Wreck-A-Mecha Card Game

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Wreck-A-Mecha Card Game

Post by Black Table Games » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:10 pm

Hi, there! I own a small card game company with my wife called Black Table Games and we recently launched a Kickstarter for our second game, Wreck-A-Mecha. Because the game revolves entirely around mecha, I'm trying to spread the word to places like this since it'd likely be of interest.

I read that you don't allow image posting in threads, so I'll just leave the link here along with the basic description:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bl ... ck-a-mecha
With designs taking inspiration from mecha anime and video games, Wreck-A-Mecha let’s you live out your mecha customization fantasies in a quick, 15-30 minute card game.

In Wreck-A-Mecha players build a giant robot (mecha) from a randomly assigned head and core part along with arms and legs from their decks. Destroying opponent parts earns you victory points and the first to gain 10 points wins. Destroying the core will get you all 10 points, but it's hard to hit. Players can use an arm to defend, forcing an attack to target it instead of anything else (until it is hit).

Since you are only able to take 3 actions per turn, managing your offense and defense is key to survival. And with a weapon triangle causing weaknesses and resistances along with tons of unique special abilities for each part, you'll need to install parts strategically to get the upper hand.
Currently the game just hit its funding goal and now we're working toward stretch goals. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your time,

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