Outlaw's Workshop: 9/10 Naval Review pt.2

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Outlaw's Workshop: 9/10 Naval Review pt.2

Post by Outlaw » Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:29 am

All submissions are sorted by series (where applicable) followed by the page they appear on. New posts are denoted by asterisk ( * ). Anything that would typically be considered spoilers will be spoiler tagged accordingly, just in case someone actually cares. :P

Project Limited
A series that started out as a simple Mekton Zeta campaign. Meant to be no more than a typical real-robot mecha scenario, it began to grow on me as I fleshed out the cast and setting. It's a simple humans vs aliens plot with a few small twists thrown in for good measure and draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, both on purpose and likely some unintentionally. I am currently seeking collaborators to help me expand this universe. I am especially interested in finding a character artist to illustrate the cast (I suck at people, and no you can't see) and a ship designer to help spruce up the capital ships. I also wouldn't mind finding a writer to help convert the plot of my original campaign into something more entertaining to read.
Secondly, anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome to join in. Artists, writers, RPers, musicians(?), etc.. if you're looking for a new (mostly empty) setting to explore I would be deeply humbled if you would consider my little universe. All I ask is that you credit my original work and any other works that may be involved, outside of this the only right I reserve for myself is the authority to determine what is and isn't cannon (or "official").
All works will be catalogued and credited in this index, I would also like to save copies for posterity (unless otherwise instructed).

CM-42-2 Sabre p.1
CM-42-2CA Sabre Command Armor p.1
Fafnir Class Strike Carrier p.1 - *Inked p.1
Ladon Class Battleship p.1
*Wyvern Class Cruiser p.1
XM-02 Goblin p.1

Project Limited: Fafnir, character profiles.
- Name: Sylvia Norris (F) - Age: 27
- Rank: Captain - Position: Captain
- Bio: A genius captain and commanding officer of the CV-S Fafnir. She has an open style of command and frequently seeks out the advice of her crew. She is close friends with the ship's tactical officer Iris Guerrero as the two met at the IAF academy and have been fast friends ever since. Her career is marred by some past event, what it was and when it happened are both classified but because of it IAF Command keeps a watchful eye on her. She has a great love for music and is herself a talented vocalist.

- Name: Keneth Price (M) - Age: 36
- Rank: Commander - Position: XO
- Bio: A man defined by his cold demeanor and strict discipline, he is second in command to Cpt. Norris and is virtually always seen be her side. Many of his subordinates view him as harsh or tight fisted, but in his personal life he is actually very gentle and caring. He was to be married shortly before deploying and it is with his fiance's blessing that he left. He is a skilled with the violin and learned to play as a child.

- Name: Mai Andrews (F) - Age: 20
- Rank: Lt. Commander - Position: Communications Officer
- Bio: Energetic and vivacious Mai serves as the Fafnir's comms officer. She had a very disciplined upbringing but loves her family dearly. In contrast to her personality she has surprisingly flawless table manners and it is often joked that the only way to shut her up is to feed her. She is also multilingual and speaks English, Japanese, Mandarin, French, and Russian.

- Name: Iris Guerrero (F) - Age: 22
- Rank: Lt. Commander - Position: Tactical Officer
- Bio: Ship's tactical officer and a long time friend of Cpt. Norris. As a child she developed a love of poetry and it would be the romantic ideal of a soldier that would lead her to join the military. Quiet and reserved she has always had few friends. A natural tactician the IAF believes that she is prime command material, if she can overcome her timidness.

- Name: Northumberland "North" Cooladge (M) - Age: 30
- Rank: Lieutenant - Position: Lead Pilot, First Flight
- Bio: Leader of the First Flight Team, a cool and relaxed officer with a decidedly hands-off approach. He would rather see his men workout the problem themselves than hand them the answer.

- Name: Shawn Jensen - Age: 24
- Rank: Lt. JG / Lieutenant - Position: Second Pilot, First Flight
- Bio: A pilot characterized by his cool head and his methodical approach. Capable of fighting in a variety of situations he most often ends up supporting with long range fire. Off the field he is an even tempered, affable person and he quickly develops a strong bond with his team. He later becomes involved with the Fafnir's comms officer Mai Andrews.

- Name: Sieg Allan - Age: 21
- Rank: Lt. JG / Lieutenant - Position: Third Pilot, First Flight
- Bio: The son of a literature professor who named him for the opera Siegfried. Although he loved literature he chaffed at his father's controlling attitude and designs to have him follow in his footsteps, so left home to join the IAF. As a pilot he is a jack of all trades, master of none and usually fills whatever roll is needed at the moment. Outwardly cool and collected he is actually a slightly nervous person and uses humor and sarcasm to defuse tense situations. Starts a romantic relationship with Iris Guerrero, though unlike his friend Shawn prefers to be more discreet about it (to no avail).

- Name: Collin Pierce - Age: 24
- Rank: Lt. JG / Lieutenant - Position: Fourth Pilot, First Flight
- Bio: A working class man with an interest in machines and a fireball personality. Collin serves as the "frontman" for his squad charging straight into the heart of the enemy, a practice that usually sees his machine taking heavy damage. He has a fun and up front personality and spends his off time hanging out with the ship's crew, playing his guitar, or writing home to his family. Before joining the military he went to technical school and has a strong background in engineering.

- Name: Ishimaru Masahiro (M) - Age: 38
- Rank: Lt. Commander - Position: Lead Pilot, Second Flight
-Bio: Lead Pilot of the Second Flight team. Originally assigned to the CV-S Orochi he joins the Fafnir as part of the IAF's cultural exchange initiative. A skilled pilot with an impressive service record Masahiro exudes a cool aura of confidence. A patriotic man he views the IAF as being a good thing for his home. In his spare time he collects a wide variety of alchohols and almost always has a bottle hidden away just in case despite, or perhaps because of, his sterling reputation.

- Name: Gabrielle Rosa (F) - Age: 27
- Rank: Lieutenant - Position: Second Pilot, Second Flight
-Bio: The soft spoken second of the Second Flight team. Her gentle demeanor often causes strangers to question her profession, anyone who has seen her pilot does not. Much of her energy is spent playing referee between her two subordinates. She and Lt. North are old friends and have actually been on the same team on several occasions.

- Name: Judy Swanson (F) - Age: 24
- Rank: Lieutenant - Position: Third Pilot, Second Flight
-Bio: Normally she is cool and capricious and when in combat she functions as the spearhead of her squad. She has a complex relationship with her teammate Alexander Hawkins, but when in combat they complement each other well and their team tactics are excellent.

- Name: Alexander "Punch" Hawkins (M) - Age: 27
- Rank: Lieutenant - Position: Fourth Pilot, Second Flight
-Bio: A fun loving, free wheeling pilot with a reputation for womanizing that is known throughout the IAF. He genuinely cares for Judy Swanson but loses his slick confidence whenever he tries to impress her. In the field he fights like a bull fighter, misdirecting the enemy's attention and striking where they leave themselves open.

- Name: Michiyo Yamashita (F) - Age: 34
- Rank: Lieutenant - Position: Test Pilot, Okinawa Lab
-Bio: From an early age Michiyo was singled out as beong "gifted" excelling in any activity she was presented with. In time her success had a negative impact making her arrogent, condescending, superior and cold. For Michiyo life became a seemingly endless search for ways to test herself, this search would lead her to join the JSDF and from there the IAF. Her attitude however, was not well suited to being a soldier and she was cited several times for insubordination and on many occasions was almost discharged. Rather than waste a talented pilot Michiyo was sent to the Okinawa Weapons Development Facility where, for the time, she remains occupied.
Project Limited Glossary (warning! wall-o-text)
-Aegis City: A city-state located in northern Canada, Aegis city acts as the headquarters of the GS and IAF.

-Corvette: Small spacecraft usually manned be a two or three person crew. Corvettes have the greatest thrust to mass ratio of any space vehicle and are chiefly employed when speed is called for.

-Global Senate: A governing body established in the wake of the First Encounter Incident. Rather than combining all countries into a single world-nation members of the GS remain free and independent states. Each nation contributes soldiers, material, and funding to the GS. Upon its inception the GS absorbed numerous multinational organizations including the UN and Interpol, it also helps to mediate conflicts between nations and is responsible for the supervising all off-planet operations. Roughly 90% of the world's nations are members of the GS.

-Gravity Treaty: An international treaty strictly limiting the size and scope of research into gravitation. Labs must be approved in order to conduct research legally and all gravity weapon research is absolutely prohibited.

-International Armed Forces (IAF): A multinational military organization under the command of the GS. Ostensibly the IAF functions primarily as a peace keeping force, in truth it was created to protect humanity in the event of interplanetary invasion. Despite being the single largest military on the planet the IAF accounts for less that half of earth's military forces.

-Luna City: Original a shipyard located on the moon, Luna City blossomed into a true city with the development of space acclimation technology.

-Mars Base: A research lab funded and operated by the IAF on the planet Mars. Mars Base is often used for experiments deemed too dangerous to be conducted on Earth.

-Mecha/Mechs: Robotic vehicles (typically humanoid in shape) specialized for multipurpose use. Though used widely in industrial sectors most militaries do not make much use of them. However, with their forces usually spread thin the IAF typically views mixed unit tactics in most cases as too personnel intensive; because of this the IAF makes extensive use of mecha.

-Medical Nano Machines: Microscopic machines developed for use in the human body. Most notably they allow for humans to live in zero gravity with little negative impact (regular exercise is still recommended). Use of nanos as weapons is banned by most nations.

- Okinawa Weapons Developent Facility: A lab operated by the Japanese government but with close ties to the IAF. A relatively new facility with a keen interest in mecha development, they are currently developing a prototype for the next generation of combat mecha.

-Pluto Expedition: A space exploration mission launched by NASA that was intended to go all the way out to Pluto and back again. However, upon reaching the asteroid belt the expedition encountered unknown hostile forces and was barely able to escape intact. To prevent widespread panic it was stated that the expedition was struck by asteroids and forced to return prematurely. Within the government this came to be called "The First Encounter Incident".

-RS Crystals: Resonance Synergy Crystals, a crystal found primarily in the asteroid belt. When resonated they have potent electrical amplification properties calculated as (X/10)cubed. The amount of energy a crystal can produce is limited by its size, with greater power outputs requiring larger crystals. If too much electricity is fed into a small crystal it will either burn out or shatter.

-RS System: A power amplification system utilizing RS Crystals. As the name suggests an RS System must be carefully tuned before it will produce an electrical field. Varying by powerload and frequency of use most RS Systems can last for several months or several years before they become depleted and require replacement. Amplified power cannot be routed back into its source amplifier, it can however be amplified by a different system.

-Scattering Field: A device invented to counter laser weapons. A Scattering Field scatters wavelengths of light, in the end rendering the laser as harmless as a common flashlight. Because of this system the use of lasers in combat has all but ceased. Modern Scattering Fields are more robust and can help mitigate, albeit only slightly, damage from energy and ballistic weaponry.

-Staged System: An advanced power generation array where one RS System powers another which in turn powers another and so on. Such a system allows for a staggering level of power generation. Due to the sheer amount power involved a Staged System tends to be very large and requires frequent replacement of its RS Crystals.

-Twin Gates: A pair of gates, located near Earth and Saturn respectively, that work in tandem to generate a stable wormhole allowing travel to the outer solar system quickly and safely. With the development of ship-based wormhole generators the Twin Gates are relegated to servicing ships incapable of generating wormholes of their own.

-Volunteer Corp: Groups of civilians with useful experience or skills that volunteer their services to help the war effort. The Volunteer Corp usually handles low level or rearline jobs that would otherwise draw military units away from combat duty.
Project Limited Spoiler Glossary
-Battle of Pasiphae: Two battles took place within the group of moons in Jupiter orbit known as the Pasiphae group. Both were attempts to halt the advance of large Harvester fleets the first failed; the later second battle was successful and marked the end of the war.

-Harvesters: At first thought to be a hostile race of aliens the Harvesters are found to be no more than automated machines. They single mindedly gather any resources they come across, even if they are being used by others. They are very aggressive and will attack anyone who wanders near them. It was Harvester machines that attacked the Pluto Expedition, they were also the ones responsible for driving the Viban (See: Viban) from their home.

-Naturalization Act: An act of government that declared all members of the Splinter Fleet citizens of earth. Though some people were not happy with the idea few openly tried to oppose it, as it was well known that additional forces were desperately needed.

-Project Limited: A military project enacted towards the end of the war. Incapable of matching the enemy's numbers the IAF sought instead to improve the effectiveness of their best and brightest soldiers. Many corporations, governments, and research teams from around the world were asked for assistance, and in the end roughly two dozen units were produced ranging from minor enhancements to advanced new prototypes.

-Recovery, The: The name given to the time following the war. The extensive damage inflicted by Harvester raids and the resources spent fighting left the world's nation drained of resources. The Recovery was marked by a large economic downturn and a rise in anti-establishment sentiment. It would be more than a decade before the world recovered fully from the war.

-Rogue: An artificial intelligence constructed by the IAF's Mars research base. Rogue was built using salvaged Harvester computer components and used to predict the Harvester's strategies. This would prove to be successful until Rogue sent out a signal calling in Harvester reinforcements that would siege the base for nearly a week before help could arrive.

-Six Wings, The: A group of six Viban upheld as the greatest thinkers, soldiers, and politicians in the fleet. They serve as figurehead leaders to inspire and motivate their people. Their name is derived from an old Viban legend that speaks of a six winged bird that would lead those who suffer to peace and prosperity.

-Splinter Fleet: A Viban fleet that seceded from the larger main fleet and opted to join forces with the IAF. They would eventually be folded into the IAF fleets and their crews declared citizens of earth.

-Viban: (pronounced: Vie-ban) An alien race from far beyond the solar system. Strangely they are physically very similar to humans but age more slowly and thus have much longer lifespans. Chased from their homes the Viban are at first hostile, but eventually peace is made. In the end most of the Viban leave the solar system.
Unnamed Project B
Comedy - Comedy Color Test - Comedy Curious Pose p.1
Tragedy p.1
Unnamed Super p.1

Code Geass
NARK-01 Lexington p.1 - *Inked p.1

Sword p.1
Hiltblade p.1
Exhalt Powered Suit p.1
Manriki Mk.II p.1
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by Outlaw » Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:31 am

Okay, first post! The Sabre is still in what I'm calling version 1.5, I had wanted to have a new look ready before posting but I just can't seem to get one that feels right. I'm pretty satisfied with the last piece. It has a retractable visor and I wanted to include a second piece that had it down but I just couldn't find it. Oh well, maybe next week.
Anyway, without further ado:

CM-42-2 Sabre
Type: Multipurpose Combat Mecha
Users: International Armed Forces (IAF), various national defense groups
Manufacturer: Varies
Production Period: 2242 AD - 2261 AD
Weight: 31.5 tons
Height: 13 meters
Crew: 1 pilot in torso cockpit
Armor: Carbon/Titanium Composite
Armaments: Mk.I Beam Rifle, Mk.II Beam Rifle, Type-40 Assault Rifle, SF Assault Rifle, CC-3 Shotgun
Hand held Missle Pod, Anti-Ship Missles, Light Machine Gun, Long Rifle, Precision Long Rifle
Combat Shield, Type-III Combat Shield
Powerplant: RS Enhanced C-Type Micro Fusion Reactor
Pilots: Lt. North Cooladge, Lt. Shawn Jensen, Lt. Sieg Allan, Lt. Collin Price,
Lt.Com. Ishimaru Masahiro, Lt. Gabrielle Rosa, Lt. Judy Swanson, Lt. Alexander Hawkins

The Sabre is a multipurpose Combat Mech employed primarily by the IAF. Like its predecessors it is derivied from labor mecha and is noted for being a particularily sturdy and robust machine. As mecha play a very limited role in ground combat the Sabre's design is geared primarily towards space use. The unit's main thrusters are mounted on two large "thruster blocks" attached to the back, these blocks swivel allowing for more effective use of thrust; as well as being the machine's most defining physical trait.

The Sabre would eventually be retired in favor of the better performing CM-59-3 Tsurugi. However as the war in space intesified and IAF losses began to mount many Sabres would be saved from the scrapyard and pressed into service in order to shore up the IAF's forces. The Sabre was finally retired permanently in 2261 shortly after the end of the war.

CM-42-2CA Sabre Command Armor

A standard CM-42-2 fitted with modular armor and weapons to improve durability and firepower, additional thrusters were included to compensate for the increased weight. Originally intended for limited deployment it would go into large scale production when the Sabre was brought out of retirement.

Unnamed Super Robot
Height: 2.4 meters
Weight: 1.1 tons

As the name suggests this is a currently unnamed design that I intend to use in my next Mekton campaign. This is the machine's basic form and once it assimilates its human counterpart its appearance and capabilities increase dramatically. The three panels on the torso open revealing the assimilation mechanism (think Tron). Four such machines exist, each one possessing artificial intelligence and personality programs. Though they are completely identical at first they begin to become more unique and aware the more they assimilate with their counterparts.
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by shinaobi » Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:37 pm

*leans in*

Hey, just leaning in here to say that, from what little I've seen you've got some cool stuff here, and I'm more than willing to offer my services as an epically amateur-level editor and/or universe expander.

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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by Outlaw » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:03 pm

Feel free to join in. Like I said anything, from sweeping epics to the smallest suggestion, is welcome. I should have more to add come Friday; though I'm considering holding back on posting the timeline so I can of spread it out just a little more.
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by Outlaw » Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:50 am

Today is Friday and that means update time! First on the block I've added a couple terms to the Project Limited glossary, so be sure to look for them. I'm also adding character bios for the principle characters from my Project Limited campaign. As for the art...

First up is Comedy from the same project as my previously posted unidentified super:

Comedy Color Test A color test of the same picture done in paint.net

Comedy Curious Pose Comedy in a "curious" pose. This sketch really showed me a lot of flaws in the design and I actually ended going with easier more ordinary hands instead of the originals. However, I really enjoyed this one as I was picturing this very pose even when I drew him for the very first time.

Comedy is part of a group who appear mysteriously to attack the protagonists' home. As a "Chorus General" he commands a large force of soldiers and is very powerful in his own right, he is a silent character and never speaks or utters a sound. In battle he is highly acrobatic and can flit about in the air, land on vertical surfaces, and balance himself in all manner of strange positions all in a display that flaunts the very laws of physics. Comedy fights using energy blasts he can throw out at will and a long hooked staff used both strike opponents as well as grab and throw them about. However his most effective (and disturbing) weapon of all is his "Haunting Laughter" an ability that causes everyone in the area to "hear" throngs of laughter. The laughter cannot be blocked or muffled as it is an auditory hallucination not an actual sound. Aside from being very distracting Haunting Laughter also damages the mind, eventually causing delusions, paranoia, racing emotions, and distorted senses. If not stopped the damage can become permanent.

Next is Tragedy, from the same universe as comedy.
Tragedy personifies the bitterness of those who die tragic deaths and his personality is driven by a desire to inflict tragedy upon as many people as possible. He drifts about like a specter but can deliver crushing blows even without any apparent footing. Though he can summon up energy blasts at will like the other generals his preferred weapon is his sword, Languish which not only functions as a regular sword but much like Comedy's Haunting Laughter attacks the target's mind. In Languish's case the victim feels drained both physically and mentally slowly over time losing motivation till even essential tasks such as eating and drinking lose all value. Given enough time the dispair will cause the victim's heart to simply stop beating psychosomatically.

Lastly is something I thought up a while ago watching Code Geass.
NARK-01 Lexington
A Knightmare frame designed for resistance fighters in North America. In theory the Lexington is a high performance custom built machine, in reality it is little more than a modified Glasgow, the main Britannian unit at the time. The Lexington omits the costly factsphere sensor opting instead for a standard camera. The frame has been slightly narrowed and the landspinners moved from the sides of the legs to the back allowing the it to fit into slightly tighter spaces. The slash harkens have been moved form the torso to the forearms and are fitted with thicker cables trading reach for strength; additionally the arms have been strengthened. The Lexington's arsenal is identical that of its contemporary the Glasgow. Few units would be produced as recruiting soldiers for a resistance within mainland Brittania was exceedingly difficult.
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by Arvis Taljik » Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:57 pm

Your Project Limited concept sounds solid and quite intriguing. I'd be willing to offer my assistance as a universe engineer, write, conceptualizer, or ship designer. Just a word of forewarning, most of my concepts fall in line with GN-tech in that ships and mobile suits usually end up with a circular/cylindrical portion on the back where the universe's [insert appropriate applied phlebotinum] drive goes.

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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: Seeking collaborators

Post by Outlaw » Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:30 am

Arvis Taljik wrote:Your Project Limited concept sounds solid and quite intriguing. I'd be willing to offer my assistance as a universe engineer, write, conceptualizer, or ship designer. Just a word of forewarning, most of my concepts fall in line with GN-tech in that ships and mobile suits usually end up with a circular/cylindrical portion on the back where the universe's [insert appropriate applied phlebotinum] drive goes.
That shouldn't pose a problem, there is an alien faction involved and the machines built as part of Project Limited come from a variety of nations and groups so some design variety is to be expected. Besides artistic interpretation is no big deal to me.

For today's update I'm going to double up seeing as I missed last week. I was going through some old works so I may have posted a couple of these on my old artwork thread, but that thing is long since dead.

I know these aren't mecha but I found them while thumbing through my old work and felt like sharing them. The first one is a style of sword I've always been fond of. I like the elegant simplicity of these swords so I just had to draw one. The second (also a sword) was one I put together in my head which I call a hiltblade, for obvious reasons. I wanted to draw a hybrid of a sword and a polearm but with a longer blade than you would find on something like a naginata. I'm not sure how well it would work in reality but I like the way it looks.

Exhalt Powered Suit
I'm positive I put this one up in the old thread but I wanted it to get a second showing so I decided to post is again.

Manriki Mk.II
Another oldie and an update of a mecha I drew a long while ago. The spheres it carries are connected to the arms by cables and can be used to strike or tangle, additionally they can fire beams in virtually any direction.

Lastly a Project Ltd. update:
XM-02 Goblin
Type: Light Combat Mecha
Used By: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown
Production Period: unknown
Weight: 36 tons
Height: 13 meters
Crew: 1 pilot in Torso mounted cockpit
Armor: unknown metal/carbon composite
Armaments: Energy Rifle; Energy Sabre, mounted in shield; 2 x Armor Piercing Points, stored in hip mounted storage compartments
Powerplant: RS enhanced High Output Micro Fusion Reactor

A mecha employed as one of the main combat unit of the alien forces. Compared to IAF machines the Goblin is more lightly armored and its design seems geared towards maneuverability and speed for defense. For unknown reasons Goblin pilots tend to engage in melee combat even though it is tactically unsound, this was hard to reconcile with previous intelligence on the enemy's tactics which showed a preference for long range combat. The Goblin's control and mobility systems are more advanced than those used on Earth made machines, and the technology would be hastily reversed engineered into the IAF's next-gen Tsurugi design.
There are enhanced versions of the Goblin known to exist and one earned the nickname "Red Cap" for its distinctive ornamental red pony tail.

I'm also adding one or two entries to the Project Ltd. glossaries so check them out if you're interested.
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: 7/30 The double stuffed update

Post by Outlaw » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:46 pm

This update will focus on ship designs. I still have three or four left and I hope to have them finished over the following two weeks. I've also organized the IAF's rank structure but won't be posting it until I have all the insignias drawn up and laid out properly.

Fafnir Class
Ship Class: Strike Carrier (CV-S)
Length: 374 meters
Height: 86 meters
Width: 215
Armaments: x2 Double Barrel High Energy Cannons 2m/5, x2 Anti-Ship Guided Missile Launchers, x7 50mm CIWS
Capacity: 6 Combat Mecha, or 4 Corvettes
Ships of the Line: Fafnir, Ryujin, Tiamat

A relatively new addition to the IAF's forces, the Fafnir class was designed for patrol and light combat duty. It's well rounded arsenal, good top speed, and compliment of combat mecha made it a versatile ship and they are typically deployed solo to investigate suspicious activity or scout for enemy ships. Though capably armed they are not designed for a direct fight and rely on their compliment of combat mecha or corvettes to harass the enemy while the ship engages at range. As part of a fleet action a strike carrier provides close support to larger more vulnerable ships and stations engaging enemy mecha or corvettes and intercepting missile based attacks.

Ladon class
Ship Class: Battleship (BB)
Length: 500 meter
Height: 88 meters
Width: 45 meters
Armaments: x 1 Coaxial Linear Accelerator 22m/6.8, x4 Double Barrel High Energy Cannons 2m/7, x2 Single Barrel High Energy Cannons 2m/3, x 2 Anti-Ship Guided Missle Launchers, x 4 50mm CIWS
Capacity: none
Ships of the Line:

The backbone of the IAF's fleet the Ladon Class is heavily armored and carries an impressive compliment of weapons, the most powerful of which is the massive linear accelerator (read: railgun) mounted on the bow of the ship. The Ladon usually remains close to home and relies on Fafnir class strike carriers, and Wyvern class cruisers to locate targets before mobilizing. When fighting the Ladon leverages the range of its weapons to try and out range the opposition. Though it is equipped with CIWS its performance in close engagements is considered relatively poor and Ladons almost never deploy alone.
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Re: Outlaw's Workshop: 9/10 Naval Review pt.2

Post by Outlaw » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:31 am

Recently I've picked up a new set of pens and have been dabbling in inking again. I have to say while I'm still working on getting a feel for them I like what I've been able to do so far.

Today's update will mostly be retreads as I'm adding inked art for the Fafnir Class and the Lexington, on the new front I'm adding the Wyvern class cruiser as well as a new entry in the character profiles and glossary sections.

Wyvern Class
Ship Class: Cruiser (CA)
Length: 346 meters
Height: 80 meters
Width: 88 meters
Armaments: x x2 Double Barrel High Energy Cannons 2m/7, x 8 Anti-Ship Guided Missle Launchers, x 9 50mm CIWS
Capacity: none
Ships of the Line:

One of the oldest ships in the fleet the Wyvern has been continually updated since its initial introduction, as a result Wyverns make up the majority of IAF's naval forces. As the "patrol car" of the fleet Wyverns are responsible for investigating and responding to threats and usually travel with at least one or two other ships; and frequently play escort to other more vulnerable ships. With heavy armor and an impressive complement of CIWS the Wyvern is well defended and its compliment of Anti-Ship missiles allow it to punch well above its class. However, the class' reliance on missiles is also its greatest fault as the need to be constantly resupplied limits their range.
"“As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another."

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