A Little Too Much - The Robyn Lowell Saga (Gundam SEED)

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A Little Too Much - The Robyn Lowell Saga (Gundam SEED)

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:43 pm


Oh dread! It’s another Gundam SEED fic! Head for the freakin’ hills!

Okay, jokes aside, this is my first attempt at a SEED fic like this, so bear with me if you can.

The summary is this: Teenager makes a wish during a meteor shower, and the wish comes true in the most unexpected of ways. Expect thoughts, dialogue, original characters (maybe), and possibly some original mecha later on.

Also, the whole story is told from the 1st person POV of our protagonist. If you don't understand that, then I will politely ask you to study what 1st person POV is before reading.

Now, let us begin. Shall we?


Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam SEED or any other licensed material. I do own my OCs.

A Little Too Much - The Robyn Lowell Saga



Tomorrow, we’re in for some more of that cold weather that’s been hitting us pretty hard for the last week and a half.

I sigh, letting a few more strums out as the weatherman on TV continues to give out the bad news. This is why I hate December…

As for tonight, though, it might just be high enough above freezing for the bold to head out of town and watch the meteor shower expected to be visible over the valley in the next hour or so.

Oh yeah, the meteor shower. That might be an idea. Maybe I can call up Wade and Erica and get them out to watch it. We could probably get a good view of it from Dillon’s house. That’s far enough out of town, I think. We could build a fire, set up some chairs, and I could bring my guitar. Heck, that just about sounds pleasant!

If only it weren’t so freakin’ cold…

So, deciding to kick things into gear, I set my guitar down and pull over my cell phone. As fast as I can, I type out a message to Erica and Wade.

'Wanna watch the meteor shower up at Dillon’s place?'

I hit send, allowing the message to shoot over to them. I then make a new message, this one for Dillon.

'You home? We could watch the meteor shower up at your place.'

With that one sent, I switch the TV over to a different channel so that I can watch something with a little more action than the news. Settling on a crime drama, I watch it for a few moments until...


Finally, I get a reply. I bring up my phone, finding it to be Wade.


Huh? Ah… Well, I guess it’s not that surprising. He’s a bit of a stick in the mud, anyway.


Before I can even put the phone down, it chimes again. This time it’s Erica.


…Well, she is Wade’s girlfriend. Whatever. Maybe Dillon’s game?


Ah! Another new message! Let’s see what my best buddy in the whole wide world, Dillon, has to say.

‘I’m working. Besides, it’s really cold outside.’

Gaahh… My friends have no spirit. They might say that I don’t get out much, but at least I get off my rear and see the stuff that’s actually worth seeing.

Blowing out a sigh, I pull my guitar back up and think about playing something, but nothing comes to mind. I don’t know… Maybe I should just go out there on my own and see what I can see? It’s not like I have anything better to do.

Before I do anything, however, I must eat! To the pizza shop!


Gotta love meat-lover’s pizza. It’s just so… meaty! Even better, the preservatives keep my insides warm while I sit out at my little campsite in the middle of the nowhere! If there was ever a better spot to watch a meteor shower while wearing enough warm clothing to fill two loads of laundry, I doubt that I’d care. This place is just plain peaceful… and cold, but that’s beside the point! I’m here to see some shooting stars!

Of course, what good is stargazing without a little guitar picking? I strum my guitar to a little old blues tune from some movie soundtrack, waiting for that magic moment. I’ve got my camera with me, too, just in case the lights get good. If things go right, then I’ll be getting some sweet pocket change from the Reporter. That’ll let me gt my Christmas shopping done if I’m lucky.

Hmm… Darn, it’s cold. I’d better put some more logs on the fire. If I get hypothermia out here… well… It wouldn’t be the first time, actually.

Anyway, I think it’s about time for the shower to start. I’ve been thinking about whether I should play a song to commemorate the occasion, but nothing really comes to mind.

…Then again, I could always go for an acoustic version of T.M. Revolution’s “Meteor”. That would be… fun. Not that I actually know what the song is about, it being in Japanese and all, but it’s still better than just playing the “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” the whole time.

Okay, let’s try it.

How does it start again?

Just then, out of nowhere, a little yellow streak crosses the sky. That’s it! That’s the first meteor! Awesome!

Before I know it, the sky is aglitter with the chunks of rock burning up in the atmosphere. I set up my camera as fast as I can, setting it to take a snapshot every ten seconds. That should get me enough pictures to sell to every paper from here to Gadsden! Hoo-ah!

Once the camera is active, I sit back down and enjoy the spectacle. Screw the song. I’ll poke at it later when my fingers aren’t threatening to break off. I put my hands out to the fire, letting its heat give my digits some warmth. Ahhhh… That’s so nice.


Hm? My phone? It better not be Dillon asking me where I am. He’s not invited out here.

I fish my phone out of my think coat’s pocket and check the message. Oh? It’s from Tristan? When did I give her my number? Weird…

‘Make a wish! You never know what might propel you to greatness!’

Pffft-! Ha! What palooka is this? This is just like her, though! Always going around with her chain letters and ghastly hauntings! Baloney, says I!

…Then again, I guess a little wish wouldn’t hurt. I mean, it is close to Christmas, after all. I might get lucky.

Okay then. What do I want to wish for? Money? A new car? A decent girlfriend? An all-expenses-paid trip to Australia?

…Gee. None of those things make me sound like a selfish brat at all, do they? Ha!

Okay, okay. Let’s be serious for once, Rob. Shall we?

All right. I wish for…

Thoughts race through my mind. I think of all the things I want. Many of them just seem like something a spoiled child would want, though. What’s something that could benefit more than just me.

Oh! I know!

“I wish my life was more exciting.”

There. I said it. I know that’s a little much, but what can I say? My life has been really monotonous recently. I wake up, shower, get educated, go home, vegetate, sleep, wash, rinse, and repeat. Besides, at least it’s more realistic than my parents buying me a flashy new Corvette Z08 for Christmas. Hell would sooner freeze over.

So, I look up to the stars in order to get one last look before I convince myself to pack up and head on home. There are still streaks going over, thank goodness. Maybe my wish will reach them…

Wait a second. What am I thinking? That’s crazy. I’m letting that crazy spook girl get in my head.

“Shooting stars don’t grant wishes…” I remind myself. “It’s just a child’s fairy tale.”

“Oh? Is that what you really think?”

The abruptness of the unexpected voice frightens me from my chair and onto my feet. I could have sworn that I was out here alone. I pivot myself around, my eyes ripping across the fire-lit campsite for the voice’s owner. Dark field to the left… My car in middle with a girl on the hood… More dark field-

Whoa! Hold up!

My gaze hits my ’96 Jeep Cherokee, finding a small girl adorning its hood like the smuggest hood ornament this side of the Atlantic Ocean. She’s sitting just at the edge with her legs crossed in front of the grill. Her clothes remind me of something out of a gothic Lolita manga, but her hair is put up into lengthy stellar silver dual ponytails.

“W-What the heck is up with you, kid?” I ask, my voice sounding a touch more incredulous than I’d prefer.

She just smirks at me softly, her face giving off an aura of almightiness that I’d never seen in a living person before. She only looks to be around thirteen or fourteen, but I can’t tell for sure.

“Oh my! What a boorish young man you are!” she ensues, insulting me without hesitation as her face does not change. “And here I almost expected some manners.”

What in the world is her problem? You’d think she was just toying with me.

“What would ever have led you to expect anything of the sort?” I ask in reply, doing my best to be witty. Unfortunately, my attempt just recalls her smirk. It’s quite creepy, really. It’s like she’s got an ambition that involves trouble for me.

She slides off of my hood, landing on the cold grass with a light crunch. The first think I notice as she touches down is that her shoes, which are only just visible from under her large black and red dress, are very elevated. I didn’t think they made platform shoes for teenagers anymore, let alone ones that look like they're made out of stainless steel. Can she really walk in those things?

…I guess so, considering that she’s sauntering over towards the fire. Who the heck is this girl?

“You want more excitement in your life, is that right?” she reiterates my wish from only moments ago. She’s been eavesdropping on me, too. Dang!

“Oh! You heard that?” I react with embarrassment. Now I feel like such a rube, and I can just tell that this girl is going to give me grief about it. She just seems like that type of person.

“It’s a rather odd wish, if you ask me,” she claims, stopping me from humiliating myself further. “Most of your kind would prefer a peaceful life without very much excitement at all.”

Eh? What’s that supposed to mean? ‘Your kind’? Is this girl some kind of alien? Please! That’s ridiculous!

“What are you getting at?” I inquire, already starting to feel tired of her snooty attitude. Big hair or not, this girl has already violated my personal space in two ways today. I’ll be a monkey's uncle if she starts messing with my head.

“Now, now,” she says with a detectable amount of amusement in her voice. “Let’s not rush into things. You might want to contemplate that wish for a while.”

What? I’ll do no such thing!

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I exclaim marching over to the girl and taking hold of her dress’s shoulder.

Sadly, that action comes with instant regret.

Not even a whole second after I’ve laid a hand on her shoulder, I find my forearm being all but crushed by a grip that is startlingly strong. The girl has her black silk-gloved hand wrapped around my forearm, and she’s very intent on devastating it. If it weren’t for my coat, I’d probably be in pain.

“Whoa now!” I say in shock, feeling my eyes widen unconsciously.

“Do not touch me!” she hisses at me before pushing me back and releasing me. However, instead of just recoiling a bit from the push, I quickly find myself on my back with the dead grass shooting its cold into me. Agh! Do not want cold grass!

“What in the world is your problem?” I shout as I sit back up. Screw patience! This girl’s gonna be in for it if she doesn’t tell me what’s going on!

“I must say, you are quite disappointing,” she says nonchalantly, ignoring my rage. I look at her face, which has gone stoic for the most part, if not a little glum. She’s just staring into the fire, almost as if I weren’t here at all. “I was expecting someone far more interesting when I heard a wish being put to the stars.”

“Disappointing?” I ask, suppressing my confusion in attempt to get answers. “Just who do you think you are?”

Her eyes, glowing blood red in the flickering light of the campfire, fall on me as I return to my feet.

“Who I am is none of your concern, human,” she claims, her tone going truly sour for the second time since our little conversation started. “Now, tell me. Have you thought about your wish yet?”

My wish? Is she still going on about that?

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, I would hate to whisk you away to your new exciting life without you having thought about it first.” she asserts. Unfortunately, that only leaves me with more questions. Who is this girl? Why does she keep going on about my wish? What makes her think that she can do anything about it?

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask her another question. There’s a pit of dread forming in my stomach, though, and I do believe that this girl’s going to bring it all out of me before too long.

“What?” she counters, as if confused herself. “Are you saying that you cannot detect my kind and caring sense of responsibility? Why, what a sad and tear-filled existence you must have lived until now.”

Either she’s really bad at hiding sarcasm or she’s just not trying. Either way, it’s bad news for me. Maybe I should just leave? Okay, but… I’d have to leave her here. As stupid as it sounds, I’m too much of a gentleman to leave a young lady out in the middle of a field off to the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere.

“Let’s be serious, shall we?” I urge, just wanting to get this over with. “Are you going to do something or not?”

“That depends,” she responds, causing me to sigh with woe. I am so freaking tired of this girl. “Have you thought about your wish?”

Oh, my god! Fine! I’ll humor her! So long as it’ll get me out of here and her away from me, then I’ll humor her!


“Yes, I have thought about it!” I yell, my patience gone in spite of me trying to preserve it. “I thought about it before I said it ten minutes ago! My life is boring! I want some excitement! Does that clear it up for you, or do I need to draw you a diagram?”


She just fucking giggled at me… Does that mean that I’m going to die?

“Well, if you’re so confident…” the girl’s voice radiates into my mind, filling the air around us. “…then I suggest that you brace yourself.”

…Remember that pit of dread I was talking about earlier? Expect me to be throwing it up any second now.

Suddenly, the girl’s image flickers for an instant, a bright light emanating from a point just around her middle. Then, out of nowhere, what I can only describe as a black hole starts to grow from that very point, swallowing the girl as if she were made of dust. The fire goes out next, plunging the area into the mercy of the stars.

Then, before I can even think to run, the suction takes me. My feet start to slide across the ground, pulling me off balance.

What the-? No way in Hell I’m getting sucked into some creepy loli’s quantum replay for something as trivial as an-!!!

My feet fly out from under me, derailing my train of thought. Oh, God! Help me! I’m going to die!

My hands grasp out, clutching at the dead grass for something to stop me from flying against my will. By some miracle, my fingers manage to latch themselves into some of the looser soil, which gives me ample grip.

Unfortunately… HERE COMES MY GUITAR!



Everything goes quiet, including my cry of terror. Blackness is everywhere. It’s like all like has been sucked away.

Did the black hole eat the world?!

Wait, no. It ate me, didn’t it? Crap...

Well, what now? Am I dead? Shouldn’t there be… I don’t know… pearly gates or something? I certainly don’t see any.

Oh, God… Thisisn’thappeningthisisn’thappeningthisisnnothappeniiiiiing!

Then, as if a miracle had just occurred, everything went bright. I’m blinded for a moment, but I’m still graced by the feeling of air rushing by me and the sound of said rushing air breezing over my ears.


Sure enough, the instant my eyes regain focus, I find myself heading towards the ground at speeds that are fast enough to suck the air from my lungs. I try to scream out, but I can't. The stress eats at my consciousness until, finally, my mind forces itself into darkness.


Whew! Now the hard part's done!

First off, please heed me when I say that this is not my usual chapter length. This chapter is a prologue. Therefore, I make it short so that you, my precious reader, does not get overwhelmed early on.

Anyway, thanks for reading! You can expect some actual SEED content next chapter, so try and tune in if you're interested.

Comment, please, if you have the time. I love to hear what my readers think!
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Re: A Little Too Much - The Robyn Lowell Saga (Gundam SEED)

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:25 pm

This fic has been discontinued due to lack of inspiration and the foreseeing of it going absolutely nowhere.
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Rob DS Zeta
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Re: A Little Too Much - The Robyn Lowell Saga (Gundam SEED)

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:11 pm

For anyone who liked the chapter posted here, I'm going to recycle it for a Mass Effect fic. It won't be posted here, of course. You can find me on FanFiction-dot-net under the same name if you're interested.
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