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Alternate UC project

Post by Nagato21 » Mon May 25, 2009 2:56 pm

Once again my head has been buzzing with new ideas. I am working on an alternate UC fanfiction set in 0083. For that I made a lot of changes in the timeline which begins just before the Battle of A BAO QU. Idea started with, what if General Revil hadn't died? What would've happen then? The story will be first divided into two self contained stories set between the Gundamjack of the GP02 and Gato escape into space. The stories will be respectively call Midnight Fenrir and SOWT. Both will include characters, from MS IGLOO, Zeonic Front, Lost War Chronicles, 08th MS team, Gundam, Zeta and some original characters. Many of the characters will be cameos while some will have extended background and play important parts in the story.

Here is the timeline, it gives an idea of what kind setting the story will be in:
(special thanks to Mark, because I am using the timeline he compiled on his website)

U.C. 0079.12.30
In an attempt to negotiate with the Federation, Degwin Sodo Zabi heads to a secrete meeting with General Revil near Konpeitoh.
The Principality's Solar Ray weapon destroys a third of the Federation fleet, along with Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi’s ship. General Revil survives because of engine trouble on his way to meet the fleet.

UC 0079.12.31
Despite significant losses, the Federation Forces decide to proceed with Operation Star One and attack A BAO QU.
During the battle, Gihren Zabi commander in chief of Zeon Armed Forces dies at the hand of his sister Kycilia Zabi for the murder of their father and assumes command of the battle.
Anticipating the defeat of Zeon, Admiral Aiguille Delaz and his fleet withdraw from A BAO QU to fight another day.
Kycilia Zabi command ship is destroyed, presumably by Federation fire.
The Chimera Corp led by Johnny Ridden evacuate A BAO QU with the assistance of Char Aznable flagship and the Big Zam squadron (MA09) punching a hole in the Federation blockade. The escapees make way toward Granada or Side 3.

Eight hours later (18:00), the leaders of the re-established Republic of Zeon contact the Federation government to negotiate a peace agreement.

UC 0080.01
The Earth Federation and the Republic of Zeon reach a peace agreement at Side 7, officially ending the One Year War.

UC 0080.10
The Federation set up a special taskforce composed essentially of criminals or mal adjusted and outcasts to hunt down the remaining Zeon forces, under the command of Colonel Bask Ohm the task force is codename Tartarus.

UC 0080.10.12
The former 603rd Technical Evaluation ship the Jotunheim along with several Papua class ships, escorted by the Chimera Corp begin evacuation of Zeon forces still trapped in Australia and North Africa. Tartarus flagship Pegasus carrier Atria and its squadron of RGM 80 GM Rook (A new mass production unit), ambush the evacuation force in low orbit.
The Jotunheim fleet is force to retreat after saving only thirty percent of the survivors; the remainder of them are trapped on Earth.
Among the rescue is the Midnight Fenrir.

UC 0080.10.15
Former Principality forces gather at Karama Point, between the moon and Side 3, before departing for the asteroid base Axis.
Tartarus launches a surprise attack at Karama Point after obtaining Intel from a Zeon traitor. The Chimera Corp along with Anavel Gato and his allies engages Tartarus to buy time for their allies to escape. A wounded Char Aznable is rescued by Anavel Gato while the fleet led by the Zwamel heads for Axis.

UC 0080.10.20
The Delaz Fleet and Chimera Corp launch a second operation to retrieve Zeon survivors on Earth under the cover of a new weapon, the Minovsky Disruptor Array.
The Federation 11th Independent Mobile Task Force led by the Pegasus Carrier Kirin under Bright Noah commands engages the Zeon fleet on route while the Jotunheim and its group successfully recover stranded HLVs in low orbit.
Remaining Zeon survivors stranded on Earth hide in North and Central Africa.

UC 0080.10.25
Tartarus along with Federation Special Forces successfully captures the Pezun Asteroid base.
On route to Axis, the Zeon remnants meet with Paptimus Scirocco of the Jupiter Energy fleet acting as envoy of the Buch Concern.
The Earth Federation and the Republic of Zeon approve the Treaty of Granada, formally concluding the One Year War. The treaty recognizes the independence of Side 3 and allows it to maintain its current military forces, despite protests in the Federation military.

UC 0080.11
Aiguille Delaz relocates his fleet to a shoal zone and begins construction of the Garden of Thorns. The Delaz Fleet temporarily halts its external activities.
Anaheim Electronics and the Buch Concern begin acquiring the Republic of Zeon's military industries.
Char Aznable leaves Delaz, returning to Side 3, under his real identity, Casval Zum Deikun, and enters politics.

UC 0081.03
Dozle Zabi’s widow, Zenna succumb to an illness, making her daughter still an infant Mineva Zabi the only heir to the Principality of Zeon. Appointed as her regent is Maharaja Khan.
Casval Deikun looses the General elections at Side 3 but he is appointed to the post of vice Minister.
Under his newfound influence and support of Anaheim, the Colony Union of Relief and Salvage Organisation or CURSO is formed in order to help rebuild and support colonies that where destroyed during the war. Secretly the group serves as a cover for the Chimera Corp now acting as the Zeon Republic covert intelligence and special ops unit under the command of Johnny Ridden.

UC 0081.08
The Delaz Fleet begins guerrilla attacks on the anniversary of the Principality of Zeon. Delaz announces the refusal to acknowledge the Republic of Zeon as a legitimate government on a public broadcast.
The Tartarus taskforce receive special powers by the Federation government to hunt down Zeon remnants.

UC 0081.10
The Federation Assembly approves the Earth Federation Forces Reconstruction Plan.
Minerva Zabi is send back to Earth Sphere under the protection of the Buch Concern who agrees to supply Axis with financial support in exchange for technology via the Jupiter Energy Fleet.
General Revil is appointed as commander of the Federation Lunar Fleet alongside with Admiral Koen and attaché liaison with Zeon military.
The Earth Federation and the Republic of Zeon complete the repatriation of all prisoners of war. In light of recent terrorist attacks across the Earth Sphere, the Republic of Zeon reorganizes its military and reactivates the Midnight Fenrir as the 1st Tactical Reconnaissance Intervention Group.

UC 0081.10.12
Tartarus causes the death of fifty thousand colonists in Side 2, colony Rosario while attempting to capture Zeon rebels hidden in the colony by using Mobile Suit. Federation Intelligence covers up the incident by calling it a terrorist attack cause by Zeon remnants.
However, CURSO leaks the truth, causing a huge scandal within the Federation Government and mass riots across the colonies.

UC 0081.10.22
Tartarus launches operation Lullaby in hope of capturing Granada after receiving Intel of large number of Zeon rebels hiding inside the city. (The group manages to receive unofficial approval from the Assembly to carry the operation.)
Learning of the attack on their main base, CURSO evacuates their personnel of Granada in time.
Despite the city being defenceless and the protest of the Granada governor, Tartarus captures the lunar city after a pre-emptive strike that kills four hundred people, mostly civilians.
CURSO scouts having observed the battle leak the information to the media, creating more controversy and anger in the colonies.
Captain Agar is court martial and demoted to the rank of Lieutenant and transfer to the South Pacific after assaulting his superior officer Bask Ohm during Operation Lullaby.
Former Special Forces second squad Lieutenant Matt Healy is promoted to colonel and chief of Federation Special Operation Warfare and Tactics or SOWT, an elite unit testing new technologies for the next gen Mobile Suit compose of Federation and Zeon veterans in order to promote cooperation between both sides and fight terrorism.

UC 0081.11.22
A terrorist group call Corsair; compose of Principality remnant launches a biological attack across several colonies including Kanto Colony in Side 3 in protest to the Republic of Zeon trade policy with the Federation. The Corsair launches a second wave, this time on the lunar city of Newton, but the SOWT and the Pegasus Assault Carrier Kirin are able to prevent the attack.

UC 0081.12
As part of the Federation Forces Reconstruction Plan, the civilian company Anaheim Electronics begins the top-secret Gundam Development Project under the supervision of Tartarus.
The Delaz Fleet and Axis establish a cooperative relationship.
Casval Deikun secretly approaches Axis as well.
CURSO establish new bases at Zebra point and one in Texas colony.
Former foreign Legion Lieutenant Ken Bederstadt forms the Yuuki Construction Trade Company or Yuuki Incorporated on Earth to help rebuild the planet and import trade goods from space to Earth, while he still maintain connections with Zeon remnant and acts as CURSO liaison on Earth.

UC 0082.01
The Bush Concern creates the Vanguard Station, a massive space station above Jupiter. Officially, the station is a research center on new energy propulsion for space travel, but unofficially it develops and manufactures Mobile Suits.

UC 0082.01.10
Haman Karn is sent on a cover mission back to the Earth Sphere; meanwhile the Advance fleet is on route to support the Delaz fleet.

UC 0082.05
The Federation in favour to divert funds for military spending rejects the First Colony Reclamation Plan. The Hope Foundation a relief organisation led by young Federation senator Blex contracts CURSO to oversee the Colony Reclamation Plan.

UC 0082.06
Anaheim Electronics acquires the aerospace company Hervic. Concerned about the recent activities of Tartarus, General Revil and a few high ranks officers convinces Federation HQ to withdraw the Gundam Project from Tartarus. Surprisingly Jamitov Highman does not object.

UC 0083.01
Delaz Fleet learns of the Gundam Development Project and places spies within Anaheim.
CURSO also learn of the project in exchange for their silence and future cooperation, Anaheim provides them with Gerbera Tau a mass produce version of the Gerbera Tetra.

The Delaz Fleet plans a major operation against the Federation and strengthen its relationship with other anti-fed groups. Haman Karn arrives in the Earth Sphere and infiltrates the Republic of Zeon as a political staff member of the Prime Minister.

UC 0083.04
The Battleship Birmingham is severely damage after an attack from Zeon terrorist Corsairs and steals two nuclear devices. The details about the attack and the theft of the warheads are classified.
The Delaz Fleet begins production of the MS-21 Dra C and MS23 Z Krieg.

UC 0083.10.07
The mobile assault carrier Albion collects the Gundam GP01 and Gundam GP02A from the Von Braun factory, and then departs for the Federation Forces' Torrington base in Australia for ground testing.
CURSO battleship Dark Horse and the Broken Horn Squadron to monitor and intercept Delaz fleet’s movement, meanwhile the Jotunheim collects the Zeon 1stTactical Reconnaissance Intervention Group Midnight Fenrir at Side 3 colony Soho and then departs for Earth.

UC 0083.10.09
Anavel Gato lands in Africa, joining forces with terrestrial remnants of Principality of Zeon.
SOWT begins combat operation in Southern America against anti-Federal armed groups. First field test sortie of the GM Diaz and GM Rambo.

UC 0083.10.11
Midnight Fenrir drops above New Zealand.
UC 0083.10.12
Federation 9th Pacific Fleet sustain heavy casualties after an encounter with Zeon submarine carrier Yuktobania carrying Anavel Gato.
UC 0083.10.13
The Albion reaches Torrington Base, Australia. Operation Stardust begins.

Keep in mind this is just a prototype, I thought about putting into the fanfic discussion threads so if need to be let me know.

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Re: Alternate UC project

Post by ShadowCell » Mon May 25, 2009 3:01 pm

That's great and all, but please post some of the story's content. A timeline and a teaser don't mean much when there's no content to which they are attached.

If this is just an idea, then feel free to post it in the Discussion thread and get some feedback on it. But we don't want a whole bunch of threads that offer only "ideas" and wind up offering nothing else.

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Re: Alternate UC project

Post by Nagato21 » Mon May 25, 2009 3:33 pm

Yare, Yare. Srry but I didn't want to rush but here is a quick synopsis

Three years have pass since the Earth Federation’s victory over the Principality of Zeon. Unfortunately, despite some progress, the Earth Sphere is still wrapped in conflict.
The Earth Federation is rebuilding its military instead of supporting the colonies that have yet to recover from the war. Anticipating another war between Earth and space, the newly reform Republic of Zeon takes matter into its own hands and deploys CURSO a covert military organisation to prevent the machinations of both the Federation and the Principality’s remnant before they doom the Earth Sphere.

Act 1: Midnight Fenrir
(The first chapter is already finish, I am doing some final touches before posting it)
Formerly a Zeon front line unit compose of veteran Mobile Suit pilots specialized in ground warfare, the Midnight Fenrir served admirably during the One Year War. After the Principality’s defeat, the Midnight Fenrir was rescue by Zeon remnants in October 0080 and covertly brought back to Side 3, after being cleared of all charges, the unit was disbanded, until the terrorists events of 0081.11, the Midnight Fenrir was reinstated within the Republic of Zeon military under the designation of 1st Tactical Reconnaissance Intervention Group. However, the unit also works with CURSO the Colonial Union for Relief and Salvage Operation, which is a covert paramilitary group in disguise working directly for the Vice Minister of Zeon, Casval Daikun.
After discovering about the Gundam development Project and Operation Stardust, Midnight Fenrir is sent on a covert mission to prevent the theft of the GP02 and if possible destroy it before the Delaz Fleet gets its hand on it.

Act 2: SOWT

SOWT Special Operation in Warfare and Tactics

Created in 0081, the unit is an international special force unit compose of Federation and Zeon volunteers specializing in anti-terrorism and testing of experimental weapons.
The unit was created under the initiative of 3rd Fleet Admiral Koen with the approval of General Revil, commander of Federation Lunar Forces and support of Vice Minister Casval Daikun. Although it met a lot of criticism (especially the part about Zeon members), the goal of SOWT is to improve the relationship between both nations and defeat terrorist groups like the Corsairs and the Delaz Fleet whose actions have caused of the death of many innocents.
Veteran Federation officer Colonel Matt Healey leads the SOWT.
In 0083, the unit is task with recovering and if possible destroy the Gundam GP02 before the Zeon rebel Anavel Gato flees to space with it.

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Re: Alternate UC project

Post by ShadowCell » Mon May 25, 2009 4:55 pm

I didn't mean a synopsis, I meant, like, posting chapter one or a prologue or something.

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Re: Alternate UC project

Post by Wolfman » Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:49 pm

This is an interesting idea. :|
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