New Code Geass R2 RPG

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New Code Geass R2 RPG

Post by White Knight » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:28 pm ... hp?act=idx

Me and a few friends from a previous Code Geass RPG board have created this new board. Everything is currently set up, more or less, and topics have begun. The only thing we need are members.

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Re: New Code Geass R2 RPG

Post by legacygundam » Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:28 pm

Bumping cause we do need members bad XD. We have like eight to ten dedicated and skilled members, but we need more to advance the story. And instead of doing R1 or R2, we are doing what we call R3, which takes place a few months after the events of R2. Below is the basic plot.

Late a.t.b 2018

After the death of her brother, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Princess Nunnally Vi Britannia takes her brother's place as head of the Empire and becomes the 100th Empress of the Britannian Empire with her guardians being Princes Connor Va Britannia, Leon Ve Britannia and the masked ex-terrorist Zero.

Riots occur throughout the Empire as news of the Emperor’s death reaches each Area. Area 11 is damaged the most with the people rescuing the former commanders of the Black Knights and the leaders of the United Federation of Nations. Fighting begins once again between the Empire and Black Knights as the latter tries to for a Third Black Rebellion. However once the ascension of Nunnally is completed, the Empress calls off the Britannian Army and a ceasefire is declared between the two sides.

The young lady’s first action is to end all hostilities with United Federation of Nations and decide to start settling things at the table rather than at the end of a gun. At this time, there is a break-in at the Imperial Vault where all the bodies of ex-Emperors and Empresses remain after death. Lelouch’s body is found to be missing and the act is put down to people who cannot let go of what the last Emperor done.

Empress Nunnally begins talks with the various heads of each Area under Britannia’s rule to determine with the goal of wanting to return independence and freedom to each nation that Britannia rules. Japan, ex-Area 11, is the first country to be given its freedom back with the former commanders of the Black Knights becoming heads of various parts of the government. Kaname Ohgi is sworn in as the First President of the United States of Japan and agrees to help Empress Nunnally with her goal of returning freedom to each Area.

The legacy of the Black Knights is put to rest as the need for fighting no longer exists. Zero announces the retirement of the Black Knights after Prime Minister Ohgi’s first speech to his people. Knowing full well that the previous Knight of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi, is now Zero, Ohgi agrees with his idea and the a monument is erected outside the new government headquarters of the Japanese Government to honor those who died to bring peace to the world. Peace reigns over the world.

Getting nearer the end of a.t.b. 2018, the Empire has been restructured into the Republic of Britannia with over three-quarters of the Area regions having been returned to full international status. Empress Nunnally continues to reign with her ever faithful bodyguards by her side.

On 5th Decemeber, the Empress and Superme Chairwoman of the U.F.N., Kaguya Sumeragi, agree to form an neutral support group that’s goal will be to put out the fires of war before they ignite a new conflict. The group is officially called the FATE (Fast Acting Independent Enforcer) Special Peacekeeping Task Force and they are given equipment from both the Republic and the U.F.N. whilst also developing their own technology for some parts of their work.

On the eve of the New Year, a large group of Knightmare Frames, lead by several Gareth models, lead an assault on the Republic’s rebuilt Pendragon Palace. Due to the fact that Zero was away attending to other busy and the Palace Guard were caught completely unprepared, only Connor Va Britannia stood between the attackers and the Empress. He failed however as he was defeated in combat and seriously wounded after his Knightmare Frame, the Gaheris, was completely wrecked by several hadron cannon blasts. The Empress was captured, along with Prince Connor, and she was overthrown by Lord Jeremiah Alexander Helios who then took the throne and becomes the 1st Emperor of the New Britannia Empire. The event becomes known as “New Year Takeover".

a.t.b 2019

The new Emperor cut all ties with the U.F.N. and FATE and took over all independent states that existed on the old Britannian mainland. After making a rallying speech from Pendragon Palace, Emperor Helios orders his military commanders to organise a full-scale invasion of Euro Universe through forceful means whilst also preparing to combat the U.F.N. from the other side. Several members of the old Royal Family support the Emperor Helios in his actions and rally their own supports behind him, further digging his position in the New Empire.

On March 7th, Operation Blue Tiger is commenced by the New Britannian Military. The goal of the operation is to secure a foothold on the Spanish or French coastline and from there take over the entire EU one country at a time. The New Empire underestimates the E.U. and U.F.N. however and Britannian troops land at various coastlines to discover a large force of enemy units that are able to keep them at bay. A foothold was finally gained on a small part of Spain where Britannian units continued to land until they were able to completely secure the land and then some of the land that was around it.

Two days after the beginning of Operation Blue Tiger, Emperor Helios gives another rallying speech to the people of the New Empire in which he also declares war on the U.F.N. and E.U. and warns FATE to keep their noses out of the war if they wish to survive.

Seeing no other choice in the matter, the U.F.N. Supreme Council vote to go to war with the New Empire in order to put the menace of Britannian down once and for all. Assisting the U.F.N. are some members of the Britannian Imperial Family as well their Knights and support units. Command of the U.F.N. military strength is left in the capable hands of Prince Kyle das Britannia, Kyoshiro Tohdou and Prime Minister Ohgi. Japan builds up its own military strength on the eastern coast in preparation for an invasion by the Empire whilst other forces move across the U.F.N. countries towards the now struggling E.U. countries.

As tensions rose between the U.F.N. and the New Britannian Empire, FATE found itself between leaders as well as on the verge of Civil War. Following the Battle of Australia where several high ranking on all sides were slaughtered, FATE erupted into a civil war as Prince Leon ve Britannia was flung of their island headquarters and the organisation itself.

The young Prince, seeking vengeance, sought out help from Emperor Helios and the New Empire. However the boy stumbled into a carefully planned rebellion staged by the newly 'returned' Prince Connor va Britannia who used the Knightmare Frame of Lord Azrael to deal massive damage to Neo Pendragon Imperial Palace. The Prince's rebellion was a failure however and his fate seemed sealed until the timely arrival of his old Knights and remnants of the old Republic of Britannia.

Some days after, FATE's island headquarters became a blazing battleground as FATE fought against itself, a New Imperial fleet led by Prince Leon and a Republic Fleet led by Prince Connor. Prince Leon displayed his true to objectives and in a precisely set plan, crippled the New Imperial fleet and made his return to Kamine Island. However, the Republic were the ones who arrested all those involved in the coup against Prince Leon and Prince Connor officially reinstated his younger half-brother as Chairman of FATE.

Only some 24-48 hours later, Viscount Kyle das Britannia officially led the formation of the United Federal Republic of Britannia with himself as its Lord Protectorate and Prince Connor pledging allegiance to this New Republic and the masked hero Zero also offered his support his support to the New Republic.

However, Emperor Helios, after watching the formation of Lord Protectorate Kyle's New Republic, gave a rousing speech to his citizens and the world where he laid down the thoughts that everyone was having and his plan for the world and Britannia.

As time marches forth, so does the war. Who will stand with whom?

So yea, that's what we got and having more in on this would be wicked. All are welcome, experienced rpers will be welcomed, as will those who are trying this for the first time. Canon characters are open, how you use them now is up to the user. (PS - We need a Kallen and maybe a Zero(will explain later). So please, feel free to check us out. Link in above post. Opinions welcome as well XD.

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