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 Post subject: Ilivais Fanart Requests
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:14 pm 
Lackey GM Pilot
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This is kiiiiiiiiiiiind of a big thing. But yeah. I've been working on an original story of mine, Ilivais X (it's in the fanfiction section), and I would like fan art of the various units/characters in it. I'm not looking for anything overtly fancy, just if anyone feels up to drawing a few.

For the units, they're in the standard Gundam artwork pose that works ever so well. I might ask characters to be in other types of poses. Discuss general stuff here if you want, PM me if you need more detail and/or want to take one up and need a better description.

Unit list: (If you wish to take a request, specify which one and I'll mark you next to it)

MP Ilivais
Ilivais A
Ilivais B
Ilivais C
Ilivais D
Ilivais E
Ilivais F
Ilivais G
Ilivais H
Ilivais I
Ilivais J
Ilivais K
Ilivais L
Ilivais M
Ilivais N
Ilivais O
Ilivais P
Ilivais Q
Ilivais Q (STRUQ Component form)
Ilivais R
Ilivais R (STRUQ Component form)
Ilivais S
Ilivais S (STRUQ Component form)
Ilivais T
Ilivais T (STRUQ Component form)
Ilivais U
Ilivais U (STRUQ Component form)
Ilivais STRUQ
Ilivais V
Ilivais W
Ilivais X
Ilivais Y
Ilivais Z
Avespia Base Model
Avespia M
Avespia R
Avespia S

Obviously, just the name of each is useless. In a nutshell, the GEKICOM units comprise their obvious letters, and they're over-the-top elementals. The STRUQ units are combining mecha pastiches. V-Y are the Phonos Weapons, the high-end nigh-invincible prototypes. A is the initial prototype, Z is the Aztec Emperor's unit, and all the rest are the Specialized Weapon Units, which are more realistic ones based around a specific weapon. The Espada is the main unit of the Iberian Empire, which are more realistic in nature. The Avespias are bee-like mechs, M, R, and S being the Melee, Ranged, and Support variants.

So yeah.

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 Post Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:29 pm 
OMG Doomsday Laser
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Jesus, you've got the whole alphabet in there!! D=

Would you mind if I asked why your story has a need for soooo many interrelated mecha? Shouldn't you have been able to come up with some sort of branching or anything?

Anyway, you're not really supposed to make request threads for yourself like this. If you look at the top of the art forum, you'll find an official request thread stickied there. Be sure to read the rules.

Oh, and welcome to the board. =)

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 Post Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:57 pm 
Lackey GM Pilot
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Joined: Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:08 pm
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Oh oh, sorry. I interpreted things wrong. I'm unsure if I can delete this myself,

The whole alphabet theme naming is because they were supposed to just be tons of experimental prototypes so the Aztecs could figure out what direction they wanted to kick their military in, but they found that the individual prototypes they already dumped so much money in were far more efficient than a mass-produced army that would cost the same amount. So while they do have a fair amount of standard units, those 26 unique prototypes are essentially the main force of their army.

Unless you're asking why I decided to make it that way in particular, which is for two reasons. I wanted them to contrast with their enemies, who attack in massive insect-like swarms, and because I had a ton of ideas using a somewhat more unique motif. They do branch, it's just not evident by looking at the big list. As I said, there's the GEKICOM units headed by O, the Specialized Weapon Units headed by P, the STRUQ Team headed by Q, and the Phonos Weapons headed by A.

...or it could just be that I'm unoriginal and couldn't think of more unique names. The letter usually vaguely corresponds to what it does. H has a hammer, E manipulates electricity, D has dual blades, C controls ice which is cold, etc.

"If this turns you on in the slightest, you are a disgusting pervert."

-Maxim for whatever I post (which makes me a disgusting pervert)

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