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Coming Gundam FF

Post by TheLegendkiller » Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:15 pm

Well I feel wierd being a new member and already putting up a fanfiction but I pretty much started doing it and wanted people's opinions on it. So yeah I'll be ready people's fanfictions and commenting on them and i hope you guys do the same for mine.

So this thing takes place in its own dimension, 150 NF for new Frontier haha it was the only I could find where to put New Frontier into the story. Coming up with the name for your series I think is the hardest part. Anyway earth is broken into Coalitions which seem to be very popular these days in Gundam fan fictions *coughGundam00cough*, theres 4 major ones, United Earth Protectorate which is basically North and South America, and throw in Japan too. The European Nation, which is pretty much all of Europe except Russia and the countries below it. The Red Federation which is Russia and the countries below it and the Arms of the Republic which is the Asian countries, except Japan, and India. Africa and the Middle East are controlled by smaller coalitions, private military organizations, dictators, anybody. There are space colonies but none of them follow any national boundaries.

Okay then characters, I'll start with Gundam pilots and some secondaries.

Rouke Arcadia
age- 17
looks- My friend'd drawing them cause he good at anime style stuff but apparenty he has dark blue hair coming down over his forehead, brown eyes, about 5''5
bio- Born in northern uk,

Caleb Jericon
age- 17
looks- black hair, brown eyes, 5''8, his hair is shorter and is spiked in the front a little
bio- born in philadelphia,

age- 23
looks- shaggy brown hair with green eyes about 5''5
bio- born somewhere in spain

Dr. Ayumu
age- 67
looks- wihe hair, going bald, and has a cane
bio- designed the Gundams and the Nuclear Arc-Reactor that powers them

Amisi Eshe
age- 18
looks- black hair, brown eyes
bio- assistant to Ayumu, repairs gundams with crew, medic

General McArthur
looks- short white hair about 6''0
bio- head guy of the UEP

Stephanie Mapell
age- 17
looks- light brown hair, blue eys
bio- McArthur's intern secretary

Brigadier Genral Defoe
age- 47
looks- bald, scar on his face, 6''1
bio- UEP soldier, commander of the elite mobile suit group The Armored

Captain Furey
age- 22
looks- short dirty blonde hair, clean cut, 5''10
bio- UEP soldier, in the armore core

Leda Annesley
looks- long purplish hair, green eyes
bio- student in europe

Commander Khambaita
age- 39
looks- dark brown hair, mustach goatee dealy, about 6''0
bio- EN ace pilot

Colonel Ferra
age- 21
looks- short black hair, black eyes, female character
bio- EN pilot that trained under Khambaita

Major general Komarovskii
age- 27
looks- light brown hair, side burns, brown eyes
bio- Red Federation pilot and does espionage work as well

Dr. Colonel Komarovskii
age- 25
looks- reddish hair, brown eyes
bio- the major general's brother, scientist/espionage guy


weapons- beam rifle, shield, should vulcans, broad sword

weapons- long beam rifle, two beam hand guns, beam-saw(like a chainsaw but with beam energy) and two smaller shields on each arm

Fenrir- weapons- huge chain gun, beam spear, steel claws on both hands

Mobile Suits

NUP- 011X Nova
weapons- beam rifle, shield on left arm (comes in armored form for Armored Core members only along with a beam saber, shoulder cannon, and customizable weapons)

CUP- 001A Crede
coalition- UEP
weapons- beam rifle and two rapid fire beam hand guns

ENV- 034 Vanguard
coaltition- EN
weapons- beam rifle and combat knife

RFM- A08 Acolyte
coalition- Red Federation
weapons- assault rifle, beam axe, sheild on left arm

RFM- WM03 War Monger
coalition- Red Federation
weapons- duel beam cannons on shoulders, beam cannons on both arms

ARM- U001 Mandarin
Coalition- AotR
weapons- beam rifle, mini-rocket launcher on left arm

Generon's Mobile Puppets

GF- 031A Ayagi
weapons- Beam cannaon attached to backside of the right arm, two beam sabers, shield on left shoulder

Okay here's the info and i'll start posting episodes soon, haha ok I took out things that would reveal a little bit of the plot
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Post by ShadowCell » Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:47 pm

Why are you spoiling so much of the story before you have any of it written/posted?

An actual story would garner far more interest than a bunch of character bios--for characters that the reader has no emotional investment in or knowledge of; and mecha stats--for a plot that has yet to be revealed.

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Post by TheLegendkiller » Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:33 pm

Because for some reason everybody else has stats and bios for their stories so I thought thats what everybody is doing.
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Post by ShadowCell » Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:40 am, you don't have to. In fact, I would prefer it if people would stop posting only the easy stuff about making fanfiction and actually put forth the effort to write the story to which all these stats and bios are attached--stats and bios that are meaningless without a story to attach them to, I might add.

And since you started another thread for the story, I'm going to lock this one. If you really feel the need to have this stuff posted, then you can post it there, but you don't need two threads for one fanfic.


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