Cosmic Era Master Timeline:Exploits of the Unsung Heroes

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Cosmic Era Master Timeline:Exploits of the Unsung Heroes

Post by Ravager » Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:22 am

This project has been going on since the beginning of the year, and i've finally
completed the first phase of it. It is basically a partial rewrite of the events before and during the 1st Bloody Valentine War with upcoming phases detailing the 2nd Bloody Valentine War and beyond.

Also, several characters DO NOT DIE in this timeline, including the druggie trio, Flay Allster and the Orb Astray trio.

So, without further ado:

A.D.2015 Global warming reaches critical point on Earth. At the same time, the nations of Earth are plagued by terminal oil crisis. UN forces OPEC nations to work together with other nations in order to solve the crisis. Construction of First Colonial Ship commences. OPEC nations resent UN decision. Global tension and unrest increases drastically.

2022 Oil crisis partially solved. OPEC nations initiate secret build-up of military forces, sparking a global arms race between every nation. First Colonial Ship, ES Verne, completed and loaded with 30000 colonists bound for the Moon. Many nations sign mutual defense pacts.

2024 ES Verne touches down on the moon. Colonists found the first lunar city on the largest crater, naming it Copernicus City.

2028 Global Space Agency proposes an end to current tensions by focusing on peaceful cooperation between nations to colonise the Solar System. Partial compromise reached by all parties. UN agrees to fund the further construction of colonial expeditions while forcing all nations to the negotiating table. Oceania, South East Asia, Middle East, Asia Minor, Balkans, South America and Africa all agree to voluntarily disarm 70% of their existing armed forces. The rest choose to keep their armed forces. 2nd and 3rd Colonial Expeditions simultaneously initiated, the former bound for the Moon, the latter to Mars. Due to heavy spending on the oil crisis, combating global warming and peacekeeping contingents, lack of funds forces GSA to restrict the terraforming equipment for the 3rd Expedition.

2031 2nd Colonial Expedition launched, consisting of three ships, the ES Endymion,Arzachel and Daedalus. Hostilities break out between Russian Hegemony and the European Union over several newly-discovered rich veins of oil and gas. Stalemate in battlefields of the former Soviet Republics. At the same time, India and Pakistan both renew their claims to the disputed Kashmir region, escalating tensions as both still retained their martial might. China annexes Taiwan by threat of force, causing a diplomatic standoff with the powerful USA.

2033 2nd Colonial Expedition touches down on the moon, each ship containing 40000 colonists. Colonists found new outposts at several lunar craters and name those outposts after their ships, thus forming the Endymion, Arzachel and Daedalus outposts.

2037 3rd Colonial Expedition launched, consisting of 2 ships, the ES Australialis and ES Olympus with 60000 colonists each as well as extremely limited terraforming equipment. The Russian Hegemony uses overwhelming military forces to open new fronts, flanking the EU forces and catching them by surprise. UN could not intervene as the opposing forces were separate bodies instead of member nations. EU loses Scandinavia, AsiaMinor and the Balkans. British Isles invaded by a Russian Fleet, thus compelling their close allies, the USA, to intervene in the conflict, driving the Russians out. However, similar pleas for help from the continental EU nations fall on deaf ears. USA decides not to intervene on mainland Europe for fear of Chinese surprise invasions. Pakistan and India mobilize their armed forces and engage in the Himalayas.

2041 ES Australialis and Olympus touches down on Mars, founding the twin colonies of Australialis on a crater and Olympus within Olympus Mons.

2042 Copernicus brings the other lunar outposts under its aegis and together they declare neutrality in the current wave of conflict. EU forces, exhausted from defending so many fronts from simultaneous assaults, make a desperate attack on the Caucasus to force the Russians to reconsider their Balkans front. However, they underestimate Russian forces and the EU forces are annihilated. Repeated attempts to call from help from the USA ignored. EU forces make their last stand at Dunkirk, blockaded by US naval forces who declare neutrality. They are annihilated on October. Russian forces swarm into Europe, and by the end of the year they have taken all national capitals and starting to pacify the countryside. 4th Indo-Pakistan War reaches stalemate. British Isles declared a Protectorate of The United States of America. Resistance forces gain momentum in Scandinavia. UN and GSA announces the 4th Colonial Expedition, this time again bound for Mars. They invest most of their remaining resources into building this expedition. South East Asian states, fearing Chinese and Russian domination, form the Equatorial Union. All US forces put on high alert. South American nations, fearing domination by America, unite into a single superstate, the United States of South America. America encourages Oceania to act as a counterweight to its surrounding powers. Both the USSA and EU declare neutrality. Africa divides between northern and southern spheres of power, with freedom fighters scattered across the continent.

2045 Russian Hegemony declares EU fully pacified but ignore the numerous resistance forces in the former EU nations. Incessant raids and sabotage by Scandinavian resistance forces, united under the Danish royal family, forces the Hegemony to rethink its position in Scandinavia. China finally makes a move to thwart growing Russian supremacy by coercing its neighbours to join a mutual defense league, the Union of East Asia. Japan is the only nation to refuse this offer. Stalemate continues among Indo-Pakistan forces. US diplomatic pressure on Oceanic nations finally bears fruit, resulting in the creation of the Oceanic Union and the subsequent alliance between the US and the OU. However, many nations of the OU are not enthusiastic about this alliance, only their economic dependence on the US forcing them to remain. Lunar cities grow rapidly, gaining prosperity and wealth. George Glenn born.

2048 Scandinavian Resistance drives Russian forces out of Sweden and Norway, but similar efforts at Finland and Denmark are mercilessly crushed. EU resistance hunted down everywhere by Russian counterintelligence forces. They go underground. Union of East Asia issues ultimatum to Japan, demanding her to join the Union voluntarily or by force. America, covertly supplying the Scandinavian Resistance, jointly announces the formation of the Atlantic Federation along with Canada and Great Britain. They immediately redeploy their forces to meet possible invasions by the Union of East Asia and the massive Russian Hegemony. Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries, cowed by the Russian Hegemony's military might, decide to join the Hegemony, putting numerous resources at the Hegemony's disposal and adding more territory to its already massive size. Indian forces manage to breakthrough a gap in Pakistani defenses and obtain a sizeable foothold in Pakistan. 4th Colonial Expedition ships completed and prepped for launch at the Russian Hegemony launch pad at Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome. Unlike the homogenous mixture of colonists in the previous expeditions, the 4th Expedition consists entirely of colonists of Eurasian and Equatorial origin, embarked aboard 4 ships, the ES Zephyria, Vulcan, Utopia and Titan, each containing 90000 colonists as well as considerable terraforming equipment aboard Zephyria and Titan. 4th Expedition launched on June of that year. Meteor showers ravage Arzachel and Endymion, forcing the colonists to abandon their atmospherically compromised dome cities and seek shelter at Daedalus and Copernicus.

2050 ES Titan splits from the 4th Colonial Expedition halfway to Mars and veers off-course, causing everyone to assume it was lost due to unexplained circumstances. In actuality, the navigation computer on the ship malfunctioned, causing it to wander through the asteroid belt to the outer Solar System.

2051 4th Colonial Expedition touches down on Mars, far from the landing sites of the 3rd Expedition. ES Zephyria and Vulcan found colonies named after their ships and declare independence from Australialis. ES Utopia touches down far from all the other ships. Cut off from outside contact, the colonists freely expand, creating the pacifist colony of Utopia.

2052 Scandinavian Resistance stages 2nd uprising at Denmark and Finland. The uprising in Finland is again crushed but Denmark is successfully liberated. Scandinavia unites under the Danish royal family and forms the Kingdom of Scandinavia, immediately declaring neutrality. Russian Hegemony, alarmed by the formation of so many superstates in the past few years, decide to sign peace treaty with the Kingdom of Scandinavia and begins the task of restructuring their entire land. Japan refuses East Asian ultimatum, sparking a Chinese-led invasion. The Atlantic Federation tries to intervene at the request of the UN and Japan but arrives too late to help. Numerous Japanese refugees flee to an island archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, striving to rebuild their lost nation there. GSA collapses under financial burdens, bringing an end to the colonisation program. Pakistani forces launch nuclear warheads at India, with Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai becoming ground zero while simultaneous counterassaults causes India to lose half of its territory by the end of the year.

2055 Russian Hegemony declares the formation of the Eurasian Federation, a superstate consisting of the former Hegemony, EU, Central Asia and Middle East, making it equal in power to the Atlantic Federation. Union of East Asia pacifies Japan and forms the Republic of East Asia to stave off Eurasian ambitions. UN intervenes in Indo-Pakistan conflict, compelling the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations to send peacekeeping forces. India decides to join the Equatorial Union, taking a leading role. Pakistan, defying the peacekeeping troops, forces the Eurasian Federation to annex it. The chaos in Africa subsides, with the South African Union formed in the south under the auspices and aid of the Atlantic Federation while Northern Africa evolves into a lose confederation of tribes and nations.

2058 UN declares an end to the global conflict and names the era the Reconstruction War. UN also announces the adoption of a new calendar, the Cosmic Era calendar system, effective next year. Lunar Cities petition to enter the UN, which is accepted. Lunar cities become protectorates of the UN. ES Titan passes Jupiter. The Japanese refugees band together and form the Orb Union, declaring neutrality and adopting a pacifist constitution.

C.E. 0001 Construction of the space station Yggdrasil, which had been interrupted by the global war, resumes at L1. be continued......

So there you have it, the prelude to the Cocmic Era, the events that lead to the formation of Earth's superstates, events on the Moon, mankind's colonisation of the Solar System and the first of my Cosmic Era Master Timeline. I'll continue with the next part later.
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Post by Antares » Sat Feb 24, 2007 6:50 am

Hum, I'd say that your timeline is a wee bit too pressed, given how astronomically slow changes like these tend to be. And what is this about the Finns getting the shaft (again) from the Russkies, and then crushed 2 times after that? I call foul on that assumption! :wink:
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Post by Ravager » Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:26 am

Exactly which events are too pressed? I want to know so that i might rethink...

Anyways, i wanted to give the Scandinavians their whole Danelaw, but my work is half-CE canon,a nd according to the map of CE's Earth, Finland falls under the Eurasian Federation, so i had no choice but set things up this way. Also,the space colonisation part is all my work to set things up for the future, so bear with me...
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Post by Ravager » Sun Feb 25, 2007 2:28 am

And to continue....

C.E. 0003 The terraforming equipment aboard Zephyria malfunctions, causing Zephyria to be the only settlement on Mars to have Earth-like living conditions. This causes resentment among Australialis and Olympus.

0004 George Glenn is nominated for a Nobel Prize. Militarization of the Moon. Endymion, suffering from neglect, is converted by the Atlantic Federation into a military outpost.

0005 George Glenn enlists in the Atlantic Federation military. ES Titan reaches Saturn and the vicinity of the moon of Titan, engines nearly out of fuel. As such, it is pulled by Titan's gravity and the navigation computer makes an emergency touchdown at the Mernva crater. The colonists are thawed out of cryogenic sleep and are shocked at landing at a totally different destination. Fortunately, the considerable terraforming equipment aboard the Titan is activated. The terraforming of Titan begins in earnest, with the colonists initially put back into cryogenic sleep until sufficient territory has been terraformed.

0009 The space colony plan is restarted by a revitalized UN. UN restructured, with its constitution rewritten to accommodate the new superstates as member nations. Industrial and economic boom at the lunar cities as more and more people migrate to the moon and demand for zero-gravity manufactured products grow. George Glenn becomes an employee of the Atlantic Federation's Federal Aeronautics and Space Administration (FASA). The Atlantic Federation establishes the Federal Space Force (FSF), thus creating the first space-going navy as well as setting off another arms race. The Eurasian Federation and Republic of East Asia follow suit, announcing their own space armed forces, but lack of any staging bases mean their space navies are only empty shells compared to the FSF. Manuel Facio rises to power and accepted as the leader of Australialis and Olympus. Thanks to the efforts of the UN, every superstate on Earth officially adopts the CE calendar as the standard calendar.

0011 Space Station Yggdrasil completed and separated into military and civilian-use sections. Eurasian and East Asian Space Forces based from Yggdrasil after much lobbying in the UN Security Council. FSF rushes to develop space-oriented warships and fighters but lack of experience forces the development process to proceed slowly. Heavy militarization at Australialis and Olympus.

0012 FASA launches a Jupiter exploration project and announces the development of the exploration ship Tsiolkovsky. George Glenn is to be the ship's chief designer, and the space station Yggdrasil will serve as the ship's construction site. UN states backing for the project and provides half the funds.

0015 The exploration ship Tsiolkovsky is completed. George Glenn's Confession. As George Glenn departs for Jupiter aboard the Tsiolkovsky, he reveals the existence of Coordinators, and releases the necessary genetic engineering techniques to the world. Blue Cosmos, a front of the centuries-old manipulation group LOGOS, Military-Industrial Conglomerate and The Merchants of Death, declares itself adamantly opposed to Coordinator technology.

0016 An international conference is held to discuss the Coordinator controversy. A protocol on genetic modification is adopted, totally prohibiting the manipulation of human genes. Nonetheless, some wealthy individuals secretly have their children turned into Coordinators.

0017 A hospital in Chicago which has been secretly creating Coordinators is set ablaze. Blue Cosmos is rumored to have been involved. Railgun technology is improved upon. Construction of the Porta Panama mass driver begins in Central America, a joint project between the Atlantic Federation and the USSA.

0019 Breakthrough in Atlantic Federation space development. First successful military-use engines and thrusters developed.

0021 Construction of the Habilis mass driver begins on the shore of Lake Victoria by the South African Union backed by the Eurasian Federation. Hermes space fighter prototype begun.

0023 Patrick Zala secretly born in the Atlantic Federation. Completion of Hermes prototype. Testing begins at Endymion.

0025 After 14 years of militarization, Manuel Facio issues an ultimatum demanding Vulcan and Zephyria join his vision of a Martian sovereign state. Ultimatum rejected immediately. Manuel Facio unleashes massive forces, overwhelming the surprised colonies. Vulcan falls after 9 months of resistance. Traders from Utopia reach Zephyria for the first time, providing supplies to Zephyria. Zephyria comes under siege and only manages to hold out thanks to an advance warning by Vulcan, however its small militia can do little more than defend the colony. Hermes prototype encounters difficulties in testing, prompting renewed efforts to improve upon it.

0029 George Glenn returns to Jupiter with Evidence 01. The fossil is taken to the recently-built Zodiac Research Colony at L5 for detailed examination. Final holdout of Zephyrians eliminated. Utopian traders captured while Manuel Facio orders the extermination of 40% of each conquered colony's inhabitants. Resistance formed in Vulcan and Zephyria in the aftermath. Manuel Facio takes an interest in the location of Utopia, seeking to bring this last colony under his reign. Remnants of Zephyria militia either joins the resistance or flees to Utopia.

0030 The world's religious authorities gather at the Palestine Conference, but are unable to reach any conclusions, and their influence begins to wane. Tolerance for Coordinators spread throughout the world, and the first Coordinator boom begins. The space industry heats up, and construction of numerous space colonies begins at L4. The Orb Union begins construction of the Kaguya mass driver and the resource satellite Heliopolis.

0031 The restrictions on George Glenn are lifted, and he begins examining Evidence 01 at Zodiac. The colony's extraterrestrial research organization expands into a huge research facility. After much interrogation, Manuel Facio discovers the location of Utopia, immediately sending an expeditionary force to assault the colony. Utopia refuses to activate any armed forces, clinging to its pacifist nature and attempting to resolve this conflict through negotiation. Hermes approved for combat testing and evaluation.

0032 Expeditionary force reaches Utopia, taking the colony in 2 weeks without any resistance. Rape of Utopia. The soldiers engage in wanton slaughter and rape of Utopian citizens as well as bouts of looting, plundering and pillaging under their commander, a young Colonel Derius. Soon after, Zephyrian militia remnants and many Utopian citizens band together to form the Utopian resistance. 50% of Titan successfully terraformed. ES Titan's navigation computer reawakes the colonists. Settlement of Circus Maximus formed around the ES Titan on Mernva Crater, now a fertile valley and plain surrounded by the Encircling Mountains.

0033 Careful checking of Utopia's records by Manuel Facio's forces reveal the existence of the ES Titan. Manuel Facio launches numerous scout parties to find the Titan, but to no avail. Creation of the Mars Territorial Army and the Sovereign Nation of Mars, in actuality a loose collection of colonies, with Manuel Facio as Captain-General of The Nation. The ambitious Captain-General kick-starts a military space program. Eurasian Federation scientists perfect miniaturized railgun technology, mounting the new railguns on tanks. Colonists on Titan venture further,creating the settlements of Aaru, Atzlan and Hotei Arcus. Hermes passes all tests and certified combat-ready. The Atlantic Federation Armed Forces High Command approves secret mass-production of the Hermes.

0035 After 2 years of fruitless searching, Manuel Facio abandons the search for Titan. The space program encounters many difficulties. The Atlantic Federation establishes a lunar base in the Ptolemaus Crater, drawing international condemnation and unveiling its first series of Hermes mobile armors. Earth's major powers begin a space arms race, and the Eurasian Federation begins the construction of Artemis.

0037 UN announces expedition to Mars to reconnect with the previous expeditions, with Tsiolkovsky as the expeditionary ship.

0038 The Zodiac Research Colony is further expanded. George Glenn announces his concept for a new type of space colony, and construction of these new space colonies begins. This project is funded by the Atlantic Federation, Eurasian Federation and the Republic of East Asia and the new L5 colony cluster is to be managed by representatives of these nations appointed by the UN.

0039 Tsiolkovsky launched to Mars.

0040 The first generation of Coordinators born in secrecy, reach maturity and begin to excel in every scientific, athletic and artistic field. The differences between Coordinators and Naturals thus become very clear, and critical voices emerge.

0041 Marriages among first-generation Coordinators produce a pure-bred second generation, who soon prove to have inherited their parents' abilities. Muruta Azrael born in the Atlantic Federation.

0042 Tsiolkovsky reaches Mars. Martian armed forces mistake it as a hostile ship, shooting it down and capturing the surviving crew. Martian people learn of many revelations from the crewmen, especially the existence of Coordinators. Manuel Facio,seeking to elevate himself further, finishes construction of a large communications relay, establishing contact between Earth and Mars for the first time.

0043 Patrick Zala and Siegel Clyne, participating in the construction of new colonies at L5, meet for the first time. 70% of Titan has been terraformed, contrasting significantly with the poor state of Mars. Resistance on Mars intensifies activity, severely disrupting army bases at Zephyria. Brutal crackdown on inhabitants ensue.

0044 The first ten space colonies (later known as Aprilius City) of the new L5 Cluster are completed. These colonies, dubbed PLANTs, are intended as large-scale production sites. The one thing they don't make is food, which the PLANTs are strictly prohibited from producing and must be imported entirely from Earth. Mars and Earth representatives communicate for the first time. An agreement is made, whereby Mars recognizes the UN and
member states' superiority while in turn they receive numerous military aid to "suppress terrorists, bandits, raiders and pirates".

0045 The estimated Coordinator population now reaches ten million. Anti-Coordinator organizations begin to carry out acts of terrorism against the PLANTs. Since they have no political autonomy and are thoroughly demilitarized, the PLANTs are unable to defend themselves, and the Coordinators working in the PLANTs become increasingly dissatisfied.

0046 Al La Flaga visits the Mendel Colony at L4. He commissions Dr.
Ulen Hibiki to create a clone of himself. Rau La Flaga is born later this year.

0048 Manuel Facio places Zephyria, Utopia and Vulcan under martial law in response to heavy resistance activity. He spends vast resources on modernizing the army as well as constantly improving Olympus and Australialis. He attempts to curry favor with the nations of Earth.

0050 In order to obtain autonomy and trading independence for the PLANTs, Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala form the political organization known as the Zodiac Alliance. They begin working on abolishing food production restrictions and secure self-defense rights for the PLANTs, but their efforts are suppressed by the sponsor nations, forcing them to go underground.

0052 Orga Sabnak, Shani Andras, Clotho Buer and Christopher Davion born.

0053 George Glenn assassinated by Blue Cosmos terrorists. A PLANT Supreme Council is formed, made up of representatives from each of the PLANT Cities.

0054 Titanians, feeling confident about exploring more of the frontiers, establish a second major settlement on Sinlap Crater. Major malfunctioning of terraforming equipment halts terraforming process, with 75% of Titan becoming inhabitable while the remainder is covered with methane seas. The Type S Influenza mutates, rendering existing vaccines useless, and a Type S2 Influenza outbreak begins. Rumors spread that Coordinators engineered this virus to exterminate all Naturals and to avenge George Glenn.

0055 Religious authorities claim that the Type S2 Influenza outbreak is a divine punishment, and public opinion once again turns against genetic modification. Torino Protocol adopted, banning all genetic modification on Earth. Anti-Coordinator sentiment intensifies among Naturals. As the damage caused by the Type S2 influenza mounts, riots break out. Blue Cosmos attack the Garm R&D facility at Mendel Colony. Via Hibiki entrusts her children Kira and Cagalli to the care of her sister and brother-in-law, Caridad and Haruma Yamato. A Type S2 influenza vaccine is successfully developed in the PLANTs, and delivery of the vaccine to Earth's surface begins. Nonetheless, anti-Coordinator sentiments remain strong and Coordinators remaining on Earth begin leaving for space. The FSF constructs a fleet of mobile armor carriers,the Marseille-II Class.

0056 The 3 future EAF druggie trio and Christopher Davion admitted
into an orphanage in Lucerne, Switzerland and meet for the first time.

0057 The space forces of the Atlantic Federation, Eurasian Federation
and Republic of East Asia establish a military presence in PLANT airspace. This combined military force is the predecessor to the Earth Alliance Forces.

0058 Titanians reach the technological level of 1940s-Earth. Formation of the Junk Guild by ex-illegal scavengers. Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala are elected to the PLANT Supreme Council. Meanwhile, their Zodiac Alliance remains active and attracts more sympathizers. Uzumi Nara Athha becomes chief representative of the Orb Union. The Orb Union begins construction of the orbital elevator Ame-no-Mihashira.

0060 The PLANTs become major sources of Earth's manufactured goods. The sponsor nations continue to reap ever greater benefits and impose even heavier quotas on the PLANTs. Mean-while, other nations grow increasingly resentful of the sponsor nations' monopoly benefits. FSF phases out Marseille-II-Class carriers, selling existing units to other navies and Mars. Marseille-III Class and Moebius mobile armors introduced as second-generation FSF spacecraft. Eurasian scientists begin to explore a rare breed of humans who have high spatial awareness, coining these humans Newtypes. Their research is backed by the Eurasian military and government.

0061 After surviving a terror attack by an anti-Coordinator organization within the PLANTs, Patrick Zala sends his son Athrun to attend a preparatory school at Copernicus. Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala meet for the first time.

0062 As part of its Biological CPU/ Extended program to counter Coordinators, Blue Cosmos kidnaps children from all around the world, among them Orga Sabnak, Shani Andras and Clotho Buer from the Lucerne Orphanage.

0063 The PLANTs' energy production department is destroyed by Blue Cosmos terrorism. The PLANT Supreme Council proposes a temporary suspension on exports, but the sponsor nations reject the suggestion, sending the PLANTs into a severe energy crisis. When the PLANTs' engineers carry out a coordinated sabotage campaign, the sponsor nations respond by threatening the PLANTs with their vast space fleets. Within the PLANTs, calls for autonomy grow louder. Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala become leaders of a supreme council faction which seeks independence from the sponsor nations. Research into the military application of mobile suits begin.

0065 The first prototype military mobile suit is built and tested. Upon finding success, ways are devised to secretly mass-produce the mobile suit. The Zodiac Alliance steps up its activities and attract more sympathizers, changing its name into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT).

0067 The GINN, the first fully functional military mobile suit, is completed. A section of Maius City is secretly converted and begins construction of GINNs. The Eurasian Federation modernizes and expands its armored corps, replacing aging models with huge numbers of linear tanks. ZAFT designers also start working on new classes of warships to support its mobile suits in battle. Christopher Davion runs away from the Orphanage and enrols in the Ecole Militaire at Paris.

0068 Siegel Clyne is elected Chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council. The PLANT Supreme Council, now dominated by members of ZAFT, votes to make autonomy and trading independence its highest priorities. The sponsor nations respond with a show of armed force, but the PLANTs carry out a military expansion of their own, and a standoff ensues. Blue Cosmos grows in strength. Its ranks expand to the hundreds of thousands, and persecution of Coordinators remaining on Earth intensifies. As a result most Coordinators either emigrate to the PLANTs, the L4 Colony Cluster or Mars, with the remainder living in small pockets or finding refuge in Orb. Chairman Clyne makes secret arrangements to exchange imports of food and exports of manufactured goods with the Oceania Union and the USSA. Learning of these arrangements, the sponsor nations demand the dismissal of Chairman Clyne, the dissolution of the PLANT Supreme Council, and the complete renunciation of autonomy for the PLANTs. In response to the Mandelbrot Incident, ZAFT is reorganized under Patrick Zala's leadership, and combined with the PLANTs' domestic security operations to become a military organization equipped with mobile suits. A biohazard breaks out inside Colony Mendel. Numerous casualties ensue, and the colony is abandoned, then sterilized with a massive bombardment of X-rays. The involvement of Blue Cosmos is rumored. Patrick Zala calls Athrun back from Copernicus. Due to the deteriorating situation, the Yamato family also leaves Copernicus, and relocates to Heliopolis. All eyes are now on the escalating situation between the PLANTs and the sponsor nations.

This installment ends in a cliffhanger. Enjoy! be continued......
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Post by Antares » Sun Feb 25, 2007 2:03 pm

Well your whole timespan for the first timeline is what, 25 years, and then we're already in CE? For example only 3 years in between lunar colony expeditions really call for an explanation, given how often we even today get shuttle launches (as in: not very). That is a little pressed. The two first entries are a bit confusing as well, if you have an oil crisis in 2015, the only way it could be solved within two years (you do say only partially, I note) is also kind of curious.

It's not necessarily too pressed as such, but if you could give a bit more background as to what for example solved the oil crisis and what was its cause, it would be easier to understand. When you give it in the context of global warming, I first assumed you meant oil crisis as in the depletion of fossil fuels (which would be plausible if you argued that the reserves expected to be found turned out to be much smaller than anticipated).

If you added a few years here and there, you wouldn't need to give as much background because we can better accept that new technology has arrived that will facilitate the change, but shortening changes that have so far taken sometimes even a decade into a fifth of that time seems a bit rushed.

On the new timeline, the Yggradsil's construction schedule (ten years or so) is already more plausible. Also I kinda liked the 0030 religious confrence, which is very interesting given how little religion is referred to in CE to my knowledge. Very interesting, although generally speaking still a bit pressed. Then again, the GundamOfficial is also progressing quickly and the tech advances in CE has always been a bit.. hasty. :P
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Post by Ravager » Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:12 pm

I originally wanted to give the AD calendar thing many more years in between, but i did this because they could solve those crises quickly given that it's a global thing where every nation has to work together instead of what you get now where a nation does it in groups or by its own. So, if it's done by everyone the problem's going to be resolved quicker. And anyways, the technology in the closing years of the AD calendar is much much more advanced than what it is now because that's the time where they start to use quantum computers which is at least dozens of times faster than the supercomputers of today. So is it more believable now?

As for the lunar expeditions, 2 years per expedition isn't that far a stretch. I mean, the Apollo programs took place roughly in 4 year spans? And that's quite primitive compared to the end of the AD calendar... hope these explanations satisfy you. Personally,my favourite parts were the wars that caused the formation of the superstates, especially the parts of the European Union, Kingdom of Scandinavia and the Russian Hegemony
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Post by Antares » Mon Feb 26, 2007 2:52 pm

Weeeeeeeell... but think of this way, you don't have to please me. :wink: Just do it so that you enjoy doing it. Anyone else is just a plus.

The superstates interest me as well, given how fractured e.g. the EU truly is today. It would really take something massive to make all members pull together instead of pulling apart. On the Kingdom of Scandinavia, I think it was said in GundamOfficial that it includes Finland although it is not a part of Scandinavia. Could it be Eurasia then, I wonder... :)
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Post by Ravager » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:40 pm

My geographical knowledge of Scandinavia isn't that good,but i'm sure Finland is a part of the Federation in this map: ... /maps.html

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Post by Cardi Doorl » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:46 pm

Finland, in its entirety, is clearly in Scandinavia according to that map.
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And we now reach the actual events that become the catalyst of the First Bloody Valentine War:

C.E. 0069 Chairman Clyne orders PLANTs Seven through Ten of Junius City remodeled for agricultural production. The sponsor nations, determined to prevent this, begin intimidation maneuvers. At this point ZAFT and its mobile suit forces make their combat debut, overwhelming Earth's mobile armors and driving the forces of the sponsor nations out of PLANT airspace. Captain Halberton of the Atlantic Federation's 4th Fleet (later Earth Alliance 8th Fleet) recognizes the mobile suit's effectiveness in space combat, and proposes the development of the "G Series". Halberton's proposal is rejected by his superiors, but several of them provide assistance so that the project can proceed in secrecy. Chairman Clyne issues demands for complete autonomy and trade equality to the sponsor nations. The PLANTs promise to halt resource exports to Earth should no response arrive in January 1 of the following year. Sponsor nations roll out several new warship designs to replace their fleets of Marseille-IIIs, the Drake-Class Destroyer, Nelson-Class Battleship and Agamemnon-Class Carrier/ Flagship. The first Laurasia-Class warship enters active duty, while Patrick Zala orders mass-production of these warships. The Atlantic Federation rolls out prototype Moebius Zeros for use by pilots with "unexplained special abilities". Christopher Davion meets Melissa Winters and Tanya DeLaurel for the first time.

9.1 Kira Yamato enrolls in the Heliopolis Technical College.

0070 (1.1) As they meet with representatives of the sponsor nations, PLANT Supreme Council members are targeted by a terrorist attack, killing one council member. Blue Cosmos claims responsibility, but when it becomes clear that the sponsor nations were behind the attack, the PLANTs halt all resource exports. The sponsor nations are rendered near-destitute due to their dependence on the PLANTs for all such production.

2.5 The Tragedy of Copernicus. At the urging of the Secretary-General of The United Nations, negotiations take place at Copernicus. A terrorist bombing claims the lives of the representatives of the sponsor nations, the Secretary-General, and the rest of the UN leadership. Chairman Clyne, representative of the PLANTs, escapes the bombing due to a shuttle malfunction.

2.7 The Alaska Declaration. After secret negotiations with the other sponsor nations, the Atlantic Federation declares the establishment of the Earth Alliance. Manuel Facio, keeping abreast of the developments, are courted by both sides to ally with one of them. The Earth Alliance Forces, otherwise known as OMNI Enforcer, is officially formed, integrating all armed forces of the sponsor nations, but Blue Cosmos manages to heavily infiltrate the Atlantic Federation branch of the EAF. Many new brigades and squadrons are formed as the sponsor nations proceed on a war footing, with one such unit the 10th Aerospace Squadron. All existing Moebius Zeros are merged into a single elite corps in preparation for major space combat. All students at the Ecole Militaire are immediately activated and pressed into OMNI Enforcer. Christopher Davion, Melissa Winters and Tanya DeLaurel assigned to the 10th AS.

2.8 Representative Athha announces that the Orb Union will remain neutral and independent. The Equatorial Union follows suit. EAF High Command designates Ptolemaus Lunar Base as the primary EAF base in space, while the former Atlantic Federation fortress-complex of Alaska is designated primary EAF base on Earth, renamed JOSH-A. 10th AS assigned to training exercises at the Balearic Islands.

2.11 The Earth Alliance declares war against the PLANTs, and an invasion force sets out from Ptolemaus Lunar Base. Blue Cosmos loyalists in the military secretly load a nuclear missile aboard the Marseille-III Carrier Roosevelt. Manuel Facio declares neutrality on behalf of Mars, but secretly pledges his support to Blue Cosmos.

2.14 The Bloody Valentine. ZAFT forces repel the Earth Alliance attack, but Blue Cosmos agents use the diversion to nuke the colony of Junius Seven, causing 243,721 people to lose their lives, including Athrun's mother, Lenore Zala.

2.18 At a national memorial for the Junius Seven victims, Siegel Clyne swears to resist the Earth Alliance to the very end, and offers to give trading preference to nations who decline to join the Alliance. The Oceania Union and the USSA accept Clyne's offer.

2.19 Earth Alliance forces launch an armed invasion of the USSA, seizing the Panama spaceport and annexing the entire continent by force. Ed Harrelson, formerly of the USSA armed forces, is conscripted into OMNI Enforcer.

2.20 Condemning the Alliance's invasion and annexation of Central and South America, the Oceania Union declares its total support for the PLANTs. The Alliance responds by declaring war on the Oceania Union as well, prepping the entire Pacific Fleet to begin invading the Union.

2.21 Athrun Zala and Yzak Joule enlist in ZAFT.

2.22 A battle begins at the space station Yggdrasil, as the EAF seeks to deny ZAFT potential control of orbiting Earth space. EAF 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fleets committed to this fierce battle, while ZAFT deploys experimental Neutron Jammers for the first time. ZAFT takes heavy casualties due to many inexperienced soldiers and crew piloting and crewing its forces. Yggdrasil itself ultimately collapses after taking sustained hits from both sides of the battle, with its ruins eventually drifting to the debris belt. Rau Le Creuset awarded the Order of The Nebula for his accomplishments in a GINN High Maneuver Prototype. ZAFT designers begin designing a new type of warship to serve as fast command ships.

3.8 ZAFT forces begin an invasion of Earth, with the Victoria spaceport as their target. However, unoptimized mobile suits and inexperienced pilots lead to the annihilation of the ZAFT force.

3.15 Assessing the failures of the Victoria attack, the PLANT Supreme Council decide on an equatorial campaign dubbed Operation Uroboros.

4.1 The April Fool Crisis. ZAFT commits two-thirds of its space fleet to Earth orbit, scattering N-Jammers across the surface of the Earth Alliance nations, plunging them into a severe energy crisis.

4.2 The Battle of Carpentaria. In the second phase of Operation Uroboros, ZAFT drops the disassembled components of a military base from orbit to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Within 48 hours, the foundations of the Carpentaria Base have been laid. The Earth Alliance's Pacific Fleet attempt to engage the ZAFT forces, but surprise orbital drops drive the landing fleet back.

4.17 The First Battle of Jachin Due. The Earth Alliance's 5th and 6th Fleets set off from lunar orbit to attack the PLANT homeland, but are intercepted by ZAFT forces in the vicinity of the resource satellite Jachin Due. EAF driven back after taking heavy casualties.

5.3 ZAFT High Command opens a second front, beginning a major offensive whose ultimate target is the Ptolemaus Lunar Base. A ZAFT Base is established in the Lorentz Crater, and the moon is divided along what becomes known as the Grimaldi Front.

5.20 The Carpentaria Base is completed, and the first aerial mobile suit, the DINN, makes it debut, destroying an EA naval flotilla near New Zealand.

5.22 ZAFT's campaign to capture terrestrial bases begins in earnest, starting the final phase of Operation Uroboros. Using the Carpentaria Base as a staging area, ZAFT's submarine carrier fleet invades the Mediterranean region.

5.25 The First Casablanca Sea Battle. The Earth Alliance's Mediterranean Fleet engages ZAFT's fleet in a naval battle near Casablanca. The victorious ZAFT forces then enter the Mediterranean and begin advancing southward into Africa. Construction of the Gibraltar Base begins. 10th AS attempt to defend the Balearic Islands, but are overwhelmed and retreat with 75% casualties engaging the Chirac Team. In the aftermath of this battle and the Battle of Carpentaria, the EAF forms the Naval Research and Development Department to find ways to deny ZAFT dominance of the seas. Jane Houston voluntarily quits active-combat service to join the NRDD.

5.28 10th AS redesignated as the Eurasian Federation 10th Special Operations Team with new personnel and transferred to the Eurasian Federation's secret Schwartzwald Base for cross-training and refit. Abraham Law, Sieghart Kell, Zero Socius, Two Socius and Ten Socius assigned to the 10th SOT.

5.30 The Suez Battle. ZAFT ground forces defeat a massive Earth Alliance tank corps at El Alamein. Andrew Waltfeld earns the nickname of "Desert Tiger" after his exploits in this battle. The ZAFT forces begin heading south, expanding their territory into Africa. Outpost 1-1 established in the Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, bridging the gap between Gibraltar and Banadiya, ZAFT's easternmost hold.

6.2 The final battle of the Grimaldi Front takes place at the Earth Alliance Endymion military/resource base.The Alliance loses almost the entirety of its 3rd Fleet, but is able to use the Cyclops System to wipe out 90% of ZAFT's forces. Many Alliance forces are sacrificed in the process, but a counterassault mounted from Ptolemaus crumbles ZAFT's defense, capturing and looting the Lorentz Base before abandoning it. The PLANT Supreme Council issues an order for all ZAFT forces to abandon the Moon. The EAF establishes a second lunar base at Arzachel to replace Endymion.

6.14 At L4, fighting begins around the Republic of East Asian-controlled resource satellite Nova. Skirmishes continue for almost a month, with neither side carrying out a decisive strike, and many of the space colonies of the L4 Cluster are destroyed in the fighting.

6.29 Charles Kane, Samantha McKenna and Khalid Tamzarian reassigned to the 10th SOT from the Moebius Zero Corps.

7.12 The EAF High Command, decides to focus on defending the Moon and the Earth, thus abandoning Nova. Both sides cease major military operations to rebuild their forces, and although small skirmishes and raiding continue throughout Earth and space, the overall war enters a stalemate. The mobile suit development project proposed by Commodore Halberton, now commander of the newly-formed Earth Alliance 8th Fleet, is reexamined as a means of breaking the deadlock. With the assistance of Morgenroete, development of the G Series and the mobile suit carrier Archangel begins in earnest at Heliopolis. Eurasian Federation spies learn of the existence of the G Project and notify Eurasian High Command. The ultimate goal of the G Project is to enable the Earth Alliance to produce viable mass-production mobile suits to counter ZAFT.

8.15 After extensive infiltration and intelligence-gathering, the Eurasian Federation decides to initiate its own Hyperion Project to produce mobile suits of its own. ZAFT completes the prototype fast command ship, dubbing it the Nazca-Class.

8.31 After several trials, the Nazca-Class is deemed superior to the Laurasia-Class, and Maius Three is remodeled exclusively for Nazca-Class warship production.

9.20 Athrun Zala graduates from ZAFT's military academy. He is assigned to the Le Creuset Team along with Yzak Joule, Dearka Elsman, Nicol Amalfi, Rusty Mackenzie and ace Miguel Aiman. The Nazca-Class Vesalius is assigned to the Le Creuset Team as its flagship.

10.22 Secret discussions are arranged between Chairman Clyne and Earth Alliance Secretary-General Olbani, using the Reverend Malchio as an intermediary. Their goal is to break the stalemate, alleviate famine conditions, and find middle ground for a compromise to end the war. However, these negotiations fail to bear fruit.

11.16 After months of diplomacy, the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations sign the MacArthur-Koslov Pact, a non-aggression pact that compels the Eurasian Armed Forces to commit wholeheartedly to fighting alongside Atlantic troops as well as allow the Eurasian Federation to gain any new technologies developed by the Atlantic Federation. However, this pact is not strictly enforced until much later.

11.31 After six months of intense cross-training, the 10th SOT is reassigned to Kaohsiung to protect one of the Alliance's mass driver facilities from falling to ZAFT.

12.19 Construction of the GAT-X series mobile suits and the Archangel completed alongside Orb's Astray prototypes. Researchers immediately start work on the Long Dagger in an attempt to create a mass-produced version of the Duel. The Atlantic Federation shares the beam rifle, saber, anti-beam shield and a toned-down design of the Long Dagger with the Eurasian Federation, which immediately starts very limited production of these new technologies at factories in the Ural Mountains.

12.31 The first batch of Strike Dagger Experimental Types, as these mobile suits would later be called, are finished and delivered to the 1st SOT at Alexandria and the 10th SOT at Kaohsiung as much as reinforcements and for evaluation and testing purposes.

... to be continued...

Wow, i never imagined chronicling just the first year of a war could be so brain-intensive and tiring! So this basically is a detailed chronology of the development projects and experiments of every faction prior and during the first year of the First Bloody Valentine War. I think you can digest everything here just by reading through it. Note also the extra coverage given to a lot of important characters in my story and from the Astrays/ MSVs. I try to incorporate the MSV characters in the timeline and even if they're not a part of my own story they get their own place in history.

I'll continue through to the 2nd year of the War later, and be sure to watch out for more surprises!

EDIT: C.E.70 May 25th now displays information about Jane Houston
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Cardi Doorl wrote:Finland, in its entirety, is clearly in Scandinavia according to that map.
Oh just great i got this fact wrong,apologies to all the finnish in this forum who's insulted that their country gets dominated by Russia again.I'll correct this error in the future of the Cosmic Era

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Oh just great i got this fact wrong,apologies to all the finnish in this forum who's insulted that their country gets dominated by Russia again.I'll correct this error in the future of the Cosmic Era
LOL no that's quite alright. My whole point was to say that in real life Finland is not considered a part of Scandinavia. But given the Nordic connection that has existed joining up with Sweden and Norway kinda makes sense. I just wondered about how the CE official timeline has thought that would go.

Ravager, you've done a great job in fleshing out the lead to the war(s) here. The flow of events is pretty consistent. One thing came to mind though: is one year enough to become a ZAFT redcoat (Yzak and Athrun enlist)? This, again, may be something already mentioned elsewhere, and I'm just asking if that is the case. Seems a bit quick, but if ZAFT wanted to field as many competent pilots as they could, then I can accept it.
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It is canon that ZAFT Redcoat status does not necessarily applies to ace pilots. Anybody who graduates at the top of the class in academy or has connections to high-up automatically gets redcoat status. For example:

Athrun Zala, Yzak Joule, Nicol Amalfi, and Dearka Elsman all have parents who are PLANT Supreme Council Members, so it could be that some of them were not top of their class but got redcoat status anyways. Other examples are Miguel Aiman, who although an ace is not a redcoat and also Dearka again, who gets demoted from Redcoat during GSD even though he is considered an ace with big guns.

Actually, i should list Bandai's English Gundam Official Site as a partial source. This timeline is half-canon, i stress that i try to make it as realistic as possible and tie-in plots from the anime, mangas, MSVs and my own story. What you read about Ed Harrelson,Jane Houston and other official characters are quite correct but the dates are not correct since i have no source on that.

I must also thank everyone who has taken their time to browse through this thread, and especially you, Antares, for your continued feedback and reactions. I really hate having to do a monologue in my first try on a fanfiction. I suck at making frankens of my own mecha and also suck at writing detailed stories like your own Seed fiction so i decided that writing my story in a timeline-format would be the best. There's lots and lots to come though, i promise everyone!
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The war rages on... as the tides keep changing between ZAFT and the EAF...

CE 0071 (1.15) Activity in the Pacific Theater increases. ZAFT attacks the Kaohsiung Spaceport. 10th SOT makes its combat debut in the suburbs of Kaohsiung City. Combat debut of the Earth Alliance's Dagger-type mobile suits.

1.19 After four days of combat, ZAFT is unable to make headway, sustaining unexpected heavy casualties against the unknown 10th SOT. Orbital drops are requested as 10th SOT captures several ZAFT mobile suits. Two Socius earns the nickname "Impaler" in this battle.

1.20 Five GAT-X series mobile suits and the Archangel is secretly rolled out at Heliopolis.

1.23 The Kaohsiung Spaceport falls to ZAFT drop squadrons. 10th SOT, still fighting in the outskirts of Kaohsiung City, makes its own withdrawal by air to the EF's Kamchatka Base.

1.24 The Le Creuset Team investigates reports of a new Earth Alliance resource satellite under construction at L3. However, the information proves faulty and no combat ensues. On their way back, they obtain information on the G-Project from a spy who has infiltrated Heliopolis.

1.25 The Le Creuset Team enters Heliopolis to capture the Earth Alliance mobile suits. Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala meet again. (Seed Phase-01, 02) Roughly six hours later, Heliopolis collapses, and the Archangel begins a silent run to evade the Le Creuset Team's pursuit. (Seed Phase-03, 04, 05)

1.27 The Archangel docks at the satellite Artemis and is seized by the Eurasian Federation. (Seed Phase-06) Nevertheless, following Archangel's escape, Artemis communicates the news to Ptolemaus, which dispatches the 8th Fleet to rendezvous with Archangel.

1.29 Now that the G-Project is no longer secret, the Atlantic Federation offers plans of the GAT-X series mobile suits, the Archangel, Skygrasper and the Long Dagger to the Eurasian Federation. However, scarce availability of resources causes the Eurasian Federation to incorporate these into the Hyperion Project, deemed of higher priority.

2.2 Lacus Clyne accompanies a memorial delegation sent to inspect the ruins of Junius Seven, to mark the one year anniversary of the Bloody Valentine Tragedy. Her vessel, the Silverwind, comes under attack by an Earth Alliance patrol.

2.3 Athrun reports to the PLANT Supreme Council, while Kira rescues Lacus in the debris belt. (Seed Phase-07) In the wake of this startling revelation, Patrick Zala commissions ZAFT to start development on a series of successor machines based on the GAT-X series mobile suits. Several CGUE units are converted to CGUE DEEP Arms to field-test mobile suit-sized beam weaponry.

2.6 The Archangel receives a signal from the 8th Fleet advance force. (Seed Phase-08)

2.7 The Archangel attempts to rendezvous with the 8th Fleet advance force, but the advance force is wiped out by the Le Creuset Team. (Seed Phase-09)

2.8 Kira hands Lacus over to Athrun. (Seed Phase-10)

2.11 Just before its rendezvous with the 8th Fleet, the Archangel battles 3 GAT-X machines. (Seed Phase-11)

2.12 After evaluation of the Strike's combat performance by Eurasian agents and the feedback of the Artemis garrison, the Eurasian High Command orders the immediate and fast construction of the GAT-X machines. However, problems with manufacturing capacities forces Rheinmetall Heavy Industries to focus only on the Strike while the other 4 machines are left half-finished. The Duel frame is converted to become a customized Long Dagger while the Buster frame is merged with a Dagger frame, the brainchild of Rheinmetall technicians, becoming another Dagger variation, the Buster Dagger. Rheinmetall also devotes a manufacturing wing to the production of aircraft, mobile armors and Striker Packs.

2.13 Flay Allster, Sai Argyle, Tolle Koenig, Miriallia Haw, Kuzzey Buskirk and Kira Yamato formally enlist in the EAF. Two Skygrasper units are assigned to the Archangel. (Seed Phase-12) The Archangel attempts to descend to Earth, but comes under attack from the Le Creuset Team. The 8th Fleet is annihilated in the following battle. (Seed Phase-13) The Second Battle of Victoria. After reinforcing its African Front, ZAFT captures the Victoria spaceport.

2.14 A Bloody Valentine memorial ceremony is held in the PLANTs. News of Victoria's fall is greatly celebrated. Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman land at the Gibraltar Base. (Seed Phase-15) Alarmed by the loss of Victoria, the Eurasian High Command designates 1st SOT as the priority African front unit while 10th SOT is designated priority unit of Rheinmetall Heavy Industries.

2.15 Andrew Waltfeld's forces attack the Archangel. The Archangel joins forces with the Desert Dawn resistance group, while Kira meets Cagalli once again. (Seed Phase-16)

2.16 The town of Tassil is destroyed by the Waltfeld Team. Desert Dawn pursues the Waltfeld Team, sustaining numerous casualties. (Seed Phase-17)

2.20 Kira Yamato and Cagalli meet Andrew Waltfeld in Banadiya. (Seed Phase-19)

2.22 Athrun visits the Clyne Residence. (Seed Phase-20)

2.26 Yzak and Dearka join forces with the Waltfeld Team. (Seed Phase-21)

2.28 The Waltfeld Team is wiped out in battle with the Archangel. (Seed Phase-22)

3.1 Rheinmetall completes the 3 GAT-X units. The 3 units as well as the 2 uncompleted frames with a cadre of technicians and an observer from the Eurasian High Command, Major Archer Christifori, are sent to the 10th SOT, which is transported to Alexandria. The 10th SOT also receives orders to capture the strategic Outpost 1-1 in the Kasserine Pass so that the EAF can gain a foothold farther west in the African Front. More experimental mobile suits are sent to the 10th SOT the next day as well as the attachment of the 1st Mobile Support Squadron to the unit, consisting of 6 Skygrasper units under Captain Vanessa Kozyrev. Alice Vander, Dereck Hasbani and Natasha Rostov assigned to the 10th SOT.

3.3 The Archangel escapes into the Red Sea. The ship is attacked by the Morassim Team in the Gulf of Aden. (Seed Phase-22)

3.4 10th SOT deploys Strike Unit 02 for evaluation purposes at Outpost 1-1. (Gundam Evolve-08) After success, the rest of 10th SOT follows and captures the base. The Earth Alliance 8th Army is redeployed to Outpost 1-1 while 10th SOT is transferred to Nepal for repairs and refits. 10th SOT also receives new orders to shadow and ensure the Archangel makes it safely to JOSH-A with intentions to gather more of the Archangel and Strike's combat data.

3.5 After much difficulties in producing its own unique technologies in the Hyperion Project, 2 Hyperion Units are finally rolled out at the Eurasian Federation's Rheinmetall Heavy Industries in Bremen, Germany. Rheinmetall is designated as the primary special weapons manufacturer in support of remaining SOTs while all other Eurasian Federation factories undergo heavy refit to acommodate Dagger production lines. Artemis completes the construction of Hyperion Unit 3. The Hyperion Project staff now refocus on Newtype research, searching for ways to incorporate features of the old Atlantic Moebius Zeros into a mobile suit. Rheinmetall also secretly starts constructing the Archangel-Class Seraphim after receiving permission to serve as 10th SOT's mothership. Rheinmetall is under observation by ZAFT recon units, who spot the Hyperion Units and notify Gibraltar Base. Eurasian Federation Special Operations Team X is formed and given Hyperion Unit 1.

3.6 Athrun and Nicol Amalfi land at Gibraltar, and join with Yzak and Dearka to form the Zala Team. They then begin their transfer to Carpentaria Base. (Seed Phase-23)

3.7 The Archangel battles the Morassim Team in the Indian Ocean. Cagalli goes missing, as does Athrun, whose transport plane is attacked en route to the Carpentaria Base. (Seed Phase-23) ZAFT violates the neutral Equatorial Union, attacking and seizing Penang Island in preparation of an ambush of the Archangel. The EU covertly requests help from the Alliance, which orders any nearby units to repel ZAFT from Penang Island.

3.8 Cagalli and Athrun spend the night in an uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean. (Seed Phase-24) The 10th SOT is secretly transferred to the Tarawa-Class Catherine The Great and its escorts near Langkawi Island in the Straits of Malacca, waiting for the Archangel to arrive.

3.10 The Coast Team attacks Rheinmetall in a night assault in an attempt to either capture or destroy the Hyperion Units undergoing testing. Canard Pars wipes out the entire Coast Team save its leader, Commander Mikhail Coast.

3.15 The Archangel reaches the Straits of Malacca, where it battles heavy ZAFT forces lying in wait. Due to a submarine carrier malfunction, the Zala Team arrive too late to join in the fighting, and the Archangel escapes without fatal damage. The 10th SOT mounts flanking assaults, wiping out ZAFT's Bono and Vangelis Teams and allowing the Equatorial Union troops to retake Penang. Combat debut of the Buster and Long Daggers. Dereck Hasbani earns the nickname "Blood Avatar" for his exploits in his Buster Dagger in this battle while Sieghart Kell is called "Blitzkrieg" for his daring in Strike Unit 02 in two straight battles.

3.23 The Archangel is attacked by the Zala Team just outside of the Orb Union. The ship ultimately enters Orb's territorial waters after feigning a crash landing, then docks at Onogoro Island. (Seed Phase-25)

3.25 Kira assists in the development of the M1 Astray in an underground base on Onogoro. (Seed Phase-27) Uzumi Nara Athha, foreseeing great need for a strong defense force for Orb, orders Erica Simmons to secretly head a project to develop Orb's second-generation mobile suits, the end result being what will become known in the future as the Akatsuki and its brother units, the Astray Silver and Emerald Frames.

3.28 The Zala Team infiltrates the Orb Union. (Seed Phase-28)

4.1 The PLANT Supreme Council elects Patrick Zala as its new chairman. Chairman Zala proposes Operation Spit Break, his plan to intensify Operation Uroboros, and the council approves the proposal the same day.

4.4 The 10th SOT infiltrates Morgenroete and hack into its database to determine the location of the Archangel. All data of Morgenroete's development projects are hacked into and stolen as well.

4.5 Upon further review, the Eurasian Federation ignores the Morgenroete data in favour of its own Hyperion Project, leaving the information in the 10th SOT.

4.6 The Azrael Conglomerate begins the construction of a new set of the original 5 GAT-X machines as well as the 3 second-generation machines and their mass-production versions for testing purposes.

4.14 ZAFT rolls out the Justice, Freedom and Dreadnought and starts construction of a new warship to support the new mobile suits in battle. Development on the Regenerate and Testament begins to supplement the Justice and Freedom while development begins on the GuAIZ after ZAFT decides to start replacing the aging GINN. The Neutron Jammer Canceller, just developed by Maius City, is incorporated into the experimental units.

4.15 The Archangel departs Orb, and is immediately attacked by the Zala Team. Nicol Amalfi falls in battle. (Seed Phase-29)

4.17 The Zala Team attacks the Archangel in the Marshall Islands. Tolle Koenig is KIA, Kira Yamato goes MIA,while Dearka is captured. (Seed Phase-30) The 10th SOT does not intervene for fear of discovery by the Atlantic Federation or ZAFT, but retrieves the remains of the Aegis in the aftermath as well as sending out an anonymous SOS signal to any nearby parties to retrieve the badly-injured pilot of Strike Unit 01.

4.18 Cagalli retrieves Athrun, who has drifted ashore after ejecting from his mobile suit. (Seed Phase-31)

4.21 Reverend Malchio secretly brings Kira to the Clyne Residence in Aprilius City. (Seed Phase-31)

5.1 Reverend Malchio presents Olbani's compromise plan to the PLANT Supreme Council, where it is rejected. (Seed Phase-32)

5.2 The Archangel finally arrives at JOSH-A in Alaska. Athrun is reassigned to the ZAFT Special Forces, and departs the Carpentaria Base. (Seed Phase-32)

5.4 The 10th SOT finally gets clearance from Eurasian High Command to dock at the Eurasian section of JOSH-A.

5.5 The Archangel's officers appear before an investigative hearing. (Seed Phase-33) Operation Spit Break is launched. Due to a last minute change of target, 72 hours elapse between this order and the actual start of the attack. (Seed Phase-34) The Freedom Theft Incident. Lacus Clyne gives the Freedom to Kira. (Seed Phase-34)

5.8 Mu La Flaga, Natarle Badgiruel and Flay Allster receive reassignment orders and depart the Archangel. (Seed Phase-34) ZAFT forces attack Alaska, and Operation Spit Break begins in earnest. Flay Allster is captured by Rau Le Creuset. Kira joins the battle in the Freedom, and the Alliance uses a Cyclops System to destroy JOSH-A. (Seed Phase-34, 35) The 10th SOT, after receiving Kira's transmission, attempts to salvage as much of the Eurasian forces as possible but end up rescuing very few survivors from both ZAFT and their fellow countrymen. ZAFT loses roughly four-fifths of their terrestrial forces.

5.10 Patrick Zala, realizing that the final battles will be in space, orders the conversion of the GENESIS propulsion station into a superweapon incorporating numerous new technologies. A second GENESIS unit is also built. He also orders the development of a new weapon in response to growing reports of numerous Earth Alliance mobile suits.

5.11 Athrun meets Lacus at Junius Five's White Symphony Theater. (Seed Phase-36)

5.12 Chairman Zala makes a memorial address, blaming the Clyne Faction for the failure at Alaska. The PLANT Supreme Council clamps down on the Clyne Faction, charging it with the theft of the Freedom and the leaking of intelligence. Siegel and Lacus Clyne are declared wanted for treason. (Seed Phase-36)

5.13 The Azrael Conglomerate rolls out the second set of 5 GAT-X machines.

5.14 The EAF High Command, after receiving information from the Azrael Conglomerate, decides to rein in its member nations' respective units, specifically units like the 10th SOT. They form the Autonomous Corps, units whose function is to test new Alliance weapons but also severely restrict supplies to non-Atlantic units. The 1st, 10th SOTs, East Asian Fire Phoenix Team as well as numerous Atlantic Federation units are redesignated as Autonomous Units, with numbering ranging from 1-13. 1st SOT and the Atlantic Federation's 76th Mobile Battalion, now 4th and 13th Autonomous Units, are deployed to Panama. The 10th SOT, redesignated as the 10th Autonomous Unit, is redeployed to Malta Naval Base and given orders to retake the Balearic Islands without support. The Eurasian High Command learns of this and covertly sends supplies and mobile suits to the 10th Autonomous Unit. Rheinmetall is reconfirmed as the 10th AU's priority supply source by Eurasian High Command. The 2nd Autonomous Unit, a new unit made up entirely of Blue Cosmos and LOGOS personnel, predecessor to the later Phantom Pain, is also formed and assigned top-rate equipment, including the second set of 5 GAT-X machines and numerous 105 Daggers. Victoria Ward and Diana Cheung assigned to the 10th AU. Fire Phoenix Team redesignated 7th Autonomous Unit, including Rena Imelia as one of its mobile suit pilots.

5.15 The Archangel quits the Earth Alliance and seeks refuge at the Orb Union. (Seed Phase-37)

5.16 The Gungnir System is completed and sent to a ZAFT fleet in Earth orbit.

5.17 Athrun receives the Justice and descends to Earth. (Seed Phase-36)

5.19 The 10th AU takes advantage of the organizational chaos at ZAFT's Gibraltar Base and lull in reinforcements to make a well-timed night drop into Palma Mallorca City, spreading out into the countryside to hunt down ZAFT forces.

5.22 The Balearic Islands are fully pacified. ZAFT loses the entire Chirac Team. Eurasian High Command deploys its 12th Mobile Battalion to garrison the Balearic Islands as well as declaring the Islands as a major staging base of the 10th AU.

5.25 The Battle of Panama. ZAFT uses the Gungnir System to attack the Panama Spaceport. The Earth Alliance's mass-produced Strike Dagger mobile suits enter combat en masse for the first time. The Porta Panama mass driver is destroyed by the Gungnir System. (Seed Phase-37) 4th and 13th Autonomous Units slaughtered by ZAFT troops.

5.29 At a meeting of the Earth Alliance leadership, Director Muruta Azrael of the Defense Industry Association proposes an attack on the Orb Union. (Seed Phase-38) The Azrael Conglomerate rolls out the Calamity, Forbidden and Raider as well as numerous mass-production versions of the 3 new units, assigning them to mostly pro-Blue Cosmos Atlantic Federation units. Jane Houston is assigned a Forbidden Blue for combat testing while Ed Harrelson is designated as the primary test pilot of the Raider Full Spec. Both are assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet and meet for the first time, becoming lovers.

6.1 The Earth Alliance "urges" the Kingdom of Scandinavia, Equatorial Union and the Orb Union to renounce their neutrality and join the Earth Alliance.

Unfortunately, CE 71 currently seems to be the longest year in the entire
Cosmic Era chronology, so right now i'm stopping this post exactly halfway through the year. Notice the continuing mobile suit development efforts of the Eurasian Federation, Atlantic Federation and the huge technological strides made by ZAFT, which will be even more noticeable as we progress towards the end of the war. Also, you can see obvious references to stuff in Destiny. As usual, due to the lack of information given for the ZGMF-X??A series suits, the GuAIZ and the second-generation GAT-X series and their development cycles as well as numerous other technologies, i had to incorporate these into the timeline as best as i could and still seem logical. This is sort of the exposition and conflict of the plot as it builds up to the climax. I'll continue with the second half of CE71 later. Until then, enjoy and slowly digest this one! :D
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June and July...

6.3 The Kingdom of Scandinavia and the Equatorial Union join the Alliance for fear of meeting the same fate as the USSA. Their forces are integrated into the Alliance and assigned mobile suits and mostly obsolete equipment.

6.12 The Atlantic Federation releases plans for the Calamity, Raider and Forbidden and their mass-produced versions to the Eurasian Federation, thinking Eurasia will not be able to afford the production of these new units. Rheinmetall receives all the data and decides to focus on the mass-production versions before producing the GAT-X machines.

6.13 The Atlantic Federation dispatches its 4th Naval Fleet to demand that the Orb Union dismiss its representative, dissolve its legislature and disarm itself. Orb is given 48 hours to make its reply.

6.14 Athrun meets the Reverend Malchio at the Marshall Islands. (Seed

6.15 Representative Athha rejects the Atlantic Federation's demands. The Atlantic Federation attacks the Orb Union, deploying its newest GAT-X series machines, while Orb sends its M1 Astray mobile suits into battle for the first time. Athrun joins the battle in his Justice. (Seed Phase-38) Kira and Athrun once again meet face-to-face. (Seed Phase-39) Erica Simmons hides the mostly uncompleted Shining Astray,Astray Silver and Emerald Frames in a hidden underground facility in one of Orb's many islands.

6.16 Representative Athha sends the Archangel and Kusanagi into space, then self-destructs the Morgenroete surface factories and the Kaguya mass driver. (Seed Phase-40) Orb's legislature elects an interim government, which accepts the Atlantic Federation's instructions to surrender. The Orb Union becomes a protectorate of the Atlantic Federation.

6.17 The 10th AU receives orders from Alliance High Command to deploy to Victoria, transiting at Outpost 1-1, now Kasserine Fort. While there, Alliance 5th Commando is temporarily attached to the 10th AU. The 10th AU's engineers finally complete the Aegis Dagger.

6.18 The Archangel and Kusanagi sets course for L4. (Seed Phase-41) The Third Battle of Victoria. The Earth Alliance attacks the ZAFT-controlled Victoria Base.

6.19 At the same time, portions of the Pacific Fleet mount a joint operation with fleets from Kamchatka and Osaka Bases to recapture Kaohsiung spaceport from ZAFT. The token ZAFT garrison is simply wiped out mounting a last stand at the mass driver itself. Kaohsiung is retaken within several hours of the start of the operation.

6.20 Natarle Badgiruel becomes Captain of the Dominion, second ship of the Archangel-Class. (Seed Phase-41)

6.22 The 10th AU arrives at Victoria and is deployed as a flanking unit, catching the determined ZAFT defenders by surprise. Combat debut of the Aegis Dagger.

6.25 The Earth Alliance captures the Victoria spaceport. Its self-destruct system is deactivated at the last minute by Alliance Special Forces who are able to reach it on time by going through the "backdoor" established by the 10th Autonomous Unit.

6.26 The PLANT Supreme Council begins building up ZAFT's space forces. Rau Le Creuset is recalled to the ZAFT homeland. The Dreadnought is stolen by the Clyne Faction and given to Prayer Reverie. The GuAIZ enters preproduction stage, with one produced unit assigned to Rau Le Creuset. Development also begins on an experimental unit utilizing Newtype technologies.

6.27 Rau Le Creuset, Flay Allster and Yzak Joule depart from the Carpentaria Base. (Seed Phase-41)

6.28 Azrael launches into space from the Victoria Spaceport. (Seed Phase-41)

6.29 Rheinmetall researchers and enginners successfully develop the Gunbarrel Striker Pack, streamlining the Moebius Zero and updating its weapons. However, before they can deploy the Gunbarrel, they decide to select certain EAF pilots who have exhibited Newtype qualities.

6.30 The Archangel and Kusanagi arrive at Mendel's L4 colony.

7.1 Athrun returns to the PLANTs and confronts his father. Lacus Clyne and Andrew Waldfelt seize the newly constructed warship Eternal. (Seed Phase-42)

7.3 The Calamity, Forbidden and Raider are assigned to the Dominion, and Azrael boards the ship as an observer. (Seed Phase-43)

7.5 The Eternal arrives at Mendel, where it joins the Archangel and Kusanagi. (Seed Phase-42)

7.7 The Le Creuset Team, assigned to pursue the Eternal, head for L4. (Seed Phase-43)

7.9 The 10th AU receives the Sword Calamity Unit 04 and other new units and are transferred to Alexandria in preparation for a major EAF offensive through the Mediterranean. Elaine Jorgensson joins the 10th AU. Alliance 5th Commando, consisting of Evantha Fetladral, Roxanne West, Vlad Dinour, John Kabrinski and Reina Montose integrated into the 10th AU.

7.11 The 10th Autonomous Unit is attached to the Mediterranean Fleet's Second Battlegroup.

7.12 The Dominion battles the Archangel at Mendel. (Seed Phase-43) Kira, Mu and Rau meet inside Mendel and Kira learns the secrets of his birth. (Seed Phase-44, 45) The Le Creuset Team flagship, Vesalius, is destroyed. (Seed Phase-46) Under the leadership of Lacus Clyne, the Eternal and its companion ships establish contact with Orb remnants, the former Clyne faction in the PLANTs and moderates within the Earth Alliance and begin working for a speedy end to the war. Thanks to the Reverend Malchio, they also receive the cooperation of the Junk Guild as they move to and fro.

7.14 Construction of GENESIS Alpha completed. ZAFT rolls out the Regenerate and transfers it and the Testament Project to GENESIS Alpha.

7.16 The Earth Alliance leadership decides to begin development of nuclear missiles armed with Neutron Jammer Cancellers. (Seed Phase-47) The Eurasian Federation receives a small quota of Neutron Jammer Cancellers from the Ptolemaus Lunar Base.

7.24 The Second Casablanca Sea Battle. The Earth Alliance invades Gibraltar, and ZAFT abandons the base and withdraws from Europe. For three days, the Mediterranean Fleet pushes across the Mediterranean while the EAF's North Atlantic Fleet blockades Gibraltar from the west and the EAF's 1st, 5th, 6th and 8th armies engage in a front-wide offensive across North Africa, starting from Alexandria and Victoria. Combat debuts of the Sword Calamity, Forbidden Blue and Raider Full Spec. Notable Earth Alliance pilots who earn their fame in this battle include but are not limited to Jane Houston and Edward Harrelson.

7.25 Rheinmetall assigns a Gunbarrel Striker to Morgan Chevalier before his departure to Ptolemaus Lunar Base. Several spare units are also provided.

7.26 Ed Harrelson assigned the Sword Calamity Unit 02 after wrecking his Raider Full Spec in the 2nd Casablanca Sea Battle.

7.27 ZAFT loses forces amounting to three divisions. The Gibraltar Base is taken by a concentrated assault of the 10th AU supported by the 1st and 2nd Alliance Jaegers. The base is pillaged,looted then completely razed to the ground.
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Okay, I just spent way more time than I thought I would reading that... good job Ravager. I just have a couple points to bring up.

-The first timeline ~is~ a bit rushed... this has already been said so I won't talk about it too much, bu simply moving CE 1 to 2300 and then expanding the dates would really help.

-The ES Verne... great--GREAT--name, BTW... why does it take 2 years to get from Earth to the Moon? Also, some more detail on the ship would be nice... did it carry the raw materials for the colony with it, or did they mind the materials when they arrived at Luna? If it held 30,000 colonists (counting or not counting the crew?) how was it built? In orbit? Were different "chunks" of the ship built, launched, and then melded together in orbit before launch? What happened to it after the colonists disembarked?

-About the start of the BV... IIRC it started after terrorists attacking J7, with PLANT declaring war on the EA. If the sponsor nations were really so invested in plant by CE 70, I don't see them declaring war on something they believe to belong to them. Having the nuke as a catalyst makes more sense to me.

That's all I can think of at the moment; I have no qualms to what you've done in the latter half, and I think it's pretty interesting. It would have been nice to adress ~WHERE~ PLANT found all the resources to build their army, though.

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Don't worry, timelines are always vague when it comes to minute details. They just generalize events as they happen. Those minute details will be explored after i finish the 1st BW and the period before GSD.

Truth to tell, i expected people to write off the 10th Autonomous Unit,Rheinmetall and other parts as fanciful writing on my behalf. Thank you.
About the start of the BV... IIRC it started after terrorists attacking J7, with PLANT declaring war on the EA. If the sponsor nations were really so invested in plant by CE 70, I don't see them declaring war on something they believe to belong to them. Having the nuke as a catalyst makes more sense to me.
Not so, according to the official timeline ... eline.html
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The rest of C.E.71...

8.1 The Seraphim is completed and escapes Earth via positronic interference under the command of Captain Julia Mattlov, its maiden voyage's destination being Artemis.

8.2 Special Operations Team X disbanded but Hyperion Unit 1 and the Agamemnon-Class Ortygia goes rogue and escapes Artemis, heading to the Ptolemaus Lunar Base to steal Neutron Jammer Cancellers. Hyperion Unit 2 falls in combat with Hyperion Unit 1.

8.4 Shinn Asuka enlists in the ZAFT military academy. He meets Lunamaria Hawke, Meyrin Hawke and Rey Za Burrel for the first time.

8.5 The 10th AU is transported to Victoria and launched to space.

8.7 10th AU arrives at Ptolemaus Lunar Base for refit and reassignment to the newly-formed 51st Fleet, in actuality just a squadron of warships under Commodore Hollyann Kardaan. They also receive three Gunbarrel Striker Packs and other equipment from Artemis.

8.8 The Earth Alliance launches Operation 8.8, whose final objective is the capture of Carpentaria Base, and intensifies its attack against the Oceania Union. The Ayers Rock Landing Operation commences as the first wave.

8.9 After reevaluation,Alliance High Command designates the 10th Autonomous Unit as the 10th Autonomous Corps.

8.10 The Seraphim arrives and docks at Artemis. Morgan Chevalier engages the rogue Hyperion Unit 1 at Ptolemaus Lunar Base. Combat debut of a mobile suit equipped with Newtype-use weapons.

8.12 The 10th AC is ordered by Eurasian High Command from Artemis to investigate rumors of a ZAFT force stationed at Colony Hades at L4.

8.15 While passing by Colony Mendel, the 10th AC comes across and retrieves the heavily-damaged experimental Lightning Striker Pack.

8.16 The 10th AC destroys ZAFT's Hughes Team who have been preparing Hades as a staging area for a planned ZAFT flanking assault on Artemis as well as guarding a major ZAFT mining operation. Major combat debut of the GuAIZ.

8.17 The 10th AC engages and routs ZAFT's newly-formed Mobile Assault Fleet, the intended reinforcements for the scrapped assault on Artemis. Combat debut of the Gunbarrel Strike Dagger Experimental Type swings the tide of battle against the ZAFT forces and their many new mobile suit types. Two Socius killed by Heine Westenfluss. Charles Kane killed by Miguel Aiman. Eurasian High Command sends the 6th and 7th Mobile Battalions to relieve and hold Colony Hades while the 10th AC is redeployed to Artemis. An outpost is established at Colony Hades.

8.19 The 10th AC arrives at Artemis, completing its rendezvous with the Seraphim, which is immediately designated by Eurasian High Command as the primary flagship of the 10th Autonomous Corps.

9.11 The Earth Alliance launches Operation Elvis, whose final objective is an attack on the PLANT homelands. Most space fleets are merged into a massive assault force aimed at the PLANTs. Alliance High Command includes the 10th AC in the second-wave reinforcements. Morgan Chevalier assigned to the Earth Alliance's 504th MS Team, commanding two squads of 105 Daggers.

9.20 The 10th AC departs from Artemis, going through a separate route to rendezvous with the second-wave reinforcements near the location of Boaz.

9.23 The Battle of Boaz. The space fortress Boaz is destroyed by an Alliance nuclear attack. (Seed Phase-47)

9.24 The Providence is completed by ZAFT and assigned to Rau Le Creuset.

9.25 Lowe Guele and Gai Murakumo engage the Regenerate in combat. After being defeated, the Regenerate slowly drifts aimlessly around space. GENESIS Alpha captured by Lowe in the name of the Junk Guild along with two uncompleted Testament prototype frames.

9.26 The Second Battle of Jachin Due. The PLANT homeland is targeted by two waves of nuclear attacks. (Seed Phase-47, 48) ZAFT deploys GENESIS, whose first blast destroys more than 40% of the Alliance fleets at Jachin Due. (Seed Phase-48) All terrestrial ZAFT forces retreat to the Carpentaria Base and other holdouts in Australia. The EAF deploys the 20th Fleet to blockade from orbit, cutting the ZAFT remnants from all communications with the PLANTs. The 10th Autonomous Corps is ordered by EAF High Command to flank GENESIS and attack it from behind, while the EAF reinforcement fleets attack from the front. Serpent Tail captures Mikhail Coast's GINN High Maneuver Type while contracted by the Eurasian mercenary liaison and hands the captured unit to the 10th AC, which is en route to Jachin Due.

9.27 GENESIS fires a second blast. The Ptolemaus Lunar Base is destroyed, along with 80% of the EAF's two-pronged reinforcement fleets. (Seed Phase-49) The 10th AC captures ZAFT's Jegan Team and easily destroys Jachin Due's rearguard fleet, then successfully infiltrate and hack into ZAFT's databanks to steal data on any development projects and classified files before Jachin Due's self-destruction. Jachin Due self-destructs, and the war officially comes to an end. (Seed Phase-50) The 2nd Autonomous Unit retrieve the badly-wounded bodies of Mu La Flaga and Flay Allster. Khalid Tamzarian killed in battle.

9.28 The 10th AC scours the battlefield and manages to salvage the heavily-damaged Calamity, Forbidden, Raider, Duel, Buster, Miguel Aiman's GINN HM Type, Orb's 2nd MS Team's three Astrays and the bridge-less hulk of the abandoned Dominion.

10.6 The 10th AC arrives at Artemis. Arzachel Base is redesignated as primary EAF space headquarters while the California Base is designated as temporary EAF terrestrial headquarters.

10.10 The 10th AC comes upon the Regenerate on a routine patrol mission. Its pilot is sent to Arzachel Lunar Base while the Regenerate wounds up in the 10th AC's hands.

10.17 10th AC sent to Earth orbit to provide orbital drop support for Operation 8.8.

10.20 10th AC is dropped near Carpentaria Base and immediately launches an offensive to take it.

10.21 Carpentaria Base finally overwhelmed by the Pacific Fleet and reinforcements from space. ZAFT terrestrial forces either annihilated or driven into hiding. Following the example of the Gibraltar Base, the Carpentaria Base is pillaged and looted by the victorious EAF forces and completely razed to the ground.

11.16 Serpent Tail and Team X repels an attack by ZAFT on the Junk Guild headquarters of GENESIS Alpha. The 2nd Autonomous Unit uses the chaos as a cover to infiltrate GENESIS Alpha and steal data on the Testament Project as well as one of the two Testament prototype frames.

12.12 Edward Harrelson goes missing from the EAF's California Base along with Sword Calamity Unit 02 and a Raider Full Spec.

12.28 Ed Harrelson publicly proclaims the independence of the USSA and openly defies the EAF. The EAF High Command meets at the California Base, sending three of the EAF's top aces to eliminate Ed Harrelson as a diversion while redeploying fresh forces from the recently-concluded African campaign for a full-scale invasion of the USSA.

Most people took the anime for granted and thought the 1st Bloody Valentine War ended right after the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due, but in reality, as depicted in Destiny Astray, there was the USSA War of Independence before peace was officially and unofficially reached at the signing of the Treaty of Junius the next year. Note the jumble of events loosely taken from Destiny Astray and the fates of many major and minor characters from the Seed anime. I also felt that the Earth Alliance got the shaft in both Seed and GSD, and at Jachin Due, the Alliance forces were nothing more than fodder for ZAFT while the TSA stole all the thunder, so this timeline depicted the simultaneous efforts of the EAF to neutralize GENESIS as fast as possible.

... to be continued...
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1.19 Jane Houston engages Ed Harrelson in combat but defects to his side soon after.

2.10 After an extensive period of rest and refit, the 10th AC is redeployed straight to the frontlines in South America to wait for heavy reinforcements before commencing Operation Tyrant, the EAF plan to reconquer the USSA. Immediate reinforcements come in the form of the 7th Autonomous Squad.

2.14 The EAF issues an ultimatum, demanding the surrender of the USSA Resistance or they will fire ICBMs at the continent from the rebuilt Panama Base. Ed Harrelson launches to space in a Raider Full Spec but ends up engaging Morgan Chevalier, barely escaping. The EAF uses the opportunity to deploy the 1st and 5th Armies, attacking the USSA from the north. 105 Dagger and Dagger L units are deployed en masse, marking their major combat debuts.

2.27 Ed Harrelson engages Rena Imelia in the Peruvian Mountains. EAF forces suffer major setbacks by resurgent USSA Resistance forces. 10th AC retrieves both badly-wounded pilots and their respective units.

2.28 The EAF lifts all remaining orbital blockades and ceases all combat operations save for the USSA War of Independence.

3.5 ZAFT drops numerous squadrons of mobile suits after an observer unit was provoked into combat by the EAF in a specially-designated demilitarized zone. The South American War of Independence swings against the EAF's favor.

3.7 Ed Harrelson and Rena Imelia transported to Colony Hades to receive treatment from Mikhail Coast, who has quit ZAFT. They join Orga Sabnak, Shani Andras, Clotho Buer, Asagi Caldwell, Juri Wu Nien and Mayura LaBatt among Coast's coterie of patients.

3.10 Junius Treaty signed at the remains of Junius Seven, officially ending the First Bloody Valentine War. All pre-war borders are restored, strict adherence to the Lindemann Plan and the restoration of independence to the Orb Union. The Kingdom of Scandinavia, United States of South America and the Equatorial Union regain their neutrality and sovereignty. The PLANTs begin delivery of N-Jammer Cancellers to nuclear powerplants on Earth for civilian use, solving the April Fool Crisis. Eileen Canaver steps down as temporary PLANT Supreme Council Chairman, ceding the post to Gilbert Durandal. Trials of Yzak Joule, Dearka Elsman and other ZAFT soldiers begin for their actions during the war. Deep Space Survey and Development organization formed by a joint declaration of the Earth Alliance and PLANTs.

3.14 DSSD begins development of a mobile suit capable of deep-space exploration.

3.17 South American War of Independence officially ended as the EAF and ZAFT complete the total withdrawal of their forces. 10th AC transported to Rheinmetall for rest and refit before assigned to garrison the Balearic Islands. ZAFT begins rebuilding the Carpentaria and Gibraltar Bases as well as a secret submarine base at a chain of uninhabited islands in the Pacific, Lagash Base. In space, ZAFT, knowing the extreme vulnerability of the PLANTs after the loss of Boaz and Jachin Due, combs the asteroid belt for a suitable asteroid to be converted into a fortress. They eventually find a suitable asteroid, naming it Messiah, with eventual intentions to move Messiah to the PLANTs after construction is completed. Another measure taken to streamline their military involves reorganizing the PLANT Cities and assigning certain PLANTs to be converted to full military installations. These military PLANTs are called Armories.

3.18 Yzak Joule pardoned of war crimes and promoted to the PLANT Supreme Council as temporary representative of Martius City. Dearka Elsman promoted in rank for his actions in the final months of the war. The USSA reconstitutes its military, promoting Jane Houston to Commodore to head its naval forces.

3.19 The Alliance High Command, under the influence of Blue Cosmos and LOGOS, decides to focus on a strategy of developing powerful, new mobile armors and force the cancellation of further development of experimental mobile suits in the G-Project. The 2nd Autonomous Unit is expanded and redesignated as the 81st Independent Mobile Battalion, otherwise known as Phantom Pain.Area-51, a major top-secret Atlantic Federation base, is redesignated as Phantom Pain Supreme Headquarters.

4.1 Mu La Flaga successfully treated. His brainwashing by LOGOS begins, switching to the identity of Neo Lorrnoke.

4.25 The EAF establishes a new terrestrial headquarters at Heaven's Base, Iceland.

5.31 At a confidential meeting, the PLANT Supreme Council approves the development of ZAFT's second-generation mobile suits and ways to counter future nuclear attacks on the PLANTs.

6.1 The Earth Alliance constructs a new base at the long-abandoned lunar colony of Daedalus as well as the Requiem all-aspect tactical cannon. Many Earth Alliance fleets are shifted from Arzachel to Daedalus.

7.10 The Azrael Conglomerate introduces the Jet and Doppelhorn Striker Packs for added flexibility for the Alliance's numerous Dagger units on the battlefield.

7.12 Manuel Facio orders the construction of the Acidalium. Having witnessed the uses of mobile suits in the previous war, he makes an offer to the Alliance and the PLANTs to buy their surplus military stockpiles and "melt them down to gain scarce resources for the peaceful use of the Martian people". His offer is accepted. Over this and the next year, delivery of large amounts of mobile suits and obsolete warships are made to the newly constructed twin space bases of Phobos and Deimos. Secretly, he also contacts Blue Cosmos and LOGOS and gains numerous new experimental mobile suits and other equipment in return for allowing Phantom Pain to base a unit at Vulcan.

8.20 Hot on the Azrael Conglomerate's heels, in a joint project between Actaeon and Morgenroete, the Aile Striker Pack is improved to allow higher thrust, greater maneuverability and sustained atmospheric flight.

8.27 Flay Allster successfully treated. She fully recovers, but is manipulated by LOGOS into believing ZAFT unjustly got a reprieve in the previous war and not informed about the Archangel and Kira's fate. Allster joins LOGOS as an officer. Displaying political savvy, she successfully maneuvers herself up the ranks and ends up as commander of Phantom Pain subordinate to Matias Aducarf.

9.5 Orb's reconstruction is complete. Morgenroete is rebuilt.

9.14 ZAFT introduces the GuAIZ R as a stopgap to the GINN and in response to a shortage of the original GuAIZ.

10.4 DSSD successfully develops an electromagnetic propulsion system for use by mobile suits and equip their Astray and Raysta units with it. Development begins on a more efficient propulsion system and a new OS for use by their deep-space exploration mobile suit currently under development at Fortaleza, South America.

10.12 Aducarf Mechano Industries completes the Testament and creates the Divine Striker specifically for the new unit. The Testament is assigned to Phantom Pain and piloted by the brainwashed Ash Gray, former pilot of the Regenerate.

10.26 Aducarf Mechano Industries unveils its successor to the Moebius Zero, the Exus. Only three units are produced, one assigned to Morgan Chevalier, the second to Neo Lorrnoke and the third is transported to Phantom Pain's Vulcan Base at Mars.

11.5 Edward Harrelson brought to Arzachel Lunar Base to await deportation to Earth.

11.6 The 10th AC is ordered by Alliance High Command to escort the deportation shuttle carrying Ed Harrelson. Morgan Chevalier joins along on the mission.

11.7 The 10th AC's 1st Squad joins Morgan Chevalier and the shuttle and begin their journey to Earth orbit before descending to Earth aboard the Seraphim.

11.9 The convoy comes under attack by the Testament in an attempt to sow further animosity between the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations. It is driven off by the combined efforts of Morgan Chevalier and the 1st Squad.

11.10 The convoy docks with the Seraphim and descends to Heaven's Base, where Edward Harrelson's court martial commences. Morgan Chevalier returns to Arzachel while the Seraphim and the 1st Squad return to the Balearic Islands.

11.15 After five days of trials, Edward Harrelson is sentenced to incarceration and forced labour at one of the Eurasian Federation's Siberian labour camps.

11.25 Morgenroete completes the repairs on the Freedom and Archangel, hiding them on Akatsuki Island.

12.9 Mikhail Coast completes the treatment of the rest of his patients brought in by the 10th AC. All six are reinstated as pilots in the 10th AC with falsified records.

12.15 Actaeon Industries is commissioned by Phantom Pain to upgrade Azrael Conglomerate's second set of first-generation GAT-X machines as well as to build a new class of warship to serve as Phantom Pain motherships.


1.11 The EAF and PP begin scouring the Debris Belt and Lagrange Points for abandoned O'Neill-Type space colonies and tow these colonies back to Daedalus for refit.

1.23 The Junk Guild ship ReHOME arrives and docks at Australialis, not realizing the true situation on Mars. Martian spies hack into the ReHOME's database and gain the blueprints of several mobile suits as well as other sensitive information.

1.25 Numerous technologies are incorporated into the Acidalium. Construction commences on the Delta Astray using the stolen blueprints of the Red Frame as a basis. Guardshell prototype begins construction aided by PP.

2.12 Proto-Chaos rolled out at Armory One. Development begins on the Chaos, Gaia, Abyss, Impulse, Dom and Zaku series. ZAFT also commissions new classes of warships to support the experimental second-stage suits as well as their mass-production suits in battle, the Minerva-Class, Gondwana-Class and Compton-Class, all designed with different combat environments in mind.

2.24 Rebellion of Extended subjects at Blue Cosmos' Lodonia Lab near the Black Sea. Blue Cosmos crushes the rebellion and shuts down the Extended program in the aftermath, abandoning the Lodonia Lab.

2.28 To restore their terrestrial armies' lost prestige, the Earth Alliance commissions the Hannibal-Class land battleship to serve as a mobile ground control mothership.

3.1 Acidalium, Guardshell and Delta Astray rolled out at Australialis. Dissatisfied with the Delta Astray, Manuel Facio orders the development of its successor unit, the Turn Delta Astray.

3.8 Actaeon Industries rolls out the Blu Duel, Verde Buster, Strike Enhanced and its unique Noir Striker, Nero Blitz and Rosso Aegis.

3.11 Proto-Saviour rolled out at ZAFT's Carpentaria Base. Development begins on the Saviour back at the PLANTs.

3.24 The Acidalium and its mobile suit complement launched from Australialis, its destination being the Earth Sphere. Its objective is to act as Mars' first reconnaissance mission to covertly gather information on the various factions and new technologies of the Earth Sphere. Astray Red Frame stolen by Diego Lowell and brought aboard the Acidalium.

4.10 Development begins on a mass-production mobile suit to replace the stopgap Dagger L.

4.20 Zaku series enter mass-production after the DOM design is rejected. TSA agents seize the entire DOM project and wipes any information pertaining to the project from ZAFT's records. Development begins on a mass-production commander-type mobile suit derived from the Zaku series.

5.31 Reorganization of the Phantom Pain Corps by LOGOS, forming the present amount of companies as well as force redeployments and personnel reassignments.

6.5 Construction on the Chaos, Gaia and Abyss completed. They are assigned to combat testing.

6.18 The EAF installs the Nibelung system at Heaven's Base.

6.21 Shinn Asuka, Rey Za Burrel, Lunamaria Hawke and Meyrin Hawke graduates from ZAFT's military academy. They are assigned to the second-stage mobile suit development project.

7.15 Construction of Impulse Unit 00 is completed along with its mothership, the Minerva. Shinn Asuka is assigned to be the pilot of Impulse Unit 00.

8.6 The Pergrande, Zamza-Zah and Gells-Ghe mobile armors are rolled out at Aducarf Mechano Industries. A Pergrande unit is assigned to combat testing, but ends up getting destroyed by Gai Murakumo, under contract as an aggressor unit by Aducarf Mechano Industries. The Zamza-Zah and Gells-Ghe mobile armors are assigned to numerous Alliance and Phantom Pain bases on Earth, Moon and Mars. Development begins on the next generation of mass-produced mobile armors.

8.12 The ReHOME launches from Australialis to return to the Earth Sphere, in search of the stolen Red Frame.

8.19 DSSD completes the construction of the main frame of the Stargazer.

9.7 Phantom Pain's 2nd Company raids the Carpentaria Base and steals the Proto-Saviour.

9.12 Agent Ile De Llorar is assigned the Proto-Saviour. Aducarf Mechano Industries, using stolen information from GENESIS Alpha, creates the unique +11 backpack for use by the Proto-Saviour. Windam successfully developed while and enters preproduction stage at Arzachel while the other factories begin retooling to accommodate Windam production.

9.25 Cagalli Yula Athha and Alex Dino depart from Orb, heading for the PLANTs for talks with Chairman Gilbert Durandal regarding the growing militarization of both the Alliance and the PLANTs.

9.26 Phantom Pain's 1st Company departs Daedalus Lunar Base for a raid on the PLANTs.

A lot of people have been disappointed by the seemingly illogical technological progress and brief period of peace between the Alliance and the PLANTs. I hope that, with this timeline of the nearly-two years period between the 1st and 2nd Bloody Valentine Wars and my own take on the development projects of Earth, PLANTs and Mars, my audience will be satisfied. I have also decided to give a lot more background and prior history to a lot of characters that were left vague in GSD. And lastly, do not be offended by the fates of the trios from Seed. I am temporarily halting this timeline till almost the beginning of GSD because i wish to take this time to further expand on the whole timeline pre-GSD and touch on the minute details that Antares and Mwulf have asked on. Until then, hope you enjoy this one!

EDIT: Entries CE 0072 3.17, CE 0073 2.12, 2.28 and 9.12 edited to include new information.
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Post by Antares » Tue Mar 06, 2007 9:54 am

3.18 Yzak Joule pardoned of war crimes and promoted to the PLANT Supreme Council
Hey, this interests me. Is this actual stuff or something you just added? Since I can't remember that Yzak was ever fully acquitted (or accused either, for that matter). SInce this is something I mention in my fic, I got interested.

There is also a whole lot of brainwashing going on. :P But you did say you wanted to bring back some characters back, so I'll leave comments on that for later. Otherwise very good background and setup here. That CE pushes out new tech like mad is not a problem for you here, since that is more or less (unfortunately) accepted in canon as well.
11.10 The convoy docks with the Seraphim and descends to Heaven's Base
What is the Seraphim? I might have plans for a Gundam of that name in my fic... :wink:
EDIT: Scratch that, I found it fro the previous parts. A good name for a ship, too. :)
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