Tomorrow Winter

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Tomorrow Winter

Post by Dremotion » Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:08 am

To begin with I am new to the these forums, though not to the universe of Gundam or fanfiction for that matter. Tomorrow Winter is an mecha based roleplay a long time ago that I had built from scratch, it was a largely successful in my circle and ran a strong campaign for 2 years. I plan on basing alot of my story from adventures and scenarios from our roleplaying experience. The scenes could get highly detailed, or even graphic, so I'll be placing a R rating on it just in case.

The Setting:
It's an original story-line of course, set on distant planet colonized in the not to far future.

Ouren, a planet that has been at civil war since its colonization. It’s people ruled by government-like factions that sought after the planet’s vast resources. The fighting suddenly came to an end, when a private militant faction known as the Heaven Corps detonated nuclear weapons in Ouren’s atmosphere. By accident or by some purpose, the end result developed a processed winter that buried Ouren’s surface for decades. Areas untouched by this winter suffered terrible droughts that dried entire regions.
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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by ShadowCell » Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:03 am

Post a story, please. We have no reason to care about this stuff if there is no story in which to place it.

If you just want to test-drive a concept before putting in all the work, take it to the General Fanfiction Discussion thread.

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by Dremotion » Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:19 pm

Session One - Blood Stained Snow

June 23rd, 2043

“Casius Upe, I’m not going anywhere with you!” A fair skinned young lady stood with her knuckles at her hips, her eyes gave the dead scolding stare that only a woman could give, even one as young as herself.

“Eva...” Casius, a chipper young man, who was trying his very best to keep his voice down, and hopefully that of his girlfriend, “…I don’t feel this is the best time, can we wait til we’ve left?” He reached for her, hoping to receive her hand so they could leave the diner without continuing this scene any further. Eva’s lips pursed for a moment before gradually becoming a rosy smile.

“What’s the matter; you can’t say it in public?” Casius’s face ran flush as he snatched her hand away from her hip and snapped Eva’s entire body closer to him. He spoke, moving his lips, but keeping his teeth tightly shut.

“My muv mou…”
“I love you…”
“I’m sorry, you’re mumbling.”
“I love you!” He snapped, immediately regretting to not check his tone first. Eva, shook by the outburst, began to smile, with a mix of excitement and bare happiness. A red faced Casius lead Eva outside the diner in hurried steps. “You can be very trying at times.”

There is a soft giggle, “What can I say, I’m too cute.” She leans in a bit closer, “But when you’re all fidgety, I think that’s even cuter.” Their eyes close and lips meet.
“Casius…” The kiss becomes cold, as if to be kissing bare frost.
“Casius….” His eyes refuse to open.

. . .

February 7th, 2051

The rattling tremors from a nearby explosion shook Corporal Casius Upe back into consciousness. His eyes were blurry from liquid, though he couldn’t tell if it was from his eyes or melted frost. He wiped his eyes inspecting it the best he could, blood. As his surroundings came into focus, Casius could see this same blood smeared across the cockpit’s monitor. It was then he could feel a migraine working its way between his left eye and temple. Wiping away at the blood across his face, he caught hold of a gash just above his eye with his middle and pointer finger. He ran his pointer through it estimating it longer than the finger in it.

“Corporal!” Casius’s ears began to ring, he still hadn’t gotten his bearings and the loud pitch of the radio was just too much. “Snow-Seven respond!” It took a moment to figure up and down, but he found he was definitely down, on his back the way gravity was working. Reaching upwards he gripped two handles each opposite the monitor and gave them a strong pull, forcing the front-most part of the cockpit to swing upward with a relieving hiss. Casius unclipped his restraints and heaved himself through the mouth of the cockpit.

“Yo Cass!” Casius turned to his right watching a twenty-two foot bulky mecha quickly trudge through snow closing the gap between them. It was humanoid type colored with Arganac military standard ash-gray, then dotted with random patches of olive green. Its upper torso was heavily bulked with thick armor plating with the pilot in mind of course. This same necessary plating was also reinforced at its joints, though not in the same bulky fashion. Swung across its shoulder was a 120mm smoothbore shoulder cannon, not exactly standard issue, but it was always well appreciated. As it neared its hatch swung open, revealing its dark haired pilot. “Got d*mn it Casius, I thought that was it.” Casius was still a bit fuzzy on what’d happened prior to his blackout, but it came back in short waves. He remembered being ambushed and caught fire from the enemies’ heavy weaponry, but it was a short fall over an outcropping that forced him down.

“Must’ve lost my balance when that shell hit the ground near me.”

“You’re lucky your Machina hit snow, or else you might be dead.” The opposite pilot brought his suit just over the downed unit and leapt down to Casius.

“Don’t know if you noticed, but we’re surrounded by this s**t”. Bringing a cloth to Casius’s face he applied pressure to his partner forcing him backwards a bit.

“Easy McDaniels.” Casius backed away from his partner feeling uncomfortable; he immediately took the cloth from Corporal Henry McDaniels applying the pressure himself. “I got it okay?” Shooting him an uneasy glance, he felt he wasn’t familiar with the term personal space, even though they’d been sleeping within a very tight quarters near each other. It didn’t help much either that Casius was a smaller frame then McDaniels, the overly touchy athletic brute was said to be easy on the eyes, but uneasy with the ladies; this of course only made Corporal Upe all the more cautious.

“Sorry cupcake...” He joked, “…It’s only absolutely freezing out here, thought you could use a hand after that fall.” He immediately stood up and reached upwards hoisting himself to his cockpit. With his feet secure, he turned back to the young corporal, “Can you move it?”

“Yeah…” Casius stood removing the blood dampened cloth to examine his own injury; he gave a short huff as he pressed it again to his temple. “…Imma need a hand though.”
McDaniels gave a nod, “I’ll call the truck over, it should have a chain to pull you out.” He shifted, heading back into his cockpit. Though warmth was escaping out into the cold air, McDaniels seat was almost as warm and as comfortable as when he’d left. “Snow-Three to Snow-Leader, Sarge do you copy?”

“Go for Snow-Leader.” A voice familiar to McDaniels came through; it had the calming tones of a woman, but retained bark of a soldier. Sergeant Alie Evalium, snow unit’s commanding officer, if only her personality was a beautiful as her voice.
“I’ve got my hands on our fallen angel here, he’s dug in pretty bad, requesting we get the truck over here and dig him out ma’am.”

“Roger that Snow-Three, we’re moving on your location now, e.t.a. soon.” McDaniels’ eyes ran across the monitor just right of him confirming they’re location on radar, it shouldn’t be too long. “Oh, and stay frosty, we still have tangos nearby.”
”Roger that ma’am, frosty is all we know.” The corporal shuffled towards the edge of the hatch, leaning out just enough to yell; “Get back inside your seat, we may have tangos.”

Casius adjusted himself sliding his lower body easily through the Machina’s opening, “All these tangos, and no one to dance with.” Even through the radio, Casius could hear McDaniels’ soft mumble.

“Would you shut up and watch the radar!?” McDaniels reached upward yanking down on hatch effectively closing his cockpit shut. Three bright LED monitor gave dim light to an otherwise pitch-black small room, the bulb that’d normally lit the pod was busted, and he’d hadn’t gotten around to replacing it yet. Gripping at his left and right control sticks, he shifts the metal beast 180 and lowered it nearly matching height with Casius’s downed unit. “Can you still fire?”

Casius ran his finger across the center monitor bringing up the Machina’s functional interface. He quickly examined the major functions: arms, legs, life-support, and armaments. Tapping the touch sensitive screen, he quickly noticed that the right hand still held a 30mm autocannon, with more than seventy-percent of the ammunition remaining. “As long as my target is to the right of me I should do fine.”

“In that case I’ll watch your left.” Though understanding the seriousness of their situation, they still managed to force a chuckle or two, followed by a long awkward silence.

With this silence dragging on, Casius watched the radar hoping time would just glide on by, his eyes wandered a bit as he blinked to keep blood out of his eyes. “I’m definitely gonna need stitches.” His mind began to wander observing the clock like dripping of water coming from the seal in the hatch. Each drip seemed to out do the last, as the sound only became louder and louder.

“Com’on Cass…” There is laughter. “I just woke up, put that camera away!”
“And this is my girlfriend Eva at eight in the morning…” They both laugh.
“Stop I mean it…”

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by Dremotion » Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:30 pm

Session Two – Battle Song

August 12th, 2043

“Stop I mean it!” Eva giggled as she scrambled through bed to get away from Casius who was snapping pictures of her through his camera. She threw the covers toward him buying a moment or two before grabbing a pillow and slamming it against his face.

“Ouch…” Still laughing, “That how it’s gonna be?” Casius released the camera letting it swing around his neck and plop against his bare chest. Casius leapt forward grabbing Eva’s soft wrist keeping her from tossing anything else at him.

“No, no, no…” She continued to giggle as the both of them began to lean backward off the bed; Eva quickly shifted herself making the both of them parallel to the ground. Casius hit the ground just a mere moment before Eva allowing him to absorb most of the shock, whilst Eva used this moment to land atop Casius’s upper torso effectively pinning him to the floor. She immediately yanked the camera from around his neck and began taking pictures of her own constantly flashing and blinding Casius.

“How you like that!” Giggling started up once more.

“Okay, okay, I surrender!” Casius blindly reached out yanking the camera away and extended his arms to full-length hoping to keep it out of her reach. Eva instead retaliated by nestling her fingers behind his head and brought their lips together. Casius opened an eye, still allowing his other to adjust, to catch just a glimpse of her short red hair, and just barely able to make out her soft brown eyes. His second eye opened bringing her smile into focus. “If losing is this good, I shouldn’t try anymore.”

“Do you have to work today?” her tone had suddenly changed, though remained playful; she pouted her lowered lip completing her look.

“Only if we wanna continue eating, but if you’re good with eating bread and rice forever, then I’ll call in right now.” Eva poked at Casius’s stomach, and then expanded her cheeks to mock him.

“You eat any less and you’ll vanish.” Casius stuck his tongue out as he began to press his hands against her.

“I’ll have you know this is lean muscle.” He pushed her upward sliding out from under her. Once to his feet, he inhaled expanding his chest and flexed his arms, though after a few moments he exhaled it away. “Very lean muscle mind you.” He shifted heading towards the closet.

“Where are you working today?” Eva rolled up and leapt onto the bed.

“I’m doing that wedding shoot today for that Ortiz couple I met last week.” Casius shouted from within the closet, struggling to find a decent pair of pants, he smelled it once then tossed them aside. “You can come if you’d like.” He pushed a few hanging shirts aside, and became surprised when Eva appeared behind them.

“Are you sure?” She leaned closer towards him, using a closet bar underneath to keep her balance.

“Yes, I’m sure…”


He leaned forward kissing her before she had the chance to jump him again; they both smiled kissing again, and again.

“Open fire!”

. . .

February 7th, 2051

Casius’s eyes shot open, blood had run across his face, though it appeared that it had finally stopped bleeding. His eyes quickly adjusted to the light from his monitor, studying it he eyed McDaniels’ Ashy-Gray Machina on its back, and atop it an enemy unit. Another humanoid type, though less bulky then Arganac mecha, in its hand it bore a large titanium blade, usually your anti-personal last resort. Had Casius been out that long?

“Casius, wake the f**k up and shoot this mother f**ker!”

It was a Titan, a mecha commonly associated with Ave Alliance, but even raiders got their hands on them from time to time. This particular unit was meant for long range reconnaissance, but it looked like it would try its hand at close range as it was persistent to push the blade into McDaniels’ cockpit.

Casius quickly gripped his right control stick and rose the Machina’s corresponding arm several degrees above the ground, resting its crosshairs over the enemy Titan. He hammered down on the trigger spraying countless bullets from the 30mm. Bullets danced across the Titan’s upper torso skipping a trail along its mid-section, confetti like shrapnel blew into the air trading places with the ammunition which seemed to tear into the inner workings of the mecha. It couldn’t take the fire from the 30mm, especially not from this range.

The Titan’s arm went limp nearly allowing the blade to slip out of its own hand. McDaniels’ unit shifted tossing the lifeless machine into the snow, tossing earth and frost into the air when they connected. “Thanks…” Casius’s radio came back to life, “…For almost letting me die.”


“Hold still!” McDaniels braced Casius’s shoulder whilst the squad Medic was finishing up stitching the gash just above this eyebrow. “Doing this in the field isn’t easy, and you’re making even harder.” The medic shouted as Casius’s continued to squirm in pain; he didn’t quite have the luxury of pain medicine. Casius wasn’t too much for pain, nor holding still for that matter.

“You keep this up Cass, you might end up just driving the truck next time.” Casius shot him a threatening glance, though he already knew they didn’t have any back up pilots to replace him, he still didn’t enjoy the comment.
“For the last time I’m sorry, I blacked out.”

The medic raised his hand over Casius’s head to keep him still a moment, then quickly snipped end of the thread finishing up his task. “There, all done.” He quickly waved two fingers at Casius signaling him to sit up; he did so shrugging McDaniels off his shoulder. “Your stitches should hold til next time we reach colony-side, but I’m going to advise you take it easy out there Corporal Upe, you might want to avoid piloting until we get home.”

Casius examined himself noting his blood stained shirt, and slowly began to remove it. “I’ll leave that decision to the Sergeant.” The medic shook his head briefly just before handing him another shirt. Hastily fitting a new shirt on, he zipped his jumpsuit over it and lowered himself out the back of the truck. McDaniels turned around quickly saluting the Medic before following the corporal.

“You know, he let you go as a courtesy, he doesn’t have to clear you for combat.”
Casius huffed, watching as another truck towed his Machina from the snow. “I know, but if the enemy shows up, we’d kind of have no choice, we already lost Vargas and Mahoney, and we’re just three mecha and a single tank now.” Casius cringed a bit listening to the grinding gears of his unit, it was possible some of the components were frozen solid; it would take some time to thaw them, another delay keeping them from port.

“That’s still three Mecha and a tank for the enemy to worry about!” The corporal duo immediately straightened up standing at attention. “If you’re gonna b*tch this much I should leave you here to make snow angels all f**king day, that sound savvy to you!?”
“No Sergeant, I was expressing concern for our unit, ma’am!” Sergeant Alie Evalium pushed herself between the two soldiers and spun on the ball of her foot looking up to them.

“Sounds like whining to me soldier; I got a daughter back home for that, I don’t need that out here!” Her scowl bore into the corporals, like a thug at gun-point, though the two kept their gaze averted looking upward into nothing. “McDaniels!”

“Are you finished reloading the ammo on your unit!?”

“No Sergeant, that’s the crew’s job!”

“That’s your unit, you get over there and reload that 120mm, and then you can clean the barrel, by hand by yourself, do I make myself clear!?”

“Yes Sergeant!” McDaniels quickly begins to hustle towards his unit, though quickly shoots Casius a frightening glare before disappearing behind the medical truck.


“The medic clear you for duty?”

“Yes, Sergeant, I’m heading over to assist in towing my unit ma’am.”

“Carry on then.” She begins heading towards the medical truck’s rear.



“That unit we shot down, that’s a Titan, that’s an Ave Alliance mech.”

“I’m aware of that…”

“Didn’t we receive similar reports about bandits using Ave Alliance mechs?” He took a step forward, making eye contact. “This would count as the fifth…”

“Last time I checked corporal, you’re not Intel, are you?”

“No Sergeant…”

“You’re a grunt, you’re job is to shoot whatever I tell ya, got it!?”

“Yes Sergeant!”

“Carry on!” Casius exits with a brief salute and turns away from Alie hustling towards the tow truck. Alie makes a slow turn towards the rear of the medical truck and gives a brief knock, getting the Medic’s attention. “Lance Corporal Vyse…”

“Sergeant, don’t worry…” Vyse reaches over grabbing a transparent tube and gives a simple toss to Alie. “You’re prescription is already taken care of…”


Alie took a sip of water shortly after swallowing two small tablets; she nestled into her cockpit seat taking in a moment to herself. She watched her heavy breaths escape through the open hatch and into the freezing air, even with her flak jacket on she still felt the tightening feeling of goose bumps across her body. Reaching into the open pouch on her jacket she plucked a folded photo and quickly unfolded it with a rub of her thumb. The photo revealed her accompanied by a much smaller variant of the Sergeant.

Alie admired all the similarities her daughter and her shared: the dark hair, though Alie’s was cut to ear level, hazel eyes that glowed in even the dimmest of light, and even the freckles gathered around her short nose. She didn’t see much of her father’s qualities, though perhaps it was easier that way. Her headache was easing away now, thanks to the pills of course, Alie’s vision was even starting to focus again.

“All clear ma’am, ready on your mark.” Her radio bleeped afterwards, catching her attention.

“Alright, McDaniels you take point, Upe and I will hang back and cover the convoy.”
They all seemed to chime in one after another, “Roger that…”

Alie gave a tug on the hatch sealing her inside the cockpit, “If we continue north we should arrive at Colony 2208 in…”

“Intense heat source detected!”


“Coming in from the east, it’s a missile!”

The Sergeant yanked at her controls a moment bringing her machine to life, and then hurriedly shoved them forward lowering her unit into the snow. “Everyone get down!” Before she’d even hit the ground herself, a missile appeared from the cover of a tree-line and struck against McDaniels unit with a bright flash that seemed to expand the upper torso just a mere moment before it exploded into all directions. It hung there lifeless for what seemed like a thousand moments before crashing into the earth which only further tore the unit apart.

“Henry?” Casius watched as McDaniels’ unit pounded into a expanding cloud of dust and ice. “Henry!” Casius shifted his controls making his way toward the corporal’s unit.

“Get into f**king cover before you get blown up too!” Alie eyed her radar as a lone unit had successfully ambushed them, probably attaining revenge for its fallen comrades, or whatever, it would not be going home today. It began to retreat disappearing through the thicket of trees it had tactfully been using for who knows how long. Her Machina’s 30mm rifle came up to chest level and sang a song of humming bullets that ripped through the tree line like a hammer against toothpicks. Casius soon joined in song ripping a burst from his rifle, spraying across the tree line not sure where the enemy had gone himself.

“Sergeant; four degrees to the right!” The radio operator had chimed, correcting Alie’s fire towards where the target was heading. Alie increased her monitor’s magnification function as far as it could go, but it was still no good against the cover the trees had given.

“Tank what are you waiting for, open fire!” The tank’s Fifty Cal. was already singing a tune of its own, but it was the 120mm cannon she wanted to hear, and she wanted a solo. There was a moment of silence just before the tank fired a hot shell through the trees, it zipped through striking through multiple trees, though finally died striking an outcropping on the other side.

“Correct your fire, two degrees to the left!” The tank operator complied, firing a second shell through the forest which seemed to strike against something with an amazing flash, followed by smoke.

Alie pressed her foot against the pedals sending the Machine rushing forward, “MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” Her unit broke through the tree line and made its way to the downed enemy. Casius was not so lucky, as his Machina slammed into the tree line and met it with much resistance. Pushing further onto the pedals, he forced the metallic beast through, though not without a few scratches. When Casius had caught up to the Sergeant, her unit had already been standing over the downed mech who seemed to be squirming away at the best speed it could maintain. It was a Titan, it’s leg had been caught by the tank shell, no serious damage to the pilot, yet.

“Everyone listening?” Alie eased her crosshairs over the downed Titan, the tiny markers on screen changed from a pleasant green, to a crimson red as she locked onto the target. “We were unable to find any survivors among the enemy party.”

Everyone chimed in nearly altogether, “Roger that Sergeant…” Her 30mm rifle sings its verse, this song is over.

“It’s such a pretty day…” Eva giggled as she spun in the glorious sunlight.

Casius shook his head agreeing, “Yes today is a beautiful day for a wedding…”

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by Dremotion » Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:22 pm

Session Three – Schnee Squadron

August 12th, 2043

“Yes today is a beautiful day for a wedding…” Casius flashed a quick smile to Eva as he snapped her photo. Her red locks and dress blew in the light wind making a great picture even more perfect. “I need to be focusing on this wedding here...” Casius laughed a bit, “…Not snapping pictures of you.”

Eva pouted her lowered lip as she danced towards Casius, “Fine, get back to work.” She twisted pointing to a small pond several yards away, “I think I’d rather play with the ducks.” She giggled as she always did rushing towards the small pond, scaring the ducks into the water’s deep end. She knelt down at the edge of the water placing her hands on her knees as she playfully watched the ducks splash about.

Casius returned his attention back towards the party and snapped a quick photo. He lined up for another shot and began to notice many from the reception were looking away and upward. Casius increased the camera’s magnification trailing a bright plume of exhaust into the sky. “That a shuttle?” He zoomed out a bit, to get a better focus and then noticed another one, further out. “My god…”

There is a sudden flash…


February 9th, 2051

Casius continued to trail the convoy that was being headed by Alie’s unit. Their course took them through a region known as the Reflex, a vast domain of dangerous outcroppings a little vegetation. It was the second coldest region on Ouren, but definitely the most unforgiving. It’s still a wonder that a colony ever survived out here, Colony twenty-two-zero-eight, was originally set up to be a safe haven when the temperatures were still dropping. Now it serves as an outpost for Arganac forces. It’d been a couple of days since the ambush, the Snow Squadron collected what scrap metal they could carry from their downed equipment, and buried their comrades where they had made camp. Words were said, moments had passed, but they were just one more life lost to war and winter.

“We’re coming up on twenty-two-oh-eight.”

Casius lifted his head up studying the monitor a moment on looking a wall of metallic gray slapped with sheets of ice. As Alie’s unit neared this large obstruction, it began to split open going opposite ways. These large blast doors serviced as the Arganac entrance into the colony. Alie cleared the doorway and immediately made her way to the right allowing the convoy to pass as she covered their entry. Once clear, the blast doors proceeded to close.

Alie and Casius walked their Machina towards the service platform where several machines were already docked in place. Casius brought his unit mere feet away from an overhanging catwalk that met his unit at waist height. The pressurized hiss from his mech’s hatch gave an engineer on the dock forewarning that it may suddenly swing open. Casius propped the hatch open and hastily climbed out and slid off the front of his unit landing safely on the catwalk. Casius unbuckled his olive drab flak jacket and let out a relieving sigh, he gazed to his left watching the Sergeant climb down from her hatch as well.

Casius leaned over the edge of the catwalk watching the rest of snow squad pile out of their vehicles, “How long has it been since we last docked?”

“Too long!” One had responding removing his hat, then tossing it into the armored vehicle. “But not long enough though, you owe us a couple drinks Cass.”

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you come up here and get it!” Casius threatened back down from above, though he chuckled shortly after. “You coming with us Sarge?” Alie smiled a moment lifting her head to give a slight nod; she paused watching two soldiers coming down the catwalk. She didn’t have to seek the ranks to see that they were officers. Alie immediately threw up a salute and Casius followed shortly after.

“At ease, Sergeant Evalium, Snow Squadron has new orders; I will ask that your unit meet us in the briefing room at twelve-hundred hours.” The two officers immediately turn and continue down the catwalk to another squad who’d just arrived before them.
“What’s going on?” Casius rested against the rail of the catwalk, “Think this has something to do with the Ave Alliance mechs?”

Alie shifted watching the officers continue from squad to squad, she originally hadn’t noticed how many teams were currently docked here. Usually there would be three maybe five at best, but there were well over fifteen squads here. “Or maybe it could be we’ve lost half our unit in the past month to these bandit raids, looks like things are finally becoming serious.”


The members of the Snow unit were assembled together within a circular briefing room, which was odd on its own. It was something out of a sci-fi epic, the scene where the rebel heroes come together to take out a vicious threat. Casius leaned forward placing the weight of his upper body on his knees; his eyes steadily watched the door. Alie sat several seats to the left of him and continued to check her watch; even she couldn’t help to admit it’d been a while since she’d had a drink, or even a normal meal. It wasn’t as though colony food was a fancy alternative to military food; everyone usually lived off rations or whatever was found outside. It wasn’t hundred times better, but it was still better.

The silence was suddenly broken when the commanding officer; First Lieutenant Lazarus entered and made his way center of the room, following him was a handful of soldiers who’d taken their seats opposite of Snow unit. “As you may already know, bandit activity has picked up across the Apoche region in the past few months; you may already know that they’ve been employing Ave Alliance Titan mecha in their attacks, how they are attaining these mecha is still under investigation.”

“These attacks however have evolved from mere random attacks, to organized strikes across the Arganac border, at first they’ve simply been attacking our patrol units, but as of late they’ve been attacking some of our outlying colonies across the Apoche desert.”

“We can no longer idly call this group mere bandits anymore, we have reason to believe that this is an uprising organizing by the Heaven’s Corp remnants.” Murmurs pick up throughout the room. “With this realization Snow squadron is to be dissolved and its members are to be reassigned to the Schnee squadron.” A dark toned individual stands and approaches the center of the briefing room. “Let me introduce Warrant Officer Datorru Naga, the leader of Schnee squadron.”


Casius lit a cigarette as he sat along the colony’s outer walkway, there was usually no heat along any of the utility passage ways, but they were the best place to be alone. He inhaled the familiar aroma of nicotine and tobacco which most people associated with car smog, but who sees a car out here anymore? Casius took another long drag, savoring the flavor only to exhale it back into the air, afterwards he put it out against the colony wall. He’d spent a week’s salary on just a handful of cigarettes, he would have to make them last.

“That a cigarette I smell corporal?” Datorru Naga appeared around the rounded bend down the hallway, Casius had heard the echoes from around the curved hallway, though did not assume it was the Warrant. “Don’t worry, at ease corporal.” He leaned up against the colony wall mimicking Casius in fashion. “I was actually going around introducing myself to your crew, seems like you guys have had some hard times.” The dim lit from the walkway was superior to that of the briefing room expressing Datorru’s features in greater detail. His skin was of a darker tone, with cold dark eyes to match, despite these features though his hair was pale. He seemed to keep it shaved down like most soldiers, but you could still the two extremes by the stubble alone.

“Whole world is on hard times sir.”

“True, but your team patrols the frontier nearly twice as long as others and yet you’re not a frontline unit.”

“Grunts do as they’re told sir.”

Datorru turns his eyes towards Casius giving him his dark stare, even with a calm look, his eyes could intimidate. “That’s what I like to hear corporal.” He then crossed his arms and brought his stare straight ahead of him, “Cause as of eleventh you’ll be a frontline soldier.” He spun off the ball of his foot turning his back to Casius as he receded back down the walkway. “Enjoy you’re the rest of your time off.”

Casius shifted his thumbs bringing the cigarette back into sight. “No point in saving this now.”


Alie slammed an empty shot glass on the bar as she struggled to remove a disgusted look from her face, despite the fact that it was a good drink. “Bartender two more of these!” She spurted still exhibiting a sour face.

Vyse raised his hand in disagreement stopping the bartender short, “Just one please…” The LCPL slammed his hand against the hardwood. “…I can’t keep up with you Evalium; you’re some sort of devil.” He paused a moment, “…ma’am.”

Alie gave a second look to the bartender, “Fine, I’ll have a juice in a sippy cup for my Lance Corporal here.” A few laughs stir up down the bar where others from the unit had amassed as well.

“I’ll take that second shot if you don’t mind…” An individual appeared across the bar making his way towards the Sergeant. Coming into Alie’s sight his crimson bowl cut hair was the first thing she’d laid eyes on. Once closer, she noted his matching colored eyes that looked like bright rubies in the bar’s light. “Corporal Barrett Shepard ma’am, I’m a pilot with the Schnee unit.” He reached out to shake the Sergeant’s hand.

“I almost didn’t recognize you from the briefing.” She met Barrett’s hand with a drink, “Though I heard you went by a different name among your squad mates.”

He gave a short laugh, “They call me Dark ma’am.”

“Well then, drink til your spirits your light.” She raises her glass.
“Yes ma’am…”


February 11th, 2051

It 0587 hours, the newly appointed Schnee Squadron was already amassed in the hangar; everyone was running their operations before deployment. Even at such an early hour, the hangar was full of energy. Casius guided a technician above as they were replacing the Cyclops like main-camera from atop his unit “That’s it, easy does it, I don’t need you damaging this Schakal!”

Alie who’d now been placed second in command was getting the soldiers ready to launch at any moment going from truck to truck making sure everything was accounted for. “What the hell is this, you call this clean, is this how you clean your room, I’m not your mother d*mn it!”

Scouring the metallic finish around his cockpit, Barrett had finished operations a bit early allowing him to sort of take it easy. His Machina was bulkier than the standard model sporting reinforced plates around the mid-section, as well as knee and shin sections. Equipped to the right shoulder’s hardpoint were tube like cylinders both sealed of course; each contained a pair short range ground-to-ground missiles, though they could also take down a low-altitude helicopter if needed as well. Its left arm bore a reinforced titanium shield which concealed a 25mm armor-piercing mecha pistol.

What truly made this unit a beast was the 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling gun; six barrels of semi-armor piercing high explosive incendiary rounds that spat bullets at nearly 6,000 per minute. The perfectly sized gun was originally suited for aircraft, but it worked just as well coupled against the Machina's left arm. This variation was known as the Terrorwolf.

“Dark you’re drooling a bit…” Datorru climbed down the catwalk just parallel from his Machina. The Warrant’s unit was similar to most standard Arganac models, though it wasn’t without its differences. It retained the ash gray camouflage shade, though it was dotted with red patches instead of the olive standard. Equipped to its back and upper torso was booster pack designed for quicker mobility. The unit’s right knuckle, or where a knuckle would be, was reinforced with several tungsten plates, a tungsten knuckle as the crew called it. Datorru had dubbed the unit Havoc, though it was still technically Schakal Model.




Hangar echoed from the P.A. system with three dings that seemed to chime higher each ding. “Schnee squadron, you’re sortie objectives have been updated: Colony Zero-Two-Zero-Four within the Apoche region has reported nearby tango activity. It has been several hours since we’ve had radio contact, your squad is to arrive on location, assess the situation, and provide assistant if needed.”

Datorru clapped his hands hustling the team along, “You heard the magic voice people, let’s make tracks.” He hastily clenched the ladder climbing back onto the catwalk, then climbed into the cockpit of his unit. Then hangars doors start to whine moments before sliding open. “Shepard, Upe, both of you take point, the Sergeant and I will cover the rear.”

The squad chimed “Sir!”

“Schnee Squadron, Move Out!”

23rd Armored Division – 4th Tactical Mechanized Attack Squadron – Schnee Squadron

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

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Session Four – Looming Battle

February 12th, 2051

A shell casing was depressed from an oversized gauss cannon launching a projectile toward its target. It accelerated like a quickly falling star, until it struck against the hardened surface of a Schakal’s shield, igniting into burning blue spark and debris. Quickly recovering, the pilot intercepted two more hostile shells, which cratered the hardened titanium. The jolt shook Red-Four’s Machina violently, sending its left arm into shock, the armor cracked and split; components, wires, and lubricant erupted from the suit’s arm. Like an open wound, it spewed a stream of hydraulic fluid into the sandy earth below.

“Red-Four, you’re too far out, pull back!”

The pilot responded doing just that, the Schakal hurriedly began reversing while firing several un-aimed shots for cover. Its left arm began to descend as the hydraulic pressure fell dramatically. The pilot spat obscenities wishing he had a booster unit equipped, then he could’ve easily power jumped out of this scenario. Another problem arose once the Machina’s 30mm ran dry, without the use of its left arm, it couldn’t possibly reload. It’s knees bent in maneuvering the upper torso behind the shield, at least he would be able to protect the cockpit for some time.

”We’re going in!” Red-Seven chimed in as he waved the squad forward, he and two other Schakal unit’s opened fire simultaneously pushing a trio of Titans into cover. “Sit tight Four, we’re coming for ya…” A sudden plume of smoke erupted just a few meters from Red-Four’s unit, “Mortars!” A second eruption ignited Four’s machine into a cloud sand and flames, sending fragments everywhere. “Retreat, they have Mortar fire covering this sect…” A third plume erupted engulfing the lower half of Red-Seven’s unit, causing the towering tank to tumble over backwards.

“We’re pulling out for now, it’s on you Schnee…”


Colony 0204 wasn’t your standard colony, unlike colonies such as 2208 that were usually geo-dome or underground based. 0204 was more or less small settlements that could still survive off the land, even if there wasn’t much to survive on. It was based in the desert Apoche region which suffered a drought when water in the neighboring regions had frozen solid, it was one of the last places to find warmth. The settlement was built into a small basin which was protected naturally by several meters rising desert walls, a manmade arch was the only true entrance into the colony.

The binos zoomed into focus as Sergeant Evalium overlooked the entrance, Red squadron was retreating after heavily underestimating the invaders attack power. She handed the scope over to Sergeant Steele, “Look there, they’ve got mortars hold up in that building without the roof…” She points again just two buildings to the left, “And they’ve got self-propelled artillery on that one, and who knows how many boots or Machina…”

“Evalium, come in?”

She Quickly snaps her radio, “Go Schnee unit.”

“Red squadron is pulling out, looks like we’re next, come back to base camp.”


Warrant Officer Datorru Naga drew his finger across a large grid map of the nearby colony, small rays of light were scattering through the camo netting above. The situation was much worse than when he was originally sent out for. By the time the Schnee squadron had arrived, 0204 had become under siege from Heaven’s Corp remnants. “Red Team is reporting heavy resistance from the main entrance, and anti-air fire is keeping our helos out of the sky.”

“Good thing we like a challenge!” Alie chimed in as she entered the shade of the camo netting. “They’ve also got self-propelled artillery, they’re held up nice and tight.”

Datorru nodded accepting another decline in their situation. “Intel says that there’s activity around the colony’s communication tower, but we can’t be worried about that right now, our main focus is getting in that colony.” He sighed, knowing any plan he dropped on them would be a difficult one, “Our only choice is to hit them at multiple points.” He runs his fingers towards the entrance, “Shepard and Evalium will head to the entrance and take point, stay out of the range of those mortars.”

“But that means we’ll be drawing their fire sir.” Barrett stood from his lax position giving his rather large objection to his role.

“I hope so Lance Corporal, Red squadron will back you up, just keep shelling…” Datorru then drags his finger across the outer ridge of the colony’s exterior, “Casius, you any good with a sniper rifle?”

“I have training sir.”

“That’s good enough for me, I need you to take out the mortars on the second floor here.”

Casius takes a step forward, eyeing the position the Warrant had chosen for him, “From that vantage I’ll be looking at a wall…”

“Don’t worry, we have boots on the ground that’ll confirm your target, and don’t worry about the wall, it won’t protect them from this rifle.” Datorru notes the corporal’s eyebrows raising confirming his curiosity, “Sons of Winter whipped us up a new high output rifle: a Tactical High Precision Beam Rifle.”

“Beam, as in whoooosh?” Barrett glides his hand through the air before him best attempting to imitate the sound of what he believes beams sound like.

“Maybe not so much whoosh, its ammunition is very limited; a single pod will only manage three shots, not to mention the cool down time between pod replacements can take a while.” He pats Casius’s left shoulder, “So no pressure…” Bringing his attention back to the grid, “Once the entrance is exposed, they’ll most likely call for reinforcements, I’ll be waiting stand by to power jump directly into the city, that is once our ground team confirms a LZ for me…”

Alie quickly interjects, “Has anyone ever jumped a Machina that far before?”
Datorru starts to exit the camo netting, “Guess we’ll find out today Sergeant…” He approaches a flat bed truck concealing two Machina underneath another mesh of camouflage, with a swift tug he exposes Barrett and Alie’s units. He turns back to the crew, eying Alie as she approaches.

"If you jump in there, you might end up being alone sir."

Datorru nodded once more, "I'm aware of that Sergeant, but they're soldiers on the ground that need our help, I have faith in you guys or else I wouldn't go with this plan." The Warrant quickly shifts to Casius, “Corporal unload that Tactical Beam Rifle from the equipment truck.”

“Sir!” Casius was already climbing atop his Schakal and leapt into the exposed cockpit. He hadn’t bothered removing the desert tinted mesh from his unit, seeing as it would still prove functional. He maneuvered the Machina towards the exposed equipment flatbed and examined two large sections of the same unit. Taking them up in each hand, Casius had the pieces mounted together perfectly with a quick twist and sounding snap. The assembled rifle was easily longer than any bazooka, though its front section was much thinner. Swinging the butt of the rifle underneath its right shoulder he was for lack of a better phrase: locked and loaded.

Datorru’s unit, Havoc, approached the flatbed exchanging his standard issue 30mm for an oversized pump-action shotgun capable of packing 7 rounds of serious damage. He took several extra cartridges attaching them to the hardpoints located on his hips. The Warrant tapped his radar buzzing Casius through a private channel, “Things could get real serious down there Casius, I might need you to back me up.”
“I’ll shoot em down, or jump in after you Chief…”


Barrett lowers the Terrorwolf to one knee, it keeps its balance using the shield in its left hand. His eyes scan the main monitor at its maximum magnification studying the opposition from a distance. Two Titan Machina stood outside the colony walls staying low using the dunes for cover, a third just inside the colony wall. These three units held off the entire Red squadron? No, the mortars had made all the difference and could certainly halt even their combined advance. Flipping a switch on his right control stick exposed the missile key conditioned below his thumb. Two resonating pings alerted the LCPL that his two targets had been locked on.

“I’m in position, operation is a go!”

Casius’s radio message sent the soldiers into action as Barrett thumbed down on the key. The Terrorwolf’s right shoulder erupted into a plume of thick smoke as four trails could be seen closing the gap on two unsuspecting targets. The four ordnance split into pairs and drifted away from each other, they accelerated as they dropped out of the sky above their mark. The first two collided with their intended Machina sending bits of shrapnel into the air. The second pair split off as one went streaking just above its target and into the natural rock wall of the colony, the second was much luckier. The missile detonated against the Machina’s upper torso, the powerful shock sent its remaining hulk through a weakened portion of the colony wall.

An assortment of foot soldiers assembled at sandbags placed just outside the exterior wall opened fire with heavy artillery ranging from stationary turrets to self-propelled rockets. The third Titan exposed itself from cover opening fire with its high pressure gauss rifle sending rounds that smacked against the dunes that’d covered Alie and Barrett. Sudden eruptions of sand and explosives signaled the start of the mortar fire once again.

Alie’s Schakal stood at full height moments before stamping her feet into the pedals, “Charge!” The Terrorwolf followed suit as it protruded its shield forward and began to spray numerous rounds from its Gatling gun. Once several meters ahead of them, the remaining Machina of Red squad soon joined the charge accompanied by heavy artillery of their own.


Casius’s eyes rested through the increased magnification of the TBR’s (Tactical Beam Rifles) scope, he could easily make out the texture of the buildings from his location. With the high amount of pixels on screen, he was even able to make out a bird sitting on one of the rooftops; that is until the fighting startled it. A simple adjustment had had him looking at the second floor of his targeted building, though he couldn’t see the weaponry, he could tell they were there. He lined up his shot, he could’ve easily taken it right then, but he quickly noticed the remaining Titan unit near the entrance slowly strafing to the left. Just a few more feet… He patiently waited for the Titan unit to hit the desired mark, just a few feet and he could take out the two of them with a single shot. Of course that mattered if the rifle was as powerful as the Warrant had suggested, if not these few wasted seconds could easily cost his unit’s life.

There! He pulled the trigger, a high pitched scream escaped from the rifle barrel in the form of a bright display of raw energy. This atom-separating reaction launched forward, bee-lining a mile’s distance in a mere moment. It pierced the building and targeted Machina so quickly; you’d think they were standing stand by side. They exploded simultaneously into a fury of smoke and a bright splash of raw golden energy. All this with a single-shot…


Barrett let out a whooping Ooh-Rah! Through the allying radio frequencies as the Terrorwolf pushed through the downed defenses. A sweep of the Gatling gun quickly dealt with the forces that’d gathered at the sandbags, they were still caught off guard by the explosion of the tower and supporting Titan. Barrett’s unit crossed the threshold making his way through a expanding wall of smoke and debris.

His right eye suddenly twitched as ground forces had opened fire to his lower right, the Terrorwolf shifted dropping to its knee and ducking behind its shield. Several self-propelled rockets ignited striking against the hardened alloy of Barrett’s shield. Using the Gatling Gun on his left he traded fire spraying aimlessly. His targets took covering using another shelled out building, and fallen debris around him. Though still to him firing at them was better than do nothing.

Alie bursting through the blockade of rising smoke and opened fire to her right assisting Barrett, she continued to strafe across the open street until she was safe behind another building for cover. She continued to fire blindly from around the corner into the fortified building, though with continuing fail. “Casius we’ve got intense fire on our location, on the first and second floor!”

“Roger that, locking on…”

Alie fired another random volley to cover Barrett’s slow retreat, out the corner of her eye she noticed a foot soldier rushing towards Barrett. He suddenly skidded to a halt taking cover behind debris, then quickly reappeared with a tube over his soldier. “Barrett, behind you!” She opened fire on his location, though a plume of smoke was already looming towards the Lance Corporal. The Terrorwolf shifted drawing its right arm before its torso, the rocket struck shredding the multi-barreled gun attached to the limb. Bullets from the gun’s chain erupted, sending stray rounds into the earth and surrounding debris.

Gripping the left stick, Barrett watched through his right monitor as the joint and fingers responded accordingly, “I can still move it…” A screaming streak of energy suddenly drew over head and pierced the fortified building with a bright explosion, splashing shades of gold across the surrounding walls. The shelling had ceased giving Barrett his opportunity to stand. “That was a close one…” The right arm shifted exposing its concealed 25mm pistol from behind the shield. “Still got quite a ways to go…”

“You’re welcome by the way…”
Casius chimed in through the comm.

“Funny, your mom says I’m welcome all the time…”

“Cut the chatter!” Alie shouted across the radio silencing the two pilots. “Red team, you guys cover this position, Schnee-Four and I will push forward.”

“Schnee-Two, we have incoming!”
The radar team buzzes through the Sergeant’s radio, “Multiple hostiles are converging on your location.”

Alie’s Schakal shifts, dropping to one knee and raises the 30mm to chest level. Her eyes run across the monitor’s: heads up display noting the remaining ammunition in her rifle. Barrett’s Terrorwolf slams the bottom end of its shield into the earthy street, and then rest the barrel of its pistol over the apex of the shield. The two observe their radars carefully as several digital dots progress closer to the center of the radar with each resonating ping.

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

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Session Five – The Titan: Dione

February 12th, 2051

The second floor of 0204’s radio tower was alive with activity. Several engineers as well as make-shift engineers were working as fast as they could to complete their task at hand. Sparking reactions from the engineers wielding tools lit an otherwise dim space; these frequent flashes of light brought a still face in and out of darkness. He stood unmoving, watching his crew work tirelessly away. “How much more time ensign?”

“Ten minutes, maybe…”

“Unacceptable, we must be able to relay our message across the entire continent.”

“It’d be much easier with a satellite instead of using this network of towers.”

“We’ll work with what is available to us, our brethren are already standing by, this is all up to us now…”

“Commander Cadmus!” A young uniformed individual enters the room shouting to dark figure. “Arganac units have breached the colony entrance; we’ve engaged them at point H-7.”

Cadmus gave a faint nod, “Order all standby squads to point D-2, if they breach further we’ll hold them there. Asta is to remain at the tower.”

“Yes Commander!”

“We’re running a bit short on time, strengthen the signal as far as you can, we have to reach the next tower in the least…”



“Echo I’m clear for jump, need guidance.”

Dattoru’s voice boomed over a Gunnery Sergeant’s radio. This grunt signaled his fire-team to a halt with a single raised fist, and they responded scuttling along the wall of a near building. Clad in desert tinted B.D.U. (Battle Dress Uniform) with swathed in gray patches, the four-man Arganac squad awaited their leader next order and dare not move without it. “This if fire-team Echo, repeat that Warrant Naga…”

“Havoc is greenlit for jump, just need a clear zone.”

“Roger that Warrant, watch for green smoke.” The Gunny waved his small squad forward as he kept his rifle pointed just around their current cover. One by one they began to shuffle across the vacant alley making their way towards the communication tower. Their forces had been drawing enemy infantry and Machina away from the tower, a small team such as themselves could penetrate their defensive line. The gunny lastly made his way across the alley and took cover into building just opposite.

A quick study of their surroundings brought their attention to a rather dusty window upon the furthest wall, the dirt possibly from the outside commotion. Thin rays of light broke through revealing what was perhaps an office of some kind. “Lance Corporal, the window…” Shouted the gunny as he hurried to the cover of a desk. The young soldier did as ordered peering through the window’s corner free of dust.

“Got a Titan…” Just across the street was as he said, a Titan bent on a single knee most likely watching the zone. It was lightly armed, something Echo could take down with ease. “We can sneak by through this alley here, its maybe two-hundred feet from here, maybe less.” But their mission was to reach the communications tower and assess the enemy’s actions, not draw attention.

The gunny nodded as he made his way towards the door, glancing once to his right and left he dropped to his knee waving two of his men ahead of him. The Lance Corporal neared him readying to rush across the alley, shifting left then right, he quickly rushes towards the alley joining his comrades, the gunny begins to dash… “Get down!”
The Gunny leans backward following the momentum from his run, his back slides several feet across the ground. Looking at his destined position, he watches as chunks of the outer alley wall break off into the air. The sound of heavy gunfire is heard down the street, 30 degrees to their right, an angle they hadn’t seen, a mistake that shouldn’t be made. An APC makes the corner and opens fire with a large autocannon attached atop its armored hull; its fire breaks apart the alley’s outer wall forcing the fireteam back. The Gunny rolls away to his left out of the APC’s firing vantage, hustling to his feet; he makes his way back into the office building.

This unfortunately gets the Titan’s attention as it makes a slow 180 and opens fire on the office building. The APC assists opening fire on the Gunny’s location as well. The fireteam circles around using another vantage for cover as they begin to open fire on the Titan unit; their small arms supply damage, though it isn’t sufficient enough to force it backwards. The Lance Corporals backs off for a moment as he hurriedly drops a tube from his back and loads an warhead into the device. Swinging over his shoulder for a moment, he fires. A trail of smoke detonates mere feet above the Titan unit on the wall behind him. “I missed!”

The Gunny unable to return fire due to the APC’s barrage, keeps his face flat against the floor and away from the window. He struggles unclipping a canister from his flak jacket and gives a swift backhand toss towards the exposed window, the canister suddenly detonates from the stray phalanx fire. It erupts into an expanding pillar of smoke that engulfs the APC.

The soldiers duck back into cover as the Titan opens fire on their position, the hulking tank creeps forward. “Reload and fire!” The Lance Corporal hurries to load another rocket as the Titan continues to close the gap between them. They continue to retreat down the alley until identifying a growing shadow underneath them. Another Titan opened fire pressing them forward, “Sh*t, they’ve come up behind us!” The Lance Corporal hastily fires an aimless rocket that trails off into a wall near the front approaching Titan.

“Again!” The Lance Corporal drops the shoulder weapon once more and begins to reload it, though ricocheting fire shears into him sending him crashing into the alley wall. “F*cking Titan!” Rushing to his aide, the soldier checks his eyes and wrist to see if he can still move. The Lance Corporal responds reaching outward for the shoulder launcher, the soldier nods finishing its reload and placing it in his hands. A plume of smoke erupts following a quickly advancing rocket; it impacts the rear-most Titan detonating its upper torso into a fire frenzy. It tumbles into the alleyway blocking their chance of retreat.

Gunny grits his teeth, unable to even think, let alone hear with so much debris and shrapnel flying around. He curses, knowing his squad his most likely the target of the second, maybe even third waves of fire he can pick up. But all he could do was pray that a stray bullet wouldn’t hit him, and he knew the armored vehicle had a lot of ammo to dump.


The fire suddenly stops with ground shaking thud that shudders the office building and surrounding streets, an expanding wall of dust blew throughout the area blinding anyone caught in it. As the smoke slowly clears, the visage of a Machina could be made out atop of what was left of the APC. The Havoc stood to its full height rushing around the corner; it lifted its oversized shotgun to chest level and fired a quick buckshot into the remaining Titan’s hull. The enemy’s hull tore open like a shark had bitten into it, and a second shot only proved even more deadly as the unit was blown backward into metallic ribbons across the desert street.

The Havoc swung its weapon over its shoulder waiting as it eyed a weary Gunnery Sergeant appeared from a shabby office building. Datorru’s hatch swung open revealing its white haired pilot, “Where’s the rest of your team?”

The Gunny nodded towards the alley as his battle beaten teammates appeared one after another from cover, “How’s the Lance Corporal?”

The soldier carrying the injured Lance Corporal shook his head, “He’s gonna need help soon, I can stay behind with him, until help arrives.”

Gunny nodded once more directing them to the shattered building. “Private!” He called out, “You accompany the Warrant and myself, were gonna hit that tower…” The soldier responded hustling near the Havoc Machina. “It shouldn’t be too far now.”


Alie wedged another clip into her Schakal’s burning 30mm autocannon, a resounding click assured her it had successfully reloaded. Raising the weapon to chest level, it fired covering Barrett’s as he ducked behind his shield to reload his pistol. Her barrage scored several hits on an enemy tank as it cleared a corner, though under duress it still managed to fire a depleted uranium shell that tore through Alie’s left shoulder, her unit that is. Her Schakal stumbled backward causing her barrage to trail off into the sky, the tank readied for a second round.

Barrett shifted placing his shield before Alie’s catching the tank’s second round, the round tore through at an angle that seemed to just miss Alie’s unit. The shield had reached its limit, its lower half shattered away unable to keep together any longer. Barrett’s Terrorwolf countered, a few well aimed shots against the Tank’s hull caused it to suddenly halt. “You okay Sergeant?”

Alie’s Schakal stumbled back to its feet, “Yeah, but the left arm is out of commission…” Her unit quickly extended her right arm at full length aiming her weapon at the enemy line. “I can manage though…”

“Schnee unit fall back!” Red-Leader called over the radio, “Resupply and regroup, we’ll take it from here…” His unit waves its arm sending the trio of Machina and pair of tanks through the debris and past the two Schnee Machina. “Red squadron forward!”

Barrett eyed his center screen noting the Terrorwolf’s current status, he was already pushing its limits. There forces were stretched thin, even good pilots and great Machina’s needed to recuperate. “Let’s take this opportunity ma’am…”

“I agree Shepard, let’s fall back for now…”


Datorru’s eye ran across his well lit monitor as Havoc’s main camera increased magnification of the communications tower. His only vantage was the collapsed second floor of a small building, his unit had crept low matching its height. Most of the Machina’s functions were offline keeping the metallic beast cool, and mostly undetected by thermals. “I don’t really see anything, why would they risk so much for a radio signal?”

The Gunny and the private kept low as well using the second floor’s debris for cover. The private was hard at work on setting up a high pressure rifle capable of shearing its way through a human body, its armor piercing was impressive as well. The Gunny laid prone eyeing the tower through his own pair of binos. “Whatever it is, they don’t appear to be heavily guarded, this might be our best chance.”

“I agree…” Datorru flipped a few switches bringing several of the Havoc’s features back online, including targeting. It shifted placing the bottom of the shotgun barrel into its left hand, “…I’ll assess their firepower, without any self-propelled rockets they’ll have no choice but to surrender. If they do decide to open fire, you can pick them off with the fifty-cal, if all else fails I can at least open fire on the radio dish.”
“Roger that Warrant, I got your back.”

The Havoc shifted revealing itself from its location and quickly made its way through an open street and began to rush the tower. He switched from his standard radio channel, to the Machina’s loudspeaker. Here goes nothing… “Heaven corps forces, this is Warrant Officer Datorru Naga, you are currently out-gunned, I demand that you surrender yourselves peacefully. Doing so will render your forces unharmed, failure to comply will…”
Bleep… Bleep… Bleep…

The cockpit’s proximity alarm sounded as loud as it was sudden, From the right? Dattoru’s eyes had looked before his head could finish turning, the brightly lit monitor revealed a quickly growing object gunning towards him. It bore little resemblance to the previous Titan units, this machine sported polished white armor with tints of matching silver across its arms and upper torso. Its frame was smaller than that of the average Machina which hinted at its lack of armor, though this obviously greatly increased its speed.

“A new model!?” Havoc extended its right arm…

Lieutenant Junior Grade Asta Kopf accelerated with amazing thrust, the booster module attached to her unit’s back was a welcomed addition to her brilliant Machina, the Dione. Her eyes shifted constantly between her HUD’s speedometer, to the gray and red Machina before her. 171 km/h, nearly twice the average Machina’s landspeed. “I’ll finish this up quickly!” A hatch on the left forearm shifts and splits the armor open, a blade’s handle juts out immediately. The Dione’s right hand grips the handle though doesn’t unsheathe her weapon just yet.

A shotgun, the pilot will most likely fire once I get in to close... Asta draws in a quick breath and reduces speed slightly, she yanks her control sticks to the right suddenly sending her unit into a hard spin. She can hear the shotgun fire loudly into the air, though doesn’t waste time looking at where it was. She follows through yanking the intensely heated blade from its holster, and then slashes downward over Datorru’s right arm. She unfortunately surprised when she finds her blade butted against her enemy’s left knuckle. Havoc had shifted with Dione and drove his Tungsten knuckle into the blade stopping Asta in mid-swing.

Dattoru exhales and drives his left control stick forward, Havoc responds forcing its left to push away from Dione’s blade, then hurriedly follows through taking a large retreating step backward. Pumping the shotgun repeatedly, Havoc fires several buck shots at the Dione, or at least where it was. Not a single buck struck, as each blast disappeared into white flashes of Dione’s thrust, the beast was fast, faster than Havoc easily. Click! The shotgun was empty, and his opponent knew it too.

Asta launched forward swinging the blade through the weapon’s barrel, the severe heat alone seared the shotgun’s tip apart. She followed through taking a stab at the Havoc, though was batted away by the tungsten knuckle. Countering with thrust, the unit spun forward and swung a kick into her opponent’s strong arm. The boosted kick sent Havoc into an unbalanced spin which sent it tumbling into a nearby building, this luckily broke his fall.

“D*mn, he’s good…” The Havoc’s right outer thigh sprang open jutting out a large knife, he yanked it reserve having the blade extend from the bottom of his hand. The blade glowed to life indicating it too was heated, “I got one too!” Havoc leapt at Dione and cocked its left fist, he instead swung the knife across his front forcing the Dione to guard. Their blades met with a brilliant spark, just a moment before the Havoc’s fist shot forward. It struck against Dione’s the apex upper torso, he instantly followed through cocking his right back, then drove forward with a stabbing motion. The hit was successful in shaving some armor off the unit’s apex, though besides this it was largely a failure.

Dione knelt inward and under her opponent’s following stab, its thrusters erupted with a powerful explosion that launched the unit forward. The two giants collided with ground shaking thud and forced Datorru to surrender his balance. This powered tackle drove the two into a nearby building shattering its outer wall with Havoc taking the blunt of the damage. Asta yanked back at her controls letting the thrusters die down, her unit slowly rose to its feet overlooking the downed Havoc. There was no movement…

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

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Session Six – Fall of Zero-Two-Zero-Four

February 12th, 2051

Alie adjusted herself climbing down her Schakal slowly, she literally hit the ground running spitting out orders as fast as her brain could process their necessities. “Let’s make this one quick, reload that 30mm but don’t forget to replace the left arm module.” Pointing to Barrett, “Switch to the 120mm cannon, and replace that missile pod!”
“Ma’am!” Barrett responds with a brief salute before turning hustling back to his unit.
Alie quickly makes her way to the medical truck and knocks on its armor point, “Vyse, you have a moment?”

Vyse turns to the Sergeant with a quick smile. “Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll have your prescription ready in just a moment, it’s not like I’m needed for anything else right now.”
Alie returns his smile with hers, “These headaches are becoming more frequent, and only when the enemy is nearby.”

“Some would say that is a blessing, an early warning possibly, my grandma used to say her bones would ache before it would start raining.”

“That's hardly the same thing lance corporal.”

Vyse reaches toward her and places to pills into her hand, “Well this should do it for now, and I’ll finish the rest of your prescription in a few minutes.”

Alie nods in response after quickly swallowing the pills, one after another. “Imma just sit here for a moment…”

“I won’t tell anyone ma’am…”


“We’re live sir!” The young engineer stood up after double, then triple checking his connections; the signal was solid and strong. “We can broadcast over all frequencies.”

The flashes cease inviting darkness back into their dull room, “All non-essential personnel evacuate the tower and meet at the LZ behind this building.” He continues forward as the engineers exit the room behind the commander. He places his hands on the broadcast equipment and switches it to receive through its speaker.

”Citizens of Osea, you swine that continue to control this planet, your time is finally over.” He scuffs, “I am Commander Cadmus of the Heaven’s Corp, no of the former Heaven’s Corp Faction. It was such factions as the Ave Alliance and the Arganac Union that sought to destroy us, labeling us terrorist and cowards. Yet is the Ave Alliance that continues to hide behind their factions borders, behind their technological army and refuses to cross to wage war with us. Instead it cowardly sells its feeble Machina models hoping they can retain a peaceful balance with our remnants.”

“Or even the Arganac Union, who opens fire within their own colonies to thwart the threat of us remnants. Even now, the Arganac engages us within the walls of Colony 0204. You dare call us cowards for attempting to cleanse this planet, hoping to start over, hoping to end the ongoing war between the desperate factions. Our only mistake was believing this winter would wipe out the weak individuals of Osea, though it is only now that we truly see that we must crush these overbearing factions with our own might.”

“It is with great honor that I am able to declare in the name of Empress Zanita, and the Sovereign Nation of Aralei, war against the Ave Alliance and Arganac Union. My brethren across this frozen globe, join me in glorious rebellion!”


A gunshot echoes over the rooftops near the radio tower, the Gunny lays flat across a gritty second floor of the shelled out building in an expanding pool of his own blood. A quick one to the back of the head, he never saw it coming, he never felt a thing. The private strips away at his upper B.D.U. though retaining the flak jacket. He shuffles through his jacket pocket and draws free a blue rag that he hastily ties around his left bicep. He makes his way to the tower.

There is a sudden explosion in the downtown region of the colony; it is quickly followed by a second sudden explosion. Red-Leader’s Machina unit stumbles forward several meters before crashing into the dirt street; he is accompanied by Red-Eight who collapses under its own weight. Both done in by the former Red-Two’s shoulder mounted weapon, keeping his momentum he pushes onward making his way towards the tower, he is accompanied by countless soldiers who’d turned sides and took their former comrades by surprise.


A pistol is cocked forcing Alie’s eyes to spring open bringing the barrel of Barrett’s sidearm into focus. Alie’s mouth opens but cannot form words, the speech was heard across the radios, possibly across the world but she would’ve never figured that this was just more than some speech or declaration; It was a coup d'état.

“Sergeant, I’m going to ask that you drop to your knees.”

“Barrett, you…”

“Drop now!”

“I don’t…” He opens fire sending a hot streaking bullet just by her and into Vyse. There’s a metal clang where Vyse’s pistol hits against the metal flooring of the truck bed.

“Keep it right there traitor!”

Vyse curses aloud as he grabs at his injured arm, Alie twists to her surprise realizing her squadmate of several months was in fact a traitor. “I don’t understand, you… you…” She slowly stands making her way towards the injured Lance Corporal; she clenches her fist and strikes Vyse across his temple sending him into a near table. “…You let me down…”


What the hell is going on down there? Casius finished the reload of the tactical laser, too much time had passed: a declaration, and the unexplained pick up of gunfire. The radio had been active with noise, and then suddenly it was silent. It’s like a ghost town down there, where’s Alie, Barrett, or Datorru?

He adjusted the dial several times, changing from channel to channel, but only received silence and occasional static. Whatever it is, this is all because of that tower… His eyes wander across the tower on his monitor; he notices the smoke and increases magnification. There were only two units on the ground near there, and one of them was Datorru. “Warrant!?” He identifies the unknown enemy unit standing over his fallen teammate, he adjusts targeting and prepares to fire. Wait, if I hit that thing so close to Datorru, he’ll go down with it. Casius adjusts the rifle’s setting, tuning the intense energy to its bare minimum. I have to wait for my chance.


Datorru slams the back of his head against the armored cockpit; his eyes tear up from the vicious pain creeping towards the front of his skull. Even without his focused eyes, he could still make-out the Dione standing up before him. He hastily yanked at the left control stick, but already knew his opponent could stab him twice before he’d even stand up. He refused to give up though, the Havoc’s left arm shifted to cock back just as the Dione’s arm was raised above him.

A bright golden spark appears at a distance, this literal ray of light forces Datorru to close his eyes shut as a shearing beam of energy eats away at the Dione’s arm. Engulfed in a brilliant splash of raw energy the metallic arm is dissolved instantly into nothing. Datorru blindly stomps both his feet into the pedals and ignited the Havoc’s booster module; it accelerated upward and swung its left knuckle into the Dione’s mid-section with one motion. The light armor of the Dione crumbles away under the incredible pressure of the powered uppercut; the petit unit is thrown into the air by this force and sent backward with such momentum.

The left interior of Asta’s cockpit heats up just before exploding into a display of sparking wires. The monitor cracks and her cockpit becomes even smaller from the attack. She counters the momentum with her booster unit and skids to a landing on weakened knees. She breathes heavy, relieved at least she can still fly in the least. The Dione snaps an oversized sidearm from its right hip hardpoint; the fight isn’t over after all. “Fall back Asta.”

“Commander, I… I can still fight this one!”

“That’ll be all Asta, you’ve done well, the Gaia will be here soon.”

“I can finish this one off Cadmus!”

“I need you here Lieutenant J.G.; this war has only just begun.”

“Roger that Commander…” The Dione shifts keeping the pistol pointed at Havoc as it slowly circles back toward the tower. It isn’t long before a quickly approaching object appears outside of the densely clouded sky and makes its way over the tower. Without hesitation the massive craft opens fire, forcing Datorru to hurriedly retreat. His booster suddenly ignites as he makes a tactical powered jump over a small building.


Casius studied the massive ship as it settled over the radio tower; it was rather bulky along its mid-section though it boxed off into a flat wing that ran along the craft’s apex. It appeared to be suspended in the air by a powerful thruster perpendicular to the fuselage on each wing. A third oversized thruster angled along its rear obviously placed for support and balance. A good guess would say the craft could carry 5 maybe 6 machina, as well as several personnel. He’d seen prototypes before the winter, but nothing this inclusive. The Arganac was still working with heavy lift choppers, primitive compared to this flying beast.

It was spraying a phalanx barrage on the nearby buildings in an attempt to either destroy or push back the Warrant. Casius raises the TBR several degrees and targets the massive craft, he squeezed the trigger sending another flash of energy across the vast gap between them. Instead of piercing in. The beam suddenly broke off into multiple beams that arced around the target. What the hell? He fired another shot which performed just as mediocre as the last; attempting to perform a third shot he squeezed once more causing his monitor to flare up with a warning. The energy pod was depleted and overheating which summoned a rush off steam from the rifle’s barrel.

“Does it have a shield?” Casius switched his radio control over hoping some friendlies were still around. “Schnee-Three to… anybody, do you copy!?” There were several moments of silence, he began to even think broadcasting to all channels.

“Schnee-Three, Casius?” Sergeant Alie came over the radio making Casius’s heartbeat rapidly.

“Sergeant, are you okay, what’s going on down there?”

“It’s f*cking war, what do you think is goin on?”


“The f*cking Heaven’s Corp got us good, it’s a got d*mn coup d'état!”

“Everything alright over there?”

“Barrett and myself returned to base camp, things have calmed down here, can’t say the same for everyone else though.”

“Well I need assistance, the Chief is down by the radio tower, and there’s ship of some kind down there blasting the hell of the city. To make matters worse it’s some kind of shield around it, TBR isn’t penetrating.”

“Well what do you suppose we do Corporal?”

“Open fire; let’s hit them with everything we’ve got, whoever is left tell them to blast that thing out of the sky.”


Commander Cadmus entered the well lit bridge of the Carrier Gaia, his pale white hair whisked his face with every step he took. He brought his cold blue eyes met that of the of ship’s Captain, Jace Leander. The Captain unlike Cadmus’s frail frame was a large man sporting a thick blonde beard the true signature of an aged leader. They me each other with salutes, “Captain Leander, I must thank you once more for arriving on such short notice.”

Captain Leander adjusted himself turning his back to the young Commander, “If you would’ve completed your task sooner, you might not have lost so many pilots, and now we’ve had to reveal the Gaia to the enemy just to rescue you and our fellow rebels.” He scuffs, “Your mistake will become my praise.” Cadmus clenched his fist taking a few steps towards the Captain. “You are dismissed Cadmus, I’ll handle things here…”

“Heat sources detected!” An ensign from the observations crew suddenly interrupts.
“There missiles!”

“From where, how many?”

“Eight o’clock high, four, no five!”

Another Ensign suddenly chirps in, “More detected off the port side!”

“What’s the status on the energy field?”

One of the ensigns at the console scrambles his fingers across his console and brings up a display on the centermost HUD on the bridge; it reads at 47 percent indicating the energy shield’s remaining strength. “The shield won’t hold up against all of them.”
“Redirect barrage to intercept the missiles!” He takes his seat at the center of the bridge. “What’s the status on this rescue operation?”

“There are still soldiers within the colony, though most of the Machina have docked inside.”

“Bring us up to a safer height, then destroy this pathetic colony.”
“What do you recommend sir?”

“Fire warheads, bombard this hole in the ground until there’s nothing left!”
“Roger that sir!”

The Gaia’s thrusters erupt with incredible power, the massive ship slowly rises into the sky. The ship rose thousands of feet above the earth before its thrusters come to a soft hum. Many of the incoming missiles do not make their mark, the few that strike explode safely away from the ship’s hull. It counters releasing several plumes of white smoke into the sky above the Gaia, after moments the trails plummet back to the earth. The missles explode in various sections of the colony vaporizing buildings, Machina, people into thin air.

Datorru ignites his booster module to its maximum thrust, climbing hundreds of feet into the air over the colony. His goal is the colony’s outer rock wall, if he can just make the edge of the basin, he should be fine. Thrust begins to weaken, red flashes appear across the Warrant’s monitor as the wall seems to reach higher into the sky in seconds. All that’s left is the ground rushing up at him…

To Be Continued....

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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by Antares » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:52 pm

Productive! Strictly speaking, this is not fanfiction, since at least I can't pick up what universe this is set in (or if it is AU to some other mecha franchise). Of course I don't mind, original fiction of mechas and the like is good enough for me. :)

You seem to have a few typos there that a spellchecker won't catch, such as capital letters and a few grammar things where the verbs just don't follow up on one another and a few missing prepositions, but nothing major that a proofread would not fix.

The premise of the planet is interesting enough, and you do give a bit of information about that too, but maybe a bit more is needed? It is a major shift in the environment, after all. And what, exactly, are the vast resources so sought after here?

I would be interested in reading a few more chapters just to see where you are taking this, so put'em out when you can. ;)
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Re: Tomorrow Winter

Post by Dremotion » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:31 pm

Ultimately when trying to write this, it was supposed to be an original story line. Though there is to be more, I just want to lure people in then surprise them with what is truly going on. To answer one of your questions I will specify that this is an alternate universe. To what though, you'll have to keep reading to find out. Lol

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