Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Chapter 4:

The Avalanche

Operation British: this single military operation could have brought victory to the Zeon, had it not been for Gihren Zabi's arrogance and Admiral Tianem's surprising stubbornness. Its objective being the destruction of the Federation's supreme military headquarters in Jaburo, former Brazil, it consisted in the gassing of a colony in Side 2 and the drop of said colony on the target from Earth orbit, wiping it out completely. In addition, the drop would severely cripple the Earth's climate and cause countless of natural disasters, similar to a mini-Impact Winter. However, the Tianem Fleet intercepted the colony and managed to break it in several pieces, which rained throughout North America. The largest chunk came down on Sydney, former Australia, destroying the city, a large part of said continent, and also caused the eventual abandonment of the all western North and South American coasts and the devastation of regions like Southeast Asia and Kyushu.

As if reliving this moment, Syam Vist, father of Cardeas Vist, was sleeping in his cryo-bed. He became more and more uncomfortable as the colony began reentry. Eventually, he saw it fall in Sydney, and the last thing he saw was a huge, blinding flash, as the colony was torn to shreds and the ground literally exploded.

Next thing he saw, was the exaggeratedly large crater in southeast Australia, and saw Cardeas falling into the crater, disappearing into it…

He opened his eyes. Realizing it was all a dream, he felt a little pain in his chest. Suddenly, besides him, in his glass wall, a holographic screen was turned on. The Federal News Network was showing breaking news: the Zeon were attacking the official capital of the Earth Federation, Dakar.

A Desert GM fired its railgun at an attacking F2-type Zaku, but a Desert Zaku came from behind and swung its heat tomahawk at it, killing its pilot. A Zaku Tank nearby then positioned itself by a short building and started firing its arm cannon and its machine guns, laying waste at several other buildings where local police and Army units were stationed. The two Zakus started moving to the east of the city, while the Zaku Tank started moving towards the downtown area, only to be cut down by Samuel Andrews in his GM II Semi Striker. After the Zaku Tank was down, Samuel noticed two amphibious mobile suits, a Capule and a Juagg, fighting off a couple of GM II mobile suits. The Juagg, using its Vulcan cannons, fired suppressive fire at the GM IIs, forcing them to take cover. The Capule behind it was then suddenly attacked from above, as two GM IIIs and a Nemo fired their weapons at it. One of the GM IIIs fired its beam rifle at the Capule, grazing it in its head and knocking it down. Another GM III fired its machine guns at the Juagg; however, its rounds bounced off the Zeon mobile suit's armor. The GM III drew its beam saber and slashed at the Juagg. However, the Juagg's 'fingers' were equipped with anti-beam coating, enabling it to resist the beam saber. Knocking the GM III into a building, the Juagg then fired its Vulcans point-blank range into the GM III's torso, destroying it. The Capule managed to use its 'eye-beam' to destroy one of the GM IIIs. The Nemo discarded its shield and machine gun and drew its beam saber, cutting the Capule, but not before the Capule fired a missile and blasted the Nemo's right arm off. The Nemo then charged at the Juagg, but the Zeon simply fired its mega particle cannons, destroying the Nemo. However, the Juagg pilot failed to notice as Samuel came from behind and impaled the Juagg with the Semi Striker's beam lance. The Juagg tried to retaliate with its cannons, but Samuel pressed his beam lance into the Juagg and threw it away into a building. As the Juagg laid motionless, a Hizack came out of nowhere and fired its machine gun at Samuel. Samuel used his shield and blocked the shots, and proceeded to charge at the Hizack, cutting off its limbs. Nearby, the GM III pilots were panting, exhausted but relieved that they were alive. "Fusion reactor shutdown confirmed." one of the pilots said, "No chain reaction."

Samuel sighed: it all would have been for nothing had the Minovsky reactor exploded. "I'll take care of the enemies on the other side of the city!" he said. Samuel then moved away as he tracked down an F2 and Desert Zaku. As he did, his sensors then detected a large heat source. "Intense heat source detected!" he reported to the other pilots. "Roger!" one of them responded. As Samuel elevated his altitude, he saw, in horror, as his comrades were caught by a huge, mega particle beam burst from the sea. He turned around and saw a large mobile armor approaching the city.

Several kilometers into the sea, the Ra Cailum, flagship of Londo Bell, launched the Black TriStar squadron, which was led by ace Graham Aker, and composed of Daryl Dodge and Howard Mason, two other superb pilots. Launching in their own exclusive Jestas, the three pilots headed towards the city.

At the bridge, Bright Noa, the legendary captain who has so far survived all of the previous space wars, looked on as the Black TriStars launched. "I still can't believe they actually attacked the capital." he said.

Graham looked on to the battlefield. "Daryl, Howard!" he said, "We're taking down that mobile armor! Ignore the others!"

"Roger!" his wingmates replied.

"Sir," Howard then said, "do you think Celestial Being will come?"

"It's probable." Graham then said, "If they do, then we'll get our chance."

Designation: AMA-X7 Shamblo. A prototype amphibious unit, the Shamblo was a true monster: armed with missiles, three mega particle cannons (of which two are modified to fire in scatter mode) and several reflector bits, it was capable of taking on an entire division of mobile suits on its own. Having reached the Assembly, the pilot, Loni Garvey looked at it with an expression of complete hatred as she charged another shot of the mobile armor's mega particle cannon. "I've been waiting for this moment!" she said. She then fired the beam cannon and destroyed the Assembly building. In it, many Federation politicians were still present, and they were all vaporized by the intense heat.

"Mother…Father…" she muttered, "Your retribution has only begun!"

She was then suddenly hailed by Yorem Kirks, her commander and the closest thing she had now as a father. "Loni, Celestial Being is coming!" he said, "We've done enough! The diversion worked! Rendezvous with me to begin searching for the Garencieres!"

Loni, with a disappointed and now-calm expression, simply replied to him, "Roger."

She then turned away and started leaving the city.

The other Zeon forces left in the city continued to fight, however, as they were determined to make the Federation pay. The two Zaku-types and a Gelgoog Kai were fighting some Federation mobile suits in the eastern area. As the Gelgoog Kai destroyed a Nemo, it was suddenly shot down from the sky by a GN Beam: it was the Dynames. "Dynames, sniping targets!" said Lockon. The F2-type fired its bazooka at the Dynames, but Lockon easily dodged this attack and shot the Zaku's arms off. The Desert Zaku started firing its machine gun at the Dynames, but Lockon managed to dodge all of his shots and drew a GN Pistol, disabling the Desert Zaku by shootings its arms off. He sighed, "Oh well," he said, "it was much easier than how Sumeragi put it."

His sensors then suddenly detected something: three units in Base Jabbers were approaching. "Time to bail out!" he said, turning and flying out of Dakar's airspace.

Daryl saw the Dynames, "Captain!" he shouted.

"I see it." Graham replied, "Perhaps its time to test these new so-called Gundams."

Graham and his wingmates accelerated, preparing their beam carbines for long range fire. Howard made the first shot, and it grazed the Dynames; Lockon turned around, annoyed, and fired his GN Sniper Rifle at Howard, who used his Jesta's shield to block the GN beam. However, the GN beam proved to be stronger than he thought, and his shield broke down as soon as he blocked the shot. Graham and Daryl started firing their beam carbines as well; however, Lockon dodged their attacks and fired back, damaging Daryl's Base Jabber. "We're wasting time!" Graham then said; he then proceeded to jump from his base jabber, using his thrusters for limited flight, and lunged at the Dynames. Lockon fired his GN Rifle, but Graham blocked his shots. The shield broke down, but this gave Graham the opening he needed to draw his beam saber. Lockon grinned in annoyance and drew his GN Saber, barely blocking Graham's attack. "Forcing me to use a beam saber?" he wondered.

"You're being too chaste, Gundam!" Graham exclaimed; his moment of fun, however, was quickly over, as his Jesta, being unfit for extended periods of flight, started falling towards the floor. Graham used his thrusters to make a soft landing on a street in Dakar's suburbs, while Lockon fired his GN Rifle at Daryl and Howard, who spread out to avoid his shots. Using this moment, Lockon then turned around and flew off to the East.

As Graham landed, he looked on to the retreating Dynames. He was then hailed by Daryl, "Captain! That was superb!"

"Thank you." Graham then replied, "But still, our units are completely inferior to those Gundams; especially since they don't need any kind of sub-flight system like ours."

Graham then saw he was being contacted by the Ra Cailum's bridge. Answering the call, he saluted at the image of his commander, Bright Noa. "Captain Graham." said Bright, "I specifically ordered you to focus on the Zeon."

"With all due respect, sir," said Graham, "that Celestial Being pilot had already done the job for us, and we only thought we could be courteous enough to return the favor…"

"Regardless," Bright interrupted, "you were also supposed to pursue the enemy mobile armor. Do not let personal pride get in your way."

Graham nodded, "Understood, Commander."
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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As Syam watched the broadcast, Gael came into the room. "So it has begun…" Syam then said, "We must resolve this quickly."

"Indeed." Gael replied, "However, the Key vanished alongside two of Celestial Being's Gundams in the battle that destroyed the First Prime Minister's residence. They are still missing."

Syam seemed a little worried. "Nevertheless," Gael immediately said, in a reassuring tone, "if Master Cardeas saw him fit…"

Syam then looked upwards, "God is toying with us…" he said, "Or rather, has Cardeas' 'mankind's' dream been fulfilled?"

He then looked at the roof, "Banagher, my own flesh and blood…" he muttered.

At New York, independent journalist Kai Shiden was browsing the web, searching for a particular name. And he found it: Aeolia Schenberg. "I knew it!" he said, "But how could he have come up with Gundams an era before even the first ones of the One Year War appeared?"

He stood up and left his office. As he did, he dialed his phone to a certain girl from long ago: Bertolchika Irma.

"Beltorchika," he said, "do you know anything about the Schenberg family?"

"Schenberg?" she asked, "Don't tell me you're actually…"

"Look, I'm just trying to find some leads." he interrupted her, "You don't actually buy their stated goal, right?"

"Well, who knows?" she replied, "I didn't initially buy Char's goal of freezing Earth until he actually tried to drop Axis!"

"It's just that everything is too convenient." he said, "They appeared in the right place and the right time…"

"All right." she suddenly said, "I'll try to get you something. But it's gonna cost you!"

Bright was being driven in a limousine through Casablanca. In it, he watched the news report of the Zeon attack in Dakar. He then thought about Ronan calling him, Damn it all, he thought, Why is he summoning here at a time like this?

He then saw it: the huge, beautiful, flower-filled garden, with the Mansion in the distance.

At the Mansion, Ronan was at his office, talking by the phone with Martha Vist. Riddhe was in the couch, watching the news report of the attack on Dakar.

"I protest the implication:" Ronan told Martha, "Unlike the attack on Lhasa three years ago, which just killed civilians, this one in Dakar cost the lives of many precious politicians and government workers as well. I must say this mutual mudslinging is most unproductive. I would prefer to have a more constructive discussion, Martha."

"I'll cut to the chase, then." she said, "Please hand over the VIP that is currently under your care."

Ronan turned to Riddhe, and lowered his voice, "What are you talking about?"

"It is in the best interests of both our sides, as well as yours personally," she said.

"Leaving aside my interests for the moment," he said, "what do you stand to gain?"

"I'll leave that to your imagination." she replied as Alberto came into her office, "Deliver her to-"

"Please contact me in two hours time." he then interrupted her, "I have two important meetings right now that require my full attention."

"As you wish." she said, hanging up the phone. She then looked at Alberto, "I'm dying to ask the Chairman," she then said, "what 'important meetings' could be more urgent than the Zabi orphan?"

Ronan hanged the phone, and stared at it, thinking. Riddhe turned off the television and sighed. He then stood up and approached his father, "I know what a difficult situation this puts you in." he said, "But she-"

"You've fallen for her, haven't you?" Ronan then interrupted, taking Riddhe by surprise, "That's why you deserted and fled here." Ronan turned around to see his son, "Like when you ran away, saying you wanted to be a pilot." he said, "I didn't expect you to get yourself mixed up with the Box. However, now that you are, you must learn the truth about the Marcenas family: only by knowing that will you survive this."

In one of the adjacent rooms, Marina Ismail watched the news of Celestial Being's intervention at Dakar. "Fight war with war…" she mused, "Wouldn't that just escalate the conflicts?"

Marina Ismail lineage traced as far back as the Achaemenid Dynasty: she was one of the few true Persians left; a pure-blood. One could tell from her appearance, for as most Iranians had tanned-to-dark skin, with usually dark eyes, Marina's skin was very fair; she had very pretty, big blue eyes and long, black hair. To the eyes of many, she was the reminder of the old, glorious days of the Persian Empire.

She noticed her mobile pad buzzing, and she picked it up, answering the call: it was her right hand, aide and best friend, Shirin Baktiar. Shirin was also quite attractive, but unlike Marina, her lineage would be untraceable, as she had very tanned skin and black hair; however, she had a pair of very clear, green eyes.

"It seems Western Africa is becoming dangerous for you, Marina." said Shirin, "If things continue like this, you might have to come back to Teheran."

"I hope there is no need for that." replied Marina, "We need the Federation to realize the seriousness of the situation in the Middle East: otherwise, the religious conflicts might spread throughout the rest of Eurasia."

"For now, you are safe." Shirin then said, "However, Marcenas isn't the solidarity-kind of man. He will want to find some kind of gain for himself."

Marina seemed somewhat disappointed, but in her mind, she already expected this.

Somebody knocked on her door. Marina checked to see who it was, and realized it was Ronan's assistant. "Mr. Marcenas will meet you now." the assistant said, "Please, follow me."

Marina followed the assistant through the long, spacious corridors of the mansion. As she did, she noticed Riddhe coming out of Ronan's office, with a somewhat frustrated expression. They both looked at each other for a second, and continued their way.

The assistant opened the door and let Marina in. Behind his desk, Ronan was waiting for her. "Please, Ms. Ismail," he said, "have a seat."

A servant came in and served them some tea. "So," Ronan said as he grabbed his cup of tea, "you wanted to talk to me about the Middle East?"

"I appreciate your concern, Mr. Marcenas." said Marina, "Our situation is dire: the government has no control over the region; there have been at least three-hundred thousand killed by the famines and droughts; and the lack of energy has made the people desperate."

"I see." he then said. He zipped some of his tea, "I could arrange for food shipments," he then said, "but with the whole business of Celestial Being and the Zeon…"

"Mr. Marcenas, this issue affects you as well!" she then said, with a little desperation in her voice, "If the violence continues in the Middle East, there is no telling when it could spread to other neighboring regions! Besides…don't you care for the lives that are being lost..?"

Ronan had another zip of his tea, "You are still young, Ms. Ismail." he said, "Once you spend a few more years in this business, you'll realize things aren't as easy as they seem."

He then received a call, and excused himself. He picked up the phone: Bright Noa had arrived. Hanging the phone up, he turned to Marina, "I will have to apologize for not having met your expectations." he told her, "However, there is another matter of extreme urgency that I must attend."

Marina stood up, and started leaving the office. "I wish you luck, Ms. Ismail." Ronan said. "I appreciate it." she replied.

As Marina left, Ronan seemed to be genuinely remorseful for his attitude with her: however, as both a Marcenas and one of the most important leaders of the Earth Federation, he could not show any weakness; not at the moment, at least. She is still young, he thought, She still has a lot to learn.

Ronan then walked to his window and saw Bright's limousine arrive. Everything will depend on the Unicorn now.

Audrey was in her room, although the nature of her stay might as well be considered prison, as she was being guarded 24/7. The 'room' then would be considered her prison cell, as it was located in the highest of the Mansion, and there were guards all over the Estate.

Audrey watched the news broadcast of Dakar and felt a little despair. She turned towards the sky. Banagher, what should I do? she thought. She then heard someone open the door of her room. She immediately turned around, annoyed, "What nerve!" She noticed, however, that it was Riddhe. He came in with an expression of complete despair, and he walked towards the terrace outside Audrey's room. She followed him, and saw how he just stared at the horizon. "Forgive me." he said. "What is it?" she asked.

"I have just learned that I come from a shameful family." he said.

"Shameful?" she asked, "Why?"

"My family…the Marcenas family…" he said, "It acts as a mirror image of the Vist Foundation."

He made a small pause, and took a deep breath, "That is how we have managed to survive through the Universal Century." he then said, "I know that my family will stop at nothing to prevent the release of the Box of Laplace…Even if it means using you as a hostage!"

He then turned around and looked at Audrey, "The only way to prevent that is to get the Box," he said, "before the Foundation, Celestial Being or the Neo Zeon do."

He then looked away, and clenched his fists, "It's either that, or destroy it."

Audrey realized what he meant, "The Key?" she then asked, "The Unicorn?"

Unexpectedly, Riddhe grabbed Audrey and hugged her. "I've brought you to the worst possible place." he then said, "And here I thought I could help you…"

He then looked at Audrey, directly to her eyes, "Come what may," he said, "I'll protect you. So please stay here, by my side…"

Audrey couldn't bring herself to hug him back: she didn't know what to think.

Riddhe then suddenly kneeled before her, keeping eye contact with Audrey, "Will…" he muttered, "Will you become a member of my family?"

Audrey seemed a little surprised by this, "As in...?"

"Leave Zeon and the Zabi family," he continued, "and join the Marcenas family."

"You don't mean..?" she then started to ask, a little disturbed.

"If you did that," he then interrupted her, "even father would have to…Eve n if it's just for show. You could put an end to this pointless fighting and win your freedom"

Audrey's expression turned to one of complete rejection, "That kind of freedom…" she said, "Would you really call that being free?"

Riddhe's eyes widened, "You reject me?"

"Do you even think it is appropriate for me, a girl who is seven years younger than you, to…" she then muttered.

Riddhe stood up and left in a quick pace, wiping some silent tears.

Audrey stood in the terrace, thinking about Riddhe's marriage proposal. No matter what his intentions were, she thought, I must find my freedom in my own way.

Audrey then noticed she was alone. It was time to find said freedom…
Reinhard: "Of course, grades in school aren't a good indicator. They focus too much on memorization and imitation, and don't foster imagination."
Kircheis: "What you find important are imaginative and conceptual capabilities, right?"
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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The Ptolemy was in geosynchronous orbit. As the Meisters were all down on Earth, Sumeragi was unable to communicate with them appropriately: therefore, she had asked their benefactor, Wang Liu Mei, to bring them a shuttle to take them to the Liu Mei Estate in Hong Kong. Sumeragi went to the hangar bay to find Ian working on the Kshatriya. "What are you doing?" she asked him. Ian turned at her and smirked, "Well," he said, "it's not like I was going to leave this beauty to rot, now was I?"

"As expected from our chief engineer." she replied, "What are you planning to do?"

"Well, for now," he said, "I'm just going to repair so that it returns to its original state. The binders are easy to repair, and since I managed to get the schematics of the funnels, there'll be no problem."

He then went back to his work. Sumeragi kept traveling through the ship, to kill time, and decided to get some alcohol. On her way to her room, she saw Feldt carrying a plate full of food. "Where are you taking all of that food, glutton?" Sumeragi then teased. Feldt turned to stare at Sumeragi with her usual, stoic expression, "It's for the prisoner."

"Oh." Sumeragi then said, feeling a little bad as she remembered the medical report, "Well, in that case, be careful: she might try to escape again."

Feldt nodded, and they both continued their way. Sumeragi then started thinking about the medical report, and could feel nothing but pity for their 'prisoner'. As a woman, Sumeragi could really empathize with her. It is for people like her, she thought, that we, Celestial Being, do what we do.

Feldt came into Marida's room, seeing her sitting in her bed, in her own thoughts. Cautious and alert in case the prisoner tried to escape again, Feldt left the food on a table. As she left, Feldt kept her sight on Marida. Feldt was then startled when Marida turned to see her, and seemed to give a slight, half-smile. "Please," she said, "don't look at me like that."

Feldt remained unresponsive, and wasn't sure what to do: the woman before her was a Cyber-Newtype, a human who had been physically, genetically and mentally enhanced for combat; she could easily dispatch her…

And then she remembered that it was the same woman before her that had saved Ian Vashti, who was a beloved member of their organization; Marida could've let him get sucked into space, but for some unknown motivation, she instead grabbed him by the wrist and even allowed him to take her back to the medical bay. Feldt then stared at Marida for a moment. Marida and grabbed her plate, and started to eat in her usual fashion.

"Why did you save Mr. Vashti?" Feldt then suddenly asked.

Marida turned towards her, "I must say," she said, "I honestly don't know. It was just…instinct."

Marida had another bite, and Feldt kept staring at her, not sure what to think. As she saw her eating, she then thought of the things she had heard about the prisoner…and she started feeling sad. Especially as a woman, she felt distressed for what they had done to her…

And yet, Marida seemed calm, almost like uncaring: she reminded him of Setsuna; however, unlike him, she had never known about his past or his experience with war. However, after seeing the medical report, Feldt couldn't help but feel disturbed…

And then she started realizing that, perhaps the reason Lockon and Christina were so open and kind to other people like Setsuna or herself; they cared for them and wanted them to be happier. She then remembered what she had about Setsuna and Marida's interactions, and started to wonder if she would also get a chance like that…

Feldt started to leave, and then thought she could do something for Marida: turning around, she gave a very, VERY, rare expression: a smile. A half-smile, actually. "I am actually going to the cafeteria now." Feldt then said, "Would you like to come with me?"

A few moments later, Feldt suddenly found herself walking with Marida, who was carrying her food-plate, through the hallways of the ship. As they walked by, Feldt couldn't help but to notice Marida's particular pace: as if her legs were heavy or something. She wondered if it had to do with…

"I have noticed your expression." Marida then suddenly said, in her usual tone, "Are you afraid of me?"

Feldt felt a little intimidated by Marida, but then remembered that she herself had that same attitude. "Not afraid." Feldt then replied, "I just don't know…what to think, really…"

They reached the cafeteria, and saw Tieria there, who was with his usual meal. He stared at them both, with his usual expression, and went back to his meal. Feldt took some food while Marida sat a few tables away from Tieria. As Feldt brought her own plate and sat besides Marida, she couldn't help Tieria's temple slightly twitching. She took it at first as some kind of normal reaction to something, but she then noticed Marida staring blankly at Tieria. Feldt then noticed Marida's right hand, which was holding her fork, trembling.

Marida was sensing some reaction from Tieria's brain. What is this?, she thought. Tieria dropped his fork and started holding his head with his hands, his eyes widening in shock due to the intense headache. "What the hell is this?" he said. Marida's body began to tremble, and Feldt noticed she was sweating. Tieria stood up from his chair, but his headache became worse, and she screamed in pain. Marida started to slowly hyperventilate, and she dropped her fork. Next thing she knew, she started seeing things: several pods with what appeared to be several individuals, all identical to each other. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw a familiar face in each of them: it was the same boy, Tieria, in each of the pods. Suddenly, the vision changed, and there were now several similar pods. Behind them, an ominous figure of a mobile suit stood: the Qubeley Mass Production Type. Her hyperventilating became more intense, and she stared at the central pod. The heavy fog inside it started to dissipate, and she suddenly saw a little girl with red hair in it: however, she screamed in terror, as she saw it was faceless…

Back in reality, she continued screaming, and she pushed herself to the wall, her eyes still widened in terror. Feldt rushed towards her and started patting held her by the shoulders, trying to calm her down. Tieria, on the other hand, just stood there in shock.

"What the hell was that..?" he mused. Feldt turned towards him, "Get Miss Sumeragi and Moreno now!" she said in an unusual alarmed tone. Tieria shook his head a little, and stared at Feldt, confused. Patting Marida in the back with one hand and holding her right cheek with another, Feldt tried to calm Marida down, who was still clearly under an intense panic attack. Feldt noticed Tieria had not left yet. "What the hell are you doing?" she told him, "Get the doctor now!"

Tieria exited the cafeteria, still somewhat confused for what he had experienced. Was that…, he wondered.

He ignored it: he was a Gundam Meister who was devoted to the plan. He could not distract himself with petty matters…

Meanwhile, Feldt noticed Marida's expression of utter terror. She had never witnessed something like this, and she couldn't help but feel helpless over the fact that she couldn't do something for Marida, like Setsuna…

At the Marcenas Estate, Ronan handed several holographic papers to Bright, who looked at them, noticing the details of the ship that was displayed in them, the Garencieres.

"This is a camouflaged Sleeves freighter that made Earthfall some ten days ago." Ronan then said. Bright kept looking at the papers, "I've heard of the ruins of Laplace being destroyed." he then said, "I thought it was Celestial Being the ones who did that."

"Partly." Ronan replied, "The Sleeves were also involved in this matter. Anyhow, I want you to use your ship to locate them."

Bright turned to look at Ronan, somewhat annoyed: he had lost count of the many times the Federation politician snobs had used his Londo Bell forces for their own interests. He could not object, of course, as he was still some sort of outcast in the Federation Forces: in fact, ECOAS had been formed to counter his corps' power in the Earth Sphere.

"In short," Bright then said, "you want to use my Ra Cailum for personal reasons?"

"The ship was also involved in the incidents at Industrial 7 and Palau." replied Ronan, "Besides, as commander of Londo Bell, aren't you also concerned about the safety of the Nahel Argama?"

Bright remained silent for a moment: his fellow captain, Otto Midas, and his old ship, along with its entire crew he himself had selected, were basically hostage.

"It is currently detained in Earth orbit." continued Ronan, "The order came from the Vist Foundation via General Staff HQ."

Bright left the papers in a table nearby and listened to Ronan.

"I don't want to be seen as taking hostages," Ronan then said, "so I've laid my cards on the table first. The Foundation is after this freighter as well. If we take it into custody, it will give us the upper hand."

"What is so special of this particular ship?" asked Bright.

"The ship is carrying something called the 'Box of Laplace'". Ronan responded, "In the event that you are unable to capture it, I want you to destroy it."

"You give me too much credit." Bright then replied, "I've simply had my career slightly outside the norm, I'm not…"

"Captain of a series of motherships for Gundam types since the One Year War," Ronan interrupted him, "and you will naturally be seen as a commander of a Newtype Corps."

Bright seemed to soften his expression a bit, "That does seem to be my luck, sir." he then said. Ronan then stood up and headed towards another table, which held many family pictures. "An example of being taken advantage of," Ronan continued, "if you display your talents too overtly."

Ronan then picked a particular picture: one of himself, much younger, holding his son, Riddhe, who was a child back then. "I want to ask you another favor." he then said, "I have an unworthy son who serves in the military. If you could take him aboard your ship, I would appreciate it."

Bright nodded, "What will happen if Celestial Being gets in our way?" he then asked.

Ronan turned towards him, "If they interfere," he said, "make sure you capture at least one of those so-called Gundams."

"Capture?" Bright asked, "From what I've seen, they are more powerful than many Gundams of our own."

"We have been investigating this organization." Ronan then said, "However, we have been unable to find any leads. That's why it's important we capture one of those units and study it."

Someone then knocked the door: it was Ronan's assistant. "What is it?" Ronan asked.

"I beg your pardon, sir," the assistant said, "but…"

"Not here." Ronan then said. Ronan and the assistant then walked outside the room.

"What is it?" then Ronan asked.

"Lady Mineva has escaped." the assistant then said. Ronan's eyes widened, "How did this happen?" he asked.

"She climbed out the window." the assistant responded, "She used the sheets of her bed and some curtains as rope. We still don't know where she went."

"She won't get far." Ronan then said, "Have the secret service comb the entire region. The local law enforcement must be mobilized as well. If you can, use the military too. If they ask, tell them she is a runaway from an important political family, or something."

The assistant nodded and left. Ronan then came into his office. "I think then that we understand each other?" he then said to Bright, who was standing.

"I perfectly understand." Bright replied, "We will launch immediately. Tell your son that we will be searching for the freighter in North African airspace and that he can rendezvous with us there."

In the gardens of the Estate, Riddhe was lying on the floor, sulking on his own disappointment and sadness over Audrey's rejection. Nearby, his horse grazed by…

Sahara Desert, North Africa. A huge trench had been formed, with a half-buried Garencieres at the end. Around it, the crew of the ship was drinking as little as they could of their water, and Suberoa and Flaste watched as the Exia was pulling the Garencieres out of the ground along with Gilboa and another Geara Zulu pilot.

"It's weird to be working with these guys." Flaste commented, "At least we didn't have to crack the hull."

"You're right there." replied Suberoa, "That would've wrecked the Garencieres."

The Exia and the Gilboa's suit finally managed to pull the ship out of the ground, and much dust started coming off the ship. "I received a signal from Langley while we were in reentry." Flaste then said, "He says his squadron and the remnants in Earth will join with us once we give them the signal."

"Is that so?" Suberoa said, "If it happens, I'll be quite relieved to have him with us."

Setsuna stepped his Exia away from the Garencieres, and checked his weapons: he could never be sure if these Sleeves could suddenly betray him. He then noticed he was being hailed by the Geara Zulu pilot, the one he had saved before. Setsuna opened the channel.

"Gundam pilot!" Gilboa then said, "You must be tired. If you want, you can get some water from the ship before you fly off."

"I have no time for this." Setsuna replied, "I must leave now."

"Come on, pilot." said Gilboa, "I'm very grateful to you for saving me. You must be thirsty, right? Come on, no one here will try to steal your unit."

Setsuna wasn't sure of their intentions: they were Zeon, who hated the very symbol of Gundams as far as he was concerned. Furthermore, he had recognized one of the men below him: it had been the same man he had seen during his vision at Palau. He had figured this was Marida's 'Master'.

And then he thought: this man could've taken advantage of her when he found her, but he instead saved her. A man like that, he thought, is self-less, something that is very rare in humans.

Suberoa took another drink as he watched the Exia walk towards Gilboa in a slow pace.

"I still can't believe they attacked Dakar of all places." he said.

"I can understand how they feel." replied Flaste, "After all, the people waiting on Earth missed the two Neo Zeon Wars."

Suberoa turned to look at the Exia, "There's no telling what stunt they'll pull next if we don't make contact." he said.

"There's an oasis about 60 kilometers from here." Flaste then said, "We can signal Langley and Kirks from there."

"We'll try to fly there with what little fuel we have." Suberoa said, "Then we'll signal them."

"Roger." Flaste replied.

Setsuna opened his cockpit hatch and lowered himself down to the ground, with his visor hiding his face. Many of the Garencieres crew stared at him, thinking that the pilot must be some kind of child due to his size. Setsuna was ready for any unexpected moves as he followed Gilboa to the ship. As he walked towards it, he noticed how Suberoa stared at him.

Setsuna and Gilboa were by now alone in the cargo bay of the Garencieres, where Tomura, the chief technician of the ship, was handing out some water. Gilboa grabbed two cups and offered one to Setsuna, who simply stared at it. "It's not tampered." Gilboa said, "Don't worry: we are quite grateful for your help."

Setsuna was still unsure, but he eventually took his helmet off, grabbed the cup, and took a zip. He had to admit: he was VERY thirsty.

Outside, Suberoa and Flaste stared at the Exia's cockpit hatch, which was locked right now. "Did the psycho-monitor get anything?" he suddenly asked Flaste.

"Oh yeah." replied Flaste, "They take us to one seriously inconvenient place."

"Give me the map." he said, "Even if we don't have the Unicorn, we can still let Celestial Being unlock the seals for us."

"I'll go get it then." Flaste then said, heading towards the ship.

As he entered the ship, he noticed Setsuna coming out, with his helmet on. Flaste smiled at him, "Thanks for saving our man out there." he told Setsuna, "The entire crew appreciates it."

Setsuna seemed to stare at him, "It was nothing."

Flaste arched his eyebrow, "Well, if you find yourself in trouble," he said, "you can always count on us."

Setsuna walked away, heading towards the Exia, when he noticed Suberoa at the feet of his Gundam: he was fearing the worst. However, Suberoa instead approached him with a straight face, "You were the one who captured Marida," he said, "didn't you?"

Setsuna just stood still, and Suberoa stared at him. "Well!" he said, "Was it you?"

"It was me." Setsuna then replied, "I saw into her and…"

"You saw into her?" Suberoa asked, interrupting Setsuna, "You don't mean…"

"I appreciate your hospitality." Setsuna then said, walking towards the Exia and opening its cockpit hatch with a remote. As a small zip line descended, Setsuna turned his head to Suberoa, "Worry not for her." he then said, "She is in good hands. I promise you that I will protect her."

Suberoa could only stare at Setsuna, who was then taken upwards to the cockpit by the zip line.

Moments later, the Exia was launching, with Suberoa looking at it as it left towards the horizon. Flaste came from behind, "You met the kid?" he said.

"Yes." Suberoa then replied, dryly.

"I'm sure she's in good hands." Flaste then said, "I mean, he saved our man out of nothing more than selflessness. If Marida is with someone like him…"

"We are moving out." Suberoa then interrupted him, "We have already taken too much time."
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Marina was heading to her limo. She was frustrated: Shirin had been right (as usual); Marcenas had been nothing but another of the many politicians that had made the Federation as corrupt as it was. Several secret service agents escorted her to the main gate, where the limo waited for her. Once she exited the mansion's grounds, the gates behind her closed, and several of the secret service agents stared at her while she entered her limo.

Marina sat in the limo and, to her surprise, found Audrey with a small knife in her hand. Marina's eyes widened in fear, believing she was an assassin, but Audrey hushed her.

"I don't want to hurt you." Audrey then said, "I need you to take me as far away from here as possible."

"Who are you?" Marina then asked.

"There is no time to waste!" Audrey then said, "If you want peace restored to your region, help me!"

Marina seemed a little confused by this statement, "What do you mean?" she asked, "How could you possibly…"

"I am Mineva Zabi!" her hostage taker then said, and Marina's eyes widened. She started to tremble: she had lived the horrors of the Zabi family on Earth, and she knew their nature.

"Mineva…Zabi…" she said, "How…would you help me..?"

"I can help you," Mineva then said, "but you must first get me out of Africa. Once I get to your homeland, I will help you in pacifying your region. Once I'm done with that, I'll go my own way."

"Why would you, a Zabi, be interested in my homeland's troubles?" Marina then wondered.

"I've seen the news." Mineva then said, "I know about you: you are an idealistic, well-intentioned woman who only seeks to give her subjects a better life. But these Federation bureaucrats and snobs don't give a damn for your people's lives. So I will help you…but you must first take me to the Middle East at once!"

Marina seemed to doubt for a moment: she was even thinking of calling one of the Secret Service agents…

But she then refrained herself from doing so: somehow, she felt sincerity in the young girl's voice. She also thought that they were not so different, as they both came from lineages that were both beloved by many and despised by many. And she seemed to have a sort of courage Marina was just unable to really describe.

Marina nodded, and Mineva knocked on the glass window behind the chauffer, who then nodded and started driving away. Marina was a little shocked by this, "Is the driver helping you?" she asked.

"He understood what's at stake here," Mineva then said, "just like you."

The limousine then drove off, escorted by two SUVs, towards the desert horizon of North Africa…

Allelujah handed some water to Banagher, who seemed to be somewhat depressed. They were sitting beside the Kyrios, in waverider mode, with the Unicorn in its back. As Banagher grabbed the bottle of water, he started thinking of his father and Daguza, and Marida…

"What's wrong, Banagher?" Allelujah then suddenly asked.

"I killed." Banagher muttered, "I was bloodthirsty. I couldn't think about anything but killing him…"

"You might be talking to the wrong man, then." Allelujah replied, "I have killed so many, I lost count."

Banagher turned to see Allelujah, "Why is it so easy for you guys…"

"It's not." he said, "But we don't really have choice either: we have been so involved in war for so long that perhaps that is the meaning of our lives."

"But how can you be so easy about it?" Banagher then asked, "Taking someone else's life is…"

"I understand what you say." Allelujah replied, "However, unless we do what it takes, we will never be able to change the world."

Allelujah zipped a little from his water, and he suddenly heard that dreaded voice in his head, If you let me get out, I might teach this brat a lesson. Allelujah shook his head and ignored it.

"Force will never solve anything!" Banagher then said, "If we use violence to end violence, we will only escalate conflicts and aggravate the cycle of hatred."

I'm getting fed up with this kid!, Hallelujah's voice then said in Allelujah's mind, This guy calls himself a pilot? Please; he's just a spoiled brat!

Allelujah shook his head again and drank some of his water. He then noticed the distinctive light of GN Particles in the distance: it was the Exia approaching them.

"He's here." he then said. Allelujah stood up as the Exia landed before them. It then kneeled, and its cockpit hatch opened. Setsuna came out as he took his helmet off.

"How did things go?" Allelujah asked as he handed some water to Setsuna.

"Well." Setsuna replied. He then approached Banagher, "Time is running out." he then said.

The Ceres launched Langley's Rick Dias II and his White Wolves Squadron, which consisted of ten Geara Zulus, all heavily customized with sub-flight units that enabled them to perform true atmospheric flight without the need of mobile armor modes. The Rick Dias II was also equipped with this, along with its already-powerful thrusters. Preparing their ballutes for reentry, Reznov hailed Langley, who had a somewhat-grim expression in his face. "Captain…" Reznov then said, "Are you still..?"

"Focus on the reentry, Reznov." Langley replied back, "We might face Feddie air forces in reentry, so stay sharp!"

The mobile suits deployed their ballutes, and started reentry. As they did, Langley started to remember the first time he met Marida…

It was two years ago when Suberoa brought a catatonic and bruised Marida to Palau. He clearly remembers how she looked back then: a pale and mentally depraved girl. He felt pity when he knew her past ordeals, and when he later learned during a medical examination of her nature as a Ple clone…

I failed you, Elpeo, he then thought, I should have gone with you when Glemy took you away from each other…Now I can only make up for my failure as a friend with Marida, your legacy…

After several minutes, they finally finished reentry. Letting their ballutes go, the mobile suits then began free-fall, with the Atlantic Ocean below them. Langley looked at his timer: thirty more seconds to activate their sub-flight units. As the seconds passed, Langley grabbed a picture he had of Marida from his breast pocket and stared at it for a moment. Smiling at it, he then checked his timer again: five seconds.

"All right, people!" he said, "Three! Two! One! Now!"

His squad then simultaneously activated their sub-flight systems, and the Zeonic mobile suits started hovering in the air.

"Well done, people." Langley then told his squad, "Now we rendezvous with Kirks and wait for the Garencieres' signal."

The White Wolves then began cruising into the African continent.

The Exia and the Kyrios, carrying the Unicorn, cruised through the North African lands. Setsuna was alert for any enemy air units, when he spotted it: the Dynames, coming straight towards them.

"He's found us." he said. He and Allelujah then accelerated at the Dynames.

Haro opened its ears and bleeped its eyes, "We found them!" it said, "We found them!"

"And with luck!" Lockon replied, "It took me forever to find these guys!"

He then landed the Dynames near some rock formations, waving the Gundam's hands at Setsuna and Allelujah to do the same.

After landing, the Meisters proceeded out of their respective cockpits. The three Meisters met together, while Banagher stayed behind, sitting by the Kyrios' right wing. Lockon noticed him, "What's up with him?" he asked. "He's a little distressed." Allelujah then said, "Don't worry, he'll recover in no time…"

"He better," Lockon then said, "because the next set of coordinates are troublesome…"

"What do you mean?" Allelujah asked.

Lockon changed his usually-gleeful expression to a somber one, "The next location could possibly be the most depressing one you could ever go to…"

"How is she?" Setsuna then suddenly asked. Lockon turned at him, with arching his eyebrow, "Who?" he asked.

Setsuna stared at him, with his usual expression, and then Lockon remembered, "Oh, you mean Ms. Marida?" he then said, "She is just fine: last time I heard, she saved Mr. Ian from getting sucked into space."

Setsuna seemed to get a little worried by this statement, only to return to his usual face. "How did that happen?" he then asked.

"It's a long story." Lockon then said, "Right now, we must head east."

"East?" Allelujah then asked.

"Yeah, East." Lockon replied, "We are going to what is possibly the most depressing place on Earth…"

"No way…" Allelujah then said, somehow anticipating what Lockon would say, "You don't mean…"

"Yes, I mean it." Lockon then said, "We are going to where the colony was dropped in the War."

Augusta Newtype Laboratories, North America. In what had been the state of North Carolina in the former United States, the Clark Hill Reservoir's northern shore hosted the apparently-abandoned facilities of Augusta Newtype Labs, which had been operated by the Federation during the 0080s. After the First Neo-Zeon War, the Federation declared that it was officially closing all of its Newtype Research Labs and programs. This was, as usual, a lie, as the many laboratories, including Oakley (located in former Area 51), Murasame and Kilimanjaro were all covertly maintained by personnel. Many of these personnel had been recognized as war criminals, but these people had conveniently disappeared once they were subpoenaed, as they had all been transferred by the Federal Government into these facilities to continue their 'work'.

Alberto was at the 'lounge', as he saw several men pass by with lab coats. Some other men wore what seemed to be uniforms of mental asylums. Martha then came in, with a holographic panel. "It seems Mineva Zabi was lost." she said as she handed the panel to Alberto, "It doesn't matter, since the secret service is already combing the entire continent."

"Yes…" Alberto muttered, "And what if we get her?"

"You'll learn soon enough." she then said.

Alberto checked the panel, and saw the schematics of a mobile suit: RX-0.

"So you are really going through this, Martha?" he said.

"If the Vist Foundation is to continue," she said, "we mustn't allow the Spacenoids from gaining independence. The only way we can avoid that is by recapturing the Key."

"But don't you think…" he started to say, "that the pilot is too young?"

Martha suddenly gave a cold laugh, "Don't tell me you've actually grown a conscience!" she said, "As I recall, you were all too eager to kill Cardeas."

"Yes, but still…" he mumbled.

"If you want," Martha then said, as she started to leave, "you can give her the orders yourself. Maybe you'll feel better that way."

Martha then chuckled and left the lounge, while Alberto looked at the schematics of the new mobile suit. Am I doing the right thing?, he thought.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Suberoa looked on as Langley and his squadron landed besides the Garencieres, which was besides the oasis they had agreed to meet at. After the mobile suits landed, Suberoa went to greet Langley. They both shook hands, "Glad to see you again, Captain." Langley then said. "Same here, Lieutenant." Suberoa then said, "How are things up in space?"

"As usual." said Langley, "The fleet has gone to the Garden of Thorns. I'm hoping that after this is over, we can take the Earth remnants to space…"

He trailed off, as he looked at the Garencieres, remembering…

Suberoa noticed his expression, "She will be alright." he suddenly said, "She's strong. And these Celestial Being people don't seem to be bad."

Langley turned to face Suberoa, arching his eyebrow, "You know them?"

"One of their pilots." Suberoa replied, "He seemed to be distant with others, but before he left, he assured me she would be alright."

Langley's expression seemed to be bitter, "Zeon are never 'alright' with Gundams around…"

"Here they come!" Flaste then shouted from afar, and both Suberoa and Langley turned to see West, noticing several air transports approaching them. Langley took out an old-fashioned telescope, much to Suberoa's surprise and amusement. Langley noted his expression, "What?" he said, "Napoleon used to do this in the good old days."

Langley looked at the air transports: three Lugguns, five Fat Uncles, a Dodai YS, and several smaller VTOL transports. Langley handed his telescope to Suberoa, who then looked through it, "It's Kirks." he said, "They finally received our signal."

A few minutes later, the air transports were down, with their personnel coming out and heading directly at the oasis, hoping to refresh themselves and rest before the upcoming mission.

From the Luggun, Kirks and Loni came out in their formal uniforms. Despite having been on Earth for her entire life, Loni held that elegance and attitude common in Zeon women, and her stance held more military will than that of a fully-dressed admiral.

As Langley saw them both approaching them, Langley turned to Suberoa, "So," he said, "where are the next coordinates?"

"So it's Torrington this time, eh?" Full Frontal said. Kirks, Langley, Loni and Suberoa were all standing at the bridge before the large screen image of Full Frontal, with Angelo besides him in the background.

"This Box certainly keeps giving us one difficult location after the other." Full Frontal then said, "It makes me wonder if we're being played for fools by Cardeas Vist."

Frontal then turned to Kirks, "Nicely done at Dakar, Lt. Commander Kirks." he said, "Thanks to your distracting them with your Zeon Remnants, you were also able to protect the Garencieres. You have my gratitude."

"And yours ours, sir." Kirks replied, "The Zee Zulus proved to be formidable assets."

Full Frontal nodded, and then turned to Loni, "Ah, you must be Ensign Loni Garvey."

Loni seemed a little surprised by this statement, as she would not have expected the Commander himself to have known her.

"I am familiar with your father." Full Frontal said, "He has done us great service, perfecting Haman's legacy as he did."

Kirks noticed as Loni raised her head, as if in response to Frontal's comment.

"Commander!" she then said, making a step forward, "My life's sole purpose is to settle the scores that haunt the souls of my father and mother and all of our comrades."

"Loni!" Kirks called, trying to make her stop: he didn't want anything to fuel her already-deep desire to destroy.

"I would like you to assign us the mission to attack Torrington." Loni then said, ignoring Kirks' call, "Once we clear the base from any obstacle, Celestial Being will be able to release the split-horn without problem, and then we'll be able to recapture it."

Kirks became somewhat concerned.

"I lead the Neo Zeon who have made their stronghold in space." replied Full Frontal at all of this, "I have no right to issue orders to you and your forces, who have been waging a guerrilla war with the Federation since the One Year War."

Langley looked at Suberoa, whose eyebrows were slightly twitching in frustration: they both knew that Full Frontal was basically giving the Zeon remnants permission to do as they pleased during the operation, without any regulations.

"In that case," Loni said, "may I take that to mean that you also have no right to stop us?"

"May the heavens protect the heir of Mahdi's cause." replied Full Frontal.

Responding to this, Loni straightened up, "Sieg Zeon!" she then exclaimed. And with that, Kirks and Loni saluted Full Frontal and left. Suberoa looked on as they left. Langley then saluted them both, "Excuse me." he said, leaving. Suberoa then turned to Full Frontal, with a concerned look in his face, "Commander, is this wise?" he asked, "Dakar was bad enough…"

"I understand your misgivings, Captain." Full Frontal then replied, "Nevertheless, they have been waiting all this time. Waiting while time stood still around them. People grow accustomed to waiting. I expect that they could have gone on waiting forever. However, time has begun to flow again, thanks to Cardeas Vist's actions. If we do nothing, the waters will only become hopelessly muddied. Do you not agree, Captain? To prevent that, I have another job for the Garencieres."

Outside, Loni was drinking some water, as Langley approached her, saluting her, "So you really are Mahdi Garvey's daughter?" he asked, "I must say, I have enormous respect to those that are truly loyal to the ideals of Zeon."

Loni seemed to give a half-smile at this, "Like you heard back in the Garancieres," she said, "my duty is to avenge the people of Zeon. Isn't that why we are all fighting for?"

"To be honest…" he said, trailing off as he looked at the oasis' lake nearby, thinking of Marida. He shook his head a little, "I'm sorry, Ms. Loni." he then said, "You were saying?"

"You were going to say something," she said, "and you suddenly…"

"Oh, yes!" he then interrupted her, "I was just going to say that I am just as eager to get back on the Feddies."

They both started walking together towards the lake, "What did they do to you?" she then asked.

"I don't like to rely too much on past feelings." he then said, "But the scars that they inflicted on me and my family are too deep to truly heal. And then there's all the misery they've caused to my comrades…"

"Use that." she then said, "That sorrow must turn into your power and motivation to fight the Federation. My motivation has led me to what I am right now. And I have no regrets."

Langley seemed somewhat distressed by her words: they reminded him of Gihren Zabi's speech. Loni started to walk away, "I expect much from you," she then said as she left, "Langley Asher, leader of the White Wolves. I'm looking forward in seeing you again."

As she left towards the Luggun, Langley could only stare at her, smiling, "Me too." he muttered.

Amazon rainforest, South America. During the One Year War, the Zeon and the Federation had much bitter fighting in this region, as the Federation's military headquarters were located somewhere in here. However, the Zeon were unable to conduct a proper attack on the headquarters themselves, which was a major factor in the outcome of the war.

Despite the end of the war, however, there was at least one supposedly-abandoned post of Zeon forces hidden in the thick foliage of the Rainforest. The only remaining radio operator, Pierce, suddenly caught a signal. "Sir!" he called, and his commander, Arran, came to him. "What is it?" the commander asked.

"It seems to be from Kirks Team!" the operator then said.

"The guy who attacked Dakar?" Arran then said.

"It's a signal that dates as far back as the Principality days." the operator said, "It's the same one used during the Third Landing Operation, when our first forces came down here."

"What is he saying?" Arran asked.

"'Dakar was just the beginning.'" the operator then quoted, " 'We're giving the Feddies the surprise of their lives! Requesting assistance!'"

Arran then made a face of determination, and punched his fist into his palm.

Kerak, a community in the Levant, had been abandoned after the many horrific battles fought between the Federation and the Zeon. In a hill rose the ancient castle of Kerak, which had been, surprisingly, spared from the destruction of the wars.

One of the walls of the castle was then suddenly crushed down, as a Gouf Heavy Arms Type came out of the castle, with its mono-eye sensor flashing.

In Siberia, several Zaku Cold Climate Types, an Agg, and several Zaku F2-types were all taken to a large air transport, while two Dopp fighters took off. The remaining technician saluted as all of his comrades left off…

In the Caucasus Mountains, the wreckage of the Gray Phantom, one of the Pegasus-class mobile suit carriers of the Federation during the One Year War, lied. Having been found by Zeon people stranded on Earth in 0085, it later became a haven for other stranded Zeon people during the last ten years. At least two-hundred Zeon refugees lived in this makeshift "town", with straw and wooden houses planted over the hull.

From one of the seemingly-unusable launch catapults, two Gouf Flight Types, three Zaku II Kais, a Geara Doga, a Masarai, and two Zaku Cannons came out in consecutive order, with the flightless units using Base Jabbers or Dodai vehicles to keep up with the Goufs. Their families and remaining comrades cheered for them as they left off…

In Ceylon Island, three Zaku Marine Types jumped into the water, cruising Eastwards…

In the ruined and abandoned San Francisco, located in the west coast of North America, a Zaku II High Mobility Ground Type, a Gelgoog and two F2-types started moving out, answering Kirks' call.

In a southeast Asian coastal village, two Zaku Mariners and a Z'Gok rised from the shallow waters, and moved into the sea, as the U-99 came in and opened its hatches, intending to receive these units…

In South Africa, a Zaku Cannon, a Desert Zaku, and a Dowadge, all with their arms ready, waited as Kirks' air transports arrived to retrieve them. Looking up, the two pilots saw as two Fat Uncles descended from the skies, with a Dodai YS and several Base Jabbers high in the distance…

Near a village in Borneo, a dog barked as a large underwater explosion occurred.

Underwater, the Federation Juneau-class Bonefish submarine moved forward. It's captain tried to hold himself as the explosion of one of their Aqua GMs shook them.

"Dolphin 02, signal lost!" one of his operators said.

"Damage report!" the captain then barked.

"Sonar, waiting for explosions to die down." the operator then responded, "Aquatic ordnance, all green."

"Propulsion, values nominal!" another operator then said, "Dolphin 01, still engaging two unknown mobile suits! The Jukon-class U-801 has been detected three miles away!"

"Can we launch our reserve units?" the captain then asked desperately.

"Three minutes until flooding is complete!" the operator then responded.

Outside in the water, Dolphin 01, an Aqua GM, fired its hand claw at a Zee Zulu, which caught the claw and then pulled the GM-type towards itself, cutting its legs with its heat claws. At the same time, the U-801 fired some dispensers, as Loni suddenly came from the depths with her Shamblo, in cruising mode. Deploying one of her arm claws, she closed into the Bonefish and cut it in half, while the Zee Zulu finished with the Aqua GM by cutting its limbs off and kicking it to the depths of the ocean.

The Shamblo, Zee Zulus and U-801 then continued east.

Lockon, Setsuna, Allelujah and Banagher were by now in an island in the Indian Ocean, which was supposed to serve as Celestial Being's main base on Earth. As the Meisters relaxed by the beach, Banagher sat beside the Unicorn, thinking about everything that had happened until now. He then saw Lockon approaching him. "What's up, Banagher?" he said, "Why are you so down now?"

"I'm just…" Banagher said, "It's all just so…wrong."

"What do you mean?" Lockon then asked.

"All of this violence!" Banagher then said, "It's just so wrong…the Zeon and the Federation…They won't stop fighting! One of them does something horrible, and the other one then responds with equally horrible actions! It's as if the cycle of hatred wouldn't stop!"

Lockon thought about what Banagher said: he was right, the Federation and the Zeon seemed to be tireless in their effort to exterminate each other. However, Lockon knew that the only way they could stop all of this fighting was with their interventions.

"Why do you think," Lockon then said, "that we began our campaign?"

"But that is just fantasy!" Banagher replied, "You are just entering into this cycle! Violence is not an answer!"

"From what I heard," Lockon then said, "you actually went all berserk at Laplace."

"I know…" Banagher said, "But Daguza was killed, and all I had in my mind was…"

"It makes you human." said Lockon, "It is natural to feel anger over injustice. But letting yourself be consumed by that anger only destroys you."

"I know that!" Banagher shouted, "I know that! I've always believed that, but…"

"You want to make a difference, don't you?" Lockon then said, "The stop sulking in your own sorrow and do something about it!"

"And continue killing?" Banagher replied.

"You don't need to kill." Lockon then said, "I personally prefer to disable my enemies. So does Setsuna. Allelujah…it depends on what mood he is in. And Tieria…well, he is more of a fanatic, so it can't be helped…"

"How can you talk so lightly about it?" Banagher asked, "We're talking about people's lives here!"

"Do you think we feel alright with the way we do things?" Lockon then replied, "We are doing this to make the world a better place."

"That is so selfish…" Banagher then muttered, "You just want to make the world fit your own views?"

Lockon then seemed to become fed up with this pointless debate, and walked off, leaving Banagher to his thoughts. Banagher then saw something in the sky. Focusing his sight on it, he recognized it as an object making reentry. "Mr. Lockon!" he then said.

Lockon turned around "What is it now…" he started saying, until he noticed the object making reentry. He quickly recognized it: it was the Virtue, using its GN Field. Behind it, a shuttle followed it. "Ian came here as well…" he said.

Moments later, the Virtue and the shuttle had landed in a clear area of the island, and Lockon, Allelujah, Setsuna and Banagher converged in the landing site as Tieria and Ian emerged from their respective units. Ian came out of the shuttle, waving his hand at the Meisters, "Hello, guys!" he said, "I brought new equipment for your next mission."

He then took a control out and opened the shuttle's container, revealing a set of armor with several blades and a tail unit. "What is this, Mr. Ian?" Lockon then asked.

"It's the new equipment for the Exia and the Kyrios." he then said, "This is the Avalanche Armor; it'll make the Exia much faster in atmospheric flight, and its combat capabilities will increase exponentially. As for the Kyrios, it's just another multiple rocket launcher, but it holds more storage."

"And all of this is…" Allelujah said.

"Sumeragi says that the next operation won't be any easy." he then said, "From what she estimated, at least forty Zeon mobile suits will be attacking Torrington. And with the whole Federation's 'special services' searching for the Unicorn, its possible that Feddie reinforcements will be intervening as well."

"When are we moving out?" Setsuna then asked, with his usual tone.

"In two hours." Ian responded, "Get your Exia ready to install the Avalanche."

Lockon noted Tieria who, unusually, seemed to be distressed by something. Lockon approached him, "Is something wrong, Tieria?" he then said, "You seem to be unusually down."

Tieria returned to his usual expression, and looked at Lockon, "There's nothing wrong with me." he then said.

Tieria then walked off, with Lockon a little surprised by his attitude. He's usually never this vulnerable, he thought.

Ian turned to Banagher, "And for you, Unicorn pilot," he said, "I brought two beam gatling guns for you, and I also made a refined version of your Beam Magnum. You should be able to control the shots."

Banagher stared at the containers that held the new equipment. "Thanks…" he said, not sure what to really say.

Langley looked on as Tomura modified his Rick Dias with a beam gatling gun and a composite beam gun. "We are supposed to take the base." Tomura said, "Since Celestial Being will surely appear, we hope that once they deploy the Unicorn, we'll be able to capture it while the next La+ seal is broken."

"I don't like the fact that we're actually fighting for a Gundam…" Langley then said.

"Well," Tomura replied, "it's not like we have a choice. Besides, if we find the Box…"

"I'm afraid that Celestial Being won't be so nice with us," Langley then interrupted him, "since we are the ones attacking."

"Wouldn't they realize we're helping them?" Tomura said.

"You didn't pay attention to the broadcast, didn't you?" said Langley, "'If there is any evident act of war carried, we will commence intervention with our force.'"

"You learned that speech?" Tomura said, slightly amused.

"It's always good to know your enemy." Langley then replied, "If they get in our way, we'll have to fight on two fronts, and that is not something that would favor us, even if our soldiers are very motivated."
Langley then stared at his Rick Dias, The way I will destroy the Gundams…, he thought, Loni…
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Sumeragi looked at the beautiful view below her as the shuttle carrying her, Feldt and Christina, finished reentry. "Torrington Base." Feldt then began her report on the research on the next location, "An Earth Federation Forces base located next to former Sydney. Formerly the main nuclear weapons storage center, it has now become a backwater base that houses poorly equipped units."

"Nicely done, Feldt!" Sumeragi said, "Your research was top-notch."

"Miss Sumeragi." Christina then said, "Feldt told me that Torrington had been used by Anaheim as their testing ground for experimental weapons, so why haven't we targeted that company yet?"

"Well," Sumeragi started saying, "we were hoping that they would die out quietly with our interventions, ruining their business and so forth. But I'm also heavily considering the possibility of preparing a special mission against Anaheim. They've been inducing the Feds and Zeon into conflict for profit, which make them perfect choices for our actions."

By now, the shuttle had landed in a landing pad near a huge estate: the Liu Mei Estate. Besides the pad, Wang Liu Mei, a young, elegant and very attractive Chinese girl, accompanied by her loyal servant, Hong Long, waited for the shuttle to complete touchdown. As the shuttle deactivated its engines, the door lock opened and Sumeragi, Feldt and Christina came out. "Greetings, ladies." Wang then said, approaching them, "I hope the shuttle I sent you was comfortable."

"It was, Ms. Wang." Sumeragi replied, "I hope that the systems are ready?"

"Yes, they are." she then said, "I had them brought from Von Braun."

Several minutes later, they were in the Liu Mei mansion. The main room had several consoles installed with holographic screens and keyboards. Feldt and Christina quickly sat in the two seats in front of the consoles, and quickly began browsing the systems. "This system shows the Federation Forces stationed at Torrington." Hong Long then said, "We have also the capability of tracking the Zeon forces that will attack the base once they get in range of our sensors."

"What about Federation reinforcements?" Sumeragi asked.

"Our little Ms. Sierra here hacked the Luna II mainframes." Liu Mei said.

Feldt turned to look at Christina, "When did you hack the Federation mainframe?"

"Right before breakfast." Christina answered with a wink.

"Very well." Sumeragi then said, "The operation starts in two hours. The Meisters will move out and head towards Torrington Base, where they will intervene in the battle between the Earth Federation Forces and the Zeon remnants. In addition, the Unicorn shall be deployed to break the next La+ seal."

"Roger." the two girls replied, beginning their operations.

Ali Al-Saachez, a fearsome, redheaded Persian man who was always grinning, waited at the lounge of Anaheim Electronics' headquarters in Miami, in his usual attire. Martha came in, with her usual, cold and elitist expression. "You finally arrived, Ali." she then said, "I'm here to give a 'present'. Please, come with me."

"I see that you are finally taking action, Ms. Martha." Ali said, "I was growing impatient."

"The Federation Forces will be doing the dirty work for us as usual." Martha replied, "This is our perfect chance."

Ali stood up from his chair and walked with Martha towards a lower level of the facility, which seemed to be a large hangar. Martha signaled to somebody with her hand and several reflectors were lightened up, revealing a black Byalant Custom lying down.

"The model used by the Titans?" Ali wondered, touching the Byalant's leg with his hand, grinning.

"This is a second-generation custom type." Martha replied, "My Banshee will be taking care of the single-horned type."

"And you want me to defeat a Celestial Being Gundam with this thing?" Ali asked.

"Capture one, actually." she replied.

Ali chuckled, "Is that so?"

"The reward will be enough so that you won't have to worry about your lifestyle anymore." she said with a smirk.

"Well," he then said, "that sounds very tempting."

Riddhe was flying his Delta Plus over the Indian subcontinent. The Ra Cailum was before him, with its rear launch catapult ready to receive him. "There it is." Riddhe said.

He proceeded moving into the hangar bay, transforming in mid-flight and landing before Graham, Daryl and Howard, who stared at the Delta Plus.

"He ripped off your move, Captain." Daryl said.

"At least he did it well." Graham replied, "The last time someone tried to do it, he crashed."

Riddhe came out of the cockpit.

Several minutes later, he was being debriefed by Bright in the captain's office.

"We are on a course for New Guinea." Bright said, "The Federation Navy submarine Bonefish has gone missing in the Coral Sea. Given the state of the scene, there is a strong possibility that she was sunk. If this is related to either the freighter we are tracking or Celestial Being, we may encounter and engage the enemy with no warning. Our top priority is to secure the Box of Laplace, but we may not have that luxury. Stay sharp while you're out there."

"Yes sir!" Riddhe said. Bright sat in his chair. Riddhe just stood there, "Captain Bright!" he then said.

"What is it?" the captain replied.

"I would appreciate it," Riddhe then said, "if you would stop giving me special treatment. Whatever my background is, I am an EFSF pilot. Please don't take me off dangerous missions…"

"Just stop it already!" Bright then interrupted him, "Thinking yourself that way proves that you are giving yourself special treatment. I never had any intention of doing so, no matter who you are. If I need you, I'll use you. However, if you launch, make sure you come back alive. If you can do that, I'll see you as any other pilot."

"Yes, sir." Riddhe said. He then began to leave as Bright's phone rang. Bright picked it up, while Riddhe noticed a picture in the wall: it was Amuro Ray, the hero of the Federation, along with a formal document declaring the Federatoin's official recognition of his achievements and posmothous ascension. As Riddhe stared at the picture, Bright stood up, "What did you say?"

The Garencieres had by now reached the airspace of the huge crater caused by Operation British. Throughout the landscape, the kilometer-long pieces of the colony covered the area. "Why do you suppose it's that place?" Flaste wondered.

"It's where the colony was dropped." Suberoa replied, "Damn that Cardeas Vist…Is he trying to make us retrace the path of humanity's downfall or something?"

"Perhaps." Langley then said, coming into the bridge, "Cardeas seemed to be one of those poetics. Something I respect."

"You sure you want to go out there alone?" Suberoa asked, "Even though Kirks will be supporting us, there are still many Feddies stationed there."

"Oh, don't worry." Langley replied, "Their crappy GMs are no match for my Rick Dias. Besides, I'm actually looking forward in fighting that Celestial Being Gundam…"
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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The U-801 had reached its position. Captain Drieser signaled his men, and they pushed some buttons. Immediately, several missiles filled with cluster bombs were fired at Torrington's naval sector, destroying several submarines and a frigate. The U-99, not far away, fired its compliment of missiles as well, finishing off some other docked frigates. A Zaku Mariner then emerged and fired its shoulder-mounted SUBROCs, destroying several warehouses behind the lone Aqua GM that was on guard. A Capule then jumped from the water towards the Aqua GM, which fired its harpoon guns at it: however, the Feddie missed, and the Capule came down on him, crushing the GM's head with its claws. Two GM IIs came from behind some warehouses, one armed with a harpoon gun and the other with a bazooka. The bazooka-armed GM II aimed at the Capule, only to find itself blasted away by a Hyggog's arm missile unit. The other GM II tried using its remaining harpoon as a bayonet, but a Zogok came from behind with its heat blade and impaled it right in the chest. A Guncannon Heavy Arms Type then tried to shoot the Zeon mobile suits with its shoulder cannons, but the Zogok deployed its sturm faust and blasted it away. A Nemo III fired its beam cannon at them, but it suddenly found itself cut down by a Zee Zulu, which used its heat claws to destroy the unfortunate Feddie. Three more Zee Zulus came from the water and ejected their containers, which then opened as soon as they reached ground. The Zee Zulus then picked up the assault rifles in the containers and started to move in. From the water, a first production Z'Gok accompanied by two more Hygoggs and a Z'Gok E, approached shore. In the distance, a naval carrier approached the bay. The naval carrier was being escorted by two Frog Balls, which were suddenly destroyed by several scattering beams from the Shamblo. Loni, the pilot, then used the scattering beams to pierce the carrier's hull cutting one of the Aqua GMs on its deck. The other two moved away as a huge claw suddenly came from below. The two Aqua GMs fired their hand anchors, trying to grab the claw: however, the Shamblo's arm was much stronger, and it crushed one of the Aqua GMs. The other Aqua GM tried to fire its other anchor, but the Shamblo simply grabbed it from its waist and crushed it. Another arm claw then emerged, and Loni proceeded to crush the bridge. The carrier then eventually exploded.

From the command center of Torrington Base's ground sector, which was on the other side of the city of New Sydney, the staff looked in horror as dozens of aircraft and at least ten Gaza-Es approached them. Other staff detected the Shamblo slowly landing ashore and heading towards them.

"Massive mobile armor approaching from ashore!" one of the operators then said, "Torrington Base, requesting assistance!"

As this happened, two Guncannon Detectors and a Guntank II started firing at the approaching Zeon. An Agg came from the ground and fired its missile launchers, destroying some MRLS vehicles and warehouses behind the Federal mobile suits, as one of the Guncannon Detectors positioned itself in prone and fired its cannons at three Zeon units. These units, a Zaku Cannon, an Efreet Schneid and an F2-type, jumped from their base jabbers, which were destroyed. A Gallus-K jumped from its Base Jabber as well and fired its heavy beam cannon at the Guntank, melting its right side and causing it to explode. The rest of the Zeon units landed as well and began firing their weapons at the base. Some Gaza-Es carrying more Zeon mobile suits dropped their friendlies down as well, and then proceeded to circle the base, taking out some air units in the process. The Efreet Schneider fires its giant bazooka at one of the Guncannons, destroying it, and then destroyed a facility with another shot. The Zaku Cannons fired cluster bombs, and a Geara Doga began firing its machine gun at the remaining Guncannon Detector. As this happened, the many Zeon air units continued to hover, while a Fat Uncle deployed a Dowadge and a Dom. Higher above, a single Fat Uncle made small circles, with Zaku I Sniper, piloted by Kirks, aimed its beam sniper rifle at the many units in the surface. "Russet, Candor!" Kirks then barked, "Spread out! The next wave is coming! The Gaza-E squad will cover you from the air!"

He then noticed Loni moving through New Sydney's main street. "Loni, I told you to go through the naval sector!" he said, "Avoid the city at once!"

"There's no need to take a detour!" she replied, "Have you forgotten what the Federation did to our people?"

"It'll create civilian casualties!" Kirks said, "Keep your cool!"

Loni nodded, "Roger."

Suddenly, she felt a pinch in the back of her head, and the psycho-frame throughout the cockpit began flashing blood red. "What?" she said.

Kirks noticed her exclamation, "What is it, Loni?" he asked.

"My father…" she muttered.

Unexpectedly, the Shamblo's back containers opened, releasing the reflector bits. These reflector bits used rotors to maintain themselves in flight, and were capable of deflecting any kind of beam with extreme precision. The Shamblo's head seemed to twist, and the beam scatter guns fired. The beams then were deflected by the bits throughout the city, cutting down houses, schools, stadiums, apartment complexes…

In an instant, almost 100,000 people died.

Kirks looked in horror at the event that had just occurred before him.

"A psycommu berserker…" he muttered, "Is it thirsting for blood or something?"

The Meisters and Banagher looked in horror as well the satellite transmission of what was happening. "This is…nothing but a massacre!" Banagher exclaimed. "Keep your cool, Banagher." Lockon then hailed him, "If we are to stop this, we must stay focused on the mission."

Sumeragi looked at the situation grimly, "This doesn't seem like an act the 'righteous people of Neo-Zeon' would do." she said, "What are the stats?"

"There at least two dozen air transports and several variable mobile suits." Feldt responded.

"Then they are the same people that attacked Dakar," said Sumeragi, "as Veda and I predicted. Tell Allelujah, Lockon and Tieria to take care of the fighting in the base. Setsuna will take care of that mobile armor."

"Roger." Feldt responded.

The Ra Cailum speeded towards Torrington. "I don't think that even Char would condone an act like this…" Bright muttered, "Prepare all mobile suits! Have them launch at once!"

He then looked at the scene grimly, "Are these people connected to the Box, too?" he wondered.

As the Jestas and Delta Plus prepared to launch, Riddhe readied his console.

"Audrey," he said, "I suppose you and I can't escape the curse of the families we were born into."

He then noticed he was being hailed by Graham. "Riddhe Marcenas," Graham said, "you must stay in formation. If you don't, you'll have to find yourself another team."

"Don't worry, Captain," Riddhe replied, "I won't break formation."

"If you find yourself in trouble," Graham then said, "you can count on us. Just don't die."

"Roger." Riddhe then replied, and he then remembered Bright's words. He then remembered that Bright was the commander of most of the previous Gundam forces.

"Gundam…" he muttered, "The Key to the Box…Celestial Being's weapons…"

He frowned, and launched right after Howard.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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A Dowadge, Dom tropen and a Desert Zaku sped towards the base, avoiding the fire of a Nemo and a Guncannon Detector. "Take them out at once!" the Dowadge pilot commanded. The Dom tropen then deployed some grenade missiles, which rocketed to the sky and headed towards the base, while the three ground-types fired their weapons at their enemies. A Dom joined them and fired its bazooka at the Nemo, destroying its head. The grenade missiles then rained down on the Nemo and Guncannon-type, destroying the first and heavily damaging the second. The Dom fired another round of its bazooka at a Jiachong mobile armor, destroying it. A Nemo III tried to fire its beam cannon at these enemies, but the Dowadge threw its heat axe at the Nemo-type's torso, immobilizing it. Grabbing the axe back, the Dowadge then joined its comrades further into the base.

Nearby, three Federal infantry soldiers aimed a recoiless rifle at these mobile suits from the rooftop of a building. Below them, a Jiachong and a Petite Mobile Suit, escorted by four infantry, awaited as their commander, one of the infantry, signaled them to prepare to fire.

Unexpectedly, a long, thin beam from high above destroyed the building in which the recoilless rifle crew was posted. The infantry below quickly took cover as the Jiachong and Petite Mobile Suit were cut down by the long beam. The beam managed to hit the Jiachong's hydrogen fuel tank, causing it to explode.

Several kilometers above, Kirks sought more targets as he covered his soldiers' advance into the base. He noticed a Nemo III in the barracks section and destroyed it with one shot. He then directed his attention at the main airfield, which housed several obsolete Saberfish fighters and Fantong aerial mobile armors. Noticing some pilots rushing at their respective aircraft, Kirks quickly destroyed all of the aircraft and destroyed a Guncannon Harbor Defense Type that was firing its missiles at the Agg.

Several kilometers to the West, the Garencieres approached in full speed.

Suberoa looked at the battle with a straight face, while Flaste and Alec seemed uncomfortable. Langley then came in, "I'm going out." Langley said, "It's only a matter of time before Loni wipes out the entire city."

"You mustn't." Suberoa then said, "If you go out now, those air defenses will shoot you down. I would prefer if you would wait until we finished mopping up."

Langley stared at him with shock, "You don't honestly believe what you're saying, right?" he said, "You can't be really condoning this!"

"What I believe doesn't matter." Suberoa replied, "This is an operation."

"Is that so…" Langley then said, "In that case, I have been deceived for the last three years…"

"I thought you'd be glad we are finally getting back on the Feddies." Suberoa then said, "I thought that grudge you had…"

"Against the Gundams." Langley interrupted him, "But not civilians! Otherwise, we wouldn't be any different from the Federation government. Its people are not to blame from what they did to us!"

"Its people desired for their soldiers to get back on us!" Suberoa then shouted, "Our families!"

"Its people?" Langley then said, "You don't have a clue! I bet that no one in this city even know what has happened for the past twenty years! Are you really so naïve?"

"I don't care what you say!" Suberoa said, "I…No, we…have been waiting for this moment for a long time! If I could, I would go down there myself and help out!"

"Marida wouldn't have wanted this." Langley then said, "I know that because she told me once that she felt the pain of death. Every time she kills…Every time someone dies…she grieves for them!"

"The Federation were the ones responsible for what Marida went through!" Suberoa then said, "And yet you…"
Suberoa found himself punched to the floor. Flaste and Alec couldn't help but to turn around and watch surprised as Langley then kicked Suberoa in the face. "Don't you dare use her suffering as an excuse!" Langley then said, "I do agree that the Federation must be brought down, but its people…They do not deserve this!"

Suberoa tried to draw his Walther-type pistol at Langley, who kicked it away and then pushed Suberoa to the wall, "If you truly cared for her," he then said, "you would've let her live in peace somewhere in space! You wouldn't have dragged her into your terrorism!"

He then let Suberoa go, and started to walk away. "I thought you were a good man, Suberoa…" he then said, "But now I realize…you are just like Full Frontal and Gihren Zabi."

Flaste and Alec couldn't help but to agree with what Langley had just said: when Suberoa first brought Marida to the ship, they had actually voiced their concern for her to be dragged into the battlefield. Of course, they had later deceived themselves that since she was a Cyber-Newtype, she would be able to handle herself. But now…

"Langley!" Flaste then said, "We find the Captain to be unfit to command for the moment."

Suberoa's eyes widened, "What the hell?"

"That's right." Alec then said, "Go tell Tomura you are cleared to launch. Just don't die out there!"

Langley seemed to smile at this, "Thank you, my comrades." he said.

As he started to walk away from the bridge, an alarm started to sound. Flaste looked at his sensors: four unknown units and the Unicorn were approaching from the West. "Langley!" Flaste then said, "Celestial Being…"

"So, they've come…" Langley muttered, as he left.

The Meisters had by now arrived at Torrington Base airspace. "Spread out, guys!" Lockon commanded, and the Meisters went to their own way, with Setsuna and Banagher going to the civilian sector.

The Ra Cailum's alarms started to sound. "Celestial Being has arrived!" a female operator then said, "They are heading towards several points of the area!"

"Hurry, all hands!" Bright then commanded, "Prepare megaparticle cannons and CIWS! Deploy the remaining mobile suits to protect the ship!"

As the operators began barking his orders at the many sectors of the ship, he placed his hand on his chin, "Could I be lucky enough for the Box to be with them?" he wondered.

Allelujah cruised in the air. In the distance, he saw the ten Gaza-Es speeding towards him. "Three Gaza-E squadrons approaching from the East." he said as he pushed the lever, "My God, are Sumeragi's predictions accurate…"

He started shooting his GN Rifle at the ten Gaza-Es, forcing them spread out. Allelujah then fired his cluster missiles from his tail unit. The Gaza-E pilots looked in horror at the approaching missiles, "What?" one of them exclaimed. "Unable to evade!" another said.

The missiles wiped out the entire Gaza-E force in an instant. Explosions literally decorated the sky.

At the Liu Mei Estate, the screens showed the Meisters progress. "Kyrios has destroyed the main Zeon air force." Feldt reported, "No change in Kyrios' designated plan."

"What about the others?" Sumeragi then asked.

"As planned, Virtue and Dynames are intervening in the fight inside the base." Christina replied.

The Dynames was being fired at by a Gouf Heavy Arms Type, three F2-type Zakus, and a Dom, who were using their respective machine guns. Their shots, however, were unable to penetrate the GN Fully Shield. "Haro!" Lockon said as he lowered the targeting device, "I'll leave the shielding to you!"

"Leave it to me! Leave it to me!" Haro then said.

Lockon drew his GN Sniper Rifle and fired five consecutive shots, shooting the five Zeon mobile suits down by destroying their sensors and causing them to fall down to the floor.

"Ha!" Lockon exclaimed, "I didn't even have to aim!"

Unexpectedly, a Dowadge fired its giant bazooka from behind, but thankfully, Haro blocked the shot with one of the shields.

"Rear attack!" Haro then said, "Rear attack!"

"Oh, nice!" Lockon said as he drew a GN Pistol, "I love surprise attacks!"

He shot the Dowadge down with the GN Pistol.

Nearby, a GM III pilot looked at this and contacted the command center, "Sir!" he said, "Should we let these guys take care of the Zekes for us?"

"Negative!" the commander replied, "All forces are to attack these Gundams immediately! We are to capture one!"

"Roger that!" the GM III pilot replied as he drew his beam saber. He then charged at the Dynames, only to find himself being shot at from behind by the Kyrios, which swooped down firing its GN Rifle at some of the ground units. Afterwards, he noticed an Agg firing its missile launchers at the barracks. "I hate it when guys in mobile suits start killing infantry like bullies!" Allelujah then said. Transforming into MS mode, he then fired the GN Rifle at the Agg, destroying it.

On another section of the base, the Virtue made a heavy landing right in front of a massive fight between Zeon and Federation mobile suits. The Feddie and Zeon pilots could only look at it, dumbfounded, as it aimed its GN Bazooka at them. "Virtue," Tieria said, "destroying Federal and Zeon mobile suit squadrons."

As soon as he said this, he fired a long, GN Beam stream, vaporizing countless Zaku-types, a Dom tropen, and many GM IIs and Guncannon-types.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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In the harbor sector, the amphibious Zeon mobile suits continued to fight their way through the Federal defenses. As a Zaku Marine Type fired its SUBROC gun at a warehouse, it suddenly found itself being shot down by automatic beam fire. The Capule noticed this and turned around to see a Byalant Custom come out from one of the warehouses, which then proceeded to hover above them. The pilot, Robin Diez, used his targeting systems to pin point his targets below him. He destroyed the Capule in an instant by firing a full barrage of beam fire at it, and then proceeded to destroy one of the Zaku Mariners. The Z'Gok E started firing its head missiles at the Byalant, but Robin quickly dodged them and instead fired his beam cannons at it. The Z'Gok E retreated to the sea, while the Hyggogs started firing their own automatic beam guns at the Byalant. The normal Z'Gok fired its own mega particle cannons at the Byalant, but Robin fired another full barrage of beam fire at it, riddling it with holes and destroying it.

Meanwhile, the Exia moved towards the city and noticed a Gelgoog Desert and a Geara Doga destroying some residences. Moving in, he deployed his GN Sword and cut both mobile suits down in quick succession. Two Dopps moved from above and started firing their autocannons at him, but Setsuna fired his GN Rifle at them, shooting them down. Behind him, Banagher just looked at the destroyed city. "How could they..?" he muttered.

Kirks noticed the Unicorn in the residential area. "Target has been located." he said, "All units, proceed to capture the single-horned unit at once!"

Kirks then directed his fire at the Dynames.

"Attack from above!" Haro then said, "Attack from above!"

"What?" Lockon exclaimed, and the shields barely managed to block Kirks' shot. Noticing the Fat Uncle high above, he aimed his GN Sniper Rifle at it. "Won't happen twice!" he said, firing twice at the aircraft. Shooting the main rotors off, the Fat Uncle started to plummet down. "ZOINKS!" Kirks exclaimed as he ejected the main generator. Grabbing the remaining fuel rods for his rifle, he jumped from his aircraft towards the wreckage of the colony nearby, taking cover from Lockon's shots. "Damn it," he said, "this guy is good."

Kirks tried to fire at Lockon, who dodged his shots and fired more GN Beams at him. Lockon barely missed, and Kirks hid in the wreckage. As Lockon tried to search him, a Zaku II Kai started firing its machine gun at him, and Lockon drew his GN Pistol, shooting the Zaku II Kai down.

The Virtue blasted a group of Federation mobile suits with its GN Bazooka, and above him, Robin Diez, in his Byalant Custom, hovered and looked at it. "It's a Gundam, eh?" he said, "It was because of these ZOINKS that the Titans were ZOINKS! Well, let me repay you with this!"

Robin drew one of the beam sabers and charged at the Virtue from above.

"A custom air unit is approaching you from above." Christina informed Tieria.

"Roger." Tieria replied, as he deployed his GN Cannons at the Byalant, "Destroying targets."

He then fired the GN Cannons at the Byalant. "ZOINKS!" Robin exclaimed, pulling himself upwards. However, he failed to dodge the GN Beams, and the lower half of his suit was vaporized. As he fell down towards the colony wreckage, he stared at the Virtue, "WHAT THE ZOINKS WAS THAT?" he exclaimed as he fell.

Tieria stared at the battlefield, "Continuing mission." he said.

In the residential sector, Setsuna engaged a Masarai, which tried to use its rifle against him. Setsuna deployed his GN Beam Daggers and cut it down. A Geara Doga fired its beam machine gun at him, but Setsuna blocked his shots with his GN Shield. Moving in with the Avalanche at full speed, he deployed his GN Sword and cut the Geara Doga down. "Enemies taken down." he said, "Proceeding towards enemy mobile armor."

He then spotted the Shamblo, firing its scatter guns, whose beams were deflected by the bits. Banagher followed him, firing his Beam Magnum at a Zaku Cold Climate Type that tried to pursue them. "Damn it," he said, "we must stop this!"

As they closed into the Shamblo, they detected a unit coming from above: a Rick Dias II. The Rick Dias fired its beam gun in front of the Shamblo.

Loni, who seemed to be in a trance, suddenly noticed the Rick Dias in her way. "What the hell..?" she muttered, "Langley?"

Langley fired his beam gun in scatter mode, forcing Banagher and Setsuna to move out. Langley then turned at the Shamblo. "Loni!" he said, "Stop this at once! The base is south!"

"Why are you in my way, Langley?" she said, "I thought you were also seeking retribution against the Federation!"

"Not this way!" he said, "I only wish to defeat it, not exterminate its citizens!"

His sensors then picked the Exia and Unicorn heading towards them. Loni fired her scatter guns, barely missing the two Gundams, which used their shields to cover themselves. Langley started firing his beam gatling guns at the Exia, "Stay away!" he said, "This is between me and her!"

"Get out of my way, Langley!" Loni then said, "My mother and father were executed mercilessly by the Federation! I do not intend to back away!"

Loni then fired her scatter guns again, forcing Langley, Setsuna and Banagher to spread out to avoid the many beams fired at them.

Graham and his squad flew through the skies. "Captain, look at those suits!" Daryl said.

"Yes, they got guts!" Graham replied, "Do not let your guard down! These guys are more determined than anything."

Graham and his squad then started picking on a couple of Zaku Cannons and a Geara Doga, who tried to return fire. As they destroyed the mobile suits, Riddhe frowned, "You are just wasting time, Captain!" he said. He then flew away, breaking formation.

"Ensign Riddhe!" Daryl shouted.

"Stupid rich kid…" Graham muttered, "Reform formation! E-312!"

"Roger!" his wingmates replied. After reforming their formation, they then moved to shoot down a Gallus-J that was firing its shoulder missiles at them.

Lockon flew towards the city, seeing how Setsuna and Banagher were struggling with the Shamblo. "Damn bastard!" he said, "How dare they massacre civilians like this!"

He then fired his GN Sniper Rifle at the Shamblo, but its bits deflected his shots. He looked in despair as his own beams contributed to the city's destruction instead.

"Damn it!" he exclaimed, speeding towards the battle.

Kirks was in a bad position: he and his forces were pinned down in key points throughout the area, and it would only be a matter of time before the Feddies exhausted them and wiped them out. Sniping a GM II that was firing at him with its long cannon, he then covered a retreating Gallus-K by destroying a GM III. "This is bad…" he muttered.

He then saw in one of his screens the Shamblo being confronted by Langley, the Exia and the Unicorn. He hailed Loni and Langley, "It's time to retreat!" he said, "Both of you!"

"We have taken a long, winding road to get here!" Loni replied, "If anyone gets in my way, I shall destroy them!"

Loni then fired her scatter guns as a warning shot against Langley, "And that goes for you too!"

"Kirks!" Langley then said, "My squad will be here in thirty minutes! They'll cover your forces retreat!"

"And what about Loni?" Kirks replied.

"I'll take her back!" Langley then said, "I promise."

Langley then cut off his connection with Kirks and walked towards the Shamblo, which was now deploying her arm claws.

"Setsuna!" Banagher said, "We must stop that thing!"

"I know!" Setsuna replied, "But it's too powerful! Those bits are blocking our shots. We will have to get in close to take it down."

Setsuna proceeded to eject the Avalanche armor and draw two GN Sabers. Banagher drew one of his own and moved towards the Shamblo, but Langley turned around and fired another scattering shot at them. Langley then opened a channel, hailing the two Gundam pilots.

"Can you hear me, Celestial Being?" he said, "I'll stop this at once! Please, stop firing!"

Setsuna and Banagher recognized his voice: it was of a man they had met in Palau.

"It's that guy!" Banagher said, "Why are you doing this?"

"The pilot has lost control!" Langley then said, "I'll make her stop! Just stay out of this!"
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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Meanwhile, Allelujah transformed into MS mode and destroyed a Nemo, only to find himself under fire from behind: a Geara Doga and a Gouf Flight Type were firing their respective weapons at him. Allelujah fired his GN Rifles at the Geara Doga, destroying it. As he did, he then drew a beam saber and cut the Gouf Flight vertically in half.

After doing so, he then moved towards the bay area.

One of the Hygoggs spotted him and started firing its mega particle cannons at him, but Allelujah shot its hands right off and proceeded to tackle it. A Zogok then charged towards him, but Allelujah drew a GN Saber and cut off its right arm, and then proceeded to kick the Zogok away. The Zogok rolled away and then aimed its head blades at the Kyrios, but Allelujah used the Hygogg as a shield, withdrew his GN Saber, and drew one of his rifles. He then proceeded to fire at the Zogok, damaging it considerably. A Zee Zulu then pushed the Zogok away, grabbed its heat blade, and charged at the Kyrios while firing its assault rifle. Allelujah pushed the Hygogg at the Zee Zulu, which slashed at the Kyrios, but Allelujah simply slashed back, cutting the Zee Zulu's arms off. Another Zee Zulu started firing its assault rifle from afar, and then shot its remaining grenade at Allelujah. Allelujah, however, jumped high up and landed right behind the Zee Zulu, which then deployed its heat claws in an attempt to cut the Kyrios down: however, Allelujah tackled the Zulu and pushed it towards a building, damaging its systems and disabling it. After doing this, he flew off, only to then find himself under fire from ungrateful Federation Forces GM IIIs, which began firing their missiles launchers and beam rifles at him. Frowning, Allelujah then dodged their attacks and then drew his two GN Rifles. Dual wielding them, he mowed down the GM-types in seconds. A Nemo nearby jumped at him, with beam saber in hand, but Allelujah simply cut its legs off, making the Nemo to loose balance. Allelujah then finished the Nemo off by firing a full barrage of GN beams at the Nemo.

The Shamblo and the Rick Dias II were in a standoff: neither of the pilots was truly willing to shoot at each other. In the sidelines, the two Gundams were ready to act against any unexpected moves. Setsuna placed himself in position, "I'm taking it out." he said.

"Wait a second!" Banagher then said, "We should wait first for that Rick Dias pilot to settle things!"

"And while they talk, more people will get killed." Setsuna replied, "I thought you had understood by now."

"Violence won't solve anything!" Banagher then said.

Meanwhile, Langley looked at Loni, who was in his screen, "Loni, why are you doing this?" he then asked.

"This is what I've lived for!" she said, "I should say, I owe your Garancieres friends a debt of gratitude, for if they hadn't crashed in the desert, we wouldn't ever have had a chance for our revenge after all these years."

"So your single motivation is revenge?" Langley replied, "You will be eaten by it! Don't destroy yourself like that!"

"You're too late." Loni then said, "If you or those Gundams stop me, this will truly have been for nothing."

"How can you be so cold...?" said Langley, "When I met you in Africa, I thought you were a nice woman. But now…"

"Shut up!" she then said, "You mustn't have been paying attention when we met then: I told you I was fighting for the sole purpose of avenging my mother and father! And you, you're such a hypocrite! I know why you're fighting!"

Langley made a slight gasp, "What do you mean?"

"I know that you lost your family during the One Year War as well!" she said as she started to move her Shamblo's claw, "And I also know that you lost a dear friend of yours! Kirks told me about it!"

Langley seemed to tremble, but he regained his composure, "Loni…" he said, "I made a promise to Kirks, remember? I would take you back alive…"

The Shamblo's claw then suddenly grabbed Langley's Rick Dias II from the waist, and threw it away. "Damn it!" he exclaimed.

Kirks looked at his screen, "Only one shot left…" he said. He then saw Graham and his squadron approaching him and his forces. "Perhaps it is time…" he said, looking at the colony wreckage behind him, "…to atone for all of our sins…"

He prepared to aim his rifle at his own torso, preparing to impale himself with it and pull the trigger to detonate his Minovsky reactor: he intended to take down the three Feddie pilots with him. Just as he was about to do so, however, several beam shots came from the West, forcing Graham and his squad to scatter.

Graham looked around, "Where did that come from?" he wondered. He then saw it: ten Geara Zulus, all with flight units installed in their backs and six of them armed with Bruno Guns, the White Wolves had arrived.

"Ah, so they've come, eh?" he said.

Moving away for a moment, the TriStars regrouped and began to approach Kirks' position. Kirks, on the other hand, couldn't help it: he was rejoiced that he was saved.

One of the Geara Zulus landed besides him, firing its assault rifle at some approaching Federation Forces GM IIs.

Kirks noted he was being hailed, and opened the channel to see Reznov, one of Langley's wingmates. "You are Kirks, right?" Reznov asked.

"Yes." Kirks replied, "I must admit, I am very relieved for your arrival."

"The White Wolves will cover you." Reznov then said, "Have your forces retreat by using the colony wreckage as cover. Our ship, the Ceres, is already making reentry forty miles from here. It will pick you up and take you back to New Guinea."

Kirks nodded, "Thank you." he said. He then hailed his own forces, "All Zeon Earth Forces, we are retreating at once!"

The Gallus-K fired its remaining grenade and proceeded to run away as two White Wolves covered its retreat with their Bruno Guns, shooting several Federation GM-types down. The Efreet Schneid was by now dueling a GM II Semi-Striker, managing to impale it with its heat dart. After doing so, it used its leg thrusters to slide through the ground and quickly escape. A Desert Zaku fired its bazooka, but it was destroyed when a GM III fired some missiles at it; however, this sacrifice allowed the rest of the F2-types to retreat.

At the bay area, the remaining Hygogg and the heavily damaged Zogok jumped to the water, while the U-801 and U-99 began retreating from Torrington's waters.

Loni fired her scatter guns once again, and Langley, Banagher and Setsuna dodged these shots once again. "I'm moving in!" Setsuna then said, charging at the Shamblo. Loni looked at the Exia with rage, "Get out of my way!" she shouted, grabbing the Exia with one of her claws. Banagher drew his Beam Magnum and fired at the claw, freeing Setsuna from the Shamblo's grip. "Setsuna!" he called, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Setsuna replied, "But this thing…it's too powerful."

"Banagher!" a voice then said by the radio. Banagher recognized it: it was Riddhe. Turning to his right, he saw the Delta Plus in waverider mode approaching them and firing at the Shamblo. The gigantic mobile armor's bits deflected his shots back at him, forcing Riddhe to fly away and begin encircling the mobile armor. "Banagher!" he then said, "What the hell are you doing with Celestial Being?"

"Ensign Riddhe, I'm just trying to put a stop to all the fighting!" Banagher then replied.

"By joining terrorist scum like them?" Riddhe then asked, enraged, "You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Riddhe then fired at Setsuna, who blocked his shot with the GN Shield. Setsuna proceeded to return fire. Banagher looked at all of this in despair.

"Stop it, both of you!" he said. His despair and desire to stop all of this then caused the inevitable: the NT-D was finally activated. The Unicorn's armor separated; the horn split, while its face reconfigured itself to the one of a Gundam; its body revealed glowing psycho-frame below its armor.

At the bridge of the Ra Cailum, Bright could only stand up and look on in awe: unlike Celestial Being's units, this white one looked just the Gundams he had seen throughout his entire career since the One Year War.

"Gundam…" he said.

Banagher aimed his Beam Magnum at one of the Shamblo's scatter guns, destroying it and its left shoulder. As this happened, Langley stared at the Unicorn, "It's one of those things…" he said.

Banagher hailed Loni, "Stop this, please!" he said, "Retreat with your comrades!"

"Who the hell are you?" she said, "Why are you in my way?"

"The reason the Zeon are hated so much," Banagher then said, "is because of foolish actions like this!"

"Shut up!" she said, "My mother and father were butchered by the Federation during the hunt of Zeon remnants! Butchered! I saw it with my own eyes!"

"You will only lose your humanity to your hatred!" Banagher then said, "Listen to your friend! Stop all of this!"

The two psycho-frames started resonating, and what could only be described as a huge 'wave' was created. This wave expanded throughout the area around them, destroying several more strucures and causing the deaths of more civilians nearby in a parking lot. Loni fired her remaining scatter gun, and Banagher barely managed to block her shots with his I-Field equipped shield. Banagher aimed his Beam Magnum at the other shoulder of the Shamblo, but the bits deflected his shot.

As this happened, Riddhe continued to fire his beam rifle at Setsuna, who blocked his shots and returned fire. "Banagher!" Riddhe said, "Stop fooling around! Destroy that thing now!"
He then found himself under fire from behind: the Dynames was speeding up towards them. "Get out of my way!" Riddhe shouted, firing his beam rifle at the Dynames. Lockon used his shield to block Riddhe's shots, and he then returned fire. "Fighting like this at a time like this!" Lockon said.

"Lockon!" Setsuna then said, "I'll take care of that big one! Cover me from any approaching enemies!"

"Sure thing, Setsuna!" Lockon replied, firing his GN Sniper Rifle at Riddhe, keeping him at bay.

As this happened, Langley fired his own beam gun at Banagher, who moved away. Langley then separated his composite gun into a clay bazooka and a standard beam rifle.

"Loni…" he said, "I will free you from your blood curse…I will not fail anyone ever again…Not this time…"

He then fired his clay bazooka in scatter mode, damaging a couple of reflector bits and then shooting them down with his beam rifle.

"Loni!" he then said, "Please…listen to me…"

"Langley…" she said, "Why are you fighting so hard...?"

"I'm doing this because I care for you!" he then said, "You are a fellow Zeon soldier! You are like a sister! Even if we haven't known each other for a long time, it doesn't matter to me: you are Loni Garvey, and you are my friend!"

Loni then watched, in shock, as the Rick Dias II's cockpit hatch suddenly opened. Her eyes widened when she saw Langley come out and take his helmet off. He seemed to smile at her. "Langley…" she muttered.

"Loni, your family is waiting." Langley then said, "All you need to do is to come with me…"

The psycho-frame around Loni started to glow green now, and the deflector bits started to lose balance. Riddhe noticed this, "Now, Banagher!" he suddenly said, "Shoot those two down! You've got an opening!"

However, Banagher didn't answer: he just stared at the view before him; he saw how Langley exited the cockpit and seemed to have made the Shamblo stop.

"This is…so right." Banagher then said, with a smile, ignoring Riddhe's calls to fire at them.

"Fire!" Riddhe shouted, avoiding Lockon's shots, "Fire, or I'll fire myself!"

Setsuna stopped his approach towards the Shamblo, withdrawing his GN Sword.

"What is going on?" he wondered.

Langley opened his arms at the Shamblo, "Please, Loni," he said, "come with me."

Suddenly, to his horror, he saw how a straight beam was fired from behind at the Shamblo, destroying its head and damaging the cockpit. Somehow, he was then able to feel Loni's pain. He looked in horror at what had happened, "Loni!"

Banagher was then shocked by this, and turned towards Riddhe, who then tackled him as he transformed in mid-air.

"Banagher!" Riddhe said, "Give me that rifle!"

As this happened, Langley quickly returned to his cockpit and went towards the Shamblo. "Loni!" he called, "Loni!"

And he then noticed that the outer hatch of the Shamblo's cockpit was charred: however, his sensors sensed vital signs from the inside. His expression became one of joy, "Loni! Can you hear me?"

"Langley…" he then heard by the radio, "Isn't it sad?"

"No, it's not!" he then replied, "I'm coming for you!"

Using his Rick Dias II's hand then, he gently pushed the charred hatch down, finding Loni unconscious inside the cockpit. Grabbing her with his mobile suit's hand, he then started flying away. As he did, the Shamblo exploded: the Delta Plus had fired the Unicorn's Beam Magnum at the Shamblo.

Ignoring this, Langley flew off westwards.

Suberoa and the Garencieres' bridge crew looked at the scene. Their sensors suddenly detected something: two Garuda-class airships were approaching from the west.

"Captain!" Flaste then said.

"Those are not Federals…" Suberoa then said, "Who are they?"

From the Garuda-class, several Gelgoog Marine types were released from their large side doors, all of them equipped with extra boosters for atmospheric flight. From one of them, a black Byalant Custom was released and it quickly used its thrusters to fly off towards the city.

As Setsuna looked at the Shamblo's destruction, his sensors then detected a custom air unit approaching him. Turning towards the signal's direction, he found himself under fire from the Byalant Custom's automatic beam weapons. Setsuna hovered back, trying to evade the shots, but the Byalant Custom seemed to hit him each time.

"It's predicting my moves?" he wondered.

The Byalant got then too close, and managed to kick him in the cockpit, pushing him down to the floor. The Byalant then hovered away, and then turned to face him.

"An excellent suit," a voice then said from the Byalant's megaphones, "but the pilot is certainly lacking! Don't you agree, Mistah Gundam?"

Setsuna erected his Exia back to its original position, and the voice that came from the Byalant seemed to be familiar to him, "That voice…" he muttered.

"How dare you mess up my contractor's plans!" the voice then said.

It was unmistakable: Setsuna knew who it was. "It can't be!"

His mind seemed to flash back to his days as a child guerrilla, and he remembered him: the man that had made him into a soldier; the man who had taught him about close combat and anti-MS warfare; the man who had sent him and his friends to their deaths, while he simply disappeared in the midst of battle.

It was unmistakable: Ali Al-Saachez, the 'holy man' of his childhood.

The Byalant then lunged at him, kicking him two more times. "My bonus depends on this!" Ali shouted from the Byalant.

"I don't believe this…" Setsuna said, strengthening his grip on his control.

The Byalant deployed one of its beam sabers.

Ali grinned as he looked at the Exia directly, "I got you now, Gundam!" he said.

At the Ra Cailum's bridge, everyone looked in shock as the Delta Plus stood before the Unicorn. "Enemy mobile armor seems to be neutralized." one of the female operators then said, "The rest of the Zeon forces seem to have retreated westwards. Local units are trying to pursue."

Bright sat down. "Verifying damage on Torrington Base." another operator said.

"Get me Romeo 008 first." Bright then ordered.

The Garencieres cruised through the air, and Suberoa looked at the screen with distaste.

"Flaste," he said, "get me out of this airspace. I've seen enough…"

Lockon turned to the Unicorn, "Bangher, we're leaving." he said.

"Not so fast." Riddhe then said through the comm. Riddhe then aimed his beam rifle at Lockon, while he aimed the Unicorn's Beam Magnum at Banagher.

"Banagher, come out of that suit." he then said, "A seizure order has been issued for that Gundam."

"Ensign Riddhe…" Banagher muttered, "Why are you doing this?"

"Damn it." Lockon then said, trying to reach his GN Sniper Rifle, "At a time like this!"

"And you, Celestial Being pilot!" Riddhe then said to Lockon, "You are under arrest for several charges of terrorism and theft of military property. I advise you exit your mobile suit and surrender."

A standoff then ensued between Lockon, Banagher and Riddhe. "Damn stubborn Feddie!" Lockon said.

"If it weren't for all you," Riddhe then said, "none of this would have happened."

The three pilots sensors then suddenly detected something approaching from above. Looking upwards, they saw a black mobile suit descending towards them from the sky.

It had a long horn in its head: it had thick armor; its frame resembled a certain mobile suit: and its armor seemed to be slowly separating, revealing a glowing psycho-frame below it.

"It can't be…" Riddhe said.

More of the mobile suit's black armor separated, while its right arm seemed to dock with some kind of weapon.

"A black…" Lockon then said.

The horn in the black mobile suit's head seemed to separate into an elaborate V-fin.

"…Unicorn?" Banagher then completed Lockon's sentence.

The characteristic face of a Gundam then appeared in the mobile suit's head:

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam "Banshee".

Doom had come at last…
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

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I'll update this fic in June, perhaps even July, due to the release date of OVA 5 and my college exams in May and (perhaps) June. Anyhow, I leave you the chapters. Again, please review, comment, tip, etc., it's really, greatly appreciated. They are also very inspiring (even if they bash, haha).
Reinhard: "Of course, grades in school aren't a good indicator. They focus too much on memorization and imitation, and don't foster imagination."
Kircheis: "What you find important are imaginative and conceptual capabilities, right?"
Reinhard: "That's right."

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The Unicorn Awakens

Post by schwarz ritter » Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:39 pm

Okay, so I am currently writing the new chapter, but I am stuck in a certain part in which Marina Ismail and Mineva are conversing. If anyone has any ideas on how their "interaction" could be, I'm all eyes.
Reinhard: "Of course, grades in school aren't a good indicator. They focus too much on memorization and imitation, and don't foster imagination."
Kircheis: "What you find important are imaginative and conceptual capabilities, right?"
Reinhard: "That's right."

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