Gundam UC: Alternate Reality

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Gundam UC: Alternate Reality

Post by Ravenor » Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:06 am

This is just a quick story i threw together in about 4 hours. I have heard it's quite good from some freinds, but i'll let you all decide if i should continue this.

The Story:
Basically it's in an alternate reality, where newtypes DONT exist, only ace pilots with quick reflexes (so no knowing when a beam rifle is gonna shoot at you ect). Also, instead of colony drops and all that, Zeon drop propaganda all over the place (thats why the 2 main characters are from Brussels and England, they joined the Zeon Foreign Legion).
It's basically in the 4th month of the OYW, and the Fed's have already been designing GM's and Mobile Armours etc at the same time as Zeon.

The main charater is an ace, and this is all the information i will disclose :)

Gundam UC: Alternate Reality

The round hit the Zaku's shield, and inside, Captain Elaine Havik grimaced as a warning light flashed on.
The right arm was out of commision, and that meant trouble. from behind the boulder, she guessed she was being fired upon by at least 4 GM's.
Struggling to come up with a plan, the thought dawned on her, she realised she was going to die out here. The fear gripped her like she was set in concrete, unable to move, finding it hard to breathe, and just waiting for the moment to be struck down. The thought of being toyed with by these wretches finally gave her the ability to move, and anger slowly boiled up inside her. "If these animals want a fight, i will bloody give'em one!" she muttered to herself.
Pushing the controls as fast as she could, punishing the machine with her speed, it barely being able to keep up with her reactions. As it stepped from behind the boulder,
it's left arm reached for the heat hawk, and the thrusters began to burn, launching Captain Elain and her zaku right into the fray.

4 weeks earlier:

The Samson Trailer stopped outside the GD04 'Refuel and Rearm' base, and the tall, slender figure of Elaine Havik jumped gracefully out of the 4th passenger seat, followed by the huge, fearsome figure of Private Huxley, his huge frame barely being able to get out of the side door. Elaine stepped back, allowing Huxley enough room to jump down, and chided him about his being too big for his own good.
She had only know him for the four hours journey from the Western European base to the Gobi Desert Outpost, but already she had clicked with him. He was a huge man of muscle and sinew, but he was kind hearted, and thats what made them get on so well. She walked towards the huge cargo doors that lead down into the underground complex, fiddling with her shoulder length blonde hair as she went.
Huxley stopped, turned to face Elaine, and voiced his anger about being sent out into the Gobi Desert. "I di'nt sign up to get sent to this ruddy 'ell 'ole, not to mention been the only ruddy Yorkshiyreman 'ere!" he boomed, obviously vexxed at being the only one from England there, since everyone else he saw where quite clearly spacenoids or, like Elaine, from continental Europe.
Elaine tried to calm him, saying "it's not just you that it's a first for, i have never left Brussles before", her Belgium accent clearly showing. Still, as hard as she tried, Huxley would not calm, and stormed off ahead, dissapearing through the vast doors, into the dimly lit Cargo Bay. Elaine sighed, and muttered "his temper seems to get the best of him" as she strode through the entrance, following the signs that would lead her to the quarters.

When she finally emerged from the maze of corridors that lead to the quarters, she saw her room, clearly marked with "Cpt. Elaine Havik", and out of the corner of her eye, saw Huxley step from his room.
He saw her, and imediately shouted to get her attention, even though they where only about five meters from each other.
"Elaine! Have you checked yer room out, they're a bit bland!" with which she replied "No, i only just got here, since someone left me behind in a bit of a tantrum". He clearly heard the slight hint of anger in her voice, blushed, and retreated back into his room.
when she got close enough to the door, it slid open gracefully, revealing a brightly lit room, wich was only just big enough for one person, with a simple bed, a table with 2 wooden chairs, and a bookshelf that included two books. They where 'the Genious of Degwin Sodo Zabi" and 'How to get used to Earth' the latter was clearly for the first time spacenoids. The walls where a Battleship Grey, and the floor had a white Nylon carpet, wich already had a few stains on, showing this room had been used before for some time.
Elaine decided that rest would probabally be a good idea, since tomorrow would be her first scouting trip, and it was pretty early, 4:30 in the morning to be exact, but since it was 8 PM now, she would get eight and a half hours sleep, which would be enough.
She unzipped her Black and brown jumpsuit with a huge sparrowhawk emblem on the back, wich was her colour scheme and emblem*.
After undressing, she stepped quickly towards the door that read "Bathroom", entered through, and almost hopped into the shower cubicle, which was about 3 foot by 3, and about 2 meters high, and like everything in her room Elaine saw, was rather small.
The water gushed out of the shower head, freezing cold at first, which made Elaine shriek. She hit the controls with her fist to make the spray stop, but it was no use. Underneath the nozzle was a circular knob with a blue line to the left, and red at the right.
She noted that it had been put on it's coldest setting, obviously as a joke by whoever had the room before. turning the knob to the right, the water immediately became a luke warm, and that would do.
After she had finished relaxing in the shower, she pressed the "water stop" button, and stepped out, only to realise she had no idea where the towels where. "As if this day wasn't bad enough!" grumbled Elaine, clearly agitated from the unsavory events that had happened so far.
The towels, she later found out, where hid in what looked like a secret doorway, and turned out to be a small cupboard containing 4 towels and some flannels, but this was all well and good, apart from the fact she had just dried herself on a spare bed sheet she found under her bed.
Still fuming, and stepping towards the bed with a stride that clearly showed she was angry, pulled the covers back, lied down, and grumbled a bit more. The next thing she knew, it was morning.

Stepping through the door into what read a huge sign saying "MS Hangar", Captain Elaine stood there, admiring the sight of four Zaku II's stood in a perfect line, like they where stood to attention for some unseeable drill seargeant. "Elaine! Wot you doin stood over there! Gerrover 'ere!".
The shout woke her from her daydream, and trying to find the source of the noise, saw Private Huxley, waving his hand in a derranged motion, that she soon realised was his 'come over here' gesture. Striding towards him, feigning anger in her voice, she shouted back "Never speak to higher-up's like that!".
He recoiled, stepped back, and stood to attention, clearly thinking he had touched a nerve. When she neared him, stood, glaring, and then burst out laughing. Huxley failed to realise what was so funny, and when he asked, Elaine replied, barely able to say the words due to the hysterical laughing
"Your face then! You thought i was serious!". Huxley, now realising he had been had, spoke, clearly with a bit of unhappyness in his voice "Oh yer, make jokes about me, always about me!". Elaine saw he was unhappy, and apologised, with which Huxley brushed away the apology brisquely, saying "all well 'n good sayin sorry when it's too late!". Now the joke was on her, as she didnt realise he had turned it around and pretended that that had bothered him. Huxley then smirked at Elaine, who was still making futile attemps to apologise. She saw the smirk, and they both started to laugh, "and that" she thought "is why i get on with him!".

After climbing the tiring ladders that rose to the Zaku's cockpit, she stood up, took a deep breath, and smiled. After admiring her Zaku for a few seconds, proceeded to step into the cockpit. The Zaku, it's sensors detecting someone inside, immediately fired up, with consoles turning on, checking for problems and the signature "Dwoooom" of the mono-eye activating. Elaine took a deep breath, inhaling the smells of oil, grease, and well-used machinery, and, slowly at first, began to stirr the Zaku into motion. She flicked the 'cockpit close' switch, and had to adjust her ears to the sudden pressure change.
The black armament buggy drove forwards, it's long manipulator arm holding Elaines custom Zaku 120mm Machinegun. She had designed it herself, with a longer barrel, which was nearly twice as long, it's origional scope gone, replaced with an over barrel sniper type. Also, the drum fed magazine was replaced with a normal clip, wich slotted in underneath, just a few meters in front of the trigger. It was just about completely re-designed for rate of fire, accuracy, and range. She extended the arm, and picked it off the arming buggy carefully, holding it's barrel like it was something that could be easily broken.
After the buggy had retreated back a safe distance, Elaine decided it was time to go. With her hands on the controls, she began to ease the Zaku out of it's docking bay, and into the huge maw of the cargo bay. Huxley, who had gone infront (awkwardly, Elaine noted, as it was only his seventh time in a Zaku) spoke over the vox.
"Huxley 'ere, launchin in 3...2....1..." The thrusters glowed red, as immense heat fired out from the booster pack with huge force. His Zaku blasted up the gradual slope to the open doors at the top, and Elaine stepped into position, calling through her vox "Elaine ready, Launch in 3...2...1...Launching!".
The G's gripped her, and pulled her into the seat, as the thrusters blasted her out like a cannon round. In the rear view camera, everything was shooting by with frightening speed. Lights, walkways, and finally, sand. She was out, and the Cargo door was closing slowly like a healing wound.
she pulled back on the thrust lever, and pulled the Zaku's legs up a bit, so when she hit the floor, no damage would occur.

The "THUUUD!" of hitting the floor echoed through her bones, and instead of groaning out in pain, said "that's goin to hurt in the morning!". Drop's always did though, the Zaku did have shock absorbers, but that didn't stop all the force.
Brushing aside the pain in her back with ease like she would a stray hair, decided to begin the recon mission. "Huxley, we have to go 54 miles West, due to a large amount of Minovsky particles being detected." Elaine typed in the new co-ordinates, and the computer immediately gave her the quickest way to get there. After correcting herself to face West, she began the trek, keeping vigilant. She knew never to slack off on a mission, and she hoped Huxley did too, as contempt for your enemy was possibly the worst thing you could ever have for them, history always proved that.
About 31 miles out, the two came to a steep incline. Elaine knew that would give a good viewpoint, so ordered Huxley to check it out. "Huxley, you go to the top and see what you can see, i'll keep on this way towards the waypoint" As soon as she had said it, Huxleys Zaku immediately started up the hill, and over the vox came his acknowledgement of "Yes ma'am".
The slight sigh at the end told her he thought this was a waste of time, but Elaine had a bad feeling about this.
She watched Huxleys Suit trudge up the hill for a bit, then set off on her way around the steep hill. No sooner had she got about 40 meters when Huxley called "Captain, you best come see this". His voice was grim, and immediately she set off up the hill as fast as she could.
Pushing the Zaku's controls, and cursing it's inability to move as fast as she would have liked, she heard Huxley again, breathing heavily and quickly, repeating the same sentence:
"Captain.... You need to see this....Captain!"
His breathing quite erratic now, and Elaine was getting fearful of what may lie in the open desert over the hill.

When Elaine reached the top, she saw a huge desert strech out, and in the horizon, a gigantic dust cloud bellowing up from the floor, as if some huge foot was kicking it up as it stode along. She zoomed as far as her scope would let her, and what she saw froze her in her place.

* (rumour had it that every shot she fired took out an enemy, therefore getting the nickname "Hawkeye", though it wasnt luck she took out so many, but quick reflexes)

So, what do you all think? Should i continue it?
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Post by Seraphic » Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:56 pm

I've added you into the Library, so now you have to continue. =p I haven't gotten the chance to read this yet, but I definitely will. While I do like the idea of Newtypes, their presence in Gundam kinda steals the thunder from those that are regular humans. Doing away with them makes the story more...democratic, per se. I'll edit in a review or something once I am able to read this, but that may be a long time away due to various reasons.

But don't let the vagueness of this comment deterr you. Keep working at it. I'm sure it'll turn out very interesting. Good luck. =o
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Post by Ravenor » Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:39 am

Heh, thanks a lot for adding it to the library, guess i will just have to continue it :D .
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