Steel Lancer Arena(Phantom Crash)(reviews wanted)

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Steel Lancer Arena(Phantom Crash)(reviews wanted)

Post by RoninAdversity » Sun May 23, 2010 12:36 am

Year 20XX Old Tokyo

As always people looked to the televised Sport, Rumbling. A deathmatch of mech-styled machines against one another. The "Scoobee" was originally based upon military technology, but later adapted for civilian use. While their are numerous Scoobee producing companies, only three companies have any sort of success in the field. Kojima Industries, which are the producers of the Photon, Founded in 1961. A lightweight Mech, styled after Japanese Mecha. The American Stars formed in 1991, a conglomerate of several American Corporations and the producers of the Aeron. A heavy weight mech, similar in design to a tank on legs, but this design gives it outstanding durability. Then there is Ventuno Gruppo founded in 2001 and in 2008 created the first SV ever, the HolyMk1. Their current model is the HolyMk4. Forming the middle ground between the light Photon, and the heavy Aeron. While there are other models on the market, most wire-heads stick to these three companies. As other models are usually just cheap rip-offs.

The Scoobees can either be controlled manually, with the human pilot sitting inside of a cockpit. Otherwise the human pilot can interface with their Mech via a wireless connection, sitting at home on a specially designed terminal. Most people tend to play at home, as it is much safer. Although those that do pilot manually tend to say that there is a feeling present when your in the middle of it all, with only the armor plating protecting you against death. Despite the dangerous nature, only a few cases of people dying while playing have occurred. Any which way, many of the mech's functions are controlled by an Onboard A.I. Chip. These chips come in many shapes and forms, which are usually in the form of different animals. Each chip has their own individual personality. When Wireheads are playing wireless the onboard A.I. is controlling the entire system. SVs main feature though is the O.C. that they are equipped with. "O.C" stands for Optical Camouflage. It allows the SV to become practically invisible for a short time. The only thing that people can usually see are the muzzle flashes, tail lights, and dust trails. Sometimes experienced wire-heads can see outlines of the SVs.

Our story begins with the new year's season of Rumbling. As always there are several new faces that have appeared to participate in the fights. One such person is the protaganist of our story. Well we can't really call him a hero, not yet anyways. He is playing under the Alias of Seiji. His A.I. Chip is called Error. It is a Bunny-type Chip. His SV is from a third-party producer. It is surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly since this is our main character, it is actually more then decently constructed. Although it uses a third-party body, the weapons ports can accommodate most any weapon from any of the major companies. Currently it is equipped with two combination weapons for arms. the M2021Gatling from Ventuno, and under-slung with the Recoiless Cannon from Kojima. On the shoulders are modified M-24l/4Aside missile launchers. The legs are wheeled, and the main wheels shift backwards to directly underfoot when more speed is needed. Two more wheels hing off the back heel to provide more support. The cockpit is located right in the middle of the chest. He calls his SV, The Ronin. Unlike the standard model, his is painted a black color.

First D Class Match Shinjuku East

Seiji was a little late in entering, so the match had already begun, and bullets were already flying. The gate opened and he walked onto the field. He looked around and didn't see any other SVs. Though if they weren't cloaked, they be on top of him soon. Cloaking himself he started off at a walk, and then when he reached the appropriate speed the drive wheels popped into place and he took off at 120MPH.

The Shinjuku East Rumbling arena was based in an old section of the city. The landscape dominated by ruined buildings, and dirty streets. Part of Old Tokyo, and the Neglected Area. Much of the earth is covered in deserts after a war devastated humanity. The Neglected Areas are just that. Neglected. Sectioned off, many of these areas have become havens for Rumbling, whether legally, or illegally. The world has become very hot. Only a few "Green" areas remain in the world.

He spotted his first two targets, two Holys fighting it out. He locked on with either with one missile launcher and fired. Eight missiles soars into the air, and impacted their intended targets. Four to each Holy. They were knocked around by the multiple explosions, but not out of the fight yet. Both down on the ground he charged forward. As he race passed them he fired off two shots from the recoiless cannon to finish them off.

Seiji jumped when his mech shook violently, and his HUD indicated only having less then 50% armor remaining. Sniper. Throwing the throttle into reverse he dodged a second shot. He was clipped by another shot before he was able to dodge behind cover. He glanced around the corner quickly to see if he could find the Sniper. He caught a muzzle flash before ducking his head behind cover. Probably a Photon equipped with a Heavy Sniper Rifle. Loaded with a drum barrel, it was simply a long barrel gun replacing the arm from the forearm down. He took a deep breath before moving from his cover. Opening fire with two M2021 Gatling guns. He barraged the area where he saw the muzzle flash. Several lucky shots hit their mark. Now revealed his computer could lock onto the enemy Photon. Firing off four missiles from his right shoulder. With that there were only two others present before he could face the Class Ranker. A Ranker, was the best in their class. Then came Area rankers, best in their area. One for each of the three arenas in Old Tokyo. Then finally the First ranker, the best.

He breezed through the final two enemies, a Aeron, and another Photon. He was as green as these other wire-heads. With that he was the finalist, and thus selected to face the Class ranker. "The Class Ranker has entered the Arena, Becareful Seiji, He is a tough one." Error didn't speak much except to alert him of ammunition needs, armor status, and O.C Status.

I know, don't worry Error. He was a little worried though, he need ammunition, and armor repair. Luckily enough a dropship had recently come along and dropped ammunition, and materials for repair. Error handled the loaded, and repairing. Taking only seconds to finish. Just in time to as the area around him exploded. Jumping up he spotted the Class Ranker. An Aeron Class, with six wheels. Three to either side. Equipped with two hedgehog rocket launchers. Launching three per shot. he was approaching him from down the street. Firing off a barrage from his missile launchers, and his recoiless rifles he created a large dust cloud. He spotted a shadow exit the smoke and that was the last he saw of the Class Ranker. He cursed, this guy was good. He'd have to go so far as to say, too good for being only a Class D wire-head.

He was in trouble.

This is what a Photon looks like, Photon
A Aeron, Aeron
A Holy, Holy
And, if you missed the link in the Story, The RoninThough instead of yellow, the main color is black.

My first work, any advice would be grand. Just the first chapter.

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