My first poem

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My first poem

Post by teslashark » Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:34 am

I wrote this in less than 20 minutes during my english class! It was inspired by Roald Dahl's Going Solo. It can be sung in the tune of "soviet march"of Red Alert3 or any tunes that's both annoying and cheerful.

Grudge of RAF Pilots in Greece

(chorus)Forward comrades, go and chase the Hun,
If you don’t get him, better try to run,
Our losses are weekly,
Our guns are weakly,
Get in the hurricane,
Then speed down the lane,
Don’t rely on the commander,
His brain’s upside-under.
Our generals don’t really know what war means,
Now we’re fighting like we’re at the Crimeans
Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to do and die!
We fight madly to earn our rye,
And there’s no rest for our clothes to dry!
We receive orders no matter how dumb,
From those blokes who shifted their brain and bum!
We live harsher than pirates in slum,
‘cause we got pine-juice ‘stead of rum!
We don’t even get regular loos,
And round the camp you can hear boos!

We’re Tommies young and gay
(Strait!) Flying makes now best of our days.
The victory is right on its way,
And we’ll let the Jerries pay!
We’ll sure see ourselves out,
And that’s goodbye to the commander lout!

Let’s go, comrades, flyin’ wing by wing,
Let’s get even, then give the morons a sting!

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