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Gundam Ultimatum

Post by Anonymous » Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:28 pm

I've been working on a sort of UC rewrite called the New Era for quite awhile. I'm gonna start a new thread for this fanfic since the other one is filled with my double posts and barely anyone ever posted there. So here's a new thread, and I'll link to the old one, plus I wanna get rid of that damn poll which has been decided for about a month and a half. Anyway, here goes and here's a few links to the old posts and other stuff.
The threads people despise me for:
The other fanfic threads and relations:
This is the new HQ for the New Era timeline, so if you want to read it come here.
In the year 2093, the US government introduces mobile suits. By 2195, the Earth and Space Federation and the New Earth Organization are fighting a desperate war against the Neo Genesis state at Point L5. The ESF and NEO forces have organized the Titans, a group consisting of a core of mercenaries known as the Dragon's Claw and a fleet of ESF and NEO ships. The Titans fleet is heading to Point L3 in attempt to cut off an invasion of the Strategic Naval Research Institute's new Facility Gamma.
I'm probably gonna start from Chapter 2 of Unit 02 of the New Era Gundam series. So be ready for it when I edit this post or if someone posts in this thread before I finish writing Chapter 2 (yeah, writing, I mentioned this before but I'm gonna waste a lot of paper before I type this series out. And my friends are hard at work on this series, too. The whole series should be hopefully finished by the end of this year.).
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Post by Folken Fanel » Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:41 pm

Points to his U.C. rewrite.
Mobile Suit Gundam: Neo
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Post by Anonymous » Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:47 pm

Well I came up with my original idea two and a half years ago and the original storyline was a sequel to Gundam X but I changed it.


The dreaded double-post

Post by Anonymous » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:36 pm

I'm probably not gonna post this fanfic here right now because this book has a lot of fanboyism in it, and I know how everyone is cracking down on my fanboyism. Eventually, I'll have my own website where this fanfic will be posted in its entirety. As of now, there are three parts to New Era Gundam:
Mobile Suit Valor Gundam
Mobile Suit Eclipse Gundam
Mobile Suit New Era Gundam Sidestory: Lightwave Gundam


a proposed variation of the story

Post by Anonymous » Fri Jun 09, 2006 3:01 pm

Mobile Suit New Era Gundam
“This is a test, to see what reaction I get for the idea of Mobile Suit New Era Gundam. I’m not posting the actual story, but a revised variation of it. This is basically a revision and a variation of a fanfic based on an idea I had for a sequel to a ‘what if?’ scenario based on Sunrise’s original idea. I do not own the Gundam trademark, Sunrise and Bandai own it.”
Revision/Variation 0002A: Gundam Resurrection, Trial 001: X-188 vs. GMS-04
Lieutenant Vega knew it was too late. Roland and Gil had launched after Max. The three mecha had left the hangar with full armaments. There was a blast of red light on the horizon. The New Earth Organization’s Exaits had gotten into a battle with the Spacenoid Nationalists’ Crushers. Vega stared into the woods and walked into the hangar. He stared at a white test-type mecha.
“Exait One” came a voice. “This is Max, where are you?! Gil! Roland! The Exaits can’t cut it! My beam rifle isn’t working’ against the Crusher! Get me a bazooka, ASAP!”
“Ensign Max, I can’t find you! The forest is too thick!” Roland responded. “Fire your beam rifle in the air so I can get a lock on your location!”
“Gil here,” added another voice. “I just got word from Vega at the Facility. He said to use the Gatling guns!”
Deep in a coniferous forest in North America, two mechanized giants were battling it out. It is Universal Century 0016, the first year of the New Era. At the core of these giants is an ultra-compact nuclear reactor, giving them amazing power. Two more were headed from the direction of the Facility, a military proving ground in southern Canada. They were going to back-up one of the machines, the one piloted by Ensign Max. These three machines were mobile suits (Space Utility Instruments Tactical), X-188 Exaits, to be exact. The Exait was lightly armed compared to some mobile suits. It had a pair of 105mm Gatling guns stored on its backpack, a superheated hunting knife, and a Mega particle beam rifle. Roland, Max, and Gil were all in Exaits belonging to the New Earth Organization, a special forces UN agency dedicated to ridding the world of terrorism from the orbital space colonies.
From out of the trees, came a pair of Exait mobile suits. Their yellow paint-job gleamed in the sun in the clearing. Their modular-type bodies contrasted with the natural look of the woods. The small rifles were attached to the hardpoints on their rear waist armor. The hatches in their chests were open to reveal the cockpits and the pilots inside. The pilots were dressed in all green NEO uniforms. Their single goggle-shaped sensor in the head was black and shining. The two Gatling guns were held tight against the sides of their backpacks. One of the Exaits had a huge 360mm bazooka clenched in its right hand. He lifted it up and pointed it in the direction it was going. This was the unit piloted by Ensign Roland. He looked desperately for Max and the SN mobile suit he was fighting. Finally, as they left the clearing, the two mobile suits followed a set of giant footprints (they had to be big, after all, the Exait was 18 meters from head to sole). These prints led them out into another clearing. There in front of them was Max. His unit had been disabled. It lay on the ground, fluids flowing out of the robotics. There was a silence. Roland took a long hard gaze at the enemy mobile suit.
It was a GMS-04 Crusher, a model used by the Spacenoid Nationalist military. It was 17.5 meters tall. It was painted shining silver all over. Its mono-eye sensor loomed over its head-mounted exhaust port. The thing carried a heat knife in its left hand. A bazooka was stored on its rear skirt armor and a beam machinegun lay a few yards from the trashed Exait, sliced in half by Max’s knife. Behind the Crusher was a black truck it had been transported on. This was war now.
“Roland! I can’t move! It’s up to you now!” Max called out over the radio.
“If you value this pilot’s life, just walk away,” warned another voice. It was the Crusher pilot. “The Spacenoids have watched as the UN oppresses them and takes their rights. We’re not taking this crap any longer!”
The Crusher backed off a little ways from Max’s crippled Exait. He picked up his bazooka from his armor. He aimed it directly at Max’s cockpit. The door was fused shut. Max couldn’t escape. Roland and Gil were paralyzed with fear for their comrade.
Vega was still at the Facility. He knew something bad was going to happen if he didn’t step in. He took of his officer’s cap and ran his fingers through his spiky black hair. His pale face seemed to illuminate the dimly lit hangar. He got on an elevator and watched the bloody red sunset, wondering how the others were doing. He stared into the two green eyes of the mobile suit he was going to pilot, the VAR-003 Blizzard Gundam. He noticed the air vents on the face that gave it a mask-like quality. The two dual beam guns on the forearms were folded up under the armguards. The six 60mm Vulcan guns in the sides of the head barely stuck out. The places in the leg armor where the beam sabers were stored were closed up tightly. The Gundam’s cockpit door was open. The Gundam was 18 meters tall, just like the Exaits. Vega climbed in and turned the machine on.
The green eyes sprang to life and flashed red for an instant. Vega strapped himself in and pressed down on the right foot pedal. The right foot moved up and stepped forward smoothly. A small screen next to the left hand control lit up and explained the meaning of the word “Gundam.”

Vega grabbed the hand controls and moved them so the arms would free the mobile suit of its storage braces. He moved forward and activated his thrusters. Two nozzles on the bottom of the backpack burst several thousand kilograms of thrust and shot the mobile suit out of the hangar and over the forest. He flew all the way to where Roland and Gil had been just before they found Max. He got a prickly feeling on his neck, like a feeling that he would get into a fight, it was a strange premonition of danger. He looked at the footprints leading out of the clearing. He recognized them as the same shape as the Exait’s foot. The Gundam leaped into the air. A part of the leg armor opened up. A small sword hilt slid out, the beam saber. The Gundam grabbed the hilt and lifted it up. A green blade of charged particles and plasma shot out. Vega saw the enemy on the ground. He was going to attack from above. He knew the Crusher had Reflector Armor, a system that uses a form-fitted Ion-Field barrier to nullify beam weapon attacks, but a beam saber was more powerful than a beam rifle, but it couldn't slice through even so. Vega decided to try stabbing the enemy with the saber. He looked down as the Gundam started to freefall. The tip of the beam saber was pointed down, just over the back of the Crusher’s neck.
The Gundam came down and jammed the beam saber into the Crusher and pierced its Reflector Armor, and its nuclear rector. Roland and Gil fled with Vega following them and dragging Max. For a few moments, sparks came out of the back of the Crusher. The pilot knew he was going to die, even so, a look of surprise was plastered on his face. And then, a huge explosion pelted the surrounding area with debris. The three Exaits and the Gundam returned without any casualties of their own.
“Don’t ever disobey my orders again,” Vega reprimanded as they reentered the hangar. That’s one Exait heavily damaged and a beam saber lost. These things are expensive you know. You could never pay them off on your salary! And Max almost died out there. I’m not going to put sole responsibility on him though, because you two idiots tried to back him up, once again, against orders. You guys aren’t aces, and only a Gundam or an ace pilot can take down a Crusher.”
“Lieutenant!” said another voice over the radio. “This is Commander Stas. You’ve said enough. I think they understand now. You’re starting to sound like their mother…”
Trial 001, over and out.


The name has reverted.

Post by Anonymous » Sat Jun 17, 2006 9:58 pm

This fanfic is set in a storyline I originally called Gundam Ultimatum. Therefore, I have changed the name back to Gundam Ultimatum because I am now working on five "Variations" or alternate scenarios. Variation 0001 is the origianl New Era Gundam stories, 0002 is being written right now, 0003 shows the characters from 0001 and 0002 as soldiers during the Seventh Space War that links shows a more detailed account of the war and its resemblance to the OYW, 0004 is a spoof (Haro Wars, anyone?), and 0005 is a sequel to Under the Moonlight featuring the characters from 0001 and 0002 and links Gundam X to Turn A Gundam. Gundam Ultimatum was originally a Gundam X fanfic that linked it to the Correct Century (originally, at the end, the Turn A Gundam and Turn X are built and used).

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