Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier(Ch. Twelve posted!!)

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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier(Ch. Twelve posted!!)

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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 1: Gundam

(Deep in space, an army of mobile suits and battle ships flies toward a space satellite. This force is ready for a full scale battle. They are an Earth superpower known as The United Earth Protectorate. Their mobile suit force is comprised of their Nova units. They are mostly blue and white and have a T-like visor on their heads. Each Nova has a shield of their left and a beam rifle. On the command battle ship back in the distance is where the leaders of this force are located. The men in charge are Chief of Staff General Graham McArthur, War Director Bernard Lester, and a few others.)
McArthur- Okay, tell the front that they are go and all units are in position. We’re putting almost everything we have into this attack.
(At the front of the charge is Brigadier General Mason Defoe. He is leading the mobile suits in this attack.)
Defoe- Pilots of the United Earth Protectorate, this is the most important mission we have ever been on. Look sharp, watch each other’s backs, fight hard, and stay alive.
(The UEP head closer and closer to their target, a space satellite.)
McArthur- Generon has had the entire world beat for years. Maybe we can end that today.
(The units continue to head to the satellite. It is a large circular object, with 4 long structures sticking out from it almost forming an X. They now start to see mobile puppets; AI controlled mobile suits pour out of it and head straight for the attacking force. These mobile puppets are gray and white with some black. They have an arm sized shield on their left and a big beam rifle under their right arms.)
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- Generon has deployed its units. Ayagies sir.
McArthur- Then it has begun.
Defoe- Here they come. Smash through these soulless mobile puppets!
(Defoe and his force fly straight into the Ayagies which are doing the same.)
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- Forces with collide in 5…4…3…2…1.
(Both armies smash into each other firing their beam rifles and swinging around their beam swords. The Ayagies maintain most of the control in the fight because of their battle-data AI. For every Ayagie destroyed there are 3 novas that go. Defoe in his nova is trying to drive right through the Ayagies to get to the satellite. An Ayagie jumps in front of him with its beam saber drawn. It swings but he blocks with his shield. He tries to shoot it but it dodges. Another one flies out of nowhere and shoots at him, he blocks that shot and shoots back. The UEP is having a hard time getting through the Ayagies.)
McArthur- It isn’t looking too good out there. Strategists, what would you have us do?
Strategist 1- Sir the problem is the Ayagies are more capable in every way then a mobile suit pilot. He need to take them 3 on 1, 4 on 1, or 5 on 1.
Strategist 2 - Attack force, get into an attack formation of 4 men each and push toward the Generon satellite. Each group target a specific suit.
Defoe- Understood. Form up!!
(The UEP get into that formation and push through taking out Ayagie mobile suits.)
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- They are moving up General.
(The Generon AI begins to notice the change in the battle and calculates a new strategy and downloads it into the Ayagies. Once the pattern is loaded the Ayagies spread far out separating the groups and surrounding them. The UEP begins to get picked apart.)
Strategist 1- Dammit!
McArthur- What’s happening?
Strategist 2- Generon just counter us.
Strategist 1- Forming new strategy.
Strategist 2- We need to force them to the middle again. Our battle ships can rip through them.
McArthur- Send them through.
(The battle ships move into the middle towards the satellite. As expected Ayagie units move in. The battle ships start to take them apart leaving the novas to move forward. But from out of nowhere a back wave swoops in and goes for the ships.)
Strategist 2- What? The enemy units just doubled?
Strategist- Impossible. No more left the satellite. They screened us.
McArthur- That system is incredible.
(There are way more Ayagie units then the battle ships can take. First the Ayagies target the ships’ guns. Then once it is defenseless the over whelm it. They take down two battle ships before the UEP calls them back. The mobile suits still head for the satellite.)
McArthur- Brigadier General Mason?
Defoe- Yes sir?
McArthur- A lot more Ayagies are heading your way now.
Defoe- ZOINKS.
(The novas engage once again. The Ayagies begin to surround the UEP and then send a huge line right through the middle. This causes the 4 man formation to break and units are destroyed left and right. The soldiers panic and even more chaos ensue. Defoe keeps his 3 around him.)
Defoe- Do not break this formation!
Pilot 1- Yes sir!
(The 4 of them fend off attacks from all sides. One Ayagie tries to blast them all but has his shots blocked. They shoot back; the Ayagie dodges 3 and is hit with the 4th. One of Defoe’s group has his gun arm shot off by an Ayagie.)
Pilot 2- They got me!
(Another Ayagie flies from the other side and slices that nova in half with its beam saber.)
Pilot 3- They got Spagget!!
Defoe- Do not break!!
(Pilot 3’s mobile suit is then shot from above in the head destroying its main camera. It takes two more shots to the chest before blowing up.)
Pilot 1- We’re dead!! There really is no God in this world. (An Ayagie flies right at him. It shoots at him but he blocks, he fires back but the Ayagie dodges and takes out its beam saber. It goes for the slice but he hits it in the face with his shield. While its falling back he shoots it 3 times, destroying it.) I got it! I got it!!
Defoe- Pay attention!!!
(That nova is then blasted right through the head chest.)
Pilot 1- Ahhhhhhhhhauhg!!!!!!
(Defoe then flies around shooting at anything he can. Another Ayagie comes at him with a beam saber; he dodges it and shoots at the ayagie who blocks it. Another one flies over with its beam cannon and shoots off Defoe’s leg. He retailates by shooting that ayagie down. The beam saber one comes from behind and chops off Defoe’s gun arm. He then blocks the other slice. One of the damaged battle ships is still in the area of the battle.)
Deck Hand- Engines are only at 30% capacity, the rest have over heated and will explode. We have to evacuate!
Admiral- There is no time!! Ram them!
Deck Hand- Sir?!
Admiral- Ram the satellite!! Send that abomination to hell!
(The battle ship starts to head full speed to the satellite.)
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- Sir, the Baider is heading for the Generon Satellite at full speed.
Strategist- They’re going to ram it.
(The Baider gets closer running through any Ayagie units.)
Admiral- Keep going!!!
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- I’m detecting a huge energy source coming from the satellite. It looks like…oh no…
(The Baider is still flying but a huge beam shoots from the Generon Satellite and pierces right through the ship blowing half of it clean away. The other have then explodes. But the beam doesn’t stop, it continues to rip through the battle filed going through any unit it hits. Defoe still battles the Ayagi but sees the beam coming right towards him. The Ayagi gets the signal to evade and does so Defoe tries to evade but couldn’t dodge the entire thing. Almost his whole left side is blasted off and in his cockpit there are explosions coming from the system. One computer explodes right over his left eye.)
Defoe- Ahhhugghh!!!(Grabs at his face)
(After the beam has finished the UEP has suffered severe casualties. Most units are destroyed.)
McArthur-…Pull back.
Deck hand on the leader battle ship- Sending retreat orders.
McArthur- Pick up the injured. Today…Generon won.
(Defoe continues to float in space hold his face watching the fleet pull back.)

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines.

(At the United Earth Protectorate’s HQ in Washington DC, General Graham McArthur is getting in an elevator with his intern secretary and heading down to the meeting. McArthur is in his general’s uniform and has white hair. His intern secretary is about 17 with light brown hair in a pony-tail, black shirts and pants and a white, chest-length sweater over it.)
McArthur- So do you have everything with you Miss Mapell?
Intern Stephanie Mapell- Yes sir, Mr. McArthur sir. I have the proposal here, um…this quarter year’s casualties and war expenses and um…oh man it feels like I’m forgetting something. Oh jeeze.
McArthur- Relax, you have everything.
Stephanie- Okay….ughh I’m sorry. I’ve been a little stressed.
McArthur- Its fine. But do you understand the importance of this proposal? I’m actually suggesting unified the Earth’s sphere for a short time.
Stephanie- Yeah I do. But really I think that is something they should have done a long time ago.
McArthur- Yes but you know the politics and disagreements that entail these things. This proposal may end up getting shot down.
Stephanie- But that’s just stupid why would they do that? This would unify everybody against Generon, we would all have a better chance at taking him down don’t they see that? Oh…I’m sorry. I get opinionated some times. Sorry, sorry.
McArthur- (smiles) Don’t be. You got that from your father. He would be very proud of you.
Stephanie- Oh…thank you.
McArthur- I wish more people had your reasoning. The world might not be in the shape it is in.

(France; the area is highly guarded with the European Nation forces all around. Their mobile suits called Vanguards are green and white and have a blue visor. Almost half the city is in ruins caused by years of Generon attacks. But people still go about their lives. A nearby mobile suit convoy watches the sky ready for any attacks. Inside a coalition safe house some soldiers play cards.)
Soldier- Haha full house.
Soldier 2- Oh you have got to be kidding me;
Soldier 3- Again?
(The soldiers outside continue to watch the sky and see that it starts turning black in one area.)
Lookout Soldier- They’re coming. Sound the alarm.
(The alarm blares across the city as people run into houses and buildings and lock themselves in secure war shelters. The EN gets ready for a battle as more mobile suits and things are deployed. From the sky a beam shoots down and hits the ground. They then can see two shuttles come out of the sky. In mid-air they open releasing Ayagi mobile puppets. They fly over the city and head right for the EN force of Vanguard suits. Both sides open fire at each other. The Ayagi are flying in a pattern that allows them to get off way better shots. Some stay in the air while others land. One Ayagi lands close to a tank. The tank fires but the Ayagi uses its shield then steps on the tank. The battle is causing much destruction in the area. Vanguards are being shot through buildings and others are being crushed. The Ayagies force the Vanguards into a little circle and surround them. The Vanguards start getting picked off fast. Once the Ayagies have them fully surrounded they stop firing. The Vanguards in the center know that they’re finished. The Ayagies get ready to fire again but there is a loud boom coming from the sky. Both the vanguards and the Ayagies look to the sly and see a figure flying down, it’s a mobile suit. It lands right in between the Vanguards and the Ayagies sending a cloud of dust into the air. Nobody fires at it they just stare. This suit looks a lot more advanced. It is blue and white and has green eyes and a golden crown. On its left arm there is a big red shield and behind it they can see its beam rifle. The suit remains still, it looks more advanced then anything they’ve seen before. The Ayagies begin to look at it as a threat and code is transmitted telling them to fire. They aim at the mobile suit but with lightning fast speed the mobile suit grabs its beam rifle and begins shooting at the Ayagies destroying two instantly. They begin to take evasive maneuvers in the air and on the ground. They fire back but the suit blocks with his shield and fires back. It takes to the air dodging and shooting at all of the puppets. He shoots twice at one; it blocks the first shot but the second goes right through its chest. Another comes up behind him and tries to takes its head off with his beam saber; the suit ducks then blocks the second slice and shoots the Ayagies head off. The suit dodges some more blasts until and Ayagi jumps in front of him and swings with his beam saber. He dodges but another one grabs his right arm so the other can fire at him. Two shoulder Vulcan’s pop up out of the suit and blasts the Ayagi to pieces. The suit then uses his shield to hit the Ayagi and shoots him two times. The mobile suit then flies to an Ayagi on the ground and dodges it shots. It grabs it by the head and slam-drags its body across the ground. The suit flies back into the air dodging more blasts. It shoots down another Ayagi and attacks another. It blocks its shots with its shield and the suit kicks in the face and flips over to shoot it through the back. There is one Ayagi left. He flies to it as the Ayagi takes out both its beams sabers and flies at him. The suit puts away its rifle and takes out a solid steel broad sword from out of its shield. The Ayagi swings and the suit blocks, the Ayagi goes in with the other arm but the Suit slices it off with his sword. Then slices off the other arm and slices the Ayagi in half. The remaining units of the EN force stares at the mobile suit with amazement. The suit puts back its sword and flies off. Inside its cockpit is a boy not over the age of 17. His hair comes down over his forehead into his eyes and he is wearing a rosary around his neck.)
Boy- This is Rouke Arcadia, first objective complete. This Echoes unit works flawlessly. I thank God as well for this successful run.

(News of this event spreads across the world. Soon it is on every news station and every coalition’s monitors. In the halls of the EN’s governing body the event is being discussed by their current leaders and the future election candidates.)
Prime Minister- The entire world believes we are now harboring the most technologically advanced mobile suits on earth. What I want to know is if they belong to our European Nation.
Commanding Field Marshall Anton Dieter- Mr. Prime Minister I can assure you we have no knowledge of any such mobile suits under our control.
(Also on the floor talking to his staff only is a candidate for the next election Heinrich Lueger.)
Staff- Do you actually think the Prime Minister could be bluffing?
Heinrich Lueger- I really don’t. At this point in time there is no point for him to hide something like this from the people. No, he truly does not know where this suit came from.
(Members of the EN coalition watch reports on the news. The leader of the Red Federation Coalition also sees this on the news.)
Marshall Lev Demidov- To think that all this time the European Nation was developing suits like that. We wouldn’t have any way of defending ourselves if they attacked.
(Members of his coalition watch intently too. They also watch these reports in North America representing the United Earth Protectorate.)
President Miriam Hoffman- How could that suit be that powerful?
McArthur- Madam President it is almost impossible to believe that the EN could have that kind of tech. Our analyst aren’t even sure it’s even possible to invent.
President- But here it is right in front of us.
McArthur- If it is theirs…they have shown the world it is possible to beat the machines.
(Members of the UEP watch the reports in their bases and training facilities. In Asia and India they watch as the Arms of the Republic.)
Senior Colonel Xun Shu- One unit took out all those Ayagies. How were they able to develop a machine like that?
First Class General Shang Nai Ran- They couldn’t have. Their coalition is ground zero for Generon attacks. This unit may have come from the non coalition areas of Africa and the Middle East. There are many organizations there that can build mobile suits.
(Only the highest of leaders from this coalition our allowed to watch this footage for the time being. But as well as coalition members the people of the world watch intently.)

(At the weapons research and development center on the Hawaiian Islands; they have just completed the new mobile suit for the UEP the Crede and are about to deliver a unit to the North American mainland. Two members from the ace mobile suit division the Armored Core have been called in the help guard the mobile suits during transport. One is older and bald, he has a big scar over his left eye and the other is younger and clean cut with brownish hair. They have just arrived and are preparing to leave. Right now they are observing the Crede suits. Like the Novas they are blue and white but much sleeker for greater air mobility.)
Captain Brant Furey- I’ve been thinking sir, that mobile suit has got to be one of the most powerful tools on this planet. I mean nothing we’ve throw at Generon has worked as well as what that thing did.
Defoe- I understand exactly what you’re saying soldier but I don’t want to get distracted with this conversation. This new-type isn’t our problem at this moment. (Looking at the crede) So this is our air-type?
Furey- This should definitely give us an advantage against the other coalitions in the air. And maybe give us a better chance against the Ayagies.
(A group off other mobile suit pilots walks up to them.)
A Pilot- Officer on deck. (They salute and Defoe and Furey salute back.)
Defoe- This is my no. 1 from the Armored Core unit Captain Furey. We’ll be leading the transport. Follow my orders and we may just make it out alive.
(The team of 7 get into their novas and the transports are ready and take off. Both Furey and Defoe fly in the front while the 5 other suits fly among the 4 transports. They fly for a little bit until up ahead they see the sky getting dark. They know what’s coming. They see the huge light shoot down and see 3 shuttles coming down. The Ayagies are let out and fly to the transports.)
Defoe- Look sharp, watch each other’s backs, fight hard, and stay alive. (The Ayagies begin to fire.) Form up in front of the transports! Use your shields!!
(They do this and it blocks some shots. The Ayagies then spread out into the air firing at different points.)
Furey- We got to take some of them out of the air!!
Defoe- Three of you remain here! Furey and you two come with me!
(The 4 of them fly into the Ayagies shooting. Within seconds one of them is destroyed. An Ayagi flies behind Furey with a beam saber and swings. Furey ducks and then Defoe sees the Ayagi and shoots it down. One of the other pilots is shooing but not hitting anything.)
Shooting Pilot- Damn these things!!! They’re too fast! (The pilot is then shot from two sides and explodes. A lot of the Ayagies head for the transports. The novas fire back. The Ayagies fly in an offensive pattern and dominate the Novas. Two are destroyed real fast and the other has its arm shot off before it is owned.)
Defoe- Grrrrrrrrrr…..(Defoe flies back to defend the transports who try to take evasive maneuvers. An Ayagi jumps on the back of a transport and uses his beam saber to slice its engines up causing it to explode and go down.) Furey, we can’t lose anymore!!!
(Furey tries to hold off as man Ayagies as best he can but is shot in the shoulder. An Ayagi flies at him with beam saber and goes for the kill but a beam from out of nowhere shoots it in half. Both Defoe and Furey look and see two mobile suits coming at them, they look identical to the mobile suits that tore up Generon’s forces in Europe. One is red and white and has a large beam rifle in its right and a smaller one in its left hand. It also has two small shield on both its wrists and a gold crown. The other is slightly bigger and is green, block and white. It has a beam spear and a chain gun on its back. It also looks as if it has wolf-like characteristics. Inside these two mobile suits.)
Conrad Lopez- This is Conrad Lopez in Fenrir, engaging first objective. (He is in his early twenties. His appearance is very scruffy and his clothes r very militaristic.
Caleb Jericon- You saw that shot? I’ve been waiting for so long to tear these guys up. Let’s do this!! (He is about 17 with shorter, dark hair and a vest.)
(The suit piloted by Caleb flies in ahead of Conrad.)
Conrad- Caleb stop!! You haven’t had enough experience in air battles to rush into them! (Flies after him. Defoe and Furey look at these two mobile suits attack the Ayagies.)
Furey- They look exactly like…
Defoe- Stay on your guard Brant.
(Caleb flies into the Ayagies firing both his beam rifle and beam hand gun. They all dodge and fie back but Caleb blocks with his two wrist mounted shields. Conrad flies in and pulls out his beam spear. An Ayagi fires at him but he dodges and goes for a strike. The Ayagi blocks and shoots him at point blank range but he misses. Conrad slices his weapon in half then slices the Ayagi to pieces. He continues to fly into the middle of the shooting Ayagies fighting them at close range before they have the time to adjust to that form. He cuts down 3 more with Caleb exchanges shots.)
Caleb- You pieces of garbage like that?! (Ayagies shoot back but he dodges. He flies along the side of them and shoots at one until he brings it down. Conrad flies in front of one of the transports to defend it. Furey is right next to him in his armored nova.)
Furey- You’re here to help?
(An Ayagi flies at Conrad and shoots, Conrad dodges them then the Ayagi takes out the saber.)
Conrad- You want to play my game machine?
(The Ayagi flies at him and they clash weapons. The Ayagi swings two more times but Conrad boost out of the way. He goes for a stab but the Ayagi blocks then swings but Conrad kicks the weapon out of his hands then stabs the Ayagi through the chest and chops of its head. Caleb continues to fly around shooting, he has just shot down another Ayagi and is firing at another but it keeps dodging.)
Caleb- Come on! (Another Ayagi comes up from behind and shoots.) What?!
(Caleb dodges that blast at the last second but his nailed by another Ayagi ramming him with its shield. It continues to come after him with its beam saber. Caleb blocks the slice and kicks it higher into the air then fires several shots into it with his hand gun. Another Ayagi blasts at him, he blocks it but is knocked off balance. Conrad can see this happening even after he just took down another Ayagi.)
Conrad- Pull out from the middle!! You’re long range, use it!
Caleb- I know what I’m doing!
Defoe- (seeing Caleb fight) That one is reckless.
(Conrad just cuts another Ayagi beam rifle into pieces then smacks it back and fourth with the handle of his spear before slicing it in half. He jets to another and slashes it with his titanium claws. Caleb is doing exactly what he wants. He shoots at dodging Ayagies while another comes up behind him with a beam sword. He turns around and blocks the shot. He shoots at the Ayagi but it dodges and then is shot in the back.)
Caleb- Dammit!!
(He turns around and shoots everything he can at the Ayagi until he shoots off its leg then takes it down completely. But another Ayagi is flying straight at him from his blind spot with a beam saber drawn. Conrad can see.)
Conrad- Caleb watch it!!!
(He turns around and sees but he is too slow to react. The Ayagi closes in but a Nova flies out of nowhere and rams it with his shield. It’s Furey. He then chops off the Ayagi’s saber arm, the Ayagi pulls another saber out with his other arm but Fury pulls out his custom shotgun and shoots it in the face. It falls into the ocean. After Caleb is saved he goes back to shooting. Conrad then takes out his Chain gun and fires off at the Ayagies. He brings down 4 while another dodges and heads right for him. Defoe takes and shot and hits the Ayagi square in the chest blowing it up. Caleb flies at another dodging its shots then blocks the last one and pushes off its head with his foot and shoots it down. There is now only one Ayagi left. It calculates its odds of victory and comes up with the best tactical solution; retreat. It begins to fly away but something shows up in its way.)
Furey- That suit!
(It’s the suit that made the first attack. Rouke in Echoes. The Ayagi flies in with gun pointed but Rouke takes out the sword and boost at him. He closes the distance too fast to get shot and chops the Ayagi in half. With all the Ayagies destroyed the transports get back into formation and Furey and Defoe get back in front of them. The 3 new type suits look at them; they look back until the 3 boost off at incredible speed.)
Conrad- Maybe next time you’ll listen to me about fighting.
Caleb- I’m not dead. So I’m fine. (Speeds off ahead of them)
Conrad- He’s a vindictive fool.
Rouke- You know his story, we should cut him some slack. When he can’t watch his back will we. After all, our cause is all the same.
(Rouke thinks back to the moment right before the first objective started. Himself, Caleb, and Conrad are being talk to by the man that brought them together and built their suits; Dr. Daichi Ayumu his assistant Amisi Eshi is there as well. Daichi is an old man with a gray goatee and all white hair. He has glasses and a white coat. Amisi is a young girl of 19 with purplish hair that is long.)
Daichi Ayumu- You will use these mobile suits to end the Generon reign of terror. For almost twenty years the world has been dominated by it. Millions have died in the war and all of you are here because one of those millions dead was somebody close to you. You 3 will end this war and save humanity from this cruel and terrible fate. Use these mobile suits, powered by the virtually everlasting Nuclear Arc-Reactor. With this technology you can travel at ungodly speeds across the earth and nothing is more advanced.

(In Red Federation territory 3 Acolyte units have chased a Mandarin from the Arms of the Republic into a mountain ranged. They have lost sight of him. Daichi Ayumu gives his soliloquy over this scene.)
Colonel Chzov- He can’t have gone far; he’s trying to stay off radar he must be hiding. Split up, find him.
Pilots- Yes sir!
(The 3 split up.)
Daichi Ayumu- Nobody yet has figured out how to design this Nuclear Arc-Reactor. Not even Generon is able to design it. Which makes these the most powerful weapons on earth. Your mobile suits. Your Gundams.
(Chzov is now alone looking around for the Mandarin suit. From behind something comes up from the shadows. A mobile suit. Its eyes are glowing green and it is wearing a cloak. A torn up cloth cloak. Chzov cannot detect him. It grabs the mobile suit by the head and twists its neck hard to the right immediately destroying all its systems. Everything in the suit goes off.)
Chzov- What the…my suit…what happened?
(It falls to its knees but the other suit holds it up and reaches behind it to take out a weapon. It’s a beam saber. He fires it up and places it right at the back of the cockpit. He shoves it through. The beam saber rips right through the pilot.)
Chzov- Ahhugghghg!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The saber goes through the whole mobile suit. He pulls it out and the Acolyte drops to the ground but with no explosion. The other suit puts back its weapon. You can see that it is in fact another Gundam. It moves back into the shadows.
Daichi Ayumu- And these Gundams…will change the World.

To Bo Concluded
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 2: Reacting World

(A few years ago. It is dark and rainy outside as a cab pulls up in front of an EN building. Cars in this era are a lot more advanced looking and the black tires are larger then the front giving it a sloping appearance. A young man gets out as the cab pulls away. It’s Rouke. He enters in the building and walks to a room on the sub levels. Inside the room there are two EN officers, Rouke’s mother, and his younger brother. In the center of the room there is a metal table with a black, human-sized bag on top of it with something inside. One of the officers starts talking.)
Major General William Hosking- I’m sorry to call you all here under these circumstances but…we needed the confirmation from the family. Now that Rouke is here…
(The Arcadia family huddles together as Hosking nods to the other officer who zips down the bag. Inside is the body of his father. They family sees and the mother immediately begins to cry. Rouke’s brother falls to his knees.)
Iollan- Dammit…first Niall then dad. (Tears start to stream down his face)
(Rouke walks up to the bag. He takes out his rosary and makes the cross symbol over his father’s body with his hand.)
Rouke- Rest in God’s hand now father. (He begins to cry as well and steps back to comfort his mother) It’s okay now mom…he’s okay. He’s okay.
(The tears from his eyes roll down his cheek and rip all the way to the floor.)

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(Now. In the Nyala region of Sudan, inside a mountain range there is a secret base of operations for a group looking to change the world. In a room, Rouke is standing by a window looking at out the mobile suit dock and watching his Gundam being tuned up and checked for any damage. From a door behind him Amisi Eshe walks in.)
Amisi Eshe- Your Gundam is in perfect shape Rouke. Not even a scratch is on it. Too bad I can’t say the same for Caleb’s Prodige.
Rouke- He has some learning to do. There is no doubt about that. But the Echoes, all of these Gundams, nothing can stand up to them.
Amisi- Yes I know. Dr. Ayumu is a genius. He has truly created invincible weapons. (She looks up at Rouke and sees his rosary in his hands.) You know when he first told me the pilot of the Echoes was involved in religion and worshiping I thought that was cute. (Smiles) The same as believing in the tooth fairy or monsters and ghosts. I don’t mean to offend you though Rouke.
Rouke- You haven’t. This is a world where virtually nobody believes in religion any more. Your opinion is a product of that.
Amisi- What I just don’t understand is how you can still believe…after what happened to your family. Ayumu…told me.
Rouke- What happened to my family was the fault of war. War is a man made entity.
Amisi- But if there was a God wouldn’t he eliminate man’s urge to fight? For the sake of life?
Rouke- No. He would never rob anybody of free will no matter how destructive it is. He leaves it to us to do his work.
Amisi- Doesn’t seem like anybody is doing anything. We’re being exterminated by our own technology. I think it has gotten to the point where man can’t do anything and your God must intervene.
Rouke- But he has. The Gundams. What we are doing is his will. I believe God allows the Gundams to finally save his people.

(At the Red Federation HQ, the leader Lev Demidov and his next in command have called two men to meet with them. Demidov’s second in command Colonel General Marko Kovalevsky is there as well. The two men have just walked inside the room. They both salute Demidov and Kovalevsky and they salute back.)
Major General Gennady Komarovskii- I’m Major General Komarovskii and this is my brother--
Dr. Colonel Serezha Komarovskii- Dr. Colonel Komarovskii. You called for us sir?
Lev Demidov- Yes, you may take a seat. (They sit) Would you like to start Marko?
Marko Kovalevsky- I take it you two men have seen the reports of those mysterious mobile suits that protected the EN in France and the United Earth Protectorate over the Pacific?
Gennady- Yes sir we have. Absolutely amazing creations.
Marko- That they are. But they have started rumors of who they belong to. And these things are far too powerful not to be understood.
Lev Demidov- Which is why I have called you two brothers here. I want to know. I want to know everything about those suits.
Serezha- What would that have to do with us?
Lev Demidov- I want you men to find out everything about these suits for our Federation. I am placing this project as a top priority.
Gennady- We’re investigating these suits?
Marko- Yes. You can understand our feelings. The power of those suits is too much for any other coalition to have except for our own. Since we are not in possession of these suits the next best thing is to know who is who is and what they are capable of.
Serezha- If I may say something. I’ve seen the footage numerous times and I’m not sure a human is able to design that technology. I mean think of it this way: who has the most advanced suits? Generon. I would think that if any force was able to design this technology first it would be the machines.
Lev Demidov- But we’ve seen them attack Generon, why would machines attack machines?
Gennady- Maybe to out-smart us. Generon has been doing that for years. If a plan like this was calculated to be highly effective Generon would use it. My brother’s theory is not far off.
Marko- Looks like we found the right men for the job.
Lev Demidov- This project will be dubbed the “NMS investigation.” You will have complete freedom of anything you see fit to use in the Red Federation. You will have diplomatic immunity and freedom of jurisdiction so that you can gather information from other coalitions such as the EN and UEP. To do this I must temporarily suspend your military ranks so you are not seen as a threat.
Gennady- You are to report to me and Kovalevsky only. Nobody else must know of your findings. If you wish to add more members of your team, so be it. Make sure they can be trusted. If this is a success I suspect the Federation will receive a huge payoff.
Gennady- Thank you sir.
(Gennady and Serezha stand up and shake Lev’s hand. They salute each other and walk out the room. Gennady and Serezha get into an elevator.)
Serezha- It is big. I can’t believe they would entrust us will something this large. Where do you want to start?
Gennady- We need to get every single piece of footage those mobile suits have appeared on. Beg, bribe, steal, (smiles) we have total freedom.

(Back at the Nyala base in Sudan the 3 Gundam pilots enter into the main room with stadium seating. Amisi walks in behind them.)
Conrad- You need to follow orders and do what we tell you. We can’t have you going out there and doing as you wish.
Caleb- I went out there and I shot down machines. I don’t need to listen to you so get off my damn back. (Sits down)
Conrad- You’re a fool. (Sits down, the team cat jumps into his lap and purrs. It’s all black. After he pets it the cat jumps down.)
Caleb- Shut up.
Rouke- (sitting) I would like to be able to get through one day without hearing you too bicker. We’re only trying to help you Caleb. It would be wise to listen some times.
Amisi- (smiles) The day that happens. Our Caleb just likes being dumb as a rock.
Caleb- Why don’t you stop talking and repair my Gundam. (Sees the cat) Nice kitty. (Goes down to pet it but the cat scratches him) OW! It scratched me.
(Dr. Ayumu walks in from his own door with his cane.)
Dr. Ayumu- All right everyone lets get started. Our mission, what we have set out to do has begun and there is no going back. Our war for man against the machines with change the world and give humanity hope once again. But, there may be another side to this we were not expecting. Our sweep of coalition radio chatter has shown us two things. One, they all are talking about us and two, opinions vary. Even though we have only shown aggression against Generon many in the coalitions feel that we should not be trusted.
Amisi- Why would they believe something like that?
Dr. Ayumu- Man has become distrusting since Generon betrayed them about twenty years ago. That system was a technological and the pride of the European Nation. Then when what they view as the next technological marvel, the Gundams make an appearance naturally it’s hard for man to trust once again.
Conrad- So what are you saying? That the coalitions are our enemies?
Dr. Ayumu- I wouldn’t go that far. But when that inevitable time comes when we have contact with the coalitions, each of you must exercise extreme caution. They are in a delicate state of mind and we mustn’t do anything to rock the boat.

(Outside a small town in Germany sits an EN base. It is a fortified establishment filled with mobile suits and gun turrets. A military plane has just landed on the air strip. Out steps a man at about 30. He has a mustache goatee with light hair. Another woman is there to meet him. Her hair is shoulder length and black. She walks over to salute the man.)
Colonel Benigna Ferra- Welcome back sir.
Commander Lachlan Khambaita- Thank you Colonel. (Salutes back)
(They begin walking into the base while a crew unloads his vanguard mobile suit.)
Ferra- This base felt incomplete without you here. How was your campaign in Romania?
Khambaita- It was about as good as anything can be against Generon. We momentarily prevented the destruction of a city but lost a lot of pilots in the process.
Ferra- Hmmm…Generon has been able to claim more lives then any side could when it was just the coalitions fighting one another. Did you notice anything different from the frontlines? Any indication that we are beginning to understand how the AI fights?
Khambaita- No. The system is way too sophisticated. Eight of the most brilliant tactical minds were used as a blue print for the system, add that it its advanced calculating network and you have a completely different entity. I don’t think we can imagine the kind of level Generon is on.
Ferra- It looks like the most important resources we have in this world are ace pilots that can fight as well as you. How many Ayagies have you shot down in the past 15 years?
Khambaita- Around 179 I believe. That is actually still one of the top 5 highest records among all 4 major coalitions.
Ferra- As impressive as anything. (Smiles) I wish that I could have gotten even close to your level of combat skills with the training I did under you.
Khambaita- There is a lot more to war then just being an ace pilot.
(They get to his room.)
Ferra- So you’ll probably want to relax a little bit after your trip before you join us in the command deck.
Khambaita- Not too long though. I’ll be up there in a few hours
Ferra- I will see you then sir. (Salutes)
Khambaita- Benigna. (Salutes her back and then walks into his room. He drops his bag on the floor and walks over to some drawers. There is a mirror over the drawers that he looks into as he unbuttons his shirt. He stops and continues to stare at himself in the mirror.) You’re nothing. You aren’t nearly the man you were. You make me sick. If the you from 10 years ago Lachlan could see yourself now, he would absolutely hate you. You bastard. How can you do what you’re doing? You’re a god damn bastard!!! (Picks up a cigarette tray and throws it at the mirror. It shatters all over the room. He then falls to his knees and looks at the broken mirror pieces.)

(In the dead of night in the panama jungle sits an UEP base. Most are sleeping but of course they have a night guard. Nearby in the jungle foliage lurks a mobile suit. Inside it sits a man wearing all black and a mask. He observes the base and picks an opportune time to go in. In front of him is a nova unit on guard he sneaks in behind it and takes out his beam sabers. He cuts the nova down at its knee joints then jabs the saber through its chest pinning it to the ground. The mobile suit then avoids the spot lights. It continues to another nova unit and comes up behind it. He cuts it in an X formation and it goes down in pieces. Inside one of the buildings sleeps Admiral Harris. The mobile suit looks in the room. Almost sensing another’s presence the Admiral wakes up. As soon as he opens his eyes can see the suit out the window.)
Admiral- Oh my…what the?!! (He jumps out of his bed and runs to the door) Help!! Somebody!!
(The mobile suit then takes out one of its beam sabers and swings it right down on the Admiral right through the roof killing him instantly. The base is alerted to the noise and all guarding nova units head over and all the spotlights flash to that one spot. The only thing that is there is the caved in roof. The mobile suit has disappeared into the jungle.)

(Some time later back at the Germany base an alarm is going off inside. Commander Khambaita enters the command deck. Inside there are several people working around in almost a panic state.)
Khambaita- What’s the problem?
Ferra- Look at the sky.
(Khambita looks up at the sky through the command deck window and can see it getting dark in a specific spot up ahead several miles.)
Khambaita- Generon.
Ferra- (To a soldier in the command deck) We need to mobilize. Get every pilot in a suit and every other soldier working the turrets.
Soldier- Yes ma’am.
Khambaita- I’m going out there.
Ferra- I’m coming with you.
(They both leave the room and go down to the mobile suit deck to pilot a vanguard. In the sky that familiar beam shoots down into the ground and the shuttles starts to come down. The Ayagies begin to fly out. There has to be about 21 that already begin to fly in a specific attack formation. Khambaita and Ferra have gotten into their Vanguards and join the rest of them, making 46 and are in the air heading to the incoming Ayagies.)
Khambaita- Vanguards…fire at will!
(All the vanguard mobile suits begin shooting up at the Ayagies. Most of the Ayagies dodge and use their shield to block but two of them are hit and taken out of the sky. The eye of the Ayagies flash; code is being transmitted from Generon to them. They Ayagies then go into a rotating formation and begin shooting at the vanguards.)
Ferra- Take evasive maneuvers now!!
(The vanguards try to fly through the blasts but quite a few are shot down. The vanguard flying behind Ferra dodges one shot only to get blasted in half by another. Another vanguard on the outer edges of the group gets its leg shot off then its head and goes down. More vanguards are taken out of the sky the closer they get the Ayagies. Back on the command deck of the base they are watching the battle. The officer in charge calls over on of his deck hands.)
Officer in charge- If this gets really bad up there we may need to evacuate this facility and the town nearby. But keep all the personnel at their battle stations until I give that order.
(Some of the Ayagies land on the ground and begin attacking the base. Their beams hit up against the guard wall shaking the entire base. The turrets fire back but the Ayagies block the shots with their shields. An Ayagi then blasts a turret causing an explosion inside killing all the men operating it. Back in the air Ferra is fighting hard against the Ayagies. She starts shooting at one to her left but it evades out of the way. A blasts comes at her from behind just narrowly missing her, she turns around to see an Ayagi flying straight for her. She shoots at it but it blocks and her shots and takes out a beam saber. It goes for a slice but she is able to move out of the way. She takes out her combat knife and stabs it in the side. The Ayagi just kicks her away and shoots off her right arm with her now only weapon in it.)
Ferra- Ahhh dammit!!! (The Ayagi is about to shoot again but from above Khambaita flies down in front of Ferra and shoots at the Ayagi with its shoulder mounted grenade launcher the Ayagi blocks the shot but the impact knocks it off balance and Khambaita shoots it with his beam rifle. Another Ayagi is speeding towards him on the right.) Sir look out!!
(Khambaita turns as fast as he can and fires with his grenade launcher taking the Ayagi down.)
Khambaita- Benigna get back to the base, there’s nothing more you can do here!
Ferra- I’m sorry sir! (Speeds off towards the base)
(Khambaita flies at an Ayagi shooting; it dodges all of his shots then fires back. Khambaita dodges that and rams the Ayagi away. He then sees in front of him an Ayagi fly through two vanguards and chops them in half with its beam saber. That Ayagi flies right for Khambaita but he shoots at it. Most of the shots are blocked but a few connect. The Ayagi keeps on coming and swings but Khambaita boost up out of the way and shoots the Ayagi in the jet pack sending it crashing to the ground in a fire ball. From out of nowhere a beam goes right through one of Khambaita’s legs destroying it.)
Khambaita- Guuaaahhhh!! (He fires back at the closest Ayagi with his grenade launcher hoping to hit it.)
(Throughout the battle the Ayagies are dominant. An Ayagi jumps on the back of a vanguard while it is flying slamming it straight into the ground. Another Ayagi shoots down a turret right in front of the base while another one flies over it and shoots a building inside sending the people there flying. They can feel every shot shaking the base in the command deck.)
Deck Hand- Sir, maybe we need to get out of here now!!
Officer in Charge- Not yet!! You can tell are people near the town they need to start evacuating but not us!! I don’t want to leave this base until we don’t have a shot left!!
(They look out the deck window and see an Ayagi flying right for the. The Ayagi is then shot down from above and a vanguard lands right in front of the command deck tower in the base. It’s Khambaita.)
Khambaita- (through his communications system to the deck) Don’t worry I have you covered. I’m going to be keeping you guys alive! (He lets off everything he has firing his beam rifle and grenade launcher at anything that moves. He seems to be keeping the Ayagies away until battle data is transmitted to them and their eyes flash. Some of them shoot back and Khambaita’s beam rifle is shot out of his hands. His left arm and grenade launcher are shot off, then his other leg and a beam hits him in the chest. His vanguard falls right to the ground.)
Khambaita- Come on get up!!!(Pushing every button in his cockpit as sparks go off all over the place. He still manages to get his suit back up in front of the tower.)Come on; give me everything you’ve got!!!
(An Ayagi lands down in front of him and fires. The shot is aimed right for his chest. Khambaita is ready to take it but another mobile suit pushes him out the way.)
Ferra- Noooo!!!!
(Ferra’s vanguard takes the hit and is sent hard into the ground. The blast went right through her suit.)
Khambaita- Benigna!! Why did you take the shot?!
Ferra- (Injured from the impact and the small explosions and damage in her cockpit.) Because…in this war…pilots that can fight as well as you…are our most valuable resource Lachlan. I have to…keep you and all else like you…alive. (Goes unconscious)
(From up in the air and Ayagi flies up to get a perfect shot of the tower. It aims. Khambaita sees this.)
Khambaita- Come on!! Move!! Move!!!
(His mobile suit starts to lift its arm to turn over but goes back down. His vanguard is too damaged to do anymore. Khambaita just looks up in the sky as the Ayagi is about to shoot. Its beam rifle charges up a little bit and the blast is about to come out when the Ayagi is shot right through the middle from even higher above. Khambaita looks up in that direction and can see 3 mobile suits coming. The Gundams.
Rouke- They’ve already destroyed so much. Let’s end that right now.
Conrad- Split up. You two take the air and come at them from opposing sides. I’ll take the ones on the ground.
Caleb- Whatever you say.
Rouke- Got it.
(The 3 of them split and head exactly where they are supposed to. Conrad’s Gundam Fenrir transforms right into its wolf form as soon as it touches the ground. His chain gun is attached to his back as he runs, on all fours, at the Ayagies around the base. He fires that thing off and bullets are being shot everywhere. An Ayagi tries to block with his shield, the chain gun over whelms it and bullets get to the Ayagies head. Another one tries to fly in the air and evade but its body is shot to pieces. Two Ayagies try to fie back but Conrad dodges them all by using the wolf form’s incredible speed and jumping from side to side. Rouke flies in from the right in his Echoes unit shooting at the Ayagies. They fire back but he dodges them and blocks the shots with his shield. He shoots again and is able to hit an Ayagi below him. He flies toward another and stomps on its face and shoots it with its shoulder vulcans. Another Ayagi to the right of him shoots at him but he evades then charges at him with his shield. He drills it and then tries to shoot but it flies sharply out the way. Another Ayagi tries to come at him from behind with its beam saber drawn. He slashes but Rouke ducks, the Ayagi takes out another beam saber and goes for a slice but it’s blocked with Rouke’s shield and then the Ayagi is blasted with the beam rifle. Rouke then puts away his beam rifle and takes out his board sword.)
Rouke- You want to use your beam sabers? Break them out. (Charges right into a group.)

Caleb- Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
(Caleb in his Gundam Prodige has just punched an Ayagi in the face with his hand gun. As it falls back he shoots it several times until there is nothing left. A group of Ayagies begin shooting at him but he dodges and blocks one. He then takes out to the right and begins flying through the battle field. Three Ayagies lock unto him and fly after him. He turns around and shoots at him while he is flying away. The Ayagies shoot back and both sides block and dodge all the beam flying at them for a little bit. Caleb is then able to shoot and Ayagi in the face with his hand gun then through the middle with his beam rifle. Another Ayagi shoots him but he blocks with his shield and shoots back. The Ayagi does blocks that as well but Caleb then boosts to the left and shoots the Ayagi in the chest. Caleb starts flying down towards the ground as the Ayagi continues to come after him. Caleb shoots the Ayagi’s beam rifle it is forced to take out its beam sabers. It comes down on Caleb with both of them but he blocks the sabers and kicks the Ayagi away with both his feet. Caleb back-flips away and continues to fly towards the ground. The Ayagi keeps coming. Caleb is getting dangerously close to the ground and is about to hit it but boosts away. The Ayagi can’t react fast enough and slams into the ground.)
Officer in Charge- Those units…they have to be those unidentified mobile suits that attacked Generon’s forces from before. Quickly, while the Ayagies are fighting, search our vanguards, have all the injured pilots pulled out and brought in here quickly.
Deck Hand- Yes sir.
(Up in the sky Echoes has blocked a beam saber and chopped an Ayagi’s upper body off.)
Rouke- Conrad, they may and bring their injured in the base at this point. Make sure they make it in safely. Now that we’re here we can prevent anymore loss of life. (He flies to an Ayagi low on the ground, dodges its blasts then stabs it through the chest into the ground below.)
Conrad- If it doesn’t get in the way with taking out the rest of these mobile puppets. (He uses his Gundam Fenrir to dodge a shot from an Ayagi and jump up and slash it across the neck with its solid steel claws. He then transforms back into mobile suit mode and takes out his beam spear. He boosts right at an Ayagi and slashes with his weapon but it is blocked. The Ayagi shoots but Fenrir launches over the Ayagi and cuts its head off. Once he lands he slices it in half. Conrad looks over and to the base and sees teams running out to check the down Vanguards for survivors. Conrad flies his Gundam and lands right in front of the teams to protect them from any Ayagies. One lands in front of him and fires but Fenrir ducks and uses its claws to slash the Ayagi across the face then backhands him, then stabs it in the middle.) Just my luck they’re all coming this way now. (He breaks out his chain gun and shoots at the Ayagies up in the air. Echoes is battling in between two Ayagies, he blocks a saber strike from one with his shield and a strike from the other Ayagi with his sword. After the block with his sword he uses it to stab the other Ayagi right under his neck and goes back after the one behind him. They clash weapons and both bring them in for another attempt and Echoes chops off the hand of the Ayagi then cuts it in half. He3 then flies at an Ayagi on the ground, dodges its blasts then impales it with his sword and cuts through it to pull away. Prodige is still in the air dodging blasts from an Ayagi. He gets up real close to it and is about to fire but another Ayagi swoops in from above and kicks him right in the side of the head. The impact sends Prodige towards the ground but he stops himself.)
Caleb- Every time you fight one you always have to worry about another jumping in!
(The Ayagi that kicked him charges in with his beam saber but he dodges and nails the Ayagi in the side of its head with his right arm shield. Another Ayagi flies at him from the same spot and he shoots at it with his hand gun. He takes off all the Ayagi’s limbs before shooting it through the chest. The Ayagi that was hit in the head comes back at Prodige. He takes off and the Ayagi follows. He flies near the EN base, turns around, and blasts the Ayagi through the middle with his beam rifle. Caleb then flies down and lands near Conrad.)
Caleb- You need some back up down here buddy?
Conrad- Just help me keep the Ayagies away from these people.
(One of the teams gets to Khambaita’s vanguard and pops open the hatch. He climbs out.)
Khambaita- I’m okay. Go to Benigna, she’s hurt! (He stands on top of his suit and stares at the Gundams mesmerized.) Incredible.
Conrad- I’ll cover the Ayagies over here. Caleb, watch the ones behind my back. (Fires his chain gun into the sky. Caleb looks behind him and sees an Ayagi flying in.)
Caleb- I got this one!
Conrad- Watch out through, your line of fire is over the base. If you shoot something out of the sky--
Caleb- Got him! (He fires and hits the Ayagi perfectly. It falls from the sky and lands right on a building inside the base causing it to explode.
Conrad- You idiot!! Watch the base!!! Listen next time dammit!!
Caleb- Get off my back!!!
Rouke- Focus!!
(Just then an Ayagi shoots at a near by team of soldiers trying to open up another vanguard. Rouke sees this and flies over as fast as he can. Just in time he gets his shield in the way of the blast and saves the soldiers. He then flies over to that Ayagi and shoots its right arm off with his shoulder vulcans. He continues flying and grabs the Ayagi’s foot. He swings it around and launches it to the ground then aims his beam rifle at it and fires. The shot goes through the Ayagi before it hits the ground. The battle is over and all mobile puppets have been defeated. Back in the command deck everyone has a look of astonishment on their faces.)
Deck Hand- They’re gone. All of them. Its over. (Laughs) Its over! (People in the command deck celebrate as they have narrowly escaped death.
(Rouke lands next to Caleb and Conrad.)
Caleb- I know what you’re going to say.
Rouke- You’re still inexperienced in a mobile suit. You need to listen to us. You could have gotten more men killed, thank God that didn’t happen. Let’s go. (The 3 of them fly into the air.) Go NOVA in three…two…one. (All 3 Gundams glow green and blasts off at tremendous speeds that break the sound barrier. During all the clean up around the base the injured are taken in for treatment and the dead are put in body bags. Khambaita is walking back to the base when he sees a medical team carrying Ferra out on a stretcher.)
Khambaita- Benigna… (Walks over)
Ferra- You’re…you’re okay?
Khambaita- Yes, I’m fine. What about you?
Ferra- It’s an honor…fighting with you…sir. I probably…have to go to the hospital now. (Smiles weakly)
Khambaita- Get some rest.

(Up in space on the Generon satellite. The AI begins to calculate the appearance of the Gundams.)
Generon- Unidentified mobile suits analyzing… searching …searching…no known records available. Identifying make…searching…no match. Identifying similar schematics… searching… searching…no match. Unidentified mobile suits designated as immediate threat. Termination is suggested at a necessary 34%.

To Be Concluded

Some feedback would be really cool if you guys could do that.
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Just so you know, it's kinda hard to read. I suggest you reformat it when you paste it into the text box... like, oh, putting line breaks between the scripted pieces of dialogue, perhaps even using bold or italics to differentiate the lines from the stage directions or the speaker from the lines...

A little prettying up can go a long way.

(more is needed before I can comment on the content)
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 3: Human Lives Wasted

(Somewhere in a Ukraine forest in the dead of night. A vanguard unit has just been ambushed by a mysterious mobile suit looking exactly like the Gundams. It’s the one that has been eliminating pilots of the coaltions from before. There are about 10 vanguards fighting this one suit.)
Pilot- I can’t see him, Sergeant Vecchione!! Ahhugggg!!! (His suit is cut in half.)

Sergeant Vecchione- Kill it, kill it!!!

(The vanguards are shooting in every direction hoping to hit the mobile suit but it is moving so fast that nobody can get a lock on it. It jumps from one area to another, he lands behind two vanguards and cuts them both down starting from their knee joints to their backs. It then high kicks another vanguard in the face that was right in front of him and moves to his right to stab another in the middle. He flips over that 1 still holding the beam saber that is in him, dodges some shots from another, lands in front of that one and cuts its head off. He then cuts the one he stabbed in the middle in half right down the middle. He then takes out his beam boomerang and throws it sending it right through two vanguards. He then sprint right at another in front of him, he dodges its shots and cuts out its gun arm and back spins to slice him in half with his other beam saber. He turns around and shoots out a kunai attached to a chain right to the cock pit of a vanguard. It goes right through and takes out the pilot. He rips it out and swings it to the right into another vanguard’s cockpit.)

Other Pilot- Noooooo!!!! Auhhhhaag!!!

(Both those mobile suits go down leaving only one left, Sergeant Vecchione.)

Sergeant Vecchione- No, please, please have mercy. (He shoots at the suit real fast but it calmly moves to the side to dodge it. It then swings its chain kunai and knocks the beam rifle out of Vecchione’s hands. He swings it back and wraps it around the vanguard letting the point of it pierce through its main camera, where his visor is located on its head. The suit falls to the ground and the other mobile suit drags it along with him into the trees.)

Vecchione- Noooooooooo!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

(Nearby a squad of vanguards is flying in. They got a distress call from one of the vanguards earlier.)

Squad Leader- It was right here, land! (They all land right in the middle of where the slaughter took place. They flip on their search lights and look around and see pieces of vanguards everywhere. They look around and see that in some way all of the pilots were killed inside.) Dear God.

(Up on top of a mountain is the mysterious mobile suit holding the vanguard high up over the ledge with his chain. It takes out its beam saber and positions it over the cockpit.)

Vecchione- Please…I have a wife!

(The suit then shoves the saber through the cockpit annihilating Vecchione’s body inside. After that it just drops the suit from off the ledge and it falls all the way down to a bunch of rocks and smashes against them. Inside the mobile suits cockpit the pilot takes out a piece of paper and crosses out the name at number 3. Cecilio Vecchione. Above that were names at one and two that are also crossed off. Arkile Chzov, and Peyton Harris. After that there are still more names that need to be crossed off.)

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(At a UEP armored core base in Boca Raton, Florida, Captain Furey, and Brigadier General Defoe have returned. Furey is in the mobile suit deck overseeing some of the repairs on his armored nova suit.)

Furey- Check out the right arm too, I think it was damaged in the battle I had with the Ayagies.

(Two other armored core pilots walk down on the other side of the ramp from Furey, one if a young woman with very dark, long hair name Eva Biron, and a black dude around the same age name Trevor Carter.)
First Lieutenant Trevor Carter - Look who just came back.

(Furey turns around and sees them walking to him.)

Furey- (laughs) You two. How was this place without me for a few days?

First Lieutenant Eva Biron- (Smiles) A lot better.

(They both salute Furey as he salutes back.)

Furey- Did you see the attack from Generon while we were transporting the Crede mobile suits?

Biron- Yes. We were the first to get that news.

Furey- Those unidentified suits that saved us, they were amazing. (The three of them walk into a sit down area of the base.) I mean, Trevor if you were with me you would be doing the exact same thing. I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life. The Ayagies were decimated.

Carter- You were fighting along side them?

Furey- Yes…it was just me and Defoe left.

Biron- I’m guessing he cleaned up.

Furey- Without a doubt he did. One of those suits saved my life, and then I’m sure that I saved theirs.

Biron- (smiles) Don’t you think you might be putting yourself over a little now?

Furey- No it was mutual.

Carter- Wow…fighting with those suits. Damn, I wish I was there.

Furey- You’ll get your chance; that won’t be the last time we see those mobile suits again.

(In Birmingham, England, inside a suburban home a girl about 17 years old is getting ready to go out. She is standing in front of a mirror wearing a light blue ball gown. Her hair is long and blonde. Her name is Rae Annesley.)

Rae- Oh this looks good. It better for the money I spent on it.

(Right outside her door her brother walks up and sees her. He is about 25, he was blonde hair as well but he is dressed in military gear. He even has a gun in his hip holster. He is the young Commanding Field Marshal of the EN Anton Annesley.)

Anton- Wow…you look just like mom.

Rae- (Smiles) I wouldn’t go that far, I don’t have mom’s curves.

Anton- You ready to go to your formal? The limo is waiting downstairs.

(Outside are Rae’s friends Leda and Mabli. Mabli is banging on their door.)

Mabli- Rae hurry up!! We need to go!!

Leda- Would you keep it down, people on the next block can hear your big mouth.

Mabli- I’m excited aren’t you? This is our formal! Rae!!!

Anton- (hearing Mabli) Ha ha you better go.

Rae- Okay. (Walks over to hug her brother) Don’t wait up for me; Mabli’s boyfriend is taking us somewhere.

Anton- I won’t. Be careful.

(Rae goes downstairs and out the door. The 3 girls get into the limo and are taken to their formal. At the formal lines of limos are pulling up filled with teenagers. The boys are all in suits while the girls all have gowns on. The ball room where the formal is taking place is very fancy looking and old-fashioned looking. Once their limo pulls up they get out and walk up the front steps in the ball room. Inside Mabli sees her boyfriend standing with his friend.)

Mabli- Brynn!!! (She runs over and hugs him)

Brynn- Hey Mab…you look great.

(Rae and Leda are still standing away from them bear the front doors.)

Leda- I am so glad you’re coming with us. I couldn’t be by myself with
those two on this trip.
Rae- Who could.

(Outside a rather manly looking woman in her 40s, wearing the EN military gear walks up the steps into the ball room. She sees Rae standing with her friend.)

Woman- Who is this beautiful young lady?

(Rae hears this and turns around.)

Rae- Oh Miss DePaul! (Walks over and hugs the military woman) How did you know I would be at my formal tonight?

Colour Sergeant Evelyne DePaul- Your brother, my commander told me.
I just wanted to come by and see you in your beautiful gown. Oh God certainly blessed you with looks.

Rae- Oh thank you Miss DePaul.

DePaul- Have a good night dear.

Rae- You too.

(Rae walks back into the ball room as the doors are closed and the formal begins. DePaul walks down the steps and starts to walk away across the grass pavilion next to the ball room. Inside the music starts playing loud, Rae, Leda, and Mabli are dancing with most of the other students on the floor. Brynn is talking to his friend Folant near the punch table.)

Folant- The music is so loud tonight.

Brynn- So are you going to do it? Rae looks amazing tonight.

Folant- I don’t know. I’m nervous--

Brynn- Go for it. If you don’t you’ll regret it.

Folant- Okay I’m going. Wish me luck.(Folant starts to walk over to Rae as a slow song begins to play. He gets up to her.) Hey um…Rae?
Rae- Yes?

Folant- Would you want to dance?

Rae- Yeah okay.

(They both start to slow dance. A few seconds go by and Folant decides to say something.)

Folant- There’s something I’ve wanted to say to you Rae. Um…(smiles) I like you. A lot.

Rae- Really?

(Outside DePaul is still walking across the grass. She looks up at the sky and in the distance sees it getting darker in only one area. She hears the EN alarm go off throughout the city. She looks up at the ball room and still sees everybody in there dancing.)

DePaul- They can’t hear it. No. (She begins to run for the ball room)

(Up above that beam of light shoots from the sky and a shuttle filled with Ayagies starts its descent to the earth. Inside the ball room.)

Folant- I’ve been thinking about you for so long but I never got up the courage to say anything to you about it.

Rae- Folant…

(DePaul is now running up the steps to the ball room just as vanguards have scramble and are flying towards the Ayagies. They pass right above her. She gets to the doors and begins banging on them. A teacher on the inside hears the noise and opens the door.)

DePaul- The alarm!! Ayagies!! Ayagies are coming!!

(The music stops and the students stop dancing. They turn to look at DePaul. They couldn’t hear what she was saying but they know something is happening.)

Teacher- Are you sure?

DePaul- Yes I’m sure!!!

(Just then everybody hears and explosion and a vanguard drops out of the sky and lands right on a building across the street from the ball room. Everybody can see it happen behind DePaul. Mass panic ensues as students begin screaming.)

DePaul- Get everybody in the war shelter now!!

Teacher- We don’t have one this is an old building!

(An Ayagi lands where the vanguard dropped and sees all the people inside the ball room. It sees DePaul and the gun she has in her holster. It designates her as a threat. DePaul realizes this.)

DePaul- Oh God my gun…(she flips her vest over it) tell everybody to run!!! (The students begin running to the opposite side of the ball room. DePaul stays back a little to make sure they all get over there.) Run keep going!!

(The Ayagi fires into the ball room, the beam hits the group behind DePaul and the explosion rips through her. The blast bring down a good section of the front. DePaul’s body is buried under the debris except for her head and right arm. Rae looks back to see laid out.)

Rae- Miss DePaul!!!!! (She fights through the panicking running students to get to DePaul, Folant sees Rae over there.)

Folant- Rae!!

(Rae kneels down next to DePaul trying to pull her out by her arm.)

DePaul- Its…no use child. Go…save youself.

Rae- (With tears coming down her face) But miss DePaul?

DePaul- God…will protect you…ahhuggg….

Folant- (has just made it over to Rae) It’s too late for her Rae we have to go. We have to go! (He takes Rae up and they begin running with the rest of the students again. Rae looks back at DePaul and can see that she has died. Up in the air over the city the Ayagies are fighting the vanguards. An Ayagi flies up behind a vanguard and slices it in half with his beam saber. Two other Ayagies shoot at 3 vanguards across from them. The vanguards try to evade but all of them are shot down. A vanguard is shooting at an Ayagi with its beam saber out. It dodges and blocks the shots until another Ayagi jumps in front of it and blasts the vanguard in half. Another vanguard flies right by the remains of the other vanguard.)

Pilot Inside- Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

(The vanguard lunges at the Ayagi with its battle knife. The beam saber Ayagi from before boosts over the other Ayagi and chops off the left hand of the vanguard with the knife inside it. The Ayagi then pulls out its other beam saber and stabs it right in the middle of the vanguard and rips it out through the top of the vanguard causing it to explode. The Ayagi near the ball room walks right up to it and rips open the roof. Everybody inside starts to scream. A student in there sees DePaul’s gun lying on the ground and runs over there quickly and grabs it. He raises it in the air and points it at the Ayagi.)

Student- I’ll kill you!!!!!!!

Folant- (runs over to the guy and grabs the gun) What the hell are you doing?!!

(The Ayagi translates this as an act of aggression and raises his beam rifle to aim at the students. The Ayagi is about to fire when a loud BOOM is heard from above; the sound barrier has just been broken. Up in the air an Ayagi punches a vanguard in the face it goes back and the Ayagi takes out its beam saber. It lunges in and just when its about to connect Gundam Echoes comes from out of nowhere and shoulders the Ayagi right out the way from the right. The Ayagi is sent flying, Echoes then aims and takes the Ayagi out with his beam rifle.)

Rouke- This is Rouke Arcadia, next objective commencing. Now that we’re here there shouldn’t be anymore loss of life. I see civilians trapped in that building over there. (talking about the ball room) Caleb, follow orders this time.

Caleb- There’s only 7 of them, this will be nothing. (Flies straight into the group and fires off both his beam rifle and hand gun. The Ayagies scatter to avoid the shots. The Ayagi down at the ball room who is aiming at the students inside is transmitted code; it lowers its beam rifle and turns its attention to the Gundams. That Ayagi boosts into the air to join the rest of the mobile puppets. There is momentary relief on the part of the students. In the air battle Conrad drops down into the Ayagies. He pulls out his beam spear, grabs onto and Ayagi and stabs it in the space between its head and shoulders. (They have no necks) He then pushes it into the ground with his legs. Rouke pulls out his broad sword and engages one of the Ayagies who has its beam saber drawn. They both tee-off swinging their weapons at each other several times, they clash each swing. The Ayagi swings for his head but he ducks it and grabs his beam rifle with his left hand and shoots the Ayagi right through its one eye. Rouke then boosts through it with his swords cutting it in half. He then turns to his left and uses his shoulder vulcans to shoot at an Ayagi who dodges the blasts. Above that Caleb is trading shots with an Ayagi. It shoots at him and he blocks it with his left hand shield then fires back with his hand gun. The Ayagi blocks all those shots then pulls out the beam rifle again and fires. Caleb boosts his Gundam over the shot and jump kicks the Ayagi in the air. It starts to fall back and Caleb falls parallel to it to shoot it in the back with his hand gun several times before flying away. An Ayagi jets right at him with its beam saber; it swings but Caleb is narrowly able to move out the way.)

Caleb- Whoa!!!

(He starts shooting at the Ayagi but it dodges the shots while coming after him. It gets right over him and lunges in with its beam saber but Caleb drops both his weapons to catch the saber hand of the Ayagi. The Ayagi then pulls out its second beam saber with its left but Caleb grabs that hand.)

Caleb- Dammit what should I do?!

(He then places the Gundam Prodige’s legs on the Ayagi’s chest. He uses them to push off while still holding the Ayagi’s arms. He is able to rip them both off. He uses the beam rifle attached to the back of the Ayagi’s arm to shoot it down through the middle. Rouke flies right at an Ayagi with his shield over him. The Ayagi is blasting away but all its shots are blocked. Rouke gets to it and stabs it right through the chest then rips its head right off and watches it drop from the sky. Conrad Swings his beam saber and connects with an Ayagi’s shield. It boosts back but Conrad goes right in after it and cuts its beam rifle to pieces with his claws. It pulls out both its beam sabers and swings at Conrad. He deflects both shots with his spear then boosts over the Ayagi. He slices the Ayagi in half at the waist then brings the spear back to slices its head off. During all the action the vanguards just watch. One looks over to see the ball room filled with students is still unprotected. He goes over and stands right in the front of it.)

Pilot- You kids stay in here for right now! It’s too dangerous for you to be out in the open!! I’ll protect you!!

Brynn- What?! We can’t stay in here!!

Leda- Where are we going to go the exit was caved in!! That pilot told us to stay here, we’ll be fine!!

Mabli- (Crying) I’m so scared.

Rae- Shh shhhh its okay. (Comforting her)

Folant- Rae…(she looks up at him) I wont let anything happen to you.
(Up in the sky Rouke is shooting at an Ayagi. It dodges his shots and lands on the ground to get away. It is across the street from the vanguard covering the ball room.)

Pilot- Get away from here!!! (Starts shooting at the Ayagi but its uses its shield to block then shoots the vanguard right through the chest. The suit falls back unto the ballroom luckily all the kids are grouped in the back and nobody is crushed.)

Folant- Oh man that was so close.

(But then the vanguard explodes and fire rips through the entire ball room and takes out all the kids. Hundreds of screams are heard inside as fire pours out everywhere. Rouke sees the explosion.)

Rouke- Nooo!!!!! There were innocent people in there! You bastard!! (Jets right at the Ayagi, he smashes its head into the ground and begins pounding on it until he crushes it into the concrete. Both Caleb and Conrad land next to him. Fire trucks and EN military vehicles pull up all around the ball room. Anton Annesley gets out of one.)

Anton- Oh no….I want people in there now!!! We need to find survivors!!!

(Firemen and EN guys run into the ballroom to pull anybody out that’s still alive.)

Rouke- Why couldn’t we save them? Dammit, why couldn’t we save them?!! (His Gundam goes NOVA and blasts into the air at amazing speed.)

Conrad- Rouke!! (Conrad and Caleb go NOVA and follow.)

(In Russian inside the Red Federation HQ, Gennady and Serezha are in a room watching Gundam footage.)

Gennady- There is something I keep noticing; seconds before these things arrive there is always this loud boom. Every time. It’s like…it’s like the sound barrier is being broken but it isn’t possible for a mobile unit to do that.

Serezha- (looking things up on his lap top) However, that idea of equipping mobile units with that kind of speed was proposed by a scientist for the United Earth Protectorate, actually almost around the same time Generon was being developed.

Gennady- Could somebody have taken this idea and completed it?

(Just then a soldier busts into the room.)

Soldier- I’m sorry sirs but you wanted me to inform you if those unidentified mobile suits show up anywhere, and they have. Birmingham, UK.

Gennady- Serezha, pack your things.

(Deep in the country in the UK, Rouke has landed his Gundam and is sitting up on a ledge just looking over the countryside. Both Caleb and Conrad have landed behind him, gotten out of their Gundams and are walking towards him.)

Conrad- We’ve been looking for you.

Rouke- I grew up here. On the other side of this island. Seeing all that damage and those people die…before I became a Gundam pilot I used to help all the injured people from mobile puppet attacks. That was the work I did for my church. There is going to be a lot of relief for this city after tonight. I…I want to help.

Conrad- What! You want to stay here?

Rouke- Yes. I need to stay here and help. Neither of you have to stay.

Caleb- I wasn’t going to.

Conrad- All right then. We’re going back to Nyala.

(Both Conrad and Caleb walk back to their Gundams and get inside. Conrad turns on this communications system and contacts Dr. Ayumu.) We found him, he never left the island. But…he doesn’t want to leave it just yet. He says he wants to help the people in need here.

Dr. Ayumu- Well that is in Rouke Arcadia’s nature to help people. Leave him be. He’ll return to us when he’s ready.
Conrad- Right.

(Caleb and Conrad take off from the ground in their Gundams and go NOVA and speed away with a boom.)

(In an underground war shelter back in Birmingham a few EN soldiers have a secret meeting.)

Soldier 1- We have to do something. Because of that attack we lost over one hundred people. And not soldiers, school students. We can’t let that go.

Soldier 2- Well what do you want to do about it?

Soldier 1- We can take down that Ayagi factory Generon uses about 35 miles away from here. We can’t attack a factory. Field Marshal Annesley has told us if we attack a factory and not all the Ayagi units are destroyed then the Generon AI is just going to send them into the nearest populated area. Our city would be totaled.

Soldier 3- Don’t forget we have to head in there without our vanguards so we aren’t detected by the Ayagies. This is too risky.

Soldier- My cousin died in that ball room thanks to Generon. All those members of the future generation were snuffed out when they didn’t need to be. We need to get them back for that.

Soldier 2- We can set explosives all around the factory. Completely send it to hell.

Soldier- Okay.

Soldier- Keep this to yourselves.

(The next day in Birmingham a car pulls up to a building being used as a relief station for any injured or homeless from a Generon attack. Out from that car steps Gennady and Serezha Komarovskii. They walk up to a nearby EN soldier and ask him questions. The soldier points to the relief building and they walk it. When they walk in they see injured people and soldiers all over the place. People are walking around checking on all of them, giving them food and medical attention. At the front is a desk with an old man sitting at it for checking in.)

Gennady- Pardon me sir, my name is Gennady Komarovskii and this is my brother Serezha. We’re reporters from Moscow and we came here to do a story on the Ayagi attack from last night. More specifically the unidentified mobile suits that intervened.

Old Man- Oh around here they’re known as saviors. If it wasn’t for them Generon would have leveled this city much like many other cities before us. Berlin, Shang Hai, New York, just to name a few.

Gennady- And these suits, they just appeared.

Old Man- Yes, yes. Seemingly from out of the heavens above.

Gennady- You’re around the EN soldiers a lot is that right?

Old Man- I would believe so. Back in my youth I was a soldier in the EN.

Gennady- I was just thinking, the last two attacks on the EN were intervened by these suits, you don’t think there could be a connection between the EN and these suits?

Old Man- The technology to beat Generon is too important for a coalition to hide like that. If the EN were able to design weapons like that they would most likely use them to turn this war around. Go right after Generon with these saviors leading them.

Serezha- Any new faces that you have seen here? It’s possible these are mobile suits being piloted.

Old Man- Pilots with that kind of skill?

Serezha- It’s possible; those suits are extremely well developed. I know people are skeptical about the quality of human pilots when they see the mobile puppets tear them apart.

Gennady- But the way they fight. We’ve watched the footage hundreds of times, I seen many battles and they fight extremely well but they fight like human beings.

Old Man- Well I’ve seen plenty of new faces around here lately. People from all over come to cities to help after a Generon attack. But if you’re looking for the pilots of those mobile suits I would think they would be gone by now.

Gennady- You’re probably right but its better to come here and see for ourselves.

Old Man- Well you can look around and talk to anybody you please, the Commanding Field Marshal of the EN should be here soon if you want to talk to him.

Gennady- Thank you.

(Serezha and Gennady walk away from the table and talk to each other.)

Serezha- So what do you want to do?

Gennady- You handle the Field Marshal and I’ll look around here, see who I want to talk to. (Starts to walk around. He just sees injured and doctors and nurses and even a few religious volunteers. A young man walks buy him carrying a tray of bandages. One of the bandages drops at Gennady’s feet. He picks it up and walks over to the young man who stopped near an injured patient.)

Gennady- Hey kid, you dropped this.

(The young man turns around; the first thing Gennady noticed is his rosary. The young man is Rouke.)

Rouke- Thank you sir.

(Gennady looks at the patient Rouke is with.)

Gennady- What happened to him?

Rouke- His vanguard was shot down. He has 3 broken rips and a punctured lung. One of the surgeons fixed him up I’m just changing his bandages.

Gennady- How did you get involved in this kid?

Rouke- This is how I do my part. I hate fighting and I need to do God’s work and help my fellow man anyway I can.

Gennady- Did you travel here? Your accent is a little different then everybody’s here. (Rouke looks at him) I’m sorry I’m a reporter from Moscow, doing a story on the Generon attack from last night.

Rouke- I wasn’t here for that, I arrived here this morning.

Gennady- Maybe make my story more about the people that come to help and not about the people that died. Let’s go get a drink.

(About 35 miles away those 3 soldiers from before are up at the factory. The land all around it is a broken down, deserted area of the city. One of them has just pulled up in a truck. He gets at and walks to the back with the other two.)

Soldier 3- I got it. 150lbs worth. (He pulls over the truck cover to reveal C-4.)

Soldier 1- Okay, let’s plant it.

(Back in the city Rouke is walking with Gennady down a street to a bar.)
Gennady- It’s rare to find somebody your age that believes in God.

Rouke- It’s rare to find somebody that believes in God these days.
Gennady- That’s a story in itself.

Rouke- You can just drop the act, you walk like a soldier. From Moscow. You must be Red Federation.

Gennady- Good eye.

(The 3 soldiers at the factory have set their C-4 up at all the points of the factory. They all get in the truck and drive a safe distance away. Once they do they get out the truck and pull out the detonators.)
Soldiers- Burn them to the ground. (Each one clicks their detonator and the factory explodes. The boom from the blast and the smoke can even be heard and seen from where Gennady and Rouke are.)

Gennady- Did you see that?

Rouke- I think…I think that’s an Ayagi factory.

(At the blown out factory the 3 soldiers are about to leave.)

Soldier 1- That’s what happens Generon when you kill innocent lives!!

Soldier 2- That’s a beautiful sight.

(In the fire they start to see movement and then the burning roof of the factory is pushed off. An Ayagi stands up and looks out. Then another one behind it.)

Soldier- Dammit!! Why did we…

(Gennady and Rouke and other people on the street see Ayagies start to emerge from the fire.)

Gennady- Oh God that’s an Ayagi.(People all over the street start to panic and run into places to get into war shelters. Rouke starts to run down the street.) Hey kid where are you going?! There’s a war shelter in this building next to us!

Rouke- Then get inside!! I need to be somewhere!!

Gennady- Wait!! What’s your name?!

Rouke- Don’t worry about it!! (Continues to run down the street)

To Be Concluded
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 4: Shattered Faith

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(In Birmingham, UK Ayagies start coming out of the burning factory. It the city there is panic as people are running in doors to get inside war shelters. The EN begins scrambling vanguards to head right to the factory. They begin taking to the air from where they were stationed inside the city. Tanks and gun turrets are also manned in preparation for the fight. The first thing the Ayagies see are the 3 soldiers that accidentally freed them.)

Soldier- Oh dear lord no…

(The Ayagi identifies them as a threat cause of their guns and shoots them with his beam rifle. The 3 and their truck are incinerated like that. Field Marshal Annesley is in his military jeep heading towards the relief center when he see the smoke from the factories and the Ayagies. He is in the passenger seat and sticks his head out the sun roof to get a better view.)

Anton- Oh no…(to his driver) turn this jeep around!!! Take me back to the vanguard deck!!

Driver- Yes sir!( He makes a sharp U turn right in the middle of the street and begins heading back the other way. In side the war shelter of the house Gennady is staying in sits him a father and his son. The boy is scared and his father holds him. Gennady sits there and thinks about Rouke.)

Gennady- (thinking) That kid…there’s something about him.

(In the relief center there is no possible way to carry all those injured people into the war shelter so people hide under anything they can and hope the building holds up. Outside Ayagies take to the air firing at the vanguards in the city and the city itself. The vanguards form up to make a line on the ground and a line in the air over them.)

Pilot- Hold this line!! Keep a concentrated amount of fire at the Ayagies!!

(The Ayagies begin to fly in an evasive pattern towards the vanguards. They start losing members of their line the closer the Ayagies get. The line of vanguards starts to get pushed back as the Ayagies advance into the city.)

Pilot- Don’t let them in!!! (Stands his mobile suit up and rushes the Ayagies. He gets to one that was looking the other way shooting and stabs it right in its one eye with his combat knife. Sparks and electricity fly out as the mobile puppet goes down.) Ahhhhh I’ll get you monsters!!!!!!!
(Runs at more Ayagies firing off his beam rifle until an Ayagi shoots his gun arm off. His suit goes down to one knee then another Ayagi flies over and cuts him in half diagonally with his beam saber. The Ayagies continue to press the advantage as the vanguards are pushed further and further back. Up above speeds Echoes who is going NOVA and heading right for the Ayagies. When Rouke is close enough he disengages it.)

Rouke- Lets go Echoes, they need us down there.

(He flies his Gundam right at the airborne Ayagies. He pulls out his beam rifle and begins shooting into the group. The Ayagies fire back but he dodges the shots and shoots one Ayagi down through the chest. He then boosts at another Ayagi while it’s shooting at him and knocks it to the side of him with his shield. After he does that he shoots at an Ayagi right in front of him but it blocks the blasts and fires back. Rouke dodges and shoots the Ayagi through the face with his shoulder vulcans.)

Rouke- All the death, all the sorrow that you cause…I must end it!!

(Rouke flies at another group of 4 Ayagies firing. Both sides are dodging each other’s shots until Rouke is able to shoot one down. He then boosts at another and nails it in the head with his shield, he then whips out his broad sword and cuts it in half. He puts his beam rifle in his left hand and holds the sword in his right. He shoots at another Ayagi but it blocks the shots, pulls out his beam saber and flies at him. Rouke comes at him with his sword and cuts off his arm then turns around to shoot it through the head. Another Ayagi shoots at him but he dodges and flies right for him.)

Rouke- You cause far too much evil in the world for me to allow you to exist!!

(He chases down the Ayagi who is shooting at him and impales it on his sword. Rouke flies toward the ground towards the factory with his sword out-stretched ready to smash the Ayagi through it. He brings it down through the roof of the burning factory and slams it into the floor with an explosion. Inside Rouke sees the last of the Ayagies that came to life before the factory stopped producing surround him. To make things worse they are also in a blazing inferno. It looks like hell to Rouke.)

Rouke- (smiles) Looks like hell in here, it probably is hell. And I will walk through it! Ahhhhhhh!!! (Charges in at the Ayagies.)

(Anton Annesley has just gotten into his vanguard and is flying to join the others near the factory.)

Anton- You said you saw one of those mobile suits? The “saviors”?

Pilot through radio- Yes sir. But you’re the leader of the EN, should you be out here ricking your life like this?

Anton- Yes I should. I fight with my men. I’ll die with them as well. Were is the “savior” now?

Pilot- Inside the factory. I…I think he’s taking all the Ayagies on.

(Inside the factory Rouke fires his beam rifle at some Ayagies to his left but they dodge. He then clashes swords with an Ayagi right in front of him and uses his shoulder vulcans to take the Ayagi down. Rouke then turns and cuts an Ayagi in half that was jumping towards him with its beam saber out from behind. He then boosts at some more Ayagies with his shield up blocking their shots. He cuts off an Ayagi’s gun arm then shoves it right into a burning part of the factory and causes it to explode. There is an Ayagi to his right that shoots at him but he moves out the way and fires at it with his shoulder vulcans. The Ayagi blocks that but he doesn’t block the shots from Rouke’s beam rifle after.)

Rouke- I will purge the world of this pain!! (A part of the factory explodes right in Rouke’s face but he drives his Gundam right through the fire.)

(He swings his broad sword at 3 Ayagies that are in front of him, two more out of the way but the one is sliced in half. The two that dodged boosts backwards and shoot at Rouke. One of the beams hits Rouke in the right knee and damages it. His Gundam goes down on that knee.) You’re not going down Echoes lets go! (He starts to shoot at the Ayagies but they use their shields and get behind things for cover, they shoot back and Rouke is able to take out one by shooting at its knee, middle, and head. He then takes his broad sword and throws it at the other Ayagi and it goes right through its chest and the Ayagi explodes. Rouke grabs his sword again and sees that more Ayagies begin to surround him. He flies right to what looks like a fuel tanker that would supply any Ayagies built at the factory. He lands on top of it and waits for the Ayagies to come. He uses his shield to block their shots.) Come on!! Gather around me! Its time to send you all where you belong!! (He drills his sword right into the fuel tanker as oil starts to shoot out from there. The fire from the factory ignites the shooting oil and burns it right down into the tanker. There is a huge explosion and everything is engulfed. The Ayagies and blown to nothing and the factory goes completely up. Everybody from all over the city can see the explosion. From out of the smoke in the air emerges Echoes. Rouke just floats overhead in his Gundam staring down at the fire.)

Rouke- And now…you can burn in hell. (Makes the symbol for the cross with his hand)

(Rouke then engages the NOVA system and speeds away breaking the sound barrier.)

(At the Gundam’s Nyala base in Sudan, Caleb is in the break room watching the news. The news is talking about the factory attack from Generon. Conrad is in there as well sitting at a table eating a big sandwich. Amisi walks inside.)

TV- …this attack on Birmingham seemed to have been cause by retaliation from the attack last night that claimed the lives of over 150 civilians. It’s being reported that a few lone EN soldiers attacked a mobile puppet factory 35 miles East of the city…

Caleb- (turning to Amisi) There was a Generon attack and we weren’t sent out?

Amisi- They said the Ayagies came from a factory. The way our system works is we detect the power source from the guidance laser that Generon uses to transport the mobile puppets from his satellite to earth. That huge beam of light that hits the earth before every attack propels the shuttles into earth’s atmosphere and keeps then from burning up. Since there was no laser we couldn’t detect it. Luckily Generon doesn’t know how our system works. Besides, Conrad took care of that problem.

(Sees their black cat walking up to her and rub against her leg, she picks it up.)

Caleb- I can see that. He massacred them. (Watching on TV) So what do you think that guy’s deal is? Why he ran off.

Conrad- To understand that we would have to understand his beliefs and none of us do.

Caleb- It’s because it’s all just a bunch of bedtime stories.

Conrad- I don’t believe in any of that stuff he says but lucky for him he has it. His view of the world isn’t as bleak as ours. He has hope.

Caleb- (To Amisi) Well you’ve been in the engineering dock a long time, what are you working on in there grease monkey?

Amisi- Well I’m working on constructing a new weapon that any of your Gundams can use called the Omec Cannon. It should be done very soon.

Caleb- Sounds good. (Walks near her, the cat she is holding’s fur starts to stick up and it swats at Caleb with its claws and hisses.) Whoa geez! What the heck is wrong with that cat?! All it does is try and scratch me!

Amisi- Oh he’s a good kitty aren’t you. Aw good boy. (Walks behind Caleb and talks softly in his ear) If you ever call me grease monkey again I’ll put a bag over this cat’s head, hit it with a stick and lock it in your room while you sleep got it?

Caleb- (really scared look on his face and as a big sweat drop comes down his forehead) Yeah, yeah what ever you say!

(At an EN center in Birmingham Field Marshal Annesley stands at the mobile suit dock looking up to the sky waiting for that EN transport he sees to land. It flies over the center and drops down into the dock. The door to the transport opens up and out walks Commander Lachlan Khambaita. They both salute each other.)

Anton- I can’t tell you what an honor it is to finally meet you Commander Khambaita. (Sticks out hand and Khambaita shakes it)

Khambaita- Well thank you sir. I’ve always wanted to meet the youngest EN Field Marshal we’ve ever seen. You’ve taken the mantel well since your predecessor was killed.

(They both start to walk inside.)

Anton- The men here are real glad you have arrived. We have the EN’s top ace pilot. You’re a real hero you know that.

Khambaita- I’m no hero. You’re the hero. I hear you go out and fight with your men every attack. None of the other coalition leaders do that.

Anton- Well I was a pilot not too long ago. I still have that mentality. But once again thank you for coming. Those two Generon attacks really brought down our numbers. Just having you here gives us an edge we didn’t even have before.

Khambaita- (smiles) Everybody trusts too much in my skills.

(Up on a rooftop several houses away hiding behind hanging cloths the pilot dressed in all black. The pilot of the Rogue Gundam. He has a set of binoculars and was watching Khambaita the entire time.)

(In the Birmingham hospital Rouke walks inside and goes to the front desk. He asks the nurses were he can find a certain patient. He takes the elevator up, gets off and walks to the room 305. He picks up the patient chart and reads it.)

Rouke- This is the right room. (He opens up the door and goes inside. In the room lies a girl about his age. Her arms are all bandaged up as well as the side of her face. When Rouke walks into the room she sits up.)

Girl- Who are y--

Rouke- I’m sorry to disturb you but are you Rae? Rae Annesley?

Rae- Yes?

Rouke- Hey, I just wanted to come here and talk to you. (Sits down in chair) I heard what happened to you and it was absolutely horrible but I came here to help you start to get through it.

Rae- Get through it…it hasn’t even been…I need time.

Rouke- Listen I’ve been through something awful like you and I had somebody talk to me and tell me that even though right now things look so horrible for you that everything is going to work out in the end. You’ll be okay. And God is going to help you.

Rae- God huh…

Rouke- Yes. Let me tell you a story abut what happened to me and my family.

(In Rouke’s flashback it shows him and his mother at a funeral, she is on her knees crying next to the casket. Rouke is standing there with a very sad and stern look on his face. He holds his rosary in his left hand and it blows in the wind a little bit. The special EN guard come over and take their flag from off the coffin and fold it. They give it to Rouke’s mother to hold. After this they slowly start to drop the coffin into the burial. Rouke and his mother watch as the coffin goes down into the burial. After the funeral is over they head back to their house. In the living room over the fire place are pictures of Rouke’s father and an EN flag underneath it, next to that is a picture of his older brother Niall with an EN flag under it, and now next to that is a picture of his younger brother Iollan, his mother places his EN flag under his picture. They both go into the kitchen to drink some tea. His mother just sits there silent with a dazed look in her eyes.)

Rouke- Mom…you’ll always have me here with you. I want you to know that.

(She continues to remain silent. Until Rouke leaves to go back to the church. He is standing at the doorway; his mother goes over to see him out.)

Rouke- Mom…I need to go back to the church for a little bit to take care of some things. I’ll be back later tonight, okay? (His mother just nods and walks back further into the house. A friend of the family is there as well.) Can you do me a favor and really make sure she is okay while I’m gone?

Friend- Of course, of I will Rouke.

Rouke- Thank you.

(At the church Rouke is fixing up the alter when a priest walks in and talks to him. Rouke then runs out of the church and goes home. Outside his house is an ambulance and police cars. Rouke runs inside his house and sees that all the police and paramedics are upstairs he runs up there and tries to get into the room they were in front of but the cop holds him back.)

Cop- Believe me son…you don’t want to go in there now.

Rouke- Let me see her!!

Cop- I’m sorry, she’s gone son, she’s gone.

(Rouke falls to his knees and starts to cry.)

(Back to now, in the hospital.)

Rouke- Afterwards they gave me this note from my mother. It said, “To my last son Rouke, I’m sorry I can’t go on. I love you.” My mother hung herself that night.

Rae- Oh my God…that’s so sad. It really is.

Rouke- So you can understand how depressed I was and how that event could have made me give up on my own life. But someone came to me and told me I wasn’t alone. That God would help me.

Rae- That’s…that’s what you got out of that entire event? That God…would help you? Why did he let it happen in the first place?

Rouke- Well he’s…he tests us. I mean he doesn’t make this stuff happen, this was all caused by other people.

Rae- But listen to what happened to both of us. You’re family was killed and God didn’t do anything about it. You’re mother killed herself and God didn’t do anything.

Rouke- You’re alive, he kept you alive.

Rae- Everybody I went to school with was burned alive and God didn’t do anything…(starts to cry) all my friends are dead, Folant…his I saw his charred body on top of me. Why should I be the only one to survive? All those other families lost somebody. Why would he allow that?

Rouke- Rae its…complicated.

Rae- It shouldn’t be. God helps you deal with distress but lets everybody die?! That doesn’t make sense! Please don’t try and preach religion to me I don’t want to hear it! He doesn’t watch out for us! Now go…please…just leave me alone. (Lays back down. Rouke sits there for a few seconds thinking about what she said then gets up, he starts to walk out but stops)

Rouke- I’m sorry for disturbing you. By the way my name is Rouke. It was nice meeting you.

(He walks out of the room and takes a left down the hall. To the right of the room in the hallway a man is leaning up against the wall facing the opposite direction. He turns around to watch Rouke leave. It’s Gennady. He was listening to the conversation Rouke had with Rae and heard every word.)

(That night at the EN station, Khambaita is asleep in his room. He is tossing and turning in his bed, having a bad dream. He wakes up suddenly covered in cold sweat.)

Khambaita- (breathing heavily) Not even my dreams let me forget. I need them.

(He gets up from his bed and walks to the bathroom. The room is completely dark and Khambaita sort of feels his way to the bathroom. Unknown to him in the corner of his room lurks the rogue Gundam pilot in all black and a mask. The red eyes of his mask glow through the darkness. Khambaita gets to the bathroom and goes into his bag. His hands are shaking uncontrollably; he pulls out a bottle of pills and opens them. He pours 3 pills into his hands.) These are the only things that help me now.

(He takes all 3 pills and splashes some cold water in his face from the sink. He stops shaking and walks back to his bed. The rogue Gundam pilot is no longer in the room. Khambaita gets back into bed and tries to go back to sleep.)

(At the UEP HQ in Washington DC, Chief of Staff General McArthur is in his office going through some papers. His intern secretary walks in.)

Stephanie- Glad to see you’re back General. Um…I just wanted to ask you how it went. Did they accept your proposal?

McArthur- Actually no they did not.

Stephanie- What? Why would they oppose something that would only benefit the earth’s coalitions? If we joined up against Generon surely it would only help all of us right?

McArthur- Some times the politics of the situation make something as understandable as that not the obvious choice. I met with the leaders of the nations that comprise the United Earth Protectorate and they said a union of the coalitions at this point in time won’t happen.

Stephanie- Jeeze, sounds like a mistake to me.

McArthur- Don’t worry too much about it Miss Mapell. You shouldn’t get yourself worked up over what I have to deal with.

Stephanie- Did they at least give you a reason for their decision?

McArthur- Yes they did. It’s because an unknown factor has stepped onto the world stage. Those unidentified mobile suits. The ones that have been interfering with attacks by Generon. No coalition wants to make any immense moves before enough information is discovered on these units so we can determine exactly what their motives are. The world’s lack of information is making a lot of people uneasy.

Stephanie- I guess everybody is being careful so another event like Generon rebelling never happens again.

McArthur- That is what everybody is aiming for.

Stephanie- Oh before I forget…you had a lot of calls for you while you were gone…apparently not everybody in the military has heard of cell phones. (Takes out a piece of paper and hands it to him)

McArthur- Probably just questions and request, thank you. I’m actually going to be going away again for a few days so you’ll have to hold down the fort here again.

Stephanie- Oh where are you going?

McArthur- Classified, sorry. If a man by the name of Commander Raues calls just patch him through directly to me, understand?

Stephanie- Yes sir. Will that be all?

McArthur- Yes, you are dismissed. (Stephanie walks out of the room. McArthur turns around in his chair to face the window to his office.) I will find you, unidentified mobile suits.

(In space, not too far away from the Generon satellite is a Red Federation battle cruiser. Each coalition has their space stations and this particular battle cruiser is used to listen in on radio chatter from the other coalitions. Generon knows that battle cruiser is there as well. Inside Generon’s satellite…)

Generon- Red Federation-class battle cruiser detected. Initiating phase one.

(On the battle cruiser everybody is going about their job doing what they are supposed to be. On the bridge the Lieutenant General sits in his chair while his deck hands work on their jobs. One them notices something going on in the ships system’s.)

Deck Hand- Oh…Lieutenant General?

Lieutenant General- Yes what is it?

Deck Hand- Something is going on in the ship’s system.

Lieutenant General- What? (He walks over) It…it looks like something is trying to hack into the system. Quickly stop it.

(The deck hand starts tying trying to lock the intruder out but can’t.)

Deck Hand- Sir I can’t! It’s tearing through the system at amazing
speeds. I can’t keep up. This speed it’s…inhuman.

Lieutenant General- Its Generon. Send out a distress call!

Other Deck Hand- Our communications system isn’t responding!

Deck Hand- Generon is sealing off all the compartments!

Lieutenant general- You mean we can’t get off this ship?!

Deck Hand- No sir.

(The large screen at the front of the bridge goes bank and the virtual face of Generon appears on it.)

Lieutenant General- What are you doing to us?! We’ve shown no aggression here!

Generon- You’re ship has been selected as part of my plan to eliminate the unidentified mobile threat now at 67%. The unidentified mobile threat has now been specified as a primary target.

(Alarms start to go off in the ship.)

Deck Hand- Oh no…sir?! Our life support systems are being shut down!

Lieutenant General- He’s going to kill us!!

(Generon begins shutting down the life support systems and draining the oxygen from out of the ship. Everybody on the bridge along with everybody on the battle cruiser begins to grasp for air. People start dropping to the floor dying. The Lieutenant General tries to crawl to a computer with his last breath and do whatever he can to save the ship. He makes it over and reaches up but he doesn’t have the strength to push anything before he dies. Now everybody on the battle cruise is lying lifeless on the floors of the ship.)

Generon- Begin hacking of navigation systems. (Generon gets into the navigation system and begins operating the cruiser. He turns it around so that it is facing earth. He sets a target destination on the navigation computer; it’s aimed for Birmingham, UK. Generon begins moving the ship towards the earth.) Initiating phase two.

To Be Concluded

Hey everybody do you know what would be! Haha.
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 5: Phase Two

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(Over Birmingham, UK Conrad and Caleb are going NOVA in there Gundams. They are also traveling with a flyer that has a huge gun attach to it. )
Conrad- Okay this is where Rouke and Echoes are located. Pull out of NOVA and we’ll land. I’ll pull out the flyer.
Caleb- Of course the Omec Cannon was designed to be used by Rouke first.
(The Gundams and the flyer begin to descend and land near a house right outside Birmingham in the middle of the country. They both get out of their Gundams and walk to the house. Next to it they see Rouke’s Gundam, Echoes kneeling down next to it. Rouke walks out of the house and goes over to them.)
Rouke- (Smiles) Glad you guys could join me.
Caleb- Did you really think that we would let you stop a battle cruiser from falling out of the sky and landing here all by yourself?
Rouke- I just can’t believe it took the Red Federation that long to figure out one of their cruisers had been hijacked by Generon.
(The three walk inside.)
Conrad- (Laughs) They knew right away. Once they figured out their cruiser wasn’t going to be used as a weapon against them they couldn’t care less what happens next.
Rouke- Well, guess all we have to do now is wait and see what Generon has planned for this. (Smiles) I got a bad feeling about this whole thing. (All three of them stand there watching the TV news report of the cruiser being sent to earth.)

(Inside the city there is a mass evacuation. Every civilian and a lot of military people leave. The streets are packed with cars, trains are full, and planes are being sent to take people to safety. Anton Annesley arrives at the EN station, it is very chaotic inside. Many of them want to leave. Anton meets over with Khambaita. They both begin to walk over to the mobile suit deck.)
Khambaita- Is she being taken out of the city?
Anton- Yeah, they completely emptied out the hospitals and took the sick and injured away. My sister Rae is safe. How many did we lose?
Khambaita- About 65% of our mobile force has already left and the rest of us are pretty sure there’s no way to stop this ship from plummeting into this area.
Anton- Maybe we’ll get lucky and it won’t even land here but think about what this city has been through these past few days it seems fitting we get this thrown at us as well.
Khambaita- We’ll think of something, I’m sure of it.
Anton- Maybe our “saviors” will think of something too. (At the front of the station Anton notices a commotion. Him and Khambaita walk over to see some of his troops trying to get a man out of the station.) What’s going on over here? (Him and Khambaita move through the troops and see collective EN government Prime Minister candidate Heinrich Lueger standing there.) At ease men. Mr. Lueger? What are you doing here?
Heinrich Lueger- Field Marshal Annesley, Commander Khambaita I need to be here.
Anton- Its way too dangerous, you’re a prime minister candidate for next election you can’t be in this city right now.
Heinrich Lueger- No, this is exactly where I need to be. I built my campaign on the fact that I am here to help the people of this coalition government in need and right now the people of Birmingham need help the most. I came to help.
Anton- Our Prime Minister right now isn’t even here.
Heinrich Lueger- Well maybe that is a reason he shouldn’t be prime minister. We’ll save this city…together.
Khambaita- You have my vote. Thank you for your help Mr. Lueger. (Salutes him)

(Deep inside a cave in the forests outside of Birmingham is where the rogue Gundam pilot is. He stands in the cave staring at his Gundam. He grabs his sword and places it in its sheath. He continues to stare at his Gundam and get mentally prepared for his next assassination.)

(Back in Birmingham at a pub Rouke, Caleb, and Conrad all sit around and talk about what to do.)
Conrad- So…why would Generon throw together a plan like this?
Rouke- By now it must know we exist and can see that our Gundams are a lot more powerful then his forces it might be trying to calculate a new type of scenario in which the Gundams dominance over the mobile puppets can’t be utilized as well.
Caleb- So this is some sort of plan?
Conrad- I think he’s right. Generon is a tactical machine; it has to be already forming a plan to deal with us.
Caleb- Well its sole purpose is to make war efficient for its side.
Rouke- Yeah…I think after this we need to leave Birmingham. We can’t endanger the people.
Caleb- So if we have to how are we going to blow this thing out of the sky?
Rouke- The Omec Cannon. Amisi is downloading the specs into Echoes as we speak. But it’s an extremely powerful weapon and I think will be able to be used on things of tremendous size. But since this is a Generon strategy there will be a curve ball.
Conrad- There is no way we’ll be able to anticipate what it is.
Caleb- Nope.
Rouke- It could be something else unexpected or just mobile puppets again.
Caleb- So how long do we have?
Conrad- The reports said about 4 hours until it enters our atmosphere and then after that we don’t have much time at all. (Out of the corner of Conrad’s eye he sees a man that looks like see was spying on them. Conrad can see the man looking at him but disguising his eyes. Conrad acts normal. Across the bar that very man is spying on the 3 of them. That man is Serezha Komarovskii. He is drinking his beer with the left hand and his right hand rests on the table. In his right hand hidden in his sleeve is a miniature camera. He also has an earpiece and begins talking into it.)
Serezha- I’ve been following the kid you were telling me about, right now he’s just sitting there with two other people I don’t know. One is his age and the other looks a little older. I really think you may be on to something here with this kid. He shows up here the same time as those unidentified suits, he’s with two other right now. There’s 3 of those units. It’s a long shot to even consider these three are the pilots but there is only so much coincidence before it becomes reality.
Gennady- (through the headset) Well once you get the pictures upload them to me and get out of there.
Serezha- Okay. I’m going to the restroom. (He gets up and walks to the restroom, Conrad watches him walk until he goes through the restroom door. Serezha waits till everybody in the restroom leaves before he pulls out a transmitter. He connects his camera to it and begins uploading the pictures.) I’m uploading them now.
(On the other side Gennady is sitting at a computer receiving the pictures.)
Gennady- There’s Rouke. And the other two…we’ll have to check on these guys once we get back to Moscow. If they aren’t even a nationality under the RF we’ll have to go to hack the other coalition’s identification files and see who they are. Now get out of there, Marshal Demidov wants us on a plane to Russia in 30 minutes.
Serezha- Okay I’m leaving. (He puts away transmitter and then his camera and turns around right into Conrad.)
Conrad- I saw you.
Serezha- I don’t know what you are talking sir?
(Conrad reaches in his pocket to take the camera. Serezha tries to fight him off but Conrad backhands him into a fall. He reaches in again and takes it out then grabs Serezha by the collar and holds him against the wall.)
Conrad- I saw you taking pictures of us and if I ever see your face again you won’t be walking away, understand? (Conrad drops the camera on the floor then stomps on it, the device is completely destroyed. He lets go of Serezha and walks out.)
Serezha- (smiles) Moron.

(In space, past the battle cruiser heading to earth, all the way back to the Generon satellite. The AI is preparing for phase two.)
Generon- Loading Ayagi attack force…(Inside the satellite the automated shuttle loading and take off machines begin working to load a massive Ayagi force to be sent to earth. Inside the Ayagies are placed on a platform and sent up into where the outer shell of the shuttles are. Each platform of Ayagies is locked inside the outer shells. Then they are loaded into the catapult.) Begin charging…beam launcher. (Behind the shuttles in the catapult energy starts to build up.) Firing beam. (The beam flies through the catapult sending the shuttles skyrocketing out. The beam is shooting them directly to earth. In Birmingham people are still pouring out of the city, the roads are absolutely packed. Up above Generon’s beam shoots down splitting all the clouds above. People look up and see that the attack has begun. People start to panic and force their way out the city. Anybody that can’t runs into inside and hides in war shelters. Although many people do not believe that they will as effective against a ship crashing into the city. At the EN station Anton is standing on the roof watching the Ayagies come. Khambaita climbs up to join him. They continue to look and see the shuttles coming down, more hen they have ever seen before.)
Anton- Ayagies too? There’s so many shuttles. There has to be over 40. I’ve never seen this many in my entire life.
Khambaita- Neither have I.
Anton- Wow, that’s definitely saying something. You’ve been in much larger battles then I have. Get everybody together. We’re going out. (Walks to the ladder and climbs down the roof. Khambaita stays up there still looking at all the shuttles.)
Khambaita- Maybe I’ll die here after all, I must say it wouldn’t be an unwelcomed fate.

(At the house outside of Birmingham that Rouke is staying at, himself, Conrad and Caleb all look at the sky in the distance watching the Generon attack.)
Rouke- Let’s go.

(The Ayagies begin flying down onto the city firing their weapons. They open up on anything down there; houses, buildings, and weapons of the EN. Ayagies begin to land and go right into the vanguard suits protecting the city. Things in Birmingham are immediately destroyed from beams, mobile suits being shot down and landing on a building or when an Ayagi shoots his beam at a vanguard through two buildings only to have the beam go through it and him land on a house. EN mobile suits have been scrambled and are flying right towards the massive group of Ayagies. At the front are Anton Annesley and Khambaita both in their customized units. Khambaita’s has a grenade launcher attached to his left arm with Anton has a much bigger beam rifle and a backup standard one.)
Anton- They’re going to wipe out the city if we don’t stop them. Khambaita, I’ll lead group alpha. You take group beta.
Khambaita- Yes sir. We should start at opposite sides then move them into the middle. It might not work as well as we hope but any other formation would get us slaughtered in minutes.
Anton- Then that’s what we’re doing. Good luck Lachlan.
Heinrich Lueger- (over the radio) You just worry about the Ayagies. We’ll keep a look out for that battle cruiser here and alert you when action is required.
Anton- Thank you again Mr. Lueger, this city appreciates your help.

(Anton takes group alpha to one side while Khambaita takes group beta to the other side. Both of them take large groups to both sides of the Ayagi attack force and begin firing at the mobile puppets. As Anton is flying in he shoots at a few Ayagies who dodge the shots but he is able to shoot one through the chest destroying it. Khambaita on the other side fires both his weapons to get the attention of the Ayagies. His group beta then completely forms up and begins attacking. Up above the battle there is a loud BOOM indicating that the sound barrier has just been broken. The 3 Gundams come into view and fly over the battle.)
Rouke- Generon is really throwing everything at us.
Caleb- We’ve never taken on this many mobile puppets before.
Conrad- We should split up and go into a divide and conquer strategy but don’t stray too far away from each other, there are enough mobile suits this time to overwhelm us.
Caleb- (sarcastically) Thank you for your battle plans Conrad.
(The three of them jet into the Ayagies. Rouke flies in shooting his beam rifle, the Ayagies notice his presence and dodge his shots. Rouke then turns to the right and shoots an Ayagi down with his shoulder vulcans. Conrad flies down and cuts an Ayagi in half then kicks another in the face below him. As that Ayagi is sent to the ground Conrad impales it then pulls him beam spear up to tear it apart up the middle. Caleb flies down shooting at the dodging Ayagies. He flies right by one and kicks it in the back of the head. An Ayagi with a beam saber flies right at him from the other side but he shoots it through the face with his beam rifle. Anton and the rest of the EN notice the Gundams there.)

Anton- The “saviors”!! Get them support at all costs!!
(The vanguard suits begin targeting the Ayagies closest to the Gundams to help them out. Some of the Ayagies begin targeting the vanguards again and fly over to attack. Over on Khambaita’s side the vanguards are on the ground while the Ayagies have the high ground. They rain blasts down on the vanguards as many are shot to pieces. Khambaita returns fire and tries to avoid the Ayagies shots as best he can. He shoots back at an Ayagi that dodges then blocks his shots, the Ayagi shoots back but Khambaita boosts back and takes cover behind a building which is then shot right through.)

(All around the world people are watching this battle on the news. Lev Demidov, Marko Kovalevsky, Gennady and Serezha of the Red Federation watch from their HQ in Moscow. The members of the Armored Core; Mason Defoe, Brant Furey, Trevor Carter, and Eva Biron are watching at their base in Boca Rotan. The leader and financial benefactor of the Arms of the Republic watch in their government building in Beijing. Rae Annesley watches from a rescue ship in the middle of the English Channel and General McArthur’s intern Stephanie Mapel watches from the UEP HQ in Washington DC.)

(Back to the fight in Birmingham. Anton takes some of his group into the air to attack some Ayagies. They dodge most of their shots and fire back hitting two vanguards.)
Anton- Keep it up!!! (Him and his squad continue to fight even though 3 more are destroyed. An Ayagi flies right to Anton while he shoots at it. It evades and blocks the last one then pulls out its beam saber. Anton aims his next shot perfectly and takes out the Ayagi. Another one flies into Anton’s sight and fires. He notices the shot and is able to dodge most of it but is grazed on his left shoulder. On the ground Rouke has shot an Ayagi’s beam rifle and its jetpack. The explosion from that sends it into a building. Rouke them jumps at another one with his broad sword and chops off its right arm, the Ayagi uses his left one to pull out its beam saber and back swing at his head. Rouke ducks then cuts the Ayagi apart diagonally. Conrad’s Gundam is in wolf-type and is running across the ground dodging shots from the Ayagies. He runs straight into and Ayagi and jumps at it with his steel claws out. He stabs both paws into the Ayagi’s chest and slams it to the ground. He then turns around to catch and Ayagi flying at him so he takes it out of the air with his chain gun. Two Ayagies fly at him from behind but are shot at from above by Caleb. He shoots one down but the other blocks. Caleb flies down to the ground. From the building Caleb landed in front of a 5 civilians, it’s a family with 3 kids. Conrad sees them running on the ground.)
Conrad- Caleb be careful over there, I see civilians!
(An Ayagi lands in front of Caleb and fire at him. Caleb boosts out the way and the beams hits a tower. Huge pieces of debris begin to fall. The father of the family looks up and sees it falling. His youngest son is in front of him.)
Father- Son, get out the way!!! (He only has time to push his son out the way before the debris falls on the rest of the family. The son turns back to see his family under the rocks.)
Son- Mommy, daddy!!!
(On Caleb’s screen he sees the kid and can hear him cry out. This scene with the boy reminds him of what happened to his family years ago. The words, “mommy, daddy” echo in his head. It sets him off.)
Caleb- Not again…why do I have to see this again?!! (He turns to the Ayagi that fired and jets right at it.) Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (He drills right into it and takes it with him into a group of Ayagies further away.)
Conrad- Caleb you’re too far away!! ZOINKS!!

(In the air Khambaita is being shot at by 3 Ayagies. He dodges the shots in his mobile suit but the Ayagies move in close. One pulls out its beam sword and swings but Khambaita boosts down out of the way and shoots it in the head with his grenade launcher. Another Ayagi flies right through the explosion from the one that was just destroyed also with its beam saber. It goes for a slice but Khambaita catches its wrist. He then pulls the Ayagi’s other beam saber out and uses it to cut off its beam saber hand then to slice it in half. The third Ayagi is firing at him while he’s charging at it with the beam saber. He dodges all the Ayagi’s shots, when he is close enough the Ayagi takes out its beam saber but Khambaita throws his right through its chest and then shoots it. He continues to fly but has his right forearm shot by a flying Ayagi. He turns to where the shot came from and fires off his grenade launcher at them while boost back down to the ground for cover.)
Khambaita- Damn these things!! (Once he lands he takes cover behind a building while Ayagies shoot at him. An Ayagi flies overhead shooting down at the vanguards on the ground. They fire back but the Ayagi evades the shots. It blasts a vanguard right through the chest and flies over to another. The Ayagi blocks the vanguards shot then shoots it through its knee. The vanguard suit falls but still shoots back. The Ayagi flies real low to the ground and pulls out its beam saber; he drags it across to the vanguard. The saber is burning through the ground making a line of destruction until he gets the vanguard in half. Anton is on the ground and begins shooting at this Ayagi but it blocks all the shots, it fires back twice and the shots hit the ground in front and behind the vanguard. The Ayagi flies right into him causing Anton to drop his beam rifle, and takes him along for the ride. They struggle in the air as the Ayagi pulls out its beam saber but Anton flips them over so that the Ayagi’s back is facing the ground, he then boosts down a little bit and drags it across the ground. The Ayagi sinks deeper into the ground the more he flies until it explodes. Anton then flies up into the air and takes out his two smaller beam rifles and fires at Ayagies. He sets his sights on one but it dodges all his shots. It then fires back and shoots off Anton’s lower right leg.)
Anton- I’m not done yet!! (He continues to fire when his left arm is shot off, still he fires at the dodging Ayagi, it them fires another shot that takes off Anton’s vanguard’s head. The suit falls down to the earth and hits with a thud. Inside his suit Anton is stunned and trying to move. The Ayagi lands down in front of him and aims to fire again. At the last second Conrad comes from the right side and cuts the Ayagi’s beam rifle in half. He then stabs it several times in the mid section before kicking it away in the chest. The Ayagi hits the ground and explodes.)
Conrad- Are you still alive in there?!
Anton- There really is a man in there.

Conrad- If you are get out of there, there is nothing more you can do! (He boosts off to fight more Ayagies. Anton crawls out of his mobile suit and hurries to head back to the EN station. A little further away Caleb is enraged and fighting the Ayagies. He flies into one head first knocking it to the ground. He then pulls out his two beam hand guns and shoots the Ayagi until it explodes. From his left side another Ayagi shoots at him but he dodges and boosts at that one too.)
Caleb- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Throws a punch at it but the Ayagi blocks it with his shield then pulls out a beam saber and swings. Caleb ducks and grabs the Ayagi’s head and slams it down into a house. He then rips it clean off, he then sees another one in front of him and starts shooting at it. The Ayagi blocks the shots with his shield. Caleb keeps shooting and shooting and begins to put dents in the shield.) Why won’t you die?!!! (He continues to shoot and can shield he shield beginning to come apart, he then takes out his bigger beam rifle and shoots the shield with that. It bangs it up pretty bad and the next shot totals it. The Ayagi then flies to the air and shoots at Caleb, he blocks the shots and flies at him blocking another shot and drilling the Ayagi with his beam rifle baseball bat style. The Ayagi is sent back and Caleb puts two shots through its back.) Rahhhhhh!!! (He flies off into more Ayagies. On the ground nearby Rouke has just chopped an Ayagi in half. He shoots at another one in front of him who takes to the air to dodge. He shoots back twice and Rouke blocks one shot while the other lands in front of him. He fires back with his shoulder vulcans but the Ayagi dodges. Another one jets at Rouke and swings with its saber but Rouke boosts up out of the way and shoots him in the back with his shoulder vulcans. The other Ayagi comes back and attacks with its saber. Rouke’s sword and the Ayagi’s beam saber clash then Rouke goes for another swing but misses. The Ayagi fires but Rouke blocks. Another Ayagi flies over on Rouke’s right and blasts but he dodges and shoots that one down. The other Ayagi flies over with its beam saber ready but Rouke shoots that arm off then cuts off the beam rifle arm and spins around to slice the rest of the mobile puppet in half. Also on the ground not too far away Conrad is tearing an Ayagi apart with his chain gun. Two more of them take to the air shooting at Conrad but he fires back. One Ayagi tries to block the bullets but the shield isn’t big enough many of them get past it and take out its legs then the rest of it. The other tire to dodge but it is shot down. Conrad continues to clean up with his gun until and Ayagi shoots it to pieces. The rest of the Ayagies hang back and fire at Conrad who gets up his arms over his face and chest to deflect some shots. The blast do some damage to his arms but its all Conrad can do. Another hits his left knee, but doesn’t destroy it. Conrad boosts back to try and find some cover. He gets behind a building.)
Conrad- Dammit, they know I don’t have any long range weapons now. All they will do is stay back and fire at him. This is exactly why Caleb needed to be near me. Thin some of their ranks. Every Ayagi in this area is coming after me. (The building Conrad is hiding behind starts to have pieces shot off. He gets on his radio to talk to his fellow pilots.) Somebody get over here they got me pinned down!! I don’t have my chain gun anymore I can’t get near these things! (Another piece is shot off. Rouke is still in his area fighting but hears this in his headset.)

Rouke- I’ll try to get to you but I have my hands full!!! (A bunch of Ayagies have him surrounded. He tries to cut through with his sword and beam rifle but more keep coming.) Caleb, I can’t make it over there. Go help Conrad! (Caleb is over in his area still fighting. He has just lifted an Ayagi in the air and slammed it into the ground head first.) Caleb, do you hear me?!
Caleb- Ahhhhh ahhhhh!!!
(Rouke shoots an Ayagi in the face.)
Rouke- Caleb, he needs help!
Caleb- Damn you Ayagies!! Damn you!! (He pounds on the face of an Ayagi.)
Conrad- Somebody get over here!
Rouke- I can’t!! Caleb do it!!! (He stabs an Ayagi in the chest while Caleb keeps pounding on the other one’s face.)
Caleb- Hate them hate them!!
Conrad- Guys?!
Rouke- I can’t--!!
Conrad- Caleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!!!
(Caleb snaps out of his rage, he stares out his screen at the Ayagi’s head he was smashing breathing heavily.)
Caleb- Oh man…
Rouke- Caleb…Conrad needs your help, now!!
Caleb- Grrrrrr….
(Conrad is still over in his area taking cover behind a building. It is about to get blown to the ground when Conrad takes out his beam spear.)
Conrad- They’re left me with no other choice. (He jumps from out of the cover and lands right in the middle of them. They all turn to face him with their rifles pointed at him. They are about to fire when shots from the air take some of them out. They look up and see that it was Caleb. He flies over and lands next to Conrad.)
Caleb- Heard you needed some help.
Conrad- From you…(smiles) I don’t believe it myself.
Caleb- You probably need one of these. (Tosses Conrad his bigger beam rifle. Conrad catches it then Caleb takes out his two small ones.)
Conrad- Yeah, now let’s take it back to these guys.
(Both of them stand next to each other, working together, shooting at the Ayagies.)

(Inside the EN station’s main room Anton rushes inside to where Mr. Lueger, his Major and strategists are witnessing the battle.)
Anton- How are we doing?
Major- We’ve lost 90% of our mobile suits.
Anton- 90…
Major- Even if the Ayagies are beaten we don’t have the force to do anything about that battle crusier.
Heinrich Lueger- There’s got to be something you can do Annesley.
Anton- (he thinks for a second) Our missiles. Our turrets. We don’t have much but there is no other option. Get every available man we have to a turret now, we can control the missiles from here.
Major- Yes sir!
Anton- I don’t know how effective it will be. We have less then half of our normal force here. I don’t think it was a good idea for you to come here Lueger.
Heinrich Lueger- I haven’t given up on hope yet. It’s what our people need.

(Back on the battlefield Rouke has just had his broad sword shot out of his hands. It lands about a half city block away, blade impaling the ground. He reaches for it but instead has to block shots from the Ayagies in front of him. He shoots back with his beam rifle then his shoulder vulcans, he then boosts over to grab his sword but a blasts shot between him and his sword causes him to stop.)
Rouke- Trying to keep me away from it huh? (He fires back and hits one but two more takes its place. He has to block more shots with his shield before one of the last vanguards out there lands in front of him. It’s Khambaita and he fires at the Ayagies with his rocket launcher.)
Khambaita- Grab your weapon! If we want to save this city you need to be at your best!
(Rouke acknowledges what was said and goes for his sword. An Ayagi attempts to shoot him down but Rouke dodges and shoots it in the shoulder then the head. He Boosts over and pulls his sword from out of the ground and goes after more Ayagies. Conrad is in the air dodging shots. He flies at the Ayagi shooting at him and while flying cuts its arm off with his beam spear then turns around to shoot it with Caleb’s beam rifle. He turns jets at another one and goes for a stab with his spear but the Ayagi brings out its beam saber and they clash. Conrad uses the beam rifle to shoot it through the chest at point blank then cuts it in half. On the ground below him Caleb is shooting at an Ayagi in front of him with both his hand guns. After he takes it down a blast comes from his left side and takes off his left hand.)
Caleb- Didn’t see that coming! (He stumbles back in his Gundam then turns to shoot at the Ayagi. It dodges and flies toward him with its beam saber dawn. Caleb then feels its time to pull out his other weapon. From out of his right shield a battle chainsaw looking thing comes out. Beam energy surrounds it and it begins to spin. It’s a beam-saw. The Ayagi swings but Caleb blocks the shot with his beam-saw. They both jump back.) Bet you didn’t know I had this. (They both charge at each other and swing. The sounds of a mobile suit being cut in half are heard as they move past each other after the clash. Before they both land the Ayagi breaks into 3 pieces and explodes.) Prodige and I won’t be taken down by ZOINKS like you.
(Somewhere nearby Khambaita ducks a blast from an Ayagi and shoots it with his grenade launcher. Behind him an Ayagi swoops down and is about to fire before it is cut in half by Rouke. Rouke then flies into the sky to attack more mobile puppets. Khambaita also turns his attention to the air and fires at any Ayagi he sees. Back in the distance a mobile suit watches. It jumps up onto the ground and races toward Khambaita. It’s the rogue Gundam. Khambaita is distracted by the battle and doesn’t notice the Gundam. Rouke sees another object coming in fast on his radar.)
Rouke- What is that? (He blocks a beam saber from the Ayagi he’s fighting.) You on the ground watch out!!!
Khambaita- What?! (Khambaita turns around as one of the rouge Gundam’s beam saber goes right through his chest. Severe damage is done to his cockpit as things explode all over it. Many of them hit Khambaita injuring him.) Ahhuuggg ughaa!! (The rouge Gundam holds him in the air with his beam saber sticking right through him. Rouke sees all this.)
Rouke- Noo!!!
(The energy from the beam saber is surging through the vanguard. Khambaita looks at the Gundam through his monitor.)
Khambaita- Th—thank…you. (The cloaked Gundam then takes his other beam saber out and cuts Khambaita’s suit in half. The vanguard then blows up killing him inside. They see this happen in the EN station and everybody inside is shocked.)
Anton- It…it can’t be.
Rouke- Why…not another man’s life. You’re going to pay!! (Rouke boosts at the rogue Gundam as fast as he could. The cloaked one throws his beam boomerang at Rouke but he blocks it with his shield. He shoots back with his shoulder vulcans, the rogue Gundam back flips out the way but the beam rips through its cloak. It lands back on its feet cloak-less revealing an impressive looking black Gundam. Rouke flies at it with broad sword ready and goes in for a kill slash. Unexpectedly the black Gundam catches the sword in between his hands. Rouke is stunned that a feet like that was even possible. They both jumps back and are at a stand off. The black Gundam takes out its beam sabers and they both run at each other. They interlock in this saber vs. sword battle, dodging and blocking each other’s attempts to kill the other. Rouke dodges two attacks then goes for his own but the black Gundam boosts back out the way. Rouke shoots at him again with his vulcans but the Gundam jumps it. It then throws out its chained kunai but Rouke blocks it. The black Gundam follows up with a jump kick to the face. Rouke flies back but grabs the ground to stop himself. Rouke rushes at the charging black Gundam with his shield to knock it back. It back flips again to catch itself. Up in the sky the RF battle ship has entered earth’s atmosphere and is falling down onto the city. They detect this inside the EN station.)

Major- Marshal Annesley, the cruiser has entered the atmosphere. It’s coming.
Anton- Fire everything we have, now!!
(The EN send up as many missiles they have from their silos and all their turrets begin firing at the battle cruiser. Rouke looks up at the sky then back at the black Gundam. A communication channel is opened from the black Gundam’s masked pilot.)
Masked Pilot- Looks like you have a cruiser to take care of. You will see us again, it’s inevitable. (The black Gundam puts its sabers away and turns around and begins running. The other pilots saw everything happen on their monitors but were too busy to help.)
Conrad- Was that a Gundam?
Caleb- Rouke…aren’t you going after it?!
Rouke- No. We need to take out the cruiser! (Rouke then contacts the transport that brought them the Omec Cannon with his Gundam. The transport miles away at where he was staying fires up and takes to the air and goes NOVA. Over Birmingham they can hear the sound barrier being broken and the transport fly overhead dropping a box that contained the cannon. The box breaks open and Rouke goes over to lift the cannon. This thing is massive, it’s about the size of a Gundam. He straps it to his Nuclear Arc-Reactor which powers it. Five chains then shoots out from it and drill into the ground keeping Rouke steady. He aims it high at the cruiser and the cannon begins charging. The Ayagi’s eyes flash as they begin to get code from Generon telling them to focus their attacks on Rouke. The Ayagies surround him and begin to fire. Beams are hitting Rouke from every angle, his Gundam is able to take the hits but not for long.)
Rouke- Guys get over here and cover me!! This thing takes awhile to charge up!!
Conrad-I’m on it!! (Conrad flies to a spot right in front of Rouke where there are Ayagies and attacks. He shoots at them with his rifle, and then cuts 3 in half with his beam spear. The EN’s missiles and turret shots fly high into the air and even hit the cruiser. They damage it but do not break it down much.)
Major- That’s it sir. That’s everything we have.
Anton- We’re completely out of everything?
Major- Yes.
Heinrich Lueger- (As he watches the Gundam outside.) Don’t worry. Leave it to them.
(Rouke’s cannon is still charging while Conrad fends off the Ayagies.)
Rouke- It’s almost there. (He looks up in the air and see an Ayagi flying down at him with its beam saber drawn.) Conrad, there’s one above!
Conrad- I can’t there is too many here!
Rouke- Come on come on, charge!! (He looks back up at the Ayagi.) It’s going to get me. (The Ayagi gets in closer and closer. When Rouke believes he is about to be killed Caleb flies in from the left and knocks the Ayagi right to the ground.)
Caleb- Its all clear!!

(The Cannon finishes up charging and then fires. A huge beam launches out of it and into the air. It’s so bright it lights up everything. The force of the beam moves Rouke back but the chain hold him in place. The beam tears right into the cruiser and goes through it. Immediately half of it explodes in the air while the other half breaks into two burning pieces. Both of them start to fall but the damage from the beam cause them to explode as well. Its done the ship has been blown into tiny pieces that will barely do any damage to the city.)
Major- They did it. It’s gone. (Laughs) It’s gone! (Inside the EN station everybody begins to celebrate and go crazy.)
Anton- I don’t believe it. They really are our “saviors.”
(On the battle field Rouke detaches the cannon and lets it drop to the ground.)
Rouke- (takes a deep breath and looks up into the air, and blesses himself.) Thank you God.

(A couple days later Rouke is at the relief center helping out one last time before he leaves. After he is done he packs up his stuff and walks out but first talks to the old man at the front.)
Rouke- I just wanted to say good luck before I left.
Old Man- You’re going young man?
Rouke- Yeah, my work is done here.
Old Man- So where are you going now?
Rouke- Where ever I’m needed. Take care old man. (Rouke walks out to the street where Conrad and Caleb are waiting for him in a car. He walks over and puts his stuff inside.)
Conrad- I was just telling Caleb how much better we did when he followed orders and didn’t just fight for himself.
Caleb- All I remember is that I saved you back there. (Smirks) I’ll never let you live that down.
Conrad- I’ll take us back to the house. You can back and we’ll go.
Rouke- Okay. (Rouke is about to get inside when he spots Rae Annesley walking towards the relief center.) I’ll be right back. (He walks over to her and taps her on the shoulder) Rae?
Rae- Rouke right?
Rouke- Look I just wanted to apologize to you if I over stepped my bounds when I visited you in the hospital. You’re not me and I should realize you will leave all this behind you when you’re ready.
Rae- Oh well thank you. And I understood that you were trying to help me. It was just all your talk about God. The only other person I knew that believed he existed died that night all my friends did. I just didn’t want to hear about him, you know?
Rouke- I understand. But you still have hope that things for you and the world will get better at least.
Rae- Hope? I don’t know about that either all I know is I can’t lay in a hospital bed forever. (Smiles) I’m not even supposed to be out now; I’m still pretty bandaged up. But like I said it’s too early to start talking to me about God and hope too.
Rouke- I’m sorry you feel that way.
Rae- It’s not your fault. You seem like a good person. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
Rouke- I will. (He starts to walk back to the car but stops.) And I’ll make you believe in hope again. I swear to you. (Rouke starts to walk back to the car leaving Rae standing there a little shocked. Rouke gets into the car and they drive back to the countryside house. Rae watches them drive away.)
Rae- Make me believe in hope again…I’d like to see that.

(At the countryside house Rouke, Conrad, and Caleb pull up in their car. Their Gundams are kneeling outside waiting for them. They all get out the car and go inside.)
Conrad- Hurry up, Dr. Ayumu is expecting us within the hour.
Rouke- I won’t be long. (Rouke starts to make his way over to the steps.
Conrad- Wait…something’s wrong. (The 3 of them take out their guns and walk slowly. From out of nowhere coalition soldiers bust in through other rooms in the house and surround them. But they aren’t from the EN. A man who looks to be the leader walks over and stands behind his soldiers.)
Man- Ever since your mobile suits showed up here we’re had a satellite on this place. It’s hard to believe that children are piloting those suits.
Rouke- Who are you?
Man- I am General Graham McArthur of the United Earth Protectorate.
Conrad- You shouldn’t have come here. We should kill you.
McArthur- Even if by some miracle you were able to kill my men I have a mobile suit squad outside targeting this house, if anything goes wrong all I have to do is contact Commander Raues and he’ll blow this house to kingdom come.
Caleb- You wouldn’t do it.
McArthur- I can die right here. Can you?
Rouke- What do you want?
McArthur- The leaders of the countries that comprise the UEP and myself feel that it would be in both our side’s interest that we…have an understanding. (Smiles) We want to be partners with you unidentified mobile suit pilots.

To Be Concluded
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Post by TheLegendkiller » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:26 pm

Yeah you guys can give me comments that would be cool I mean I'd like to know what Gundam fans think of this.
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Post by CHASER » Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:41 am

Alright, I'll give some comments on the latest chapter.

The biggest thing that jumps out in the episode is that the battle just ends as soon as the ship is shot down. You suddenly move to 'a couple days later' at a point that leaves the three Gundams damaged and surrounded against.. I don't know how many AI suits. 40 shuttles of them, even at ten units per shuttle and all the ones that were destroyed "on screen" it still leaves 3 Gundams against 300+ enemy machines, and some of the three were having trouble with just a couple of Ayagies. Makes you wonder why everyone was celebrating in the station.

It's curious to know why the cruiser was such a big threat too; is it carrying something highly explosive, or is it really really big? You don't really mention that it's capable of reentry so one would think it would disintegrate in the atmosphere.

Since the beginning I was wondering what was so special about the Gundams that let them fight off so many enemies (since they don't seem to have any highly-advanced weapons, and only the trasformation of one being really different), but it looks like you're starting to give some details since it seems that their armour can survive beams.
HellCat wrote:
ShadowCell wrote:I'm skipping this one if it's in suppository form, though. Like, I like Gundam, but not that friggin' much.
They decided against that because most Gundam fans already have something up their butt.

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Post by Seraphic » Tue Jul 22, 2008 6:50 pm


Don't push for comments too hard. It takes people time to get through things, you know? =)

I'll just come right out with it and say that I like this story. You've obviously put a lot of time and work into it. I know this especially because of the number of minor characters you have. I never bother with minor characters in my stuff, and it's usually because I get tired of government and military officials and all of their tedious work.

I think your characters are a strong point of your writing. Each of them has a different feel to them. (The main characters at least.) And it's good to know the backstory and motivation of each person. I especially like Rouke. He is a rare and compassionate person, and it really comes out in his speech and his fighting. The scene where he fights the entire swarm of Ayagies inside the factory was really amazing.

The combat detail you have is also very good. I like how you stress tactics and strategy when it comes to fighting in groups. The MS in your story make very good use of their sabers and shields, which I think is something that tends to be overlooked too often. Thank you for including them so well. And Echoes is really good with his shoulder vulcans. Do you have any idea how much I freaking love vulcans? They're beam vulcans, if I remember right, which is a little unfair, but cool nonetheless.

And of course, the general writing and direction of the story is good. Yeah, you have some grammar issues that have to be addressed, but most of them seem to just be careless typos. And the format you laid it out in can be hard to read sometimes. Like Kenji said before, cleaning this up can help your readers out a lot. What I recommend you do is go back through your chapters and fix typos/grammar problems and fix up the format so that future readers can enjoy your story a lot easier. Try to break things up into smaller paragraphs.

And one thing I have to address is your use of the script format. Yeah, it was of course your choice to use this format. It has strengths and weaknesses. It's just weird to me how the action in your story has to be told through paranthetical text. (Like this.) And when using script for your dialogue, the speech of your characters is usually difficult to support with more narrative and descriptions. It was already really really hard to remember who everyone was, how everyone looked, and to remember everyone's age.

It would be very healthy for you to change your format into regular narrative instead of the script format. It would greatly help you develop as a writer. But yeah, you don't have to do that if you don't want. If you want to keep with the script format though, what I recommend is that you read through Thundermuffin's sticked story at the top of this forum. It also uses script format, but it's done in a way that it is both detailed and easy to read. (It is also the funniest thing you will ever read.)

Here is one thing I have to nitpick, and is just an example I'm making up:

Rouke: Where did that come from? (Looks behind.)

The text in parenthesis is awkward because it is missing its subject and a few nouns it needs. This may sound weird, but what you are typing should be put in asterisks* instead, like when people are explaining their own real-world action through text.

*scratches nose*

Now, that only works because when I use asterisks* it is assumed that I am doing the action, and so the subject isn't not needed. It doesn't work the same way with parentheses.

What I recommend you do though is keep the use of paranthesis, but go ahead and write out full sentences. It would make your writing stronger.

Rouke: Where did that come from? (He looks behind him.)

Those are the main things I wanted to address for you. But asides from that, I have a few minor tips and questions:

Go ahead and refer to it as a "sonic boom" instead of saying "the sound barrier is breaking" everytime. One sonic boom should occur for each craft that breaks the sound barrier, but it may sounds like only one if they all do it simultaneously.

Add the use of terms "charge" and "rush" when describing someone closing in for attack.

Invest in using better words to describe things in your narrative. Your language is a little too straight-forward and dry. Try to make it sound a little more advanced or artistic.

Invest in using punctuation other than the comma. I like to use the double hyphen--it breaks thought and is a good transition. Your writing seems like it could use a lot of semi-colons; from what I see (that was just to show you the semi-colon, and doesn't show the proper use of it.)

I laughed out loud when I read the rogue Gundam pilot was wearing a mask while inside his cockpit. No one can see into his cockpit anyway. Why wear the mask?

You also made it unclear that he was sneaking around in his MS instead of on foot. It's also very hard for mobile suits to move quietly or stealthily because of how large they are. Also, when you are trying to stealth kill a mobile suit, you always have to kill the pilot directly. Otherwise, he will radio for help. Make sure you mention that.

I don't understand what you mean when you say that Caleb is "drilling a mobile suit." What is that? Literally drilling? With what?

Okay, I think that's it. I hope this helps you out. Keep on working, because I think this can be really good.

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Thanks for the comments. You had good tips and suggestions. Haha and by drilling I meant just punching it repeatedly hahah sorry some times I use slang I say in my writing. And the reason the rogue pilot wears a mask will be explained...all in due time. Also some times when he stealth kills pilots he targets parts of the suit that are extremely important tech-wise. Like he could hit a spot where it would just stop functioning then he could take out the pilot so he has other options just as long as he isn't seen cause Gundams don't show up on normal mobile suit radar.

Well 6 witll be posted soon. Thanks again for the comments.
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Post by Tgjanlee » Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:23 pm

Rouke....I'll kill that uptight religious nut bastard =_=

God's arrogant

Caleb is much better suited for the lead role, though he could certainly be more cocky, finally fill out the team character wise

oh and about know i'll do it LK...oh yes...i will

*eagerly awaits the arrival of...self
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Hahah you wont top Rouke...he will crush your soul. CRUSH IT!!!
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Post by Tgjanlee » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:47 pm

why are you posting all your episodes in one topic?
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Post by TheLegendkiller » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:48 pm

Their "rules." They'll just close them if I have multiple topics.
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Post by ShadowCell » Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:48 pm

'cuz we would prefer that and you don't need twenty or thirty threads for one story.

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Post by Tgjanlee » Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:47 am

Hmm, that's gonna be quite annoying :\

meh, regardless
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 6: Obsession

(In an Arms of the Republic military planes are traveling over the East China Sea, a man sits inside in a luxurious room watching Gundam footage on his screen. This man is about 31, Indian, wearing a turban and very expensive clothes. His name is Phanindra. Another man in a military uniform walks over to him and sits in the chair across from me. He is Indian too and about 26. )
Major Rajani Zahin- So tell me again why we are taking over a United Earth Protectorate weapons research facility?
Phanindra- So they can construct for me the perfect weapon. This facility in the Kagoshima region in Japan is the most advanced in the world. They can build me the perfect mobile suit. (Continues to watch Gundam footage)
Rajani- But don’t you think that if the UEP were in possession of those suits that they would have them for themselves?
Phanindra- Then if not one of those suits something very similar. The power…it’s overwhelming. Even…beautiful. (Begins caressing the TV screen) Power like that, it must be mine.
Rajani- But…brother, this doesn’t seem like a well thought out idea to me. We have to take over a facility that may not know how to build them. Some of our men will die in battle against the UEP.
Phanindra- If they die then they must. I am financially backing the Arms of the Republic; I am one of the most powerful men in the world. I will do with it what I see fit. And never question my judgment again…Major.
Rajani- My apologies…Mr. Zahin. (He gets up and walks to the back on the plane. Phanindra gets up from off his chair and kneels in front of the TV. He places his hands on the sides of it.)
Phanindra- I will have this incredible power. I must. I always get what I want. And I want you. (Caresses TV again.) You beautiful mobile suits. (Rests his head on the screen.)

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(At the Gundam’s base buried inside a mountain in the Nyala region of Sudan, the three pilots speak to Dr. Ayumu.)
Dr. Ayumu- A meeting you say?
Rouke- Yes. The UEP wants to work out some kind of an arrangement with us.
Dr. Ayumu- Hmmm…
Rouke- Even though their approach was pretty aggressive I do believe that they are genuine. I mean they could have killed us there and stolen the Gundams.
Conrad- Maybe they didn’t know if they could figure out the full capabilities of the Gundams with their original pilots dead. It would be more valuable to keep us alive; after all they didn’t construct the Gundams.
Caleb- That’s Rouke…seeing good that is not there. I don’t need to join up with any coalition; we can take down Generon by ourselves.
Dr. Ayumu- Well the fact of the matter is this; we came to save humanity from this cruel and terrible fate. All of us here are dedicated to the cause of ending the machines so human life can live on. These people in the UEP are reaching out to us. It is our duty to at least consider their request.
Rouke- It’s not just the UEP that has taken interest in us. While I was in Birmingham a member of the Red Federation posing as a reporter was asking me questions about the Gundams, about anything I knew. I didn’t tell him anything, by the graces of God I saw through his cover.
Conrad- And there is also something I didn’t tell you guys. While we were in town I caught and man taking pictures of us. I confronted him and destroyed his camera; he had a Russian accent as well.
Caleb- Well why didn’t you say something?
Conrad- Cause I took care of it.
Dr. Ayumu- It seems all though we will have to deal with earth’s coalitions before I anticipated. It seems we’ll have to be careful of the actions we take when involving the coalitions.
Rouke- And there is something else; I came in contact with what looked to be a Gundam. A black Gundam.
Conrad- We saw it too.
Rouke- It showed up during our battle and murdered Commander Lachlan Khambaita of the EN. It then escaped while we were taking care of the battle cruiser. Would you know anything about this?
Dr. Ayumu- A black Gundam you say. Hmmmm…unfortunately I am not the first person to decide to use Gundams in the earth’s sphere. There were others before me who designed this mobile suit but hadn’t given it a Nuclear Arc- Reactor. There were 4 scientists that designed this black Gundam. It was built unlike any other mobile suit before. It wasn’t designed to be able to take on whole armies although it can if need be. It was meant to be undetectable and complete covert operations. It was supposed to be a ghost, a splinter cell, an assassin. It would be given specific targets and it was to get in, complete mission and get out.
Rouke- That’s exactly what this Gundam did.
Dr. Ayumu- Yes. The Gundam was given mostly all close range weapons to make it unmatchable in that area. The pilot trained very uniquely in that he was taught mobile suit mechanics to a T. What parts are vulnerable, where to attack to maximize damage, how to avoid a messy explosion, and how to terrorize its enemies. But this training was meant to turn the pilot into something…not human. Because of this the pilot went insane and killed 3 of the scientists. The fourth went underground and hasn’t been seen since. The pilot then stole the Gundam and has been roaming free on earth doing whatever he wants with it. A hidden agenda, sick pleasures, or he might not even know what he’s doing. The only thing I can really tell you about this pilot is he calls himself…Jackal.
Rouke- Then we have to stop him.
Dr. Ayumu- You three must be extremely careful now that you have come in contact with this Gundam and pilot. If he decides to target you for anything I am certain that one on one…none of you can beat him.
Conrad- Are you kidding me?
Caleb- No way I can stomp out this guy myself!
Dr. Ayumu- Trust me. If Jackal is active the coalitions must also be warned. He is too dangerous to allow to go unnoticed.
Rouke- So you’re saying what I think you’re saying.
Dr. Ayumu- Yes. Meet with them. (The Gundam pilots exit the room, Caleb is the last to walk out.) One moment Caleb. (He walks back inside.)
Caleb- Yeah?
Dr. Ayumu- Although we prevented the destruction of Birmingham your actions almost cause they death of one of your comrades.
Caleb- What are you talking about I saved his life.
Dr. Ayumu- You were the one who put him in danger of that in the first place. If you can’t follow rules and work with others instead of just for yourself, then maybe you need to leave.
Caleb- You wouldn’t kick me off; you couldn’t find anybody else with as much determination to take down Generon as me. I don’t want to hear anymore of your idle threats old man. (He walks out the room while Dr. Ayumu stands there shaking his head.)

(In Washington DC at the UEP HQ General McArthur has just come back from his trip. He walks into the building and goes to his office. Right outside it is where his intern secretary Stephanie Mapell works.)
Stephanie- General McArthur you’re back.
McArthur- Yes but I have no time to rest. Contact the leaders of the countries under the UEP tell them I need o set up an inter-conference. And call War Director Lester and tell him he needs to come here immediately, this meeting is of the highest priority.
Stephanie- Yes sir. What is this all about? (McArthur stays silent) Oh I’m sorry, classified.
McArthur- You have never given me a reason not to trust you. What the UEP is trying to do is align ourselves with those unidentified mobile suits.
Stephanie- The ones that have been taking on the mobile puppets?
McArthur- Yes.
Stephanie- That’s huge.
McArthur- It is, that’s why I need you to get this meeting done.
Stephanie- Yes sir I will. (McArthur walks into his office while Stephanie picks up the phone to call.)

(At the weapons research facility in Kagoshima, Japan scientists are all inside working while some of the UEP’s mobile suits walk around the perimeter of the facility guarding. This place is in the middle a forest, 65 miles away from any cities. Up in the air the Arms of the Republic planes lands and unload their mobile suits on the coast some distance away from the facility. Inside this facility there are several scientists inside a room with a big glass window looking at to e huge mobile suit indoor shooting range.)
Dr. Londo Uki- We are now beginning the 5th test of the F-3 type 007.1A beam rifle. Begin testing. He sends the signal to a scientist at work on a big console, he starts pushing buttons and in the shooting range an automatic beam rifle fires at its targets. After all the targets are destroyed the rifle powers down.
Dr. Bonnibel Reboucas- Output of the type 007.1A beam rifle is 15% greater then that of the currently used 006.8C rifle. But the power down time is still longer Dr. Uki.
Dr. Uki- Okay, well let’s bring up the schematics and crack open that prototype to see what we can come up with.
(The scientists walk over to a computer when all of a sudden the power goes off. All their computers shut off and the lights go out. It is pitch black inside the facility.)
Dr. Reboucas- The power went off? Where’s the backup supply?
Dr. Uki- Good question.
(The alarm signaling an attack blares throughout the facility and surrounding area. At the front door of the facility the guards inside can hear a burning sound on the other side of the door. They pull out their guns and aim for the door. Just then it’s blown in by an explosion and Arms of the Republic soldiers pour in. The UEP soldiers are so thrown off by the explosion that they have no time to fire their guns. The AotR guys line up and cut down the smaller guard force. The scientists run out of the room and to the front to see all the carnage.)
Dr. Reboucas- Oh my… (Puts her hands over her mouth in disbelief)
(Behind all the soldiers, through the smoke from the explosion walks in Phanindra Zahin.)
Phanindra- I trust that all of you know who I am.
Dr. Uki- What are you doing here? This is an UEP establishment; they’ll be here to defend us.
Phanindra- Then let them come. The Arms of the Republic is not afraid of your coalition.
Dr. Reboucas- Why have you come here? What are you--
Phanindra- Silence. No more talking from you. I am here so you can build for me the most powerful mobile suit in the earth’s sphere. Much like the ones that have been waging a war against Generon.
Dr. Uki- But there is no way we can do that. We don’t know how to design those things, we don’t know the basic mechanics of these particular suits, and we don’t even know where to start.
(Phanindra slowly walks over to Dr. Uki, Phanindra has his hands behind his back and when he gets right in front of Uki he backhands him. He falls to the floor. He then grabs Uki by the front of his shirt and gets right in his face.)
Phanindra- No excuses!! You will find a way, all of you!! What I say will be done! (Lets Uki goes and turns his attention to the others) Do not question me again or I will have you killed!! (Dr. Reboucas runs over to Uki to check on him.) Now…(the AotR guys walk right up to the scientists) get to work or you will be killed one by one.

(Back at the UEP’s HQ in McArthur’s office, he is in the middle of the inter-conference with the UEP nation leaders. War Director Bernard Lester is also in the room.)
War Director Lester- You a chance to take them into custody and you didn’t? What on earth were you thinking Graham?
McArthur- Why would I take them into custody when they have shown no aggression towards the United Earth Protectorate?
Lester- These suits can take down Ayagi units like they were toys. They are the most powerful weapons on the planet and we are not in control of them. That scares me. Remember the last thing that was considered the most powerful weapon on earth; Generon and we weren’t in control of that either. It should scare you too.
McArthur- These are two completely different things Lester. I saw the pilots, they were young. No older then my intern Stephanie out there.
Lester- What are you doing general? You are not asserting yourself enough for this situation.
McArthur- With all do respect Bernard I don’t think you have thought out your approach for this situation thoroughly.
(On of the people on the other side of the screen is President Miriam Hoffman of the United States.)
President Hoffman- That is enough. Now Director Lester I have the fullest confidence that General McArthur is taking the right course of action.
(Also on the screen is the Vice President.)
Vice President Declan Powelrick- But madam President couldn’t we at least hear Director Lester out? He may have a point.
(Just then the screen goes fuzzy.)
Lester- What’s going on?
McArthur- Calm down…we must have lost the connection. Madam President are you still there?
(Just then the screen comes back on but it isn’t the UEP leaders, its one figure sitting in a chair. The lighting covers the person’s body in shadow to keep their identity secret. Their voice is also disguised.)
Dark Man- Hello high ranking officials of the United Earth Protectorate. I represent the pilots of the unidentified mobile suits. I believe a meeting was requested yes?
McArthur- Ye-yes, who are you?
Lester- Show yourself to us now!
McArthur- Calm down.
Dark Man- I am unimportant but what I have come to deliver to you is that the pilots have agreed to a meeting.
McArthur- That is good. What we wanted to do was--
Dark Man- No. The meeting will be on our terms.
Lester- What makes you think you can call the shots?
Dark Man- Simple. You want to meet us, if you do not agree to our terms we will simply walk away. These pilots are extremely valuable in this world as are their mobile suits so you can understand why their safety is at the utmost importance.
McArthur- We will not be put in danger either.
Dark Man- You will not be. We just don’t want to meet the UEP in UEP territory where you could essentially do anything you wanted. The meeting will take place in neutral for both our organizations territory. There is an abandon arms dealer’s outpost in Ra Boa Kai, Morocco that was used right before the Generon War. It is quite capable of still sustaining human presence. I am transmitting the coordinates to you as we speak. This meeting will take place in exactly twenty four hours. We will see you then. (Once again the screen goes fuzzy and back to the UEP leaders.)
Lester- He’s gone.
McArthur- Madam President or any of the other leaders we received a transmission from what we believe to be the pilots of those unidentified mobile suits.
President Hoffman- Yes we also received this. It was broadcast to everybody in this meeting.
McArthur- So you heard their answer?
President Hoffman- Yes. I want both you men on a plane to Morocco immediately.
McArthur- Yes Madam President.
Lester- Understood Madam.
(Both Lester and McArthur walk out of the office and go to leave the building. They walk right past Stephanie’s desk.)
McArthur- I am leaving once again.
Stephanie- Oh wow…okay sir.
McArthur- Handle everything like you’ve already done.
Stephanie- Yes I will sir.
Lester- Actually…she won’t be able to do that. (McArthur turns to looks at him while Lester walks over to Stephanie) Pack your bags, you’re coming with us.

(Deep in space on the Generon satellite.)
Generon- Termination of unidentified mobile threat suggested at a necessary 100%. Unidentified mobile threat has been classified as primary target. Further activities will be directed at the destruction of these units. Analyzing threat capabilities…analyzing…analyzing. Identifying possible weaknesses…identifying…identifying…weakness identified. Unidentified mobile threat logic not at Generon capabilities. Counter measures can be formed without difficulty. Begin counter plans. (Generon then begins forming those plans.)

(In Berlin, Germany there is a press conference with Heinrich Lueger taking place. The place they are having it at is packed with people and the media. Lueger is up at the podium.)
Heinrich Lueger- I was there, in Birmingham. I saw the destruction I saw the pain I saw everything. In a place where it looked like there was no hope is the place where I found had the most heart. I went down there and found some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. People of strength and character. While I was there I also saw the “saviors”, the mobile suits that saved people of the European Nation. Thousands from that city including myself. But who wasn’t there, our esteemed Prime Minister. Where was he when his people needed him? He wasn’t there because he isn’t about his people anymore. He doesn’t care that most of the countries in the EN are in shambles or that the economy is failing and he isn’t there to help us. If you elect me then that will never happen again, you will have a leader that you can count on to be there for his people. I will do what needs to be done and go where I need to. With me as your Prime Minister the European Nation will once again be a place where its people won’t live in fear and have hope for a better tomorrow! (Everybody in the places stands up to clap. Heinrich moves from his podium and shakes the hands of the people in the front row. He then gets off the stage and walks in the sea of humanity interacting with as many people as he can.)

(In the dead of night on the India/Pakistani border deep inside a cave a man from the AotR is making a weapons deal with private military manufacturers in that area. Inside the dark cave there are old unused mobile suits gathered in one area and across from them is the party. The military contractors are standing their watching a Mandarin suit piloted by AotR soldier Colonel Xun Shu. The mobile suit is holding a new rocket launcher designed by the manufactures there. There are several thousand more of those weapons in one area of the cave boxed up. He aims it at the unused suits for target practice and fires. The explosion takes them all out.)
Colonel- Xun Shu- This new weapon of yours works well. Very well indeed. (He opens up his cockpit and grabs hold of a strap that gently lets him down to the floor. He walks over to the manufacturers.)
Lead Manufacturer- So I trust that you are willing to pay the price we agreed upon for 40,000 of these weapons?
Shu- Yes the Arms of the Republic is willing to pay. All you need to do is input this code the rest time you access your funds and Phanindra Zahin’s money will be immediately transferred to you.
Lead Manufacturer- Thank you Colonel, it is always a pleasure doing business with your coalition. (They shake hands and the manufactures get into their vehicles and exit the cave. Colonel Shu is inside looking at the weapons that were just purchased; he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a transmitter.)
Shu- (into transmitter) Okay Black team I am in possession of the weapons, you may eliminate the manufacturers now. (No response from the other side) Black team do you copy? (Still silence) Black team hello? (In the forest nearby where the 7 mandarin suits that comprised black team were hiding all those mobile suits are laid out and in pieces. Shu has no idea that his team is all dead.) What are those fools doing? (He walks back up to his Mandarin suit and gets inside. He begins to head out of the cave to see what happened to his team when he sees a shadow out the corner of his eye move by him. He turns to see what it is but nothing is there.) Hello?! Who is that? There wasn’t anything on my radar. (He sees another shadow move by him and turns to it again with his gun aimed.) Identify yourself now!! I will shoot you!

(From behind him a mobile suit jumps down from the top of the cave. It’s the Black Gundam. Shu begins to feel a terrifying presence around him. There is fear on his face. It pulls out its two beam sabers and stabs them right through the back of the mandarin. The two sabers go right through the cockpit destroying Shu in a split second. The Gundam then turns both sabers and pulls them through the suit tearing it in half. The two pieces then fall to the ground with a thud. The Black Gundam then begins to walk to the cave’s exit but stops. It turns around to look at the rocket launchers that Shu had bought. It lifts up it arm and shoots out its kunai on a chain directly at them. It pierces one of the rocket launchers in the box and causes it to explode. That sets off a chain reaction that causes all of them to explode. The Black Gundam makes it out of the cave before the whole thing is blown apart. On higher ground not too far away is where the Gundam escaped to. Inside Jackal looks down at the smoke coming from the cave. He pulls out his list and crosses one more name off. Xun Shu; and under his name is the next one...

...Phanindra Zahin.

To be Concluded
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its about time you fool

stop ending it with "to be concluded" it doesn't make any sense
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Tgjanlee, this forum is not your IM program. Stop using it as such.

TheLegendkiller, could you please edit your latest chapter so it doesn't stretch the page out with that huge series of periods?

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It gets the point across regardless, since i know him personally i can post like that and he'll get it. I wont post like that responding to you sir mister formal sir.
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