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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 47 12/4/10)

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Ryuji sat at the edge of the bed. Moments prior, he'd been ready to sleep and was nearly there before his wife told him a major revelation. Now, he couldn't think of even trying for slumber.

"You're not mad, are you?" Elena asked, timidly.
He turned his head to look over his shoulder at her. She sat cross-legged and was slightly hunched over, face worried and downcast.
"No. I'm" He worked himself out of his stupor to manage at least a reassuring grin.

"I...don't know...what to do yet, but...I'm really not mad."

He leaned back and stretched out. He could see it was still painful for Elena to tell him this.

Reaching out a hand to her cheek, he asked a question that bolted through his mind.
"So, how did this happen?" It slipped out as a sigh. It was rhetorical. He knew what actions had caused it.

Still, Elena answered quietly.
"I guess something...broke."
Prometheus Control Center

Tucked away in Lieutenant Major Ngo's office, he and General Kyoji sat at a desk having a discussion.

"It appears that the Federation isn't ready to lay down arms." Kyoji said after examining a report.
"Not at all." Ngo agreed. "If anything, the reaction is quite opposite of what was anticipated. I didn't have a chance to see for myself, but I understand that Chairman Rask had a pretty fiery speech. Who knew?"

"It could be just for show." Kyoji leaned back in his seat. "But, what will the enemy do if we call their bluff?" He appeared amused by the possibility.
Ngo was taken aback by the subtle insinuation at what the general seemed to hint of doing. He tried to mask his discouraged awe.
"That's a bit hasty now!"

"Really?" Kyoji inquired.
"It's not that I disagree with using our resources. However, I think we shouldn't be so quick to use such a powerful weapon this soon." Ngo expanded. He rubbed his chin. "I was under the impression that we're attempting to save lives on both sides."
"Oh, you're absolutely correct. It's just, well," Kyoji leaned forward, placing one elbow on the desk, "right now, we've already detected ships in orbit that launched from Federation territory.

It seems they're quick to go after our weapons."

Ngo's brow furrowed and he sat straight.
"I wasn't informed of this." He said in a low, terse tone. "I'm in charge here."
Kyoji laughed.
"'re not. But thanks for running the place."
Kyoji unholstered the pistol at his side. It was issued to all officers, including the general.

Ngo's face twisted into a scowl.
"What is this? We're on the same side. If you shoot me, the MP's will come to take you."
Kyoji looked around, amused and laughed again.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you. The people here? They work for me, so, no, they won't come running to arrest me."

The pistol discharged sending a bullet through Ngo's head. The man slumped back, head draped over the back of the chair.

General Kyoji got up and reached over to page a guard. They would come, but it would be to clean up the untidy mess left by the late Lieutenant Major Ngo.
Asgard Colony

Nicoletta slowly examined the four transfers to the Rhine. Two of them were from the sunken Rhine, and the other two had been left behind by the Berlin. Had it just happened, it might have come across as symbolic, but it had been closer to two months since they'd been left at the Asgard colony.

Saul Hashishiri.
Marion Goldman.
Chantel Grand.
Toru Inaba.

So far, Nicoletta's victory level was just as pathetic as theirs. Actually, to be truthful, it was worse if consideration was given to the multiple losses from the same group. Hopefully, she'd escape the rut. There had been no press conference, but the Union already knew several Federation ships had been launched towards space. At this point, it was also likely several were in orbit.

With Jin Suzaku, that made the team up to six. She wouldn't count Avent. If he showed up, that might be a good thing. Or it might not. In either case, she considered him a wildcard at best.

"Alright," she addressed her subordinates, "we're leaving soon, so I don't have the time I'd like to go over a thorough strategy. However, the primary objective is to protect the Prometheus satellite from incoming mobile suit attacks by the Federation. We'll be on the defensive against either a Reformer-class or Leonard-class battleship. Best of luck to you all!"
She delivered a snappy salute. "Dismissed!"

Saul looked around the Rhine's hangar. There were four Zeus Advanced and three unfamiliar ones. As he studied them, his face slowly crumpled in disgust. The unfamiliar trio reminded him of something he didn't like, and as he thought, he remembered the failed assault on the Olympus colony.

He saw Jin enter and head to one of the machines.
"Hey!" Saul shouted. "Hey, you!"
Jin redirected himself to the new pilot.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"What kinda mobile suit is that?" Saul asked, keeping a professional demeanor as best he could.
"Oh, they're special issue types." Jin explained. "I've heard prototype tossed around when the tech talk about them."
"I see."
"Why're you asking?" Jin caught Saul's unfavorable glare at the machines. "Is something wrong?"
"They remind me of some mobile suits we fought a couple months back." He closed his eyes, and his voice sounded less hostile. "I suppose war isn't the best place to make friends."

He began walking away. "Maybe we'll get more of a chance to talk after this is done."
Jin nodded. "Sounds good."
Reformer-class Augustine

Smith led Alice along the halls of the battleship.
"Shouldn't you be resting?" She questioned him.
"Yeah, probably, but for all the times-"
"You haven't been in space that much."
"Well," he shrugged with a twinkle in his eye. "I just haven't had the chance to actually look out there."

They turned a corner.
"You want to look at stars?" Alice seemed dumbstruck.
Smith turned his head, displaying a toothy, ecstatic grin. "Hell-yeah I do! You don't get this opportunity everyday now."
"I didn't think you liked it this much." She lacked his gusto, and it reflected in her voice.
"I didn't want to be an astronomer or anything, but it's something I did as a hobby in high school with the geeks." Smith told her. "Ah, here we are."

Through the lounge, a thick, multi-pane window gave them a view outside the Augustine.
Alice went to flip a switch for the lights, but Smith stopped her.
"You don't want to do that." He said, taking the hand and using it to guide her to the window. "It'll ruin the view."

She started to voice an objection, but he put up a hand and directed her vision to the window.
"Just look."
Prometheus Control Center

Kyoji walked through the facility. Now that Ngo had been properly disposed of by the proper procedures, it was time to act. At least one battleship would be there to guard each satellite, but he would be safe in the control center.

He entered the main operations room. This time, he made no attempt to proceed with salutes as he walked directly over to the place Ngo once issued his commands.

"Thank you for launching your battleships so quickly." He said under his breath. It was directed at the Federation. "This gives a bit more cover for the time being."

His voice became audible and loud enough for the operators to hear him.
"Give me the status of the satellites charges."
The answers came scrambling back almost immediately.
"Number one at seventy-two percent!"
"Number two at seventy-nine percent!"
"Number three at sixty-one percent!"
"Number four at seventy-three percent!"
"Number five at eighty-one percent!"
"Number six at seventy-three percent!"
"Number seven at seventy-three percent!"

"We'll use number five for now. First target is Helsinki!"
Titan-class Rhine

Otto carefully read the transmission on the screen at his chair on the bridge. He nodded.
"We're pretty close to those coordinates." It was time to prepare.
"All hands go to level two battle stations! Have Lieutenant Giovanni's ready to launch on my command only!"

Avent left his quarters slowly. What was the point of him rushing? He wasn't in control of the team, and there was a good chance the mobile suit team wouldn't even launch. No, he would take his time.
Reformer-class Augustine

Veronika knew they were looking for at least two objects to destroy, but what they were looking for was anyone's guess. There were plenty of satellites and such orbiting Earth, not to mention the colony construction by both the Federation and Union.

"Ma'am." Martin alerted somberly.
"Yes?" She replied.
"We're detecting a large heat signature nearby." He answered. "I'll display the visual at your console."
"I see."

What she saw was unmistakable. A massive satellite had rows and rows of solar panels radiating from a central, cylindrical hub. The estimates from this distance seemed to say the body alone was five hundred meters in length.

"Why did we take so long to detect this?" She wondered.
"Ma'am!" Cara spoke up. "We've picked up a Titan-class near the satellite weapon."
Obviously, the Union had anticipated some intervention. Veronika flew into action.

"Prepare mobile suits for launch! Unlock all weapons systems! All personnel move to level one battle stations!" Of course. It would have been too easy for the satellite to be left alone for a shot from the Schism cannons.

"Martin! Can we get what the weapon is targeting?"
"Already running a simulation on that and its just about done." As if by design, the program finished. Martin's face soured.
"Helsinki. It's Helsinki!"
Titan-class Rhine

Jin heard it. Nicoletta's team was being sent out to engage a Reformer-class battleship. He didn't know for sure, but he needed to ask for permission on what he wanted to do. Since Sky's death, he'd started to view things...differently.

He reached for the comm.
"Yes, Suzaku?" She replied.
He drew a deep breath, exhaling his response with gusto.
"I want to request permission for something!"

Otto watched the clustered lights from the ships mobile suit team as they jetted toward the Reformer-class. At this point, they just needed to delay the enemy ship. However, the tone in which the orders were given indicated that he should destroy the ship, should a reasonable opportunity present itself.
Reformer-class Augustine

"Let's move!" Wade just found out which Titan-class they were dealing with and wanted to hasten the team to battle. Everybody felt the urgency, but it seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion and that wasn't acceptable.

Even as he did so, the mobile suits were starting to break free of their maintenance frames.
"Did I ever tell you how tired I'm getting of running into these guys?" Elena said over the comm.
"Right there!" Smith quickly jumped on to the same sentiment.
"With you there!" Jana agreed.

"Alright," Wade interjected, "let's cut the chatter."
His Scorpio was on the launch catapult with a green light. "Frazer team launching! Wade Frazer, out!"
With that, the rest came after.

"Alban Reese, Scorpio launching!"
"Jana Benedict, Frazer team, leaving in Scorpio!"
"Alice Hathaway, Scorpio, out!"
"Smith Bersche, going!"

That was it for the Scorpios.
"Ryuji Kai, Nergal is launching!"

Now, it was up to her. Elena truly hoped that this might finally be the last time she would have to see the Rhine ever again.
"Elena Kai, Deus, Go!"

Nicoletta wasn't surprised at all to see the target ship launch mobile suits. However, it was interesting that the machines that were launched were very familiar. She knew then and there this battle was likely to be very personal. She also hoped that Avent would stay out of this.

"Listen up." She called to her team. "Remember what the objective is here: protect the satellite. I know there's history here, but let's keep it out of the fight as much as possible. If you can't think with a clear head, you're going to get shot down."

There was a succession of affirmative, though in some cases begrudging, responses. After they died down, a private link from the Nephthys came through.
"I see them, Lieutenant. Are we still going to do this?"
"You wanted to ask him, right?" Nicoletta asked.
"Yes, ma'am."
"Then let's go."

Saul's Zeus rocketed ahead, leading the other three machines. If they could cut through the Scorpios, then it might be easier to finish off those two mobile suits that had handed them a hearty defeat before.
"Remember to keep them separate!"

A wave of beam shots forced the Wade's team to break formation.
"Well, that's about it." He said, arcing his mobile suit toward the apparent leader of the enemy.
Saul saw the enemy coming and fired back.
"I'd like to say this isn't personal, but it is!"

Toru kept Chantel close to him; she wasn't as nervous as before, but he didn't want her to flip out. Saul seemed to understand that and thought that might work to their advantage.
"Hey, looks like we'll take care of that one!"

Jana felt the urge to whip her Scorpio out of the way. A split second after she did, beam fire filled the space she'd just been.
"Great, my lucky day."
She blocked a second spray, and shot back. It may have been cheating as far as the so-called 'rules of war' were concerned, but she could sense uneasiness in one of the machines. She would try to use that to her advantage.

Chantel hands shook around the controls. The Scorpio she and Toru had targeted was coming for her, and at full speed, no less. She clenched her eyes, and then fired blindly.
"Stay away!" She cried. "Stay away!"

Jana's Scorpio twirled out of the wild barrage, still closing in on her target.
She squeezed her left eye shut, aiming at the enemy. It's pilot clearly had not business in a mobile suit, and if it wasn't dealt with now, that could be disastrous.

The first shot connected, searing off the gun arm.
"You're no soldier. Go home." Jana clipped off the other arm, legs and finally, its head. "Now where's that other one?"
Her IFF lit up, and she was sure it to be the second Scorpio. At least this would be a more balanced fight.

"Thanks for that, but I can't let you go!" Toru lashed out with a beam saber.
"Didn't figure you would." Jana smirked.
Titan-class Rhine

Avent had yet to sortie, and he'd been obstinate in launching. Instead, he slouched in the Freya's cockpit, watching whatever video feed of the battle he could see. Against a round of Scorpio's there was no reason for him to launch.

There was a split-second shot of a familiar mobile suit. He sat up rigidly almost instantly.
"So, you're here, you little bastard." He seethed, switching the comm to the launch deck.
"I'm launching now."
"What?" Came the delayed, flabbergasted reply. "You're not cleared to launch. The captain said if you didn't launch--"
Avent cut them off. "I really don't get a damn who said what--get the catapult ready for me to launch."
"Y-you'll need to take that up with the captain."

He had his helmet on by now.
"Look, either get it ready and open the launch gate, or," the mobile suit reached for a beam pistol, "I'll make an exit for myself!"

Otto face was clearly sour. Avent had sunk to a new low.
"Fine!" He growled. "Let him launch! Get him off this ship. If he comes back, have some guards ready to put him in the brig."
"Aye, captain!"

Otto had more of Avent Marquis' attitude than he could stomach. Whatever was coming to him would be spectacular. It was difficult for someone to make themselves less likable than Jin, but Avent managed to accomplish the feat.
Near Prometheus Satellite Five

"Here they come!" Ryuji warned Elena and braced for a furious onslaught.
But nothing actually did.

The Aurora and Nephthys, while clearly armed, had their weapon systems down with their approach. The Nephthys signaled.
"They want" Elena's voice stated her confusion.
"I guess so." Ryuji was quiet, confused as well.

It was a familiar voice.
"Ryuji, it's me, Jin Suzaku."
"Jin? What's this about?"
"I want to hear answers from you." Jin told him. "I promise, this isn't anything other than that. I know you'll tell me the truth."
Prometheus Control Center

"General!" One of the operators alerted. "Satellite five is in place, awaiting your command!"
Kyoji's teeth gleamed.
End Phase 48
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 48 12/17/10)

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I guess something broke.


Otto had more of Avent MARQUIS attitude...

missing apostrophe.

I'm guessing that we're moving towards the climatic end? Newtypes are popping up all over the place. Who was Chantle, anyway? In-of-the way rookie in the wrong place at the wrong time?
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 48 12/17/10)

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Yeah, this is building up to the end. I thought I'd do the traditional 50-installments, but at the current rate, if I did, I'd have a very rushed ending. Unless I really miscalculate, I'm looking at wrapping it up at 52.

Chantel, Toru, Saul and Marion are the surviving pilots from the Union's attempted Gundamjack when Elena and Ryuji get the mid-series upgrades and subsequently ripped a number of pilots a new one.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 48 12/17/10)

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Reformer-class Knox

Though distant, the Prometheus control center had come into view.
Pagan smiled. The years of work had started to see a trickle of the bounty that would surely begin

a torrent to create the new world he'd envisioned.
"It's been some time since we last met, Mamarou Kyoji."
Prometheus Satellite Five

Jin's words surprised Ryuji.
"I never got a chance to hear your side of things." Jin reiterated. "I'd like to know, if I could. I don't know if I'll die today."

Ryuji thought.
Despite being adamantly against Newtypes, and with good reason, Jin was sincere. There was a distinct change in his demeanor. The rage, the impulsiveness...the reaction-based form that had defined Jin Suzaku seemed to have left.

"Okay." Ryuji finally replied. "But!" He followed with a request. "What about that other machine with you? They won't attack will they?"

Nicoletta spoke for herself.
"No. No I won't." That was all Ryuji needed from her.

"Alright, what do you want to know?"
Jin's perturbed sigh was heard before answering Ryuji. He wasn't sure where to begin for a moment.
"Look, all they told me was that you'd been court-martialed for treason...and then word got around you'd been executed. How the hell do you go from executed to ending up on the opposite side of things anyway?"

Ryuji looked at the other three mobile suits. Nicoletta's machine stayed close, but never seemed ready to draw a weapon.
"There was a court-martial." He answered. "It was more of trial with the verdict already written.

I knew that going in. After that..." He looked at the Deus. "then, I was moved around a lot, waiting to die. I ended up being handed over to the Federation and put under some sort of house arrest."

"Are you sure about that?" Nicoletta questioned. "Prisoners sentenced to death are locked up and kept at one location until the execution is carried out, even if the judgment is being appealed."

She paused before adding, "By chance, who's ordered this?"

"General Kyoji."
Elena and Ryuji felt Nicoletta's shock.
"What? Are you certain?"
"I'm positive." Ryuji confirmed. "He interrogated the pilot of this other machine as well after her capture from that battle we had right before I was arrested."

"I pray you're wrong." Nicoletta said solemnly.
"Why?" Ryuji asked. He could sense a disturbance from both his former comrades.
"Yeah..." Jin cut in. "Word has it he's a good friend of the in Cai Deshang."
"But, didn't the chairman push for anti-Newtype regulations?" Ryuji asked.
"That's what I heard."
"So why..." Ryuji thought back about how he'd been court-martialed. "Why would a Newtype push for anti-Newtype policies?"

"He's not a Newtype!" Jin adamantly replied. "He couldn't get that high up if he were."
"I think we might all wish that." Ryuji said. "It's hard to tell a Newtype if you're not one. What

I've read on some Newtype research journals says it has something to do with an additional awareness. It's something of a mutation, at least from those who have been doing the research."

Jin started to react with his old fiery self, but Ryuji continued. "Additionally, Newtypes can sense one another very easily, so that's one of the first tests used when determining a Newtype. I started noticing this after I passed out in Australia."

Jin could be heard growling.
"Damn it! I think you might be right, and I wish you weren't."

Smith looked around in space.
He knew there was one more Zeus that hadn't been matched yet.
"So, where are you?" He mumbled.

His IFF beeped and he looked down to see the enemy he'd been looking for coming straight for him.
"Payback's gonna be a bitch!" Marion roared.

The Zeus fired as it closed in on the Scorpio. After it passed him, Smith drew a bead on the machine and shot back. "Sure it is."
His Scorpio rocketed after the enemy, firing bursts as he closed in.

Marion saw beams race by and zigzagged the Zeus to avoid getting hit.
"No Scorpio should be this fast!" He muttered.
Reformer-class Augustine

Martin looked at the locations of the Deus and Nergal. They hadn't moved, and neither did the two enemy units nearby. Were Ryuji and Elena trying to disarm the satellite? That was the first thought he had, but he couldn't be sure from this far away.

"Captain--" He started to address Veronika, but was interrupted.
"Ma'am!" Cara blurted. "The energy levels on the satellite are quickly rising!"
"Tell the mobile suits by it to get clear!" Veronika ordered. Her hands balled tightly. They were just far enough away that the Schism cannons effectiveness were a dubious proposition.

"Captain!" Martin made himself heard. "Another enemy mobile suit just launched from the Titan-class."
Prometheus Satellite Five

The four mobile suits raced away from the satellite.
Looking back, Elena saw the light solidify into a thick beam that eventually extended deep into the atmosphere. She cringed. The details of what was happening she didn't know, but she felt the split second of terror of thousands before they vanished.

"Is this what you're protecting?" She shouted at the two Union mobile suits. "Is this what they stand for?"
Nicoletta and Jin's machines floated as their pilots sat in shock.

Through the haze of the destruction, Ryuji heard the beep of the IFF detecting an enemy mobile suit. He was slow to look around until he sensed it's pilot and visualized the mobile armor form of the Freya.
"Avent Marquis!"
The second shockwave could be heard in his voice.

"Ryuji Kai! I've been waiting a long time to see you again!" Avent greeted. His voice was somewhere between glee and rage. "Today, I'll finally send you to hell!"

As the Nergal came into Avent's view, he looked at the Aurora and Nephthys.
"What've you two been doing, having tea?" He chided with bitter sarcasm.
Jin shook off his stupor.
"I don't know about taking them out, Lieutenant Marquis."

The Nephthys moved into the Freya's path, arms outstretched.
"Move, Suzaku! Get out of the way so I can take care of that little bastard once and for all!"
"No." Jin said.
"What?" The Freya slowed. Avent's response clearly showed he was unpleased with Jin's refusal to move.
"No. Something's not right about what's happening." Jin pleaded. "Something's wrong!" He became more fervent. "Someone might be a traitor in the Union. We should report-"

"Of course there's a traitor, boy! That's what I'm here to deal with."
"No!" Jin reiterated. "Not him! General Kyoji's involved! He-he might be a Newtype! Ryuji told me!"
The Freya slowed until it stopped in front of the Nephthys. There it transformed into its mobile suit form.

"So," Avent said, more calmly, yet still highly agitated, "there might be someone up high that's a problem?"
"Yes, sir." Jin was relieved that he seemed to have gotten Avent to listen.
"Alright. I'll deal with it."

Jin breathed a sigh of relief.
"Thank you, sir."
"After I deal with the one before us!" The Freya began to accelerate.

The Nephthys reached out to try and stop the Freya.
Avent looked at Jin's machine with a furious disgust.
"Get out of my way!"
"No!" Jin was defiant.

Avent's rage grew.
The Freya pulled out both beam pistols and turned around, aiming them at the Nephthys.
"How DARE you! Of all the people here, I thought you'd understand me when it came to Newtypes!"

"Lieutenant Avent Marquis! Don't!" Nicoletta screamed to try and stop him.
"Stop it!" Ryuji hit the thrusters, hurling the Nergal toward the Freya.

The Freya fired at the Nephthys.
Ryuji watched as beams exited out the back of Jin's unit as Avent's barrage tore through it.
"Never defy me!" Avent screamed at Jin. "You do what the hell I order you to do!"

There was an interval where everything moved in slow motion. Ryuji felt completely numb. He was processing what was going to happen and what had just happened. It wasn't enough time to do so before the Nephthys disappeared in a fiery ball.

Just as Jin Suzaku had turned the page in understanding, Ryuji saw the book on that life end.
"Ryuji Kai! Come here!" Avent bellowed. "Let me show you the way to hell!"
Titan-class Rhine

"Nephthys signal has been lost!"
"Captain, we've received a message from Lieutenant Giovanni."
Two messages within seconds of each other that Otto instinctively knew were related.

"What's the message from the Lieutenant?"
"It says that the Nephthys has been shot down." This was what Otto had expected to hear, but what continued was not. "She says that it was done deliberately by...the Lieutenant Marquis' Freya?"

Otto considered what had just been reported.
"Please confirm." He said.

The confirmation came.
"Yes, 'Jin Suzaku's Nephthys was shot down by Avent Marquis's Freya. This was done deliberately.' Straight from Lieutenant Giovanni."

Otto opened the comm at his chair.
"Have an armed escort ready when Lieutenant Marquis returns."
Prometheus Control Center

General Kyoji had yet to say a word since the obliteration of Helsinki. It was gone, much like Berlin and Moscow. He knew the next stage of the plan was about to begin.

Kyoji turned toward the voice to see his masked cohort.
"What do you think about this?" He indicated to the main display.
Pagan smiled wryly as he casually strode toward Kyoji.
"I think it's amusingly ironic. The same people who've attempted two major assaults on the city are now in a position where they've attempted to defend it."

"I see." Kyoji said. "I suppose we'll want to deal with these pests."
"If you would be so kind. We'll need to make use of the satellites while we still can. I can't imagine any reason we'll have further use from the one just used at Helsinki."

General Kyoji closed his eyes.
"We considered them acceptable losses. As long as this place stands, that's all we need."
Reformer-class Augustine

Veronika was poised and focused on the satellite weapon. One good shot with both Schism cannons would be enough to destroy it. So far the Titan-class hadn't advanced, but she had her crew monitoring it all the same.
Prometheus Satellite Five

Ryuji had heard Avent's call and apparent judgment on him, but couldn't seem to move. Another of his former comrades gone before his eyes; it was only made worse seeing it happen by someone completely rabid with their obsession to kill him.

"Just stay there, so it can be quick." Avent seethed.
The Freya's mobile armor form hurtled towards the Nergal. Avent would finally have this loathsome existence gone for good.

Elena could sense Ryuji's distress. He was understandably shocked over what had happened, but now, the same machine that had shot down one of its own was targeting him. She wasn't going to let that happen. She began to move the Deus to intercept the Freya, but was stopped by the Aurora blocking her path.

"I can't let you interfere." Nicoletta told her. "I'm taking him back to our ship, but right now, he's likely to turn on me."
"Well then get out of my way!" Elena barked. She was not in the mood to let Ryuji go.
"Also, I can't do that. I won't fight you here if you don't go any further. If you're a Newtype like Avent's mentioned, you shouldn't have any trouble understanding why."

Elena could tell Nicoletta was honest and sincere. She knew she couldn't scream to wake Ryuji up, but she could reach him in his mind. So, she concentrated as hard as she could. This was the only way she could think to help him.

Ryuji felt as if trapped where time had come to a complete halt. Off in the distance, he could make out the silhouette of Avent, but he felt that Avent couldn't see him. In fact, it seemed as if the man were blind.

He wasn't inside the Nergal, but floated in a sea of white.
The voice was very familiar. He needed the willpower to move. He seemed to lack it, but was able to verbally respond.
"I'm right here."

She was before him, looking as bare as he felt.
"Where are we?"
"I'm not sure myself." She said. "I've been here before, and I don't know. It's the only way I could reach you. That mobile suit is coming at you, so you need to snap out of this."

"Who, him?" Ryuji pointed toward the direction he'd noticed the wandering Avent.
"I guess so."
He saw her shoulders twitch up and down.
"Avent Marquis." He said silently. Now, he found the power to move on his own, but was still slow.

"Man, he's a real prick."
Ryuji snapped his head toward the new voice.
Ryuji felt Elena hide behind him. If they were as naked as they felt, this would be embarrassing.

"So, are you dead too?" Jin scratched his head, obviously confused.
"No, we're not."
"Then you're going to take care of him?" Jin asked. "Avent's going down, right?"
"I hope so." Ryuji was keeping an eye on the man they discussed.
"Yeah, me too. He's gone from tight-ass to crazy." Jin had come within arms reach of Ryuji and

Elena. "Look, I know that you weren't involved with the Newtypes that burned down my home. There's no way that's possible. Some people aren't even sure this thing exists, and we're having a war over it? Pretty stupid, but I only just now got the insanity of it all."

"So you're not mad?" Ryuji asked.
"Well, not at you..." Jin glanced over his shoulder at Elena. "...or her. I've had some time to think about things since Sky's been gone. You never had a say in this, but even being a good pilot, one wrong thing came up and you were gone!" Jin took a moment to calm down. "I had nothing left to lose then. It looks like you have something now, so hang on to that."

He closed his eyes, giving a faint smile.
"Of course, I finally meet my rival after I'm dead." His eyes opened. "Look, I don't know you other than your name, but, Elena, take care of my friend."
"Yeah, I will."
"That's good."

Ryuji awoke. The Freya was nearly on top of him.
"This is the end!" Avent cackled as the beam cannon's tip began to glow.
"No. It's. Not." The Nergal suddenly darted away, putting distance between the two mobile suits.

Avent fired, missing his target.
Ryuji continued. "Not for me! There's a future I want to live in, so I need to live through this."

The Nergal pulled out its launcher. Ryuji was going to ensure that this would be the last time he ever saw Avent or the Freya.
"You have no future! You're a disease and I'm the cure!"
The Nergal's targeting reticule was close to a lock on the Freya, and Ryuji hoped Avent wouldn't try anything funny at the last minute.

The Freya swung around, creating a new course for a head-on collision. It transformed and pulled out its shield and hammer.
"I'll drag you to hell by myself!" Avent cackled as his mobile suit pulled its arm back to strike with the hammer.

Ryuji could see the distance was closing, but he knew Avent could still move at the range, so he waited. This was for Jin. This was for Elena. This was for himself. He couldn't miss this time.
"No, you'll do that yourself."
He pulled the trigger for the launcher, letting it unleash its devouring light.

Avent felt his cockpit rapidly heat up and saw everything become white and then nothing.
Outside the Freya, the other three mobile suits saw a flash as the Freya exploded.
Titan-class Rhine

"Giovanni reporting in." Nicoletta said. She had a direct line to the captain. "Our mobile suit team is returning to the ship. Lieutenant Marquis was shot down in battle and we have one heavily damaged Zeus coming back for repairs."

"I see." Otto said. "Very good."
So, Avent was gone, his justice delivered.
Otto spoke with a loud voice.
"Once we've picked up our mobile suits, we're leaving the area?"
"What about defending the satellite?" A crew member questioned.
"We're down three mobile suits, and they still have all theirs. We'll call for reinforcements." Otto explained. "We'll need more firepower than what we currently have."
Reformer-class Augustine

"Captain, all mobile suits have returned to the ship." Martin reported. "Schism cannons are both at ninety-five charge capacity. Firing will commence at your command."

"Thank you." Veronika said. "Let's lay this to rest. Fire!"
Prometheus Control Center

"Satellite five has gone off-line." Came the verbal report.
General Kyoji shrugged. It had served its purpose. There were still six left at his disposal.
"That's fine. It's time to start with our primary targets."

Pagan smiled. He'd sent his message to the Federation. Somone would get it, but probably not Leonidas Rask.
"Farewell, humanity."
End Phase 49
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 49 12/23/10)

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the avent marquis dying part, that sentence, the it's should not have an apostrophe. an apostrophe denotes 'it is'
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 49 12/23/10)

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Which sentence? I've been scouring that part, and I can't for the life of me see it.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 49 12/23/10)

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He pulled the trigger for the launcher, unleashing it's devouring light.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 49 12/23/10)

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Oh, duh. I was looking at the wrong word. I was kinda tired when I got home from work.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 49 12/23/10)

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At the Prometheus control center's operations room, General Kyoji watched the news reports covering the demise of Helsinki. It had been a necessary move, and thanks to Pagan's little speech, confusion was rampant. Just a little while longer.
Reformer-class Augustine

Elena slid into a chair in the mess hall with a hot cup of coffee. Alice and Jana followed, sitting around her.
"Gah, this place is dead." Jana noted.
Alice took a sip of her iced tea. "I guess that means it's ladies night, huh?"
Jana's eyes slid over at Alice. "Uh, yeah. Not what I'm looking for." She stretched her arms up and over her head. "I should grab some sleep while I've got the chance, but I'm just not that tired."

"Me neither." Alice giggled. "That's going to be bad, but I can't go straight to bed right now.

I'm too wound up."
Elena rubbed her forehead. "Count me in too. I should sleep, but I can't."

Alice studied Elena's face before saying anything.
"You should. You looked like you were up all night long." She added in a lower voice. "And I'm gonna guess it wasn't for any fun."

Elena's face soured.
"That part of my life isn't up for discussion," she swirled the coffee with a stirrer. "but, no, that wasn't the reason I didn't sleep. Ryuji just needs some time alone...after that last battle and the bombshell I dropped before that I--"

"Whoa! Hey, that's sounds pretty juicy." Alice wafted the air, as if to coax greater detail.
Elena sighed. "It's not as scandalous as you'd think."
"Really?" It was a letdown for Alice.
"Yeah, really."
"Alright, spill it anyways"

Elena took time to drink some of her coffee and collect her thoughts.
"Ryuji saw one of his friends from the Union die. And if that weren't enough, it was a friendly fire incident." She reconsidered. "No, I'll take that back. The guy was shot down by his own, crazed officer for standing up to him."

Jana straightened up, putting a disgusted face to the thought of an officer killing a subordinate.
"That's low."
"Yeah." Another sip of coffee.

Alice proceeded, but without the gusto this time.
"So then, ah, what 'bombshell' did you drop on the poor guy?"
Elena brushed her hair out of her eyes.
"I told him why I've been so sick."
"How about the words 'I'm pregnant'?"

Alice's eyes became like saucers and she slapped both hands over her mouth as a makeshift dam for the tea she'd just took a sip. She swallowed, nearly choking.
"What?" She gasped.
"Yeah." Elena sighed. "I'm preggo."
"And I was just joking with you!"
"I know that." Elena gave a frumpy smile. "I just didn't really think about it because we were taking preventative measures." She propped her head against one hand. "We figured someday, down the road, but right now, not so much. There's a million questions I have on what the hell to do about this, and I don't know where to start."

Another heavy sigh, followed by an uncomfortable silence. Finally, Jana spoke.
"It's probably not the best thing to point out, but if that's regular, you might want to get used to decaf."
Elena's eyes shifted over toward Jana.
"Hm? Why's that?"
"Assuming you're going through with the pregnancy, caffeine is supposed to be avoided."
Elena groaned. "Fantastic."

Graf watched the screen before him with his eyes narrowed at the figure appearing on it. The video was of Pagan Czevik's declaration.

"To humanity, this is the end of everything. From before you evolved from incoherent apes to the present conflict, the idea of war seems to be laced through every fiber of your being. Time and time again, you find something to argue about. At some point it boils over into action, one that you know as war. No matter how menial or trivial, how noble or worthless, whatever the circumstances might be, the thirst to crush, destroy, even kill...that is the mindset of man. Like a vicious beast, you revert to primal instinct."
"But, you are man, above beasts, yet you're unable to transcend them. You can't do it and never will be able to. I, however, have been able to accomplish this and at the same time reveal the true nature of what's sparked the current war!"
"Newtypes aren't something mythological, or a plot, or simply an evolution of man. No, they are far greater. They are transcended to a divine state. They are gods, I chief among them. I will end the current war and all those who create war!"
"I will end this world and create anew! The cycle will be broken once the sinners have been razed from Earth and the world rebuilt! I will do what prophets and holy books have warned about! I will bring the end of the world to fruition!"

Graf slammed a fist on the desk. He could feel the final pieces of the puzzle he'd been trying to piece together were falling into place. That was fine for play, but not in a situation where lives were the exchange rate.
"I need to make sure all of the Resistance knows about this."
Prometheus Control Center

Pagan sat at his desk.
"It's been another stretch of time, Major Singer, hasn't it?" He greeted.
"Yes, you're right." Julia replied. "I don't know what's been going on wherever you are, but the

Federation is alight after Helsinki was destroyed."
"As expected, something like that would cause a lot of chaos. My men are getting restless, and they'll be like hounds if I release them."
"If they're needed, you'll know." Pagan said. "However, consider that remaining inactive is a greater benefit than exposing everything."

Pagan left his room and drifted down the hall outside. At the end, Uriah and Shilah awaited. As he drew closer, they reverently bowed their heads.
"I'd like you to see the beginning of the end, my angels." He said, passing by.
"Y-you would?" Shilah seemed unable to contain her excitement.
"Of course." Pagan smiled gently. "My to highest angels can see the future promised happen before their eyes and then become as a god in my new creation."

A slight wave of his arm beckoned them to follow.
"Let's see the new path being created."

General Kyoji looked at the target list on his personal screen. As long as they made the first six, that would be fine, although he hoped that whatever was left of the Resistance might be picked off before long. They'd been an inadvertent thorn for some time, and if the cost of keeping them occupied was the remaining satellites, that would just have to do.

Before he knew it, Pagan was in the main operations room once again, this time with his two acolytes.
"Well," the masked man nodded a greeting once Kyoji noticed him, "shall we begin?"
Reformer-class Augustine

Veronika floated along beside Graf.
"I've received confirmations from our remaining Leonard-class ships. The Aspire, the Noble, the Valiant, the Proud, and even the Steadfast have all reported back. Saratov has even reported back,

so our ground forces are still operational."
"Then we should go after that other satellite before it can fire." Graf said. "We've seen what it can do, and I don't believe there's any good leaving it in operation. The Valiant was monitoring it, correct?"
"What sort of forces was deployed around it? If you don't mind refreshing my memory."
"There were two Chancellor-class vessels, but one has apparently just left the area." Veronika put one hand on her chin to think. "Awfully strange, given the significance of such a weapon."
"What else is there to protect? Asgard, perhaps." Graf speculated. "It's strange that it was one lone ship guarding the satellite we just destroyed."

Veronika looked at Graf with a serious and concerned expression. "What could they possibly have in space that's more powerful than what we've seen? All the intelligence we have indicates Asgard doesn't have any weapon system that would impact the Earth the way that satellite did."

Graf had developed an equally disconcerted expression himself.
"What if it does?"
"Pretty expensive and elaborate decoys." Veronika mused darkly. "If..."

The single word hung in the air with such weight it was like an anvil was held above them, waiting to fall and crush them into a pulp with its sheer mass.

"Captain Becker to the bridge!"
It was Martin. Though calm, it was apparent he forcefully willed the composure he portrayed.

Elena floated through a hall. There was a lot on her plate, including some dietary changes that were likely to be challenging. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful to know, it was the knowledge of what needed to be addressed.

Oh, well. She was going to check on Ryuji. For someone who had so little, a life was certainly precious, especially when it was a friend. She knew that was one thing he had a very short supply in this world, but that was all. There was a barrier she couldn't see a way around, and that was how to comfort him. That was where she was at a loss to help. She wanted something she could do to help him.

But then, she froze, seized by an unexplainable horror and dread. It was so overwhelming, she couldn't even think of moving on her own. From where did this terrible sensation emanate?
Her body continued in the path she'd been moving and she bumped into a wall. She shook her head after being knocked from the grip of the terrible, numbing sensation.

She thought about what had just happened. Given the direction things had been going and comparing this incident with previous sensations, she could only come to the conclusion that what had ever happened made the recent developments seem insignificant.

She also heard Veronika being paged to the bridge. Another foreboding sign, especially given the shock she clearly sensed. Originally, she was going to try and comfort Ryuji, but now, her motives were different. She needed to rouse him to fight once again.

She pushed off the wall with a clenched fist.

"Saratov." Graf sighed heavily, as if weight down by bricks. "God rest their souls."
Veronika stood fluctuating between anger and sadness. "That at least makes some sense, but the other five targets are all in Union territory."

They reexamined, with considerable disbelief and confusion, the remaining targets: Beijing, Tokyo,

Hong Kong, Juneau, and Seoul. Neither could understand why the Union would fire at its own cities.
Titan-class Rhine

Otto refused to be gripped by the numbing thought of the Prometheus system firing upon one Union city, let alone five.

"Listen, and hear me." He spoke loud, yet calm and collected. As much as he would have wished to let the grief overtake him, his discipline overrode the idea. "I need confirmation of what's been reported. Get a hold of all Union ships near any satellite and with Asgard. Everybody remain at your stations. We're moving to a level two battle station."

Cai Deshang sat in disbelief over the news.
It was fortunate that his flight had been moved up, but that was almost no comfort. The implications were beyond damning. Words couldn't begin to describe the weight and horror he had; yet he still tried.

"One of our own caused this. One and a half billion people...gone." He forced his breathing to slow. He had to think of what action he should take to deal with the situation. He also needed to find out exactly what had happened with their impromptu weapon.

"I don't care!" Anders yelled. "We built the thing, so if there's any backdoor, any pass code, any secret, we should know about it! We need to take the entire Prometheus system off line! Now!"

He slammed the phone down so hard it snapped in two. He was beginning to feel more like the technological version of the fictional doctor Frankenstein. The original purpose behind the Prometheus system had become so far twisted he had nearly forgotten what it was for.
"Heaven help us, we've gone mad."
Reformer-class Augustine

Elena pushed her way out of the locker room. She clutched her helmet. She'd picked up that something bad had happened and the likely culprit didn't take any Newtype-formed revelations to imagine the source.

As she floated toward the hangar, she sensed someone behind her.
"Stop it." It was a stern, male voice.
"Ryuji?" Elena was surprised, mostly to see him, but also that someone had picked up on her motives.
"Where are you going?" He asked, this time less harsh than he'd previously sounded.
"I need to stop Pagan." She replied, keeping herself moving toward the hangar. "I'm sure he's behind whatever just now happened."

"No!" Ryuji grabbed her hand, pulling her in the opposite direction. "You can't go alone!" He pleaded. "I know you want to take him out, but whatever happened we don't know the details! I'd argue it's not safe, but that's kinda stupid in the line of work."
She almost saw a brief smile break through.
"We can't wait forever." She said, eyes narrowed. "You should get ready too."

"I-" He started to reply, but then was cut off by an announcement throughout the ship.

"Attention all crew members!" Veronika called. "We've confirmed another attack by the Union satellite weapon. We know there were six simultaneous attacks that struck the following cities: Saratov, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Juneau. It appears that some of the Union ships are moving toward each satellite. We've received word that one Union ship has attacked the satellite and has requested assistance from our forces."

Elena turned to look at Ryuji. Her eyes were as wide as his.
Prometheus Control Center

Another indicator representing a satellite went dead.
General Kyoji smirked. "Go right ahead." As predicted, the orbiting Union forces were attempting to destroy the satellites. So far, the attempts seemed to be successful.
"I suppose a sample of victory should be allowed."

Pagan smiled as he gazed out into space.
"Even into your final hour, you, humanity, continue to grasp for destruction."

"Only two satellites remain!"
The alarming voice didn't worry General Kyoji. While they two would fall, he was unconcerned.
Instead, he brought up the diagram of something else.
"Fifty-two percent." He rubbed his chin. He'd waited years for what was about to happen, and he wasn't about to worry himself over a few hours.

Finally, Cai Deshang had thought through enough of the situation to be able to ask the right questions. He hated to think the worst of a trusted man, but the situation called for him to investigate. After all, there hadn't been any communication from the control center. It was possible a mutiny had occurred. That was a best-case scenario.
Prometheus Control Center

General Kyoji looked at the diagram of the screen he'd pulled up several hours prior. Sixty-eight percent, and one satellite remained in orbit.

He shifted in his chair before noticing a silent page. He pressed a button on the console.
"So, you want to talk, Chairman?" He snorted. This would be quite the entertaining conversation.

In his acquired office, he took the call.
"Greetings Chairman!" He said. There was a bold, mocking tone in his voice.
"General Kyoji?" Cai seemed surprised and suspicious to see him. There might have even been a sense of relief for a moment. Regardless, it was clear the chairman was stressed.
"General, please explain what's happened. Five Union cities have been destroyed at the cost of at least a billion and a half people! Some of the satellites have been destroyed, according to reports. Do you have control of the situation?"

Kyoji leaned back in his seat.
"Why wouldn't I have control? I've been in control all this time, Chairman. Really, I've been in control for years with you right under my fingers. I imagine you didn't know that, now?"
He continued despite a horrified gasp from Cai.
"Well, there's a lot you don't know, but I'll list a few things. You know your predecessor, Adam Martin? A mobile suit that you never knew existed shot him down. You might've seen something on them after that Resistance took a second swipe at Helsinki."
"Another thing: we shot down a Centurion Guard battleship near Shanghai last year. The great thing about those is their ability to cloak themselves optically. They were a nice addition to the Prometheus satellites up here."

There was nothing coherent as Cai simply sputtered.
"Oh, also, I'm a Newtype." Kyoji's voice turned from a playful tone to a dark, brooding one. "You know what that little exercise was about?"
He heard no response from Cai.

"Do you know what it's about?" He reiterated forcefully.
Cai choked and sputtered more, but finally spoke a single word. "No."
"This is about revenge." Kyoji leaned toward the display. "It's about MY revenge. Me getting my revenge on you." His growled response seemed to emanate terror. "How would you like to live with everything wrong being blamed on you? You've been at the forefront of that. I looked it up and found those raids that were supposedly Newtypes were simply a test of a potential combat strategy. It was useful for some needed population control, wasn't it?"

He backed off his hostile voice, mostly returning to his relaxed one.
"But, you got what you wanted: a test without blood on your hands. Throw in one group of actual Newtypes and nail them for following orders and you've saved yourself. That is a nice deal, if I must say myself."
"Don't worry. I'll make sure you get something out of this exercise. You'll get the honest chance to blame Newtypes for something, and I'll get my revenge!"
End Phase 50

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 50 1/4/11)

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wuts a therdunithingymie?

and lolz @ pagan and kyoji.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 50 1/4/11)

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Pretty much; there's an epilogue that's pretty lengthy, so that will be the 3rd remaining installment, but yeah, as far as the main story goes, it hits the fan, like now.

I might've written more, but I came down with a nasty bug that kicked my ass, so I haven't felt like doing a whole lot besides sleeping when I can. Hopefully, I can get this done before baby #2 hits. The epilogue is mostly done, and I think I'll be posting this all at once. We'll see.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 50 1/4/11)

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*insert witty eyecatch here*

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 50 1/4/11)

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No, didn't get it done by baby #2, but I'm getting close to being finished with 51, so we're close. Stay tuned to find out if I'm stricken by the specter of Tomino. :twisted:

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 50 1/4/11)

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Reformer-class Augustine

"Ma'am we're receiving reports about a fifth satellite being destroyed!"
Veronika took a quick sigh of relief hearing Cara's words.
"Looks like we're closing in on the sixth one. Has the Chancellor-class we detected responded?"
"Yes, they just did." Martin replied. "They said they'd need a second shot to do the job needed, and they'll stand down if we want to take the initiative!"

"We will. Relay that with our thanks." She commanded.
"Roger that, ma'am."

All the meantime, Graf still pondered how smoothly this had gone since destroying the first satellite. While destroying the weapons was a good thing, he was still troubled on how easy it seemed to be. Union compliance not withstanding, he still found it strange how relatively little protection these weapons had. He was sure Veronika shared his skeptical outlook.

Ryuji looked on while Elena stood at the feet of the Deus. He'd told her not to board it, but he knew she'd be in the cockpit if he so much as blinked. She was clearly agitated. Even with the news that the Resistance and Union had cooperated to tackle the massive satellite weapons, it did nothing to relieve her restlessness.

He didn't know exactly what she thought, but he understood one thing as clear as crystal: even as the ship prepared to destroy the last satellite, this matter was yet to be completed. If this notion he sensed was true, what beast might be lurking in the shadows?

The final Prometheus satellite seemed to shatter into pieces. The ensuing explosion tore it apart and scattered the weapon into space.

Veronika sat as said explosion illuminated the Augustine's bridge.
"Withdraw from the area. We'll continue in orbit to ensure no other weapons of this type are active."

Elena had resigned herself to not sitting in the Deus' cockpit anytime soon.
She heard Ryuji chuckle when she sat down on the floor.
"What's so funny?" She half-glared over her shoulder.
"Just how stubborn you are." He said, looking up at the Deus himself.
"Not this time." She said coolly. "There's something I can't shake." She rotated herself to face him. "It's know that feeling you'd get when you first started sensing other Newtypes?"
He crossed his arms and nodded. He remembered all too well what she meant.
"It's just like that, but it's a hundred times worse and isn't going away."

He said nothing, but did take a long gaze at the Deus.
"Do you think you could find that Pagan guy?"
She looked at the mobile suit as well.
"I hope so."

Elena climbed into the cockpit, situating herself in the seat. Ryuji stood outside, if for nothing else to show she wasn't about to launch by herself. He wondered if she was becoming overly protective as some sort of motherly instinct. He did admit, albeit internally, that there hadn't been closure with Pagan. Hopefully, it wasn't an itch driving her mad.

Cai had grown quite pale.
One of his most trusted advisors--he would have gone so far as to use the description of friend--had turned out to have been playing him all along.

A knock at the door brought a needed distraction.
"Come in." He called.
It was one of the suited security officers.
"Chairman, we've received word that the Prometheus satellites have been destroyed. Our ships worked with Federation vessels to accomplish this."

"I see." Cai responded solemnly. It wasn't enough to restore the color to his face, but there was relief knowing the threat was gone.

The phone at the desk rang. He nodded his gratitude as he took the call.
"Cai, it's Anders." The panic and terror sprung from his friend's voice. Clearly, there was something very wrong.
"Is something going on?"
"You need to get out of the city, now!"
Reformer-class Augustine

Elena rocketed out of the Deus' cockpit.
Without saying a word, Ryuji followed behind her as she shot toward the hangar exit.
"Aren't you going to ask what happened?" She asked.
"No." He replied. Her body language was clear enough he hadn't needed to question her. "I sorta guessed you figured out the problem."
She looked over her shoulder. "It's as if that masked psycho let me know exactly where it was."

Ryuji pushed off the wall harder to catch up with her.
"You trust him?" His face showed that he did not.
She closed her eyes for a second.
"No, not really, but he seems to...I don't, flaunt himself to me. Whatever he's doing, he wants me to see it."

She slowed down, and Ryuji noticed it was by a lavatory.
He noticed her pace sped up as she entered.
"Sorry, gotta throw up."

Martin heard a knock at the door of the bridge. He grumbled as he left the captain's seat. All crew should follow procedure, and he thought that's what procedure the ship held by even now.

The door opened, but before he bellowed anything he saw Elena, in a pilot suit, and Ryuji who was not.
"What?" The roar he would have given was deflated.
"Is the captain here?"
"No. She's been off duty for about an hour." He'd propped one arm in the jamb. "If there's a problem, I can look into it."
"I bet she'll get back her for this one."
Martin's brow furrowed, prompting her to expand.
Her eyes seemed to burn with a desperate plea for action. "Those satellites aren't the end of this. There's something else out there, and I'm positive I know where that is."

Martin's face indicated he didn't quite buy it.
"And you know"
"I don't know. I know Pagan wanted me to see it, whatever 'it' is." Elena admitted, but still unwilling to back off her intensity. "I just know that this feels like the satellites are nothing in comparison."

There was still no give from Martin.
Elena sighed, exasperated. "If you had the coordinates?"
He physically relented. "I think we can do something about that."

Veronika fixed the final snap below her neck on her uniform. There was no guarantee they were going anywhere, but she didn't see Elena as being irrational. Forceful, possibly pushy, but it was clear she wasn't insane.

Graf examined the coordinates.
"That's quite nice if that's the location."
"Remind me again what's the Union has there." Veronika said as she pulled herself into the captain's seat.
"Those were resource satellites the Union pulled from the asteroid belt. It's possible to hide a colony inside the cluster, but you also run the risk of one of the asteroids smashing into the thing at that close of range."

"I'm not making the coordinates up." Elena was noticeably agitated.
Graf turned to her. "I didn't mean to insinuate you were feeding us a line, merely that something needed to do the damage near what the satellite weapons would likely need to be comparable in size to a colony. It's also the only point that makes any sense."

He put his hands in his pockets.
"It's worth investigating this. Myself and the captain have felt that the satellite weapons were poorly guarded given the level of firepower they provided and the type of retaliatory response they would possibly incur. Also," he looked at Elena, "if Pagan Czevik is the self-centered man I knew, he likes to have people relish his achievements."

"I can see that." Elena glared into a display of space. "I just wish he wasn't fixated on me seeing his grandiose plan."
Graf looked at her as if he understood her irritation. "Yes, although it may be that fixation that's his undoing."
Titan-class Rhine

Otto could barely contain his surprise at the diagrams displayed on the screen. There were a lot of question he had regarding this, but the answers were forced to wait. Quick action was imperative, and assembling a strike force with what few ships were available was disheartening.

Still, if things went well, he thought of some potential allies.
Prometheus Control Center

General Kyoji looked at the charge percentage shown on the main display in the operations room. It was at sixty-eight. He could fire now, but the results wouldn't be satisfactory.

Pagan had been typing away at a report, but paused. He sensed something and focused to find its origin.
A smile appeared when he knew what it was.
"I'm so glad you came, little goddess!"

With that, he stood and left his quarters. "So now, you will witness the final moments of man give way to the permanence of gods."
Reformer-class Augustine

Elena put out a hand to steady herself. She cringed. The sensation that had haunted her for so long was once again felt. Pagan was close, and she assumed it was with whatever he had to wreak havoc.

"Ready?" Alice, along with several others, was behind her.
"Yeah." Elena pushed off the wall, resuming her course. "I'm ready for this crap to be over."
"I think we'd all agree to that." Smith looked over his shoulder as he passed Elena and Alice. "I don't understand everything, but when certain things keep popping up over and over, it doesn't take much to link them together."

He turned around while still maintaining the direction he drifted. "You need this to be over." He smiled, not in his typical, lightly sarcastic manner, but sincerely. "I heard about it.

Congratulations, Elena."

The maintenance frames were all scrambling as mechanics finalized their work as the pilots began preparation for launch.

Smith and Alice floated up toward their respective Scorpios.
"I didn't think you were such a softie." Alice playfully remarked.
"Well, I do pull off surprises." He said, then added, as if it were an inspiration. "You know, we should visit her and Ryuji at least after the baby is born."
"Yeah," she agreed, though she was partially focused on her mobile suit.
"I mean, I hope we can do more, uh...stuff...together." He said with more gusto. "After the war. Us. Together."

Alice blushed after realizing what his stumbling words meant.
"Oh. OH!"
He moved in closer, giving her a brief kiss.
When he pushed back, his grin was more of his usual self.
"I don't need an answer right now. Catch me when we get back."
She nodded, slightly dazed as he drifted toward the cockpit.
Prometheus Control Center

Pagan relaxed in the Thanatos' cockpit. He knew that some of the Wraith's had been launched, and soon he and his closest angels would join the fray.
"Does humanity hear its requiem?"
Titan-class Rhine

"Captain, we have a visual for the coordinates!" A report flashed to Otto. "Also, we're detecting several Federation battleships ahead."

Otto glared at the massive cylinder. From the image, he could tell the 'control center' dwarfed the satellites that had been recently destroyed. He prayed that the Federation ships would receive the hastily constructed battle plan.

"Weapon systems status?" He asked.
"All off-line, sir!"
"Good. Contact the largest one. I think it's the lead."
Reformer-class Augustine

Veronika watched another Scorpio shoot out from the catapult. Now, they were just waiting for the Deus and Nergal.
"Ma'am!" Martin called to her. "We've spotted a Titan-class and several Chancellor-class vessels coming from the rear-"
Cara broke in. "Ma'am, we're being hailed by the Titan-class!"

The catapult flung the Deus out into space. A familiar sensation ran through her nervous system.

Its intensity told her that Pagan, the despicable, haunting figure was close.

"I know you're out there." She growled and kicked up the mobile suit's thrust. The heat rods unfurled as she looked out at the incoming wave of Wraiths. The way she felt at that moment, she'd cut them all down herself if need be.

The closest one to her began firing. The Deus darted around the shots, spiraling toward the target. Elena had both arms of the machine pull back before smashing through the enemy.
As the Deus moved along, the Wraith exploded in her mobile suit's wake. If she had to, she'd tear through every last one. She was set on putting her vexing problem to rest.

"Looks like she's going to town!" Smith commented after seeing Elena's forceful entry into battle.
"Hopefully she pays attention." Ryuji replied.
"True." Wade chimed. "But, so should the rest of us. Remember, we need to keep those enemy mobile suits away from the Augustine and the rest of our ships."

Ryuji and Smith both aimed at the approaching Wraiths.
"You better make it back from this." Smith remarked to Ryuji.
"Same to you." Ryuji replied, and then braced for the attack. "Let's all make it back."

With that, the two began firing upon the incoming enemies.

Alice dodged a Wraith as it screamed past.
"Whew!" She could tell the installation of the Sky cutter backpack had just given her life an extension.
"Don't worry, I'll get this one." Alban told her.
His Scorpio chased the Wraith, firing at the machine's back. Even as it tried to turn around to fire, Alban's aim was enough to clip one shoulder and then zero in on the torso for a lethal burst.

Alice was about to compliment him, but there wasn't time.
"More incoming!"
There were four Wraiths close by and the two were their target. They began darting around the two Scorpios.

Alban's machine lurched as it took a glancing shot. He analyzed the relative distances between his position and the individual enemies. He heard Alice yelp in surprise.
"What's wrong?"
"I just lost a leg. I'm still okay to fight."

One of the circling Wraiths dashed in, cutting between the two Scorpios. A second followed, aiming at the torso of Alban's machine.
Alice began following the second. The reticule was still attempting to lock on the enemy when she heard Alban's voice becoming frantic.

"Back off!"
He was trying to move his Scorpio out of the way of another Wraith with another coming at him from the opposite direction. His machine fired at the one before him, while the one behind ignited a beam saber.

"Watch out! Behind you!" Alice screamed.
It was a fruitless waste of breath. He didn't have enough time to get out of the path. The Wraith slashed through the mobile suit while blazing past.

Uriah laughed.
The enemy was weak, and although he sensed a few like himself, the majority were nothing that would stand against him.
Reformer-class Augustine

"Signal to one of our Scorpios has disappeared!" Martin reported. "Another one in that area is damaged and surrounded by four enemies."
"Can we recover that one?" Veronika asked.
"Not at this range, but I'm alerting our team and the rest of the ships." He looked over at the captain. "How much longer until the Union starts their plan?"

Veronika looked at her watch. Even with the new equipment, the Wraiths still seemed to be a formidable match.
"I believe they still have at least twenty minutes until they're able to join us." She answered calmly.
Underneath her exterior, she feared their mobile suits wouldn't make it that long.

Ryuji sheared the head off a Wraith with a beam rifle shot, but the enemy kept moving. He sensed something, making him almost pause, but he thought better of it. The Wraith was difficult to hit.

It's pilot liked to come close, so he pulled out a beam saber.

He charged and swung. A glance at a rearview camera showed the Wraith split in two, and he breathed a sigh of relief for the few seconds he could afford to take one.
"Ryuji," Wade called through the comm, "it looks like Alice is up against four of these and you're closest to her coordinates."
"Sure, but I thought Alban was with her."

Wade fired at an incoming Wraith.
"Yeah." There was a solemn air in his voice. "Was. We've lost his machine's signal."
The Wraith fired back, but Wade deflected it with the Scorpio's shield.
"So, if you'd head that way sooner than later--"
"Right, I'm on it."

Wade eyed the Scorpio and re-aimed the beam rifle.

The Nergal adjusted its path toward Alice's location.
Ryuji thought of the connection between Elena and Alice and hoped he wasn't too late.
Titan-class Rhine

Nicoletta shook her head.
War made alliances rather confusing. One instant, she'd been sure of the enemy. Now, it seemed as if that 'enemy' was much less so than the alleged friends within the Union. How perplexing it was to wake and discover that a major weapon of the Union had been turned on the collaborating countries instead of its respective enemy.

Whatever the case, her calm head needed to prevail. After the meeting with the remaining pilots aboard, she was confident they were unified and wouldn't create any more incidents. The final shreds of animosity towards the silver mobile suit and its pilot seemed to have been devoured by the new reality.
Prometheus Control Center

General Kyoji folded his hands.
He looked at the report regarding the Union ships. He'd counted on them being destroyed during the skirmishes with the small Federation cluster, but they were moving into position. Based on he proximity to the Federation ships, he already knew some sort of alliance had occurred.

He looked at the main display.
Eighty-seven percent charge; it was climbing. However, even so close to victory, he also didn't want to ignore the attempted interference. As long as that man with the messiah complex kept the interlopers at bay, this was over.

Elena fired the Deus' palm cannons, separating a Wraith from its beam rifle. It retreated, but she knew it would attempt to sneak around behind for an attack. She gave chase, heat rods out. The enemy pulled its beam saber and slashed to fend her off. The Deus backed away while lashing out with a heatrod that circled around the offensive arm. Her machine continued the momentum from the first swing with the second one which was strong enough to effectively shatter the Wraith.

She now realized her focus and perception had never been so sharp. She was focused on finding the accursed Pagan Czevik and forgot about what that did inside the Deus.

Off in the distance, she detected him. He would make no attempt to run. He welcomed her, and she could almost see him laughing and inviting, no, beckoning her to come join his madness.
End Phase 51

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 51 2/22/11)

Post by Big B » Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:30 am

Sorry, no updates right now.
I've been busy with life and also was in the hospital for a few days. It's to be finished, but there's still a bit to do.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 51 2/22/11)

Post by tehprognoob » Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:10 pm

could you spoil tag your chapters? its a lot to leaf through.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 51 2/22/11)

Post by Big B » Sun May 22, 2011 11:26 am

Not a bad idea...I've done 1-5 so far.

I will finish this, but life...ugg...

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 51 2/22/11)

Post by Big B » Tue May 24, 2011 11:23 am

Spoiler tags added for 6-14.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Phase 51 2/22/11)

Post by Big B » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:53 pm

Sorry for lack of updates, but there's been some personal issues I've had to deal with over the past few months. I'm approximately 1/2 through Phase 52, so hopefully sooner than later I should have this and the epilogue finished (actually, most of the epilogue is done, just waiting for a few details in this one to pan out).

More spoiler tags on older Phases have been added.

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