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Cosmic Era Universe side stories

Post by cf_dagger » Sun May 18, 2008 11:35 pm

I'm a fan of CE universe, I know there are many lacking in both Seed and Seed Destiny, but I enjoy both series nonetheless. So here I try to write some stories about Cosmic Era, this stories actually greatly inspired by a fanfic with similar way of story telling that written in Gundam Evolution forum. To bad the writer not update his story more regularly now. So please enjoy, and hope for some feed back.

Story 1 - “The Hourglasses”

From his main monitor, Lieutenant Ilham Basayev seen the PLANTs as a set of tiny hourglasses rotating on its thin axis, very much like a toy that he once had, long time ago as a child in Kazakstan. But the Eurasian pilot know very well that each colony were very massive in size, capable to house an entire complete biosphere for hundreds of thousands people who live there. The facilities include two large cities, two big lakes, several small urban forests, and even its own artificial weather system. But the most importantly was the industrial complexes that were graded as one of the finest in the earth sphere. Each PLANT indeed an technological marvel, even if compared with other models of space colony that exist elsewhere.

And its expensive, veryyy expensive, Ilham said to himself. He know that is the main reason he and his squad are here now. Already for one month a joint task force of Eurasian, Atlantic Federation, and other nations that sponsored PLANTs construction forced an economic blockade on the L5 colony cluster. Just some year ago PLANTs citizen, or simply the coordinators, one of Basayev teammate called them, wanted an autonomy but the sponsor nation say no. Now they want a self independence, the sponsor nations respond with a big NO, and also send a task force of space warship to put them back in line.

Many political debates has arouse for the importance to not let PLANTs having their own independence. From the nationalist one, which said the PLANT were created by sponsor nations, so already became a part of it, because of that any practice of self-governing without permission of the motherland is equal to rebellion, and its has been the right and obligation of the motherland to suppress any rebellion. Or the more racialist one, that said if the coordinator permitted to have the PLANTs for their own, they will made it as a step stone to controlling the space colonies and next, the world. Truly, almost entire coordinators population are PLANT resident, but not all PLANT resident are coordinators. There still a lot of naturals live there, most of them were the original workers that built the colonies and also parents of many first generation coordinators. But it seems a lot of people try to forget about that, and generalizing the conflict as coordinator versus natural.

“Ah, they just want to keep their investment save. The politicians already screw the things up. They let this problem increase to this kind of scale, doesn’t know what to do anymore. And hey, why not send the poor soldiers to gun down some shuttle to scare the PLANTs into submission. Is it not that exactly why the taxpayers pay them, and their big shiny ships and mobile armors, for?” But Basayev quickly perish that thought when his Moebius radar picking several incoming to his direction.

“Sir, three GINN heading right at us,” his wingman radioed. I know that, stop stating the obvious. “Okay, stay on your toes. I’m sure they will back down like usual,” Basayev said to the rest of his squad.

This kind of interaction has been quite usual this days. PLANTs has developed their own military, thanks to its modern heavy industries, very quickly and relatively unnoticed. Before anything can be done the ZAFT, the military wing of PLANTs, already have several squadrons of warships and a fleet of a new weapon called mobile suit. This new war machines were a 16 meter high, humanoid giant robot that manned by one pilot located on its torso, very much like another toy that Bazayev had when he still a kid, but this one just a lot bigger and having a mono-eye on a helmeted head .

“ZAFT mobile suits, you are in violation of the No Fly Zone. Change course at once,” Basayev said in the radio, he tried to make his voice as polite and also as stern as possible.

“Eurasian Federation mobile armors, you are in violation of PLANT airspace. Turn back immediately”, one of the mobile suit pilots replied and still flying toward Basayev squad.

“I got them on range, sir. Take ‘em or not?” asked the leading Moebius. Its five to three, my ship is close by and there is an Atlantic Feds ship nearby with more armors if things going bad. “No yet, hold your trigger finger,” Basayev replied.

“Repeat. ZAFT mobile suits, you are in violation of the No Fly Zone. Change course at once, or we obliged to open fire,” Basayed said. Suddenly a streak of bullets coming from the leading GINN, no where near any Moebius but Basayev squad mates react by breaking formation.

“Repeat. Eurasian Federation mobile armors, you are in violation of PLANT airspace. Turn back immediately, the next shots will not be mere warning shots,” a voice was heard at the radio followed by a soft chuckle.

“You want it you get it, Coordinator,” a familiar voice then heard. The leading Moebius launched one missile, and then two more at the GINNs. “Alec, you insubordinate idiot. Hold your weapon I said,” Basayev screamed on top of his lung.

All the GINNs starting to scatter, but the heat seeking missiles already lock their prey and changing course to follow the mobile suits. Basayev hold his breath when seeing one of the GINN were tracked by the two later launched missiles and without chance of evading them. How will I put this mess on paper, he thought when the missiles were just several dozens meter from hitting the GINN.

To his surprise, and all his squad mates, if they were paying attention, the GINN do a nice barrel roll and shot down both the missiles. That impossible, how could he do that. The missiles exploded prematurely and the GINN fly away from the blast radius, evading multiple debris that created by the explosion. Alec’s Moebius going after it at full burn, not forget to launch his last missile at the green-grey mobile suit.

The GINN turned, faced the missile, and shot it again. Okay, that proves the previous one isn’t a coincidence. Alec fired several lineargun slugs which all missed, and maneuvered to the right, away from the GINN. But the ZAFT pilot chose to follow him, and put several bursts of accurately fired machinegun rounds to his engines. The Moebius got both of its engine explode, and sending the mobile armor rolling uncontrollably out of the battle zone.

The GINN were uninterested to Alec anymore and start firing toward Alec’s wingman. The MA pilot, Richaud, seemed was taken by surprise and quickly taking damage. The strong armor of the Moebius prevented it to get blasted to pieces by the GINN’s heavy machinegun but small explosions could be seen in its left engine. Before the ZAFT pilot could finish his job, Basayev interfered by shooting the GINN gun arm away with his lineargun. Two more lineargun blast, and the GINN flew away. Basayev tried to contact Richaud to no avail, it seem his radio was damaged. Basayev then used the signal lamp to order him to withdraw. The damaged MA pilot seems understand what he must do, and headed out of combat right after Basayez completed his signals.

The battle was clearly not in the Eurasian side, another Basayev’s Moebius got shot down and this time the unlucky mobile armor vanished in a bright explosion, its unfired missiles were struck by GINN shots. His last surviving subordinate was chased by a GINN and unable to loose it. Before he could support his subordinate, a GINN came from behind shooting at him. Basayev able to evade and counter with his own vulcan guns. The GINN turn around and shooting wildly at him, but then cease firing because its gun was out of ammo. Basayev didn’t miss that chance and fired his lineargun, but only score a severed leg. The GINN tried to fled but the missing leg seemed disturb the mobile suit balance and Basayev score another hit on the head, right on the mono-eye. Seeing his comrade was in danger the other GINN leave his target and after the Eurasian squad commander.

Basayev himself was very willing to retreat, following the rest of the squad, but a quartet of missiles fly toward the GINN and force the ZAFT machine doing a rather awesome evasive actions. At last those Atlantic Feds arrive, why it takes so long. “Be careful, this folks are quite good,” he radioed the newcomers.

Instead of running from the newly arrive Moebiuses, the GINN boldly faced his opponents, which again launching their missiles. The mobile suit shot down all the missiles and counter fired, which hit their mark and making the leading Atlantic Moebius lost one of its engines. Basayev fired his lineargun to distract the GINN, make it out of balance, and the other Moebius followed with their own guns. But the GINN pilot some how able to elude all the slugs and empting his last rounds on nearest Atlantic MA. The shots penetrated one of the Moebius straight on the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly.

At the same time, other GINNs returned. The one which lost a head and a leg led in the front, machinegun blazing. Basayev dodge the incoming bullets, while the two remaining Atlantic Moebius hunt the GINN that already offing two of their comrades. The headless GINN flew off when Basayev send two missiles at him, but the Eurasian didn’t turn and rush the one armed GINN that now drawing a sword in its left arm.

“Use a sword on a lineargun fight! Are you stupid or something?”, screamed Basayev.

The one armed GINN dodge his shots, and coming straight at him. Basayev’s Vulcan gun rattled and pouring rounds at the GINN torso but that didn’t stop it from charging at him. At the nick of time and with the proximity alarm shrieking, Basayev throw his MA hard to the right and the GINN’s cold steel failed to slice him, barely scratch his Moebius and left a long scar in the side of the fuselage.

Basayev heart pumped wildly, knowing he nearly went to the afterlife because of a giant sword. He franticly tried to stabilize his MA, and his first thought was to get out off this place no matter what. Seconds later, his years of training and experience able to overcome his survival instinct, make him calmer and start scouring the combat zone for the GINNs, and the rest of his allies. He quickly found the three GINN leaving the area at full burn with an Atlantic MA firing parting shots at them, the other Moebius seem drifting in space a couple hundred meters away. He also seeing the reason why the ZAFT retreated, his mother ship cruising to the combat zone at full speed followed by an Atlantic Drake class.

Basayev and the lone Atlantic Moebius then fly side by side toward their ships, and he contact the other pilot, “How will we put this mess into paper?”

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Post by cf_dagger » Sun May 18, 2008 11:38 pm

Story 2 - "As Bright as the Sun"

Atlantic Federation Space Force Lieutenant Peter Brown had a lot of mixed feelings these couple of days. First, he glad that he finally going to battle, as a soldier he definitely feel his years of hard and expensive space combat training will not be wasted to be simply a parade ground pilot, or just for scaring some smalltime smugglers and wannabe space pirates. But he can not hide that his heart also tremble with the thought of dying, he already thinking maybe a hundred ways to die in space, every single of it not a fun thought.

There has been days since the newly created Earth Alliance declare war against PLANTs but no major action been taken by both side. The Alliance itself was not a unified body of all Earth nations, despite what indicated by its name or what ever the politician might say. Its more a loose military confederation of PLANT sponsor nations that join together for a same goal, forcing the PLANTs back into line. The EA member states also not included some states that doesn't agree with hostile act against PLANTs, of course those countries are those that didn't involved with PLANT construction and didn't get trade benefit that belong to nations which involved on its construction. Now most of this countries shown sympathy toward the PLANTs, but the rest were quickly stated their neutrality.

Brown already heard talks about this war, mostly not good. Some of them agreed that this war was declared for economic reasons, for money and trade benefit. Others said its mainly for securing the loyalty of the space colonies. But there not a few that declared its for dealing with the "coordinator question" once and for all. Not many that actually spoke it a loud, but Brown think that nearly every pilot and crew of the space carrier Theodore Roosevelt want to have a piece of coordinator flesh in this upcoming action.

Brown himself cared not, not much, about reasons of this war. While he did think this all actually avoidable and there is better ways to resolve this conflict, and the Alliance High Command seems very heated up since this is practically humankind first space war, he knew that his opinion is irrelevant. He is a soldier and his country called for him, and that call is hard to elude, if you didn't want to be disgraced or spent some time in stockade that is. Like it or not this war already in motion, and he must do all his best in order not to get killed.

He realize nearly every war on history actually fought because of money, so why bother if this one has similar motive. He, while technically born in earth, always considered himself as a loyal colonist who didn't think that independence was needed. Every colony, more or less, an autonomic region and have, to some degree, a self government. And even the most advance space colony wasn't able to self sustained itself, unless the resident willing to eat microbes and drink recycled waste water all the time. Also he never got any issue with the coordinator. He only know very few of them and got no serious quarrel with any of them. Maybe some of them just plainly irritating, like that Juliet Chen who always beat every body at exams or Mike Cooper who broke his nose at high school.

But he knew that people had been doing terible things to other people because of less reasons. And when it comes to the 'we' and the 'them', most of people tend to throw away reason and start acting with their fist.

"Just look it on the positive side, this whole stupid mess can be a good career boost for you. No body ever get a flag rank if the only mission he ever participate is against petty smugglers who dump their cargo at first sight of a military ship", he said to himself and giggling softly.

"Hey, I know this canon doesn't make my Moebius look good at all. But it isn't that strange", a unfamiliar voice called to him.

Brown looked upward and saw a man stared at him from the cockpit hatch of the deep black Moebius mobile armor that he find quite interesting. Not only it not in standard light purple coloring, it also replaced the linear canon with a long, huge beam cannon. Some additional devices also attached on the engines, auxiliary power supply it seemed. The use of beam technology already common in Earth armed forces but no nation able to scale down their big, lumbering beam cannon into some thing compact enough to be packed into a regular mobile armor or tank. The bulky contraption that being bolted to the belly of this MA seems currently what the best of Atlantic federation engineers can worked up with.

"Quite awesome machine. I bet you want to use it against those ZAFT warships. What is their name? Lawrence-class?" said Brown to the man who now popped half of his body out. "It's Laurasia-class, Lieutenant Brown. Commander Hill told me that you are one of his best pilots, but it seems you forget things quite easily," answered the man.

"Well, sir" Brown quickly recognized the Major pips on the other pilot’s normal suit. "If you knew Commander Hill a little better, you will aware that half of what he say is a lie. I do sometimes forgetting stuff, but I'm sure that there aren't any this kind of unit mentioned on the briefing and no pilot resembling you either." The major laugh heartedly and said, "You did not saw me there because I'm didn’t come to the briefing. You fly with 123rd squadron, aren't you? I will go with the 118th. Good luck for you out there, that the place where the hammer will fall hardest. My job a lot easier apparently, as long as you fellows able to keep the enemy distracted. You see, this baby maybe doesn't look cool but will do its job perfectly."

"I do feel need a little luck. You seem know me, while I don't even remember your face, major. Can I know you're name?" said Brown. Suddenly an alarm sounded and the flight controller announces Level One Combat Status all over the intercom, every pilot and ship crew rushed to their stations. "Bah, we're there already! Well, it's always better to properly introduce ourselves on a lighter occasion. See you at the battlefield, sir".

The major then replied, "My name's Connor. I doubt we will meet out there, unless one of us has a bad sense of direction. Good hunting". The man vanished into his cockpit hatch and Brown jump toward his own Moebius. With the lack of gravity in the hangar, Brown floated and rolled into the cockpit. He closed his hatch, started all the system, and prepared for battle.

Minutes later, Brown and the rest of his squadron already launched out of the Roosevelt and join the fray. Its clearly the ZAFT were ready for a fight, and they came at the Alliance fleet with fury. Clearly, ZAFT mobile suit forces were smaller in number than EA's mobile armor attack group, but they charge straight into EA formation and engage the MAs in close range. ZAFT mobile suit proved to be a challenge, its nimble and maneuverable despite it size. Their hand held weapons has wider shooting area than Moebius linear gun which only can targeted those who right in front of the unit. Their armor were not less resistant than Moebius armor, Brown sprayed several enemy MS with vulcan guns but they get away with just minor damage.

His squad of four MA and two other squads now fought six GINN on an fierce dogfight. The GINNs already shot down three Mobius without loss, two of them using a shoulder carried recoiless rifle that able to destroy the thick armor of the Moebius with a single shot. One of the GINN was ganged by three Moebius but still able to loose them and blasted one of the attackers with well placed bazooka shot. Brown squad was still intact, they flied closely together trying to break enemy formation. His wingman, Glessing, score the first kill by shooting a bazooka equiped GINN from behind. Moments later his squad mates, Struan and Brock, slugged another one with combined fire of their linear guns.

Brown himself was busy dancing with an one armed GINN that came to him out of nowhere. The two chase each other along the battlefield, uncaring to other combatants, until a severed GINN leg -drifting in space with considerable speed- smashed Brown's pursuer on its side. The GINN momentary lost balance, the pilot desperately tried to control his machine. But his luck worsened, Glessing blasted both of his legs. When Brown turned around his MA, the GINN quickly withdrew from combat just to be destroyed by a stray missile launched by a friendly unit. The GINN that accidentally kill his own seemed didn't notice what happened, it continued to gun down a Moebius with machinegun bursts and destroyed another with missiles fired from launchers attached on its legs. The blood thristy GINN instantly found another prey, Glessing MA's, and begun to fire at him. But its killing spree was cut short, Struan blasted its gun arm and Brock sent two slugs that pierced the GINN abdomen. The MS exploded into a fire ball, scattering thousand debrids to all direction, many of them rattled the armor of Brown's Moebius and not a few got their way pass the outer layer.

When he busy scouring the field for enemies and checking possible hull breach, his radio went on and Brock's voice was heard, "Not a good day for you, squad leader. Two close calls but no egg on the basket". "It's not a good day for all of us. Longstaff's and Sinclair's squads were all gone, Mauss's squad now on deep trouble. All unit follow me!", Brown answered with a rather shaky voice. And they plunged back into combat.

Meanwhile both fleet started to pound the other with missiles, railguns, and beams. The Alliance knew that they outgunned the ZAFT fleet, while the main forces attacking head on, several cruisers moved to flank the enemy and prepared to broardsiding the ZAFT ships. The volleys of beams that followed were to many for the smaller ZAFT fleet, several ships were overwhelmed and destroyed. The ZAFT fleet then let loose many anti beam deepcharges and tried to reorganized their formation, the Alliance responded with a tremendous volley of missiles and torpedoes. But a large squadron of GINN came toward them under the hail of missiles. About half of the GINNs hold the squads of Alliance MAs that been sent to intercept the new attackers. The rest continued their attack against some Moebius that remained behind to escort the ships, this unlucky units quickly destroyed or simply passed by the GINNs. The GINNs then rushed the EA's ships despite heavy anti aircraft fire that unleashed by their preys. Several MSs were struck and came into flame, but many more able to evaded.

A GINN equipped by anti ship weapons launch all four of its heavy missiles, one of them destroyed prematurely by CIWS guns, but the rest founded their target at the forward torpedo launchers of a Nelson class. Secondary explosions erupted from the cruiser's own torpedoes, that ignited by the blast, and started to engulf half of the ship. Other GINN buzzed the bridge of one the Drake class that took position above the exploding cruisser and placed two bazooka shots at the top of its command tower, seconds later two other GINNs launched their heavy missiles to finished off the ship.

Several kilometers away from the mayhem, Brown fired his last missile toward a GINN. The ZAFT pilot still able to shot it at the last moment but having so near from the blast, the GINN head was heavily damaged by the explosion. Before Brown could steady his aim and delivered the killing blow, Glessing once again stole his kill with a perfect hit to the cockpit. Grumbling inside his depressurised cockpit -a near miss by a bazooka round sent some sharpnels that punctured little holes on his Moebius cockpit, miraculously no control panels were damaged- Brown more than ready to let out his frustation to the remainder of the GINN group that harassing what left of 123rd squadron, but suddenly two of the GINN was struck by missiles that came from 'below'. The rest of the ZAFT MSs realized that they was outnumbered and low on ammo, so all of them turned toward their fleet and fled at full burn, except one that got blown a apart by Brock.

The newcomers contacted the survivors of 123rd and identified themselves as the 402nd squadron of the Eurasian Federation Space Force. It seemed the 123rd was hit hard and no longer combat effective, more over Brown currently was the highest ranking officer of the squadron. Only six Moebius were left of the total 16 units, every surviving unit already sustained damage and needed to resupply. With the Eurasian watched their back, Brown led his squadron back toward the Roosevelt.

Even returning to carrier was not an easy task. It was clear that the ZAFT has won the day, the Alliance offensive was broken and the fleet was forced into defensive. ZAFT reinforcement has arrived and now fresh squadrons of ZAFT mobile suit attacked the Alliance fleet directly. The main fighting moved closer to the Alliance fleet, flying in the middle of that area was a certain death for them. So Brown took the 123rd away from the main battle and planned to reach the Roosevelt from behind after circling the battle zone from 'above', they may became clear target for ZAFT ship gunners or met some strangler GINNs but it the best chance they got.

When they cleared out of the fighting, Brown realized the brutality of war and damage that was done. Before this he was to busy surviving and killing, now when all the carnage were left behind and he flied on a space that littered by countless drifting wreckage, here and there he could see some human corpses floating lifeless. Everybody were silent. Brown wondered why only his squad that remain without casualty, and what he has to write to the family of the deceased members of the 123rd, and was there other pilot that also didn't got any kill today. In front of the retreating MAs drifted a destroyed Laurasia frigate, the once green ZAFT ship now charred black with several large holes on its hull, no sign of life could be seen from it. By some explosion or other causes, Brown didn't know, the ship was turned 90 degree upward with its engine thrusters facing up and its massive bulk blocking the sun light, creating a shadowy area that now passed by Brown's Moebius.

But suddenly the darkness was lifted. A bright light shone from behind them, in the direction of the PLANTs. Brown saw the white light that outshone any stars and wondered what it really was.

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