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Atomic Robot Gundam

Post by Dendrobium Stamen » Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:32 pm

My brain is silly. Anyways, it's Christmas Day, and for some reason this is what it's produced in my head. Enjoy!


Atomic Robot Gundam

In many ways, Christmas 1964 wasn’t at all what Char Aznable expected.

In his long career as a 00 Agent – the longest on record, having been in the 00 ranks since 1959 – he had seen many things, but none compared to this, on an island named for entirely the wrong holiday. Easter Island had been owned for the past several years by a large American corporation known as Side 7 Electromatics, officially for the purposes of testing new atomic technologies not yet stable enough for development in the mainland United States. Recently, however, word had reached Britain’s MI6 that the company’s founder, Dr. Amuro Ray, had set up his personal headquarters there, and shipped large amounts of materiel for use in nuclear-warfare shelters to build what was no doubt a lavish, atomic-proofed estate.

At first, the fact that Dr. Ray was developing a luxurious personal fallout shelter on an isolated island didn’t raise many eyebrows. Phrases like He’s a well-known paranoid genius, they do that sort of nonsense had floated down the corridors of power in British Intelligence, dismissive of another multi-millionaire afraid of seeing their fortune fried by the ‘inevitable’ atomic Armageddon. It was widely agreed that Ray would either lock himself away and let his company carry on without him, or come to his senses, “Like a sensible chap”. Nobody doubted his intellect – by the age of 16 he had earned two doctorates, and played a little-known but critical role in turning the Manhattan Project from atomic ambition into a nuclear reality before turning twenty. The rest was history: founded Side 7 in 1947, and within fifteen years had turned into the largest manufacturer of electrical goods in the West, supplying everything from toasters to the powerful computers that ran NORAD, thanks in no small part to the share of ex-Nazi talent the US Government had ‘loaned’ the startup company.

But for the past two years, Side 7 had been diversifying into robotics, with a focus on military applications – so far MI6 had seen half a dozen sets of blueprints intercepted by their American counterparts, for weapons named ‘Mobile Suit’, Marks I to VI, each larger than the last. The Mk.VI stood nearly sixty feet tall, according to the blueprint Aznable had seen, and footnotes in Ray’s handwriting suggesting firepower exceeding that of a battleship. Nobody knew how such a thing was possible, but combined with his increasingly-paranoid behaviour it was suggested in some circles that the success had been too much for the good doctor, and he had lost touch with reality.

“What do you think then, Mister Aznable?” the voice was Ray’s, and snapped Char Aznable back to reality with a jolt. “Do you like my ark?”

Aznable shook his head, not out of distaste, but confusion. “What do you mean, ‘ark’? Isn’t this just a fallout shelter?”

Dr. Ray laughed; it wasn’t a pleasing sound to Char’s ears. “It is, it is. But it’s more than that. So much more than that.” He turned, exposing a white-jacketed back to the British agent. Char couldn’t do anything, though; he was firmly cuffed to what appeared to be a steel operating table, in what to Char appeared to be a briefing room and interrogation room. “You see, when the Gundams are finished, my fellow Newtypes and I will rebuild humanity from this ark.”

“New... types? Gundam? What are you talking about?” Char could only shake his head – the man seemed to be talking nonsense, but he believed it; the worst kind of megalomania, Char assumed.

Ray laughed again, that sound that irritated the spy so. “I’m sorry, I do get ahead of myself, Mister Aznable. You see, it’s my belief that since atomic power gave us the ability, America and the Soviet Union will wipe each other out with their nuclear arsenals. At the same time, there are a select few men and women in the world brilliant enough to rebuild the world in the wake of such an event. Since the... incident two years ago in Cuba, I have been assembling forty-nine men and fifty women from across the world who I believe fit those criteria. I call these people Newtypes, and all of them are now here with me. Of course, the fiftieth male is myself.”

Char shook his head once more; it was becoming a habit, one that made him glad he had kept his blonde hair short and neat. “So... you and ninety-nine other ‘new type’ people ride out East and West’s self-destruction here. But what if they don’t start dropping nuclear weapons?”

“They don’t have to, Mister Aznable. I will do it for them. You see, my robotics experiments have succeeded, and produced these.” Ray pressed a button on the large television screen on the wall facing Char; a colour picture appeared of what appeared to be a giant robot, with a vaguely human ‘face’, a V-shaped fin adorning its forehead. “Guided Unmanned Nuclear Delivery Armoured Machine. Gundam for short. My 'legitimate' company has built enough of these weapons to destroy every capital city in the Nato alliance and the Eastern Bloc. With their cities reduced to atomic ash when the Gundams detonate their nuclear devices, the armed forces of the two superpowers will blame each other, and use their nuclear missiles to finish the job. All I need to do is press a button in my office,” Ray imitated pushing a button as he said so, “and the rocket which will carry them into low Earth orbit will blast off from the volcano at the centre of my ark, blazing a trail towards the future, my Newtype future!”

Char was stunned, but quickly composed himself. “Do you really expect your insane plan to succeed? And you don’t expect I’ll let you go through with it, do you?”

“No, Mister Aznable,” Ray had a disturbing smirk on his face, “I expect you to die.”

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Re: Atomic Robot Gundam

Post by Wingnut » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:25 pm

And Lalah is the Newtype/Bond Girl that falls in love with Char and helps him thwart Dr. Ray's plans I assume? Bright would make a perfect M and the Aston Martin would of course be painted like Char's Zaku II.

Even if this is all there will be, I enjoyed the story.
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Re: Atomic Robot Gundam

Post by akunzepp » Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:47 pm

Love it

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