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Daussault-Dornier Aerospace
CEO:Jacques DuGalle
Products:(Strasbourg)F-7D Spearhead,AH-79 Werewolf Attack VTOL,Air Dreadnought,(Artemis)DD-01 Drake-Class Destroyer,BB-01 Nelson-Class Battleship,CVS-03 Agamemnon-Class Carrier,TS-MA2 Moebius,CAT1-X3/3 Hyperion Unit 3,GAT-01A1 105 Dagger,FXet-565 Cosmograsper,GAT-02L2 Dagger L,GAT-04 Windam

Daussault-Dornier has been around since the previous AD era.Historically,it was two different firms for two nations of the European Union,Daussault-Briguet Enterprises of France and Dornier of Germany,both specialising in designing and building highly-advanced fighter jets.With the coming of the Russians and the formation of the Eurasian Federation,however,both firms realized they could not survive in the new political climate,as such,quickly merged and pledged the new company's loyalty to the Eurasian Federation,though secretly sympathizing with the cause of the Western Eurasian rebels.Dornier's old plants in Germany has since been dismantled,the firm now maintaining its sole terrestrial factory at Strasbourg,France,which produces average numbers of atmospheric aircraft for the Eurasian air arm and various militias.After the completion of Artemis,Daussault-Dornier constructed a shipyard within the asteroid to build warships and spacecraft for the Eurasian space fleets.

Since CE69,however,D-D has seen its reputation rapidly slide because of the inadequacy of its products to perform against mobile suits.Bad luck afflicted the company,as the Eurasians scaled back orders for its products and it seemed that the company only managed to stay afloat through its Artemis facility's continued production of warships.Fortunately,Rheinmetall Heavy Industries allowed D-D to license and produce the Skygrasper support aircraft.D-D did not produce the Skygrasper,instead redesigning it for use in space and creating the Cosmograsper variant for use in conjunction with the late-war 105 Daggers.In its efforts to restructure its operations,the Strasbourg plant was scaled down to minimize operating costs while the Artemis facilities were expanded.Then,in order to test out the feasibility of producing mobile suits,D-D constructed the experimental Hyperion Unit 3.After that,most Moebius lines were retooled to produce the excellent 105 Daggers exclusively for the Eurasian space fleets while the remainder were retooled to build Cosmograspers.The D-D 105 Daggers saw action in the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due,famously deployed in the 504th MS Team led by Morgan Chevalier.

Currently,D-D has managed to turn in modest profits thanks to the number of equipment required for post-war reconstruction of the Eurasian military,and thanks to its small size,has managed to stay clear of LOGOS influence.The Artemis production lines halted production of the 105 Dagger and Cosmograsper just before the end of the 1st War and switched to production of Dagger Ls,but with the recent unveiling of the Windam,has begun to retool its production lines yet again.

Rheinmetall Heavy Industries
CEO:Conrad Kell
Location(s):Bremen,Germany,Western Eurasia
Products:(Bremen)X-RGAT-01ExT Strike Dagger Experimental Type,X-RGAT-X102D Long Dagger Experimental Type,X-RGAT-01D1 Long Dagger,X-RGAT-01D2 Duel Dagger,X-RGAT-X103B Buster Dagger Experimental Type,X-RGAT/A-01E2 Buster Dagger,X-RGAT-X105 Strike,X-RGAT-X133A Sword Calamity Unit 04,X-RGAT-X255 Forbidden Blue,X-RGAT-706 Deep Forbidden,X-RGAT-333 Raider Full Spec,CAT1-X1/3 Hyperion Unit 1,CAT1-X2/3 Hyperion Unit 2,(PMP wing),LCAM-01XB Archangel-Class Seraphim,FX-550 Skygrasper,Aile Striker,Sword Striker,Launcher Striker,Lightning Striker,Gunbarrel Striker

Rheinmetall Heavy Industries.A company once famous for producing armored vehicles for the AD-era German Bundeswehr,it became nearly destitute after the Russian conquest.Under the Federation,it languished as one of the "also-ran" companies,until a stroke of luck turned its fortunes around.The wealthy local Kell family,looking to exploit a lucrative industry,bought RHI in CE64,lavished vast sums of money to purchase extremely high-tech manufacturing equipment and expanded RHI to become a full-fledged facility replete with its own R&D wing.The only thing it now lacked was a product to enhance its reputation.

Enter the 1st Bloody Valentine War.The introduction of mobile suits changed the face of war forever,and Conrad Kell,CEO of RHI,was eager to exploit this new area.However,the Eurasians were very sceptical at that stage,still convinced they could win the war without mobile suits.Hence,when the Hyperion Project was initiated,the Eurasians allowed RHI to take the reins of the project because every other Eurasian company did not have the facilities to cope with it but also because they intended RHI to be a guinea-pig,whether or not they would prove the success of mobile suits.

Conrad Kell knew all too well the sentiments of the Eurasian government,thus he set out to hire skilled designers and technicians to staff the RHI plant,all of them former EAF or ZAFT engineers wanting to earn their keep in the private sector.Conrad Kell also ensured that his son,Sieghart Kell,who was then a spoiled rich kid enlisted in the Eurasian military,got transferred to the 10th Special Operations Team,which was then the primary unit supplied by RHI.Rheinmetall inherited the barebones Strike Dagger Experimental Type from Kharkov-Morozov Bureau,and spent no time modifying the design and incorporating technologies developed in the Hyperion and G Projects into it,turning it and the 10th Autonomous Corps into war-winning units.

Although Rheinmetall only has one facility,it is famous for its association to the 10th AC but maintains a low profile in the political and industrial mainstream.Every product produced by Rheinmetall is either an experimental unit or a limited-production run unit.Moreover,to ensure its products receive adequate support in the battlefield,Rheinmetall renamed a special wing of its factory Propulsion and Machinery Progress(PMP),charging it with the construction of non-mobile suit units and support equipment.PMP is little-known,but much of its products have had a big impact in the battlefield,notably the Archangel-Class Seraphim,the limited-production Skygraspers(of which two were commissioned by Rear Admiral Lewis Halberton and sent to the legendary Archangel) and the various striker packs.

After the war,RHI was able to scale back its operations but still generate revenue through maintenance of the 10th AC's equipment.Production could be halted because of the over-specialisation while staff was transferred to the R&D wing.RHI does not take production orders from any faction and discourages industrial sabotage by allowing the 10th AC to station a garrison at its factory,this unit known as the Rheinmetall Self-Protection Forces.Finally,RHI explicitly transferred a sizeable number of technicians and engineers to the 10th AC for express battlefield maintenance,these skilled staff forming the group collectively known as Extreme Revolutionised Mobile Suit Workshops,or XRMSW.

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The Earth Alliance Military Forces

The Earth Alliance possesses the largest military force in human space.However,after the 1st Bloody Valentine War,much of its current forces are composed of green personnel,after many veterans and experienced personnel were killed primarily in the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due.OMNI Enforcer is still in the rebuilding stage and would prefer not to engage in a new war until its commanders are sure of the preparedness level of the troops.

Since the EAF's area of jurisdiction is vast,the Alliance High Command decided to split the areas into Regional Commands and Theatres to better manage the deployment of forces,streamline the logistics and communications routes and enhance response time.Alliance High Command is the highest level of command and its orders cannot be overruled.The EAF also has several non-combat divisions to support the combat arm.Below are the tables of organization for the EAF.

Recent History:
With the outbreak of the 1st Bloody Valentine War,the EAF,who were confident of victory over the relatively "puny" PLANTs,were totally caught off-guard by ZAFT's mobile suits and new warships.To say that the so-called 1st Bloody Valentine War was the most destructive war fought this decade,perhaps even eclipsing the Reconstrucion Wars,is an understatement.Every soldier and officer fought in this war,many paying the ultimate price for their convictions.

It is impossible to recount the recent bloody conflict in minute detail.Over two years of unremitting warfare raged throughout the Earth Sphere,warfare that bankrupted the member nations and all but broke the back of the military.Millions died.Countless more were left homeless after the April's Fool Tragedy.

In the years since the start of that most painful episode in the Alliance's history,other significant events occurred that got lost in the maelstrom.This document is intended to set the record straight.

Junk Guild Maneuvering
Since the formation of the Junk Guild and its declaration of neutrality and pacifist policy,the Alliance has turned a blind eye to its activities.Many did not expect the Junk Guild to play any part in the 1st War.However,Alliance Intelligence submitted numerous troubling reports about this faction,and High Command has seen it fit to scrutinize the supposed "neutrality" of this faction.Not only does the Junk Guild possess numerous high-tech equipment,it also has made its base in the abominable GENESIS Alpha,recently discovered and reactivated.It would be prudent to contain the Guild before this situation goes out of hand.

Three Ships Alliance
Another faction that cannot be simply written off,this small but surprisingly powerful organization brought an end to the 1st War.It has since went into hiding but Alliance Intelligence and tips from anonymous sources suspect it is still actively working in the shadows for its own sinister purposes.

PLANT Aggression
Although the PLANTs have since agreed to limit their armed forces,their aggression in the previous war is unforgettable.The supposedly pacifist Durandal administration has dared to rebuild and expand the Carpentaria and Gibraltar bases.It is also believed that ZAFT has constructed numerous secret bases both on Earth and in space.Durandal bears watching.

Colonial Beginnings
Finally,the remaining colonies at L4,following the traitorous example set by the PLANTs,have recently agitated for liberalised trade and equality.They have even set up their own militia,with mobile suits nonetheless!Only the presence of the Eurasian garrison at Colony Hades keeps this rebellion-of-sorts under check.

Martian Agenda
Little is known of the Sovereign Nation of Mars,but what is clear is that the Martians purchased significant quantities of military hardware from both the Alliance and ZAFT,for what purposes,it cannot be ascertained.Alliance Intelligence has been tasked with investigating this mysterious new faction.Although Mars is not in the Earth Sphere,such blatant military signs does not bode well for the Alliance.

The 1st War did much more than bring this organization a new leader.In 2 years of hard fighting,countless officers and soldiers were killed or maimed.The constant warfare took its toll on others.And,of course,the EAF sustained serious materiel losses that likely won't be fully recouped for years.

Command and General Staff
The EAF's command and general staff were hard-hit during the last few months of the war.First,a majority of the command staff were wiped out when GENESIS fired at the Ptolemaus Lunar Base.Then,after the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due,the new people appointed to these ranks consisted mostly of LOGOS and Blue Cosmos sympathizers,severely compromising the command integrity of the EAF.

In the days immediately following the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due,the EAF was in a state of severe flux.The almost-concluded 1st War had robbed it of much of its senior leadership,a vacuum of power and ability had to be filled quickly.Stephen Connor,a known anti-Coordinator radical and highest ranking officer left,was raised to become Supreme Commander of OMNI Enforcer.Around him,he formed a new general staff that would help him rebuild the EAF and strengthen Blue Cosmos influence among the soldiers.Only at the pressure of the Eurasians,who were anxious for an Eurasian to be in the highest level of command,did Connor appoint Alexei Rebrov,former supreme commander of Eurasian forces,to the post of General of The Armies and as his aide.

High Command:
The High Command consists of the EAF's most senior leadership,the heads of each of the major departments as well as the commanders of each Theater.

Overall Leader:Supreme Commander Stephen Connor
Commander-in-Chief,Earth Theater:General of The Armies Alexei Rebrov
Commander-in-Chief,Lunar Theater:Admiral of The Fleets Andrew Lo
Commander-in-Chief,Space Theater:Grand Admiral Stefan Richards
Commander,Department of The Army and the Navy:Field Marshal Nick Lucas
Director,Grand Army:Field Marshal Bryan Mercer
Director,Navy:Admiral Robin Andersen
Director,Department of Mercenary Relations:General Thomas Oliver
Commander,Department of Military Administration:Field Marshal Ming Zhe Kai
Commander,Department of Military Communications,Research and Development:Field Marshal Jean-Henri De Galle
Commander,Department of Military Education:Field Marshal James Shraplen
Commander,Department of Military Intelligence:Field Marshal Kenneth Bristow
Chief,Department of Military Justice:Field Marshal Damien Hoffman
Director,Department of Strategy & Tactics:Field Marshal Neal Jericho
Director,Department of The Quartermaster:Field Marshal Joshua Azrael

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The Overall Leader has supreme oversight and jurisdiction over the entirety of the Earth Alliance Forces. The CinC of the Earth Theater has control over every aspect of all terrestrial-based Alliance forces and the skies, but not Earth orbit. CinC, Lunar Theater commands the forces based at the Moon, including the various fleets and garrisons of the Lunar bases. CinC, Space Theater has direct oversight over Alliance space fleets that operate over Earth orbit, the Lagrange Points, Artemis and all other non-Lunar bases.

Department of The Army and Navy

This Department handles the posting, advanced training, and eventual retirement of the personnel and soldiers of the EAF. Its members must consider the place of birth, skills and trustworthiness of the soldiers fresh from their military training before assigning them to their posts.

The Department is also something of an unofficial spokesman for the common soldier. Complaints about unfair treatment, poor supplies, poor officers and general ineffectiveness are handled by the Department. Its officials will then act on them, either through executive powers or forwarding these complaints to the Department of Military Justice. The Department of the Army and Navy is currently commanded by Field Marshal Nick Lucas, who commanded the Earth Alliance 8th Army during the African front offensive in the last few months of the 1st War.

It should be noted, however, that the Eurasian branch of this Department is well-known for ignoring most complaints to prevent spreading any internal strife.

Department of Mercenary Relations

During the 1st War, severe shortages of manpower and resources in certain situations led to the employment of mercenary units in those battles. These mercenary units, such as Serpent Tail, served with distinction, and thus after the 1st War, one of the major additions to the administration of the EAF was the creation of the Department of Mercenary Relations. All mercenary units hired by this Department are serving under the Earth Alliance Forces, though the member states can still specifically hire mercenary units through their branches in this Department.

This department is vital to maintain friendly relations between regular EAF forces and the professional hired soldiers and prevent serious "incidents" between the EAF and disgruntled mercenaries.

Most mercenary units consider the Earth Alliance a fair employer. However, Eurasian-hired mercenaries are always mindful of interfering in their internal politics. The standard terms are generous. One of the more attractive clauses is the willingness of the EAF to allow hired mercenaries the courtesy of semi-independence to cover the vast areas of jurisdiction of the EAF, something mercenaries working for ZAFT will never enjoy. This means the EAF issues objectives to a mercenary unit in a combat zone; how the mercenaries fulfill their objective is entirely up to them. This was exemplified in the missions conducted by Serpent Tail. In return for this rare show of trust, the EAF demands that the mercenary unit fight to the best of their ability. There should be no unexpected retreats, and outright cowardice is reason enough to reassess the unit's contract. The EAF will consider any hint of treachery reason enough to fall on the merc unit and confiscate all its property and weapons.

Each mercenary unit has a Liaison Officer assigned to them to funnel any request made by the unit. General Thomas Oliver currently heads the Department of Mercenary Relations. He is reputed to have close ties with Blue Cosmos and several mercenary units hired by the Department have carried out anti-Coordinator attacks, on one occasion attacking a ZAFT facility that nearly caused a diplomatic crisis.

Department of Military Administration

All tasks that do not comfortably fit into the jurisdiction of the other Departments is assigned to this department. These matters include record-keeping and payroll for the millions of EAF personnel.

Another vital part of the Department of Military Administration is the Medical Corps. Up until the close of the 1st War, each unit in the EAF had their own separate medical organization. Because of the waste of valuable equipment, ill-management, and duplication of effort between the various organizations, Field Marshal Ming Zhe Kai decided to strip the fighting units of their doctors and create a Medical Corps independent of all but the Department of Military Administration. Today, the Department runs all the medic stations, evac units, hospital ships and military hospitals of the EAF.

The Department of Military Administration is currently headed by Field Marshal Ming Zhe Kai, who has proven to be an able administrator. The Marshal of the Medical Corps is Doctor Jason Lebeouf, formerly chief medical officer of the Alliance 1st Fleet.

Department of Military Communications,Research and Development

This Department is responsible for maintaining the communications arrays scattered all over Alliance territory, as well as overseeing military R & D facilities. As such, it commands a considerable portion of the EAF's budget, collaborating with various companies to develop new technologies. There are also rumors of various "black projects" being financed by "unknown sources" circulating around the terrestrial media agencies headed by this Department.

Field Marshal Jean-Henri De Galle heads this Department. He was the researcher who created Mirage Colloid technology and the Mirage Colloid Cloaking Device. For this important discovery, he was appointed the head of this newly-created department. He is currently supervising various research projects and remains apolitical.

Department of Military Education

Of all the departments, the Department of Military Education is the most heavily-infiltrated department by the Blue Cosmos. Created to coordinate the various military academies and boot camps of the EAF, this department has eschewed many of the effective advanced training programs in favour of preaching anti-Coordinator education and encouraging similar sentiments among many raw recruits.

If the future competency of the EAF is to be ensured, a major revamping of this Department is a must. Field Marshal James Shraplen, the major proponent of the Peacemaker nuclear assault force during the 1st War, leads this department with an iron fist.

Department of Military Intelligence

The Department of Military Intelligence's duty is to acquire knowledge about the enemies and suspected enemies of the Earth Alliance through any means necessary and at no matter what cost. The MI's second, though no less important mission, is to strike out at these same enemies with acts of misinformation, sabotage and even terrorism.

The Department of Military Intelligence is divided into three divisions.

MI1- Command

MI1 is the pinnacle of the Department, for it commands and coordinates the entire intelligence efforts of the Alliance. It is composed of the heads of the other divisions, who answer to the Intelligence Marshal. Every mission must be approved unanimously by all the heads and the Marshal. In the case of a particularly risky mission, they must have at least oral permission from the Supreme Commander before the operation can go forward.

Field Marshal Kenneth Bristow is currently the Intelligence Marshal of MI1.

MI2- Analysis and Speculation

All the information gathered by the other sections eventually ends up at MI2. Deep inside Heaven's Base, the Analysis and Speculation computers puzzle overall these various bits of intelligence. Through guidance of the MI2 staff, these computers will spit out broad hunches on the intentions and other what-nots of other realms. Currently, all efforts are devoted to discerning the Sovereign Nation of Mars and the Junk Guild.

MI3- Covert Operations Division

This Division is the "public face" of the DMI. All field and covert agents answer to this Division, as well as the teams of saboteurs and terrorists who conduct missions into enemy realms. The Covert Operations Division is also responsible for counter-intelligence and the capture and interrogation of enemy agents. One well-known unit of this Division is the 81st Independent Mobile Battalion, otherwise known as "Phantom Pain".

Department of Military Justice

The Department of Military Justice is responsible for enforcing military law within the EAF. To carry out this work, it has its own judges, lawyers and police force. Though the EAF is not an overly repressive military, it will not hesitate to seize and prosecute any soldier who does not conform to regulations, the most recent high-profile example being Edward Harrelson.

The DMJ is currently the domain of Field Marshal Damien Hoffman, a hardline person who believes in capital punishment.

Department of Strategy and Tactics

This Department is located primarily at Heaven's Base, with satellite branches in each of the member states and the Moon. Its tasks include analysing crisis situations, ongoing wars and battles and devising the appropriate counter-moves and responses to these threats and then advising their results to the various CinCs. However, the Autonomous Corps do not conform to the advices of this Department, and does not need to.

Field Marshal Neal Jericho is the leader of this small but important Department. It was him who oversaw the planning of the EAF's operations in the second year of the 1st war, allowing the EAF to slowly regain territory and the initiative, ultimately counter-attacking into PLANT territory.

Department of The Quartermaster

The Quartermaster Corps has been a vital department of every military since the advent of professional armies. It procures the necessary supplies and distributes those supplies accordingly, thus controlling the entire logistics network of the EAF. Political powerplays by many companies has resulted in the staff of this department being appointed on a political, rather than meritocracy, basis.

Honorary Field Marshal Joshua Azrael was "appointed" to head this department. In reality, he is responsible for maintaining the Azrael Conglomerate and Aducarf Mechano Industries positions as the leading suppliers of the Atlantic branch of the EAF as well as hamstringing the supply lines of the other member states of the EAF.

Theaters and Regional Commands

Currently, there are three Theaters and ten Regional Commands (not including various space patrol fleets operating out of these areas). These are:

Earth Theater
Atlantic Regional Command (Atlantic Federation, North Atlantic Ocean)
Western Eurasian Regional Command (Western Eurasia, Mediterranean, North Africa, Balkans)
Eurasian Regional Command (Central, Eastern Eurasia, Middle East)
African Regional Command (Africa, excluding North Africa, Indian Ocean)
East Asian Regional Command (East Asia, South China Sea)
Pacific Regional Command (Pacific Ocean, Oceania)

Lunar Theater
Arzachel Regional Command (Light side of the Moon)
Daedalus Regional Command (Dark side of the Moon)

Space Theater
Artemis Regional Command (L3)
Hades Regional Command (L4)

The CinCs command the Theaters while there is a person of at least General rank overseeing each Regional Command. Force deployments are then done accordingly to the needs and terrain of that Regional Command or theater.

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Military Academies of the Alliance

When the Alliance was founded, each member nation still run their own military academies and boot camps as there was not enough time to reorganize this system through the hectic first weeks of the 1st War. After the signing of the Junius Treaty, the revamped EAF administration decided that this is one of the foundations of a strong military, forming the Department of Military Education and placing the department direct supervision of all academies. Currently, the academies of the Alliance are:

West Point Military Academy

Location: West Point, New York, America, Atlantic Federation
Superintendent: Lieutenant-General Colin Darrell
Type: Federal Military Academy

The most prestigious military academy on Earth (at least according to the Atlantics) is also known for the anti-Coordinator sentiments of its graduates. This college certainly has some of the best environments, facilities and curriculum which has not been diminished by the emergence of Blue Cosmos. As a result, graduates of this academy have a deadly combination of fanaticism and a grasp of tactics. They also enjoy the sponsorship of wealthy industrial conglomerates like the Azrael Conglomerate.

The training mobile suits in this academy are all sponsored by the Azrael Conglomerate, and the academy Commandant has announced that they will have mobile armor training courses starting within August of CE 72.

Most graduates of this academy enter into one of the more prestigious Atlantic Federation MS Battalions or Alliance Fleets.

Sandhurst Royal Academy

Location: England, Great Britain, Atlantic Federation
Commandant: Major-General Charles Grantforth
Type: Exclusive Training Academy

An ancient and well-respected institution of military education, Sandhurst Royal Academy has seen its edge gradually eroding since the annexation of Great Britain by the Atlantic Federation. One of the benefits that this provides is near-zero Blue Cosmos or LOGOS interference on its alumni. However, lack of modern facilities and equipment has forced the academy to focus on turning out skillful mobile suit pilots instead of its past vocations. The other major course offered by the academy is one filled with centuries of heritage from British nation, the naval advanced training course.

Sandhurst Royal Academy graduates are either skilled MS pilots or potentially great navymen. However, they do not often get posted to better units, instead having to work their way up the hierarchy.

Eurasian Federation Defense Ministry Military University

Location: Moscow, Russian Hegemony, Eurasian Federation
Superintendent: Marshal-Commissar Dmitri Pachenko
Type: State-owned Military Academy

After going through so many name changes in the past, the EFDMMU has finally established itself as the premier military institution of Eurasia, enjoying the support and investment of the state while ensuring it continues to supply its fair share of soldiers to the Eurasian state.

Besides getting their training, the cadets of EFDMMU receive a heavy dose of political training to "ensure correct thought" and are closely scrutinized by the KGB, the intelligence agency of the Eurasian Federation. This is to ensure that the graduates of this academy could be counted on to form a loyal core of soldiers in the Eurasian military in times of internal strife. This tradition of unquestioned loyalty has stayed untarnished since the formation of the Eurasian Federation.

Today, the school trains mobile suit pilots, as well as infantry, artillery, armor and fleet officers. Combat prowess and right-thinking is highly emphasized at the EFDMMU. The Ecole Militaire is the EFDMMU's rival. Yearly, the MS Training Cadres of the two schools meet at the rugged terrain of the Ural Mountains and Alps to challenge one another in a series of wargames. The winners are declared the "Bears of Eurasia". Of course, since the Ecole Militaire lacks modern equipment, they are always hamstrung and usually end up losing. Most graduates of the EFDMMU are candidates for the position of Commissars within the Eurasian military units. The current superintendent of the EFDMMU is Marshal-Commissar Dmitri Pachenko, a man known for extreme loyalty to the State and his supremist views on Western Eurasians.

Ecole Militaire

Location: Champ De Mars, Paris, France, Eurasian Federation
Commandant: Colonel Avril Gadbois
Type: Federal Military Academy

The Ecole Militaire, though a shadow of its former self, is a complex of buildings housing various military teaching facilities located in Paris, France south east of the Champ De Mars.

A place with a chequered history, it was nearly destroyed in the Eurasian War, during which the French cadets made a last stand within the academy , resulting in the near-destruction of the facilities by overwhelming Russian Hegemony forces. Since then, part of it was rebuilt by the French state government, in a special dispensation by the Central Eurasian authorities in an effort to promote Eurasian unity.

After the formation of the Eurasian Federation, the Ecole Militaire fell into disfavor, due to a high portion of anti-Russian mentalities among its graduates. For a long while, the EM and its cadet cadres that did tours of duties on the frontlines were the object of scorn for the Politburo and the opposite to the Western Eurasian people. In addition, the Eurasian military command generally thought they could not measure up to their flashier counterparts in the EFDMMU. The politburo was even seriously considering tearing down the academy or allowing the EFDMMU to annex it.

It was the 1st Bloody Valentine War that saved the Ecole Militaire and set it back on the road to prominence. As casualties mounted among the Eurasian military, the EFDMMU could not train enough replacements, causing the politburo to have no choice but to refurbish the EM and increasing its capacity to nearly its original size along with the hiring of necessary staff, which, at such a time of war, naturally were Western Eurasians who were much more available. Though many Central Eurasian agencies and authorities protested this move, Eurasian High Command had no choice as they were staring at certain defeat after ZAFT made huge inroads into Eurasian territory.

The Ecole Militaire is now the most expensively furnished military academy in Western Eurasia. It has previously-banned training mobile suits, other vehicles and simulators of every known MS design in the Earth Sphere. Still, its size is just 20% of the EFDMMU. There are also three home-made Gauntlets (booby-trapped mazes designed to test a cadet's responses) as well as a lot of ground to practice the art of war. Strategy, tactics, quick-thinking and critical management skills are heavily emphasized at the EM, in marked contrast to the other academies that prefer combat prowess.

The current Commandant of the Ecole Militaire is Colonel Avril Gadbois, a young officer (compared to her counterparts) that suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and transferred from commanding the 12th Mobile Battalion to her current post after the end of the 1st Bloody Valentine War.

In addition to these aforementioned academies, the EAF also has numerous boot camps scattered throughout Alliance territory that provides inexhaustible supplies of infantry grunts, pilots with rudimentary training and other low-ranked personnel.

Thought i'd do an intro into the academies of the EAF before moving on to the actual armed forces. The Atlantic priority on anti-Coordinator education and the Eurasian emphasizing on combat prowess and political education will prove the undoing of the EAF in the future (hinting at GSD events here) . The East Asians do not have any military academies because they are a "people's army" and do not encourage such practices.

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Post by Antares » Sat Apr 28, 2007 9:20 am

I see you really like the details. I'm thinking at times that you perhaps go in slightly too thoroughly, but at least it is, as I said, very thorough. I think you could spend some more time outlining the differences between the blocs (Atlantic v. Eurasia), but maybe that is coming. I think desperately little is known about the different players aside from their MS production in general, so you have a chance to correct that. :wink:
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I think desperately little is known about the different players aside from their MS production in general, so you have a chance to correct that. Wink
What different players? What should be expanded?

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Post by Antares » Sat Apr 28, 2007 11:00 am

Well, some kind of elaboration on how Atlantic Federation and Eurasia handle their relations, how they relate to each other and to others. I mean, you do have quite a lot of the general things that are known but you might want to expand on that somehow. A dialogue or a short explanational piece. You don't even have to be very historical about it (though you can), but just give the current setting. I don't know if I am making any sense here, or maybe I just subconsciously want to tie your timeline in with mine. :D
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Ok... here goes a brief explanation.

The Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Federation both act as checks and balances against each other, with the East Asians straddling the middle line. Kind of like how the EU is a counter to American superpowerism and at the same time a counter to China's growing ambitions, if you want to use real world comparisons.

The Atlantic Federation has a strong central authority with only Great Britain as an autonomous "province". After the annexation of GB, the Americans decided to leave them alone in their own affairs, so it's fair to assume Blue Cosmos infiltration in GB is quite low. Even though the Federation has a lot of LOGOS and BC influences in its central administration (read: anything that has to do with White House policy) they still benefit from a very strong industrial base, manufacturing capacity, and a fairly unified military command structure. This is because, after the PLANTs stopped all manufacturing exports to the Alliance nations, they had, by that time, mostly converted to agriculture and other non-heavy industry areas, so they suddenly found themselves in desperate need of a manufacturing base. This is when LOGOS had a chance to reestablish itself strongly because after manufacturing responsibilities had gone to the PLANTs, LOGOS was severely weakened. After all that's happened, LOGOS stepped in with BC and near-miraculously revitalised the Atlantic industrial base. The Eurasians, who had a moderate POV, rejected LOGOS and suffered as a result while the East Asians did not need LOGOS because of their high population they just needed time to reestablish rudimentary heavy industry.

The Eurasians, because of their rejection of LOGOS, took more time getting back on their feet and that is why in my timeline, you don't see them taking any real interest in the Atlantics' G Project and mobile suits in general until they witnessed the power of mobile suits first-hand. By then, because of the high technological level of Rheinmetall Industries (who had a lot of ex-ZAFT/EAF technical personnel, hence their technology) the Eurasians at least could roll out the Hyperion Project. However, you see there are only three of those and they still have to rely a lot on "acquired" Atlantic MS and ship blueprints before they can start anything. That is also the reason why the Eurasians had a predominant low-tech military (linear tanks for terrestrial armies and basic Strike Daggers for space fleets) before very near the end of the war when Artemis starts producing 105 Daggers. The East Asians, though they also are very low-tech, have the luxury of massive numbers to augment that problem.

On to the matter of international relations, you can say on the matter of PLANT persecution the Atlantics and Eurasians have much the same view in that they wish to dominate the PLANTs. It's just their endgames that differ; Atlantics wish to dominate by wiping Coordinators out while Eurasians just want the manufacturing base. As such, you could say both Federations see eye-to-eye along with the East Asians. All three nations' policy against Orb and other neutral nations is the same; you don't trouble me, i look the other way.

Inter-relations-wise, they both have near-neutral relations. Atlantics turn a blind eye to the internal troubles of the Eurasians ("The Western Eurasian Problem") while the Eurasians keep their mouths shut on the Atlantic anti-Coordinator tendencies. However, if the internal troubles prove to be affecting the Alliance war effort (as happened in GSD), the Atlantics will intervene on their own discretion without any violation of sovereignty whatsoever.

Here's a summation of diplomatic relations from CE 71 until at least CE 76:

These relations are in general; not for any specific events like during the Destiny Plan or Break The World

Atlantic Federation
- Eurasian Federation: Neutral (Fierce Rivalry)
- Republic of East Asia: Cordial (Amiable)
- South African Union: Atlantic Domination
- Equatorial Union: Good-Neutral (Mutual Trust)
- Kingdom of Scandinavia: Neutral (No dealings)
- Orb Union: Neutral (No dealings)
- United States of South America: Cordial- Neutral- Hostile (Amiable)
- Oceania Union: Neutral-Hostile (Open Hostilities)
- PLANTs: Hostile-Neutral (No dealings)

The Atlantics consider Scandinavians and Orbites as "beneath them". Due to a checkered history with the USSA, most of the time it is amiable but could be hostile if Atlantics show expansionist tendencies.

Eurasian Federation
- Atlantic Federation: Neutral (Fierce Rivalry)
- Republic of East Asia: Neutral (Occasional Rivalry)
- South African Union: Cordial-Neutral (Amiable)
- Equatorial Union: Neutral (Occasional Rivalry)
- Kingdom of Scandinavia: Neutral (No dealings)
- Orb Union: Cordial (Amiable)
- USSA: Cordial (Amiable)
- Oceania Union: Neutral (No dealings)
- PLANTs: Neutral (No dealings)

Atlantics and Eurasians have always had a fierce rivalry to dominate the political arena be it in the Alliance or international relations in general. East Asians and Eurasians have had multiple border wars in the past. SAU and EF are nice to each other, considering that they collaborated to build the Victoria mass driver-cum-spaceport. Equatorial Union have had several border skirmishes with Eurasians as well. Eurasians have regularly ignored Scandinavians but have good trade and diplomatic relations with Orbites and South Americans. They are not hostile to Oceania but do not deal openly with them too. They consider PLANTs as "autonomous lost provinces" as such are not hostile to them generally.

Republic of East Asia:
- Atlantic Federation: Cordial (Amiable)
- Eurasian Federation: Neutral (Fierce Rivalry)
- SAU: Cordial (Amiable)
- EU: Neutral (Occasional Rivalry)
- KoS: Neutral (No dealings)
- Orb Union: Neutral-Hostile (No dealings)
- USSA: Cordial (Amiable)
- Oceania Union: Hostile-Neutral (Occasional Hostilities)
- PLANTs: Neutral (No dealings)

East Asians have trade and diplomatic relations with Atlantics, South Africans, and South Americans but ignore Scandinavians and PLANTs. They share the Eurasians' views on the PLANTs. They have had occasional skirmishes with Equatorial raiders. They do not acknowledge Orb, viewing Orb as an offshoot of Japan and as such, a province of theirs by right. Their aggressive intentions on Oceania has caused hostilities with that nation as well.

Is this a good enough summation on the principle players of the Alliance? I hope what you're looking for is here, or you can fill me in more so i can get right down on it.

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Post by Antares » Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:08 pm

No I think this is pretty much what I was thinking about. Nicely done. Gets back to a more general, even practical level of explaining the dynamics of CE Earth after listing institutions (useful background knowledge, but often overlooked nonetheless).
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Post by Ravager » Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:04 am

OMNI Enforcer Ranking System

Officers (Navy Equivalent) [Eurasian Political Officer Rank]

Supreme Commander of Alliance Forces

General of The Armies (Admiral of The Fleets)

Field Marshal (Grand Admiral)

General (Admiral) [Commissar- General]

Major General (Vice Admiral)

Lieutenant General (Rear Admiral)

Colonel (Commodore) [Colonel- Commissar]

Lieutenant Colonel (Light Commodore)

Major (Commander) [Commissar- Major]

Captain (Captain) [Commissar- Captain]

First Lieutenant (Lieutenant) [First Lieutenant- Commissar]

Second Lieutenant (Lieutenant, Junior Grade)

First Sergeant (Master Chief Petty Officer)

Master Sergeant (Senior Chief Petty Officer)

Staff Sergeant (Chief Petty Officer)

Sergeant (Petty Officer First Class)

Corporal (Petty Officer Second Class)

Lance Corporal (Petty Officer Third Class)

Private First Class (Seaman)

Private (Ensign)

The enlisted ranks are pretty much understood. However, they mostly apply only to infantry or specialist staff serving in the terrestrial or marine corps (Yes, the EAF navies also employ marines). Mobile Suit pilots start out at Master Sergeant. First Sergeant pilots lead teams. Lieutenants and Captains lead squadrons, depending on squadron prestige. Majors command battalions. Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels head regiments, also depending on unit prestige. Lieutenant Generals head Divisions, Major Generals lead Armies, and Generals lead Corps (Corps are only found at times of emergencies). Field Marshals lead the rare Army Groups or one of the administrative departments. There are no more than 14 Field Marshals at any one time. Likewise, there is only one Supreme Commander, General of The Armies and Admiral of The Fleets at any one time.

For navy ranks, the enlisted usually are assigned onboard ships or space/ lunar bases. Larger ships usually have enlisteds ranked Petty Officer and above. However, navy commandos also use navy ranks, so it could be confusing at times. Lieutenants are usually XOs of smaller ships. Captains command single ships. Commanders lead a group of no more than 4 ships. Light Commodores and Commodores command a squadron of warships with types of ships in the squadron determining the rank of the officer. They are also usually XOs of capital ships. Rear Admirals command a single Fleet while Vice Admirals lead multiple Fleets. Admirals command Battlegroups and Task Forces. Grand Admirals are more senior Admirals and have similar duties. However, they can take command of an entire Regional Command's forces and always lead expeditions if present. There are no more than 14 Admirals and 2 Grand Admirals at any one time. This is to prevent the "cheapening" of these ranks.

To ensure loyalty and prevent internal dissent, the Eurasian military also employs the Commissar system. Certain officer ranks have either the Commissar prefix or suffix. They are political appointments and do not have education on strategy and tactics. Commissar officers are automatically half a rank higher than their corresponding normal officer rank, be it army or navy, thus it is common to have a Commissar-General aboard the flagship of an Admiral. There are no enlisted Commissar ranks as Commissars have broad discretionary powers such as the power to execute any deserters or traitors on sight as well as place the unit he is attached to under KGB investigation and intense scrutiny.

OMNI Enforcer Organizational Groupings

Mobile Suits

Reinforced Regiment= 144 mobile suits

Regiment= 108 mobile suits

Reinforced Battalion= 48 mobile suits

Battalion= 36 mobile suits

Squadron/ Company= 12 mobile suits

Team/ Squad= 4 mobile suits

* These figures are for a standard full-strength formation. Actual size may vary, sometimes considerably.

MS Teams are sometimes referred as Squads, same thing as Squadrons and Companies. Basic team has 4 mobile suits. 3 Teams make up a Squadron/ Company. 3 Squadrons/ Companies make up a Battalion. It is also common to see Battalions fielded with an extra attached Company, called a Reinforced Battalion. A Regiment is comprised of 3 Battalions. It is common to see Regiments among Alliance MS forces. The largest Alliance MS formation is a Reinforced Regiment, which is a Regiment with an additional attached Battalion. The most common formation deployed in typical battles is a Battalion or Reinforced Battalion. Patrols and skirmishes are usually seen with Squadrons and Companies involved.

Infantry (Special Forces)

Division= 10080 men

Regiment= 1008 men

Battalion= 336 men

Company= 112 men

Platoon= 28 men (20 men)

Squad= 7 men (5 men)

* These figures are for a standard full-strength formation. Actual size may vary, sometimes considerably.

The basic infantry unit is a squad of 7 men. Special forces prefer deploying 5 men per squad. 4 Squads make up a Platoon. A Company is the combination of 4 Platoons. With the advent of mobile suits, each Company usually has a dedicated anti-MS Platoon equipped with specialized weapons. 3 Companies make up a Battalion. 3 Battalions make up a Regiment. Finally, a Division is composed of 10 Regiments, and it is the largest formation used by the infantry. The most common battle formations used are deployed Battalions divided into Companies for maximum spread which are then further divided into Platoons. Typical combat is usually engagements between Platoons (against ZAFT, it is entirely different). Against ZAFT MS forces, they are deployed in at least Company strength.


Grand Navy **

Task Force **

Battlegroup **

Fleet= 24-36 ships

Squadron= 6-12 ships

Group= 2-4 ships

* The maximum an minimum sizes are included.

** These do not have a determinate ship number. They are groupings of the formations below them i.e. Battlegroups are multiple Fleets.

Pretty self-explanatory. However, Battlegroups are multiple Fleets grouped together. An example of this would be during Operation Sunshine, the Alliance's second nuclear assault on the PLANTs, which was conducted with two Battlegroups, one conducting the main assault while the other one conducting the nuclear assault. Task Forces are multiple Battlegroups. An example would be during the Battle of Daedalus, when the Alliance Navy assigned a Task Force to defend Daedalus Lunar Base and a Battlegroup to defend each Requiem relay station. The term Grand Navy is used when almost every Alliance warship is gathered together into a massive battle formation. This has only been used once, during the Battles of Boaz and Jachin Due, when almost the entire Alliance navy gathered to assault the PLANTs.

In addition, non-warship forces when combined together have even larger formations. These are:

Army Group



An Army is made up of multiple infantry Divisions and MS Regiments. Multiple Armies make up a Corp while multiple Corps are known collectively as an Army Group. So far, only Corps and Armies have been used, during the 1st Bloody Valentine War when the Alliance launched its African Front Offensive. Note that there are no determinate numbers for the divisions, armies and corps inside their respective parent formations.

And so i have done the ranking system and tables of organizations for the Alliance. I hope this explains the formations you guys see employed in the anime. An instance would be when Neo launches a Battalion of mobile suits in his attack on the Minerva at the Indian Ocean during Phase-15 i think. If you pause and count the Windams that launch it is approximately 36 mobile suits, thus illustrating the Battalion formation.

EDIT: Commissar system and summary added
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Post by Ravager » Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:13 am

Antares wrote:No I think this is pretty much what I was thinking about. Nicely done. Gets back to a more general, even practical level of explaining the dynamics of CE Earth after listing institutions (useful background knowledge, but often overlooked nonetheless).
You might think background knowledge are often overlooked, but i find most anime (and Japanese stuff in particular) lacking ALOT in this. They are what makes the particular world of that fiction more believable. They give you the illusion of a living, breathing, normal everyday-life world beneath the anime's depiction of key events or focus on particular characters and glossing over these. That is why i love the Battletech sourcebooks so much, because they give me an impression that i'm inside a grand, well-thought out universe with many perspectives instead of just one i.e. Shinn & Minerva crew or Athrun, Kira and the Orb perspective.

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Post by lordyu » Sun May 06, 2007 12:16 am

wasn't the AF the ones that created the archangel class. Why do a Eurasian company have one and not a AF company. How will you deal with western Europe revolting against the EF?
When a new war breaks out between Earth and the PLANTs, the Eurasian Federation once again sides with the Atlantic Federation. Meanwhile, its citizens become increasingly vocal in their demands for independence. As the war continues, ZAFT forces begin to intervene on behalf of these independence movements, liberating their homes and cities from Eurasian Federation control.

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Post by Ravager » Sun May 06, 2007 12:53 am

wasn't the AF the ones that created the archangel class. Why do a Eurasian company have one and not a AF company. How will you deal with western Europe revolting against the EF?
Note that the timeline and this sourcebook deals with events up until before the start of Destiny, so the Western Eurasian Problem has not been touched on... yet.

As for that Archangel-class, the Archangel and Dominion are built by the AF, but as seen in the timeline, the MacArthur-Koslov Pact allowed the EF to gain Atlantic technology but since only Rheinmetall had the technology to manufacture high-tech stuff, they built the third Archangel-Class ship, the Seraphim. (Note: The M-K Pact is real and canon in the CE-verse but the name itself is my own creation)
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Post by lordyu » Sun May 06, 2007 2:12 am

How will you deal with the end of GSD. Can the plant and Orb be said to be rally more advance than the EA?

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Post by Ravager » Sun May 06, 2007 4:42 am

lordyu wrote:How will you deal with the end of GSD. Can the plant and Orb be said to be rally more advance than the EA?
That is for the future. Keep your fingers crossed :wink:
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Post by lordyu » Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:30 pm

I just read in gundam official that he Eurasian Federation was led by a federal council dominated by western Europe. You could inter twin the western Eurasian revolt withe the AF destroying there army at Joshua A. Say that it lead to the loss of Power and influence within the EF council and the gaining of power by AF allies within the EF.

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Post by Ravager » Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:32 am

Hmmm... are you sure? I sure missed that. Because from what the mangas and anime portray the Eurasians, i really got the impression that the Russians dominated the Federation. I mean, only Russians would emphasise quantity on quality (the size of their linear tank and Dagger fleets but lack of noteworthy units) and no liberal Western Eurasian would even entertain the idea of letting AF troops come in and commit atrocities on Eurasian territory.
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Post by lordyu » Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:44 am


One of the leading powers within the Earth Alliance, this nation is a longtime rival, and now uneasy ally, of the Atlantic Federation. Originally formed from the nations of Europe and northern Asia, the Eurasian Federation is governed by a federal council dominated by the nations of the European region. Among its strategic assets is the space fortress Artemis, located at Lagrange point 3.

When a new war breaks out between Earth and the PLANTs, the Eurasian Federation once again sides with the Atlantic Federation. Meanwhile, its citizens become increasingly vocal in their demands for independence. As the war continues, ZAFT forces begin to intervene on behalf of these independence movements, liberating their homes and cities from Eurasian Federation control.

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Post by Ravager » Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:03 am

Arrrgh! No wonder i missed that, it's from Destiny. I haven't visited that site for a long time. Ok, so it says the federal council is dominated by Europeans, so i can still skirt around with my interpretation because Russians are Europeans, in a sense :wink:
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Post by lordyu » Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:08 am

I think that making the Western Eurasian look less like victims would be better than blaming it on the Russian. Yes Russian are considered Europeans but Gundam official is not describing that type of European.

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