03-18-2010: Day of the Unicorn

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03-18-2010: Day of the Unicorn

Post by Chris » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:52 pm

Chris wrote:No, this has nothing to do with that weird robot unicorn game on Adult Swim. My Blu-ray copy of the first volume of Gundam Unicorn, and you can read my review for episode 1.
"What did catch my eye, however, was a podcast named Gundamn!. At first I thought it was a podcast about firearms and [rednecks] discussing their collection, but after looking at the episode titles I was sold." - Xhavalor

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Re: 03-18-2010: Day of the Unicorn

Post by eanetdude » Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:22 am

Good review. Though, I was reading the wrap-up paragraph at the end and was wondering what a "Stab" "Bed" was. Then I realized you meant "stabbed". Just an awkward space in there. Going to be a looong 6 months.

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Re: 03-18-2010: Day of the Unicorn

Post by Deacon Blues » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:38 pm

z0mg kurisu-tan! u r such a U SEE f4g! 4/5?! Should have been 6/5! s4ge!


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