how the power and supplies are to be handled. Several shots are fired and both sides are forced to split up.

Nov. 5th - The first space colonies are placed, one in orbit around Copernicus, and one on the moon. The two sides declare their new names. The Earth humans as the Frontiers, and the martian humans as the Labrynthos.

Dec. 10th - The Discovery of the Tyrannians makes a major break through in each sides, both the Frontier and the labrynthos try to be friend them. Tyrant, their new nickname, Refuses and is now a neutral side, wheres refugees trying to escape the fighting have run too.


Jan. 1st - Labrynthos and Frontier have waged war on one another. Labrynthos wants the domination of the whole planet. Frontier continues to fight back while Tyrant has become neutral, with both sides trying to attack them.

Jan. 30th - Labrynthos trys an attack on Tyrant and lose badly. The True power of the Tyrannians is revealed.

Feb. 10th - The Attacks slow down and the Tyrannians are ignored.

Feb. 24th - Both sides develop mobile weapons to combat each other. Both sides are completely matched and the war comes to a stand still.

Feb. 26th - Development of mobile armors and suits continue to increase.

Mar. 5th - The Tyrants begin on their own mobile suits. An attack by the Frontier proves their suits to be tough to beat.


Mar. 1st - The war has come to another stand still and New weapons are still being put onto the field.

Our Story begins on Mar. 5th - The conflict has no end in sight. Refugees continue to run to the Tyrannians for shelter, the War is expanding. even to space. Several weapons are being built in secret on both sides, each Weapon amy destroy them completely if not stopped.

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