A Random 00 Story of Randomness

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A Random 00 Story of Randomness

Post by Scorpius7692 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:29 pm

I don't even know why I am posting this. This was suppossed to be a serious story, but then this happened....

The lead Anf crumpled like paper under the barrage of beam shots, collapsing into a molten metal heap. A single cannon shot flared from its wingman, but the antique suit’s head was disintegrated just as easily as its buddy’s. Its legs briefly seemed to walk on their own, the last command from a dead soldier, before falling forward and erupting into flame.

Ballistics continued to fire anyway. Small duos and trios of Anfs continued to march forward, sluggish and primitive as the squad of GN-XIIIs cut through them. Workloaders with bolted-on machineguns and missile launchers died in droves from stray shots and collapsing buildings. Victory over the godly invaders could not possibly have been on their minds. Only the promise of life after death.

“Well well well” Antione said, more to himself then his fellow pilots. “I didn’t think that they had Tierens.”

Zachary Abron smirked as he saw the old suits rumble forward. Three trios of even more sluggish suits, he thought. These stupid Muslims don’t know when to give up.

Large, unwieldy cannons fired easily dodged projectiles as Zachary’s GN-XIII dove for the lead Tieren group. He could hear the squad’s commander Domingo complaining briefly, but the young man was never one to complain for long. The mission was going well. Uhaban would be ‘convinced’ to join the Earth Sphere Federation in no time.

The last thing that Zachary expected was for all three Tierens to suddenly fire beam shots straight into his cockpit, blasting it into oblivion and leaving the GN-XIII’s arms and legs to spiral into the ground.

Antione was still trying to figure out what happened when the Tierens started to rise of the ground, multi-colored sparkles gushing out from a very familiar conical structure on their backs. He fired wild shots at the incoming Tierens, only to have them dissipate into GN particle clouds whenever he should’ve hit one.

“WHAT IS THIS!?!” Antione yelled before he too was obliterated by beam blasts.

Domingo cursed and turned to flee, only to lose his legs to beam shots from below. The next thing he knew, the remaining Anfs had started flying too, along with the Workloaders.

“Screw this” he said to himself before triggering the self-destruct button that suddenly and conveniently appeared in front of him. “This story is getting stupid.”

In anger at Domingo’s remark, the author took away said self-destruct button, and let him die via Anf beams. The end.

Yeah, this is bad........I'm usually more serious then this.
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Re: A Random 00 Story of Randomness

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:48 am

Hmmm... Jinx's getting shot down by Anfs? Oh why the frak not, let 'em be awesome for once! :D
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