03-20-07: More VOTOMS

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03-20-07: More VOTOMS

Post by Chris » Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:09 pm

Chris wrote:There's another VOTOMS update for today, so the following units are now in Burke's Armored Trooper format:

-from Steel Force:
ATM-09-RC Bountydog

-from Roots of Ambition:
B-ATM-03-DT Fatty Land Type A
B-ATM-03-DT Fatty Land Type B

-from Merowlink:
ATH-14-WP Standing Tortoise Gomez Custom
ATH-14-WP Standing Tortoise Snook Subordinate Custom
ATH-14-WPA Standing Tortoise Snook Custom
ATM-09-BDC Bountydog Boyle Custom
ATM-09-BTC Scopedog Battling Custom
ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog Numerikov Custom
ATM-09-SAC Scopedog Fox Special
ATM-09-ST Scopedog Ganard Custom
ATM-09-STR Riotdog Vance Custom
Cabriolet Dog
Cossack Dog
Dumping Beetle
Golden Half Special
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