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 Post Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:44 pm 
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Okay, change in plans. It's still an eyecatch, but I'd like to see a GM III launching from an Argama-class ship in Pegasus III colors. If that reads as gibberish to you then I've got some pics to help and I'm happy to answer more questions:

Here's the eyecatch from Zeta Gundam to give you a general idea of the format and the length:

Argama-class Ship in the colors I'm looking for (dark gray hull, blue and yellow highlights)
Pictures of MS on deck for scale (ignore white hull/red highlights on ship)

GM III mobile suit ... nouvel.jpg ... -58096.jpg ... 0-h/79.jpg ... 0-h/80.jpg

In this animation, the view of the ship would be mid-range (like the first picture without writing on it in the first blog I linked to); the GM III launches from the deck using the aircraft carrier-like catapult system you can see the foot locks for in some of the pictures, flies off in a glowing line like the Zeta eyecatch and then zooms back into the picture, up in front of the screen and then it's eye goggle lights up green.

Then "TFTF : EFSF" pops in superimposed over the Federation north star as the logo on the side where the "ZG" is in the eyecatch I provided.

Yipes that's a lot for a ~7 second thing, hahha. I know you'll have more questions so go ahead.

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