Another War.

Your own tale of two mecha.

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Another War.

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Okay, this story is about Gundam Seed: Destiny and Armored Core crossover.

Another War.

Chapter. 1: Arrival

A dark silhouette floated trough space. Slowly descending, it hit the ground, kicking up a small cloud of dust. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a "M11C Murasame" mobile suit. A large hole in its lower chest meant, that it was pierced by a giant sword and that the pilot was already dead. The mobile suit's pilot was one of the many who fought against ZAFT forces during the final days of the Second Bloody Valentine war. After some time the wreck would be slowly covered with dust and join the other pieces of mobile suits that littered the ground. These parts were silent reminders of the fierce battle that happened two months ago. This was the place where Terminal’s forces destroyed the MESSIAH space station, thus ending the war.

Suddenly a ship passed this dark battlefield. The ship was heading towards PLANT space colony and carried four cadets from the ZAFT military academy. "Ok, remind me again, Mike, why did you choose this course?" Asked one of the cadets, sitting in the co-pilots chair. The cadet’s name was Kevin, he was wearing the ZAFT’s red uniform, which made it clear to everyone that he was one of the few elite mobile suit pilots. Although it was a great honor to be one of the best pilots, he didn't even care about it. He was sure that he would soon be demoted because of his attitude. The thing was he loved to pick a fight with practically everyone. Size, rank, age, none of them mattered if Kevin was pissed off. Everyone got an equal share of the beating. There was a little scar crossing his left eyebrow, a reminder from one of his opponents, one of the lucky few who managed to land a punch. Most of them never got that far.

"Well this is the fastest course." Mike replied. Unlike Kevin, Mike rarely got into trouble. He was a cool-headed guy who always tried to solve problems in a diplomatic manner. But that didn't mean he was afraid to fight. Like Kevin, he also was one of the ZAFT's "readcoats". "And I've wanted to visit this place." He said.

"Greeeaaat! If it isn't enough that our time-off in Copernicus city is over, you decide to visit this awful place." Kevin said. "And what, if I may ask, is the reason of our visit?"

"My older brother died here." Mike answered. "He fought to defend chairman Durandal, even if he didn't like the Destiny Plan, he did his duty as a soldier and paid for it with his life."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, a lot of good soldiers died here." Sighed Kevin. Suddenly the cockpit's doors opened and a young girl came in. "Why are we here?" She asked.

"Oh, Diana, you scared me!" Kevin jumped in his seat. "Mike just wanted to see this place. Anyway how is Lisa?"

"Your girlfriend is just fine Kevin." The girl smirked. "After that takeoff you guys performed, I had a hard time calming her down, and a moment ago she fell asleep."

Kevin blushed and gave her an angry look. "How many times I must repeat. She is not my girlfriend! We're ... friends ... just friends." But in reality that was a pathetic attempt to deny the obvious.

"Yeah! Sure! Listen Kevin, everyone knows that you have a crush on her, the way you look and talk to Lisa, even she has noticed that. So why don't you tell her that you like her?" Asked Diana, while taking her seat.

"I'm just ... waiting for the right moment! You know, these things take time."

Diana looked at him with a surprised look on her face. Then she called out. "Right moment? It's been over a year! If you don't hurry some other boy will pick her right in front of you. Because ,as you know, she is one of the hottest girls in our class."

"Then I will break his neck. And make him regret the day he was born!" Kevin clenched his fist.

"That is the reason why no one has done it, yet." Diana explained.

"Uh, guys, I hate to interrupt your conversation, but we got a problem." Mike said. "There is some electrical interference that is messing with the computer. And it's getting stronger."

"Elecrical, huh? Where is it coming from?" Asked Kevin, glad that the conversation had changed topics.

"I don't know, judging by the computer analysis, the source is near." Mike looked at the computer display. Diana grabbed Mike's shoulder and whispered. "Look! What's that?" She pointed to a small light in a distance. The light was getting closer and bigger. The closer it got, the more brighter it became. A rumble could be heard in a distance. All of a sudden the cockpit was filled with a bright light. Everyone closed their eyes, because it was hard to see. And the rumbling was unbearable.


"I CAN'T!!! The controls aren't responding!"

Suddenly everything stopped. The light was gone and silence returned.

"Hey, that was close! Everyone alright?" Asked Diana with a huge relief.

"I'm okay, how about you Kevin? ... uhh ... Kevin? Do you hear me?" But Kevin didn't answer, he just stared at the strange object outside the ship.

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Chapter 2: Prophecies of a madman.

The object that had just appeared in front of the ship was oval in shape, 4 meters high and 2 meters wide. It looked like a capsule, in fact it was a capsule, because it had doors, wings, and everything else that made it clear that it was a capsule. Also there was a strange insignia that no one of the cadets had seen before. Painted on the capsule's doors, there was a golden shield with black wings. Apart from floating around it didn't do anything else.

"Kevin, do you hear me?" Mike repeated his question, also staring at the strange object.

"Yes. What do you think it is?" Kevin replied.

"I think it's some kind of capsule or something like that. The main question is what are we going to do now?" asked Mike.

Diana got up from her seat and went towards cockpit's doors. "I think that we should take it on board and bring that thing to PLANT, with us." She suggested.

Kevin jumped from his seat and followed her. "What? Are you crazy? We don't know a thing about it. That ... thing appeared out of nowhere, nearly killed us and now you suggest taking it on board. How can we be sure it's safe. Maybe that thing could explode any minute."

"I don't think so." Mike said from his seat while working with computers. "Computer analysis indicates that the capsule isn't emitting any kind of dangerous radiation. In fact, it isn't doing anything at all. So it must be safe."

"See? It's safe, so don't be afraid, there is nothing that could be wrong with it." Diana opened the doors and ran into a girl who was standing in front of her. "Oh, sorry Lisa, I didn't see you there. Are you alright?"

The girl had long, red hair and blue eyes. She was a little bit shorter than Diana, who had blond hair, that matched perfectly with her amber colored eyes. Lisa and Diana were best friends since they were little. Pretty much like Kevin and Mike. Who had been together forever.

"I'm fine. What happened? I was sleeping when suddenly the ship started to tremble. Then I hear Kevin talking something exploding." She looked at Kevin. "What were you talking about?"

"I was talking about that." He pointed at the capsule. "It almost killed us when it appeared, and now Diana suggests that we should pick it up and deliver to PLANT."

"Well I agree with Diana about taking it with us." Said Mike. He got up and went to the cargo hold. The others followed him. He opened the doors and went inside. "There should be enough room for that thing."

"How are you planning in getting it inside?" Asked Lisa.

"Someone will have to go outside and bring it inside when I open the cargo hatch." Explained Mike.

"Somehow I don't want to know, who that someone will be." Kevin whined. "I don't want to go out there."

"So, the great Kevin is finally afraid of something. No one will believe me." Laughed Diana.

"Shut up! I am not scared, I'm just cautious. Somehow I got a bad feeling about this idea. But if you insist, then I will go and retrieve that thing." Kevin said and opened the spacesuit locker. Mike and Diana went to the cockpit.

"Kevin, be careful out there. I don't want anything bad happen to you." Worried Lisa.

"Don't worry I've done it before. I will be fine." He said nervously. -Is it just me or it's getting hot in here?- He thought, while Lisa stepped through the cockpit's door. -Ok, calm down, you have a job to do.- He didn't like this thing at all. There was something weird about that capsule.

-Weird day.- He thought, while he got dressed. -Why do I have to do this? We had a great time in the Copernicus city. We were supposed to simply fly back to the academy for our graduation ceremony, but no. Instead we're in middle of space, retrieving weird object that comes out of nowhere and nearly kills us. I wonder what that thing really is. Maybe it's a life-pod, but what about that strange insignia? I've never seen it before. I'm sure it's not a part of ZAFT nor Earth Alliance.- Finally he put on the helmet and checked for oxygen leaks. The last thing he wanted, was to die out there because of a tiny hole in his suit. The suit's computer on his arm showed that everything was ok and no anomalies were detected.

-Testing, one, two, three, Mike, can you hear me?- Kevin checked the radio and proceeded towards the airlock.

-Yes, the radio seems to working fine. Just tell me when to open the cargo hatch.- Mike answered.

The boy stepped inside the airlock and waited for it to close. Then he started the decompression sequence. When it was done he opened the hatch and went outside the ship. This wasn't the first time Kevin was in open space. He loved space. That was one of the reasons why he enlisted in ZAFT.

Manipulating his jet-pack, Kevin slowly proceeded towards the front end of the ship. After few minutes he reached his target. After closely examining it, he was sure that it was a life-pod or something similar. An cold aura engulfed the capsule. Kevin felt the cold even trough his spacesuit. -Oh, man! What's with the cold? Alright, let's get you inside, where it's nice and warm.- He grabbed the capsule and started to push it towards the back of the ship.

-Mike, I'm getting closer to the cargo hatch get ready to open it.-

-Roger that. Just a minute.-

The cargo hatch opened and Kevin pushed the capsule inside. -That's it. I'm inside, close the hatch and turn up the heat. I'm freezing over here.- He waited until the decompression sequence finished, then took off his helmet. "That's better."

"Well, what do we have here?" Asked Diana, who had just entered the room, followed by Mike and Lisa. "Doesn't look like much." She said ant started to examine the capsule.

"Except that it is extremely cold." Kevin rubbed his hands.

"Uhh... Diana? What are you doing?" Asked Lisa.

"What does it look like? I'm searching for a way how to open this damn thing." Diana replied, and continued her examination.

"Do you think it's wise? I mean, we don't have the slightest idea what we're dealing with."

"True, but we will find out when we open it. Wow it really is cold. Hmmm.. there should be some sort of emergency lock release somewhere."

"Diana. I don't think that's such a good idea. We should better leave it alone and inform the proper people when we arrive." Mike suggested.

"Found it!" Said Diana as she removed a small lid from the capsule's surface. Underneath there was a switch. "Well should I push it?"

Mike approached her with a worried face. "Listen, we shouldn't do this, it might be dangerous."

"I agree." Lisa nodded. "We might get into a lot of trouble. Maybe this is a part of some kind of military experiment and we shouldn't even be here."

"Sure, a military experiment to destroy ships with weird capsules." Diana laughed. "I think it's just a life-pod from another ship, that had an accident, so let's just open it and see what's inside." And then she pushed the switch.

Everyone stepped back and waited for something to happen.

For a few minutes nothing happened. Then the locks on the door unlocked and, with a hissing sound the capsule opened. No one could see inside the capsule because it was dark and steam came out of the pod.

"I think there's something inside." whispered Lisa, while hiding behind Kevin's back. Inside the capsule a dark figure could be seen. It was clearly a human, only unconscious. Judging from the looks, he was about 19 years old, a year older than the four cadets. And about the same size as Kevin.

"What now?" Asked Mike. "Does any one has an idea?"

"I think that we should get the pilot out of there." Kevin suggested.

"Pilot? What makes you think that he is a pilot?" Diana said.

"Well, I think the pilot's costume is clear enough to indicate that he is a pilot." Kevin explained.

"I agree, but his suit is somehow different, I've never seen a similar suit." Noticed Lisa. Indeed, the pilots suit was strange. While the costume was black and similar to an regular MS pilot's costume, the were some differences, like white, armored parts on torso, shoulders, the upper part of legs, also the pilot's boots and gloves were made from the same hardened material. The helmet was a bit bulkier too. Because of the helmet's dark face shield they couldn't clearly see the pilot's face. And on the chest armor's left side, was a little mark of a black raven.

Suddenly the pilot opened his eyes and gasped. He stepped out of the pod, looked around with a panicked look and didn't seem to notice the four friends. Afterwards he collapsed on the floor and muttered. "C.. cold ... so cold. Pain ... blood. Must warn them ... complete mission." He shivered and tried to get up. "T-they m-mus-must know ... Union ... Sh-sha-shadows."

"Are you alright?" Diana worried, but he didn't hear her voice, because he kept repeating. "Must warn ... Union" over and over again.

"What are we going to do with him?" Asked Lisa, like everyone else she was quite worried. "He seams to be in a state of shock."

"Maybe we should try to calm him down?" said Mike and looked at the stranger.

"Yeah, right. And how do you think we will do that?" Replied Diana. "Can't you see that he is crazy?"

"Well it was your idea to open that thing."

"But you brought us here."

"Ok, ok. We won't achieve anything by standing here and blaming each other. But the fact is that we must help him." Said Mike and started heading towards the pilot.

"Just be careful, Mike." Warned Kevin.

Mike approached the pilot and put his hand on pilot's shoulder. "Hey buddy, you alright? What's wrong with you? Can you hear me?" But the stranger just repeated his words about cold, pain, blood and mission. "Okay, listen I will take of your helmet so you can breathe better." Mike grabbed the helmet and slowly pulled it off. When they saved the boy's face everyone was shocked, because his face was covered in blood. Even inside of helmet was drenched in blood. "Whoa! What happened to him?" Gasped Lisa.

Mike grabbed his shoulder again and shook him. "What happened to you? Why is your face covered with blood?"

Finally the pilot stopped muttering, he wiped his face and looked at his hand, covered with blood. "Blood ... my blood ...Shadow, Shadow 3 ... KILL, Shadow 3 KILL!!!" he yelled and pushed Mike away.

"Hey! Easy! What are you talking about? Shadow 3? Kill? Kill who?" Asked Mike, a few seconds later he realized that he had said something wrong. Because the pilot looked upon him with a mad rage in his eyes and jumped on him and started hitting his head against the floor. Lisa and Diana screamed, but Kevin threw himself against the pilot and with his shoulder knocked him away from Mike. "Oh no you don't! Mike, you okay?"

"I'm fine, only my head hurts. I think I said something wrong."

Diana came and checked his head. "It doesn't look serious, but it's bleeding very bad. I said that he was crazy."

"Watch out. He is up again." Kevin warned. The pilot stood up and slowly approached them. He seamed to be ready for another round. "Okay, he's mine, just stay away." Kevin smiled, it had been a long time since he had a good fight. "Let's see what you got." The pilot ran towards him, but at the very last moment he jumped over him and almost kicked Kevin in the head. But Kevin evaded and hit him in the chest. His opponent didn't even react and delivered a blow to Kevin's face. Although Kevin was a Coordinator with enhanced reaction and strength he barely dodged it. -Whoa! He's good!- Thought Kevin and answered with a hit. Both opponents seemed to be equally matched. They skilfully blocked each other's attacks. Until Kevin felt for the enemy's fake movement and received a mighty uppercut, which knocked him off his feat. The pilot went to finish him, but was suddenly knocked out by Lisa, who had managed to sneak upon him and hit him with a wrench from the toolbox.

"Thank's. But I would beaten him anyway." Thanked Kevin and got up.

"You are welcome!" Lisa smiled. "What should we do with him?"

"Let's just throw the bastard out of the airlock." Suggested Kevin and rubbed his jaw. "But I must admit he sure knows how to fight. I think he knocked out few of my teeth."

"No, he was just confused." Mike intervened.

"Mike, listen, he nearly killed you."

"Then let's just tie him up an hand him over to the proper authorities in PLANT." Suggested Diana.

"Fine whatever, just make sure he doesn't attack us again." Kevin said and walked towards the cockpit. "Let's go Mike, we have wasted enough time already.


-Control this is Transport 21, arriving from Copernicus city, requesting permission to land. Over.-

-Transport 21 this is Control. Landing permission granted, please land in dock 6. Over.-

-Roger that, landing in dock 6. Also, please have the security team on standby, we had some problems with our passenger as a result we had to incapacitate him. Over.-

-Understood. Dispatching security teams. Over.-

"Well thats it!" Mike turned of the radio. "We will land in dock 6 and hand him over to the security. And the he is their problem."

The passenger had awoken a little while ago and kept repeating. "Must warn them ... Union. Must warn ... coming. Integrate." Lisa was almost crazy, listening to him again and again.

Few moments later the ship landed. Mechanics started their procedure to fix any problems. The chief of security team met the cadets, saluted them, and asked "Where is he?"

"He's in the cargo hold. By the way we found him drifting in space in some kind of a life-pod." Kevin explained.

"Very well we will find this out." Said the Chief. As the security team dragged the pilot past the cadets, he started to speak again. "Mission, must warn them ... must warn them."

"He is like this all the time, saying something about mission, warning or something else." explained Mike.

The security team dragged the boy into the van and left.

"A warning huh? I wonder what is this all about?" Said Diana and watched the van turn around the corner and disappear.

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Chapter. 3: I'm not the enemy!

-Pain, such pain.-

-What's wrong? The big guy's in pain? Does it hurt?-

-Must control ... pain.-

-Yeah! Control the pain! We all know that boys don't cry when it hurts. Control the pain! Control! Control! CONTROL!-

-I can't, it's too much. It hurts!-

-Of course it hurts, you deserve it.-

-Why? What did I do to deserve such a punishment?-

-What did you do? Hahaha hahaha. Oh, what did you do? What could you possibly have done? Hmm... I wonder.-

-Can't give up. Must complete the mission.-

-That's right! Complete the mission! Be a HERO!-

-Shut up!-

-Be a hero man! And maybe you will get a medal.-

-Shut up! Leave me alone!-

-Oh you would like that wouldn't you?-

-Shut up!-

-To be left alone, in peace.-

-Shut up, shut up, shut up!-

-Nah... I don't want to.-

-Please, just leave me alone!-

-What? Please? Oh my... when was the last time I heard that! You know? I've never heard that from you. Why didn't you said such lovely things earlier? I need love too you know! Bwahahaha... pathetic, just look at you! You're drooling, bleeding and got beaten up by a girl, a girl!!!-

-Stop it, just stop it!-

-No! You stop it! And now listen! This is all your fault. It was you who did this. You could have simply walked away, but the cool guy had to accept the mission. You are a fool!-

-What's happening to me?-

-It's all because you are weak!-

- ... Who are you? ... Where are you?-

-The million dollar question. Or is it two million? Well because I'm such a nice guy I'll answer them. First, who am I. You know very well who I am, because you killed me, you betrayed your father, your maker. Second, I'm very near.-

-Damn you!-

-It's boring, let's have some fun, shall we?-

"Hey, you! Watch where you're bleeding!" The guard yelled. "Don't do it on my shoulder, damn!"

"Calm down, Frank. Can't you see that he's injured?" Said the other guard and gave him a piece of cloth.

"Easy for you to say! I just got this uniform cleaned. Oh man would you look at this!" Frank angered and started to clean his uniform. "You know, it's a good thing that you're already a wreck. So I don't have to beat you up." The pilot didn't even respond, he just kept muttering something by himself. The two guards where part of the security team, which were called by Mike when he landed. One of the guards opened the small window in the back of the driver's compartment and asked his chief. "Hey, chief, what's with this guy anyway?"

The chief looked over his shoulder and answered. "Don't know much. All I found out was that those kids found this guy in space, floating around in a strange life-pod. When they pulled him out of there he nearly killed one of them, but they managed to knock him out."

"And what about the life-pod?" asked the driver while turning down the radio.

"I called the HQ and they sent over a retrieval team."

With a loud thud the pilot fell off his seat. "Jesus! Get up and sit still." Frank pulled him back on his seat. "I'll sure be glad when we will get rid of him."

"I think we should do something about the bleeding, I don't want to be responsible for his death" Frank's friend worried. "Hey, Frank, pass me the first aid kit ... Thanks" He sat in front of the pilot and said. "Let's see what we can do." He wiped off the blood. "Strange, I don't see any cuts."

"Then where is the blood coming from?" Frank asked.

"Holy sh... the blood is coming from his eyes! What's wrong with him?"

"Don't ask me! I'm not a doctor!"

The second guard placed a bandage on the boy's eyes. -Please let the bleeding stop, please stop.- "There, it stopped. Thank goodness."

"You two okay back there?" The chief asked.

"Yeah! The kid just scared us half to death, but we managed to stop the bleeding."

"Good. Well, get ready, the base is near."



"Frank? What's wrong with you? ... Oh my God!" Frank's friend noticed, that the pilot had managed to pull a huge knife from his boot, and stabbed it into Frank's chest. "STOP!!! THROW DOWN YOUR WEAPON!!!" He yelled and reached for his gun. But he never reached it. Because the boy cut open his throat and blood splattered everything inside the van.

"What's going on back there!" Chief shouted and looked trough the window just in time to witness the violent death of the security guard. "ZOINKS!!! PULL OVER!!! He killed them!" He and the driver jumped out of the van, grabbed their guns and approached the back door. "Ok. On three, you open the door and I'll finish him." The chief whispered. "One, two, THREE!" The driver opened the door, one moment later a security guard's body landed right on top of the chief. While he tried to get rid of the body, a shot was heard, followed by a moan and a thud. Finally he got up and saw the driver's dead body. The murderer looked at him with a grotesque grin, and said in a weird voice. "Don't be afraid... I'm not your enemy. Father wants peace."

"Get on the ground! NOW!" He yelled and looked into his eyes, then he saw something weird. -Is he crying? Wait those aren't tears, those are blood! What the hell?- "Get on the ground! Or I'll shoot." He repeated, fruitlessly.Then he tried to pull the trigger, but didn't make it, because the pilot jumped forward. Next thing the security team's chief felt was sharp pain in his heart. He slowly collapsed. The last thing he heard was. "Don't be afraid ... I'm not your enemy."

Frank woke up. At first he couldn't understand what just happened to him. The the pain struck. Suddenly he remembered everything, including the fact, that he was wounded. He opened his eyes and realized that everything was covered with blood. The pilot was outside and repeatedly stabbing the chief's body. Everyone was killed. -Impossible, how could one guy wipe out the security team with a knife? Got to call for reinforcements.- Slowly he reached for his radio, turned it on and whispered while keeping an aye on the pilot.

-HQ, this is security team Charlie-54. The suspect has killed my entire team. I'm wounded, but I think I'll be okay. Need backup immediately. I'm 1 km away from you. On the 9th street. Over.-

-Roger that, dispatching additional forces ETA 1 minute. Over.-

-Good, and now to get this bastard.- Frank thought and reached for his gun. He pulled it out of the holster and checked the safety, it was off. -Good.- He looked again outside the van, but the pilot was gone. -Where did he go? He was just here.- Frank slowly got up, the pain increased. -Damn it! C'mon Frank bear with the pain. You're a Coordinator, don't let such a scratch bother you!- He got out of the van and looked around, there was no one near. Frank checked the bodies, they were dead. He sighed, they all were his close friends, they even got through the war together. And now they were slaughtered by one crazy boy.

"Why aren't you dead?" A weird voice came from somewhere. The sound of the voice sent shivers up his back. "Why aren't you dead? An average human would be dead by now."

"Where are you?" Frank panicked and turned around, pointing his gun everywhere.

A whisper came. "Behind you."

He jumped around and came face-to-face with the pilot. At the same time the pilot thrust his knife into Frank's neck three times. This time Frank wouldn't get up again.

"Stand right there!" The soldier said and pointed the smoking rifle. "And don't even move!" But the pilot didn't listen, he just jumped over the fence and ran in the nearest alley. The soldiers followed him.


A couple was walking in the park, just like Mike, Kevin, Lisa and Diana, they were the ZAFT's elite MS pilots only they had seen a lot more action. The boy had black hair, red eyes. And carried a FAITH symbol on his uniform. Despite his young age, he had achieved more than other MS pilots did in their lives. The Boy's name was Shinn Asuka, pilot of the repaired GUNDAM "X42S-Destiny". The girl's name was Lunamaria Hawke. She piloted the "X56S-Impulse" GUNDAM.

"Such a lovely evening." Said Lunamaria.

"Yeah, you're right! I sure love this park, especially in this time of day."Shinn replied. They continued to walk and held each other's arms. Later they came to a huge lake. Shinn stopped and stared in the distance. "I can't believe that just two months have passed since the war ended." He sighed after a while. "Time flies so fast."

"I agree, it's hard to imagine, that just two months ago people were killing each other." Luna nodded and sat down on the nearby chair. "I wonder how is Meyrin and Athrun doing?"

"Hmph." Shinn growled and joined her.

"Still angry at Athrun for defeating you?" Luna asked. "I really think that you should forget about that."

"He just got lucky, besides it is quite hard to forget your defeats." He answered. After a moment of silence he said. "Anyway they are fine, last time I heard they were in ORB, together with Kira, Lacus and Cagalli."

"Why didn't you join them?"

"I'm not a politician, you know that, I'm a soldier. And I still feel uneasy when Kira is around. By the way I could ask you the same question. Why didn't you go?"

Luna laughed. "I've got things to do."

Suddenly they heard a shot in the distance.

"What was that?" Shinn stood up.


"Don't let him get away! Follow him!"

The soldiers continued to pursue the pilot. They knew that soon he would give up. You just can't run forever. Nonetheless he kept running. The pilot headed towards a mall.

"Hurry up men, If he gets to that mall there might be trouble. He has already killed four men."

"Sarge, shouldn't we just shoot him?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Negative, private, HQ wants him alive."

After running a few feet they noticed that the pilot had slowed down.

"He's getting tired. Now we got him!"

Suddenly the boy turned around, pointed a gun towards the soldiers, and fired.

"ZOINKS, he's armed, get to cover and hold your fire, we must capture him alive at all costs." Sergeant ordered. The soldiers crouched behind the parked cars on the side of the street.

"Well, one thing is sure, he is not a Coordinator."

"How do you know that? Sir."

"If he was a Coordinator he wouldn't get tired so fast." Sergeant answered and ducked, because bullets started hitting his cover.

-ZOINKS! I can't hit those bastards. What are those cars made of?-

-Shut up, leave me alone!-

-Oh no, not now! I got to kill those bastards!-

-Don't ... I won't be able to warn them.-

-Jeez don't you get tired of repeating this? Hey, one of those guys is looking at us, Die!!-

-Don't kill him!-

-Why, you killed me without hesitation.-


-Yes! Yes! You killed me! You killed me! ... Damn, the gun's empty.

The pilot threw away the stolen gun and ran inside the nearby mall with the soldiers following him. He entered and quickly looked around for a way to escape. The possibilities were few, it's hard to blend in the crowd, when you are cowered with blood, holding a knife and followed by a squad of soldiers. He ran up the stairs to the second floor and noticed a small door at the back of a small, empty shop. The pilot ran inside the shop opened the door, entered the small office, and closed them. He heard the soldiers passing the shop, it seemed that no one saw him hiding here. He was safe, for a while.

"Excuse me, can I help you sir?" A woman's voice said. He turned around and saw a woman, probably the owner of this shop.

"Oh, my God! What's wrong with your face?" She gasped. "Who did this?"

-Oh, look, a human-shield.-


-Now we will be able to get rid of those soldiers.

The woman approached him and said. "Sir, please, I can help you."

Then he saw the woman's name on the nameplate on her chest, there was written "Angela".


-Kill her!-

-No! This has to stop! Get out of my head!-

-You can't get rid of me!-

-This ends now, get out, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!
- These words came out of the pilot's mouth. "Get out of my head, leave me alone!"

The woman was shocked and stepped back. "What are you talking about?"

He didn't respond, he just looked at his hands, slowly put the knife back into his boot and finally said. "Thank you!"

"For what?"

"For helping me." The pilot replied and opened the door, just in time to be noticed by a soldier, standing outside the shop.

"Hey you, stop!"


"Wait, don't jump out of that window it's the second floor!" Angela warned, but he was already halfway down. Luckily a pile of boxes softened his jump. He got up and ran towards the park. "I hope I'll be able to lose them in the park."


It was getting dark. The park was almost empty.

"I think I heard someone shoot." Shinn said.

Luna also stood up "Yeah, I heard it too. I think it came from over there." She pointed to the Northern part of the park. "Hmmm ... the base is there. Maybe we should go and check it out."

"Good idea. Let's go."

They started walking, and after a little while they heard a whole series of gunshots, only closer.

"Hey we're getting closer. Be careful." Shinn pulled out his gun, Lunamaria did the same. "I wonder, what is going on?"

They kept going for a while, then they heard someone running behind them. -Understood, target spotted at the Northern section of the park.- It was a security guard.

Shinn called him. "Hey what's going on?"

"Excuse me, but civilians should leave the park. We have a situation." Then he saw Shinn's uniform. "Oh, sorry sir. I didn't recognize you."

"What's going on?" Shinn repeated his question and approached him.

"We heard several gunshots." Luna added.

"All I know that there is a killer loose in the city. He's murdered several men, and was last spotted heading in this direction, sir." The guard explained and ran off.

"A killer? What's the world coming to. I think, that some people can't accept the fact that the war is over." Luna sighed.

They followed the guard who was seen in the distance. At the next turn Shinn was almost knocked down by a dark figure.

The pilot fell to the ground, but he quickly rose up and took his knife, but found himself staring in to the barrels of two handguns. "Not good!"

"Jesus!" Luna gasped when she saw the pilot's knife. That wasn't a knife, sword would be a more precise designation.

"Okay, just relax, and put the knife down." Shinn said. No response. "Please! Put the knife down, I have no intention of shooting you."

Slowly, the pilot lowered his knife, but he didn't drop it.

Luna asked "Are you the killer the guards are chasing after?"

"I guess so. Are you one of those soldiers chasing after me?"

"No, we are Mobile Suit pilots."


"Who are you, what's your name?"

"Jack, my name is Jack. And I have an important mission."

"What mission?"

"I can't tell you, you're just a grunt."

Shinn was frustrated. "Grunt? We are the elite soldiers of ZAFT!"

"Fine, whatever. But still you're just a soldier. I must see someone with real influence."

"What about Lacus Clyne?" Luna suggested.


"Lacus Clyne, she is a mediator between PLANT and ORB, and has a strong political influence."

"Over here, I see him." suddenly a squad of soldiers surrounded them. There was nowhere to run. "Just give up and come with us." One of the soldiers ordered.

"I can't."

"That's it, you had your chance, do it." And one soldier aimed his stunrifle, and fired. Jack was unconscious before he even hit the ground.

"Thank you, for helping us!" Soldier thanked.

"Yeah, whatever!" Shinn replied.

"What will happen to him?" Lunamaria was curious.

"We will take him to the base, and hope that he has some answers."

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Chapter 4: Questions and answers.

Shinn woke up in his room. Because he was a "redcoat" he didn't have to share his room with anyone else. He glanced at the clock. 07:48. ­-It's a little too early to get up, but mind as well do this now.- Shinn yawned.He got up from his bed and slowly went to the bathroom. After a hot shower he was finally awake. He came out of the bathroom and got dressed. Yesterday's events in the park, were still puzzling him. -Who was he anyway? What did he meant by a mission? And why did he called me a grunt?- He also was a little annoyed, he had hoped to tell Lunamaria something important. Suddenly someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."

It was Luna, she was a little worried. "Quickly Shinn, turn on the TV. It's about yesterday."

"Okay" He said and pushed the button on the remote.

-... in the evening, local armed forces were called in to apprehend a suspect who had murdered four security guards and escaped, while he was escorted to the ZAFT military base. Few hours later the suspect was finally captured in the central park. Unofficial sources report that, the murder was extremley brutal. However commanding officer of the armed forces declines this. In other news...

"Murder was extremely brutal." Shinn repeated. "I wonder why he did that?"

"I don't know, why, but I heard that he's being held here, at this base."

"Did they found anything out about him?"

"No, except that he's name is Jack, and he constantly demands to see Lacus Clyne. He says that he must tell her something important." Luna sat down on the couch.

"Well I don't think that they will let him, because he made a lot of trouble. And besides, he is dangerous." Shinn scratched his head. "You saw him, he was covered with blood."

Luna agreed. "Yeah. But there was something strange about him. He didn't sound like a brutal killer." Then she stood up. "Anyway what are you going to do?"

"I have to do a combat test today for some engineers. They need the data to start building the new MS prototype."

"Wow. So it means that someday I will get a new MS?" Luna was surprised.

"What's wrong with "Impulse"?"

"Nothing, I just like to try out the latest MS."

"And what are you going to do today?" Shinn started walking towards the door. Luna followed and they came out in the hallway.

"I have the day off, listen maybe i will go and see Jack."


"Maybe I will find out something more about him."

Two boys passed them, one of them said. "He wasn't that tough when I fought with him. I was surprised when I found out that he had killed four security guards."

Luna and Shinn stopped. "Excuse me, but did you just said that you fought with him?" Shinn asked.

"If you mean that guy on the news, then yeah, I was one of the pilots who found him in space." Said Kevin.

"In space?" Luna was surprised.

"The commander was also surprised when he questioned me. That guy just appeared out of nowhere in a strange capsule."

"Did he said something about a mission?" Shinn was curious.

Kevin closed his eyes and tried to remember. "Let me think ... he kept repeating something about ... warning someone, also he mentioned the word "Union" that is all I can remember."

"Thanks." Shinn and Luna continued their walk.

"Union huh? " Luna wondered, as they went outside the building.

Shinn entered the jeep waiting for him. "Okay, just be careful. See you later."

About an hour later, Shinn entered his MS's cockpit. He pushed the activation button and heard the familiar hum of the generator. The panel in front of him turned on, and performed a quick systems check. Shinn proceeded forward. The giant machine's PS armor activated with a hissing sound as it kept going towards a holographic enemy MS. -God, I love this thing!- Shinn thought. "Destiny" pulled out it's "Arondight" anti-ship sword and locked on to the enemy's MS. Sitting in the cockpit Shinn smiled. -Ok, Athrun, round two.-


Jack tried to get some sleep, but it was impossible. It wasn't because of the pain, last night when the soldiers captured him in the park, they beat him up. He knew perfectly why, the death of their four comrades. Jack, was used to pain, after the special training, he learned how to control the pain. The reason why he couldn't sleep was because of the many thoughts in his head.

­-What the hell happened to me? I clearly remember the hyperspace jump startup sequence, the huge pressure, the next thing I know I'm inside a dark office.- He tried to remember, but his memories were blurry. Something must have gone wrong during the jump but what exactly? All he knew that it was dangerous. -When I will get the chance, I'll have to inform them about freezing the project.- Jack gave up on trying to get some sleep and got up from the bed. He approached the bars and gave a look around. there were eight cells, all of them, except his were empty. At the end of the corridor he saw the door. Jack closed his eyes again and tried to remember anything else. Suddenly he remembered the strange voice in his head.

-What was that voice? It sounded so familiar ... just like his. But it couldn't be his voice ... he is dead. I know that ... I'm sure. He said that I killed him, but he was already dead. Even before I made the choice.- Jack grabbed his head. "It's impossible, he is dead and you know that."

"Talking to yourself is a sign of madness." Said one of the guards who had just entered the cellblock. He approached Jack's cell. "Commander want's to see you. He's got a few questions for you." The guard opened cell's door and stepped inside. Jack backed up and put himself into a defensive position. The rest of the guards raised their guns and one of them said. "C'mon, just give me a reason and I will do it." The prisoner saw that any resistance would be futile and lowered his arms. The guards handcuffed him and ordered Jack to follow. Few minutes later they reached the interrogation room, where the base commander awaited them. The guards strapped Jack to the chair in the middle of the room, saluted, and went outside.

The commander turned around and faced Jack. He was the same age as Jack, with platinum colored hair. "Well, well, aren't you the bastard who killed my men, hmm?" He said. "You arrival has caused a lot of rumors. Some stranger appears out of nowhere in the middle of the space, and later kills four armed guards, with a knife. Tell me how did you do that?"

Jack didn't answer, he just stared at the wall.

"Personally I find it hard to believe that someone is capable of something like that." Yzak continued.

"What do you want from me?" Jack finally talked.

"What makes you think, that I need something from you?" He snapped.

Jack looked into his eyes and said. "Simple, your men had lots of opportunities to shoot me, but they didn't, even when I killed your men, they just beat me up without inflicting serious wounds, and when I'm dragged to the interrogation room, the base commander meets me in person. If I was of no use to you, then I would be already lying on the ground with a hole in my head."

Yzak took one step closer. "If you want that hole, it can be arranged." After a few moments he calmed down and said. "One of the soldiers said that you have an important information for lady Lacus Clyne."

"That is correct. But I will only reveal it to her."

"Currently she is in ORB and will return after ten days. So I will have plenty of opportunities to beat the information out of you."

A moment passed.

"You are an elite soldier, right?" Jack asked.

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, you are a commander, usually base commanders are much older. Also you talk like someone who has been on the battlefield, but that's not the point. As an elite soldier you must know that they are trained not to break. And before you ask, yes, I'm also an elite soldier." Jack explained. "So before you start beating the crap out of me, may I suggest that you order one of your soldiers to bring a bucket of cold water and a mop."

"Shut up!" Yzak yelled and hit Jack in the face, who fell to the ground with the chair. Few hours later Yzak came out of the room, where a nurse awaited him. "Sir, I need to take a sample of the prisoner's blood for a couple of tests."

"Go ahead, but don't take the blood from him, there is more blood on the floor." He said and went outside.


The hardworking Yzak's interrogation method failed to bring any results. 5 days later, he abandoned the hope to beat anything out of Jack. After the medical staff found out about this they demanded that he stopped his actions. And took Jack to the infirmary. -Damned civilians! What do they understand of this?- He sat in his office and gazed outside the window. ­-Maybe I should inform her? But then what? Is it so important?- Then he heard a knock at the door.


It was Shinn and Luna, they had shown a keen interest on the Jack's case. After they entered and Shinn closed the door, they saluted him. "At ease, please sit down." Yzak replied.

"Any progress with him so far?" Shinn asked.

"No, none at all, during the interrogation he didn't reveal anything. Just kept repeating about Lacus.I wonder why he is so obsessed with her?"

"Well, he asked for a person with a strong influence, she was the first one I could think of." Luna said.

Yzak gave her an angry look. "But why does he needs an important person?"

"Maybe the information he possess's will be needed to convince people about something?" Shinn suggested.

Both Luna and Yzak looked at him, and thought about his words. "It makes sense." Luna concluded.

"What about his pod? Maybe there is a hint of information there?" She asked.

"No." Yzak replied. "We already examined it, nothing except the life-support system and a broken communicator. The strangest thing is the insignia on the capsule." He showed them a picture.

Shinn examined it. "Strange, this isn't a ZAFT's organization. Earth Alliance maybe?"


Luna looked puzzled. "Maybe he is from a underground organization?"

Yzak answered. "We put him through some medical scans to find out. If he is from PLANT we should be able to find his ID registry.The results should be ready by now." At that moment a scientist came into the office.

"Sorry, to barge in like this sir, but I have the results here and they are rather weird."

"What do you mean weird?" Yzak was surprised.

"Let me explain, we checked him for any genetic enhancements, and didn't found anything."

"So he's a Natural. What is so weird about that?" Shinn asked.

"Please, let me continue. Like you said, he seems to be a Natural, most of his mental abilities are normal, he's a little bit stronger than an average human, but that isn't anything extraordinary. But his reaction and agility are phenomenal, he surpasses most of the Coordinators in therms of reaction."

A moment of silence fell across the room.

The scientist continued. "I also received a report from the engineering team, they examined his costume."

"Is it also something to be worried about?" Yzak asked.

The scientist read the report. "No, it says here, that the suit is made from almost the same materials as our costumes, Only the armored parts are quite resistant. That's all" She put the files on his table and left the room.

"I guess thee is more than meets the eye about Jack." Said Luna. "What now?"

"I don't care what lady Lacus is doing in ORB, but she must get here at once. I think that we just stumbled upon something very big." Yzak answered and went out in the corridor.


During the war ORB suffered heavy amount of damage. While the ZAFT's invasion was quickly repelled, the fighting was very intense. Even now there were destroyed buildings along the coast. But slowly people rebuilt their homes and their lives. Currently ORB was governed by princess Cagalli Yula Athha. Currently she had one of the few moments of peace.

She was walking along the coast with her friends, Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zala, Meyrin Hawke and her brother Kira Yamato. "How I waited for this moment, it is so good to enjoy a moment of peace." Cagalli sighed.

"Well you have deserved it." Kira agreed. "You are always working so hard for the ORB, that you barely have some time for yourself."

"I think, you should take some time off. I keep wondering how can you still keep going after all that mess." Athrun said.

"I don't know, maybe taking care of ORB grants me the strength to continue." She answered.

"But I think you are a workaholic." Said Kira and everyone laughed.

"Anyway how are things in PLANT?" Asked Cagalli.

Lacus gazed on the ocean. "Very good. Practically same as here, people are recovering from the war. It so good to wake up in the morning and understand, that no one is trying to kill someone."

"Yeah, but I sure hope that the people won't be controlled or forced into war again." Added Kira.

Meyrin sat down. "What a beautiful sunset." They stood there and watched the sun slowly setting into the ocean, and the sky turned orange. They stood there for a long time enjoyed the peace.

Later, when they arrived at Cagalli's palace, a maid approached Athrun and said. "Excuse me, but commander Yzak called while you were away. He asked for you to call him, and he said that it's urgent."

"Urgent? It has been a while, since I heard that word from him." Athrun wondered.

A moment later he was at the phone and waited for Yzak to pick it up.

-Athrun? That you?-

-Yes Yzak, it's me, how are you ...-

-Shut up and listen.-

-... doing.-

-First, I must ask you a question, have you heard about the incident at Aprilius One?-

-I think I've heard something about, a murder of four guardsmen. But the murderer was caught.-

-Yes, currently he is being held in my base.-

-And why did you call?-

-The thing is, we believe that he has an important information.-

-About what?-

-I don't know. He demands to meet with lady Lacus Clyne.-

-Lacus? Why?-

-He says that he will reveal the information only to her.-

-But why Lacus?-

-Well, from what I understand, he wants a person with a huge influence on people, and Lunasuggested Lacus Clyne.-

-I see.-

-So I must ask you to convince her to arrive to PLANT as soon as possible.-

-Is it really that important?-

-Trust me it is.- Yzak said.

-Did Yzak just sounded worried? Then it really must be important.-

When they finished talking Athrun went to see others. A murderer asking for Lacus Clyne? Strange.

"What's wrong, Athrun?" Meyrin asked when he entered the dining room.

Athrun took his place at the table and said. "I just talked to Yzak Joule."

"How is he doing?" Kira was interested.

"Not good, he has his hands full about the murder on Aprilius One." Athrun answered.

"That was something horrible, they said that those guards were butchered" Cagalli shivered. "But eventually they caught him."

"That's right." Athrun agreed. "He's currently held at Yzak's base, and when they interrogated him, they found out that he has some important information. And he will only tell it to you." He said to Lacus.

"Me?" She was surprised, as much as everyone else. "Why me?"

"Yzak said that he demanded to meet someone who has huge influence on people. So you are the one." Athrun explained. "Oh, and he said that you should come as fast as possible."

Kira was a little worried. "Isn't that dangerous? That guy is a killer after all."

"Yzak told me that the prisoner is calm and isn't showing any threat at all."

"Maybe he's just pretending?" Kira was really worried.

"Kira, I'm glad that you are worried about my safety, but if it's important I must go." Lacus said. "And you can come with me."

"Of course I will go with you! I can't let you meet him alone." Kira decided. "Maybe, you guys should also tag along."

"Great idea!" Athrun said. "Meyrin, Cagalli what about you?"

"Of course I'm going, I want to see my sister and Shinn."

Cagalli seemed to be thinking. "Well, if the information is important then I should go too."

"So it's decided! We leave tomorrow!" Athrun said.


The shuttle took of from the mass driver. And began it's way towards the PLANT. Inside were five passengers and three pilots. After the shuttle left the atmosphere, it jettisoned the auxilary engines and engaged the main thrusters.

A few hours later one of the pilots came out of the cockpit and said. "Ladies, gentlemen welcome to PLANT. We will begin docking procedures shortly. Lady Lacus, commander Yzak will meet you as soon as the docking is completed."

They came out of the shuttle, in the arrival hall they were met by Yzak, Shinn and Luna.

"Hi, how are you!" Athrun greeted his old friend.

"I'm fine." He answered.

After the interchange of greetings was finished, they boarded a small bus, that waited them and took off.

"Well, what can you tell me about him?" Athrun asked.

"Not much, I already told you almost everything yesterday." Yzak said.

"Almost everything?" Athrun rised his eyebrows.

"Here, take a look at this." Shinn passed him a few documents.

Meyrin looked over Athrun's shoulder. "What are these?"

"Jack's medical test results." Luna explained.


"That's his name."

"Strange." Athrun commented and gave the papers to Kira, who started to read loudly, so that Lacus, Meyrin and Cagalli could understand, what was so strange.

"...The subject, has been checked for an ID in the PLANT's registry database. No ID was found. Therefore he is believed to be a Natural. Most mental and physical abilities are little above an average human. However closer analysis revealed that the subject possess's extremely high parameters of reaction, and agility." He read, "That is strange. Any ideas?"

"That is why I decided to call you up here. He might have an answer to this." Yzak answered.

10 minutes later, the bus stopped at the Yzak's base. Right next to the military jail.

"Follow, me." Yzak said and entered the building with everyone else following him. They went down the corridor, turned left and approached the door of the interrogation room. The guards opened the door and let them inside. Strapped on the chair, behind a table was Jack.

"It's been a while since I had this many guests." He smiled. "I presume that you are lady Lacus Clyne." Jack asked her.

"Yes, I'm Lacus Clyne, please call me Lacus." The girl answered and sat down on the opposite end of the table.

"Very well, you can call me Jack. And who are these people?"

"That is Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha, Shinn Asuka, Meyrin and Lunamaria Hawkes. And they are my friends. Commander Yzak Joule told me that you have an information for me."

Jack straightened up. "Yes, let me start from the beginning. I am a Raven, Raven Jack. From the Taria Federation."

Everyone in the room was stunned.

"I don't know when, but more than a hundred years ago an ancient corporation named NASA. Performed an attempt to colonize the Alpha Centauri system. They launched three colony ships, equipped with the experimental warp engines. That technology was purely theoretical. I couldn't believe who was the idiot to approve such a thing. During the warp jump one of the ships exploded which caused the both ship's CPU to malfunction and change the destination to another system, later we named it Odysseus system." Jack continued. "Both ships were separated when they entered the system. One ship landed and established a colony which later became known as the Taria Federation."

Cagalli remembered something. "I remember reading something about that project. Later it was scrapped, because no contact ever came from Alpha Centauri. They abandoned the research because they thought that FTL (faster-than-light) travel was impossible."

Jack glanced at her. "That would explain why no one tried to contact us."

"If the technology worked, why didn't you came back earlier?" Meyrin was curious.

"After the jump the colonists had other problems, also it's because the engine was destroyed, so the technology had to be researched from a scratch."

"Jack, what happened with the second ship?" Lacus asked.

All this time Jack seemed to be in a good mood, but when he heard Lacus's question, his face became dark and he cast down he's eyes. An aura of hate surrounded him, everyone looked scared, even Yzak. When Jack finally talked every word was filled with an barely controlled anger. "The second ship landed on another nearby planet, and later formed the Holy Followers Union, currently ruled by Magistrate Bercelius."

"You seem to dislike the Union." Luna stated, with an worried look in her eyes.

"It is hard to like one's enemy, currently Taria and the Union are at war."

"And why are you here?" Athrun asked.

"I have been sent here by an order from Her Majesty, queen Aldana. Recently we found out that the Union has developed the warp jump technology and prepares to jump to the Earth, we quickly developed our warp jump technology and I was sent here, but during the jump the capsule was damaged, that's the reason I couldn't control myself and killed those men. I hope that it's not too late to accomplish my mission."

"What do you mean?" asked Lacus.

Jack looked into her eyes and said. "You must convince your people to get ready. The war is coming."

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Chapter 5: The Holy Followers Union.

"War?" Lacus couldn't believe her ears, everyone else was quiet. "Why do you think that Union's intentions would be hostile?"

"Because I know them. If it wasn't like that I wouldn't even be here." Jack explained. "We would just finish them off and made contact with you after the war."

After a brief moment of silence Yzak asked. "Why are your nations at war?"

Jack closed his eyes and tried to remember. "I learned that it started after Union performed the Integration on Taria IV, at that time both nations already had quite suspense diplomatic relations, that incident was the final spark needed, to start the war."

"And what is this Integration you mentioned?" Yzak continued.

"Union is based on something similar to a caste system. They believe, that each person is born to take the path chosen for him by the Holy Magistrate. Every follower is fanatically loyal to him." Jack explained with a grim face. "Everyone who wants to join the Union is put through the Integration process, it's some sort of education about their ways. Those who pass it, are accepted and given a new role, or "Path" as they call it."

"Sounds like Durandal's Destiny plan." Shinn remembered, then he asked. "And what happens to those who can't pass the Integration."

"Simple, they are declared Impure, ones whose life is meaningless and in order not to taint the Pure ones, they are exterminated." He said. "That's the choice you will get. Submit to the Integration or be exterminated." Everyone in the room was depressed. That was impossible. Just two months ago they ended the war, and now after people were slowly rebuilding their lives, lost so many they loved, friends, comrades, family. Came a shadow of a new war.

"We can't let this happen." A note of anger was heard in Lacus's voice. "Not again, so many have already died after those years. We must escape war at all costs."

Jack was angered. "So that means you are willing to submit to the Integration, and sacrifice those people who will be declared Impure?" He raised his voice. "Do you realize that after the Integration, you will lose any freedom of making your own choices? Is that your choice?"

"There must be some way to reason with them, some way to escape the war and evade the Integration." Kira was also troubled.

"I don't think you understood me." Jack replied. "They CAN'T be reasoned with, or else our war with them wouldn't be going on for 120 years."

"120 years!" Everyone gave Jack a surprised look. "You have been at war for 120 years?"

Jack cast down his head. "Yes ... 120 years ... soon the 5th generation will take up weapons, step on the field of battle and fight alongside their people." Then he raised his head up and said. "But after all these years, all of them are ready to fight to the last drop of blood."

After thinking for a while Lacus said. "Jack, even if I tell people about this, I'm not sure that they will believe me. And do you really think that they will be ready to fight again? And besides our military is in quite a bad shape."

Jack thought for a moment and said. "Well, another option would be simply to wait for them to arrive. Don't worry! Even if they are giving my people a hard time of holding them back, I don't think that Union will risk an open war on two fronts. So they might try a peaceful approach which should give you some advantage, because you are warned about their intentions."

"Are you sure that this will work?" Athrun wasn't sure about Jack's idea.

"I'm sure. Just one thing don't mention anything you heard from me, or they will know that you are warned and will start the assault." Jack warned them.

"Have you told us everything we should know?" Yzak asked.

"Yes." Came a reply. "Just one question, what will you do with me?"

"If what you said about losing control over yourself because of that warp jump is true, then you will be released, under supervision of course." Yzak said and got up, because everyone was starting to leave everyone except Luna and Shinn.

"Uhh ... Jack, can i ask you a question?"

"Sure ... Luna, correct?"

"Yes, I want to know about this?" She put down few documents on the table, in front of Jack.

Jack glanced on the documents, the back at her. "You know, it is hard to read when you are strapped to a chair." He looked at Yzak. "Listen, don't worry about me losing control over myself. What happened, was temporary and caused by the damage my pod sustained. So it's safe to free me. And don't worry about the interrogation, I don't have a grudge against you. I would do the same thing in your place."

Yzak's face showed a sign of anger, but he didn't say anything, just approached the chair and unlocked the restraints. Then he whispered. "If you will be wrong about what you just said, you will regret it." Afterwards he left the room.


A massive fleet had just appeared out of the hyperspace. Fleet's ships were in dark blue color with platinum colored parts. The Insignia on one of the ships represented a blue globe, surrounded by a golden circle - the symbol of the Holy Followers Union. The fleet was made up from more than 200 ships. The flagship was the largest ship and was called "Divinity".

"Admiral Elmona, the warp jump was successful. We have arrived at the Solar system. It seems that our arrival was Undetected." The officer reported to the commander of the ship.

"Thank you lieutenant." She replied. Admiral Elmona was one of the finest admirals in the Union's armed forces. She was in charge of bringing Union's blessing to Earth trough Integration or, if they resist, extermination. "Scan the area for any threats or information. Also dispatch the Infiltrators towards Earth, to gather information about their forces and defensive capabilities. Also contact the HQ and inform them about our success, and gather any information about latest events on the frontline."

"Yes Admiral." The lieutenant saluted and went to dispatch orders.

­-I hope the world of our ancestors will share our glorious vision.- She thought. -So that we could finally crush those barbaric tarians.-

About an hour later a small ship took off from "Divinity", activated it's cloaking device and went towards Earth.


"Well what do you think?" Athrun asked Kira, while they went down the corridor.

"Honestly, everything he said sounded like a mystery. Ancient projects, colonies, war. It's hard to believe." Teen answered.

"I know, but he sounded convincing." Cagalli said. "It was hard to believe that he would be lying." They continued their walk and turned around the corner.

"Kira." Lacus stopped and looked into his eyes. "Do you think he was right about the war?"

"Well, when he talked about it, sounded, like he meant it. And that's what bothers me."

"Me too, I sure hope he's wrong."

Meyrin looked around. "Uh where is Luna? Wasn't she following us?"

"Luna and Shinn stayed with Jack. She wanted to ask him few questions." Yzak caught up with them. "Anyway miss Lacus, I wanted to ask you something, regarding Jack's warning." He turned to Lacus. "As you know ZAFT's fleet is in poor condition, also it could rise suspicions if I asked my men to do that. What I mean, could you please have the Terminal's forces to be on standby, just in case of the worst scenario?"

She thought. "Well that is possible, but it's better to wait until the Union arrives."

"I agree with her." Nodded Kira.

"Okay, all that's left is for the enemy to show up." Yzak said.


"So this medical report is about me? ... No ID ... Natural. What's a Natural?" Jack asked and looked at Luna.

The girl sat down, next to Shinn. All the others had left. "Naturals are humans who haven't been genetically enhanced. While we, Coordinators are born with genetically heightened physical and mental abilities."

"Ok, so judging by your standarts I am a Natural." Jack said.

"But that is impossible, no Natural has ever displayed such agility and reflexes." Shinn stated.

"Let me explain. These abilities are gained during the Ravens training. It is called Human-PLUS operation. It is done by activating certain parts of the brain, which an average human doesn't use, also there is a limit to these enhancements. Not to mention the whole process is quite dangerous. But the result is Taria's military elite, the Ravens."

"What kind of danger does the program include?" Luna wanted to know.

"Well, when your brains get boosted, the process is very painful, also there is a chance that they won't be able to withstand it, and will die. That's why the Human-PLUS operation is voluntary and there aren't that many Ravens."

"And who are these Ravens you keep mentioning?" Shinn was quite interested.

"The Ravens are the elite AC pilots." Jack said with a proud smile. "At the age of six, those who choose are accepted into the academy, called The Raven's Nest, when you pass the ten year training program, you are granted with a title of a Raven. In Taria, there is no greater honor, than to be among them, the elite few."

"What's an AC?"

"AC is the latest generation universal battle unit. They are used both by Taria and Union in large numbers, as the main combat force. The AC stands for Armored Core." He explained and got up from he's seat. "I hope that there aren't any more questions, also I would like to know who is supposed to babysit me?"

Shinn and Luna Also got up. Luna opened the door and said. "They will meet you in the lobby, please, follow us." Then she went outside, while Jack and Shinn folowed. They went down the corridor, Jack looked outside the window, it was already evening, the conversation with Lacus and others took quite a long time.

-I sure hope that they will do something about what I said. It would be a shame if we lost a potential ally against them. If these people join the Union, war will get a lot worse for us, and we might have to fight and destroy them also ... No way am I allowing the Union to claim this world! It's not gonna happen! But now we still have some time before Union arrives and at least these people are warned.-

"Jack, these are your escorts, they will show you to your room and follow your every step." Luna said an pointed towards to boys, who were waiting for them.

"By the way, I'm sure that they will know you." Shinn smiled. The boys turned out to be Mike and Kevin, it was clear that they didn't like their mission. "Well, see you later." He and Luna opened the door and left.

"So you are the one we must look after, huh?" Kevin grumbled. "You know that we still got some things left unfinished."

Jack smiled. "I see, so you are the ones who rescued me, thank you. Also forgive me about my behavior back then."

"It's Yzak explained us about your problem, my name is Mike and he's Kevin, nice to meet you Jack." Mike greeted him. "Please, follow us."

All three went outside and headed to the barracks. Jack smelled the night air, it was quite a while since he had some fresh air. It was already dark, only the guards were outside the buildings.

"Lovely, night." He said. "Could you tell me where exactly are we."

"This is Aprilius One, capital of PLANT." Mike explained. "PLANT is a huge space colony near Earth. This is where all Coordinators live."

Jack looked around. "We're not on Earth? ... amazing, looks just like Earth. And why only Coordinators live here?"

Mike sounded depressed. "It's because we and Naturals have trouble of getting along, it's mainly because Naturals are jealous of our abilities, and some Coordinators think that we are the next step in human evolution." All three continued their walk in silence, as they approached the barracks, Mike continued. "Mainly that was the reason why there was war between Earth and PLANT. Lately the relationships between PLANT and Earth have improved, but there is still a lot of work to do." Kevin, Mike and Jack entered the barracks and escorted Jack to his room.

"There we are, this is where you will be staying for a while, your stuff is already here." Kevin informed and pointed towards another room. "That's our room, you are not allowed to leave the base without us. Also there are some clothes in your room, walking around in a prisoner's outfit or in your suit will cause suspitions."

"If anyone asks you, were transferred here." Mike said and went to his room.

"By the way, out there, in that ship you got lucky with that punch. And we will settle this some other time." And Kevin followed his friend.

Jack smiled and opened the door. ­-Nice room, hmm ... there is everything I need.- Thought Jack as he examined the room. On the table was his pilots suit, the blood was gone. Suddenly Jack collapsed into his bed. -Man, am I tired.- He thought and fell asleep.


The ship, dispatched from "Divinity", entered the Earth's atmosphere. After few minutes it deployed it's wings and engaged the atmospheric engines, while it still remained invisible. Onboard the ship were three agents, Infiltrators. Specialists at infiltration, reconnaissance and sabotage.

"Okay, listen up." The leader of the team said. "Our information is to assess the threat that Earth's military can pose, also we are here to gather any information about their possible Integration. I repeat no one must find out who we are, or where are we from. Is that understood?"


"Yes sir!"

"Good, after the landing we will hide this ship and separate. You." He approached one of the agents. "Intelligence reports, that there is a colony in space, that is your destination." Afterwards he turned to the other member of the team. "This ship is heading towards a small group of islands, you will remain there, while I will proceed to the mainland and try to gather any followers. Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Both agents replied in unison.

"While it's only my mission, you are free to gather possible followers, but it must be done in utmost secrecy, those who are against it, must be exterminated, to keep our presence a secret. You have your orders. Now go!" Soon the ship landed in the forest. And after few hours three persons left the area.


After 9 days Jack was mostly familiar with Aprilius One, unluckily for Kevin and Mike, he went exploring it every day. Until one day, while passing the gate guard and entering the military base in Kevin's car, Jack saw a giant humanoid figure in a distance.

"Whoa... Mike, what's that?" Jack pointed to the figure. "I've never seen it before."

Mike looked in the pointed direction and explained. "That's a Mobile Suit, haven't you seen one before?"

"No." Jack was interested. "Hey can we go and take a look at them?"

"Why not." Kevin sighed. "It will be a lot interesting than exploring the city." And turned the car towards, the MS hangars."

As they got closer the more clearly Jack could see the details. The MS had white legs and arms, blue color was on it's chest, shoulders and fists, there also was few parts that were painted red, like feet and back part that reminded Jack of wings. In it's hand Jack saw a beam rifle. also there was a huge sword and beam cannon folded on back of the MS. The MS slowly went in to one of the Hangars. Kevin pulled over by the entrance. They entered the hangar, just in time to see "Destiny's" PS shut down. Near "Destiny" stood a familiar girl.

"Luna, is that you? Haven't seen you for a while." Jack greeted her and stared at the MS.

"Jack. What are you doing here?" Luna was surprised.

"He just came to see that thing." Kevin followed Jack and I also was interested. "I haven't seen it for a long time." Kevin explained and also admired the MS.

"Anyway I don't think that Jack should see this." Luna worried. Then the cockpit of the MS opened and Shinn climbed out.

"Well Yzak said, that I mustn't go anywhere without my guardians." Jack smiled, while Kevin gave him an angry look. "He didn't mention anything about restricted areas."

"Hi Jack, Kevin, Mike." Shinn greeted him and sat down on a pile of boxes. "It's a surprise to see you here."

"I'm just admiring that." Jack still stared at Shin's MS. "Looks quite impressive."

"Yes, it does." Shinn agreed. "ZGMF-X42S "Destiny", latest generation Mobile Suit."

"Is it hard to pilot that thing?" Jack asked.

"Not for me, because it's OS is specially tuned for me. Others can use it but not as effective as me." Shin said.

"Why did it's color change, it wasn't gray a moment ago."

"Jack, that's a military secret, and you shouldn't be asking about that." Luna intervened.

"Oh... c'mon you know that everyone knows what PS is, it's not such a big secret anymore." Shinn smiled and turned to Jack. "PS or Phase-Shift armor is what provides the defense against impact weapons, such as bullets and missiles, when it's turned on, it appears as a color."

"And what about energy weapons?"

"Not too good but it can protect against few hits." Shinn said.

"Good, your situation aren't as bad as I thought, with things like this you will have a chance to beat them." Jack was satisfied.

"Do you really think that there will be a need for that?" Luna asked and sat down next to Shinn.

"I know that." Jack simply replied.

Suddenly a jeep pulled over by the hangar and a soldier climbed out. He ran towards the group, saluted, and said. "Lieutenants Mike, Kevin, by the order of commander Yzak, you must bring him to Yzak's office." He pointed towards Jack. Everyone looked at Jack, who also was surprised.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Commander didn't explain, he just ordered that Mike and Kevin must bring you to him." Soldier explained.

"Well, we don't want to keep the commander waiting, shall we go?" Jack asked and went to the exit.

"You know Mike, sometimes I wonder who is really in charge? Us or him?" Kevin sighed and followed Jack to the car.


"Come in!" Yzak ordered. The door opened and Mike, Kevin and Jack entered the room. "Sit down. You two, wait outside." He continued. After looking outside the window for a few minutes, he turned to Jack and said. "There has been a suicide. The body of a young male was found this morning. He killed himself by cutting his throat." Jack didn't say a thing, because he was wandering why is he telling him that.

After a while Jack said . "Sir, if you think that I may be behind this, then you are wrong, Mike and Kevin can prove it and ..."

"I said that it was a suicide." Yzak interrupted him. "The reason why am I telling you this is ... well read it yourself." He gave Jack a letter. "The victim wrote it before he killed himself."

Jack read the letter. After a while he put it down and looked puzzled. "Impure, unworthy?"

"These words also did catch my eye." Yzak nodded.

"Is there any information about the victim?" Jack asked.

"We asked a few questions and there were some interesting details. For example, his neighbor told us that victim, by the way his name is Tony, was a normal man. Lived alone had a job and so on, but the weird thing is that he started acting strange about 3 days ago. He kept mumbling to himself, kept talking about the greater good, and the coming of a new order. Sounds familiar?" Yzak asked and looked at Jack.

"Well it sounds a lot like Union's crap. But they aren't here yet." He thought for a while. "Well maybe this is just a coincidence, there might be some religious cult at work."

"Not in PLANT. There haven't been anything similar in decades." Yzak shook his head.

"Ok, let me think ... If it's really the Union, they could have sent agents to get some info or gather some followers, to gain a larger support when they arrive."

"Do you know how to solve this problem?" Yzak asked.

"Well I might. Set me loose and I will try to find out something about this thing."

"Why should I do such a thing?"

"Well you said that this isn't common in PLANT. And it's got you quite worried. Also if this is the Union's doing I'm the one who has the most knowledge about them." Jack smiled.

Yzak was getting angry, he wouldn't like anything better than to "interrogate" Jack again, but this was important. "Very well, what do you need?"

Jack smiled. "Tell me, does anyone else know about this event?"

"Only a few people."

"Good, then no one must know about that. Also if he is unworthy of their cause, he will be exterminated. So that means that someone will visit him. It means that Tony's place must look like when he was found."

"Got it, and your plan is...?"

"Simple I will wait until Tony's "friend" arrives, follow him, and try to found out what is it all about. If it's the Union I will know it."

"Ok, anything else?"

Jack thought for a while and grinned. "Yes, I will need money and someone who knows how to fight."

Yzak looked surprised. "Fight? Looks like you have someone in mind."

Jack glanced at the door. "That's correct."


Few hours later Jack and Kevin were sitting at the window, across the street from Tony's room. Once in a while Kevin glanced at the monitor, connected to the cameras, hidden in few places. Actually neither one of them was working, Jack was busy polishing his knife and Kevin complained about his look. He was used to wear only his uniform, and now, sitting in scruffy clothes he felt like a fool. Jack was still laughing from the moment when he saw Kevin's unsuspicious disguise.

"I told that you must look unsuspicious, not homeless." Jack pointed to Kevin's scruffy jacket.

"Shut up! And keep your eyes on the cameras." Kevin growled.

"Sure, sure. But I don't think that he will come during daytime. Night is always the best time to kill someone." Jack said and continued polishing his knife.

"Why are you playing around with that thing?" Kevin pointed to the knife.

"Just paying a little attention to him. This thing has saved my life a couple of times." Jack explained.

"What's wrong with guns?" Kevin wondered.

Jack pulled out a gun from his trench coat. "You mean like this one? It's good to have one, but I prefer knives better. They're precise, don't need bullets and are more effective."

"Freak..." Kevin muttered and continued to watch the room across the street. This was boring! Kevin couldn't stand this. MS combat, that's the deal! But this? No, that's not for him? "Why did you drag me along anyway?"

"I'm sure your skills will be useful." Jack answered and yawned. "Listen I will get some sleep, wake me up if something happens." And fell asleep before Kevin could answer.


Jack woke up, because Kevin was pulling his shoulder. It was night outside. "Hey, Jack, wake up. Someone just went inside the building." Kevin whispered.

They looked at the cameras and saw a man right next to Tony's apartment. The man held a lockpick in his hands and was busy unlocking the door. After a few minutes he entered the room. Jack and Kevin watched his every step through the cameras. The man pulled out a gun and went deeper into the apartment. At last he found the room with Tony's body. Jack sighed, they were lucky, because the killer was looked surprised when he saw the body, checked the pulse, but didn't saw the cut throat, and started to search the room, finally he found the letter, read it and smiled. After that, he proceeded to the exit, but suddenly he turned around and shot Tony's corpse six times. "Just to be sure, I guess." Said Kevin and Jack agreed. "Yzak may be right about his suspitions, this looks like the Union's job. C'mon we must follow him." And they both rushed out of the room, and ran down the stairway. When they got down to the street the man came outside and headed away. Both boys followed him from a distance.

"He must be heading to the downtown area, Jack." Kevin informed his friend and reached for his gun, just to be sure that it's there. "I don't like this, it's too easy." He muttered after a while.

"And what is wrong with that?" Jack asked.

"Think for yourself, we only waited about 5 hours, the the killer shows up, all alone. And now we're following him so easily."

"Either we're very skilled at this or he is just stupid." Jack didn't worry and looked at Kevin with a peaceful face. "Would you prefer, that there was a squad of elite assassins, with black spec-ops vans and huge amount of guns mmm..? Thankfully we are blessed with a lonely idiot, who is marching down the street."

"Yeah... I guess you're right." Then he looked forward and stopped. "You mean a lonely idiot, we managed to LOSE!"

"ZOINKS! What now?" Jack cursed and looked around.

"Maybe we should check out that alley." Kevin pointed towards a dark space between two buildings. They headed towards the alley, turned around the corner and met two guys, both holding guns. "I think we found our idiot." Jack muttered.

"Well, well, looks like these two were following you." One man said to his friend. "It's a good thing I warned you, or you would have lead them to Her."

"Who is She?" Kevin wanted to know.

"Now, now. There are things that you shouldn't know." The man continued and slowly raised his gun, but Jack suddenly grabbed the man's arm pulled him closer and stabbed him with his knife. When his friend saw that, he turned to Jack and aimed his gun, but Kevin's fist halted his movements. Kevin smiled. He still got it. His best trick to knock someone out with a single punch. When he turned towards Jack he saw that the man was still alive and was choking with his own blood. Jack pushed the knife deeper and twisted it, slowly his opponent collapsed on the ground. Only then Jack pulled out the knife from the man's chest.

"Whew, big one." Jack sighed and cleaned the knife and turned his head towards the unconscious killer. "What about him?"

"He will be alright." Kevin replied.

"Good, wake him up and hold him while I talk to him."

"Why should I hold him?" Kevin didn't understand.

"I will be busy asking questions, plus I won't be able to hold him." Jack explained.


"I'm faster than you, not stronger, so please wake him up."

Kevin did as ordered, and when the killer woke up, Kevin grabbed his arms and twisted them behind his back. Jack stood in front of the man.

"Hi, I want to ask you some questions."

"I won't tell you anything." came a reply.

"See your friend? You will join him."

"I'm not afraid to die."

"I know, but what about pain?" Jack asked and stabbed the knif into the man's abdomen.

"Ughhh... damn you!" The killer said.

Kevin was shocked. "Jack what the hell are you doing!"

"He is clearly connected to the Union, but haven't gone through the Integration, so the pain will break him." Jack explained in a calm voice. Then he whispered. "Listen, you have about 20 minutes left to live, after 10 minutes you will start to feel huge pain. If you tell me what I want, then I will help you."

The man nodded.

"Good, now tell me, why did you were sent to kill Tony?" Jack asked.

"...He didn't pass the ... initiation ... he wasn't ready for the Integration. So ... we had to kill him ... but he escaped ... found his address ... only this morning, but when I arrived ... he was already dead."

"Who is She, that you mentioned?" Jack continued his interrogation.

"I...I. can't tell you. I won't."

"Okay." Jack stepped back and waited. After 4 minutes Kevin noticed that the man was trembling, Jack also noticed. "You feel it don't you? The pain. This is only the beginning. So, will you tell me?"

"Okay, okay ... She says, that she is a messenger ... from the new ... order, who will arrive ... soon and ... purify ... this world." The killer was heavily breathing, because of the growing pain.

"Where is she?"

"Inside pocket ... address."

Jack came closer and checked the man's pockets, he found a note with an address on it. "You know where this is?" Jack showed the not to Kevin.

"Yeah, I know."

Jack straightened his back and said. "Okay Kevin release him and let's go check out that place."

Kevin released the killer, who fell down and asked. "W-wait ... you promised to ... help me."

"That's right." Jack remembered, and approached the man, then he pulled out his knife from the wound and said. "Now you will die after 3 minutes. Let's go Kevin." Jack hid his knife.

They both returned back on the street. "Hey, Jack why did you kill him? We could have at least called an ambulance." Kevin was puzzled.

"They wouldn't make it in time. Also he would try to warn Her. Finally he would kill himself later, for betraying the Union." Jack explained. "Anyway where is that place?"

Kevin checked the note again. "It's not far. It's in the suburbs."


It was about 4 am in the morning, when they reached, the correct address. It took them an extra hour to find this house, because they all looked similar. "Are you sure that this is the right one?" Jack repeated for the 100th time. He was really getting on Kevin's nerves. While Kevin was searching for the correct address, Jack kept repeating his stupid question.

"Yes, it is! Now shut up for a change." Kevin snapped. They climbed over fence and pulled out their guns. Fortunately the guns had silencers, or they might wake up the entire neighborhood. As they approached one of the windows, Kevin saw that the curtains were closed, but a faint light could be seen in the room. "Strange, there is still light on, at this hour? Maybe they are waiting for those two?"

"I think you're right, lets split up, I'll take the front, you try the back entrance." Jack suggested and quietly ran around the corner. He slowed down, as he approached the next corner. Then he peeked around the corner, to if anyone was at the front door. Empty. -Ok, Jack, slow down, be quiet, and check the door.- He calmed himself down and took his knife in the left hand, because he held a gun in his right. When he reached the door, he heard two voices, coming from inside.

"... aren't back yet. Something must be wrong."

"Listen they are both newcomers, so it takes a while to do that kind of a job."

"I know, but It's still hard to believe that Tony was Impure." When Jack heard these words, he was relieved, this was the right house.

"You think that we should tell Her about this?"

"She is downstairs, consulting with other messengers, and must not be disturbed. Listen ... did you hear that? I think it came from the backyard. I'll go check it out."

-Damn, Kevin is making too much noise. Ok let's go!- In the next moment Jack kicked the door open. Right before him someone was standing with his back towards Jack. Jack fired a few rounds into the guy's skull, splattering blood on the wall. The man fell down. His friend saw Jack and fired his smg, but Jack leapt into the next room and dodged the bullets. His opponent followed him, but as soon as he entered the room he was shot from behind by Kevin.

"Thanks." Jack said and got up, while Kevin picked up the smg, that was lying on the floor.

"No point of using silencers now, everyone knows that we are here." He explained and followed Jack into the next room. There they were met by two guards. Jack shot the first one, and Kevin finished the other one with a burst of bullets.

"Follow me, I heard that She is in the basement." Jack jumped over the bodies. After a quick search they found the door leading to the basement. When Kevin opened the door someone tried to shoot him, but missed, in return Kevin emptied his entire clip into the direction of the shooter, a silent groan meant that some of the bullets had hit their target.

"Empty." Kevin threw down his smg. And followed Jack in the room below. The basement was full of crates, most of them were empty. They slowly climbed down the stairs, searching the area for any enemies. "There." Kevin suddenly pointed towards a small door. Jack went to check the lock, but the door burst open and a woman jumped at Jack and knocked him on the floor. She held a gun and pointed it at the Jack's head, but Kevin shot her in the shoulder, knocking the gun out of her hands and making her fall down.

"Thanks again." Jack stood up for the second time tonight. And approached the woman who was still alive.

"You don't know what you have done. You can't understand what will happen to you." She muttered in a quiet voice.

"No, you're wrong. I know perfectly, what will happen. That's why I'm here." Jack said in a angry voice.

When she saw Jack's face, She became pale. "YOU! ... You! What are you doing here?"

"Ensuring the failure of your mission ... It's over." And Jack fired his gun until it was empty.

Kevin checked the small room, there was a communicator, but it was destroyed. When he returned to Jack, he saw that the woman was dead and Jack stood besides her with a face full of hatred. "Wasn't she more valuable alive?" He asked.

Jack looked at him. "No she wouldn't tell us anything. She is an Infiltrator, Union's elite spies. Nothing can make them talk. C'mon we must warn commander Yzak." He went to the exit, Kevin followed him.

"You think there are more of them?" Kevin asked when they left the house.

"Positive, Infiltrators work in groups of three people." For a few minutes they walked in silence. "Kevin, is it possible, that a ship could land here in PLANT undetected."

"It's impossible, she must have gotten here by one of the transport ships from Earth."

"So it means that the rest of them are there." Jack quickened his pace.

Kevin didn't answer. ­-So, they are finally here. Now what? Is it also possible that there will be war? I hope that Jack was wrong about that.-

Okay, that's enough for today, if you are interested, just ask.

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