Gundam Galaxy War (Working title)

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Gundam Galaxy War (Working title)

Post by Livingweapon » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:14 pm

Well I'm currently attempting to work on a fanfiction. It's not really based on any other series, its an attempt at an orginal idea. But I am going to include some characters from other series like from 00, anothers I'll post up soon.


The year is 2135, Tensions between the Earth Sphere and Martian forces continue to rise after several years of war, Mars had launched an all out attack against the Earth, wiping Japan off the face of the Earth. Earth struck back using their new Mech units were call Knights. The Knights possessed weapons far advancer then the original mech’s had. These units quickly turned the tides of the war and brought the second New Years war to an end. Now that Nicolas Yamato, Mars is under new leadership but there’s more to the new growing force then people think. The world is about to enter an era unlike any other.

[align=center]Phase 1: Hell unleash[/align]

Flagstaff, Arizona
Time: 4:31 AM
EA underground base

The base was filled with soldier, guards, scientist, and pilots moving around the place, heading from one location to another. It seems that the day was another clear blue sky, perfect for the solar panel’s to collect energy from the sun. Earth had depleted its fuel resources so they moved to the sun source, which seems a lot more available in today’s date. People around the world, tries to make more energy sources, but sunlight seems to be the top one of all of them.

Within one of the command rooms several council members were gathering around a single table. It seems that sheets of paper were infront of them.
[*] “The ARI is still influencing Mars to become a super power and make an aggressive assault against the moon base. At the current rate, we’re going to have a massive army at our doorstep. I suggest that we construct a force of our own force~” one of the members were cut off.
[*] “Not truly necessary. Having Earth Sphere move their forces could make Mars see us as hostile. Its better if we wait until we see a result from them first. Once they start moving their forces, then we’ll strike back.” Another member said as he leans back into his chair. ‘We can’t be certain anymore... God help us if I’m wrong.’ He thought silently as the other members started to chatter amounts themselves.

[*]“The question still remains are about the three units that were stolen a while ago. What will we do if they launch those suits against us?” One of the council members brought up. The others turned their heads towards him and slowly became silent.
[*]“That’s a good point… However we can’t be certain about that as well. Only special pilots could pilot them, pilots that have high Stamina and resistance. Those type of pilots will be able to bring out the full potential of the Knights.”

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union
Time: 4:32 AM

[*] Dominic Night and Violet Nox head out of the room and down the hallway. Both of them head out to the front area of the building, both of them went towards the hanger area. Passing by mechanics and guards alike.

[*] “Hey. If it isn’t my old friend.” A young white hair young man walks out of one of the doorways after seeing Dominic. As Dominic stopped he turned around and looked towards him.
[*] “Hello there Allen, how are you doing?” Dominic asked as he faintly grinned at his long time friend. Violet turns her head towards Allen as well, but she sticks her tongue out at him.
[*] Catching that, Allen only smirks a bit then turns towards Dominic. “I’m doing alright… It seems that they upgraded my Ariel. Well, I guess when the enemy starts rolling in heavy weapons it would be time for us right?” He asked putting his hands into his pockets. Dominic could only nod at this in silence, while Violet gave a “Yeah.”

[*] Slowly Allen looks over at the two for a moment. He was about to say something, however a soldier walks out of the hanger behind him. Lowering his chart, the guard looks over. “Allen, sir. We require you with the training simulation. And Ensign Dominic Night, and Private Violet Nox. Your required to head to hanger H-4.” The soldier said to them, then saluted before turning back and walks in with Allen to his mech unit.
[*] Both Dominic and Violet looked at each other for a moment, and then forwards as they both started to head towards the hanger they were told to go.

Mars base, Trantros
Time: 4:52 AM
Council room

[*]In a dark room with a single man sitting within one of the chairs. Several screens were surrounding him. Looking over towards one of the screens, it had the Earth with several red arrows going down towards it. A smirk crosses his lips, leaning back a bit.
[*]“Sir, a report just came in from the 87th battle orbit group. They say that they’re ready to begin.” A voice came over the comlink; the man turns towards it and presses the button. “Good. Now begin phase one.” He said over the COM, in response was a “Yes sir.” Then the COM went dead. The man turns over towards another screen that showed the specs to some of the KNIGHT’s. “A lot of interesting things are going to happen.” He mumbled to himself.

Debris belt, L1
Time: 4:55 AM
Mars Flagship, Levite

[*] Inside the bridge the crew worked over time, as they were getting ready for a launch. Even though the lights were out, they had the lights from the hub of their consoles to work from. They were slowly drifting in the debris belt as they were heading slowly downwards to the end of the belt, the bow facing towards an island on Earth.
[*] “Sir, 5 minutes until Operation begins. Should we launch out the mech’s?” The CIC officer said as he turns his head towards the Captain.
[*] “No not yet, we don’t want to give away our position.” He said as a slight smirk crosses his face. “There will be an opening do not worry.” He said as the CIC officer looks forwards again. He leans over and sets his right hand up under his chin. “Change that order. We’re launching right away.” He said calmly. The CIC officer opens up a comlink to the hanger.
[*] “Operation is now beginning. All MS’s prepare to launch. I repeat; Operation is now beginning. All MS’s prepare to launch.”
[*] With that inside the hanger, several MS’s moved over to the single catapult. The first one was large and had a whip coming out of it shield. Its body had a dark shadow over it as it was locked into position and ready to be sent out.
[*] Inside the cockpit the glass on the helmet was dark and covered the pilots face. They were holding the controls tightly.
[*] “KNIGHT-001 Hellfire. Your clear for launch.” The voice rang over the com system;
[*] “KNIGHT-001 Hellfire, Soma Pieris, heading out!” A female voice came from the pilot as the Hellfire launches out of the hanger and straight towards the Earth. Slowly the other mech’s were launching out as well but pods were following them. The normal Mech’s were slowly going into the pods as they enter the atmosphere. The operation was now commencing.

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union
Time: 4:57 AM

[*] Both Dominic Night and Violet Nox slowly entered the hanger where they were told. The door closed behind them as they looked around. A soldier dressed in a Commander uniform with several other pilots were there, they slowly walked over to the two.
[*] “I take it your one of the Ace’s?” The commander asked as he looks over towards Dominic with narrow dangerous eyes.
[*] “I am sir.” Dominic said as he salutes the commander. Violet did the same as she stood next to him. “And I am his wingman.” She said calmly. The commander didn’t really look over at her.
[*] “You’re needed to patrol this sector. The Martian forces are acting up again.” He orders in a serious tone towards him. The commander seems to be in a serious attitude at the moment. Dominic salutes him, “Yes sir.” He said calmly at he stood there.

[*] Inside the Radar station, one of the officers sees something coming onto the radar. Red dots were coming down towards him. “What the?” He said as he quickly hits the alarm, sending alarms to the entire base. “We have hostile contact! 10 drop pods and…. A KNIGHT!!!” He yelled out as the code name for Hellfire came up.

[*] The group quickly looked around Dominic stood ready for a moment and rushed towards his Mech unit. Violet followed him, as well as the other pilots. Everyone started to rush around.
[*] “The hell!? How did it come to this?” Violet said as she had went towards the changing room. She was hopping that Dominic would go there, however Dominic was going over to an Ariel. He wasn’t going to go onto battle without a flight suit. Climbing up the ladder over the cockpit. Violet only shrugs her shoulders and turns and heads into the change area.
[*] The AA guns were activating and started to fire upwards at the invaders that were coming down faster towards the base. Though for some strange reason, the shots were being pushed away from the KNIGHT, which was in the lead of the drop. Its armor seems to be pushing the shells away from its body. This gave the drop pods enough time to break apart and the MS’s started to fly out, two from each pod. Though they kept behind the KNIGHT as too keep away from the enemy’s fire.
[*] Soma slowly lifts up her shield mounted cannon and took aim towards on of the AA guns. The cannon charges up and fires a large silver color beam, incinerating the entire gun. She than drags the wave of pure energy along the ground over a hanger, the inside explodes and the mechanic’s and pilots that were inside were vaporized.

[*] Several Mech units launched out to engage the enemy forces. A battle started over head as Dominic moves his unit out of the hanger doors when it was active. “How many enemy’s are there?” He asked over the com. The CIC officer response, “22 Mech units and a single KNIGHT.” They said. “Currently All alley forces are attempting to head out into battle.” The CIC officer continued.
[*] “KNIGHT?” Dominic said to himself. “What’s the battle strength of a KNIGHT?” He asked hoping the CIC officer would know. However before the officer could say, the station that they were in blew up from a beam shot from the KNIGHT, Hellfire.
[*] The unit slowly lands on the ground as a squad of Vanguard mech’s fired their assault rifles at it, however the bullets were heading into different directions as the armor of the Hellfire pushed the projectile’s away. Hellfire lifts up and swings its whip like weapon, cutting straight through 3 of the five units. The other two quickly leap backwards, one went behind a building while the other continued to fire its assault rifle towards the Hellfire. However the same thing happened with the bullets, as they were redirected away from the suit.
[*] “I have to stop that unit before the whole base is destroyed.” Dominic said as he was preparing to launch towards the battle but suddenly stopped when his alert signal’s light up. Quickly taking up into the air as several shells had hit into the area he was standing. Looking over he sees some Hydra’s coming towards his position firing their cannons and missiles at him. Dominic pulls up his shield and blocks some of the rounds however part of his shield tears off. “Damn it!” He yells out as he pushes his thrusters and charges straight towards the enemy Hydra’s, while pulling out his combat knifes.

Kaohsiung base, Equatorial union
Time: 5:00 AM
Command center

[*] “Sir! We lost contact with Carpentaria Base! Last message was sent saying they were attacked!” A CIC officer turned towards the direction of the commander, who seems to be shocked about it. “What should we do?” The CIC officer asked.
[*] “We’re going to-“ Suddenly he stopped when an explosion happened outside. “What the!?” He stood up roughly to look out the window.
[*] Several explosions happened within the hanger and port of the base. From the sky a pink beam ripped through the air as more rained down onto the base. And yet no one was there, not a single suit was spotted. The defense guns moved up and started to fire into the directions of the beams, however at a certain point, the bullets were being pushed away by an unseen force.
[*] “Hurry and notify all the forces. Tell them we have a KNIGHT on our hands! And get the orbiting space fleet on the line, I want to know what their doing up there!” The commander order.
[*] “Yes sir!” The CIC officer said as they started to type onto the computer. At that moment, some of the Earth suits started to make a move to intercept the enemy. However it looks grim for the ground units as they were being outmatched. It would only be a matter of time before something lets up.

Evaluo Earth flagship, Earth’s orbit
Time: 5:10 AM

[*] The Earth ship moved forwards as its thrusters were only partly silent as it was drifting towards a group of ships that were hanging over the Earth above Kaohsiung base. The ship main guns were pointing in the direction of the group of ships.
[*] “Sir, We have confirmed a Mars fleet above the drop point of Kaohsiung base. Looks like their getting ready to strike.” The CIC officer said.
[*] “I see, so we caught them at a bad time. Prepare the KNIGHT. We’re going to engage the enemy fleet.”
[*] “Yes sir.” The officer said as he turned toward the console. “Attention pilot of KNIGHT-005 Prime. Please report to your Mech unit. I repeat, pilot of KNIGHT-005 Prime, please report to your Mech unit.” They said over the COM on the entire ship.

[*] Inside the hanger, a lone pilot walked over towards the side of the KNIGHT that was in the form of a fighter. Moving over, they bring their arms up and started head up to ladder and enters the cockpit. Slowly they bring up the OS to the computer and started to work on the system as the platform started to move the KNIGHT over to the catapult.
[*] “Linkage to catapult. All green. Opening hatch. Lining Prime up with launching patterns. Completed. KNIGHT-005 Prime your clear for launch”
[*] “Prime, Pricea Haptism, heading out.” The person said as they launched the KNIGHT out at full speeds right out of the catapult towards the group of Mars ships.

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union
Time: 5:15 AM

[*] Dominic thrust’s the Armor knife straight through the Hydra’s torso, killing the pilot. Suddenly he turns his head to see the Hydra’s pointing their weapons and preparing to fire at him.
END of chapter
I salute Sergei, For the actions he took to save Soma Pieris.

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Post by Livingweapon » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:53 pm

Phase 2: Dawning war

As Dominic prepared to use the enemy Hydra as a shield from the other enemy’s, several shells came in tearing two of the Hydra’s bodies in half. Looking over Dominic sees a group of Sien’s. Then suddenly a com opened onto his unit.
“Thank goodness your alright.” Violet said towards him. Dominic could only pull the knife out from the torso of the Hydra.
“Violet. Good thing you came.” He said calmly towards her with a smile.
“Don’t drop your guard.” Another voice came over the com system. It was the commanders. “You’ll be killed like that.” He continued before turning his suit towards the battle that was happening around them. “We’ll have to handle the KNIGHT together.” He said.
“Please wait for a moment.” Dominic said as he leveled his suit to the ground.
“What is it?”
“Let me handle the enemy KNIGHT.” Dominic said before turning his unit over towards the direction of the Hellfire.
“What the hell are you trying to do? That thing has a special type of armor that prevents projectiles from hitting it.” The commander said. “Don’t try to play-“
“Play the hero. I know that. However even if it has that type of armor, there’s always a weakness.” Dominic said as his unit slowly started to hover off the ground and heads along the area towards the Hellfire direction.
“HOLD ON, GET BACK HERE. THAT’S AN ORDER!!” The commander barked over the com.
“Let him go, sir.” Violet said calmly.
“Are you going to let him die? Aren’t you his wingman?” The commander asked.
“I am his wingman. However Dominic isn’t the type to go down too easy. Also, he had told me before that he prefers to fight alone.” She said as she looked forwards. “Before anything else. I suggest we clear out these small fry.” She said as her unit lifted into the area and she transforms into fighter mode. The commander only sighs, as he seems to have been out done. Following her into the area, he and his squad launches to counter attack the enemy.
“First... We must retake the harbor and ports before we can do anything else.” He said as he and two other sien’s started to fly towards the harbor, while dodge the enemy fire.

Earth Orbit
Time: 5:18 AM

Prime quickly flipped around as it was in fighter mode. The enemy missiles that were heading towards him steered off course from their target. Bringing its body over, the plasma missiles launched over from the hatch, The Mars ships attempted to shot down the missiles. However one missile had pierced through the bridge of a Mars ship.
Prime just flew past the downed ship and went for the others. The CIW’s were being pushed away. The enemy ships couldn’t launch their suits when they’re in the battle situation. So Prime had the upper hand in the situation. Circling around, it fires its beam rifle down onto the enemy ships.
“Too Easy….” The Pilot of Prime said as they continued the assault on the three enemy ships. Slowly a message came over onto their screen.

Message: “Once the Prime KNIGHT dispatches the Mars space forces. It along with Ensign Pricea Haptism, are to head down into the Kaohsiung base and assist the alley forces.”

“Oh man…. So much to do in a little time.” Sighing abit, the pilot just moved around the shots from the ships. Keeping low from the main guns of the Mars ships. They just continued on the attack against the enemy ships.

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union

“Take this!!” Dominic just charged straight for the Hellfire. He was coming up from behind so there should be a delay in the enemy reflexes as he approached them. Having an assault rifle in his right hand, he held onto his shield with his left firing straight towards the unit. However the bullets were being redirected into directions.
Soma notices the red flashing lights in her cockpit. Slowly turning her body, she knew that projectiles couldn’t harm her so she had really nothing to worry about. But this enemy was just like every other enemy. Lifting up her cannon it charges and goes to fire towards Dominic.
“Damn~” Dominic was cut off as he pushes his unit into the air, right above the shot. His left leg melting straight off, trying to keep his distances. Along with that, several hangers were caught in the blast. Soon the buildings explode into pieces. Dominic grips his control’s tightly as he ejects the melted leg. Keeping his thrusters low, just enough for him to float in the air. He looks over towards the Hellfire, to see it lifting up its cannon towards him yet again.
“MOVE!” Dominic yells out as he pulls his unit high into the air then moved around to charge at her. Soma goes to aim, but Dominic just kept moving to the side out of her line of fire. As he got closer he goes with both blades in his units hands, preparing to strike. But Soma backs up from him and pulls out her whip. Sending it towards him.
Dominic moves his right arm in the way allowing the whip to wrap around his arm, the blades digging in deeply into it. “Not over yet!” He yells out as his left hand lifts up and slashes downwards. Cutting straight through the Hellfire’s left arm. Soma quickly ejects the broken arm, as well as Dominic.
“You bastard!” Soma yells out as she prepares her whip again. She was angry for having her unit damaged.

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union
Time: 5:21 AM

“Hurry and clear the LZ!” The commander barked as the squad along with Violet bombarding the Port, attempting to clear it from the enemy’s that taken over it. She fires several shells into a Javelin’s chest plate, causing the entire cockpit to collapse into the pilot, killing them in an instant.
“Sir, Port 4 has been cleared.” Mark said as his unit lands onto the metal plating of the port. His unit turns to the left as it started to fire its machine gun at another Javelin, braking through the armor of the torso.
“Good. All units form onto Port 4 and hold position’s.” The commander said as his squad started to move to that sector. Violet follows in behind them. Then slowly the commander started to get a transmission.

Transmission: “This is the Devour, we’re currently outside of port 6. We’re requesting any Earth Sphere unit that are still out there. I repeat, this is the Devour, we’re currently outside port 6. We’re requesting any Earth Sphere unit in the area.”

“The Devour! They weren’t destroyed.” One of the squad members said.
“Good. We can use their help.” The Commander said as he started to type in a message to the submarine. “This is Commander Osura. Leader of the 41st battalion, we’ve received your transmission. How is your battle status?” He asked.
“We’re undamaged. Some how we managed to escape the bombardment. We have 4 Mech units onboard, all Sien’s. Our missile supplies are at 100%. What are the orders?” A voice came over the com.
“Currently ports 3,2,1,5, and 6 are being occupied by the enemy Mech’s. We request an missile assault on the ports.”
“But, we’d be attacking our own base.”
“The base is being over run. They’ve already taken the ports so it’s the enemy’s now.” There was silence on the other end, then a roger as the com went dead.

Moments pasted as the Devour, Sub Vessa class came from under the water. Its body was out in the sea and the Mars Mech’s didn’t see it too well. All 12 of the missile bays opened up as several missile tips came up. “Fire!” With that the missiles started to rain out of the hatches and straight towards the ports. The Mech’s didn’t see them coming until the warning signal’s came on. But by that time it was too late.
The ports filled with flames and fire, as the Mar’s suits were blown to pieces.

Kaohsiung base, Equatorial union

“Ahahaha! To Easy!” Talien said as his Nightmare just pulls up and fires into a couple of Earth units. So far his unit remains untouched by the enemy, it looked grim for the lesser suits. Suddenly his warnings came on. Looking upwards four whitish missiles came down towards him. “Reinforcements?” He said as he prepares to aim towards the suit in the distance when suddenly the missiles passed the point of the armor. “What-“ he said as his unit barely got out of the way before the missiles exploded and cause beam energy to fly out.
“I see it’s a KNIGHT!” He said smirking. Lifting up his beam rifle he fires towards the Prime. Which it spun around and transformed into its Mech mode. Charging in at him. Talien activates his beam saber arm and charges at the unit. “Lets see who’s better!” He swung towards the right when the Prime sliced downwards as the sabers clashed. The Prime seems to start to have the upper hand.
Suddenly inside the Nightmare cockpit, a message came up: “Pull back, mission failed.” Talien read it in silence before sighing a bit. “Damn. I can’t have any fun around here.” He said as his unit pushes back away from the clash, leaving the Prime floating there. Quickly turning he fly’s away at high speed, he turns his head towards the direction. “I’ll come back for you later.” And with that he was gone.

The pilot of the Prime remains calm as they just float there in silence. Slowly turning their head towards the base. What’s really left of it, turning their unit. The Prime starts to head back to the base.

Carpentaria Base, Oceania Union

Soma swings her whip towards Dominic’s suit. Dominic didn’t have enough time to react so he moved his left arm in the way of the whip. Allowing it to rip off. She was about to attack again but receives the message. Gripping her control’s tightly she just lifts up off the ground and heads away, leaving Dominic’s unit standing there with no arms. He could only stare in silence as the remaining attack force started to retreat.
Soon as the Mars forces left, Violet’s Sien pulled over and landed next to him. She opens a comlink towards him
“It looks like… Something happened.” She said calmly towards him, which Dominic could only nod a bit. Looking in ahead towards the KNIGHT that was in the distance. Soon the other squad members had landed next to him.
“Well, you did well” The commander said towards Dominic.
“How many survived?” Dominic asked calmly as his unit slowly lend down onto one knee.
“Not sure. I say about 21 to 25 mech units. But its not certain…. They surely got us on this one. We know that the Earth Sphere is going to strike back. That’s until we reorganize our forces. Radios came in that several bases had sent aid for us a couple of minutes ago.”
“I see.” Dominic said as he watched as the survivor of the battle started to come out from the ruins and remaining buildings to start repairing in what they can.
“Come. A Vessa class Sub is waiting for us to debrief them in what had happened.” The commander said as he and the rest of the squad started to head towards the docks, leaving Dominic and Violet there. Dominic’s unit was in a sitting position against a ruin building. His cockpit hatch opens up slowly, undoing his belt Dominic steps out onto the metal bay looking on in silence.

Mars base, Trantros
Council room

“Sir. We have a transmission, saying that the mission had failed.” An officer said before saluting and walks out of the room. The Chairman only smirked for a moment.
“…Not yet….” He muttered as he looks at the console on the KNIGHT’s. Slowly another soldier comes into the room.
“Sir, Its time.” The soldier said as the Chairman smiles for a moment before shutting off the computer and stands up. He then walks around the table and heads out of the room with the soldier.

Kaohsiung base, Equatorial union
Command Center

“Status report on all fronts! I want to know what exactly happened! On the double~” The commander said as the base was on high alert, another officer walks over to him.
“Sir, we have reports that the Carpentaria Base, is still standing. There are reports that the Enemy was actually looking for something at that base and this one as well.” The officer said towards him, while the commander turns his head towards him.
“Do they know what Mars was looking for?” The commander asked while the officer hands over a small chart with several notes on it.
“Not exactly. But it’s a chance that they were looking for the 2 other KNIGHT’s and the carrier.”
“I see then, where are the other units anyway?” The commander asked.
“The Ark is still docked with the Ion cannon along with the Omega and Armada, sir. However there’s a possibly that the ship will be launch and sent on the front lines.” The officer said.

“Sir, the pilot of the Prime KNIGHT is here. They wish to be debriefed on the base situation. They’re in hanger 11” The COM rang over the voices of the other officers.

“I understand.” The commander said calmly as he looks over to other officer. “Take over the situation for me.” He said as he started to head off of the main room, heading down the hallway towards the direction of the hanger.

Inside the hanger, the pilot stood next to Primes right leg as they kept their full flight suit on as well as the helmet covering their face. Then slowly lifts up their head to see the commander heading their way. Pricea Haptism slowly lifted up and pulls their helmet off as the light pinkish hair came down to her back. It was revealed to be a female pilot.
“Sir, Pricea Haptism, of that 132nd Space battalion. Reporting for duty.” She said as she brings the helmet under her left arm and salutes.

Pacific ocean
Unknown Island

The Hellfire unit was resting in between the trees on its knees. The cockpit hatch was open as Soma was wandering the lonely island because she had nothing to do. The other units were scattered about the small island. For Soma, she was waiting for the others to arrive so they could prepare for the next phase of the mission.
Slowly coming to the edge of the forest towards the beach, her eyes moved up to the sky as she noticed a strange shifted in the scenery. The moments later her eyes didn’t move off that spot as slowly the Nightmare started to decloak. The unit fly’s over head and goes to land next to Hellfire. The hatch opens and Talien steps out. Removing his helmet, he only looks around in silence.
Looking around he only grabs the zip line and brings himself down to the ground level. He turns his head over and looks towards where the direction Soma was coming. Turning his body towards the direction he steps forwards a bit.
“Yo. What’s next on the agenda?” He asked towards her calmly. Soma comes to a complete stop and looks at him.
(End of Chapter 2)
I salute Sergei, For the actions he took to save Soma Pieris.

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