01-18-18: 2018 Continues

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01-18-18: 2018 Continues

Post by Chris » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:23 pm

Chris wrote:This update is along the same lines as the previous few. First up, there's a new section for the manga Missing Link.

The following vehicles are now in Burke's expanded format:

Arcana class
Eight-Wheeled Armored Vehicle
FF-3F Saberfish
FF-X7-Bst-II Core Booster II Intercept Type
FXA-08R-X1 Proto Mega Rider
GG Gas Infusion Vessel
Lepanto class
M62 Four-Wheeled Armored Vehicle
M62 Security Enforcement Armored Bus
Magellan class (Ananke)
Minesweeping Boat
Mobile Heavy Mortar
Musai class (early production type)
Musai class (Valkyrie)
Observation Boat
PVN.44/1 Weasel
Transport Ship
Type 61 Tank Model A2

The following mobile suits are now in Burke's expanded format:

MS-06S Reconnaissance Zaku II
MS-09SS Dowas Custom
MS-14 Herbert Von Kuspen's Gelgoog
MS-21D1 Dra-C Custom (Heavy Weapons Type)
MSA-005X-1 Methuss X-1
MSA-005X-2 Methuss X-2
MW-01 Mobile Worker Model 01
RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (Titans Spec)
RX-80PR-4 Pale Rider DII (Titans Spec)
YMS-07A-0 Prototype Gouf (Mobility Demonstrator)
YMS-07B-0 Prototype Gouf (Tactical Demonstrator)
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