Macross: Operation SnD

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Macross: Operation SnD

Post by Kylern » Sun Sep 07, 2008 3:22 pm

EPISODE 1: Death of the Deterrent

Year 2037 A.D.

-Diary of 2nd Lt. Ryder of the Altaris Planatary Defense Forces-

'I have been here for a single tour of duty and nothing has happened. That is until today...'

-In Orbit around Altaris-

Things had been rather quiet that day until defense satellites in order detected fold waves. Typically that meant someone was entering the immediate space of the planet and normally a fold communication was sent before hand. But today was different because this one happened without warning and everyone on the FFG-3765 Bolognese class ship known as the Deterrent was on there feet. This ship was just one of a few in the sparse defense fleet around the small colony planet.

Quickly drones were sent out to see just what that was but it became apparent when they were quickly shot down that whatever it was wasn't friendly. Then without warning several laser beams shot forth from an Untamed class Destroyer. The Deterrent barely had time to react as the massive multi-direction shots collided with the pin-point barrier causing the entire ship to shake from the force.

At least the entire crew was awake now and the four fighter wings were scrambled. The Deterrent also went into anti-ship combat status and returned fire with its two long range missile launchers and two main converging energy cannons. But because the enemy ship was behind a debris field it was hard to get a good shot. The missiles detonated within the field creating a massive flash of light allowing the enemy ship to slink away and avoid the main guns without trouble.

Like the Deterrent the enemy ship was using a stealth system and it took a few seconds for them to re-find it among the debris. But this was made easier as the enemy ship opened fire with a barrage of HM missiles. In all about 16 were fired up and around the debris field as well as a barrage of its three dual laser cannons. The UN Spacy ship meanwhile was trying to launch its fighters to no avail. Under this heavy of fire they couldn't safely use their VF-11s. Instead they were forced to act defensively and use their anti-aircraft laser turrets to shoot down the incoming missiles. But while they were able to focus on the missiles several beams pierced the rear hull. The Deterrent was lost as its engines were destroyed and the enemy ship opened up fire with its main gun.

Easily the large beam penetrated the bow of the ship and like a crushed can the UNS ship crumpled up and then exploded creating a flash of light that could easily be seen from the planet. Without much of a fight the battle was ended with the defense fleet lossing one of its fighting ships. The rest of the fleet had been launched to save it but they were too late as the unknown destroyer jumped back into fold space after confirming a kill.

The question though was what had attacked the Deterrent and why? The next question was what was to be done... And the answer was retaliate and with that the UN command on the planet started to draw together a task force for dealing with this new threat. But with the loss of such a valuable ship the thought on everyone's mind was could they put up a decent fight? Especially since nobody knew if this was part of a larger plot.
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