Gundam 00: Reformation (Final Summary completed 5/15/09!)

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Re: Gundam 00: Reformation (Final Summary completed 5/15/09!)

Post by Dean_the_Young » Mon May 18, 2009 7:59 pm

Guilty as charged about Graham. Part of it, though, was I realized I had only given him one fight against Setsuna of note, though I always intended him to factor into the final battle somehow, if only to make it less-lopsided than the cannon brawl was while Ribbons pounded on the recovering 00. Maybe take him out of the second brawl, and have him killed/knocked out? I really don't care at this point.

By mid-season, Ali was yesterday's trash, and Setsuna still didn't kill him when he had a chance twice: first when Ali climbed out of his suit while landing, and then at the end of the battle. The main point was that Nena kills him in almost cold blood, so I suppose the exact way could change.

The Lockon anonymity was inspired by a thought I had about how different they were. And once Neil got over his vengance complex, I realized: not very. Neil without his vengance is almost identical in spirit to Lyle without his brother complex, only Neil had slightly better accuracy. They were different on their flaws, not their virtues, and Lockon Stratos as an ideal was the man without the flaws of Lyle or Neil.
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