Metal-Messiah - Episode 1

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Metal-Messiah - Episode 1

Post by Tom_C » Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:55 pm

Hey Folks, Tom here. I decided to post my work entitled Metal-Messiah here for all of you.

Now, bear with me, as its an older set of pieces I did a while ago, and may contain atrocious grammar errors. But; if it turns out that you all like what you see, I'll put out more than the three I've got already and they'll be up-to-date with less problems ;p...

At any rate, happy reading!

Episode I: The young; our future


Millions of years ago, long before the dawn of man,
a race of interstellar life forms descended upon the gentle sphere. This highly advanced race, known as the Deckhadar began to study life on the planet, which was entirely new to them. They learned much from the tests they ran, and the samples they collected from the blue planet, and eventually decided, that it was time to run their ultimate experiment; the production of their own race of sentient beings.

As time went on, they studied how the new species grew, and adapted to their surroundings. Eventually, the Deckhadar felt that it would be best to leave the people to grow, and expand, and eventually, they will return to check the condition of their creations. The race they had produced, were Humans, and within the span of a few thousand years, Humans became the dominant species on the planet. In the year 2089 AD, the Deckhadar returned, and to their surprise, saw a vast, technologically inclined mass, that took over nearly the entire planet. Nature, everything that was the building blocks of their very existence were being sucked up at an exponential rate. The Deckhadar decided, it was their fault the humans were there, it will be their responsibility to end their project, and salvage what was left of the beautiful world the humans have ruined. And so, they decided that extermination was the only logical course of action…

In the year SC (Solar Century) 996, the Deckhadar made first contact with the humans, who initially motioned for a unity of peace. The Deckhadar responded with an onslaught of humanoid shaped, massive fighting machines known as Mobile Frames. The humans were nearly entirely obliterated, but thanks to the valiant efforts of the ESFA (Earth Sphere Federation Alliance) utilizing their own mobile frame units, and a mysterious man who surfaced with a never before seen MF model of his own, the humans were able to fight back their would-be exterminators.

Fifteen years later, SC1011, the humans are in a state of recovery, many major cities that once shined brightly, are now merely shadows of their former selves. Mankind struggles to regain their former glory; the citizens live day to day, trying to patch up their lives.
It is what happens over the course of the next two years, which will change the course of history, not just on Earth, but of the entire galaxy…

-The scene opens with the Freya traveling slowly through the asteroid belt. The light hum of her engines is the only sound. The scene cuts to a side view of the ship, which covers from the rear engines, across the starboard side, to the Bridge.-

Time: 1100 hours
Location: Gamma Quadrant, sector 2, asteroid belt
Place: EFSS Freya; Bridge

-The next scene shows several young women typing away at their consoles. One in particular, a young woman with short red hair, has her green eyes closed, and her hands on her head set, as if she were listening for something. The camera pans over to a woman in captain’s uniform, sitting in a large chair in the center of the bridge, raised above the other seats. Her shoulder length, black hair, tucked neatly under hat, her deep yellow eyes, focused on the main screen. Beside her, an older man, with a mustache, sitting in a slightly smaller seat-

Captain: “Eleanor, anything yet?”

Ens. Eleanor: “Not yet Captain Huron, I’m switching to subspace scanning now…”

Captain Huron: “Keep your ears open, and your eyes peeled everyone…We have to locate them quickly…”

Bridge Crew: “Roger”

-The man sitting beside the captain leaned forward and rested one arm on his lap, stroking his mustache with the other. The silence that filled the room caused a ring in the ears of the other crew members. Suddenly, the woman with the head set shot her eyes open and looked back at the captain-

Eleanor: “Captain, I found it! Fourteen clicks to our port side!”

-The captain gritted her teeth, and squeezed her arm rests gently-

Huron: “You heard her! Change course and head for the signal, XO, order all hands to their battle stations!”

-The man who was beside her, sat straight in his chair, and hit a button on his arm rest-

XO Murphy: “Attention all hands, battle stations, I repeat, report to your designated battle stations immediately…”

-An alarm sounded throughout the entire ship. The helms-woman entered in the course change, and the Freya slowly shifted toward its port-side as the engines kicked into cruise speed, heading in the direction dictated by the captain. The next scene kicks off with an explosion, a large brown and white mech rushes through the explosion with a large caliber machine gun firing. The mech rushes past the camera, which pans to follow it, showing its rear side as it travels towards a group of dark gray mechs which have surrounded another brown and white one. A voice cuts in over the sound of the battle, muffled by static, as if it were a radio signal-

Voice: “Kaim! Watch your tail before you get it blown off!”

-The voice cuts out, and is followed up by another, coming from the mobile frame that is surrounded by the enemy-

Kaim: “Easy for you to say Ace, you haven’t had any tail since we last left the Earth~ ha-ha”

-The mech that was approaching the group, finally made it to the others, and positioned itself beside its like colored counter part-

Kaim: “It’s about time you showed up Trevor…I was beginning to worry that you’d feed me to this wolf pack~”

Trevor: “What? And let you escape the wrath of the Captain when she and the others get here? Please…”

-The two exchanged their comments jokingly toward one another, and then reloaded their armaments, preparing for the next assault their foes were about to launch. Just then, Trevor received a transmission from the enemy squadron’s leader-

Sq. Commander: “This is Commander Vance of the EOCU mobile unit 4…Disarm now, and no harm will come of you!”

-Trevor looked over at Kaim’s MF and noticed moderate damage, then looked down at his console, scanning over the read outs of his own damage, and ammunition supply, then quickly gauged what was left of the enemies. He began to wonder why the enemy’s commander would suggest their disarming if so far, he and Kaim managed to destroy three of his men while sustaining laughable damage themselves. He decided to respond to the enemy commander-

Trevor: “Commander, I’m afraid you just haven’t made a convincing argument here…Perhaps you should lower your arms, and let us take you back to our ship…”

-Trevor smiled gently at the commander on his view screen. A look of complete insult washed over his face, as he gritted his teeth and killed the com link between himself and Trevor. Trevor then hailed Kaim, who popped up on his view screen.-

Kaim: “So what’s the plan buddy?”

-Trevor smirked and sat back in the chair of his cockpit-

Trevor: “We do what we do best my friend…Let’s show these clowns what federation pilots can do!”

-Kaim simply gave a thumb up, and his image left Trevor’s screen. He grabbed his controls firmly, and pushed down on his foot pedals, sending his machine speeding toward the enemy, jolting his controls to the right, and forwards some, causing him to dip down and strafe right. Kaim, knowing the formation well, did the opposite, and ascended over Trevor cutting left. Both pilots let loose a flurry of high caliber machine rounds blurring straight for their unsuspecting enemy. Having not been prepared for any of this, the enemy units began to scramble to keep themselves in one piece, out of the five, only the front three were able to maneuver from the path of Trevor and Kaim’s flurry of rounds. The other two, were helpless to the wave of super heated metal coming their way, and were torn to shreds, almost instantly meeting with their end. Trevor and Kaim burst through the explosions of their fallen foes, cut hard, and spun their machines around to face the enemy they had left behind. The enemy commander and two grunts were speeding toward them. A disgruntled voice was heard over the audio waves-

Sq. Commander: “Damn you!!”

-With this, he and the two other units that tailed him began firing off their own flurry of rounds. Trevor and Kaim easily zipped between them, evading flawlessly. With how easy things were going, Kaim thought he’d be a little gutsy-

Kaim: “Ace~ I’m gunna try something!”

-Knowing Kaim’s track record, Trevor became nervous and shouted into his com-

Trevor: “Kaim, watch your ass, don’t do anything stupid!”

-Just then, Kaim fired up his after-burners and jetted passed Trevor, reaching behind him, drawing his plasma blade from its holster. A flick of Kaim’s hand activates the saber, and with a low hum, the super hot blade materializes. He continues his thrust toward the enemy unit, still dodging fire left and right, Trevor supplying cover fire for him. Inside the enemy commander’s cockpit, he tilts his head to the side, with a cocky grin-

Sq. Commander: “What’s this fool doing?! He’s liable to get himself killed! Well, that’s alright with me!”

-Suddenly, the commander draws his own saber, and in the blink of an eye, they clash together. Kaim expected to just be able to slice through his adversaries, but hadn’t counted on the experience of the units leader.-

Kaim: “Eah! Damn!”

Sq. Commander: “Hmph! You think this is some kind of game kid?! Real battles aren’t known for their reset buttons!”

-Kaim gritted his teeth, and struggled to keep his saber steady with his foes. Trevor, realizing Kaim was in danger, fired his thrusters up and sped toward the enemy. He jerked his controls to the left and strafe-turned in a wide circle delivering a few rounds toward the enemy commander, which were intercepted suddenly by one of the two other units, carrying a heavy shield-

Trevor: “Damn you! Get out of my way!”

-The enemy commander took his chance, seeing as there would be no backup available for Kaim. He dropped his machine gun, and swung the free arm of his MF straight into the chest of Kaim’s. The concussive blow to Kaim’s cockpit threw him completely off balance, losing the hold he had on his saber. This gave the enemy commander the chance to jerk his own saber away, and get a clean slice, completely severing the right arm of Kaim’s MF. Trevor spots this from his camera’s peripherals and shouts-

Trevor: “KAIM!”

-The enemy commander grinned-

Sq. Commander: “Now’s my chance! I’ve got you!”

-The enemy commander raises his saber, ready to cleave Kaim’s MF in twain, when suddenly, a chime is heard from his control panel-

Sq. Commander: “Eh?!”

-On his screen, is a flashing warning flag, and on his radar, the form of a G-Class battle ship heading straight for him. The scene cuts to inside the Freya’s bridge. Captain Huron sitting at the edge of her seat with her hand outstretched-

Captain Huron: “Fire!”

-Before the enemy commander had the chance to react, the front-side main cannon of the Freya discharged, and a bright red beam of energy enveloped the enemy commanders MF, barely missing Kaim’s. The camera cuts to inside the cockpit of the enemies-

Sq. Commander: “E-EAHHH!!!”

-With his last breath spent howling into space, the enemy commander’s mech is vaporized. Seeing the cannon fire heading his way, Trevor cuts a hard right, in time to see the two other enemy MF’s get caught in the beams path, vaporizing. A moment of silence passes, followed by an audio com from Kaim-

Kaim: -panting- “C-captain Huron…Thank you…”

Captain Huron: -Aggravated- “Docking bay is clear…I want both of you to get on the ship, and head straight for my quarters…NOW!”

-Both Trevor and Kaim swallow hard and respond-

Trevor & Kaim: “Yes Captain…”

-The screen shifts to Trevor shifting up beside Kaim’s MF, and helping him into the Freya’s docking bay. The screen fades out, and cuts back in to Trevor and Kaim exiting their MF’s and removing their helmets, instantly greeted by a team of engineers who immediately begin repairs. At the door that leads to the main hall of the ship, A frail looking, elder man, with his hands behind his back, wearing a lab coat stands waiting for the two young pilots. After they reach the base level of the hangar, Kaim pats Trevor in the back and points-

Kaim: “Uh oh…Look who’s waiting for me…”

-Trevor chuckled, and pocketed one of his hands into his flight suit-

Trevor: “And here I was thinking the captain alone would be enough…you’ve got Professor Pryzbal to deal with…”

-Kaim hung his head and began walking toward the door, Trevor walked behind him, keeping a spectators distance from what was about to ensue. As Kaim approached the doctor, the camera cut to Trevor’s face. Suddenly, a loud, echoing ‘thwack’ was heard, and Trevor grimaced-

Trevor: “Ooh…that’s got to hurt…”

-The next thing heard was Kaim’s wails of pain, and Professor Pryzbals shouting-

Pryzbal: “Can’t you keep my machines in one piece?! Don’t you think I work hard enough on them without having you get an arm chopped off?! Look at that poor Einherjar unit!”

-The professor clumsily walked over to Kaim’s MF and began to pet its leg-

Pryzbal: “There-there, I’ll get you fixed up in no time…I won’t let that gorilla hurt you anymore…”

-The professor began mumbling off, talking to himself and Kaim’s Einherjar unit. Trevor walked along side of Kaim who was still rubbing the back of his head. He patted Kaim on the shoulder.-

Trevor: “Come on ‘gorilla’ before the captain stuffs us BOTH in a zoo…”

-Kaim chuckled and followed Trevor into the main hall. The Freya’s halls were kept neat and very clean. Crew and Civilians alike walked back and forth, going about their business as Trevor and Kaim headed for the Captains chambers. Trevor pocketed his hands, getting slightly nervous knowing what was going to happen when he and his friend walked through that door. Soon after, they arrived at their destination. Trevor sighed, looked at Kaim and nodded-

Trevor: “Here we go…”

-Kaim rubbed the back of his head with one hand, and with the other, pressed the door chime on the right side frame. A small chime was heard, followed by the cut in from the speaker by the door, booming the captains voice.-

Captain Huron: “It’s open…”

-Trevor looked over at Kaim and sighed, then hit a button next to the door chime, sliding the door open. The two walked in, and found the back of the captain’s chair facing them. It was at an angle, so the two could see her left hand tapping her fingers on the arm rests. Trevor thought; “If looks could kill, that pane of window glass would be a goner” Just then, the silence was broken by the captain’s first words, as she hit the remote door shut and lock-

Captain Huron: “First…let me start off by stating how relieved I am, you’re both alright. And then, continue by wondering what the HELL you both were thinking?!”

-As she spoke, she turned her chair to face them, her eyes locked onto theirs, unwavering. Trevor could swear he felt her stabbing his soul with her glare.-

Captain Huron: “Not only…did you end up severely damaging one of our Einherjar units. But you ALSO disobeyed my direct orders…And Kaim! You could have been killed! Trevor tried, but he wasn’t able to save your ass was he? What would you have done if we hadn’t come when we did?”

-Both pilots stood there quietly. Trevor, because he wasn’t being asked the question and Kaim simply because, to be honest, he was afraid of the Captain-

Captain Huron: “That wasn’t a rhetorical question Ensign…I want an answer…”

-Kaim swallowed hard, and rubbed the back of his head, smiling sheepishly-

Kaim: “C-Captain, I’m really sorry…I-It’s just, we had the chance to really do some damage to those EOCU clowns…”

-The captain shook her head, and looked over at Trevor, whom, so far hadn’t said a word-

Captain Huron: “And you…I’m disappointed in… What would your father do if he found out you disobeyed one of my orders? I thought you had a little more sense in your head then to go listening to some stupid idea Kaim puts into your head!”

-The captain, growing slowly more agitated, climbed out from her chair, and walked on her hands and knees onto her desk, leaning in close to Trevor and Kaim-

Captain Huron: “You are both lucky to be alive right now…but I’ll tell you this once, and once only…you EVER disobey another order of MINE, and I’ll have both of you sucked out of the air lock…is that understood?”

-The two pilots backed up, fearfully-

Trevor & Kaim: “Y-yes c-captain Huron…”

-The captain nodded, and got off of her desk, standing up and fixing her uniform top. She looked at the two of them-

Captain Huron: “One more thing…”

-They both looked over at her, unsure of what would she would do next-

Captain Huron: “Despite the collective damage both of your MF’s sustained…” -she smirked- “You did a hell of a job out there sticking it to those EOCU guys... Good work.”

-They both smiled at her, then at one another-

Captain Huron: -With a grin- “Now get out of here before I shoot you both myself…”

-Trevor didn’t have to hear it twice, and made for the exit, dragging Kaim with him. The door shut behind them, and the Captain sat back in her chair, closing her eyes and sighing.-

Captain Huron: “What am I going to do with two bone heads like them? But despite their lack of thought, they both held their own against an entire unit of colonial forces. Aside from Kaim’s blunder, they carried out their attack like veterans. That Trevor… His father would be proud…”

-The captain’s thoughts were cut short by a chime on her desktop com unit-

Captain Huron: “Go ahead…”

-She said, after hitting the console’s accept button-

XO Murphy: “Captain Huron…We’ve received orders from headquarters to return to Archis immediately. What are your orders?”

-The captain cocked an eye brow, and fixed her hair while listening to what the XO had to say. She sighed at the given orders and responded.-

Captain Huron: “Alright, make the necessary course changes, I’ll be on the bridge momentarily…”

XO Murphy: “Understood.”

-The captain hit a console button, ending the com, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, placing her hat back on her head before standing, and straightening her uniform out-

Captain Huron: “I’ll never understand the brass…Who knows what they want from us this time…”

-She headed for her door, opened it, and left her quarters. The screen fades to back, and cuts in at the pilots lounge. Trevor rests in a chair by the door and sips a soda acquired from a vending machine. On the other side of the lounge, Kaim wrestles with snack machine that refuses to dispense his item. Other pilots hang around, sitting at tables chatting to one another. A woman walks through the door, she’s of middle age, but still quite beautiful, her dark orange, shoulder length hair bounced into place as she stopped at the door way to take a look at everyone that was there. Her brown eyes gazed about the room, and lit up when she spotted Trevor.-

Leila: “Trevor! ~ When did YOU get back?”

-She smirked and walked over to where he sat; Trevor looked up at her and smiled, setting his soda down. Stepping behind woman, was a large, gruff man, built like a rock with tan skin, blonde hair and blue eyes that showed no emotion-

Trevor: “Lt. Leila, Major Osorio, how are you guys doing?”

-Osorio nodded quietly, and pulled out a seat for Leila to sit in, pushing her chair in for her as she sat, he himself pulling one up from another table. Leila crossed her legs at the knee, and tapped a finger on the table. A light grin played on her face-

Leila: “Not too bad…better than I can say for you and Kaim. We heard what was going on with you two, and came here after we found out you docked. So just what were you two thinking huh?”

-Kaim walked up behind Leila with four bags of snacks and a cocky grin on his face-

Kaim: “We weren’t, that’s probably why we got caught~”

-Trevor shook his head and sighed-

Trevor: “We would have gotten caught anyway. The captain was right, I probably shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place.”

-Leila smirked and leaned back in her chair, placing her hands behind her head-

Leila: “Well, that may be so, but I heard the two of you gave that EOCU commander a few things to think about before the Freya blew him and the rest of his hounds away, huh?”

-Kaim grabbed a chair and straddled it with the back of it up along his chest, leaning on it, munching on one of his snacks-

Kaim: “I’m telling ya’ We would have done fine with out the Freya’s help… So my MF got a little damaged… I had a perfectly good left arm to work with, right Trevor?”

-Trevor looked over at Kaim with a cocked eye brow-

Trevor: “Think what you want my friend, but if it hadn’t been for the captain, your cocky smile would have been wiped all over the asteroid belt…”

-Kaim grunted, and leaned back, forgetting there was no back to the chair, with the way he had it, and fell backwards. Without missing a beat, Leila just ignored it and looked back at Trevor.-

Leila: “Well, according to the Captain, were headed for Archis as we speak. We should be there within the hour…”

-Trevor looked down at the table a moment, in thought-

Trevor: “Archis… Isn’t that where the Freya was originally built?”

-Osorio finally spoke up, his voice deep, and clear-

Osorio: “That’s right. I served as its chief engineer back when it was still being used for the ‘Populous Project’…”

-Kaim sat gathered himself back into the chair he sat in, rubbing the back of his head. Remnants of his snack scattered across his uniform-

Kaim: “That’s right big guy, you used to be a scientist before the first war…I had almost forgotten about that…”

-Leila chuckled, and put her hand on Osorio’s arm-

Leila: “Yea, right? He just looks like he was made for that uniform…Look at those muscles…”

-Osorio seemed to blush slightly, clearing his throat. Trevor smiled some-

Trevor: “Say, Lt. Leila, when we get to Archis, do you think we’ll get any leave time?”

-Leila smirked, and tilted her head-

Leila: “I can’t say for sure Ace, but why in the world would you be looking for leave time I wonder…”

-Trevor looked away, blushing a little. Kaim pulled his chair closer to the table, reaching over and pinched his cheeks-

Kaim: “Yea Ace, make sure you give Ayase a big ol’ wet one for me ya hear?”

-Trevor grunted, and shook his head-

Trevor: “Knock it off…I was just wondering is all…”

-Kaim and Leila laughed and even Osorio smiled a little, and then a thought popped into Leila’s mind.-

Leila: “Oh yea, I almost forgot. Ace, your sister told me to have you stop by and see her when you got in. She said she’d be in the deck 5 labs…”

-Trevor blinked a bit-

Trevor: “Oh? Alright, I better go do that before we get to Archis then, while I have the time.”

-Trevor sat up from his seat, and pushed his chair in. He waved good bye to everyone, and headed out of the lounge, walking toward the lift. After a short wait, it arrived, and he headed toward the labs on deck 5, as instructed. He walked through the lab doors, and instantly spotted his sister slouched over a desk, a thick pair of goggles adorned her eyes. She played with some sort of soldering tool on a circuit board, and so he approached her quietly. He knew better than disturb his sister when she was working with her toys. He waited for the right moment, and spoke up.-

Trevor: “Cheryl, Lt. Leila said you wanted to see me?”

-The young girl popped her head up, her shoulder length dark brown hair fluffed a bit from the movement.-

Cheryl: “Huh? Oh! Hi Trevor…When did you get back?”

-Trevor pocketed his hands and leaned over the table to see what his sister was working on-

Trevor: “Bout’ half an hour ago or so…What are you working on?”

-Cheryl removed her goggles, placing her soldering tool down, and picked up the circuit board she was working on-

Cheryl: “Oh, I’ve been working on an upgrade for the Einherjar’s targeting matrix…it should increase its efficiency by at least a half to a whole percent…”

-Trevor blinked-

Trevor: “Uhh…half a percent huh? That’s it?

-Looking slightly annoyed, Cheryl put her goggles back on and continued work on the circuit board.-

Cheryl: “Well, anyways. I just wanted to ask you if the adjustment I made to your MF’s right arm helped to supplement your reaction time any…”

-Trevor nodded, placing one of his hands on his chin-

Trevor: “You know, now that you mention it, I did notice a difference between the last time I was out, and the time before that…”

-Cheryl smirked cockily and looked over at Trevor-

Cheryl: “Of course, I did the work… So I hear were headed for Archis. Think dad will be there?”

-Trevor shook his head, crossing his arms-

Trevor: “I don’t know…Maybe. Last time I heard his fleet was in just outside this sector, so its possible…”

-Cheryl sighed a bit, and went back to soldering the circuit board. Trevor quietly watched. The camera fades to black, and cuts back in at the Freya’s bridge. Captain Huron walks through the doors, and is greeted by XO Murphy standing at attention-

XO Murphy: “Captain~ I trust you lectured our young pilots?”

-Captain Huron smirked, and sat in her chair, crossing one of her legs-

Captain Huron: “You know me better than that Alton…I don’t lecture people.”

-Murphy chuckled, and sat back in his chair, beside the captains-

XO Murphy: “Let me guess, the airlock threat again?”

-The captain smiled and looked over at Murphy as he spoke-

XO Murphy: “You know captain, one day you’ll just get fed up and do it…Imagine the crews surprise.”

-they shared a hearty chuckle amongst the two of them, the camera shifts to some of the bridge crew smiling to themselves, hearing the conversation-

Captain Huron: “Tell me Alton…do you have any idea why they want us at Archis?”

-Murphy looked out through the main screen, at the passing space-

XO Murphy: “Hmm…It’s hard to say captain. When I received the orders to relay to you, it was pretty cut and dry. No sign of any trouble. Perhaps they have something they’d like us to take care of, which would be better off discussed in person.”

-Captain Huron leaned back, looking up, gathering her thoughts. She wondered what was going on, mostly because it was the first time she had been called back to base since she had been assigned to the Freya. She was worried that it may have something to do with her performance as Captain, but kept telling herself that things would be fine. One of the bridge crew looked up from her console, and turned her head to face the captain-

Helmswoman: “Captain Huron…We’ll be entering Archis aerospace within the next ten minutes”

-The captain looked from the ceiling, to the crew member who had addressed her-

Captain Huron: “Understood, continue as coursed”

-The crew member looked back down at her consol-

Helmswoman: “Aye captain.”

-The screen fades to black, and cuts back to an outside view of the Freya traveling through space, towards her destination, the military stronghold Archis. Her engines hum in the cold darkness of space.-


-The screen fades in to a large space colony, the Earth, a small sphere as its backdrop. The words; “Space Colony: Muspelheim” appear at the bottom portion of the screen, indicating the structures name. The camera then cuts into a room with a desk, behind it sits a rather gruff, older man with a white goatee, and mustache, complimenting the rest of the grey hair atop of his head. His light brown eyes gaze over a few documents. A door opens up, and in steps a man dressed in EOCU military uniform, handing the elder man a sealed envelope-

Soldier: “Sir, this message just arrived from the CUV Grenfell.”

-The older man looked up, taking the message, cracking its seal and reading it over. His eyes’ went flat, and a look of disgust drew across his face.-

Soldier: “Lt. Commander Segwei?”

-The soldier stepped closer, tilting his head. The elder man looked up at the solider-

LtCmdr. Segwei: “…Inform Admiral Kislev…the Grenfell reports Commander Vance’s entire unit has been completely wiped out…”

-The soldier steps back, shock taking his face-

Soldier: “C-Commander Vance? R-Right away sir!”

-The soldier rushes out of the office quickly. The camera zooms in on Segwei’s face, and then shows him slamming his hand down onto his desk, shoving the message against it hard. The camera pans to the desk, making part of the report legible. It reads; “EOCU mobile unit 4 | Status – Annihilated | Cause: Encounter with EFSS Freya.-

LtCmdr. Segwei: “Federation scum…Do you think we’ll let you get away with this?”

-The screen slowly fades to black…-

-Cue End theme-

Preview of Episode 2: A Premonition of War

The Freya makes it to Archis; however her crew is still in the dark as to what purpose they have for being there. Finally on solid ground, everyone gets a chance to stretch their legs. Captain Huron is called to meet with a Major Artea Gildsby to be briefed on what is to come. And surprises wait just around the corner, as the Freya’s crew gets a few new faces.

But what of the message the colony military leader received? Will the battle between the Freya and the EOCU’s 4th mobile division spark deeper conflict in the days to come? Only time will tell…
Aku-o tatsu tsurugi-nai!

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