Dreacon Saga non cannon story

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Dreacon Saga non cannon story

Post by dreacon » Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:57 am

Kind of just a little thing i wrote down a few days ago and never finished, heck, i never finished writing the Earth war, but thats just me loosing the ongoing battle with Writers block

Dreacon Saga, In the Shadow of the Earth

Act 1, Enter Dreacon

Dreacon, in Naritive form
"Jst what is Destiny? of Fate, if you like, And what is it that brings its players to the fore front of it all?
Are they simply concepts, brought about by the human mind? Or is it an instictual atraction brought on by our Genes? Do we have a real choise or is fate encoded into our DNA at birth?
One can never realy know. Leia, Belle and mysel have been brought once again to the moon, Luna "Home", where our fates have crossed paths once before.
when i killed their parents, leading Leia to the rebelion against Earth, and brawing Belle into Syren where she learned her trade. Its been 8 years sence that time.

Dreacon looked out the window o the space port, It would be his Duty to ensure the Safty of the Queen and her sister when they arrived. Aside of that, Leia haddent told him why they were going to Luna.
Dreacon took in a breath and pondered the last 8 years of his life, remebering this place as a major turning point. the place he killed their parents couldent have been more than 2 blocks from this place.
it finaly struck him, the cerimony for the foundation of Zeon as a Republic was only to days away, had he not been in ublic, he felt he ould have surely face palmed. Dreacon looked back to the window, the Royal shuttle as on the way down for its landing, he began to move to te terminal.

Act 2, Queen of Space

Leia in Naritive form
"5 years, 5 years sence last i was on Luna, 5 years sence we brought about the fall of the Patriots. And 5 years sence i last visited the graves of my parents. Why have i procrastinated such an important thing for so long? Its not that I have forgotten them, Perhaps i've just been too busy to realize how ast time was flying."

Leia sat with her Head proped up on the window of her personal shuttle "Star Force One" Belle was sitting in the isle opposite of her, it wouldent be much longer before thy were on the ground.
She turned slightly and looked at Belle, who shared the same Facial Features but had the Red skin of a Martian and Firery red hair.
"So, What do you think the odds are of those rumors being true?" She asked out of bordom. Belle Looked over and sat up in her seat slightly.
"I'm not sure, I havent heard anything of it from any of my Chanels, official and otherwise." Belle answered
"We'll is it posible then that they've managed to hide themselves?" Leia asked this time seeming slightly less certan about everything.
Belle looked at her and Smiled slightly. "Sister, i think your worriing too much, its not good for your---" Belle was cut of by the sound of an explosion, leia looked out her window and could see a fireball and bellowing smoke where the Space port terminal once was. Belle pulled out her Cell "Get Every body online now, we've got a Class 1 emergency at Luna space port 1!" she comaded into it.
"Set us down!" Leia said franticly. the pilot looked back at her "I can't do that Milady."
"Why not!" she asked in a fully commanding tone. "You will set this plane down at once!"
"I'm afrade i just cant do that. He said as he stood up, setting the shuttle to auto pilot. he went for a gun in his belt but Belle quickly drew one of hers and shot him 3 times in the chest so fast it all sounded like one shot.
"Belle, can you pilot this thing?" leia asked, officaly horified at this point.
"I think i can." Belle went to the front and took the controls, she couldent help but worry about Dreacon, he was suposed to be waiting for them at the space port, was her there when it?

Act 3, Bella Morte

Belle, In Naritive form
"Fate, Destiny what ever you may call it they both inevitibly lead to the same thing, Death. Death is the one cold hard truth in life, it dosent care who you are,
Nore how old, how rich how prety, when you time runs out, its over theres no reset button no continues no happy tunnel leading you to the pearly gates.
Its over you just rot in the ground or have your ashes scatered to the 4 winds, or at the worst your body floats lifeless through space.

Belle had set the shuttle down and quickly ran to the blast zone, it was Chaos, Bodies on men women and children lay lifless and some in peaces laid scattered.
the torn and twisted remains of the terminal were blown wide open, like one of the premade pans of popcorn. her left ear began to ring slightly.
"theres no way anyone could have survied that." she thought. she could see a figure in the fire. it wasent posible was it?
The figgure limped slowly twords her, one arm looked to be hanging on by a thread. she tried to look away from the figgure. But as he came closer she could see, it WAS him HE had survived.
It was Dreacon "How did you." She couldent finish asking she was in shockl for the first time in a liong time. "Protect. you. Sis..." Dreacon tried to finish but he just couldent, his body gave out and the pain had cought him, as he fell the emergency crews started to pour in. Belle shook her self off and signled to the EMTs...

Act 4, Time heals all.

Dreacon stood in a feild of crudly made wooden crosses. He remembered this place well, for it Truly was his turning point.
The day Mira Sakurai Died, Killed by his Brother. Solid, Dreacon finaly killed him 5 years ago, but that wasent the point here.
It was Mira, and her mother Rukia who had nursed him back to health and given him the name Hiro Sakurai after he came to them with no memory of who he was or what he had done.
it was months later that they told him who he truly was and what he had done. It was for that reason he made this feild of redemtion, this was the least he could do.
He knew he had to be dreaming this. Perhaps the souls of the ded didnt want him to rest ontill he had truly redemed himself in their eyes.

Belle watched over Dreacon, He was injured prety badly. She'd actualy herd of Dreacon taking much more than this, but hadnt actualy seen anyting like this.
He was burned over 60 percent of his body and yet he was still able to walk away from it, how ws it posible? She knew his Ninites would heal this kind of damage in less then a week.
But they dont do anything for pain. He had to be in so much pain, even now, with morphine and about 20 other pain meds flowing throuh his body.

Leia walked into the room with two cups of tea. "How is he?" she ask softly as though he might wake up at the sound of her voice.
"He's been worse, or so his med records say." Belle said not taking her eyess off of him.
"The doctors say with his nanites, he only needs a day or two of rest."
Leia looked at her sister. "Belle, I know your worried about him, but I need you to go to work." Leia said
Belle stood up and looked her sister in the eyes, waiting to go out and hunt don the bastards who had done this.
"We need to find out whos done this, and why." Leia said somewhat coldly.
"And if i find them, sister?"
Leia's eyes remaind cold, knowing only once course of action could be taken, and knowing it was in her rights to decree it.
"Kill them."

Act 5, Guns of the Patriots

Belles Investigation didnt seem to last long, it turns out, you go to the right bar, torture the right guy, and pull in a few favors and you'll find yourself more or less right where you want to be.
It had brought her to a Warehouse on the far end of town. She checked over her coat one last time to make sure she had everything she'd need, 6 makarovs, and enough ammo to takeover mars.
She took in a deep breath. she'd planed rhis out, she'd go in, guns blazing. and leave one or two alive, she knew this wouldent lead to the guys in charge, but all the same.

She kicked down the door and squeezed off a round into the first face she saw. Blood spatered back on her but she turned and fired again. 5 miliseconds in and already 2 dead bodies on the floor. she herd the sound of a .22 caliber firing, perhaps a darenger or a low caliber revolver. she ducked under it and felt the heat of it as it passed through her hair. she pointed her left hand in on the same trajectory and fired. she new whoever it was, was dead. she stoped feeling anything, she gave in and could see everything but feel nothing. the cold hard bloodlust of a woman on te war path. soon it was over and se stood before on lone man. shaking with fear he didnt have the strength to bring his gun up.
Belle brought her gun to his head. She tried to ask him hat he knew but she haddent calmed down enough yet. This poor man wanted nothing more than to run, to get aay from this mad woman, this warmongering killing machine. He wet himself and fell to the ground, Belles Makarov follwoed him.
Belle took in one last breath before saying. "We're going to play a game"
We're oft' t' blame and this tis' too much prove'd that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself.

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