Mobile Suit Gundam SEED AU: Angelic Dawn

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED AU: Angelic Dawn

Post by Deathzealot » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:32 pm

The final story I am going to be posting here. This is my main project after my NaNoWriMo stories. Basically a large AU that has been vastly rewritten, time-line included, if requested I will post the new Time-line I pounded out as well any further Background data. [NOTE: All links are too Google-Docs, just to let everyone know. If you don't like reading in Google Docs all stories are FFN as well, some of the stories have direct links in my Signature]


As the war rages on, a new variable is about to be introduced. One that shall change the war itself along with the entire world. This new variable will be introduced at the neutral colony of Heliopolis...Part One of Angelic Saga...K/OC A/L C/OC M/M [Rating PG-13/Teen] [In-Progress]

Prior Phase
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Phase Four
Phase Five

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