Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

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Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:29 pm

This is my attempt at a 00 parody, based on a joke topic that was started on Gamefaqs. The basic premise is this: Gundam 00 meets just about every stereotype and cliche in super robot anime. Maybe some harsher language and humor (mainly due to my narration) will follow if some people will be offended. Just about every main character in 00 is now a good guy in this version, except the people who were jerks like Rindt and Fats Goodman. It also borrows a bit from what I know of the first 00 drama CD.

Episode 1: INVASION!! The Innovade Empire..... Invades.

In the year 200X, mankind was enjoying a relative peace. However, a dark shadow loomed high over humanity's head. An evil force was preparing to invade the blue Earth. What secret lurks in the shadow of Jupiter?

Setsuna F. Seiei is forcefully awakened by his adopted older sister, Marina Ismail.

"Wake up," she says, "I refuse to be late to school because of you one more time."

"Alright," he said.

Setsuna hurried up and got his crap together and hurried downstairs to eat his breakfast.

"Hey there, son," said a voice from the dining table.

It was his adopted father, who was insanely obsessed over Setsuna and Japanese culture, Graham Aker. Graham was wearing a Japanese robe, eating with chopsticks, and watching the film "Seven Samurai" while he ate.

Graham adopted Setsuna and Marina when he served a tour of duty in the Middle East, during his time with the US Army. He retired after his tour and spends his time wearing samurai gear, teaching Setsuna the ways of the sword, and teaching English at the local school.

"Hurry up. You have to teach today. Marina will get mad at me if you aren't ready," Setsuna told the man-child dressed like a Samurai.

"Alright, I'll put on the suit and tie," Graham grumbled.

Setsuna announced he was leaving without the two and ran to the Shoenberg Institute (yeah, you see where I am going with this), the private High School Graham enrolled him and Marina in.

On the way he bumped into his friend (well, sidekick or lackey would be a more appropriate term), Saji Crossroad, and his girlfriend, Louise Halevy.

"Hey guy," Saji yelled. "Wanna walk to school with us?"

Setsuna ignored them.

Finally, school started. People of import in his homeroom class are Neil "Lockon" Dylandy, called so because he never missed a target in the archery club, Allelujah Haptism, a nice kid who suffers from a mild case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, the quiet anti-social student, Tieria Erde, and Feldt Grace, a quiet girl who likes Setsuna.

Tieria looked off at the sky and noticed what appeared to be shooting stars. He quickly shot a strange glance to the homeroom teacher, a Miss Sumeragi Lee Noriega. She nodded and called the principal, Professor. Eifman.

"Listen up class! Go straight home! School is cancelled for the day," Ms. Sumeragi announced to the class.

She halted Neil, Feldt, Allelujah, and of course, Setsuna. Tieria stayed too, because he is in on the secret.

She led her students to a large elevator and they all climbed in. At the elevator, they were shown to hanger that contained 5 large robots.

"What are these?" asked a very surprised Allelujah.

"These are the humanoid Machining Skins, the only weapon that will save us from what is coming."

"What is coming, exactly?" asked Neil.

"The Innovade Empire of Jupiter," said Tieria in a prompt fashion. "We are going to use these weapons to defeat them."

Suddenly, they all began to feel tremors.

"They're here, Ms, Sumeragi," said Tieria.

"Main screen turn on!" hollered Sumeragi.

They saw a strange-looking giant robot smashing through a city.

"Let me guess," Setsuna said, "The Innovade Empire?"

"Correct," Tieria replied. "That is one of their Ga-Beasts. The main fighting force they posses. The Machining Skins are the only thing that can stop them."

Setsuna walked to the blue robot, the one designated Exia RX. "I'll take this one," he said with awe.

Lockon went to the green one with a large rifle, Cherudim ZB "This one looks like my kind of ride!"

Tieria was already next to a bulky MS. "Seravee CD is mine."

Allelujah looked at the two remaining models: an orange one called Arios AD, and a reddish girly looking one called Archer WN (as in WomaN). "I'll take the one that isn't obviously for the girl on the team."

Feldt and Allelujah walked towards their machines.

They were then directed by Sumeragi to the slides (all good super robot teams had slides) where they will put on their super robot pilot suits (same as the ones on Gundam 00, but with scarves) and slide down to the MS.

"Launch! Gundam Team!" shouted Sumeragi.

The Machining Skins launched off and flew to the city where the Ga-Beast was attacking. Setsuna was smiling with glee at the prospect of this endeavor. As soon as he saw the Ga-Beast, he broke away from the group and charged with his sword raised.

"GN SWORD BREAKER!!" he yelled with a hot-blooded fury that only a super robot pilot could have.

The Ga-Beast was sliced in half as the Exia RX did a cool pose as it exploded.

Elsewhere, on a large space ship. The leader of the Innovade Empire yells in anger at the defeat of his Ga-Beast. The heinous, maniacal, diabolical madman with a name so frightening, I can barely say it: Ribbons.

"How dare those filthy Earthers use such a weapon! Their insolence will not be tolerated! Now, they will face the true fury of the Innovades!"

Teaser for episode 2: As more secrets are revealed to the Gundam Team, more questions are presented. As the plot thickens a new fighter appears as well!

Next time, on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam: CLASH!! Mr. Bushido, Friend or Foe?

If someone gets a kick out of it, I will add more. I already have a rough outline of how this will play out.
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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam

Post by Dean_the_Young » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:35 am

Please, please do. I knew from the moment I realized where this was going that I would like it.

So, uh, where's Billy? :wink:
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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:16 pm

Episode 2 will be up later today. More cast members will be introduced (too big to show 'em all off in the first episode).

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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:01 pm

Here it is. More cast members, and more humor.

Since this is Episode 2, that means that the theme song is in this one! Just picture any JAM Project number (Crest of Z's or something, your pick) and the MS doing things that won't happen for several episodes for a minute and a half. Also in the theme song is a silhouetted image of the 00 Gundam, but this is gonna be a bit like Dancougar, and they ain't gonna combine for a while!

After that, the episode title.

Episode 2: CLASH!! Mr. Bushido, Friend or Foe?

We open to Devil King Ribbons' large warship. All of his Great Androgynous Generals are gathered there. Regene the Confusing (yes confusing in that way), Hilling (her/his/? bust is gonna be removed for the DVD version) the Suggestive, Bring and Devine the Manly, Revive the Not-Quite-As-Manly-As Bring and Devine, and Anew the Lone Actual Female of the Group.

"The Earthers have weapons on par with out Ga-Beasts. We can't let them defeat us again," said Ribbons in a calm and collected voice.

"Well, maybe HE was the one that leaked our plans to them?" said Regene in a way that Starscream from Transformers would talk (but still managed to sound sexy 'cause Romi Paku is still her voice actor).

"Bring," said Ribbons. "You are too go that pathetic planet with some foot soldiers and a Commander Ga-Beast and see how strong the Earther Mecha are."

Bring did a Brittanian military pose and said "Yes, My Lord," and headed down the hall.

Meanwhile, our heroes have returned to the Fortress of GN Science (see what I did there?).

After the MS were docked the pilots went to what looked like a conference room for debriefing.

"Well, I am sure some of you young men, and lady, have some questions," Sumeragi said, "but first, let me introduce more members of our organization, Celestial Being."

A door opened and many familiar faces walked into the room. The quintet of heroes was shocked when many of their teachers walked into the room. The science teacher: Mr. Billy Katagiri, the social sciences teacher: Mrs. Kati Colasour, her husband and gym teacher: Mr. Patrick Colasour, the shop teacher: Mr. Ian Vashti, and even the principal: Professor Eifman.

"OK, now things are just getting ridiculous," said Feldt.

"Actually, teaching is just our day job and this whole school was a cover-up to fund and mask our operations as Celestial Being: an organization started to defend our Earth from forces that wish to invade."

Allelujah raised his hand. "I have a question: Why were WE picked to pilot the robots?"

"Young people in good shape and with lots of life-force are required to bring out the full power of the GN Drives," said Prof. Eifman.

"What is a GN Drive?" asked Neil.

"A GN Drive is a power source that gains in power with more willpower and life-force. You people are all hot-blooded, young, and showed a natural aptitude in your first battle," said Mr. Vashti. " I can't think of a better reason than that.

GN Drives emit GN Particles. GN stands for "Green is all-powerful in robot aNime". See: GaoGaiGar and Getter Robo for more details on the subject. You would normally only know what GN meant if you read the supplementary materials, but I decided to cut you a break.

'Where's Graham?" asked Setsuna. "Every other teacher is here, so where is he?"

"Let me answer that," said Billy, Graham's heterosexual life partner (think Blue Beetle and Booster Gold). "Graham really doesn't listen to anything that isn't about Japan or you, so... every time we tried to bring him in on this, he just got bored and wandered off."

"Why am I not surprised?" said Setsuna.

"Why are there FIVE robots?" asked Feldt. Due to her being a girl, she didn't get that the robots combine (eventually).

Maniacal laughter was heard and everyone looked Allelujah. He forgot to take his meds in all the confusion and his evil alter-ego, Hallelujah, had taken over.

"Isn't it BLEEP-ing obvious? Have you never seen Power Rangers, or Voltron, or anything? The robots BLEEP-ing COMBINE!!!!"

Allelujah came to his senses long enough to take his pills and Hallelujah went away.

"Well, he sure is right," said Bill, Ian and Eifman in unison. "The five MS combine to form the colossal titan: 00 Gundam, but the system isn't perfected yet," Ian added.

"Yes," said Eifman. "The enemy attacked much sooner than we anticipated."

"How did you know about alien invaders again?" asked Setsuna in the most smart-ass way possible.

"Let me answer that," said Tieria. "I am a defector from the Innovade Empire."

"So you are an alien?" asked Neil.

"Correct. I fled from them 15 years ago and stole the 5 GN Drives."

"Um, but you don't look much older than 16 or 17," remarked Feldt.

"Looks are deceiving. We Innovades don't age. Most of us are sexless too."

"That explains a lot of mysteries," said Neil. "Like why you never dressed out for gym class."

"Yeah," said Patrick. "I knew that would cause a scene, so we just said he was a frail, sickly kid and left it at that."

As the group was getting a laugh out of this, the alarm suddenly sounded.

"Main screen turn on!" shouted Kati.

The screen showed a video of a new Ga-Beast with a beam claw like weapon attacking The City.

Setsuna jumped up and shouted "Let's do it!" and the team rushed off to confront the new enemy.

A figure came out of the shadows at the conference room when they left though.

"Maybe I should beat them there," said the man covered in the shadows. "You know, so I can fight them and assess them for myself."

"Permission granted," said Eifman. "Do what you wish, you have a license after all."

"Yes, Shogun," said the shadowed out man.

The Gundam Team was shocked when they arrived on the scene. The Ga-Beast's pilot had fled and all of the grunt mecha were destroyed. Amidst the ruins stood a mysterious-looking mecha that was reminiscent of a Samurai, complete with an oversized katana.

"Greetings, Gundam Team," said the Masked Man. "My name is............ MISTER BUSHIDO!!!"

The Samurai-Mecha rushed at the Gundam Team. Arios and Archer transformed and evaded. Cherudim used it's Shield Bit Deflectors and blocked his slashes. Seravee erected a GN Field and tanked through the assault. And Setsuna attempted to parry his swings.

"Can't do it Blue Boy!!" said Mr. Bushido. He smashed the sword into the side of Exia RX and Setsuna yelled in anger.

"I won't let you do this!" suddenly a voice rang out from the Exia's computer. "Use Hyper Trans-AM," said the voice.

"HYPER TRANS-AAAAAM!!" bellowed Setsuna. The Exia glowed red, and began to move at a blinding speed.

"C'mon guys, give me some support!" Setsuna yelled at the rest of the team.

They all activated Hyper Trans-AM and used the Bakunetsu Gundam Team Attack to force Mr. Bushido to retreat.

"So, you have what it takes to protect our Blue Earth, eh? I leave it to you then," said Mr. Bushido.

The team returned to the Fortress and disembarked their MS.

"Good job on fighting off that strange enemy!" said Sumeragi.

"I am beat," said Setsuna. "I am heading home now. Graham and Marina are probably wondering where I am now."

"Yeah, we've had a long day," said Neil.

The team all went their separate ways for the night and returned to their homes.

"I'm home!!' yelled Setsuna.

Graham and Marina rushed to him to check on his safety.

"Are you OK!! Did you see all the giant robots fighting? Where were you?" screamed Marina.

"I am fine. Yes I did, and I was at Neil's house because it was closer."

"See," said Graham. "He's fine. School isn't cancelled tomorrow, so get some sleep now."

The two kids teens went to their rooms, while Graham went to the phone.

"Billy? Yeah, it's me. He seems fine and didn't spill the beans to Marina. Yeah, yeah, I know I'll have to tell him eventually. Geez Billy, you don't think I am gonna hold out for too long do you? A samurai always keeps his word, so don't worry...."


Cue ending theme song with clips from the manga version that most people seem to think is superior (and they are right usually) and then scenes from the next episode.

An enemy that can attack from all directions appears, and the team must each develop their own counterattack. A familiar face appears and seems to be a sign of things to come.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam: ASSAULT!! Hallelujah Let's Lose!


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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:56 pm

Here comes episode 3.

We open to a shot of the Innovade Mothership, with Hell Kaiser Ribbons sitting on his throne on the bridge.

"I am sorry I failed you Master," said Bring. "It will not happen again, give me one more chance to redeem myself! Please, I beg of you!"

"You may have one more chance," said Ribbons coldly. "If you fail don't bother returning, just get rid of yourself."

Bring was not surprised by Ribbons' words, for he knew the penalty for failure.

"Anew," called Ribbons. "I have a special assignment for you."

"Yes, Sire?"

Cut to opening and then to main show.

Setsuna has started watching mecha anime, much to Graham's delight.

"I am so happy you are watching anime. I always say we need to do more father-son activites!"

"Yeah...." said Setsuna, deeply engrossed in the long-lived mecha franchise, Dragonar. (Yeah, Dragonar is long-lived in this.)

The series they were watching was entitled "Metal Armor Sigma Dragonar". The protagonist, Susan Rockefeller and his mentor, Shick Mangina (I really wanted to make that joke, for quite some time) were testing about the D-1 Mark II. Setsuna had been watching mecha anime, in order to better understand the situation he was in.

The next day at school, a new student enrolled. His name: Lyle Dylandy, Neil's estranged, slightly-younger twin brother.

"Hello, Neil," said Lyle in a surprisingly friendly tone for an estranged brother.

"Hey buddy!" said Neil.

"He doesn't know about the MS, does he?" asked Allelujah.

"Why would I tell him that?" replied Neil.

"Good point," said Feldt, since she was sitting with them as well.

At lunch time, the Team got to know Lyle.

"So why did you arrive so long after Neil?" asked Feldt.

"Because the giant robot attacks kind of made my folks weary of me traveling alone for a few days to reach here," replied Lyle

"Oh," said Allelujah.

"But I don't mind all the qusetions, if they are coming from beautiful women like you," said Lyle, and he gestured to Tieria.

"Dammit, I'm a MAN!!" screamed Tieria.

Lyle, taken aback by the surprisingly deep voice Tieria had said, "Gosh, you sure are with a voice like that, Dr. Girlfriend."

Sumeragi and Kati were having lunch alone, much to the dismay of Patrick.

"So, Neil has a brother?" asked Kati.

"Yes, this actually saved us the time of looking for a replacement, should he die. Now we just need to find one for each of them, just in case."

After school, the Team headed to the Fortress of GN Science for training.

Setsuna showed a marked increase in skill, all due to Mazinger, Getter Robo, and Dragonar. Neil's skill with a long-raged weapon was still remarkable for someone his age. Tieria just sort of tanked and shot all the guns, but hit every target all the same. Feldt was using the Archer WN to support the Exia RX very effectively. But Allelujah was falling behind, he just didn't have it in him to fight.

"That is enough for today guys!" called Billy. "Alle, can me and Ian have a word with you?"

Allelujah headed to the command center to meet with the two engineers.

"Is it about my performance? I am sorry, but I just don't have it in me to fight. It's a miracle I even survived those two battles we have already had."

Ian and Billy were shocked. Allelujah had taken the words right out of there mouths.

"What about the other "you"?" asked Patrick, who had just walked in.

"I... I don't want him to have control. He can't be trusted. Believe me, we don't want Hallelujah to hurt anyone."

"OK, kid," said Patrick sympathetically. "It was just an idea. Don't get so worked up."

Late that night, the alarm sounded. Setsuna's signal watch beeped, and he got up to answer the call. A holographic monitor of Sumeragi informed him that the Ga-Beast from before had reappeared.

"Roger that!!" said Setsuna and he put on some street clothes and jumped out the window to run to the school.

They did their usual routine (slide down the tubes while uniforms magically appear and then land in robot cockpit).

Setsuna thought long and hard for this moment. As team leader, he needed a cool catchphrase, something like "Mazin Go!" or "Let's Volt In!".

"Let's Gundam In!" yelled Setsuna.

Everyone looked at him oddly. Setsuna began to think it was a mistake, so he announced: "It is a work in progress."

That answer was acceptable so the Gundam Team launched for great justice.

"Come out Earther mecha!!" roared Bring. "I will not lose! My Ga-Beast is invincible!"

The Gundam Team arrived on the scene and immediately launched an assault on the Ga-Beast, henceforth known as Rozzo M12.

It's speed was far too much for most of the team. The only one who could keep up with it was Allelujah.

Come on, Alle. Let me take over.....

"No, I refuse! You'll only get people killed!"

If you don't let me take over, you and your friends are gonna be the only ones dying.


No buts! I don't wanna die just as much as you don't. The only one I will kill is the Ga-Beast pilot.

"Fine... just don't kill my friends.

A strange grin appeared on Alle's face. He began to laugh maniacally. Even the Arios AD was moving differently than normal. It assumed it's flight mode and charged at the Rozzo M12. The whole front of the Arios AD opened up to reveal a large pincer-like weapon. It grasped the midsection of the Rozzo M12 and began to contract.

"What sort of attack is this?!" screamed Bring. "I can't break free!"

"Its kill or be killed!" bellowed Hallelujah. "And guess who is getting killed tonight!"

The pincer finally crushed him, putting an end to the life of Bring The Manly.

Alright, you've had your fun, now let me have control again....

"Yeah, yeah," said Hallelujah. The expression on Alle's face returned to normal and the team headed back to base.

Three days later at school.

"Listen up class!" said Sumeragi. "We have a new student! I hope you treat her nicely."

A girl walked through the door, her name: Anew Returner.

"I hope we get along swimmingly," she said with a smile.

Da da duuuuuuun!

Scenes from the next episode
A new Innovade scheme and a new weapon for the MS is revealed. As the team adjusts to their new life more challenges are presented.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - REVELATION!!! The Schoenberg Plan!

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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:07 pm

Epidode 4: REVELATION!! The Schoenberg Plan!

"Devine," said Ribbons. "Your counterpart is dead."

"I know sir," replied Devine.

"We'll have to use more than one Ga-Beast to defeat those Earthers," said Regene.

"Yes, I suppose so," said Ribbons. "Devine! Revive!" Ribbons called for two of his more combat-worth cronies. "Take a Ga-Beast each and a group of Aheads."

"Yes SuperDevil King Ribbons!" they both said in unison.

Lyle and Anew were getting along nicely, due to them both being new students and not having a ton of friends. But Anew was hiding a sinister and obvious (to the viewer) secret: She was an Innovade!! Not even fellow Innovade Tieria suspected her dark nature.

Setsuna had decided to stay up all night with Graham to try and marathon Mazinger Z episodes. He fell asleep in class, but Ms. Mannequin asked him a question.

"Setsuna. What was the famous quote delivered by John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln?"

Setsuna awoke and yelled: "MAAAZIIIIN!!! GOOOO!"

"Incorrect. It was 'Sic Semper Tyrannis'," Ms. Mannequin angrily replied. "Next time, stay awake in my class, Mr. Seiei.

After school he decided to hang out with Saji, as he hadn't done so in a while. He went over to Saji's house, hoping to have a nice relaxing visit with his friend/lackey. But, Louise was there and she didn't really care for Setsuna one bit.

"Well if it isn't Setsuna F. Seiei," she said in a stuck up tone.

"Louise Halevy, me and Saji Crossroad are going to hang out after school today," Setsuna told her.

"No, I made him get a job delivering Pizzas, so he can buy me stuff," she said and she was serious.

"Oh, OK," Setsuna said and decided to go to the Fortress and do some training with the Exia RX.

"Hey Setsuna!" called Ian. "What brings you here today, when none of the other pilots are around?"

"I am bored, so I thought I might brush up on my MS or do some simulations or something," said Setsuna in a bored tone.

Setsuna decided to head to the MS and read up on Celestial Being. He had been with this group for nearly a month now, and still didn't know much about them at all.
He sat down in the seat, entered his password and peaked into the database to read up on the history of the organization dead-set on defending the Earth from invaders.

He looked for a good hour and was shocked when he found the reason that Celestial Being was founded: The Schoenberg Plan. Aeolia Shoenberg, Celestial Being's founder, had sent out a probe containing a powerful supercomputer: Veda. Contained within Veda was information regarding the human race and our culture. The plan was simply to launch the probe out and hope aliens find it and let them gain insight on the human race. Unfortunately for us, the Innovade Empire of Jupiter were the aliens that found the probe. This was 30 years ago

"So that's why they want to save the Earth so badly...... It was their fault to begin with!"

"Yes it was," said Eifman, who had been monitoring Setsuna the whole time. "It was Shoenberg's fault this happened in the first place. But we have the power to stop them, and we will not lose our planet to them!"

"If you say so," said Setsuna. "I'll continue fighting, I'll defeat the Innovades!"

"Good then, carry on," concluded Eifman.

Lyle was out with Anew, when he saw something strange in the sky. It got closer and closer and he saw that it was something entering Earth's atmosphere. One of them opened fire in their direction and Anew instinctively pushed Lyle out of the way.

"Get down!" she screamed.

The energy beams hit the area behind them, there was debris everywhere, but Lyle and Anew were pretty much unharmed.

"You saved me," said Lyle.

"Yeah that's good for you," she said hastily. "Now let's get out of here!"

The alarm sounded so Setsuna put on his pilot suit and waited for the rest of the team to arrive. It only took a few minutes for the rest of the Gundam Team to arrive, and once they were all there, they launched without hesitation.

Scenes from the next episode: The Team is put to the test by the onslaught of two new Ga Beasts. As the armor on the Ga-Beast is removed, they are shocked by the face underneath.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - DECISION!! This Is a Man's Choice!

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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:18 pm

And now the thrilling conclusion!

Episode 5: DECISION!! This Is a Man's Choice!

Neil, looked from above in the cockpit of the Cherudim ZB. He saw how hard his brother was struggling to keep the girl safe and decided to do his part to keep the whole damn city safe.

He took a look at the closest of the Ga-Beasts, the Garm X10, and locked his sight on it.

"Lockon! Sniping the target!" he calmly said.

The Cherudim fired off a volley of beams, all of which hit the target spot on. However, when the dust cleared........It was revealed that the Garm X10 had an energy field similar to the GN Field!

"No way....." said Neil, henceforth known as Lockon. "I gave it everything I had."

Meanwhile, the rest of the Gundam Team was struggling to survive against the other of the two Ga-Beasts: Dessa V6. While the other was a general purpose Ga-Beast, this one was a long-range type equipped with a powerful beam launcher. Not even the blinding speed of the Arios AD or even the Hyper Trans-AM was enough to close in on it before it fired the massively powerful cannon.

"DAMMIT!!" shouted Setsuna. "We're gonna lose this one unless we think of SOMETHING!!"

Tieria even revealed a new weapon on the Seravee CD, The Seraphim DC: An MS that was the same size (roughly) as the other MS on the team. It still wasn't enough to defeat the Ga-Beasts

The ferocity of the attacks backed all five members of the Gundam Team into a corner, but when all hope seemed lost, a familiar voice called on the monitor.

"I'll lend a hand, Gundam Team."

The voice belonged to none other than Mr. Bushido.

"Mr. Bushido!!" yelled Setsuna. "But why are you helping us!?"

"Because I too, love this blue Earth."

"I'll keep them busy while you five use THAT system."

"System?" asked Allelujah?

A voice rang over their monitors. It was a pre-recorded message...... from Shoenberg himself!

"The five MS and their operators must unite as one. They must become the force that will defend our world from forces from beyond. Please use the power I have granted you wisely."

"Well, I guess this means we really do have to combine our MS together now, huh?" asked Feldt. "I'm up for trying anything to save everyone."

"Me too!" said Lockon. "My brother and his girlfriend are out there. I don't plan on letting them die!"

"I will gladly add our power to the rest of yours" said Allelujah.

"I won't let them destroy my new home!" announced Tieria.

"Then it's decided!" said Setsuna. He decided to yell something he had wanted to. "Yatte yaru ze!!"

No one spoke Japanese, but they got the general message. Setsuna inputted the Code: MMC (Multiple Manly Collisions) and a ChouGN Tatsumaki appeared around the the five MS. Cue an awesome JAM Project song (I am really digging the new Shin Mazinger op called The Gardian).

The Seraphim DC and the Cherudim ZB folded up and became legs. The Arios AD and the Archer WN became arms. The Seravee CD became the body. Setsuna gave the final command: "And I'll form..... the HEAD!!" and the Exia RX folded into the head and plugged into the body.

The colors of all the body parts became blue and the tornado disappeared.

Finally, the true hero of our story is born! It has an unlimited power brought on by the force of human will. It has a strength that will never be topped. It's name: 00 Gundam!

The Ga-Beasts stopped their assault in confusion of what had transpired. The five MS had combined to form a new weapon.

"What the hell is that!?" asked Revive. He began to back up the Dessa, in fear.

"I don't know," said Devine. "But I am not afraid by some new weapon of Earther creation. I will avenge Bring!"

He charged the Garm full speed at the 00 Gundam.

"Too slow," spoke Setsuna.

The 00 had already moved and was now behind the Garm. Bring tried to turn around, but it was too late. Setsuna revealed the 00's improved GN Sword Alpha and produced a large beam blade from it. He swung the blade and bisected the Garm. Devine was vaporized instantly.

"No way....." muttered Revive. "I am outta here! I must report this news to the Master!"

The Dessa sped away at a high speed and Setsuna just let him go.

"So this is the true power of the GN Particle..... it truly is amazing!" remarked the battered Mr. Bushido. His mask torn enough to reveal the obvious: He was really Graham the whole time!

What was left of the Garm's armor revealed something to the Gundam Team: underneath the armor of the Ga-Beast lied a robot that looked remarkably familiar to the MS!

Strange images and feelings began to pass through Setsuna's head. He began to feel strange, as if he were naked and floating in a weird space. The whole thing was too much for him and he blacked out.

Scenes from the next episode: Many changes lie ahead for the Gundam Team. New enemies and rivals lie ahead. And Setsuna has many truths to face.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - ERUPTION!! Lockon Dies in GN Particles!
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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:19 pm

Well, I think I am about halfway done with this. It's gonna be 12 episodes, maybe 13. This episode is one I have been waiting to post.

The new opening theme is here this time. It shows the 00 Gundam fighting strange red enemies and glowing green. Setsuna is shown with glowing yellow eyes and stuff is foreshadowed like Lyle dying, and Marie/Soma joining the team. The song itself is whatever you imagined playing during the 00's gattai sequence.

Episode 6: ERUPTION!! Lockon Dies in GN Particles!!

We open to the mothership of the Innovade Empire. Inside, Ribbons is going over the footage of the previous battle. He makes a decision to use Them against the Gundam Team.

"Master?" asked Regene. "What are we going to do about them now? That new horror they have will pave the road to our destruction if we do not do something."

"Don't worry, Simpleton," said Ribbons. "We'll awake them from cryosleep. Bring me....... THE PSYCHO MEISTERS!"

Elsewhere, Setsuna was having a nightmare about the 00 Gundam altering him into a horrible monster resembling a mockery of his former self. He was screaming so loud in actuality that Graham and Marina came to check up on him.

"Setsuna!" yelled Marina. "Wake up! Please, wake up!"

Setsuna bolted upright and was covered in a cold sweat.

"Take it easy," spoke Marina in a soothing voice. "It was just a nightmare."

"Marina?" asked Graham. "Go back to bed, I'll take care of him."

"Okay. Good night you two," she spoke softly as she left.

"Alright kid," said Graham. "I am Mister Bushido. I'll give you a minute to let that sink in now."

"No way!" said Setsuna in a very surprised manner. "Billy said that he wasn't able to tell you about Celestial Being! Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Well, Billy decided to cover for me. He is my constant heterosexual life-partner you know. I didn't tell you, because I wanted to test your skills, and I knew you would hold back if you knew it was me fighting you. So, I came up with the disguise of 'Mister Bushido'," said Graham.

"What about the nightmares I am having?" asked Setsuna. "They started after I blacked out in the 00 Gundam."

"The GN Particles have effects on humans," stated Graham. "The previous attempt at a Gundam was........ proof enough that we weren't fully aware of the power we were attempting to use."

[Brief flashback of a botched combination attempt on a Super Robot version of Plutone here]

"That girl in your class, Feldt. Her parents were two of the pilots on that the team trying to operate the previous attempt at a Gundam. It was not successful as you can imagine," said Graham grimly.

"So, the GN Particles could be affecting me in ways that no one foresaw?" asked Setsuna again.

"Very probably. Go to the School's doctor tomorrow. Dr. Moreno is a good guy. He, Billy and Eifman will give you a good once-over. It's probably nothing serious, but they are giving all the pilots a thorough examination."

"OK, I'll see you in the morning then," said Setsuna.

The next day after school, the team went to the Fortress of GN Science to use the superior medical facilities there to get examined. One by one the Team members were examined. No abnormalities were found in their bodies. Setsuna's nightmares seemed to be just that.

"Well at least we know GN Particles don't cause GN-Cancer," joked Patrick.

"Not a time for jokes," said Kati.

Sumeragi decided to change the subject. "So, you really are Gundam Meisters now. No longer mere pilots," she said with admiration.

The support staff all congratulated the newly-christened Gundam Meisters on their achievement.

But not all was good. In the skies above, a new enemy was approaching fast. The alarm sounded and the Meisters were sent out to counter the unknown enemy.

The new enemies touched down in the middle of the crowded City and began to attack everything in sight. When the Meisters arrived on the scene, they were shocked at the appearance of the enemy. Four robots, that looked like red Machining Skins! They were menacing in appearance. Even more shocking was that the enemies hailed the Meisters.

"Greetings, Meisters," said a calm voice. "My name is Ali Al Sachez. I am a human, but I think it is quite time you surrendered and let the Innovades win. Or else.... we just might have to kill you five youngsters."

Four faces appeared on the monitors of the Meisters. One face was that of Ali Al Sachez, the leader of the Psycho Meisters and the pilot of the Arche A1. Another face was that of Michael Trinity, the second-in-command and pilot of Throne T-Eins. The younger-looking man was the pilot of the Throne T-Zwei. The final member of the Psycho Meisters was Nena Trinity, the pilot of Throne T-Drei. All four of the Psycho Meisters were, you guessed it: Thoroughly Psychotic. They were also humans who allied themselves with the Innovade Empire for their own selfish reasons.

"Let's combine everyone!" yelled Setsuna. Everyone nodded in agreement.

The Chou-GN Tatsumaki appeared and the MS began to combine into the 00 Gundam. But this was not meant to be, for the cunning Ali Al Sachez had a plan.

He used the piercing ability of the GN Buster Sword and got through the Chou-GN Tatsumaki. He found the closest MS to him and rushed it.

"Nope. No combining on my watch!" roared Sachez. "Lord Ribbons won't stand for it.!"

"Dammit!" said Lockon. "I can't move! I can't cancel the sequence!!"

The blade pierced through the cockpit and began to flood with GN Particles from the Cherudim's drive.

"This sensation," remarked the dying Lockon. "It's so incredible. I feel like.."

KAA-BOOM!! The Cherudim's cockpit was destroyed, and Lockon was killed.

The 00 Gundam's combination sequence was cancelled and the MS dropped to the ground.

"We'll head out now," said Sachez. "We'll let them mourn the death of their friend. Just to let them suffer."

"Lockon!" screamed Tieria. "Answer me! Come on, stop kidding around!"

The Meisters hopped out of their MS and went over to the Cherudim ZB. The cockpit was completely wrecked and the GN Drive was damaged.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" screamed Tieria. "Why him!? Why did he have to die."

Feldt began to cry and Setsuna held her.

Now that the Meisters are one member short, how will they be able to fight? And now that the enemy can even break the combination sequence, how will they use the 00 Gundam's power? Only time will tell.

Scenes from the next episode
One Meister's death prompts another to stop fighting. Old friends and new ones alike come together to strengthen the Meisters.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - REINFORCEMENT!! The Deadly Soma.


Yep, Lockon is gonna be this story's Musashi. When I started this, I really contemplated making him fat, just to cement those comparisons.

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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:31 pm

3 months following the defeat of the Gundam Meisters and the death of Lockon Stratos, the world was thrown into chaos. The Innovade Empire had stepped up it's attacks and people had begun to go missing. Among the missing: Louise Halevy. The Meisters spent all of their free time training to better operate the MS and the 00 Gundam, but without Lockon things were difficult. To make matters worse, Feldt had decided not to pilot anymore, and wanted only to be a support member to the Meisters.

"We need replacements," said Sumeragi.

"I know that, but who?" asked Kati.

"Let's have them ask the other Dylandy brother," stated Graham. "He'll want a chance to avenge him."

"We just need one more person then," Billy. "But who?"

"I think I may know someone," said Allelujah. "She's a girl who I know from the mental hospital where I get my medication. Her name is Marie."

Setsuna and Tieria went to meet with Lyle and Feldt and Alle went to meet with Marie Parfacy. Setsuna and Tieria filled Lyle on all that had happened and how his brother really died.

"So, we'd like you to take his place," said Tieria. "We need your help."

"I'll do it. Not just for Neil, but for the world," said Lyle

Meanwhile, at the mental hospital.....

"Hi Marie. It's me Allelujah."

"Don't call me that!" said a girl. "My name is Soma Pieres!"

"She must be having an episode. She also suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. That's how I know her, we have the same counselor."

"Ok then, Soma," said Feldt. "Do you hate the Innovades?"

"With a passion!" announced Soma.

"Then would you help us fight them? We have a weapon that can fight against them. We need your help yo bring out it's full potential," pleaded Feldt.

"I'll do it then," said Soma. "But Marie may not like the violence."

"That's fine," said Alle," I let my other half do the fighting as well."

Now the Meisters were back to full strength, but someone had eavesdropped on the conversation between Tieria, Setsuna and Lyle. That someone: Saji Crossroad.

"Setsuna," spoke Saji. "You said you have a weapon that can beat the Innovades. Let me help you guys!"

"No. It's too dangerous," said Setsuna.

"But they took Louise!! I saw one of those robots they use snatch her up and take her away!! Please! I'm begging you, let me help."

"Ok, we can find you something to do," said Tieria. "You can come with us to the Fortress of GN Science."

But in the depths of space, on the Innovade Mothership, Hell Kaiser Ribbons was plotting a nasty scheme.

"So, we need to speed up production on the clones, as well as finish up with her," said Ribbons.

"Yes Master," said Regene.

We cut to a lab on the Innovade ship, and see Louise Halevy being subjected to a horrible experiment. A twisted one designed to see if a Human can be modified into an Innovade.

The next two weeks were full of intense training for the Meisters. They lied in wait for the next big Innovade attack. Their training came to fruition shortly after those two weeks. A new Ga-Beast appeared! But the MS had received some upgrades as well! New weapons for each of them: A new sword for Exia RX, multiple unmanned weapons for the Cherudim ZX, new cannons and condensers on the Seravee CD, missile pods and a new rifle for Arios AD, plus some shields and a sword for Archer WN.

The Meisters launched and headed towards the powerful new Ga-Beast: The Dess H5.
It was equipped with a powerful sword and many unmanned Fangs.

The Meisters attacked the Dessa with a tremendous ferocity. The used all of their new weapons to their fullest, but this new Ga-Beast was something else. Lyle tried to match the movements of it's Fangs with his Bits, but it was no use.

"Damn!!" he yelled. "This one's good."

Graham also appeared though, and informed the Meisters that he will help them to form the 00 Gundam.

"I'll keep it busy, while you guys combine! Hurry up!"

The Meisters agreed and combined into the 00 Gundam as quickly as possible. The Earth's ultimate weapon had been reborn at last!

"My work is done," said Graham and he returned to the Fortress.

The 00 moved at a blinding speed and took out the Fangs one-by-one. Once that was done, Setsuna set his sights on the Dess.

"This is for Lockon!!" he said.

He stabbed the 00's sword into the Dess, but the escape pod detached and sped away.
The Innovade inside had fled to fight another day.

"We won though," said Lyle. "It's better than nothing."

The team returned to base, unaware that the Innovade hadn't returned to the mothership. The escape pod crashed and from out of the wreckage came Anew Returner, confused at to what she is doing so near a wrecked Innovade pod.

Scenes from the next episode: A recollection of a past life. A realization of who the enemy is. Amidst all the chaos, can love really prevail?

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - BETRAYAL!!! The Sleeper Agent Awakens!

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Re: Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - A Parody

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:51 pm

Haven't written a chapter in a while, I was really busy with school (but since I dropped a useless class, now I can have free time!)

BETRAYAL!! The Sleeper Agent Awakens!

We open to F***KING RIBBONS!, who is giving another evil speech to his failure henchmen. He also decides to torture them to death, only to bring them back to life in new clone bodies. Why he doesn't just bring back the other dead ones is beyond me, but oh well.

"Since you cannot defeat the 00 Gundam, I must send the Psycho Meisters out. Or better yet... I can show them our new 'allies'! Hahahahahaha!!" said Ribbons.

We move to a dimly-lit conference room, seated in the room are many top-ranking military officials. Billy's uncle Homer, Arba Rindt, and Fats Goodman (I seriously can't remember his first name and I am just too lazy to look it up, sorry). They are meeting to discuss an offer made by Ribbons: Defeat Celestial Being and the Innovades will return the captured people and head back to Jupiter.

"To fight our fellow man seems.... dishonorable in a time like this. And considering they're the only ones who made any headway fighting the aliens in the first place, why would we?"

"Because, the Innovades claim that Celestial Being attacked them first. They even submitted video evidence of a GN Weapon being used on them.... In Jupiter's orbit. General Katagiri, do we have the support of the JSDF in this operation?" spoke Rindt in a smug as all hell way.

"Yes," said Goodman. "Can we please count on your support? For the good of all mankind."

He thought long and hard and finally answered. "If I must, for humanity's sake."

Back at the Fortress of GN Science: Saji, Billy and Ian were permanently combining the Machining Skins together. They realized that a combination was too risky and unneeded now.

"This way, we can launch quicker and we won't have to worry about a repeat of the incident with the Psycho Meisters," said Ian.

Saji was now an accepted member of the team, but he felt like he could do more.

"Is there anything else I can do guys?" he asked.

They nodded and gave him an important task: Delivering food to all the staff at the Fortress.

"Ah dammit!!" Saji cried.

The Meisters were relaxing in the rec-room. All except Lyle, who had left to meet his date, Anew Returner.

"Something's odd about that girl," said Setsuna.

"I agree with you there," said Alle, forgetting the fact that most of the Meisters were, in fact, the weird ones.

At the arcade (yeah, it's gonna be like that Macross episode....) Lyle met with Anew.

"Hi Lyle!" she called gleefully. "I hope we have a good time tonight!"

"Me too," he said. "Shall we find a game to play?"

They looked around and saw a cool looking two-player mech game called: Master Killer DeathSlash.

"How about this one?" asked Anew. "It looks pretty interesting."

"Why not?" said Lyle, not bothering to mention that he piloted a real giant robot so this was easy for him to get into. "I'll buy the first match."

The fight was pretty cool (remember that anime always makes video game fights look waaaaay more intense than they really would be in real life). Lyle picked a sniper mecha, and Anew picked a melee one. The match begun and Anew seemed to change in disposition a little. She began to fight (play?) really aggressively and Lyle was having a hard time keeping up.

"Woah! I had no idea you were good at games Anew!" he said.

She nodded and didn't look away from the screen. Eventually, a crowd formed because their fight was really dragging out. They had been playing the same match for almost 30 minutes. And Lyle was beginning to worry. This game was starting to remind him of the battle against the Ga-Beast with sword and Fangs.

Forget that, he thought. She can't be an Innovade. Not her.

Eventually, Anew lost.... barely. Lyle had about 2 HP left. Immediately, she returned to normal after the game was over.

"Oh," she said. "I guess I lost?"

"Anew...." Lyle spoke. "Can I talk to you in private?"

"Sure," she said.

They walked to the park and stood facing each other.

"Anew," he asked. "Do you know anything about the Innovades?"

"No," she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I am a Gundam Meister who fights them. And that game we played was awfully close to a recent confrontation with them."

"I guess he caught on then, Lord Ribbons?" said Regene.

"Too bad," said Hiling. "I thought this soap opera bit was cute. Oh well, I can just think of this as the Shamalan (sp?) Twist!"

"I guess.... I'll cut her loose then," Ribbons spoke calmly.

Suddenly, Anew's face changed into the face she had during the game.

"Too smart for your own good," she said. "You could have lived and had fun a while longer. Hell, if you were really nice, I would have kept you as a pet once we took over this planet."

She snapped her fingers and a Ga-Beast activated in the nearby lake. It was the same model she used previously. Lyle followed suit by calling Setsuna and telling him to launch the 00 Gundam.

"We're on our way!" he yelled.

On the way to the hangar, Setsuna spotted a strange man. Setsuna stopped momentarily and the man approached him. He was sort of menacing-looking. Long hair and a big coat, even in the middle of summer.

"He is coming," the man said. "He will bring with him a terrible force. You will know who it is when he appears. You must kill him.... before he annihilates all you know."

Setsuna blinked and the man was gone.

He hurried to the 00 and launched.

Meanwhile, Saji was going over something with Ian.

"You said you wanted to help, and this will help in a big way," said Ian. "With this, the 0-Raiser Final, the 00 Gundam will be nigh-unstoppable."

"How complete is it?" Saji asked.

"It's nearly finished," said Ian. "Just need to calibrate it for your use."


Scenes from the next episode: Two men must face their loves on the field of battle, and another man must face his destiny.

Next time on Terrestrial Aggressor: 00 Gundam - COMBINATiON!! The Maximum Final 00 is Born!


I really wanted to do a sort of Macross thing. And the mysterious man bit is related to a crossover that is with another story that a friend is writing. It will hopefully become apparent later. I'm really only shooting for 12 (maybe 13) "episodes" of this, so that's why the story is moving forward quickly.

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