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Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:26 am

Gundam 00ME
A Gundam 00/Mass Effect Crossover


In the year 2307 the private armed organization Celestial Being, brainchild of the mysterious Aeolia Schenberg, began to initiate interventions into humanity’s conflicts in the name of eradicating war. Their principle weapon is a combat machine called Gundam, a humanoid combat robot aka Mobile Suit, using a specialized power source called the GN Drive. Aeolia’s intention was to use Celestial Being’s interventions to unite the world, preventing humanity from exploring deep space with conflict in their hearts. There were some who tried to thwart this plan or turn it to their own uses but thanks to the skills of the Gundam Meisters, they were foiled and the plan was realized. Humanity united into one world nation and began to reach out to the stars. Aeolia had foreseen this and humanity was as prepared as they could be for First Contact.

Celestial Being remained in the shadows, watching, protecting, guiding. And then, in the year 2323, everything began to change. Explorers on Mars unearthed alien ruins. The human race was electrified. Did this mean they were no longer alone? The ruins pointed humanity deeper into space where they discovered that Pluto’s moon of Charon was not actually a moon but a shell concealing another ancient relic that would come to be called a Mass Relay. A colonization boom such as never had been seen before erupted as humankind expanded beyond their solar system and began to chart one exotic world after another. And all the while, Celestial Being watched and waited… for Contact. And then, it happened. But not in the way anyone had hoped.

Humans called it the First Contact War. The Turians only refer to it as the Relay 314 Incident. Technically it was all a big misunderstanding. The turians, a race of aliens who were part of the Citadel Council, found a group of humans re-activating a Mass Relay named Relay 314. This was forbidden under Council law, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire. One ship escaped to warn the Federation and the war began. Fortunately it only lasted for three moths, but the ramifications were long lasting. Celestial Being intervened in the only large-scale action during the war, the occupation of Shanxi and, for the first time in galactic history, an alien race knew what it was to battle with a Gundam. The humans and turians were on the verge of a complete galactic war when the Citadel Council intervened. From the Council, humans learned of the Citadel and the central galactic government. Eventually, humanity gained an embassy on the Citadel and began to assert its place in galactic society, just as Aeolia envisioned. However, even Aeolia could not have foreseen just what the other races of the galaxy what perceive of humans. Nor what ancient threats lay in wait.

Through all of this, Celestial Being had tried their best to keep humanity united and strong. But once humanity was part of the galactic community their role began to change somewhat. With humanity in almost no danger of splintering and now a part of something larger than themselves, Celestial Being’s missions began to focus more on protecting the human race from alien aggression than anything else. The Occupation of Shanxi was only the first time that Celestial Being’s Mobile Suits would come to humanity’s aid. In the ensuing years, Celestial Being would become a “private security company” that would become something of a legend in Council space. When Batarian slavers raided the colony of Mindoir, Celestial Being’s Gundam Meisters were the only ones to break through the batarian lines (even though many slaves had already been taken and the colony suffered severe casualties).
During the retaliation attack on the moon of Torfan, Celestial Being’s Gundams made the batarians pay heavily for what they had done at Mindoir.
During the Skyllian Blitz, when it looked like no one else could save the colony of Elysium, Celestial Being almost single-handedly pushed the pirates and batarians back, saving the colony.

Today, the human race is both respected and slightly feared. Their technology is based on GN particles, not the Element Zero the rest of the galaxy uses. Human mobile suits have been extremely effective in combat, saving human lives numerous times. They are a technology unlike anything the galaxy had seen before. Now, several species are experimenting with MS tech. For this reason, GN Drive technology is a closely guarded secret by both Celestial Being and the Earth Federation.
As humanity expanded across the solar system, the Federation learned how to produce true GN Drives. Because of this, human Innovators have multiplied. Initially, they only possessed those attributes demonstrated by Setsuna F. Seiei. Contact with the galaxy’s collection of element zero biotics have lead Innovators to expand their abilities, making them even more of a force to be reckoned with. Other races largely distrust Innovators though because of their quasi-telepathic abilities.

This is the age Aeolia Schenberg dreamed of. Celestial Being, however, is divided. There are those that say that Celestial Being should only protect human interests. Others argue that because humanity is now a part of the galactic community, Aeolia Schenberg’s plan has been fulfilled and Celestial Being should chart a new course through this new world. Into this arena steps a young mobile suit pilot named…

“Shepard? Was born on earth but his family split when he was a boy. He followed his mother into space and was living on Elysium when the Blitz occurred. He was a member of the Colony Militia at that time and in a non-GN mobile suit, he rallied the defenders and struck back at the invaders, helping to hold them long enough so that the Federal forces could arrive. Unfortunately for him, when he did that, he was unable to defend the facility his mother was working in and she was killed in the conflict. We scouted him and recruited him shortly thereafter. Couldn’t let him rot in a Fed prison.”

“He sounds like a loose cannon. Is that what we really want?”

“He fought off invaders in a non-GN Drive equipped mobile suit, got Federation soldiers to obey his command and practically single-handedly saved Elysium, sacrificing his mother in the process. And he was only eighteen years old at the time! For all that the Federation labeled him a criminal and threw him in prison. He was more than willing to join us.”

“His scores are impressive. He’s a natural MS pilot and an Innovator.”

“We can’t question his courage.”

“We need him.”

“I’ll make the call.”
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Garuda128 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:04 am

Oh. My. God. That was freakin' beast. I would read that 100%, man. I love ME and Gundam, so seeing this together almost made me **** in my pants. I had an idea like this but with gundam and Ace Combat. Go for it man.
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Both pilot awesome weapons, a first in something and voiced by Brad Swaile. Close resemblence

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:03 pm


The sun shone across the rich, cream and brown-colored clouds of Jupiter as a sleek warship arced over the gas giant. This ship did not belong to the Earth Federation (formerly the Earthsphere Federation but had dropped the sphere once humanity expanded into the galaxy). Its blue and white hull sparkled under the distant light of the Sol system's sun. Onboard the ship, various crewmembers in different colored uniforms went about their duties. One crewmember in particular was making his way to the bridge to watch as the ship passed through the mass relay. He was a tall man, well-built with a strong jaw, sharp blue eyes and dark blonde hair kept short and parted down one side. He was wearing what was called a normal suit, the standardized pressure suits that all MS pilots wore. It was colored a deep blue on the front and back with lighter blue flank panels and heavy armored padding on the chest colored grey.

This man strode onto the bridge of the ship just in time to see the pilot swinging the ship in front of the massive needle-shaped Mass Relay.

"Well! If it isn't Shepard! Hey check this out. This is going to be the ride of your life. Coordinates locked. Entering relay in five… four… three… two…" said the pilot.

As the ship flew past the relay, the burning energy at the center of the needle reached out an ensnared the ship. With a bright, lightning flash, the ship accelerated and vanished, only to reappear at another relay. The ship then accelerated and entered FTL drive.

On the bridge, the pilot looked over his controls.

"GN Field… stable. Drift… just under 1500k."

"1500k is very good," said the MS pilot, impressed.

"Very good? Did you remember to zip up your uniform when you went to the head this morning? I just jumped us across the galaxy to hit a target the equivalent size of a piece of paper! That's more than good that's awesome!"

"I take it someone hasn't had their morning cup of joe?" asked the MS pilot.

"Don't mind him," said the man seated to the pilot's right, "Joker's always like that."

"Hey I just want to make sure credit is given where it's due," said Joker. The bridge speakers crackled to life at that moment and a deep voice said, "Joker, was the transition successful?"

"Yes captain. We've reached cruising speed and stealth systems are engaged," replied Joker.

"Good. Find us a comm buoy and link us into the network. I want updates every half-hour."

"Captain Anderson sounds upset," remarked Shepard.

"Only when he's dealing with Joker," said the other pilot with a grin.

"Ah ha ha, very funny Alenko," said Joker darkly. The speaker chose that moment to come online again.

"And if Shepard is up there, tell him to meet me in the Briefing room," said Captain Anderson.

"You heard him Shepard," said Joker, "You better get down there, sounds like the Captain is having one of his 'hurry-up-and-wait things.'"

"I'll leave you two alone then," said Shepard, with a grin. Turning, he walked back the way he had come from where Joker and Kaidan Alenko were sitting, past the rows of operators, took a left at the central display monitor and exited the bridge/CIC area. This ship, the Ptolemaios, was not incredibly large, but if you didn't know your way around, you might just end up getting lost. Shepard did know where he was going and arrived there within just a minute or two after leaving the bridge. Captain Anderson stood in the center of the room, gazing down at the large screen built into the floor of the briefing room. Anderson was a tall man, balding, with what hair he had left turning gray. He had dark brown skin and slightly sunken eyes that nonetheless held a quick and keen intelligence in them. He nodded at Shepard in greeting.

"Shepard, how are you finding the Ptolemaios?" he asked.

"It's an excellent ship sir. I'm proud to be serving on her."

"Did you know that she's named after the ship that Celestial Being used in its first public interventions?"

"No I didn't. So she's got quite a reputation to live up to then."

"Don't worry, the new Ptolemaios is more than up to the challenge. This ship is equipped wit all the latest technology that Celestial Being has developed. But that's not really the reason we're on this cruise."

"Oh? And what is the reason sir?"

"Well, there are two, one official and one unofficial. The official reason is that we're heading to a planet called Eden Prime for some observation. Do you know much about Eden Prime?"

"It's one of humanity's most well-developed colonies. They say it's a paradise."

"Yes, Eden Prime is one of humanity's shining beacons, proving that we can build vibrant colonies far from Earth and protect them. Thanks to a certain discovery that they've made, Eden Prime is about to become the center of galactic attention."

"What discovery is that?"

"A few days ago, they unearthed a Prothean Beacon just outside the colony."

That set Shepard to reeling somewhat.

"I knew this was more than a simple shakedown run," said Shepard, grinning.

"This is big Shepard. The last time humanity discovered alien technology, it sets us on a course to the stars and to a violent first contact. We're headed to Eden Prime to make sure that no trouble is stirred up."

"And since we're using a ship like the Ptolemaios that means that this is an unofficial mission?"

"Exactly. Celestial Being is doing this because certain of the higher-ups believe that these Prothean artifacts turn up trouble wherever they're discovered and we don't want innocent people getting killed because of it."

"Because they think that aliens will try to take the beacon?"

"Because anyone might take the beacon." Anderson's brow furrowed and he turned away from Shepard to look at one of the monitors set in the wall.

"Perhaps I shouldn't be telling you this, it'll only spread rumor but I've never been one much for politics. Are you aware that there's a certain… factionalism developing in Celestial Being?"

"I'm not sure what you mean sir."

"There are those in Celestial Being that believe that now that humanity is united and is claiming their place in the stars, that our mission is now to protect humanity from various and sundry alien threats. I don't take much to this philosophy much. Then there are others who believe that we need to focus things on a more galactic scale."

"Save the galaxy from itself, rather than just humanity?"

"We will still watch over our fellow human beings but the original plan that Aeolia Schenberg developed, was for Celestial Being to unite humanity so that they could be ready to explore space and meet the other races that were out there. That mission is now done. Personally I feel that trying to save the galaxy might be a little much for us as it is, but we can try."

"There are certainly plenty of species out there that don't like us or are just war-like in general," said Shepard darkly. Anderson regarded him thoughtfully.

"You're speaking about the batarians aren't you?" Shepard nodded tersely.

"I certainly don't blame you for hating them. Most other races in the galaxy don't care much for them either. Let me ask you a question Shepard," he said, walking a few steps closer to Shepard so that they were fully face to face.

"When you were invited to join Celestial Being, why did you accept?"

Shepard thought about that for a moment before he answered.

"It's not for revenge. Vengeance isn't a factor for me. I thought about it long and hard, something you can do plenty of in jail, and I believe in what Celestial Being stands for. Plus, " he added with a grin, "you have a lot more freedom than the Federation military, that's for damn sure!"

Anderson smiled at that.

"I'm glad you answered that way Shepard, because the other, unofficial reason that you particularly were included on this mission is that I'm here to observe you."

Shepard caught the capital letter in that.

"Observe me for what?"

"You are being scouted as a possible candidate for the Gundam Mesiters," Anderson said soberly.

That electrified Shepard and his eyes widened a several notches. The Gundam Meisters were Celestial Being's elite, the ones who had been the defenders of the organization's ideals since the earliest days that Celestial Being had possessed those legendary mobile suits called Gundams.

"They want me to be a Gundam Meister?" he said, excitement sipping through his professional veneer but then was followed by a doubt. "Wait, is that just because I'm an Innovator?"

"No that's not it. In case you didn't know, Kaidan Alenko is also an Innovator and he is not a Gundam Meister. Being a Gundam Meister means much more than being an Innovator…" Anderson was cut off as tone sounded and Joker's voice blared out of the speakers.

"Captain, we're receiving an emergency distress call from Eden Prime."

Anderson and Shepard shared a look and then Anderson replied, "Patch it through Joker."

They both gazed down at the large circle-shaped screen in the floor, which blazed to life with a snowy image of Federation marines battling something that they couldn't see. Guns roared and men screamed. They saw one brief image of what looked like a white mobile suit landing behind the marines and heard an amplified woman's voice yell, "Get down!" There was some more fuzzy action and then a blurry, snowy image of a man in an MS cockpit.

"This is Eden Prime colonial garrison! If anyone can hear this message we are under attack! Repeat we are under attack by the…" the transmission abruptly cut off into a snowstorm of static.

"Joker! How long before we can get to Eden Prime?" asked Anderson.

"We're only a few minutes out Captain. I think it's safe to say that we're the first ones to respond to this transmission."

"Look like this shake-down run just got complicated," said Shepard with a grin.

"Get Alenko and Jenkins down to the Pilot's Ready Room and get ready for launch," Anderson ordered. Shepard snapped off a salute and jogged out of the door, activating his personal communicator.

"Alenko, Jenkins, suit up, we're heading out!"

Several minutes later, Shepard, Alenko and Jenkins, a young man who'd never piloted an MS in actual combat before, were strapped into their trio of GNR-178B GN Caster MS (pronounced gun caster). As Shepard powered up his suit, a viewscreen on his cockpit screens opened up, revealing the face of Captain Anderson.

"We're getting a lot of interference and heavy jamming from the colony, so we can't really tell you what's going on down their Shepard. I know you may want to assist the colonists but your first priority is to get that beacon."

"And if we encounter some locals along the way?" Shepard asked.

"Help if you can but get that beacon secured. I'd be willing to bet that it's the reason that the colony's being attacked. The mission's yours now Shepard. Make us proud."

"Roger that. GN Caster team, prepare to launch!"

The blue and white MS stepped tout of its dock and entered the launch tunnel of the Ptolemaios.

"Launch path is clear Shepard but we're reading a lot of weapons fire, so we'll be pulling back. Don't want any Feds to get a good view at the Ptolomaios!" said Joker.

"Roger that. Shepard, GN Caster Team, Launch!"

The magnetic linear accelerators fired up, launching Shepard' suit off the ramp and out of the ship into the smoke-choked skies of Eden Prime to face an enemy whose strength and motivations were completely unknown. Shepard wouldn't have it any other way.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Just so everyone knows up front, this is not going to be a re-hash of the story of ME1. Some events are going to be altered of course and some will be removed entirely. (Ex. Feros is not going to be in this story). Also, any suggestions for a Gundam for Shepard to fly would be welcome. Stay tuned for the next chapter: ASHLEY.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:16 pm

Very good concept. I've thought of doing this before, albeit with SEED.

This is fun to read, and the character behavior is good, if not a little odd. It's nothing serious, though. Keep where you're going. It looks like it could work out well.

I might come back for more if you update.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:12 pm


The colony was in ruins, blasted apart almost haphazardly. What had once been named after the scriptural Eden, was now Hell. Shepard and his team soon found out what had been responsible for the devastation they now saw around them.
Jenkins, the rookie of the group, had gone ahead of Shepard and Alenko when they had stopped to investigate some wreckage. Shepard saw the young Corporal’s blue and white GN Caster (which strongly resembled its predecessor the GN Archer) getting too far away and called for him to come back.
“Shepard I’m getting some strange readings here, I’m… AAH!”
Shepard whipped his MS around to see some strange looking flying disc-shaped things shooting blue energy beams at Jenkins’ suit.
“JENKINS!” he yelled, opening fire on the flying-pod things. Pink hued energy beams lanced out and speared one of them. Then Alenko was there, gun blazing away and the rest of the pod things were blasted out of the sky. Shepard flew over to Jenkins’ suit while Alenko went to check out the pods. Shepard instantly knew that there was nothing they could do. Jenkins’ cockpit was a smoking crater.
“Shepard, what’s Jenkins’ condition?”
“Whatever was shooting at him blew through his GN Field fast. He’s gone.”
GN technology had advanced to the point that all GN-powered MS were able to generate GN fields to protect themselves no matter their size.
“I don’t know what these things are. Computer doesn’t recognize them either,” said Alenko.
“We’ll keep an eye out. It’s our job to the finish the mission for Jenkins’ sake now as well,” replied Shepard.
They began to head in the direction the strange pods had come from and sure enough ran into a few more. They seemed to be protected by kinetic barriers, which offered no protection from the GN Caster’s beam guns at all. The question of what they were was bothering Shepard right up until they saw a white mobile suit come flying over a line of buildings, a pair of very strange machines hot on its tail. They looked like some kind of alien fusion between a snake and a quadruped animal. Their heads glowed with some kind of sensor unit and twin weapon emplacements fired bright blue beams at the fleeing MS. One of the quadrupeds’’ heads flashed and a larger burst of blue energy flashed out and glanced the MS but its GN field prevented it from being destroyed. The white MS took shelter behind a building, the quadrupeds opening fire on the building.
“That’s a Federation standard-issue Valiant MS,” said Kaidan.
“Let’s help ‘em out,” replied Shepard.
He launched his GN Caster into the air, sighted one of the quadrupeds and opened fire. The alien machines were caught unprepared and were blown to pieces by Shepard and Kaidan. They landed their MS next to the Federation suit. The pilot opened a comm channel and her helmeted face appeared on Shepard’s monitor. It revealed the face of a pretty young woman with light brown skin, full lips and eyes shining in gratitude.
“Thanks, I thought I was gonna go down like the rest of my squad back there.”
“Anytime, miss…?” asked Shepard.
“Williams. Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams of the two-ten… wait are you…”
“Celestial Being? Yep, that’s us,” replied Kaidan. Williams instantly became more guarded; Shepard could see it on her face.
“Relax Chief Williams, we’re not here to cause trouble, we’re here to help. Now I’m willing to bet that whatever these things are, they’re probably after the beacon,” said Shepard, “am I right?”
“How do you know about…Never mind, shouldn’t be surprised. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll be going.” Her MS started to walk off.
“Williams, you should stay with us,” called Shepard.
“No offense, but it would be bad for me to be seen in the company of CB pilots.”
“Chief you’re alone out here. That’s not a smart way to fight against an unknown opponent,” countered Shepard.
“Hardly unknown though we weren’t prepared for them,” said Ashley sourly, “They’re Geth.”
“Geth?” exclaimed Kaidan, “But how can that be? The Geth haven’t been outside of the Perseus Veil in about two hundred years.”
“Well they’re here now,” Ashley shot back, “Came screaming out of the sky in the biggest dreadnought I’ve ever seen. And yes, they went straight for the beacon.”
“Chief,” said Shepard urgently, “We need to stop this attack before more soldiers and civilians get killed. We need to find that beacon and get it away from the colony. If that’s what they’re after, it should draw the Geth away. We could use an extra gun at our side.”
Williams was a few seconds too long answering for Shepard’s liking but he knew what it would cost a Fed officer like her to join with them even temporarily. Although Celestial Being had not actively interfered with the Federation for quite a long time, they were still distrusted and considered criminals in Earth space.
“All right, I’ll go with you. If anyone asks, I can say I impressed you into service or something. Who are you anyway?”
“I’m Shepard, the commander of this little unit.”
“Kaidan Alenko.”
“Now that that’s over with, follow me. Keep up if you can.” Ashley suited action to words and launched her suit, turning in the direction she had come from. Shepard and Kaidan took off after her. After a few Geth-free minutes, they arrived at what the two CB pilots presumed was the dig site. Ashley landed right next to a circular indent in the ground that had lots of archeological equipment piled up around it and exclaimed, “The beacon! It’s gone!”
“Did the Geth take it?” asked Kaidan.
“No, there’s no signs of Geth activity,” said Shepard, scanning the area.
“Nihilus!” Ashley suddenly exclaimed.
“What’s Nihilus?” asked Kaidan.
“Nihilus is a Council Spectre. He was here supervising the removal of the beacon. As if we need a Turian to tell us what to do…” she added bitterly. It was clear she didn’t think much of turians, which was an attitude held by a great deal of humans, especially ones from Earth who hadn’t ever had much alien interaction. The mention of a Spectre stirred a somewhat different reaction in Shepard and Kaidan. Spectre was actually SpecTRe, an acronym for Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. They were the elite agents of the Citadel Council and had the Council’s direct authority to use any means legal and not to protect Council. In that way, they were very much like Celestial Being. Which was exactly why members of Celestial Being disliked and distrusted Spectres. A few years ago, Celestial Being had been infiltrated by a Spectre, kind of surprising since there were no humans among their ranks yet.
“If this Spectre did move the beacon, where would he move it to?” asked Kaidan.
“The spaceport is the only place I can think of, “ replied Ashley, “They would want to get it off planet, like you said.”
“Let’s go then,” said Shepard. Their GN drives flared, Kaidan and Shepard’s green, Ashley’s red and shot off towards the Eden Prime spaceport.”

At the spaceport, the turian Spectre Nihilus was beginning to lose his cool. He’d just lost contact with the team transporting the Beacon and Geth had been reported all over the port. Currently he was sneaking up on what he thought was a lone Geth. He rounded a corner and blinked in surprise. It wasn’t a geth but another turian, one he knew.
“Saren?” he said.
Saren was a very tall turian, with grey skin. This much Nihilus remembered about his old friend and comrade. It was his eyes and his armor that had changed dramatically from the last time Nihilus had seen him. Saren’s eyes were a strange electric blue, perhaps cybernetic replacements? His armor looked different, almost geth-like.
“What are you doing here? You weren’t assigned to this mission.”
“I was passing through the system and it looked like you could use a hand,” Saren replied casually. Nihilus accepted that explanation. After all they were both Spectres, it wasn’t entirely uncommon for Spectres to bump into each other. Nihilus could not think of, or even want to comprehend any sort of duplicity on Saren’s part. Saren was sworn to uphold the laws of the Council, to defend the citizens of the galaxy.
“This is bad. I can’t believe the geth have shown up here after all this time. I’m glad you are here Saren. I could use your help completing my mission.” Nihilus trusted Saren with his life as he would trust any of the other Spectres. That’s why he turned his back on Saren, why he didn’t see him draw his gun and aim it at the back of Nihilus’ head.
“Don’t worry old friend, I have everything under control.”

As Shepard’s team flew over a rise, four of the geth quadrupeds opened fire on them. The three pilots dodged the bright blue beams and returned fire from their rifles. Clearing the wreckage of the destroyed geth, they came to a stop next to the outer buildings of the spaceport.
“We’ll have to go in on foot from here,” said Ashley, “The spaceport is too crowded and we don’t want to crush or blow up any soldiers or civs that are hiding around here.”
They climbed down from their suits using cables that extended from an arm next to their cockpits. Once on the ground, Shepard and Kaidan drew heavy pistols while Ashley had brought an assault rifle with her.
“Let’s go, “ she said gruffly. Shepard grinned; it was obvious that she still didn’t quite trust them. He stopped grinning when they rounded a corner and saw a horrifying sight. It seemed that the geth had set up some strange machines in a courtyard and there were bodies impaled on giant spikes that extended a full eight feet into the air from the bases of these alien machines.
“What the… what the hell are those things?” said Ashley staring at the bodies in open-mouthed horror. Before Shepard or Kaidan could speculate any further, the machines came to life. The spikes retracted and the bodies were lowered until they slumped on the rounded tops of the machines. Looking at them closer, the three of them could see that these weren’t normal bodies. They had turned grey and black, all the clothes having vanished from their persons. The bodies’ hair was gone too and they had strange protuberances all over them, like badly installed cybernetic implants. Suddenly they began to move, slowly, jerkily, like puppets on strings. They opened electric blue eyes and stared unblinkingly at the three pilots. They let out a horrible moaning sound, like a human voice with an electronic buzz, and lurched towards them, charging with arms outstretched. Kaidan was strongly reminded of a zombie movie.
Shepard raised his weapon at one that had leapt to get at Ashley and nailed it in the head. Ashley stared at the thing at he feet and then turned to Shepard.
“Whatever they are they’re not human anymore,” he said grimly opening fire on another one, “Kill ‘em!” It didn’t take long.
“This is… monstrous,” muttered Kaidan as they gazed at the carnage they had wrought.
“The question is, why would the geth do this?” said Ashley.
“We can find out later, after we get the Beacon off this rock. Let’s move team.”
“Yes sir!” said both Kaidan and Ashley. Shepard glanced back at Ashley at was amused to see that she looked slightly annoyed for responding to the order of someone who was a potential enemy. He grinned at her cheekily and kept running.

They rounded a corner into the loading yard and came upon another body, thankfully not one of the strange cyborg-zombies from before. Ashley uttered an oath and dashed to the fallen man’s side. As Shepard and Kaidan caught up with her, Shepard realized that the body was that of a turian.
“Is that…?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s Nihilus. Dammit, the geth must have got him.”
“Or maybe,” called a voice from behind them,” he was ‘got’ by you three.”
Shepard, Kaidan and Ashley whipped around to find a trio of Alliance marines facing them, assault rifles aimed squarely for their chests. Shepard cursed inwardly. The lead marine had the nomenclature N7 stenciled on her armor (and it was a her, those curves on the hardsuit couldn’t belong to anyone but a woman.), marking as Federation special forces.
“Drop your weapons!” commanded the N7. The three had no choice but to do what she said.
“Now judging by the mobile suits we saw earlier, I’m willing to bet that at least two of you are Celestial Being. Funny running into you here in the middle of an oh so convenient mystery geth attack,” the N7 said. Shepard wasn’t about to let this pass, he’d had enough crap from the Feddies to last him a lifetime.
“We are not here to harm the citizens of Eden Prime in any way. We only came to help drive back the attackers. We didn’t even know they were geth until we hit dirt.” Shepard was about to say more when the N7 marine marched towards him, grabbed the lower lip of his pilot suit helmet and dragged his face glossed to her gold-tinted, opaque visor.
“Was it something I said?” asked Shepard nonchalantly. The N7 marine stepped back from him.
“I figured you’d pull something like this Joseph. Joining with an organization like Celestial Being,” she said. A funny feeling began to churn in Shepard as he reached out with his senses. He needn’t have bothered really as the woman pulled off her helmet, exposing a face that was much like his own, but with hair as black as night.
“What the… what the hell are you doing here?” he blurted. The woman marine smirked.
“Isn’t it obvious?” she replied scathingly.
“Uh, Shepard, do you know her or something?” asked Kaidan.
“Oh yes. Chief Williams, Kaidan, allow me to introduce you to Emma, my dear little sister.”
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00ME

Post by Arbiter GUNDAM » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:55 pm

This is an announcement… an announcement that, I’m sorry to say, is about major changes to this story. It is no longer going to be a Gundam 00/Mass Effect crossover.

I have, unfortunately, lost all desire to work on this story in its present form. There are other Gundam stories I want to devote my attention to. That does not mean that this story is going to vanish entirely. It will be reborn, albeit in a heavily edited form. The new version will be a crossover between Mass Effect and an entirely different mecha series. For those who are fans of the genre, I think you may find it a pleasant surprise. The original chapters of this story will still be attached to it and will exist as “bonus materiel” of sorts.

I apologize if this isn’t what some of you have been following Gundam 00ME wanted to hear, but as an author I have to follow my gut, and this is the direction I feel like going in. Hopefully, you will enjoy the new series as much as you did Gundam 00ME.
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