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VAR-002 Valor Gundam Project

Post by Anonymous » Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:36 pm

If anybody here is a member of the GW Cards site, you might recognize me. I'm the guy who's started 101 threads about my fanfic idea Gundam Resurrection. Well, I've made a fanfic called Valor Gundam that stemmed from an idea one of my friends had. I've set the story in the year 2195, where BuCUE-like mobile suits appeared in 2093 and the Universal Century was going to start in 2149, but didn't. In 2165, an artificial planet was created and the UN commissioned two agencies: the Earth and Space Federation (ESF), to rule over the space colonies, and the New Earth Organization, to rule over the artificial planet New Earth. New Earth was created to house Newtype criminals arrested by the ESF while NEO polices New Earth and the New Earth Sphere (NES). NEO uses specialized mobile suits called NES-MS, which are faster and more adapted to New Earth's iron-rich soil.
26 years after Earth entered the New Era (New Earth Revolution or NER at New Earth) of peace, where Newtype rebels were sent away to New Earth, the spacenoids rebelled en masse for the first time since December 24th, 2148 (when they stopped the Universal Century from starting). This group was first labelled as terrorists but soon began to go by the name of the Genesis movement. The first Genesis movement was broken up in New Era (NE) 0028, but remnants have formed the Newtypes-only Griffin Alliance on New Earth, while the Earth Sphere's remnants formed the Neo Genesis nation at L5 and are trying to acquire L2.
It is now 2195 [NE (NER) 0030], and only a handful of talented, SEED-bearing Gundam pilots stand in the way of the Genesis movement.
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Post by Anonymous » Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:04 pm

The Gundams were part of the UN's Generation Project, which produced 5 notable mobile suits (Z-85~9), which were labelled Gundams. Gundam is an acronym for Gunnery United Nuclear-Deuterion Advanced Maneuver, which appears on the main monitor when the suit is activated. The machines all share a similar modular dual frame body and the prescence of an internal Core Block called a Z-84MA Core Converter. The Core Converter contains a battery, a standard cockpit, some small thrusters, and the combat computer. Most Core Converters are altered to have some form of nuclear reactor, but the rollout units aren't. This allows pilots to swith MW and parts in space battles without returning to the ship. The Gundams were produced at the UN base Facility Zeta (WPAFB). The four types of MS produced by th Earth Forces (UN/USA/NEO/Facility Zeta/Facility Xi/ESF) are NES-MS (X-188), Gundams (Z-84~5), Valors (Z-91~4), and normal MS (X-160, 175, 191, 196, and 203; Z-00, 01, 02, 79, 90). Facility Xi is the new headquarters of all the Earth Forces at NEO City 01 on New Earth. The Valors are prototypes that were slightly modified from designs in the Z-89 series. They are nearly identical but don't have Converters (Unit 00 has a Core Fighter though) and have slim goggle sensors like the Prototype Gundam from the Origin instead of two eye sensors.
My book mainly focuses on NEO and the NES-MS they use, but it covers all the events of the Genesis War. That's right, book, I'm writing the whole thing out by hand before I type it on my computer.


Post by Anonymous » Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:52 pm

I will be posting the actual fanfic here soon, probably sometime this week, but I should give the background info first so I can develop the world more fully with supplemental material.


Post by Anonymous » Sun Apr 16, 2006 11:37 pm

Iron Man wrote:I will be posting the actual fanfic here soon, probably sometime this week, but I should give the background info first so I can develop the world more fully with supplemental material.
I have nineteen people who viewed this thread and nobody cared to post?

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Post by Rei Murasame » Mon Apr 17, 2006 2:10 am

Sometimes it takes time to get a response, even with the hundreds of people around here. Don't worry, just ba patient. ^.^
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Post by Anonymous » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:39 am

By the way, I used influences from every anime I've seen and and manga I've read, and I incorporated technology from all the Gundam worlds and some new stuff.


Chapter 7: Resurrection and Regeneration

Post by Anonymous » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:40 pm

That's right, Chapter 7. I'm starting in the middle so I can make this quick. In the end, though, I'm gonna make this book several times longer than the Holy Bible. This is the new beginning of the book: literally, I started a new notebook at the end of Chapter 6.
So far, the protagonist (Lt. Kiyou Shenj?min) and his Mobile Suit Team (Nitro, Jack Flare, and Vega Karru) have received new mobile weapons, travelled to the artificial planet New Earth and back into space, and uncovered many facts about the Griffin Alliance rebels. The UN rules over New Earth through the New Earth Organization (NEO). As of now, Kiyou and his team are on the battleship Kazeyasha on a cylindrical space colony. The Griffin Alliance is about to field their new Blood-Griffin mobile suits against Kiyou and his mobile suit Patriot Gundam.
Return to the Story
2/22/2195, 2205 hours, Colony 88. The six Blood-Griffin mobile suits were ready for combat. The colony's defense forces were dispatched. Eight Exait mobile suits were launched inside the colony. The Blood-Griffins sliced them to bits with their anti-ship swords. The Kazeyasha was moved inside the colony to deal with the enemy. Kiyou and MS Team 232 were sent out in their modified mobile suits.
The Patriot Gundam led their forces out into the colony. Then the Rocket Gundam flew out, followed by Jack and Vega in their Sentries, and lastly the unmanned Blizzard Gundam. The Blood-Griffins were slicing apart buildings, mobile suits, trucks, and everything else in sight.
"All combat units prepare for anti-MS defense!" an order was given and two more teams of Exaits launched.
"I'll take these guys out on my own," Kiyou bragged. "Everyone else oughta retreat now."
"This is Captain Stas," Kiyou's commander said. "Sentries split up and head off with the Exait teams. Rocket Gundam, go to the forested area on C-Block. Lt. Shenj?min, head into the downtown area. Over and out."
"Roger that," Kiyou said. He switched his mobile suit into combat mode and deployed the guns on his shoulders, his rifle, and his shield. A red mobile suit appeared in the street in front of him.


Blizzard Gundam vs. Blizzard Gundam

Post by Anonymous » Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:52 am

In my book there is a cross between the Strike Gundam and Shining Gundam called the Blizzard Gundam. There is an MSV of the Shenlong called the Blizzard Gundam. These machines are unrelated so don't get them confused. The MSV Blizzard is a cold-climate type Shenlong. My Blizzard Gundam looks sorta like the Shining Gundam but has two pairs of vulcans, no machinecannons, an optional three buster rifles, and three multi-mode packs (booster, stealth/close-combat, and heavy assault) that can be combined into one ("HellRazor" super heavy assault).



Post by Anonymous » Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:38 pm

This time, I'm just gonna drop the whole idea of posting the Unit 01 and 03 and 04 and the Supplemental Volume. I'm gonna post Unit 02 alone from the beginning of it because I'm starting anew.

"A message appeared on the screen."

(in the book I wrote this in Japanese with the V being the Virsago/Valor Project sign, or the Turn Amuro)


It is Time...For More

Post by Anonymous » Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:56 pm

"A message appeared upon the screen."
In the year 2195 AD, the Earth and Space Federation and the New Earth Organization are at war with the Genesis Movement. The military base Facility Zeta was destroyed by a colony laser belonging to Neo Genesis on April 4, NE 0030 (AD 2195). The war has been raging for four years. In that time, Genesis has never been able to successfully attack Facility Zeta until now. This was the first major victory for the Genesis Movement.
The ESF&NEO joint operation that destoyed the colony in the end destroyed four important test type mobile suits. For over a century, large combat use mecha known as mobile weapons have been utilized by the nations of Earth and their enemies in the space colonies. The most powerful of the mobile suits are known as "Gundams," an acronym for Gunnery United Nuclear Deuterion Advanced Maneuver. There are also the Valors, Gundams which have been tweaked to be slightly lighter and faster. Then there are the Tseinos, the first test type limited production Valor-Gundam hybrids. And finally the NES-MS or X-types produced at Facility Xi, headquarters of the New Earth Organization. Some X-types are not NES-MS, only four are and they have had internal modifications.
The Genesis Movement was split until NEO's Falling Star Team destroyed the Griffin Alliance, a Newtypes-exclusively Genesis derivitive dedicated to eliminating NEO.


Post by Anonymous » Fri Apr 28, 2006 8:19 pm

Also, if you're reading this thread I would like some feedback here. Just making a suggestion.


Post by Anonymous » Fri Apr 28, 2006 8:45 pm

In an area in Earth orbit, Point L4, two white forms and several silver ones move silently towards a group of lights. As they approach, the scene comes into view: the R-770 cluster, headquarters of the ESF. The colonies appear to be normal. As one of the white forms approaches, it is shown in the light. It is the Mythic class space battleship Arcane. The three linear catapults on the front have been folded up into one large catapult tunnel.


Post by Anonymous » Mon May 08, 2006 9:22 pm

Ah what the hell, I'm gonna call it the Bluebird Gundam and the Ultimatum Buster will be the codename for its'm not revealing anymore.


Unit 02: Reaper Valor Pg.1

Post by Anonymous » Mon May 08, 2006 9:33 pm

Chapter 01: Return to L4
"A message appeared upong the screen"
In the year 2195 AD, the Earth and Space Federation and the New Earth Organization are at war with the Genesis Movement. The military base Facility Zeta was destroyed by a colony laser belonging to Neo Genesis on April 4, NE 0030 (AD 2195). The war has been raging for four years. In that time, Genesis has never been able to attack Facility Zeta until now. This marks the first major victory for Neo Genesis since the war began.
The Earth and Space Federation had sent their special forces "Spectra" fleet to handle the Neo Genesis forces at L2. The Spectra fleet was now returning to Point L4, the headquarters of the Earth and Space Federation, R-700 or Facility Alpha. Two white forms and several more gray ones moved quickly through space. They were headed for Facility Alpha. The scene in front of them was a brightly lit compilation of space colonies. The center of the group was a wheel-shaped colony, 11.5 miles in diameter. Attached to its axel were eight cylindrical Island 3 colonies, four on top and four on the bottom. One of the Island 3 colonies was being repaired from an earlier attack. The colonies all rotated on their own axes.


Post by Anonymous » Mon May 08, 2006 11:08 pm

Also, I'd like some feedback and one of my friends may or may not be working on a totally original mecha fanfic.


MS List and factions (so far)

Post by Anonymous » Fri May 12, 2006 5:44 pm

Mobile Weapon list:
Earth and Space Federation (ESF) (?Spectra? Unit/?Titans? Unit/NEO/UN/USA/Facility Alpha/Facility Xi/Facility Zeta)
1. A-08 (GMS-20/X-205/Z-99) Bluebird Gundam
2. GMS-06-2 Hunter Gundam
3. GMS-06-2X Hunter Gundam Heavy Type
4. GMS-09R Mute Gundam Mark II
5. GMS-09RM-B Neo Blood-Griffin
6. X-160 Exeiro
7. X-175 Exive
8. X-175D Exive Descend ?MS-Razor?
9. X-188 Exait
10. X-191Q Exone ?Jaeger?
11. X-196 Exix
12. X-196N Exix Reflexion ?Sentry?
13. X-203 Bullet Gundam Mass Production Type
14. Z-00 Quadruped Mobile SUIT ?QMS?
15. Z-01 Jet Mobile SUIT ?JMS?
16. Z-02 Jet Quadruped Mobile SUIT ?JQMS?
17. Z-79 Dugro
18. Z-85 Epsilon Gundam
19. Z-86 Hellfire Gundam
20. Z-87 Savior Gundam
21. Z-88 Hope Gundam
22. Z-89 Pure Response Gundam
23. Z-90 Tseino ?Tzeino?
24. Z-90II Tzeino Mark II
25. Z-91 (VAR-002/Z-89) Valor Gundam
26. Z-92A (VAR-002DP/Z-89) Deep Valor
27. Z-92B (VAR-002D/Z-89) Doom Valor
28. Z-93A (VAR-002R/Z-89) Reaper Valor
29. Z-93B (VAR-002H/Z-89) Hawk Valor
30. Z-94 (VAR-002X/Z-89) Annihilation Valor
31. Z-95 (Z-89+GMS-11) Patriot Gundam

Neo-Genesis (Genesis/GRIFFIN Alliance)
1. GMS-01 Panzer
2. GMS-02 Panzer II
3. GMS-03 (Z-92A) Deep Valor Gundam
4. GMS-04 Crusher
5. GMS-05 Reaukou ?Roku?
6. GMS-06-1 King Gundam
7. GMS-06-2 Hunter Gundam
8. GMS-07 (VAR-001DX2/Z-89) Assassin Gundam
9. GMS-08 (VAR-001DX3/Z-89) Blaze Gundam
10. GMS-09 (VAR-001DX1/Z-89) Mute Gundam
11. GMS-09R Mute Gundam Mark II
12. GMS-09RM Blood-Griffin
13. GMS-10 (GMS-06-2M) Rogue ?Rogu?
14. GMS-11 Patriot Gundam
15. GMS-12 Phoenix
16. GMS-13 Silver Death
17. GMS-14 Meleus
18. GMS-15 Sidewinder
19. Z-00 Quadruped Mobile SUIT ?QMS?

Dragon?s Claw Titans (Shenlong Mercenaries/ESF)
1. A-08 Bluebird Gundam
2. GMS-03 Reaukou
3. GMS-09RM-B Neo Blood-Griffin
4. X-188 Exait
5. X-196 Exix
6. X-203 Bullet Gundam Mass Production Type
7. Z-93A Reaper Valor


The Early Newtypes

Post by Anonymous » Tue May 16, 2006 9:29 pm

I have included this book as the 9th of 15 which will make it into my Zeonic Bible. Units 01~4 of Valor are contained in the Valor Gundam novel. Unit 01 is composed of the Forward, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 2a, Books 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4, Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5. Units 02, 03, and 04 consist of only one regular storyline which follows the war during from the start of a specific Valor MS's combat usage. This is only for now (I can't stop adding to the story! :cry: )

Back to the point; the story begins in 2093. The US declares war on the Communist countries of East Asia. They begin a massive land assault with their new QMS mobile suits (think BuCUE with no beam saber). In 2195, they follow up with the JMS, an aerial type that is sort of like the Re-GZ, but with a laser rifle instead of a beam rifle and no beam sabers. In 2102, the war ends when the US uses a combination of the QMS and JMS, the JQMS, to attack Beijing. In 2105, the countries of the world give up their leadership to the United Nations. In 2148 the UN completes their space colonization project. On January 1st of 2149, they were supposed to start the Universal Century and become the Earth Federation. The problem started when early space colonists started an uprising in the colonies of Point L5. It happened on 24 December 2148. This incedent was nicknamed "Hell's Christmas Present." The existence of Newtypes, humans with heightened spacial awareness was discovered. The UN created two new agencies to deal with this problem, the Earth and Space Federation and the New Earth Organization. The ESF was supposed to guard the Earth Sphere while NEO created an artificial planet to use as a prison and "de-Newtypification" facility. The plan was completed in 2165 and the Earth Sphere moved into the New Era while "New Earth" began its Revolutions (years, NER calendar). Now, 30 years later, tthe ESF and NEO are fighting a desperate war against L5 which has declared independence and is speading its influence throughout the solar system.

This is where the story starts. Also, L5 and the ESF and NEO have been fighting since 2192; it's now 2195.

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Post by Idabosoldier » Tue May 16, 2006 9:35 pm

I liked the Bluebird Bundam cause it sounds more original. Thats what i ;ike in anime. I do unerstand if it has a twist though
A story about the burning Cosmos, and the rising Gundam. Told by yours truely.


Post by Anonymous » Wed May 17, 2006 10:09 am

Good, that's the name I'm going with. The Ultimatum Buster is a powerful beam gun that it uses. It's a twin satellite buster rifle.



Post by Anonymous » Fri May 19, 2006 12:16 am

This is the beginning of the story right here.


Nightime in the midwest. It is a humid summer night in 2192 AD (NE 0027), and the time is right for a launch. This is Facility Zeta, the world's most advanced military base. This is the home of the first mobile suit development plan and the new Z-89 plan. A large silo hatch opens and a humanoid machine is lifted out on scaffolding. Pressure releases and the machine swivels around so that it lies down on a truck. Nearby, soldiers in black uniforms perform drills and watch as the truck deposits the machine in a space shuttle on the loading bay of a mass driver.

The soldiers observe that this is no ordinary machine, it is one of the UN's latest mobile suit designs, the Z-89/VAR-002 PR-17 Valor. The Valor is being launched into space to attack a terrorist group known as "Genesis." Many teams of the UN's mass produced Dugro mobile suits are already in space fighting Genesis. But this new Valor mobile suit, this Gundam, will win the war.

The Valor pilot enters the ****pit of the shuttle and sits down with the pilot and copilot.

"So," he asks, "where is Genesis anyway?"
"Lagrange point 4," the copilot said through his helmet's radio. I thought you knew where we were going, John."
"Yeah," John said,"I was wondering if you knew."
"Don't be a smartass," the shuttle pilot said. "We need to go to L4 to cut off a Genesis fleet attacking the resource satellite Hara."
"Why would they attack a civilian satellite?" John inquires.
"How the hell should I know," the pilot comments. "I'm not a Genesis soldier."
The shuttle blazes up the catapult at an amazing speed and finds themseves closing in on Lagrange point 1.They dock at a space colony in L1 and refuel before heading towards L4. This journey is when they will get their first taste of real combat.

"Is that Hara?" John asked as he stood up and floated out of the ****pit. "Those lights look bad, I better launch!"
Soon enough, the Valor was released from the shuttles cargo bay. The blue and white suit shot away to the asteroid Hara and fired its beam rifle at the enemy mobile suits, hefty gray machines that also carried beam rifles, unlike the Dugros. The Valor pilot pulled out a beam saber, a plasma sword, from his backpack. Then he began slicing the enemy mobile suits, known as Panzers, to pieces. The Valor saw Genesis's goal, the nuclear pulse engine that was used to move the asteroid into Earth orbit. Genesis was going to drop Hara on Earth!

The Valor flew into an open chamber near the base of the engine and dumped the humanoid parts there, leaving only its unique internal Core Fighter escape craft to get away. The humanoid parts also contained a nuclear fusion reactor, which John hoped would be powerful enough to seperate the engine and the asteroid. The Core Fighter flew away to a safe distance as the engine's base exploded. A huge blast rocked the surrounding forces and the event could only be described as the "N2" Incident.

And three of the soldiers who watched the Valor's launch would pursue their own destinies in the twenty-two other PR mobile suits.

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