Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Cosmic Chronicles

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Cosmic Chronicles

Post by Deathzealot » Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:25 am

Disclaimer: I do not own anything with that deals with Gundam SEED, be it a Mobile Suit, Gundam, OVA, Manga, etc. I do not own it, however I do own the plots, characters, and some of the Mobile Suits/Gundams that I have created just for fun. So please no suing me I have hardly no money and the money I do have is for school!

William R. Woods Proudly Presents...

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Cosmic Chronicles
A Series of Tales from the Cosmic Era

Brief Foreword:

This Fanfiction is actually a collection of stories together that all have one similarity, they are based in Gundam SEED. Some will be based in the World brought in by my fanfiction Honor of a Knight, others are just stand alone. Also like Mirai Rouge'sTales from the Cockpit some of these stories will be connected together, especially those based on Honor of a Knight. Now I got this idea originally from Relik's Voices of the Bloody Valentine War so credit it where its due.

All the stories will have a short summary to briefly explain what the story will be about, and will mention if it is connected to any other story. Also I may post another's story, and I will give the author credit. Though, it will be only someone who has asked me to post their story.

Anyways here is a nice and easy story to get us started. So please enjoy, and hopefully it should get myself back into writing Gundam from a long session of writing Stargate and Harry Potter. So please enjoy!

-William R. Woods


My own version of two key scenes in Destiny using characters and story background from my Honor of a Knight fanfiction. The only real change is the pairing with Cagalli with Athrun instead of Brian. Now the major scene here is Cagalli's wedding in Destiny hence the title, with a few extra things thrown in for the fun of it. Also Athrun will be the one who “kidnaps” Cagalli from the wedding. Anyways sit back and enjoy this tale fromCosmic Chronicles.

Tale 01: A Wedding Revolt

It was a bright and sunny day that greeted many happy folk from Orb as they watched their beloved princess ride towards her wedding. It was a cause for celebration and merit that she was finally getting married to her long time betrothed Yuna Roma Seiran. However, the bride was not as happy as her people where in fact she was down right sad and betrayed at what she had to do. Next to her was her future husband-to-be Yuna who was glad that he managed to convince her to marry him. Though he was a bit mad that her heart belonged to another man, but he had run off to his homeland leaving Cagalli by herself. Which left him to move in and finally get her to marry him, which make him more powerful. Smiling he turned to look at his bride to find her looking at her ring finger where another ring had once rested. His smile turned into a frown as he saw it.

“Come on Cagalli, at least act like your happy for them,” he said pointing out at the people outside, before he turned to wave at some. Cagalli sighed before she did as well plastering a fake smile on her face knowing that she was making a big mistake, but had no choice in the matter.


Not far from the wedding procession where one of the Astrays assigned to be honor guards for the ceremony. In the large Mobile Suit's cockpit is one Captain Fiona Yamato wife to former Freedom pilot Kira Yamato and one of Cagalli's closest female friends, not to mention her sister in law. Though that family connection is not know to the general public only a handful of people know that. Frankly she should have been at Cagalli's side as a bridesmaid not the blond bimbo who was know. Though, the woman was Yuna's cousin and supposedly was one of Cagalli's child hood friends but Fiona knew it was load of ZOINKS. Sighing, Fiona shook her head to clear her thoughts knowing it was good that her Mobile Suit was standing in a place of honor alongside the wedding pew. She was lucky she managed to get that much from the over confidant prick in charge of the wedding security. Fiona flinched as she remembered that morning and her discussion with that jerk.


A very pissed off purple haired pilot was heading for the office of her supposed superior Colonel Bryan Walters. Without even knocking she busted into the man's office like a violet tornado surprising the man and his staff as she did so.

“Captain Yamato what is the meaning of this intrusion!” the older man bellowed at the small, younger woman standing fuming in front of his desk.

“Sir, can you please explain this,” she said with venom as she threw her so called orders on the colonel's desk. The man calming down took a look at the orders and only nodded.

“Yes, you are to be part of the wedding's MS honor guard Captain, what's the problem with that?” he asked with a frown looking over at her with surprise.

“The problem sir, I use that term lightly, is that till I got these orders I didn't even know Lady Cagalli was getting married. No one told me at all,” she said fuming pointing at the paper in the officer's hands, who was know blustering at Fiona's insult.

“Now see here Captain, if you were not such a good friend of Lady Cagalli and did such a good job protecting her on Armory One I would throw you in the brig. Now are going to follow these orders or am I going to have to call the MPs in here to arrest you,” the Colonel replied with a glare, Fiona only huffed and stormed out.

-End Flashback-

Fiona flinched at the memory knowing that when she got angry, she got really angry similar to the bride-in-question, though her husband said she had the larger temper of the two for Fiona never really got angry all that much. Even then she still thought her orders where bogus not only for not attending her friends wedding in person -even if she did not approve of her choice of husband- but assigning Mobile Suits as an honor guard for the said ceremony. Shaking her head she turned to look at the pew to see that the ceremony was now underway, sighing she leaned back in her seat to get a bit more comfortable as the party reached the pew. However she was soon interrupted by a beep from her COMM system frowning she turned to look at it to see a text message had arrived for her. It was only a small message, but it did not come through the official channels. Frowning she read it silently:

Be prepared, for the Lioness shall be uncaged.

The Angel of Freedom

She blinked in surprise at the content of the message, though she knew it was her husband who sent it since the crew of the Archangel had called Kira the Angel of Freedom when it appeared to save the ship at JOSH-A. Also she knew that Cagalli was the Lioness since her friends and many of her people called her that after her moniker to the public, the Lioness of Orb after her father. However she did not know what she was supposed to be prepared for, though her answer soon came as her COMM once again came alive. This time it was a transmission from HQ.

“Attention! All deployed forces unknown Mobile Suit approaching. Its heading right for the wedding ceremony!” a panic filled voice reported on a open channel. Blinking in surprise she turned her Mobile Suit's head to look at what her radar was reporting heading for her. With one tiny command to her controls and the view screen zoomed in on the approaching Mobile Suit whose identity made her eyes widened in shock for it was the Justice Gundam! What was shocking was that it was destroyed at Second Jachin. Shaking her head to clear it, she smiled as the message became fully clear to her. They where going to kidnap Cagalli from her own wedding!

“Oh! This should be fun!” she said to herself gleefully and promised herself that she would make it up to Cagalli later, also she made a note to thank her husband for this later as well. However her smile soon turned to a frown as another voice blared through her COMM.

“All Honor Guard Astrays shoot the intruder down do not let it get any further!” Colonel Walters voice ordered as he brought his personal Astray away from his spot on the other side of the pew for a better shot on the Justice. Shaking her head she flipped her COMM system to a channel shared by her Team.

“Valkyrie Team relieve our comrades of their weapons!” she ordered her team, who had gotten similar messages to hers and knew what was going down. Three of the six Astrays standing honor guard along the long walk way to pew turned to shoot the beam rifles out their comrade's hands with their own rifles. The Colonel was turning to look in shock at the attack and never saw Fiona's own rifle come up to shoot at him. His rifle was destroyed as well from Fiona's pin-point attack. The now handless Astray turned to look at hers in shock.

“Captain Yamato what are you doing!?” the man demanded as the Justice landed in front of the pew before kneeling down in front of the shocked Cagalli. Yuna had fled as soon as the Gundam showed up.

“Something I should have down a long time ago SIR,” she responded with barely controlled hatred for the man before turning her COMM unit to a far more private channel one that many of old Triple Ship Alliance knew about and was just in time to get hail by the Justice's pilot.

“Thanks for support Fiona, I knew Kira sent you a message but I did not think you would get in time,” Athrun Zala said with a brilliant smile as he got the now shocked Cagalli into his lap.

“I know that you could taken all eight Astrays of the Honor Guard by yourself but let's just say this was personal and leave it at that,” Fiona responded with a smile of her own as the other three Astrays of the Valkyrie Team joined them.

“Alright lets get out of here, I'm sure there are reinforcements on the way here as we speak,” he said with a grin before taking off. The four Astrays soon followed him into the sky which thanks to being part of a Elite Team had modifications that allowed them to follow. That modification being a more powerful flight pack that duplicated the old Aile Striker Pack which the normal Astray's pack was loosely based on. Grinning she briefly turned her camera view to her the rear cameras to see something that would bring a smile to her lips for the next few days. That of Yuna pouting like a little kid and stumping his feet in irration in full view of the cameras and majority of the military presence at the wedding. Laughing she turned to hit the record command on her data recorder to show her team and the others later. This was now a good day for her and she knew she was going to get some good sleep, if she ever made it to the bed that is. She snickered before turning her attention back to her piloting.


Meanwhile, Cagalli was finally recovering from her shock and looked up into the green eyes of the only man she could ever love. However this was impossible, one part of her mind told her, as she continued to gaze into his eyes. He had left for the PLANTs and even if he told her he was coming back she had little hope of that.

“Nice dress Cagalli, I hope I can see you in one in the near future. Though that one be far more beautiful in my humble opinion,” Athrun finally said with a smile on his face that made Cagalli blush in response. However, beeping drew both of their attention away from each other to the radar to see a pair of blips heading there way.

“Okay hold on this is going to be bumpy,” he mentioned with a determined glint in his eyes as a pair of Murasames closed in on him.

“Fiona keep back, I will deal with these amateurs,” he said with a snarl as he pulled out the Gundam's patented beam lance and struck the two flying MS before they could fire in return sending the two Mobile Suits spinning out of control towards the ocean bellow them. Though Cagalli's attention was not on them but at the four signals following them on the radar and from Athrun's order she figured it was the Valkyrie Team. Shaking her head she turned back to look at Athrun.

“Athrun I do have a few questions, how is it possible that the Justice survived Jachin, I thought you blew it up to take out GENESIS?” she asked confused looking around at the familiar cockpit of the Gundam though she did see a few things that where different but it still looked the same.

“Actually you are right the Justice did indeed get destroyed at Jachin, this Gundam is Morgenroete's version of the Justice from their studies of the Freedom after the war. Since both Gundams have many similar components it was almost child's play to rebuild the Justice. Though they did add a few new changes to the design but other then that it is the same old Justice just with a new name,” Athrun replied with a smile.

“New name?” Cagalli questioned as she blinked owlishly at him in confusion. Athrun only smiled and turned back to his piloting.

“Yeah, MBF-09E Eternal Justice,” Athrun replied as the small group of Mobile Suits flew over a gathering of Aegis Class ships surrounding a very familiar ship.

“The Archangel!?” she said shocked as the five Mobile Suits started to lower towards the ship, and as they did the COMM screen blinked to life to show Mirri to direct them to land. It brought some old memories of the war where she had briefly flown off the ship and always had the sweet Mirri to welcome her back. Before long the E. Justice had landed and was walking towards a repair cradle to power down. As it did Cagalli was shocked to see the Freedom and her own Strike Rouge standing proud in flanking cradles to the one the E. Justice was now heading for. While the Valkyrie Team took cradles along the other end of the hanger, where they had been during the last war when they flew off the Archangel. It did not take Athrun long to power down the Gundam and opened the hatch. He offered her a hand, which she took before he lowered both of them down to floor on the line. Meeting them there was her brother Kira and best friend Brian Carter waiting for them. When Athrun let her go Kira stepped forward and engulfed her in a hug.

“Welcome Home Cagalli,” he whispered into her ear as Athrun came up behind them and offered them his silent support and love. Cagalli then knew that she was indeed home for her home was where her family was and her family was on the Archangel. She then started to cry once more, but this time she cried for joy not sadness for she was home and she was never going to leave it again.


Now a few things here I need to explain this is only a AU version of Cagalli's wedding in Destiny and so there a lot of differences. One being the number of Astray acting as the honor guards, and Cagalli's bridesmaid which she did not have in canon which I guessed was not part of Orb's wedding ceremonies, but I am to used to having that way. -o-shrug-o- Also I introduced a whole new Gundam for Athrun to use for this story. Though it is not the I. Justice, the E. Justice is just a rebuilt version of the original and features no other similarity to the I. Justice.

Also, yes this is peek into what Fiona is going to end up as by the end of Honor of a Knight and will not upgrade to a better Gundam but get an Astray instead, though it may not end up like by the end of the end of the story. Though I did limit the spoilers to that and I did not mention who in fact makes up the rest of her team. However, I do know that this would not really happen in canon at all and I am planning a Tale that will follow canon more closely just from another perspective. This was just a fun little piece I did for the hell of it and I rather enjoyed writing this especially Yuna! I loved making him throw a tantrum which I imagined happened when I watched the real episode with him pouting like he was. Also I am sure more then one reader would enjoy that part of this story.

Finally, I may expand on this Tale with others but right now it is stand-alone. So I shall see you the next Tale of the Cosmic Chronicles! Till then Ciao!

Next Up...

A tale diving into the past of the Nova Hawk, and his very first battle as a pilot in the famous Zero Corp. It may not be the tale on how he got to be famous but it is a start. Till then!

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