Eureka Seven, Young Lovers

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Eureka Seven, Young Lovers

Post by Kokopelli » Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:52 am

Finally finished the bead image of Eureka Seven's Eureka and Renton. I wasn't planning on doing an image from a picture for a long time, but I decided to take a shot at this one and it wasn't that hard.

Eureka may seem a little yellowish. The cream color I used for her skin looks that way under some lighting, but under natural light it looks a lot better. She's so pale it was hard to find a color for her skin that I wasn't already using in her dress (no I wasn't going to use white, that would make the whole ting WAYY too washed out).

Decided to go minimalist on the canvas. I don't think a lot of stuff in the background would sit well with this image. ... ttcase.jpg

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