03-20-11: Japan, Robots and Podcasts

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03-20-11: Japan, Robots and Podcasts

Post by Chris » Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:59 am

Chris wrote:Over the last few days, we've tweeted several links on resources to assist Japan following the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. If you missed those tweets, Jake Adelstein's Japan Subculture Research Center put together a helpful list of resources.

Moving on to site updates, Peter returns with reviews for episodes 17-19 of SRW OG: The Inspector. Crunchyroll's simulcast of the series was temporarily affected by the events in Japan, but it seems to be back on schedule now.

There are also several podcasting updates to report. Back in December, I announced the creation of Chaos Theater and an untitled plamo podcast hosted by Andres Cerrato. Well, that podcast finally has a name, and it's the Gundam Unicorn-inspired Laplace's Box. The show will premiere sometime in April, but for now you can check out the blog and Twitter page for the show. In other podcasting news, earlier this week Anime Addicts Anonymous launched the A.A.A. Network, a portal for anime and geek-related podcasts. Both Gundamn! and Chaos Theater are part of this network, and if you check it out, you might find other shows of interest. Finally, Shinjuku Station's own Soul Bro Ryu and Neo Lorrnoke have launched a new podcast, Shinjuku Station At the Movies. The first episode of this movie review podcast is now out, covering the recent movie Battle: Los Angeles.
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Re: 03-20-11: Japan, Robots and Podcasts

Post by kamillebidan2 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:04 am

:mrgreen: Alright I have many things to look forward to.

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