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[{The Falcon Team Arc}]

Post by Darkerangel » Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:01 am

CREED 13: Aurora Borealis II

“Dammit!” cussed Lola while scanning the three mobile armors. “The G-Gasper, Skyrazor, and M-1-T…what?” she stopped reading as her screen kept tuning in and out. She checked one of the mini screens and learned that the Helloid’s database was being hacked.

“Hmmm, looks like he noticed,” said Raquel.

“He’s mine!” shouted Jessie as her mobile armor gestured toward the Gundam. The Helloid turned around and pulled the beam rifle’s trigger, sending out an enormous burst of red light barreling through the sky. The beam rifle was fired multiple of times as the Skyrazor began dodging every shot. “Not bad, but I’m better,” said Jessie. She fired beam shots from her twin machine gun mounted on the right arm. The gun could fire four beams in one shot, causing Lola to react fast and darted passed it. She pulled the LCD keyboard out and stared typing, trying to prevent Lya from getting the Helloid’s data.

“Oh my, he’s trying to activate a inner firewall,” replied Lya.

“Will he be able to stop the hack from happening?” asked Raquel curiously.

“I can’t say. Our best bet is to…distract,” smiled Lya. The M-1-T flew straight at the Helloid and with beam cannons mounted on each wing pointing north, east, and south on the right wing and north, west, and south on the left wing, Lya fired from the left wing both the north and west beam cannons. The Helloid was able to move away from the north beam, but Lola had to put up her shield from the surprising west beam that slammed into it. Lola couldn’t settle because before she knew it, the G-Gasper came in from the side, firing its forward-firing beam gun that brushed against the right leg.

“I’m taking you out!” shouted Jessie as her Skyrazor suddenly while in the air transformed into a full armored mobile suit. Stunned, Lola braced herself as the Skyrazor whipped out its chain hammer. The Skyrazor swung from the right to the left as the spiked hammer launched from its gun-like holder with a beam-like chain following from behind it. The Helloid held its shield in front of it as the spiked hammer smashed into it,

“Ahhh!” screamed Lola, feeling the G-force as the Helloid felt like it was going to fall from the sky and crash.

“Captain, the FV-Gundam Helloid is unable to land,” said Cici aboard the Quin-La.

“Sensors indicates that the Helloid has encountered three Jet type model mobile armors and has engaged in battle with them,” confirmed Stacy.

“Malik, how long till the mega particle cannon ready to be fire?” asked Etrius.

“The MPC sir!? At least ten minutes.”

“Then get it ready, now! This tank may be on the ground, but we’re still going to take the fight to them.”

BACK IN THE SKY, “This is too easy,” grinned Raquel as the Skyrazor went back into mobile armor mode. Lola was doing too many things at once. Fighting, trying to put up a barrier, while her mind is kicking into overtime. Her senses picked up danger as all three jet mobile armors were in a triangular position. Lola closed her eyes as her light purple aura flared up from her body, radiating from the Gundam.

!!! huh…I’m sensing strong psychic pressures coming from that Gundam,” said Jessie.

“The pilot? Is the pilot an Anointed Being?” asked Raquel.

“I may not be a Thai-Long fan, but it would explain him having difficulties taking this suit,” added Lya.

“I don’t like it,” said Raquel while grabbing her head. “Their pressure is increasing.”

“I…I won’t go down…LIKE THIS!” she said, Lola’s ruby eyes changed as the physical characteristics were different. Her pupil shrunk and a growth of the iris took place. Jessie’s eyes widen, hearing the faint voice of that sounded like a female’s.

“Take it out now!” she ordered. All three jet mobile armors fired two missiles each from their wings. While in the cockpit, Lola’s head tilted down her head a bit, rapidly typing away on the keyboard,

“Re-stabilizing OS into Safe mode. Back working data bank into safe drive spore. Switching controls to delta beta. Adjusting configurations 10%. System is green,” babbled Lola in her state of mind. In her calm submissive state of mind the universe around them seemed to have frozen in time. The Helloid boosters kicked in as it darted straight passed the six stalled missiles. Once out in the clear, time reverted back to normal and the missiles collided with each other, summoning a sandy gray cloud from their impact.

“What the hell just happened?” asked Raquel in a shocking tone.

“Oh shĭt!”

“What?” asked Jessie.

“That ass created a barrier within the system. I’m locked out,” explained Lya.

“Can’t you…oh I dunno know, unlock it!” said Jessie.

“I need more time,” answered Lya.

“Fine then, this ăsshole is going down,” stressed Jessie as her golden eyes too changed characteristics also. Lola felt a surge of prickled energy going down her spine. The Skyrazor converted back to a mobile suit and whipped out a yellow beam saber. The right Hellion Cannon rotated upward and rested on the Gundam’s shoulder. The Helloid right hand reach back and grabbed the beam saber that is stored inside of it. When drawn, particles beam nearly ten meters long shot out. Both the Skyrazor and Helloid came at each other and locked sabers.

“HuuuuAAHHHH!” they both shouted and a psychic lightning both shot out of both their psyche and clashed, merging their spatial awareness which sucked their consciousness into one big aurora. [[Lola felt a blast of energy swirling around her like a tunnel. Wherever her aura was taking her she felt no fear, grabbing the air right out of the sky, seizing its essence for her own self. Upon letting it go, her world suddenly exploded all around her. She soon started to become aware of her surroundings and saw that she was floating in the atmosphere, bombarded with stars and layers of energy zooming past her like tiny celestial bodies. Lola was in utter amazement; the entire universe was in her sight, revealing its true beauty.

“Lola Kayleigh. So you’re the pilot of the Gundam Helloid.”

“Jessie Von-D. Wait…how do I know your name? How do you know my name?” asked Lola, seeing that this Jessie woman was also floating in space. Jessie flipped back her strawberry hair from her face and said,

“First time huh? Welcome…to the Aurora Borealis.”]]
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[{The Falcon Team Arc}]

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CREED 14: Conjunction III

[["Aurora...Borealis?" asked Lola.

“Yes, when two minds collide with one another merging into one, both vessels enter into the psyche called Aurora Borealis…where almost anything is possible. This…is where you’ll die,” said Jesse. She held out her open right hand as the knife she had in her back pocket materialized in a puff of smoke in her hand. “NOW DIE!!!” screamed Jesse as she jetted a crossed toward Lola. Jesse swiped left and right, trying to cut Lola, but she kept backing up and dodging. Jesse held the blade up in the air and upon coming down, Lola crossed her arms to form an X, blocking it. Lola lifted up, causing Jesse to stumble back. Lola quickly spun around and kicked the pocketknife out of Jesse’s hand and punched Jesse in her face.

“Bitch got moves,” smiled Jesse, touching her face. Jesse’s hand curled and lifted up, causing the area they were in to quiver as ruins of rocky debris began popping up. ]

Back on Earth, the Helloid moving around from the Skyrazor’s attacks, taking out its beam saber from the right Hellion Cannon. Both beams on contact sparked with energy as both the G Gasper and M-1-T backed away. Lya took this time to break into the Helloid’s OS again by crashing the firewall. Lola soulless eyes darted in the M-1-T’s direction, making the Helloid jet towards it at top speed.

“Lya!” shouted Raquel, while firing two missiles. The Helloid dodged both and fired a couple of beam shots from its beam rife. Lya manage to move out of the way as Jesse’s Skyrazor swooped in and smacked directly into the Helloid.

[[Within the Aurora Borealis, Jesse snickered at Lola. Lola stayed in her fight stance, waiting for Jesse’s next move. Jesse held her hand out in front of her and started swaying it from side to side, flowing gracefully like water. Suddenly the area that they were in started to rumble as stone all sprouted out like a flower in the ground. Lola couldn’t believe that this was even possible. Jesse came out her strong by throwing a couple of punches left and right, causing Lola to step back heading closer and closer toward the wall. Lola tried to get away from Jesse, but that was a big mistake because Jesse grabbed Lola’s hair, but upon ramming her face straight into the wall, Lola went into action as her feet ran up the wall and flipped, landing behind Jesse. Turning around, Lola kicked Jesse, causing her to go into a daze. Lola then grabbed Jesse like she did her and rammed Jesse straight into the wall. Jesse’s body made a print out on the wall.]]

BACK ON EARTH, inside the cockpit, tears started to run down on Jesse’s face however the tears are blood. Same thing started to happen as Lola’s noise started to bleed.

[[Within the Aurora Borealis, Lola slammed Jesse into the wall for a second time, but this time Jesse jabbed her elbow in Lola’s face causing her to let go of her hold. Jesse was in raged and upon coming at her with a fist,

“Lola…” Jesse stopped, inches away from Lola’s face. Jesse started looking around, wondering if they weren’t alone in this parallel realm.]]

Back on Earth below in the Quin-La on the subbridge, Etrius had Alyist standing next to his captain’s chair on the left side of him. Alyist was had his hands on top of each other folded in a praying position. His eyes were closed as his mind went into deep thought.

LOLA!” shouted mentally. Suddenly Lola’s eyes snapped back to their normal self, as did Jesse’s.

“Got it!” yelled Lya.

Shĭt,” cussed Lola seeing that the firewall was breached and the data inside the Helloid was hacked.

“FIRE!” shouted Etrius. The mega particle cannon fired an enormous beam of energy causing Jesse to react to her teammates. All three mobile suits moved out of the way as the beam passed right by them.

“We’re leaving…now!” said Raquel. Both the Skyrazor, M-1-T, and G Gasper transformed back into their mobile armor mode and jetted off as Jesse wiped the blood from her face with her arm.

The main screen split into two, causing Lola to blink more than once in only a few seconds. Her head started to spin as she took off the VRM helmet. She could hear her heart pounding, her mind racing as she coughed up blood. Suddenly she was forced into her seat, hitting her head, blacking out. The Gundam had no one controlling it as it began descending away from the Quin-La’s location.

Lola rubbed her head, realizing what’s going on. She placed the helmet back on and took full control, trying to stop the Gundam Helloid from crashing. The system to fly back up wasn’t responding and the Gundam was losing power do to it wasn’t expose to fighting this long. She braced herself as it landed abruptly, jerking her around.

After a minute, Lola opened the hatch from the back of the Gundam and climbed out of it using the zip line to come down. Upon landing, standing in front of her was a young girl in her early 20’s with flowing white hair as snow and hazy yellow eyes, bright as the sun. Their eyes met for a second as Lola was picking up something from this girl, but passed out before figuring what it was.
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[{The Falcon Team Arc}]

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CREED 15: A girl named Chthon

Lola woke up in a strange location. She started to look around noticing she was in what looked to be some type of hut.

“Lola Kayleigh is it?” She looked up seeing a girl with the hair white as snow.

“How do you?”

“Are you not an Anointed Being? Can you not sense my name?” she asked.

“I can,” said Lola. She started to concentrate, but her head was pounding. She was able to visualize some letters, but was unable to form them into a name.

“You haven’t fully recovered your strength yet. My name is Chthon Alzul. Welcome Legion of Earth soldier to my small town.”

“Your town?” asked Lola.

“Like I said, it’s small now, but one day it will be a wondrous place for people just like us to come live. We the people here don’t consider ourselves Legion of Earth driven nor The Brothers of Solomon.” expressed Chthon, handing Lola a cup. “Oh yes here, please drink this. It will stop that headache.” Lola drank from the cup. “It’s a mix of herbs and tea. Your headache will ease shortly.

“Where exactly am I?” asked Lola, while placing the cup down.

“You’re within Starboro, outside of Westmeath,” she said. Lola thought for a minute and it was only then did it hit her. She jumped out of bed stumbling as she headed for the door. The town that she was in was more forest than buildings.

“If you’re looking for your machine, it’s right over there,” said Chthon, pointing to a mecha that was covered in tree branches, blending in with the environment surrounding it.

“Thank you, but why…”

“We are both special beings are we not? We are the future to this world, never forget that Lola. I’ll help you on your journey, but first you must do something for…” Chthon was cut off, sensing something approaching. Lola looked up, hearing the sound of an aircraft approaching. It was in fact Alyist flying the core fighter as it circulated around the forest Lola was at. Upon being unconscious, Alyist wasn’t able to pick up her presence until now.

“Alyist!” shouted Lola telepathically.

“Lola! Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, but I have to get back to the tank. The Helloid is wrecked, but are you able to get it to at least move?” she asked him.

“JESUS LOLA!!” he shouted after checking out the Helloid. Chthon guided him to a spacious area for him to land the core fighter. The Helloid on the other hand needed to be taken back to the Quin-La as soon as possible for it had dents from being pounded and scraps from a beam weapon.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I know, can you get it to move?” she asked him again. “One of the units high jacked the Helloid’s OS and downloaded its location data.

“You mean…”

“Big time,” she said.

“Lets see what I can do,” he answered. Aylist started working on the Helloid as some of Chthon’s people assisted him the best they could, Lola jumped into the cockpit, checking the interior.

“You don’t have to fight Lola, there is always a choice…two paths one can choose to take,” said Chthon.

“My brother is the most important person in my life right now. And although I do deeply care for La’har,” said Lola, looking down at Alysit, tuning the leg joints, “There have been other people that I’ve come into contact with. It is because of these people I must fight…I must and will bring my brother home…this is the path I’ll take.”

“…and if chosen wrong?” questioned Chthon.


“If this path you’re taking leads you down wrongly, what will you do? Can you recover from the shadows of a lost love one?” Chthon continued.

“Lola! Try moving the right one now!” shouted Alyist. Lola did as Alyist asked and pressed the right peddle with her foot, as the right leg was able to lift up and move. Chthon words started to creep inside Lola’s head, realizing she may not be super woman; she will try to project everyone she comes into contact with.

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