05-05-07: Putting the cock in cockpit

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05-05-07: Putting the cock in cockpit

Post by Chris » Sat May 05, 2007 7:52 pm

Chris wrote:There's a lot of stuff in today's update, so I'll get right to it. First, Dustin returns after a long absence with reviews for episodes 13-14 of Zone of the Enders, bring the series past the halfway point. Expect future reviews at a stead pace.

Next, there's a bunch of new lineart. First, Red Zaku sent in lineart for the Buster Dagger, Blue Destiny Unit 2, Wing Gundam Seraphim, Aile Testament Gundam and mechanical stuff for Strike Noir. There's new lineart for the Rezel courtesy of Deacon Blues. Also, Nightwing03 sent in new lineart for the Civilian Astray JG Custom. Mark064 sent in a large update covering practically every animated Gundam series. For the full list of updates, check this thread soon (it will be updated). Next, there's a bunch of new Patlabor lineart for the TV series, movie 1 and first OVA courtesy of Zeis.

There's new SRW stuff as well, starting with a section for Super Robot Wars W, with specs and lineart courtesy of Kuruni (additional lineart by EFF Test Pilot). EFF Test Pilot also sent in new lineart for the Ausenseiter, various Divine Wars vehicles, Calion, Angelg and Wildwurger.
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