Sacred Arc War

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Sacred Arc War

Post by Livingweapon » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:19 pm

Hello, I'm back. ^^. I've decided to start another story. The other one I haven't worked on a while so I can't really get back to that for a while until I remember the storyline.

Disclaimer/warning: This story has some material that would probably be pushing the limits on the Rating, that's why its rated R.

Sacred Arc War


Its been Eighty years since the first human colonzation ship landed on the continent of 'Rune'. Having to leave a half-dead Earth over 10 millions of years ago, the Earthlings were hoping to find an inhabitable planet to call home. The ship wandered into uncharted space and stumbled onto 'Rune'. Scanning the planet for life, they found another existance of humanoid beings, who looked exactly like humans but possess some supernatural powers.

Only ten years later after landing on the planet, several Xenophobia humans went on an aggressive attack on the 'Rune' race. Firing the first shot, the 'Rune' had retaliated with equal amount of aggression. This resulted in a full-scale war, where both sides are pointing towards each other for the blame. With 'Runes' having powers to handle against the average human. The Earthlings had built massive mobile mechs, called Bio-infantry. The tides of the war slowly shifting in the favour of humans, the 'runes' were slow in returning to the battlefield with their own version of Bio-infantry.

Seventy years had passed with a stalemate between the two forces and no end in sight.

Location: Midnear city, Rune Federal Terroritory
Time: June 3, 83 R.E. 2:31 PM Earth time

Having school end early that day due to "Military insursane" warning by the Rune Government within the Academy district. People were moving through the city district to the shelters close to the mountain side. Although some thugs had thought it would be fun in pick some girls up for some 'fun'. Picking on one girl with short red hair, cyan color eyes, and black markings running down the back of her neck, the three thugs slowly approach from behind through the crowds.

"Hey! Come on. It'll be fun. While everyone else is hurrying to the shelters, we can have some time to get to know one another." One thug said as he took the pace up to meet her in front. The other two just moved up so their behind her.

"I rather not. I have to meet with some-" The girl started but was cut off when the thugs slightly moved closer.

"You know not to turn down someones good intent." The lead thug said as he forcefully stopped causing the girl to stop in her tracks. She held onto her small bag infront of her, having her eyes stare at the ground in fear of eye contact.

"Y-yes but-" She said but was caught off once again, this time one of the thugs grabbed a hold of her right arm. "Ah." She started to shake lightly.

"Come on!" The thug said as he goes to tug at her arm.

"Please stop it." The girl said as she attempted to pry her arm from the thug's hand but it appears that she wasn't going anywhere.

"Don't do that, miss. We're all friends here, right?" The thug said.

"No." She said as she was slowly getting more frantic at the situation.

"Hold it." Another voice came in. Having all the heads turn towards the direction of the voice, everyone noticed a young silver haired girl with gold eyes. Grey markings running down her cheeks to her neck and the rest of her body.

"Mare" The redhaired said.

"If its 'pleasure' your looking for. Then Let me take her spot." Mare said with an emotionless tone and equal emotionless facial expression.

"Oh? Your willing to sacrifice your own body to save someone else? How noble." One of the thugs left. "Although we don't mind having a two special." The thug said with a chuckle. The one holding onto the girl releases her from his grip.

"It doesn't matter." Mare said with a low monotone, her eyes just stared to thugs. The three just slowly approached her, leaving the one girl alone. Giving her time to run off. Mare just looks down to the ground and slowly closes her eyes, she knew what they were thinking. The only thing she could do is wait for the inevitable.

Location: Phantom class, Faith
Time: June 3, 83 R.E. 2:31 PM Earth time

Above the city, a single orange colored vessal flew overhead towards the shoreline. Behind it were six other aircraft on approach. Five appeared to be in a cross between a fighter and a Helicopter, bat class fighters. The one in the lead which appeared to be a massive crate like ship, a void class carrier. They stood at a good distance from the one ship.


"Distances to ocean line is 400. To borderline is 5000.... weh. Almost there, and the safety of the city saves us." Joe said as he manned the flight control's, sitting besides him was Ivey.

Joe had short military cut black hair with green eyes. While Ivey had shoulder length red hair, and brown color eyes.

"Yeah but the problem is once we reach the shoreline, if they have their defense ships in docks. We will surely get shot down." Ivey said as she stared out the windows to the path ahead of them.

"Don't worry about it. Knowing them, their just going to stalk us the rest of the way. They may not want us to get away, but they also don't want any chance for the city to get hit with any fire." Joe said as he slightly leans backwards. "They value civilians more then the war." He added on. Slightly grinning to himself, he was very relaxed in the situation.

Suddenly there was a small beeping sound on the terminal. "Speaking too soon." Ivey said as the radar started to show the pursuers started to close in a bit faster. "Not good. Plans are failing." She said as she slightly started to get more panicky.

On the radar, the main hostile vessal fired off something. "Hostile Ballistic fire inbound!" She calls out. Joe shot up from his relaxed position and pulls onto the controls, the Phantom class nose pulls up a bit. The shell passing harmlessly under the body of the ship. "Curse it!" Joe said. "If that's the case then we might as well fly closer to the buildings!" He said. Suddenly the COM opens up.

"Let me handle the hostiles." The voice came over the COM.

"Dark..." Ivey said. "I'll use our stolen good against them."

"The beam rifle?! Hey, don't think about using that! We spent month's trying to steal this one! It hasn't be examined yet." Joe said as his hand flicks on the respond switch.

"Don't worry. All I need is a single shot with it." Dark's voice came in very calm and a bit of hesitation.


In the small single cage hanger, a single Bio-infantry laid on its back with its green eyes lighting up.

"If we don't shot them, then we will be shot." Dark said as he sat within the infantry cockpit. While Joe and Ivey were human, Dark wasn't, he was a rune citizion. His black hair was short with bangs covering his redish eyes. Red markings covered right side and moved down to the rest of his body.

"Are you sure you could pull it off?" Ivey said. "Yeah. I'll use my unit as a decoy for this group. I'll leave the rifle in your hands after I launch."

"Alright then. But how are you getting back?" Ivey asked.

"I'll use the ocean as a shield from their air units. They won't follow me through the underwater." Dark said.

"Your good to go then. We'll meet back on the Texas." Ivey said. The hatch slowly opens up on the back, part of the hanger started to detach from the rest of the ship, opening up wide enough for the Infantry unit to sit up. Pulling its body fowards, the unit pulls off a long rifle from the side and brings it over to the front of the unit. Using its left hand to steady the rifle while the right held onto the trigger.

'If I can get the fighters in one shot then the rest-' Dark started to think to himself. His hud started to turn red as the crossheir started to focus in. He takes a deep breath and looks on towards the formation. 'Easier said then done.'

Focusing the small unit towards one of the fighters, one that was on the right side of the void class. 'That one.' He thought as the markings on his body started to glow a bit. Aiming carefully at the wing of the fighter unit, Dark takes a deep breath and holds it. Gripping the trigger tightly, the infantry fires off a single round towards the fighters wing. The beam flew out and before the pilot could react, the wing was melted off causing the bat to spin out of control on its side, having it being close to the void carrier it nearly took the back thruster of the carrier craft. Releasing his breath as he sees the explosion of the bat, the explosion caused the void to shake and lose its course.

Detaching the beam rifle, and placing it on the side. The unit reaches over and pulls an assault rifle from the side, as well as a shield, attaching to its left arm.

"Now's my chance. PPR-0201E Warrior, heading out." Dark said as he pushes the controls fowards, launching his unit out of the small hanger. The Warrior's thrusters pushes fowards slowing his unit down as it falls down to the streets below. Slaming hard onto the ground and sliding fowards.

Dark adjust the computers on the unit, he goes to look upwards but stops, his eyes quickly shifted over to an alley way.


Mare was pulled into the alley way. She wasn't putting up a fight at all against the thugs, knowing if she did. She would be hit. The thugs were actually enjoying in what was happening to her. They were in the process of undressing her when a loud explosion caused the three to jump.

All four of them looked over to see a green beam in the sky. The next moment had them jump again when a massive mech landed in the streets a few feet away from them.

"Holy! That's an Earth Infantry!"

"Lets get out of here!" One of the thug said as the three high tailed it out of there, leaving Mare collapsed onto her knees. Her eyes just stared up towards the head of the unit. The Warrior's head was looking back down at her, that moment she just stared silently.

End of Prologue.
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Re: Sacred Arc War

Post by Livingweapon » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:18 pm

Chapter 1: First Contact

What took only a minute felt like years with Dark staring down at the girl. There was something about her that intrigued him to the point he nearly forgot he was in hostile area. Suddenly a beeping sound drawn him back to reality, shifting his head towards the direction of the approaching Bats and Void. The Void's engine was spewing out smoke on the side.

Lifting up the Assault rifle, Dark takes aim at the small fighters and started to fire. Forcing the Bat's away, the Void's underbody started to open up and two bio-infantry's unlached from the cage and fell towards the ground. As both became clear from the carrier, the infantry's packs slowly opened up and wings folded out. Both unit started to use their thrusters. Although one unit used only enough to bring itself down to the street, landing infront of Dark's unit. While the second flew over head, turning its body around to face Dark's unit.

Dark watched both of the units move through the corner of his eyes. Moving his rifle, Dark takes aim to the one unit infront of him. Pulling onto the trigger, he started to fire a long burst at the enemy. In response, the enemy brings up its shield and blocked the incoming fire, some of the rounds bouncing off into the nearby buildings. Mare covers her ears and huddles behind a dumpster.

As Dark fired, the unit charges in towards him with its shield infront ready to bash him. Pulling on the control's, Dark shifts his unit to the right slightly twisting his unit out of the way. Although he didn't get out of way in time and the shield bash's into the side of his, knocking it out of hand. He didn't get any time to react or rest as another approaching beep came from the side. The second unit charged in, its right hand pulling out a hilt from its left elbow, an energy started to emerge from the end. "Beam saber." Dark grid his teeth as he pulls his controls backwards, evading the strike to his main body but his rifle was sliced in half.

Sliding his unit backwards away from the two, he pulls the two Folding swords from his hilt and held them. This was going to be a problem for him, The Earth forces didn't have any real beam weaponry other then the battleships, the Rune forces were already finished with the testing state of their advance weapons and it was slowly going to be mass produced.

Thinking for a moment, Dark could see no other choice then to use his 'power' against the enemy's. It might not be enough for him in this situation when he's the only one on the field.

Slowly the markings on his body started to glow, his red eyes devoided as he stares forwards at the two enemy's. 'Calculating estimate time of hostiles reaction time and speed, rendering possible outcome of all possible moving and attack formations. Handling possible 2 on 1 combat with nano-second delay's. Outcome of moving offensive differs to several combat tactic.' His mind working faster then average on different calculations of the battle.

Slowly he started to breath more heavily. Gripping the control's, Dark charges forwards towards the units as they moved to attack. Swinging the left blade downwards at the enemy unit, the unit uses its shield to block the attack, Using the second blade he goes to swing underneath the shield but, the enemy was predicting that and moved the Mech back out of range. But Dark wasn't actually swinging the blade completely, instead he actually threw it instead, the blade went under the shield and pass the first enemy unit. Hitting its intended mark, the second unit straight into its elbow, cutting off its right arm.

Mare hidding behind the dumbster perks her head over to see some of the action between the Mech's. She didn't want to run for some reason, she just wanted to see what this all was about.

As Dark did some damage the first unit charges and swings downwards towards him, moving back out of the attack, he brings his sword over and swings sideways as soon as the energy blade made close contact with the ground. Slicing off the arm of the Mech unit, now he took out both units right arms. He uses his thrusters and backpetal to gain some distance from the enemy units.

Having to lose their free arms, the Rune mech's had to detach their shields to the ground, one took out its beam rifle while the other took its other beam saber out. Charging in towards him, Dark uses the thrusters at the last second and got above in the air. He brings his unit down hard and quickly as possible to ground behind the unit, cutting through the back of the enemy with the folding sword, severally damaging the enemy's thrusters. The second enemy fired its beam rifle at him, Pulling the control's his unit shifts to the right and the left shoulder was hit by the beam. The arm was blown off.

His eyes widen when he saw the girl, Mare step out from the alley way, his consentration was broken. It appeared that the girl stopped out there and stared straight at his unit inpacticular. The markings on his body slowly returned to normal, The second unit took to the air and aimed downwards towards him. While the other unit turned and used the remaining thrusters to distant itself from him.

Dark could only think one thing at that moment, using his suit and thruster fowards. The enemy started to fire at him, only crouching his units as the thrusters pushed fowards as hard as they could. He brings his units right hand out towards the girl, who didn't even bother changing her facial expression as she was picked up off the ground in the Mech's palm. Dark didn't even know why he did that, but he acted on impulse in sweaping the girl of the ground.

Phantom Class

Having a head start, the faith pushed itself off above the shorelines and over the ocean. While behind it were the bats closing in fast. The small ship made its ascent to reach cloud level. "Borderline is 4250." Ivey said as she was on edge in the situation. Warning signal's were going off as the Bat's started to unleash rapid-firing ballistics towards the unit, with the faith pulling upwards a bit, the rounds were hitting through the small cage on the underbody of the craft.

"Damaged to holding cell, no drop in preformance." Ivey said.

"Now its time for full speed." Joe said as his hand twitched onto the accelerator stick, pushing it fowards. The Faith started to increase its speeds, although it couldn't outrun the bats.

"Detecting port activates. Rune ships are activating." Ivey said. "Data is coming in, 3 Battleship classes, 2 Bombarding classes."


Shifting through the main streets and side streets, Dark twist and turned the best as he could through the tight corners. He was worried for his tag along, if she could survive his fast movements. "Hang on!" He said. As he moved, he shifted though the enemy's beam fire.

Moving the arm closer to the torso. "Get in!" He said as the hatch opens up and the air came into the cockpit. Opening the palm so she could move, Mare immediately hops in without hestiation. She grabs ahold of the side and steadies herself, although suddenly she stops and her eyes widen. She didn't notice the hatch close behind her, causing her to slip inside, her eyes showed she was terrified at something

Dark didn't really pay any attention to her as the light blinded him for the moment, long enough for his unit to slammed into a side of a build and tear some of the side walls off. Curving around the corner, he made it to part of the docks. The enemy beams started to increase for a moment, at the last second where his unit slide off the side into the water, a beam ripped through the right leg of his unit. A small explosion forced him fowards into the water more. His unit submerage into the ocean, and he flicks a switch on the side of the controls, the single fan slowly started to spin quickly. Soon it was in full spin an he started to move through the water, keeping under water, Dark made sure his unit get deep enough to keep out of range of their beam weapons.

Sighing a bit, he could only lean back in the seat; taking a moment he regains himself. Slowly looking over towards the girl that he picked up. Mare appears to be stunned like she seen a ghost, her eyes locked onto his face.

"What's wrong?" Dark asked calmly towards her.

"Y-You..." She said, her eyes suddenly started to roll up to the back of her head and her mouth started to foam up, she just falls to her side and passes out.

"H-HEY!" Dark yelled suddenly as he shot up from his seat.

Phantom class

"Approaching borderline in 1300. Detecting alley Cruise vessal confirmed on edge of border." Ivey said with a grin. Although some would think it was a terrible time, the faith was hit several times on its crate. The part of the craft appears to be heavily damage. The Bats just circled around the Faith, attempting in shooting it down with their gattling guns. Suddenly a beeping sound was heard

"Long range fire! Friendly warhead on approach!" Ivey said excited.

Above the cloud level, a single missile rocket flew to. Breaking apart as it moved in short range of the Faith, 24 micro missiles launched out of the rocket and locked onto the Bats. The sky filled with explosions around the Phantom class, the bats were blown to pieces.

"Air space is clear!" Joe said as he held onto the control's, he slowly brings the Faith down lower to under the cloud level. He made sure that the craft could keep a good speed going so they could reach friendly borders.
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Re: Sacred Arc War

Post by Seraphic » Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:43 am

Livingweapon, I've read this little thing of yours.

First, you should probably remove your little author's note about that Dark's powers. The reader will just have to take it as you put it, but when you insert your own literal thoughts into there, it really breaks up the narrative! =p

And something that might get you into trouble with your readers.... Was Mare seriously going to let those asswipes rape the hell out of her like that??? Sure, I get it that she might be emotionless or whatever is going on with her, but the way you presented it was just seriously worrisome. I mean, what the hell was she thinking? Did she have some sort of plan? You never mention because it just gets interrupted by the MS battle. I know she ends up not getting hurt, but the way you wrote out that situation just seriously disturbed me, and it may even cause you to lose other readers. (I think I may have even attempted to read your project once before in the past, and it was that specific passage that made me avoid it.)


As for the rest of what is going on, I think it would help if you capitalize the names of all of your crafts. You are using very common words for their names, like bat, and it's hard for me to realize that this is a vehicle called a bat and not a literal bat. A lot of the time, there was confusion as to what kind of vehicle each thing was.

I like that Dark's fight was not completely one-sided. Good work on that.

Please continue your work, and uh...please address that certain issue.
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